Deeds: C.4901 - C.5000

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4901 - C.5000

[Herts.] C. 4901. Grant by William son of Henry de Betelauue to Astrilda le Freman 'del Aldewick' for her service and for 10s. beforehand of a half-acre arable in the west field of Betelawe in a furlong called 'le Lacforlong' abutting on the field of Chetindone; rent 1d. at Midsummer for all service. Monday before the feast of the Apostles Philip and St. James, 14 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—John le Freman 'del Aldewick, John Purnele of the same, Robert Juet of Betelauue and others (named).
[Suffolk.] C. 4902. Grant by Ernaldus le Godeknape of Weybrede to Maud and Avice, his daughters, of two pieces of land in the town aforesaid, one called 'le Furlong' abutting on the road from Wilkys cross (cruce Wilkys) to Karynge, &c, and the other lies between land of the abbot of Sybetone abutting on land of the hall of Istede and the road called 'le Forlong'; rent to the chief lord of the fee 2d. at Easter and at every ward (wardam) a halfpenny. Tuesday before St. Margaret, 1308.
[Lincoln.] C. 4903. Grant by Thomas, son of William de Chadeworth, of Calthorp, knight, to Gilbert son of Gilbert of Hagham, of all the land, &c. which he had on the day of date in the towns and territories of Lekeburne and Calthorp by Lekeburne. Dated at Calthorp by Leke- burne, Sunday, the feast of St. Michael, 1342.
[Cambridge.] C. 4904. Grant by John son of Ralph le Sauser of Trippelowe to Walter Clerk (clerico) of the same, for his homage and service and for 5 marks beforehand in gersum, of a messuage with croft at 'Broc- strate' between land of William Carpenter (carpentarii) of Fulmere, &c. abutting on Wodeweye and the stream between Fulmere and Trippelowe; to hold, &c. except house of religion and the Jewry (Judaismo); rent 3d.
[Surrey.] [Sussex.] C. 4905. Grant by Geoffrey de Hegham, clerk, to Mabel late the wife of John de Langhenhurst of Rousparre the younger of all his land, &c. on day of date in the parish of Cherlewode with the reversion of the land which Cristina de Bengewike held of him in dower there; also grant to her of all his land, &c., in the parish of Ifeld; to hold to her for life at the rent of a red rose at Midsummer for all service, and doing the services due to the chief lords of the fees; she may cut wood and under- wood and with the marl thereon may marl her own land; with remainder after her decease to Geoffrey, her son and Celeya his wife, and his heirs by Celeya, with remainder in default of such issue to the right heirs of the said Geoffrey, the son. Rousparr', Monday, the eve of St. Gregory the Pope, 10 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] C. 4906. Grant by Philip son of the late Edward le Colyer of Taterigge to Agnes his daughter of a moiety of his land there which is called 'Schutland,' with rent due from William Godeyere and rent and service due from William le Lorde; rent, a red rose at Midsummer, doing to the chief lords the services due.
[Staff.] C. 4907. Grant by William Cotin of Madeley to William, his son, of all his land within the fee of Madeley to hold to him and the heirs between him and Cecily daughter of William de Poddemor begotten, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs; rent, a rose (rosam floridam) at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Sir William de Mere and Sir Robert de Dutton, knights, Richard de Vernay, Robert, lord of Oniley, Richard de Thickenes, William de Vernay, Ralph, lord of Wytemor, and others (named). Saturday in Easter week, 6 Edward II.
[Cambridge.] C. 4908. Grant by Sir James, chaplain of Fulmer, to Walter Clerk (clerico) of Trippelawe, for his service and for 15 marks beforehand of a whole part of his messuage with meadow and ditch and buildings in 'Brokstrate' of the parish of Trippelawe, with the arable which he bought of William Ferrant to his said part belonging; doing to the ladies of the fee the services due and accustomed. Seal, with legend, s . iacobi . capellani . d' . fovlmer.
[Kent.] C. 4909. Grant by Adam Peyn of Esthamme to Alice his daughter for a sum of money beforehand, of a piece of land as enclosed in 'Chapelfeld' in the parish of Wolewych, with reversion of the dower of Margery Peynes; to hold to her and the heirs of her body, with reversion in default to him, his heirs and assigns. Wednesday after St. Hilary, 8 Edward II. Endorsed: . . . . in marisco ex parte Essex' . . .
[Suffolk.] C. 4910. Grant by Alice de la Warr' late the wife of John de la Warr' the younger, widow, to Sir Robert de Bures, knight, and Hillaria his wife and the heirs and assigns of Robert of the homages and services of Richard de Stoham and Richard le Deie, with 6d. rent from the one and 4d. from the other for their tenements in Aketone. Sunday after St. Bartholomew, 13 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] C. 4911. Grant by Stephen de Cranesle, son of Walter de Wullaveston, to Alexander de Cranesle, son of Peter, for his homage and service of a toft in the town of Cranesle and of 1r. in the field of Cranesle on 'Wudewellehil'; to hold hereditarily rendering there- for 1d. at Easter, for all service; for this Alexander gave him 3½ marks. Witnesses:—Sir Simon de Trop, Roger Gulafre, Sir Ralph de Cranesle, parson, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sigill' stefani . essavc.
[Lincoln.] C. 4912. Grant by William Wylles of Wyflyngham to Reynold de Bonyngton, dwelling in Wyflingham, Custance his wife and the heirs and assigns of Reynold of a place of meadow in the north field of Wyflingham at 'Langedalle Hoverhend' which he had by the gift of Walter his father. Ascension day, 1317.
