Deeds: C.4801 - C.4900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4801 - C.4900

[Cambridge.] C. 4801. Indenture of demise by William de Notton, attorney of John de Bathe, to Sir Robert, vicar of Dullyngham, John Caumpes, and Joan late the wife of Richard de Uppyngham, of the land, &c. of the said John de Bathe in Stewcheworth and Dullyngham, formerly Richard Matefrey's, from day of date to Michaelmas next, in the same manner and form in which Richard de Uppyngham took them, by John's demise, according to indentures between them, at 10l. rent; also grant that twenty-seven sheep and other chattels of the said Richard valued at 24l., may remain in the custody of the said Robert, John and Joan which chattels were seized to John de Bathe's use because the covenants in the said indentures of demise were not performed, &c. 6 December, 49 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 4802. Grant by William, son of Alan Champyny of Houton, with the assent of Joan his mother, to John Myle of Theteney, his heirs and assigns, in the territory of Houton, on the east part of the town of Houton, of his whole tillage of arable on 'Furwell,' with headlands of meadow adjacent, containing nine sellions, lying between land of the countess of Pembroke and land of William ad Ecclesiam of Houton, &c. and land of the abbot of Humberstein; also of sellions (specified) on the west part of the same town, with the pasture belonging to a half, bovate of land in the territory of Houton; also of a half dole (dailam) of meadow in 'Westheges' of Theteney, called 'Champiundayl,' &c.; rendering therefore yearly white gloves or 1d. on the feast of St. Peter, for all service.
[Staff.] C. 4803. Grant by Thomas Arnecok the elder to Richard Daukynsone of Betteley of a messuage with garden in Betteley, between the High Street and land called 'Waschemere,' &c; doing to the chief lord the services due, &c. and 2d. to the lord Daudeley, and rendering 2s. to him and his heirs and assigns. Thursday after St. Martin the Bishop, 4 Henry V.
C. 4804. Bond by Thomas Ormond, knight, and William Boleyn, knight, to Robert Hardyng, alderman of London, in 32l. due at Michaelmas next. 11 November, 1 Henry VII. Signed: T. Ormond. Cancelled by cuts. Receipt endorsed, 4 Henry VII, for payments made by the hand of William Catelyn.
[Salop.] C. 4805. Indenture of demise by Robert Grene, esquire, to Meredith ap Hoggekys of Bruggenorth, 'cowper,' of a tenement and cottage, with gardens adjacent and a garden with a cellar (cavea) adjacent [in Bruggenorth] for ninety-nine years, at 7s. rent. Witnesses:— Thomas . . . . . . and John Caldecote the elder, bailiffs of the town and liberty of Bruggenorth, Thomas Hurde, esquire, and others (named). Monday after Michaelmas, 1 Edward IV. Damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 4806. Demise by Thomas Grundye to Thomas Purewell of Wotton Basset of a burgage between the burgage of Nicholas Wotton and the burgage of Nicholas Multon, for life and a year over, at 7s. rent; he shall pay no rent for the two years next; he shall thatch the houses within the said burgage. Witnesses:—Ralph Hulle, then mayor of the town and others (named). The feast of St. George, 5 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Staff.] C. 4807. Quitclaim by Clemency late the wife of Robert de la Hulle, and Walter and John sons of the said Robert, to Philip de la Lydezate, Philip Tylye and Agnes his wife, and [their heirs], of their right in a messuage in Maddeleye, situate as described. Sunday before Christmas, 4 Edward III. Damaged.
[Kent.] C. 4808. Grant by Richard Noble and Joan his wife to John Noble the elder, their son, of all the land, &c. which descended to the said- Joan after the death of John att Welle her father, in the parish of Scheldwych. 7 October, 9 Henry IV.
[Notts.] C. 4809. Grant by Walter de Gray, canon of Suwell, to Sir Robert de Streyley of a toft with garden in Oxton, the toft to wit which Payn formerly held of him, in exchange for a toft and croft and four sellions of land, the first heads whereof abut on the said croft and the other heads upon the great way. Witnesses:—Sir W. de Colevill, Sir S. de Hondon and Sir H. de Capella, knights, Sewall, serjeant of Suwell, Oliver de Lovetoft and other.
[Essex.] C. 4810. Indenture between William de Maldon and John son of Osbern de Lacstrete of Assheldeham witnessing that after seisin had of the land, &c. in Assheldeham which William has recovered against John he is to enfeoff John thereof in fee simple without warranty, John rendering therefore yearly to him and his heirs 5s. 1 May, 31 Edward III. French. Seal of arms.