[Kent] C. 4913. Grant by Roger Reynold of Blakyslonde to Robert 'at Brok' of 2¾d. free rent, with reliefs, &c. incident thereto, issuing from the tenement of the said Robert; for this gift, &c. recorded before trustworthy persons, 2 Edward II, Robert gave him 2s. 9d. before- hand in gersum. Witnesses:—Stephen de Mayton, William de Hesseburne and others (named).
[Suffolk.] C. 4914. Grant by John Tenderynge, esquire, John Cobald and Walter Calewer of Weybrede to Simon Folkerede of Weybrede of all the land, &c. which they had by his gift in Weybrede. Thursday before the Epiphany, 8 Henry V. Seals.
Essex. C. 4915. Grant by William Sewale of Westhamme to John Lynne, baker, of Stratford atte Bowe and Joan his wife, of 1a. meadow lying dispersed in the parish of Westhamme, viz. 3r. together in the meadow called 'Sterremede,' between meadow of Sir John Mountagu, &c. and 1r. in a place called 'Crookle,' between meadow of the abbot and convent of Stratford, &c. which acre he had by the gift of John Sexy citizen and 'brewer' of London; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of John. 20 September, 15 Richard II.
[Kent.] C. 4916. Grant by Robert de Tymberdene to Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of 20s. rent which he used to receive from his tenants of Bradested, enfeoffed of the demesnes formerly of Ralph de Tymberdene there; rendering therefore to him and his heirs a rose at Midsummer; for this the earl gave him 4l. in gersum beforehand. Thursday after St. Augustine, 11 Edward I. Witnesses:— Sir Stephen de Penecestr', Sir Roger de Northewode, Sir John de Cobeham, Sir Robert de Camvile, Sir Henry de Apeldreford and Sir William de Hevre, knights, and others (named).
[Bucks.] C. 4917. Grant by John the chapman at the gate of the churchyard (Johannes mercator ad portam cimiterii) of Herdewik to John son of Robert 'le Gardiner' of Witecherch of two butts of meadow in the field of Herdewik, for his service and 5s. in gersum, between the meadow of Astun called 'le Ham,' &c.; rent ½d. at Michaelmas for all service. Witnesses:—Edmund de Wedun, Thomas de Sandford, Baldwin de Witecherch, Gilbert le Gardiner, Philip de Bedeford, Robert Jori, and other.
[Derby.] C. 4918. Grant by Henry son of Estmer to Sir Robert, son of William le Vavasur of Syppeleg', of 12d. rent from the land, &c. which he holds of Hugh de Dogmanton in Waleton, by the charter which he has of feoffment of Lawrence son of Hugh of Waleton; to be received by Robert, his heirs and assigns, &c.; he and his heirs shall not sell or pledge the land, provided Robert, his heirs or assigns wish to buy it. Witnesses:—Joscelin de Steyneby, Walter de Linacr' and others (named).
[Bedford.] C. 4919. Grant by Athelard le Loreng and Joan his wife, of Winfeld, to Geoffrey the cobbler (sutore) of Tebworth and Agnes his wife, for their service and 13s. 4d. beforehand in gersum, of 1a. arable in the field of Winfeld, viz. ½a. in the field 'del West' and it is headland (forera), &c., and the other ½a. lies in the field 'del North,' &c.; clause against religious; rent ½d. to the chief lord of the fee, at the feast of St. Mary in March, for all service, save ½d. to the king's service when it runs. Witnesses:—Henry de Pelham, William de Hoccle, clerk, and others (named).
[Leic.] C. 4920. Grant by Philip de Conegest[un], clerk, to William the clerk, his foster child (alumpno), for his homage and service of a virgate of land in Conegest[un] that, to wit, which he held of Oliver Stake, his brother; rent, a pair of white gloves, for all service save foreign service. Witnesses:—Adam de Wechelesbur', Henry de Templo, Robert, parson of Kateby, Robert de Scheintun, clerk, Geoffrey de Carletun, Hugh de Carletun, Henry his brother and Robert their brother, Roger son of Maud de Sakerest', Thomas, clerk of the same town, Robert de Bildest' and other.
[Kent.] C. 4921. Grant by Thomas Elstene of Sheldwick to William atte Sole of Challok of two crofts of land called 'le Hamme' and 'Royton' containing 2a., in the parish of Challok at P[e]stede in the yoke (jugo) of Eastzok. 30 May, 7 Henry [VI].
[Cambridge.] C. 4922. Grant by John Str[oode] the elder of Bare[nton] to Richard P[ippy] John [Pi]ppy, William Ferby and Thomas Pryme of 1a. arable in Trippelowe, at T . . . ., which together with . . . . Grenehill, citizen of London and . . . . . . . . ette of Harston, he had by the gift of . . . . est of Trippelowe. Tuesday the feast of . . . . ., 8 Edward IV.
[Berks.] C. 4923. Grant by Adam de Buchurst to Robert de Preston, for his service, of a croft called 'le Brumcrofte,' with the moor called Buchurstesmur in the town of Erle except the spring within the moor; also of sixteen selions in 'le Stonicroft,' twelve selions in 'la Homcrofte,' three selions in 'le Stonicroft' next land which Robert had by his gift of the dower of Maud, his mother, and 8d. rent which he used to receive from Maud Golde from the tenement she holds of him in Erle; rent, a clove at Easter. Witnesses:—Sir Roland de Erle, Robert de Sindlesham, Simon de Byham and others (named).
[Kent.] C. 4924. Grant by Stephen Rukke to John Rukke his brother, and William son of the said John of . . . . at [Hyl]frynden in a certain wood (broca) to wit, whatever descended to him in the said wood after the death of [Maurice] his father, in the parish of . . . . ; to hold to the said John and William and the heirs of William of his body begotten; warranty to John and William, the heirs of William's body or the heirs of John; for this John gave him 8s. beforehand. Witnesses:— Martin and Lawrence of Polle, Gilbert de Thegherst, Richard and John de Yeudenne, William and John de Cranstede, John de Shipregge, William atte Seilyerd and others (named). Whitsunday, 26 Edward [I].
Endorsed: de terra in Hylfrenden.
[Staff.] C. 4925. Grant by Richard de Verney the younger to Richard son of Richard de Camera of four places (placeas) of land, situate as described, in exchange for the whole land which Richard son of Richard had by the gift of Parnel, mother of the said Richard son of Richard in 'Putemor,' 'le Hemstal,' 'le Sindurhullus,' 'le Hethefeld,' 'le Stokink,' and in 'Ketuluscroft.' Witnesses:—Robert, lord of Onileg', Nicholas Cotin, William Cotin, William de Brugewey, Robert de Camera and other. Madeleg', Friday after the Epiphany, 3 Edward II.
[Berks.] C. 4926. Grant by John Tvenetone and Cecily his wife of Drayhemevik and John Herries of Cokluscote to John Carpinter and Agnes his wife of Harewell of a place which formerly was of Robert Pol of Harewell. Harewell, Sunday after St. Denis, 35 Edward III. Fragments of two seals.
[Berks.] C. 4927. Quitclaim by Walter de Chilton son of Walter de Chilton to Richard le Wyte of Hakeburn of his right in 4s. rent in the town of Hakeburn issuing from a messuage and a half-virgate of land which Richard holds from Agnes his mother in name of dower, by his assignment. Endorsed . . . . Westakburn.
Staff. C. 4928. Grant by Robert Peete late of Ruggeley, 'yoman,' to John his son of all his land, &c. in Tutbury. Tutbury, 8 January, 17 Edward IV.
[Chester.] C. 4929. Grant by John son of Nicholas son of Adam of Allesacher to William son of Ranulph son of Adam of all his land and tenement [within] the [town] of Alesacher and without, to wit a place of land called 'Fernileg,' [land] which Robert de Hassale held of him between 'Schitraweforde' and 'Salinchecroft' [extending from] the mill-lade to the highway to 'le Witemere,' and a place of land called 'Hethcroft,' abutting on 'Salingecroft' and 'Cherluslowe,' between 'Bromdon,' and 'Schithraweford'; to hold in fee and heredity; rent ½d. at the feast of the Nativity of St. Mary for all service. For this William gave him . . . marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Ranulph lord of Alesager, Grala[m] de Morton and others (named).
[Derby.] C. 4930. Grant by Alice (Elycia) late the wife of Geoffrey Warlont of Lynton, widow, to Alice (Alicie) daughter of Geliana of the same, John her son, and their heirs, of all the meadow which she has with the prior of Greseleye in 'le Oldeforthemedue' in the field of Castel- greseleye, between the prior's meadow on one side and John de Lynton's on the other. Lynton, Tuesday after St. George the Martyr, 21 Edward III.
[Suffolk.] C. 4931. Grant by Alice late the wife of John Fullere of Sudberi to John Aleyn of Boxforde, Richard his brother, William Pottere, Thomas Clerk and John Collopp of all the land, &c. called 'Smartys' in Boxforde. Wednesday before St. James the Apostle, 6 Richard II.
[Kent.] C. 4932. Grant by Agnes Trewonwall, widow, to William Brice of a void place of land formerly partly built, in the parish of St. Peter of the city of Canterbury in 'Seint Petrislane.' 13 June, 12 Henry VII, Stephen Bare . . being then mayor.
[Sussex.] C. 4933. Grant by John Brykeden and John Martyn to Thomas Martyn of the parish of Wertlyng of three pieces of land called 'Paynysland' in the parish of Wertlyng, to hold to him and the heirs of his body with reversion in default to John Wylsham, his heirs and assigns. 18 December, 7 Henry VI. Two seals.
Kent. C. 4934. Grant by Thomas Gylbart of the parish of Sturrey to William Maxey of Sturrey, John Rydar of the parish of Herne, William Notyngham and William Skynner of the parish of Chistelet of all his land, &c. on day of date in the parishes of Chistelet and Sturrey and in the hundred of Blenegate, or elsewhere in the county of Kent. Sturrey, 25 May, 5 Edward IV.
Endorsed: Be hyt remembryd that de[de ind]entyd of Nortlese and copy of [the] wyll of Thomas Gylbard ys in the . . . . of Johanne Ryder.