[Derby.] C. 4811. Grant by Ralph son of Geoffrey of Repedon to Richard son of Robert le Graunger of Tikenale and Agnes his wife, their heirs and assigns, of 1½a. land in Repedon and Melton, which land they held of him by service of 6d. yearly for all service, and which they had by the gift of Basilia, daughter of Roger le Carpenter of Repedon; situate as described; rendering to him, after the death of Juliana his mother 2d. of the said 6d., which 2d. the said Juliana holds in dower of his inheritance; he has released to them 4d. of the said 6d. for ever. Sunday before St. Hilary, 19 Edward II.
[Essex.] C. 4812. This indenture witnesses the exchange of certain lands and rents made between Richard Charman and Agnes his wife, of the one part, and William son and heir of William Ilgier of Clavering of the other, in this form. Know, &c. that I, William son and heir of William Ilgier of Clavering have given, granted and confirmed to Richard Charman and Agnes hs wife 2a. land in Clavering, situate as described in the fields called 'Wykyngeshale' and 'Grenemerefeld' in exchange for 4½a. land in Clavering in the fields of Stodfold and Alflathenhey, as in the other part of this indenture is more fully contained; covenants for acquitting the said two acres against the chief lords of the fee, &c. 1 January. 20 Edward II.
Stafford. C. 4813. Grant by Thomas Henshawe of Chelfford, co. Chester, to John Coton of Uttoxbatur of a burgage and a half burgage in 'le Carter Strete' of Uttoxhatur, between the burgage of the chantry of St. Mary the Virgin of Uttoxhatur, and the burgage of Robert Kenersley. 10 February 6 Henry VII
Kent. C. 4814. Grant by Edward Hexstall, of Dovorr, co. Kent, 'gentilman,' to Henry Hexstall in co. Surrey, 'gentylman' and Robert Halle, John Halle, in co. Sussex, 'gentylmen,' William Waren, and Hugh Shereve of Dovorr' 'yemen,' of all his land, &c. both within the liberty of the port of Dovorr' and in the parishes of Hougham and Charlton, or elsewhere, co. Kent; to hold to them, &c. doing therefore services to the king according to the custom of the port aforesaid, and to the other lords of that fee, &c. 16 April, 7 Henry VII. Witnesses:—Robert Vyncent, mayor, William, Broke, bailiff, Henry at Wode, common clerk (in another hand) [Alexander] Leche, vicar of Hougham, and others (named). 16 April, 7 Henry VII.
[Oxford.] C. 4815. Indenture annexed to, and the defeasance of, a charter, whereby John Blount of Kyngeston granted to Robert de Morle, John Bedewynd, vicar of Aston Rohand, and Henry Crips the younger of Cobcote his manor of Kyngeston in the parish of Aston, viz. the said feoffees grant that at his request they will re-enfeoff the said John Blount of the said manor, to hold to him and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to John Chyltern of Brydport, co. Dorset, to hold to him his heirs and assigns, upon condition that he or his heirs pay to the executors or assigns of the said John Blount 100l. at Kyngeston within six months after the said manor come to their possession. Undated, and apparently not executed.
[Lincoln.] C. 4816. Grant by John Therlyng of Grymesby, chaplain, to Nicholas atte See of Grymesby and Joan his wife, of all the arable lands with meadows, 'acrehevedes,' pastures, &c. which he had by the gift of Avice, late wife and executrix of John son of Denis of Wathe in the fields and territories of Grymesby; also of 1a. land in the field of Grymesby, opposite (ex transverso) the way called 'Scarthougate' which he had by descent after the death of William Therlyng, his father, and of Margaret, William's wife, his mother; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Nicholas. Witnesses:—Ralph de Utterby, mayor of Grymesby, William de Elmesall and Robert de Cotyngham, bailiffs of the same, Robert Broune and Henry de Wadyngham, coroners of the same, and others (named). Tuesday in Whitsun week, 1374.
Notts. C. 4817. Grant by Henry de Calvertona in Notingham to John de Bredon in Notingham of a seld in the Saturday Market of Notingham, between the seld of William Bretun and the seld late of John de Muro; rent ½lb. cummin; for this John gave him ½ mark beforehand in gersum. Witnesses:—John le Fleming, mayor of Notingham, Adam le Paumer and Michael le Orfevere (aurifabro), bailiffs of the same and others (named). [1286–7.]
Herts. C. 4818. Grant by Richard Est otherwise called Bybet to Richard Barry, chaplain, and John Salcok of Masseworth of all his land, &c. in Naldewyk, Tyscote and Bettelowe. Friday before St. Lawrence, 27 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] C. 4819. Grant by Robert the shepherd (bercarius) of Cranesl', to Master Reynold, son of Hugh de Cranesl', of ½a. arable in the field of Cranesl' on 'Hevedewodehil' next land of Walter in sallicibus.