[Essex.] [Kent.] C. 4935. Letter of attorney by Ralph Drew, clerk, to John Bangor and Robert Martyn, to deliver seisin to William Rotheley and Anne his wife, William Gregory, William Clon and John Corbyn of a wall with 'hopes' and ditches called 'Galyonshope,' in the marsh called 'Westmerssh' of Berkyng by the bank (costam) of the Thames, and of all the land, &c. in Berkyng, Esthamme, and Wolwyche, which Ralph had by the gift of Roger Welles. 23 January, 2[ ] Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 4936. Grant by Peter ate Holmes of the parish of La Rugge to Richard Ingold of Southmymmes of a croft of land between the highway and land of John Polteneye, knight, abutting on land of the abbot of St. Albans, &c. in the parish of La Rugge. Sunday after St. Lawrence, 21 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4937. Indenture, Sunday after All Hallows, 15 Richard II, being the defeasance of a grant by Walter Kyng to Edmund Clerk of a virgate of land in the tenure (tenura) of the archbishop of Canterbury in the parish and in the borough (borgha) of Reculver; to wit, if Edmund have quiet possession of la. land in the tenure and parish aforesaid in the borough of Brokisgate, which he purchased in fee of the said Walter, the grant to be void.
[Dorset.] C. 4938. Quitclaim by Joan relict of Walter Tauntone of Wey- mouthe, widow, to Thomas Dovere of her right in a place of land within the liberty of the town of Weymouthe, on 'la Keye' Witnesses:—Philip Palmere and Edward Langmow, bailiffs of the said town, and others (named). Monday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 42 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Bucks.] C. 4939. Quitclaim by Elizabeth Spenlove otherwise called Degell, daughter and heir of Mariota late the wife of Thomas Degell, sister (sororis) of John Spendelove father of John Spendelove of St. Albans, to Nicholas Clopton, David Whitchurche, Richard Chok, Walter Clovyle, Hugh Wyche and William Fouler of her right in all the land, &c. in Burnham and Cippenham, formerly John Aynell's. 10 July, 15 Henry VI.
Bucks. Herts. C. 4940. Quitclaim by John Chepman, John Lord, William Joye and Richard Mariotson, to Agnes late the wife of Geoffrey Est of Bettelowe and Richard son of the said Geoffrey and Agnes, of all the right they had in all the land, &c. late of the said Geoffrey in the counties of Hertford and Bukingham. Tyscote, Sunday after St. Ambrose the Bishop, 6 Richard II. One seal.
[Staff.] C. 4941. Quitclaim by Roger son of Peter Corbyson to William de Grafton of Madeleye of his right in 9a. land which William holds in the fee of Madeleye under Lyme. Lych[efeld], Sunday after St. Martin, 2 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Staff, or Derby.] C. 4942. Grant by Richard Peit of Burton on Trent to William Colle of Burton aforesaid, 'chalnere,' of five selions of arable in the field of Stapenhull on 'la Mulnehurst.' Thursday, the morrow of St. Augustine the Bishop, 35 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] C. 4943. Grant by John Bolymer of Cranysley to John Armesthorp, William Langham, Thomas Weldon and William Porter, of a messuage in Cranysley, which he had by the gift of Sir John Taylour, chaplain, and Richard Chambrelayn of Cranysley; also of 2a. arable lying dispersed in the territory of Cranysley, as described. Witnesses:— John Marbery and Thomas Marbery, esquires, and others (named). 12 January, 36 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] C. 4944. Grant by John de Temese to Richard Paty and Alice his wife, of la. arable in two parcels in the field of Remmesbur' between 'la Keldeneacre,' &c, which he had by the gift of Alice de la Grene; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Richard. Wednesday, the feast of St. James the Apostle, 18 Edward II. Witnesses:—Hilde- brand de London', Roger de Kalleston, Adam de Remmesbur', Richard de Hiweye and others (named).
[Notts.] C. 4945. Quitclaim by Payn de Vilers, knight, to Richard de Strelleye of his right in all the land, &c. which Richard has [by the gift of . . . . . son] of Adam de Whelesbergh, chaplain. Witnesses:— Robert de Rempston, William de Westhorp, and others (named). . . . . . after the feast of St. Barnabas, . . Edward III. Mutilated.
[Sussex.] C. 4946. Grant by William de Megham son and heir of John de Megham to Robert de Wilesham of two parcels of land at Wylesham in the parish of Esscheburnham; for this Robert gave him two parcels of land in exchange. Sunday after St. Matthew, 2 Edward III.
Kent. C. 4947. Demise by John Tyherst of Tunbregge, the elder, Henry AVane, Thomas Plane, John atte Felde and Reynold Herst to John Godfrey of three pieces of land in Tunbregge, parcels of the land called 'Townelondys,' next 'Dodekyndennyslane,' the land of 'Wychelynden,' &c. from the feast of St. Andrew next for sixteen years; rent 4s. Monday after St. Martin in Winter, 29 Henry VI.
[Staff.] C. 4948. Indenture, being the defeasance of a charter whereby John son of William son of William son of Gregory of Bettileye enfeoffed Geoffrey son of Hugh Rosesone of certain lands in the fee of Bettileye, viz. if John or his assigns pay on the feast of St. Michael in the twelfth year after the making of this indenture to Geoffrey, his heirs or assigns, 16 marks, the charter to be void; otherwise John grants that the charter remain in force for three years then next, and so from three years to three years, till Geoffrey, his heirs or assigns be fully paid. Bettileye, Wednesday after St. Swithun, 22 Edward III. French.
[Bedford.] C. 4949. Grant by Walter le Kok of Nortyyevele to Thomas le Kok his brother of a parcel of his messuage on the west with buildings thereon adjoining a cottage of the rector of Nortyyevele, &c. 7p. 2ft. wide, by the perch of 16ft. Sunday after St. Denis, 10 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 4950. Counterpart of an assignment by John Hydyman, John Hyrdman the elder, John Hyrdman the younger, and Richard Kyrkeby to Juliana late the wife of John Camsyrd of Tyllyngham in full of her dower of the said John's lands in Tyllyngham except dower of [land] called 'Laxfeldys,' viz.:—A chamber under the solar [on the] west [part] of the hall called 'le Bour,' with the easement of the hall and kitchen with free ingress and egress at pleasure, the grange of the said tenement with gardens thereto belonging and 22a. land in 'West- feld' and 13a. in 'Estfeld,' 1½a. and a perch of meadow and a weir called 'Juliane Weer'; to hold of them for life by service of 1d., and by doing to them and their heirs, chief lords of the fee, the services due, &c. 20 January, 17 Richard II.
[Bedford.] C. 4951. Demise by Benet Blundel of 'la Hull' to William son of William Blundel of Caldecote, Eleanor his wife and Robert their son, of eight acres and a half 'otherhalfzerd' of land in the fields of North- yevel and Beston, whereof one 'otherhalfzerd' (cf. 'anderthalb') lies on 'le Lowefurlong,' ½a. on the same furlong (quarentenam), one rood on 'le Brokfurlong,' &c.; to hold to them for their life of him and his heirs; rent, for the first ten years, a rose at Midsummer, for all service, and thereafter ten marks, payable half yearly at Lady Day and Michaelmas. Caldecote, Monday after St. Michael, 16 Edward III. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 4952. Grant by Robert Wylsham son of John Wylsham of Aschebournham to John Wylsham, his father, of a croft of land which he had by the gift of Ralph atte Levere and Richard Redyng after the death of Robert Elyot, in the parish of Aschebournham. Saturday before St. Matthias (Mathie) Apostle and Evangelist (sic), 10 Richard II.
[Notts.] C. 4953. Grant by William le Chapman of Cossale and Anabel his wife to Sir Robert de Cossale, rector of Heygham, of six and a half selions of arable in the fields of Cossale, situate as described; to hold to him, his heirs and assigns. Tuesday after All Hallows, 16 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 4954. Grant by Edmund Kent of Westhamme, co. Essex, son and heir of Joan, daughter and heir of Edmund Kyppery late of Brambelee, to John Lane, 'maltman,' of Stratford atte Bowe and Beatrice his wife, John Havelok of the parish of Westhamme, Walter Sawell and John Posmore of Stratford atte Bowe, of la. meadow called 'Bernardesacre' in the meadow called 'Bernhommesmede' in the parish of Stebbenheth, viz. between the meadow late of Sir John de Pulteneye, knight, now of the abbot and convent of St. Mary of Graces by the Tower on the north and the water called 'la Leye' on the south, &c.; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of John and Beatrice. 22 October, 5 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4955. Grant by John Colyn of Eyllisford to John Wolcy of the same of a piece of arable in the field called 'Estfeld.' Eyllisford, the eve of St. Andrew, 19 Richard II. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 4956. Grant by Thomas Carman, vicar of Yaxlee, to Robert Ropkyn of Yaxlee of eight pieces of land in Yaxlee which he lately had together with Roger Oky, John Wryght, chaplain, and Robert Markawnt, since deceased, by the feoffment of John Herberd, Thomas Ode and Thomas Fannere of Yaxlee. 9 October, 15 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
[Lincoln.] C. 4957. Indenture, being the defeasance of a grant by Robert Broun, burgess of Grimesby to Robert Kaynell of Gernithorp of a place of land with houses thereon in Grimesby in 'Welhougate,' viz., if Robert pay 60s. before the feast of St. Hilary, 1362, the grant to be void. Witnesses:—William de Herwik mayor of Grimesby, Thomas Dicot and Robert Littester, bailiffs of the same, Peter de Alsham of the same, Thomas atte Bek, bailiff of Welhougat, and other. Sunday after St. Hilary, 1361. Seal, damaged.
[Derby.] C. 4958. Grant by William Baxter of Repyngton to William son of Richard Broun of Repyngton of all the meadow which he has in Castelgreseley, lying in 'le Oldeforth Medowe,' between meadow of the prior of Greseley and meadow late of John de Lynton. Witnesses:— Henry Holond, esq. and others (named). Castelgreseley, 20 January, 10 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedford.] [Herts.] C. 4959. Grant by William Goldknoppe of Dunstapl' to Sir John de Assherygge, chaplain, of two messuages with curtilages in Dunstapl' whereof one is in South Street (vico del South) and the other is in North Street (vico del North) in the lane formerly called 'Stivenyslane le White'; also grant to the same Sir John of all his lands in Toturno, Kenesworthe and Houghton Regis. Friday after the feast of St. Valentine, 20 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 4960. Counterpart of grant by Philip de Aillesbury, knight, to John de Aldebury of a place of land which he had by the demise of John Tery of . . . . [and of] 2a. arable, whereof 1a. lies in 'Mikelfel.' formerly Peter le Reve's and [1a. in] . . . . extends towards 'Picheleshed' and was formerly John le Proute's; to hold to the said John and the heirs of his body; with reversion in default to himself and his heirs. Aldebury, Monday . . . . 11 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal, with legend, . . . . . his . de . alde . . . .