[Sussex.] C. 4820. Grant by Roger son and heir of Aufrid de Baddyngam of Horsam to Thomas Fryday, for his service and fealty and for 25s. beforehand in gersum of the tenement which he formerly [held] of the prior and convent of 'la Sele' and all that part of the land which he formerly held of the fee of Segwyk, at 'la Roheye,' in the parish of Horsam, as the metes are traced by discrete men; rent a ½d. at Mid- summer for all service, save the services of the chief lords.
[Bucks.] C. 4821. Grant by . . . . . . Savache of Sidenam and Isabel his wife to . . . . . . son of Henry de Chenholt and Joan Dayrel his wife, for their service and for two marks [beforehand in] gersum, of a messuage in the town of Sauntresdon, which was given to the said Isabel in free marriage [and] which . . . . . . formerly held of him in the same town; rent a clove for all service. Witnesses:—Sir John Druel, knight, and others (named).
[Somers.] C. 4822. Grant by John Senkeler, son and heir of John Sentcler, the younger, to William Poulet, knight, Robert Stowell, William Huddeffeld, John Wey, rector of Northperot, John Bevyn the younger, and John Rodberd the elder, of the manor of Estham in the parish of Cruckern: also of all his land, &c. within the parish of Crukern. 22 January, 18 Edward IV. Seal.
[Dorset.] C. 4823. Grant by Thomas Cole of Weymouth to John Abbot of Melcombe Regis and John Mey of Dorchestr' of a tenement in Wey- mouth. Witnesses:—William Lacy and William Northover, bailiffs of Weymouth, Stephen Russel, and others (named). 16 September, 10 Henry [V].
[Herts.] C. 4824. Grant by John de Belendene and Lucy his wife to Ralph son of Geoffrey de Betelaue, for his service and for 10s. beforehand, of an acre of meadow which lies in the meadow of Tiscote, in a furlong (quarentena) near the furlong called 'le Pouhe,' as allotted (sicut sors dederit); rent a rose at Midsummer, for all service, saving the king's service, if any belong; warranty alike against all men, Jew and Christian.
[York. W.R.] C. 4825. Grant by Thomas son of Robert of Roreston to William son of Hugh of Notton of two selions of land in Cothewrthe, between land of Robert de Kelinglay, &c.; also of two places of meadow in the same town, between the meadow of Hugh de Schepelay and meadow of the prior of Bretton, &c., abutting on 'le Milnestorht,' 'Wilkocstorht,' and 'le Hallestorht.'
[Bedford.] C. 4826. Grant by Nicholas son of Andrew the potter (figuli) of Amethull to Richard the carpenter (carpentar') of Wildene and Rose his wife of a messuage in Amethull; to give, &c. except to house of religion, &c.; rent 12d. for all service save the king's service.
[Bucks.] C. 4827. Quitclaim by Richard Belundene to William ate Stret of Roulesham of his right in a half acre arable lying 'Biwestecothulle,' next land of the said William. Witnesses:—Andrew Symund of Wengrave, Nicholas ate Neuelonde of the same, Peter de Huccote, and others (named).
[Notts.] C. 4828. Grant by Geoffrey Ruffy of Watenhou to Isabel daughter of Isabel his sister of a toft and croft with buildings thereon which fell to him in inheritance by the death of Henry his brother at 'le Brocbresting'; to hold of him and his heirs in fee and heredity as freely as Henry his brother held; rent 4d. at Martinmas, for all service.
[Sussex.] C. 4829. Demise by John Grym to Simon de Fraunkwell of a field of land called 'Ferthyng lond' next the way from Red Cross (cruce rubea) to 'Forwod Crouche,' on the north part of Assebournham, for eight years from Michaelmas, 34 Edward III., at 5s. rent; Simon shall pay for him [the work of ways and broken bridges] when it happen in the hundred or borough and shall enclose and ditch the field when need be; John and his heirs will warrant and acquit the field against the chief lord of the fee, the king and the earl, except the abovesaid, as in scot, lot and tallage and against all other people for the said rent and work abovesaid of ways and bridges broken (fragrant'). Dated as abovesaid.
[Heref.] C. 4830. Grant by Henry son of Sigar (Henricus Sigari), to Adam de la Kalue of a ½a. land in the territory of Welitun between land of Alexander le Seculer (secularis), &c. for 5s. 5d. which Adam gave him beforehand; rent ½d. at Michaelmas, for all service. Witnesses:— John Mael, Herbert the cook (coco), Adam . . . . . ., [R]ichard the constable (constabulario), Nicholas Mervin, Adam de Welitun, John Travers.
[Worc.] C. 4831. Grant by Margery late the wife of Sir Richard de Ambreslegh, widow, to Thomas son of Roger de Goldicot and Maud his wife, for their service, of a virgate of land with a messuage in Goldicot that to wit which the said Roger formerly held; rent, 7s. for all service save royal and foreign service, as much as belongs to so much free tenement in the same town. Witnesses:—Walter Gyun of Aldermoneston, John the clerk (clerico) of Upthrop, and others (named).
[Warw.] C. 4832. Quitclaim by Thomas son of Henry Noremon to John de Elmedon, clerk, of his right in 7s. rent which he used to receive from Richard le Hore for the land, &c. which the said Thomas remised and quitclaimed to one Henry le Hore, formerly . . . . . . ; for this John gave him 30s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Robert de Kingesford, John de Blosmevil, John de Soncford and others (named). Pilatenhal', Friday after the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 1304. Fragment of seal.
[Heref.] C. 4833. Grant by William de Fineges to Henry son of Henry de Culeye and Isabel his daughter of a messuage in Herford, in Jews Street (vico Judeorum) to hold to them and their issue; if Isabel die without heir of the said Henry begotten the messuage is to revert to him and his heirs; rent, a clove at Easter, for all service. Witnesses:—Walter de la Barre, Reynold Moniword and John, called 'le Wauter,' bailiffs of the city of Herford, and others (named). December, 1276. Seal.
[Dorset.] C. 4834. Demise by Roger, abbot of Montebourg (Montisburgi) and the convent of the same, to Thomas son of Ralph de la Hide, of all that land which the said Ralph his father held of them in their manor of Bouthenhamtun, to wit, at 'la Hide,' to hold to him and his heirs at fee farm, rendering therefore yearly 12s. and half a seem of rye for all service, save the king's service, as much as belongs to so much land in that manor. He and his heirs shall pay that rent at (super) that fee (feodum) of 'la Hide.' Witnesses:—Sir William de Morevill, Roger le Flamang, Robert de Pinmor, Roger de Woth', Philip de Wothford, Stephen de Waudich, William Blunt, Thomas Grane, John Grane, William de Stikelelan, clerk, and other.
[Salop. Staff.] C. 4835. Grant by Iseult de Bruggeway of Onyley to John Horsley, vicar of Bysshebury, Thomas Broun of Stafford and John 'in le Huyren' or John Hurne, clerks, and William Clerk of Seynt Thomas, of all her lands in the fee of Onyley and Gravohungre. Friday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 2 Henry V.
[Cambridge.] C. 4836. Grant by John Irmyl[ond], Thomas White, clerks, [and] Simon H[ook], 'gentilman,' to Thomas Boleyn, Geoffrey Boleyn, Thomas Burgoyn and Cecily Boleyn, of a messuage in Marche, called 'Estw[ode],' one of five messuages which they had by the grant of Thomas . . . . . ., John . . . . . ., . . . . . ., with a mill hill (monte molendini) with other meadows, pastures, weirs, woods and rents by charter dated at Marche, twenty . . . . . ., 18 Henry VI.; to hold to them, their heirs and assigns of the chief lords of the fee; and the said William Lexham, esq., will warrant the premises to them. Marche, Thursday after St. Gregory the Pope, . . . Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 4837. Grant by John Swenge of the parish of Horsham to William Urry of the same for 10s. beforehand of a piece of his grove at Baddyngemere containing 9a. between the grove called 'la Shutte,' &c. in the parish aforesaid, &c. Wednesday before St. Dunstan, 10 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 4838. Grant by Walter Mulle of Remmesbury and Alice his wife to Philip Straubery of the same of a messuage with curtilage in Remmesbury in the street called 'Oldeorchard.' 20 April, 13 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Notts.] C. 4839. Indenture, being an agreement between Robert son of Geoffrey of Streley of the one part, and William son of Adam of Cossale and Joan his wife of the other part, touching the attachment of the stank of Brocsale. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Streley, Sir Robert de Helpiston, Robert de Kegworth and others (named). Sunday after St. Ambrose, 8 Edward II. French.
Kent. C. 4840. Demise by John Pekham of the parish of Lynton to John Codelyng of Berlyng of the tenement of William Pekham his son in Berlyng, for ten years from date, at 4s. rent. Michaelmas, 21 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Heref.] C. 4841. Chirograph indented between Sir Richard de Bagindene and William de la Kalue of an exchange of 4½a. land for 5a. land in Welinton, situate as described. Witnesses:—Sir John Germain, Andrew le Chaudos, Richard Restot, Stephen de Welinton, John Mervin.
Kent. C. 4842. Grant by Thomas Blakberwe of Sevenoke to Thomas Hollewae of the same of a piece of land [there] called 'Crochefeld.' 22 June, 23 Henry VII. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 4843. Deedpoll whereby John Lightfoot of Rokeswell reciting that Henry Thorleye, John Lamb and Sewal Bromfeld lately by charter enfeoffed Ralph Rede and John Jurdon of 8a. land, 7a. meadow and pasture, which they lately had by the feoffment of Agatha, daughter and heir of John de Barenton, in the hamlet of Rokeswell, releases his right therein to the said Ralph and John. Rokeswell, Sunday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1377.