[Chester.] C. 4961. Grant by Richard de Wevere perpetual vicar of Bouudon to William le Crowther, chaplain, of all the messuages, lands and tenements which he had by William's gift in the town and territories of Altrincham, for life, with licence to commit waste, with remainder to Agnes daughter of Richard del Hethe of Thelwall for life in form afore- said, with remainder to Peter son of the said William and Agnes and the heirs of his body and his assigns. Witnesses:—Edward le Massy, Nicholas le Massy, Thomas Doncalff and others (named). Altrincham, Thursday after the Purification, 9 Richard II.
[Flint.] C. 4962. Indenture of apprenticeship of Jevan ap Edn[evet] ap Gwynalch to Jankyn ap Ith[el], cordwainer of Bangor for three years; he shall not frequent the tavern or play at dice or chess (talos nec scacam); he shall not commit fornication; with the wife, daughter or nurse of his master he shall not lie, under penalty of the doubling of his term, &c.; his master shall teach, correct and clothe him, &c. Witnesses:—'Gr[ono] of Kynaston,' the elder, in Maylour Sasnyk and others (named). Wednesday, 3 January, 9 Henry VI. Cf. C. 5018.
[Hants.] C. 4963. Letter of attorney by William Bulkeley to Matthew Dykys of Worthyngbury, yeoman, to deliver seisin to Robert Cholmley of Chorley, gentleman, of the manor of Nethirburgate with the hundred of Fordyngbrigge to the same manor belonging. Shocklache, 24 October, 29 Henry VI.
[Kent or Sussex.] C. 4964. Grant by Robert atte Pende of Horsmonden to Richard atte Wyke of Hontyngton, Thomas Hoghet of Brenchisle, John atte Wyke of Lamberherst and Adam atte Pende of all his land, &c. on day of date in the parish of Horsmonden. 9 July, 15 Richard II.
[Essex.] C. 4965. Indenture, being an agreement between William de Maldon and John son of Osbern de Lacstrete of Assheldeham that William, after seisin had of the land, &c. in Assheldeham which he has recovered against John, shall enfeoff John thereof in fee, without warranty, John paying to William and his heirs 5s. at Michaelmas and Easter equally, with light of reentry in default; grant by William that if John or any for him can openly by a specialty or in other manner show before Michaelmas next that William had no right to have recovered the said tenements, [the] said rent and conditions to lose their force, &c. Written at Assheldeham, 1 [June], 30 Edward III. French.
[Devon.] C. 4966. Grant by Joan Schort daughter and heir of Richard Schort to John Mounfort of Dertemuth and Alice his wife and the heirs of their bodies, of a tenement in Southton Dertemuth between the hill of Grewetorr, &c. with remainder in default to the heirs and assigns of John. Thursday after the Purification, 49 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 4967. Grant by Ralph Calwe of Wyflingham to Reynold de Donington, dwelling in Wyflingham, of a selion in the territory of Wyflingham on 'Dufeholm.'
[Staff.] C. 4968. Grant by Robert son of Richard Skeyl to Gregory son of William of Bettileyg of a place of land in the fee of Bettileyg next 'le Tounbache' between land of Hugh son of Lovot, &c.; rent to the chief lord, 3d. for all service. Witnesses:—William de Thyckenes, Hugh son of Rose, bailiffs, and others (named). Monday after the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 1316.
[York, W.R.] C. 4969. Grant by William Dronffeld of Westbretton, knight, and Robert Corff of Wakefeld, clerk, to Richard Oxspryng of Oxspryng, and Elizabeth his wife of all the land, &c. which they had by Richard's gift in the towns and within the bounds of Oxspryng and Derton, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Richard. Oxspryng, 1 July, 4 Henry IV.
[Berks.] C. 4970. Quitclaim by Thomas Paynel, knight, to Thomas Catewy and Joan his wife of his right in the manor called 'Payneles Manoir' in Burwardescote, saving to him and Margery his wife 20l. yearly for life; with warranty to Thomas and Joan, and the heirs of Thomas Catewy. Burwardescote, 29 October, 4 Richard II. French.
[Leic.] C. 4971. Grant by John Pote of Friseby on Wrethek to John son of Hugh of Herdeby and Isabel his wife and the heirs of their bodies, of a messuage and a virgate of land and 1a. meadow which are held of the master of Dalby, and a bovate of land called 'Parys Houssegong ' and 6a. meadow, which he had by John's gift; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to John's right heirs. Witnesses:—William de Grelleye of Herdeby, John le Warde of the same, Peter de Asfordeby and others (named). Herdeby, the feast of St. Fabian and Sebastian (Bastiani), 17 Edward III.
Surrey. C. 4972. Grant by William atte Lee of Wolkenstede to Henry Bedell of a yearly rent of 10s. from all his land, &c. in the parish of Wolkenstede, to hold for twenty-one years next; he has put Henry in possession by payment of 4d. 26 March, 21 Edward IV.
[Kent.] C. 4973. Quitclaim by William Fifakre of Eyllesford to Robert de Rowe of the same town of his right in a croft of land called 'Horscroft' in the town aforesaid, in the tenure (tenura) of Preston. The feast of the Annunciation. 35 Edward III.
[Suffolk.] C. 4974. Grant by Richard del Wode of Weybrede to Alan le Godeknape of the same of a piece of land there between land of the abbot [and] monks of Sebetone, &c. The day of St. Philip and St. James, 10 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 4975. Quitclaim by John de Coudrey to Robert son of Gregory of Balterdeleg of his right in his whole court (tota curia mea) at Balterde- leg, with buildings and gardens (ortis et gardinis); for this Robert gave him 30s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir William de Mere, knight, and others (named).