[Kent.] C. 4844. Grant and confirmation by Emma and Basilia. daughters and heirs of Richard del Brok, to Richard Spore, of all the land which Richard del Brok their father sold to him in the parish of Chidinge stane and Hevcre; for this Richard gave them 5s. 4d. Endorsed: Transcribitur.
[Devon.] C. 4845. Grant by John Batyn and John Caiman to William Horston of all their lands &c. in Rewelstoke in the demesne of Ealmeton; also of all their land, &c. in the borough of Nasse Mayow; also of the reversion of all their land, &c. in Nasse aforesaid which ought to descend to them after the death of Joan Sturtt; which lands with the reversion they had by the gift of the said William; to hold to him for life, with remainder to Thomas his son and Alice daughter of Walter Proteston, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the said William, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses:—John Cademan, reeve of the said borough, and others (named). Sunday after Michaelmas, 5 Henry V. One seal.
[Hants.] C. 4846. Acknowledgment by Thomas de Foxcote, lord of Foxcote, that he has received from Henry de Harnhulle 4 marks as loan to be repaid at the feast of St. Peter's Chains next; for which sum he has pledged to Henry 11s. 6d. of yearly rent in Foxcote, viz. 6s. 6d. to be received from Thomas atte Watere and 5s. from William Rycheman as by his charter of feoffment appears. Wednesday after the feast of St. George, 18 Edward II.
Bucks. C. 4847. Grant by Thomas Clobber of Henley on Thames and John Sadeler, chaplain, to John Myton and Alice his wife, of all the land, &c. which they have in Fallegh, co. Buckingham, which late were of John Manefu of Chichestr', co. 'Suthsex,' called 'Mulshoes.' Witnesses:—Thomas Sakevyle, knight, and others (named). 17 March, 2 Henry VI.
[Salop.] C. 4848. Grant by Adam prior of the hospital of the Holy Trinity, Brug[enorth], and the brethren and sisters of the same, to Master Geoffrey Lamb, and his assigns, of ½a. land in Brug', between land which they hold of Isabel de Canterine and land they hold of the brethren of the hospital of Lepers of Br[ug'] extending from the Severn to the highway before the house of Lepers, &c.; he shall pay them and their successors 5s. yearly, for all service. Witnesses:— Philip son of Robert and Terry (Tirricus) son of Reynold, provosts of Brug[enorth], and others (named).
[Herts.] C. 4849. Grant by Alan son of Thomas of Tatereg' to Walter Godyer of Finchesleye, of 2½a. in Tatereg' in 'Longefeld,' situate as described; rent 4d. yearly; for this Walter gave him 11s. in gersum.
[Hants.] C. 4850. Chirograph indented, being the memorandum of an agree- ment between William de Ivetis and Hawys relict of Peter le Prest, to wit that he shall find her food and drink as long as she please to have meals with him (secum stare ad mensam in domo sua), &c, if she prefer to stay in service rather than with him she shall take 2s. yearly from him, if she put him in peaceful seisin of all the land which Peter le Prest her husband held of William's father in chief in Menstede, and which she held to farm after her husband's death, for life of the said William; when the garden there abounds in fruit, above a tun of cyder (plus quam una tonell' ciser'), he shall give her a dress (unum warnamentum sufficientem). 20 Edward I. Seal, effaced.
[Essex.] C. 4851. Grant by Geoffrey atte Pole, John Smyth of Shelewe and John Pernell and John Leuegor of Little Waltham, to John Mymmys, father of Sir John Mymmys, rector of Wylynghale Doo, of 5a. arable, which they had by the feoffment of Richard Waltham, of Little Waltham and Thomas Cays of the same, in the town of Schelwe in a field called 'Bechesfeld,' between land of the said John Mymmys, &c. Schelewe, Sunday before St. George, 21 Richard II.
[Suff.] C. 4852. Grant by Simon Folkered of Weybred to John Tenderynge of Brokedich, John Cobald of Weybred, Walter Calewar and John son of William Folkered, of the same, all his land, &c. in Weybred except 4a. land in a field called 'Sevenacres.' 16 May, 10 Henry IV. Seal.
[Hants.] C. 4853. Grant by Walter, son of the rector of Penyton Meysi to Master Adam de Penyton of 1a. arable in the south field of Penyton Meysi, situate as described; for this Adam gave him 12s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Harnulle, knight, John Peverell and others (named).
[Suff.] C. 4854. Grant by Simon Folkerede of Weybrede to Simon Sterf, William Hardgrave, John Puntynge and John Folkerede of Weybrede, of all his land, &c. in Weybrede. Monday before St. Gregory the Pope, 8 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Oxford.] C. 4855. Grant by Thomas called 'Koc' of Thame to Paulin Basset of North Weston for his service and 15s. beforehand of a half- acre of arable in the fields of the aforesaid town in 'Brodewey- furlung' and it extends itself in 'Brodeweye'; rendering for him and his heirs to the chief lord of the fee a clove at Easter, for all service. Witnesses:—Sir Fulk de Rucote, knight, William Quatremayns and others (named).
[Worc.] C. 4856. Grant by Philip de Lutteleye and Katharine his wife to Joan le Smyth of a small place of land between her tenement and the way from Lutteleye wood to Lutteleye hall; rent 1d. at Michaelmas. Thursday, the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 19 Edward III. Seal of arms, effaced.
[Heref.] C. 4857. Grant by John Hubaud, clerk, to Sir Roger de Criketot, clerk, for a sum of money beforehand of all his land, &c. in Sothintone in the manor of Estenore. Witnesses:—Nigel le Broy, John de Byzendenee and others (named). Wednesday after St. Faith the Virgin, 11 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 4858. Grant by Thomas son of John de Pykstoke to Ralph, earl of Stafford and lord of Tonebrugh of three places of arable, whereof one lies in the fee of the castle of the said lord Ralph, and is called 'le Holiwallefeld,' and the others in the fee of the said lord Ralph, at Stalbrok, whereof one is called 'Hondebruche' and the other 'le Walleheye' in exchange for a messuage at 'le Snape' by Levedale with the land, &c. thereto adjacent. Witnesses:—Sir James de Pype, Sir Nicholas de Beek, Sir Peter de Careswalle and Sir John de Bruynton, knights, Robert, lord of Knythteleye, John his brother, Henry de Hexstall. Halughton, Sunday before Christmas, 38 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4859. Grant by Giles Chapman of Overe Caldecote in the parish of Northyevell and William his brother to Thomas Grenefeld and Margaret his wife of Neyere Caldecote in the same parish of a messuage with croft adjacent containing 1a. land in Overe Caldecote between the messuage and croft of the lord of Northyevel, &c.; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Thomas. Caldecote, Tuesday after St. Matthias, 36 Edward III. Endorsed, Fetypas. Fragment of one seal.
[Suff.] C. 4860. Grant by William Hardgrave, Simon Sterf, John Puntynge and John Folkerede of Weybrede to Reynold Folkerede of the same of all the land, &c. which they had by the feoffment of Simon Folkerede in Weybrede. Thursday after St. Dunstan, 10 Henry V. Four seals.
[Leic.] C. 4861. Grant by Thomas son of Thomas Harper to Thomas Gresley, knight, of all his land, &c. in Congeston, Shakerston, Carleton and Barton and elsewhere . . . . which descended to him after his father's death. 7 June, . . . . Henry VII. Mutilated. Seal, damaged.
[Worc.] C. 4862. Grant by John Grainger and Margaret his wife to Maurice Payn and John Neweton, citizens of Worcester, of . . . . in Stokton and the fields of the same, within the manor of Wad . . . . [which] came to [her] by the decease of Thomas Hethe, her father, and which formerly were of Robert Hethe and Maud his wife; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Maurice. Monday after St. George, . . . . Henry VI. Damaged.
[Herts.] C. 4863. Grant by Philip de Aylesbury, knight, to Robert Huchen of Aldebury and Maud his wife of 3a. arable in the field of Aldebury, whereof 1a. 1r. 'under Aynelesdoune,' a half-acre in the tillage called 'Kitemere,' a half-acre on 'Middelweiforlong,' a half-acre 'atte Acheboltes grovesende' and 1r. in 'le Stane'; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies; rent 15d.; with reversion in default of their issue to himself and his heirs. Aldebury, Monday after Michaelmas, 15 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4864. Indenture of defeasance of a charter of feoffment, 9 October, 13 Henry VI, whereby John Rukke of Hevere 'colyer' gave to Sir John Mason and Richard Staneford all his land and all his goods; to wit if John pay them 20l. in the church of Chidyngston within two years, as specified, the charter and seisin had thereon to be void. Chidyngston, 10 October, 13 Henry VI.
[Kent.] C. 4865. Grant by Adam Pavy of Esthamne to William Galion of the parish of Wolewych and Cristina his wife, of 1a. land in the town of Wolewych in a field called 'le Hope'; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of William. Sunday, the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 43 Edward III. Endorsed:— . . . . in marisco ex parte Essex'.
[Herts.] C. 4866. Grant by Nicholas Slo son and heir of Richard Slo Aldebury, co. Hertford, to Henry Russell and William Whytman Aldebury, Henry Allebryght and Thomas Allebryght of Kemysworth in the said county of all the land, &c. in Aldebury which came to him by inheritance after his father's death. 4 July, 20 Edward IV.