[Radnor.] C. 4976. Grant by Thomas Holle of Boreware to Walter Tomkyns of the same and Jonet his wife of two parcels of meadow in the town of Borewar called 'Brewus Plokkes,' viz. one parcel between a 'lake ' called 'Hoddaleslake,' and extends to 'le lake' of William Tokke, and the other next 'le lake' called 'Ommalslake,' and extends to 'le more' called 'le Blakemore,' and to a lane called 'Hermonslone,' in the fee of Borewar within the lordship of New Radenour. Witnesses:—John Holle, the elder, Jak' Hoby and William Holle of Barlonton and other. Borewar, the feast of St. James the Apostle, 28 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 4977. Grant by [Sim]on, nephew (nepos) and heir of Peter de Prikewode to William Aleyn, for a half-mark in gersum of 3d. rent which he used to receive from Adam de Solario for the messuage and land which Adam held of him in the parish of [Ife]ud; rent, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—William de Ywhurst, Nicholas de [C]oudesfeud, Andrew de Henxttruge, Jordan de Lang[el]e, Henry de Ruespere, Peter super Hurst, Osbert de Crauwele, clerk and others (named).
[Oxford.] C. 4978. Grant by William le Hurt of Chynnore to Peter de la Pole of Sydeham and Emma his wife and the heirs of Peter or his assigns, of la. arable in the field of Chynnore in the tillage called 'le Sterte,' viz., ½a. next land of Hugh Fivien, &c.; for this Peter gave him a mark beforehand.
[Essex.] C. 4979. Grant by Osbert son of Matthew of Bulemer to Ralph de Grend[on] for his homage and service and for two marks which Ralph gave him in gersum, of 2a. ½r. land in the parish of Bulemer; rent 11d. for all service. Witnesses:—John de Suberr', William Gofiz and others (named).
C. 4980. Grant by William son of Hugh of Aston to William de Sancto Cilacio, for 5s. which William gave him beforehand of three selions of land in the territory of Aston, to wit in 'le Burnefurlong,' between land of the prior and land of John Gefrei and reaching to the marsh; rent a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—John Gefrey, Henry Gefrey, John Salomon, Roger de Grafton, Richard le Witemen, Adam Wrme, Geoffrey de Leng and other.
[Staff.] C. 4981. Grant by Robert de Bulkelegh to Robert his son of all his land, &c. in the county of Stafford with the reversion of the land (terr' sokag') which was of Vincent de Alstaneston in the same county, when it happen, and with all his goods, &c. in the same county; to hold to the said Robert for life. Newcastle, Wednesday before Easter, 1314.
[Herts.] C. 4982. Grant by Maud, daughter of William the steward (seneschali) of Putheam to Geoffrey de Wivelestorn of Jill's ham (hamam Gile) to hold as his father held it of her, quit of all service, rendering 4d. at the feast of St. John. These are witnesses, Simon son of Ralph, Richard de Bello Campo, Anchetil son of William, Anselm de Trafford, Philip de Emdon and William his brother, Hugh son of Wigod, Richard de Wivelestorn, [John] son of [R]einebert and other.
[Oxford.] C. 4983. Grant by Isabel Franchom relict of Adam Franchom to Peter de Sydeham and Emma his wife and the heirs of Peter, of ½d. rent in which Roger Wyltos and his heirs were bound to her and her heirs for ½a. which she sold to the said Roger in the tillage called 'le Chamele'; rent, a rose at Midsummer.
[Sussex.] C. 4984. Grant by James Edyng to William Marscot of all his land, &c. in 'la Rogheye' in the parish of Horsham; also grant that a field called 'Westfeld' with [meadow] called 'Asshefold' and 1a. arable lying in the said meadow with two gardens lying at the said field [and] meadow, in the parish of Horsham, which William Bonwyk and Alice his wife hold for the term of the life of the said Alice, of him and his heirs by his gift, with reversion to himself, his heirs and assigns, may remain to the said William. Horsham, the feast of St. Matth[ias], Apostle, 7 Richard II.
[Oxford.] C. 4985. Grant by John le Taillor of Chynnore to Geoffrey le Caanm of Henton of a half-acre of arable in the field of Henton in 'Broikforlong,' between land of Tiphina la Justiser and land of Richard Deugard, in exchange for a half-acre of land there on 'la Hull' in 'Smyth forlong.' Witnesses:—John le Justiser and others (named). Henton, Sunday after St. Dunstan the archbishop, 15 Edward II.
[Notts.] C. 4986. Indenture of demise by the prior of St. Katharine without Lincoln and the convent of the same to Sir Robert Strelley, knight, and Richard Brumley, clerk, of two sellions of land under the chantry of Newerk, from Michaelmas last for three score years; rent . . . . Dated in their Chapter House, on the day of St. Martin the Bishop, 17 Henry VI.
[Suffolk.] C. 4987. Grant by Reynold Folkered of Weybrede to Simon Sterr, John Puntynge of the same town, John Bury of Wyngfeld, and Richard Dogett of Mendham, of all his land, &c. in Weybrede. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 4 Henry VI. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 4988. Grant by Peter Jay of Weyebrede to Simon Folkerede of the same of a messuage with buildings, &c. and of all his land, &c. in Weyebrede. Sunday after the feast of Corpus Christi, 11 Richard II. Seal.