[Kent.] C. 4867. Grant by Robert son of the late . . . . de . . . herst to John Rucke, Maud his wife, William their son, and the heirs of William, of 3a. land called 'Brodefeld' and 2a. land called 'Schor . . . . . esland' in Hevere. Monday, the feast of St. . . . the Apostle, 15 Edward II. Faded.
[Essex.] C. 4868. Indenture of defeasance of a charter whereby John de Ocham, priest, executor of the testament of Thomas Meller by virtue of the said testament enfeoffed John Seman of New Hythe (nova Hetha) Colecestre and Sabine his wife of a tenement which the said Thomas lately bought of Margery late the wife and the executrix of John Aleyn, deceased; which tenement is called 'Swartehares' and lies in the suburb of Colecestr' at New Hythe aforesaid; to wit, if they pay 10l. at certain dates to stand and otherwise, with seisin had thereon, to be void. 17 August, 48 Edward III.
Kent. C. 4869. Grant by Denise Collier late the wife of Robert Collier of the parish of Sentmarischurg, widow, to Richard Mayller and Andrew Jordan of all her land, &c. in the said parish or elsewhere in the county of Kent; to hold to the said Robert (sic) and Andrew, &c. Saturday after the feast of St. Richard, Bishop and Confessor, 18 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
[Derby.] C. 4870. To all faithful, &c. Roger Noget of Draycot, clerk, greeting. Know that I have granted that my men as long as they hold my tenement of Wyve[l]istorp do to the lord bishop of Coventry and Lychfeld in the manor of Sallo[w] in ploughings and reapings what they were wont to do in the time of Sir Hugh son of Ralph of Elkesdon. In witness of which thing to the present letters I have put to my seal. Witnesses:— Hugh Teverey, of Eyton, William Teverey, Simon Pouger of Wyvelistorp and others (named).
[Staff.] C. 4871. Chirograph indented witnessing that, a.d. 1302, on the feast of St. Hilary, it was so agreed between William son of Gregory and William de Lychefeld and Godith his wife, to wit that he demised to them all that burgage, with appurtenances and parcels of meadows, wherein the said William de Lychefeld before used to dwell, whereof he was enfeoffed by the said William, in the town of Betileg; to hold to them for the term of eight years, whereof the first begins from the feast aforesaid; rent, to him 3s. and 12d. to the chief lord of Bettileg; they may carry off and remove all the buildings which Adam le Blake and the same William built thereon at the end of, or within, the term, at their will; at the end of the term they are to give the burgage up in as good state, or better, as they took it.
[Sussex.] C. 4872. Grant by John Godwyn and Alice his wife, of the town of Haylesham, to Sir Thomas Coleman vicar of the church of Haylesham and Nicholas Wyman of a messuage with buildings thereon and land adjacent in the said town, between the highway from the market-place of Haylesham to Lewes and a lane from the market-place to 'le Broke' and between the said market-place and Haylesham heath. Tuesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 50 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 4873. Grant by Andrew le Longe of Hallingeberi Burgh (burgo) to Peter de Haselingfeld and Alice his wife for a sum beforehand in gersum of a messuage with houses thereon, &c. in the town of Hatfeld Regis next the heath, abutting on the high way from the heath to Storteford, &c. to hold of the chief lords of the fee by service of 2d. yearly.
[Leic.] C. 4874. Grant by William son of Ralph of Herdeby to Adam son of Roger of the same town for his homage and service, of 5a. meadow in Herdeby, to wit the whole meadow called 'Standartvang'; at 6d. rent. Witnesses:—Sir Gerard de Fanecurt, [Herbert] his son, Robert the parson of Herdeby, Master William, Henry Rous (Ruffus) of Houwes, and others (named).
Essex. C. 4875. Copy of charter of Henry [II] to the burgesses of Meud[one]. Penbrok, 7 October, [1171].
Endorsed:—Transcriptum carte pro burgensibus de Maiden in comitatu Essex'.
Inspeximus, 6 June, 56 Henry III, printed in Calendar of Charter Rolls, Vol. II, p. 351.
[Oxford.] C. 4876. Grant by Nicholas Bussard of Sideham to Peter Delapole of Sideham and Emma his wife and Peter's heirs or assigns of an acre of arable in the fields of Sideham, to wit a half-acre in the north field and a half-acre in the south field at the yearly rent of an ear of corn (spicam frumenti); for this Peter gave him 20s. beforehand.
[Kent.] C. 4877. Grant by William a te Boure to Gilbert a te Boure his brother of 1r. meadow which he had by the gift of Richard a te Boure his brother lying in the parish of Hevere in a meadow called 'Linkelles- med'; for this Gilbert gave him 12s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Simon de Linkelle and others (named). Done 24 Edward [I].