[Herts.] C. 4989. Grant by Ellen late the wife of William Nonny of St. Albans to Richard Wynter, fuller, of the same and Margery his wife of a messuage with curtilage in the said town on 'Halywell Hull'; to hold to them and Richard's heirs and assigns. Witnesses:— Richard Walyngford, bailiff of St. Albans and others (named). Whit Sunday, . . . . Richard II.
[Warw.] C. 4990. Defeasance of a grant by John son of William atte Birches to William de Caneleye of 6s. rent from all his land, &c. in Solyhull, viz. if William have peaceful possession of eighteen selions of land in Longedon by Solihull, whereof he was enfeoffed by John and be not impleaded therefore by John, or by Elizabeth, John's wife, the writing concerning the said rent and seisin had thereon to be void. Tuesday after Palm Sunday, 2[6] Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4991. Grant by William de Luckestile of the town of 'la Doune' to Hugh the smith (fabro) of Scottes Ocolte, for 24s. which Hugh gave him beforehand in gersum, of 2a. land called 'Waltereslond' and 'Colynesland' in the town of Codeham in the field called 'Parkeres- lond.' La Doune, Sunday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 19 Edward II, beginning. Seal, effaced.
C. 4992. Bond by John Wadeley, clerk, to Robert . . . . and John Rooches in 13l. 6s. 8d. at All Hallows next. Farleygh, the last day of July, . . . . Henry VI.
Endorsed: Longe; Wadeley.
[Kent.] C. 4993. Grant by John Chyld of the parish of 'la Doune' to John son of Sampson Chyld of the same of ½a. land in the field called 'Seueneslande' within the limits of 'la Doune.' La Doune, the feast of St. James the Apostle, 15 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4994. Grant by John son of Robert Turgys of Farnberghe to Sampson Chyld of 'la Doune,' of all the land which descended to him after the decease of Robert, his father, in the field called 'Sewynesland'; for this Sampson gave him 13s. beforehand in gersum. Friday, the Lifting up of the Holy Cross, 17 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4995. Grant by Alexander son and heir of Robert Aumfrey to Richard son of John Rolf of all his land in the field called 'Wyntresfeld' in the hamlet (villata) of 'la Doune,' between the grove (gravam) called 'Hulgrave,' &c. 21 October, 23 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 4996. Paper with:—(1) 'To his right worthi and most trusted mayster William Pakyn maiour of Sarisbury Bysechyth yn the moste lowly wyse youre owen powre servaunt and everlastyng bedeman Gefferay Broun tayllour beyng yn the prison at Fissherton Ancher that ye like of yowre seyde maistership to have yowre seyde bysecher and bedeman yn mynde of his mater that ye have be certeified of and that ye lyke at yowre gode layser yn the reverence of god for to labour so fer so as yowre seyde bysecher myghte speke wyth yow and certefie unto yow sum of his hertes ese for charite and for goddis sake whiche save yow ever more Amen.'
At foot: Irrotulatur.
(2) On the back of the above is a copy of a deed of feoffment by Thomas Reede, merchant of the city of Salisbury, to William Pakyn of a corner tenement with shops and cottages in the said city, in 'Endelestrete' and 'Shiperestrete,' next William's tenement in 'Chiperestret' aforesaid, which he had by the bequest of Sir John Pope, chaplain. Certified under the common seal and the seal of the mayoralty of the said city. Witnesses:—William Westbury, bailiff, John Leuesham, mayor, John Judde and John Swift, coroners, John Botenham and William at Lee, reeves there and others (named). Salisbury, Wednesday before St. Gregory the Pope, 2 Henry V.
At foot: Irrotulatur.
Kent. Somers. C. 4997. Bond by Thomas Pultere of Down, co. Kent, esq., to Thomas Stonore, esq., in 20l. at Easter next, conditioned for saving Stonore harmless against Robert Palmer, sheriff of Somerset, touching a bond in 20l., dated 11 February last, by Stonore to the sheriff to save him harmless. 13 February, 13 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4998. Defeasance of a grant by William Neel of Dunstapl', John Trought and Richard Lexham to William Syer of Dunstapl' of 7½a. land, to wit if they or their executors pay at Dunstapl' on the feast of All Hallows next 10s. and on the feast of the Purification 10s. and so from year to year till 7l. be paid, the charter of feoffment to be void. Witnesses:—Nicholas Blyssy, Roger Gramary. Kenesworth, Monday before St. George, 3 Henry V.
[Heref.] C. 4999. Grant by Richard le Brut of 'la Falde' to Walter de Houton of 'la More' of the parish of Bodenham, Emma his wife and Hugh their son, of a furlong (forlongum) of arable in the parish of Bodenham in the field called 'Upfeld,' extending from land formerly of Sir William le (sic) Llucy, knight, &c. Witnesses:—William Deveras, lord of Bodenham and others (named). Monday after the feast of the Apostles Peter and St. Paul, 20 Edward III. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 5000. Grant by John Folymon of Bredwardyn to Richard Tristram and Agnes his wife of a messuage with a butt adjacent and 4½a. arable in Welynton, situate as described. Witnesses:—John de Chaundos, Thomas de Chaundos, Adam le Veyser, John Restot, Richard le Mercer and other. Thursday after St. Martin, 15 Edward III. Fragment of seal.