[Notts.] C. 4878. Grant by John de Aubourne in Houkesworth to William son of Thomas the miller (molendinar') of Houkesworth of a selion of arable in the territory of Houkesworth, rendering therefore yearly to him and his heirs or to the tenant of his land and toft after his decease ½d. at the feast of St. Martin for all service; for this William gave him 16s. beforehand in gersum; clause against religious and Jews.
[Salop.] C. 4879. Demise by John Arundell, master of the hospital of the Holy Trinity or St. John the Baptist of Bruggenorth, to William Goldesmyth of Bruggenorth of a parcel of land of the said hospital containing two selions in the same field, between land of the said William and a meadow called 'Leymedewe' otherwise named 'Tyndenedewe,' and extending in length to the Severn; to hold for ninety-nine years from Christmas, 4 Henry V; at the yearly rent of a red rose at Midsummer if demanded. Dated the feast and year abovesaid.
[Wilts.] C. 4880. Grant by brother Geoffrey, styled prior of Bradenestok, and the convent of the same, to Roger Stiue of 4a. arable in the town of Draycot Foliot, viz. 1a. in 'Blecheden,' ½a. in 'la Breche,' 1a. in 'Longelonde,' ½a. in Shortelonde,' one perch in 'Wouuelond,' one perch extending on Hugh's Down (Dunam Hugonis) and ½a. in 'Langelande' on 'Hyseweye,' in the west field; to hold to him and his heirs of the said prior and convent and their successors, rendering therefore 2s. at Michaelmas, at Bradenestok, with power reserved to take the said acres into their hands in default. Witnesses, Simon Torney, knight, Nicholas Stigant, Thomas Cardevile, Adam Rotby, Walter Maudut, Robert Spileman, John Joky.
[Notts.] C. 4881. Grant by Stephen . . . . of Bilboruch to Master Robert le V[ava]s[or] rector of Bylboruch, of his right in 2a. land with meadow in Wetthweyt, between land of the lord of Bilboruch and land late of G[eoffrey] S. . . let, to wit his right and claim [for] the whole term which he took of the aforesaid Sibilla; . . . . . to hold to . . . . his heirs and assigns from the Purification, 1290, to the end of the term in the chirograph made between him and the said Sibilla his mother of the said land, without doing service therefore to any. Witnesses:— John Passeys of [S]utton and others (named). Two seals with legends (1) s . steffani . de . w . . . . (2) lion and dragon with legend leo. pungat . cum . dracone.
[Leic] C. 4882. Grant by Geoffrey Puterel son of Henry Puterel to Adam son of Roger of Herdebi of a virgate of land in the territory of Houwes, that to wit which Gilbert the clerk held, which Henry his father gave to the said Adam for his homage and service; rent, 8s. for all service, save foreign service, as his father's charter witnesses; for this Adam gave him three marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Geoffrey the chaplain of Kaldewelle, Ellis the chaplain of Howis, Robert de Arabi, Thomas de Folevile, William the clerk of Claxt[on], Henry Rous (ruffo), Master William de Herdebi, William de Herdebi, Simon de Den[t]un, Odinel de Herdebi, William son of Roger, and other.
[Herts.] C. 4883. Letter of attorney from Robert le Hodere of Aldwyk to William de Aula of Draiton to receive 9d. rent in the town of Aldwyk from a tenement which William formerly held of him, so that William may receive all his right therein from the tenants thereof, as in homages, wards, reliefs and in all else which can happen therefrom. Witnesses:— Ralph, lord of Merston, Jordan Basset and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 4884. Quitclaim by Silvester de Godelegh to Ralph his son of all his right in a tenement in Barn[estaple], in 'Crockestret,' saving to him for his life 8s. rent. Seal, damaged.
[Sussex.] C. 4885. Grant by Gilbert Caumbereys of the parish of Horsham to Peter de Chalkfold, for 30s. beforehand in gersum, of all the land which he had by the gift of Martin Hayne, and 2a. land which Walter Arnald gave him by charter, to wit all the land which lies between the land which Andrew Calewedon held and land of the said Gilbert, at Baddingemere, in the parish of Horsham, rendering to the chief lord the services due and accustomed and to him and his heirs a peppercorn at Easter for all service.
[Berks.] C. 4886. Counterpart of demise, 2 May, 20 Henry VII by John Yorke, esquire, and Thomas his son and heir to Thomas Aldworth, 'yeman' of the manor of Westlokynge with court-baron, &c. from Michaelmas next for thirty-one years at a yearly rent of 28l., &c. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] C. 4887. Grant by John Ewelle of Feringg to John Blithe of the same and Joan his wife of a piece of land of the tenement formerly of Robert Russel, deceased, in Inneworth, between the highway from Witham to Colcestr', &c., and abutting on the lane from Ester Forde to Ewellebrede; to hold to them their heirs and assigns, at 3s. 4d. rent. Thursday in Whitsun week, 14 Richard II. Faded.
[Chester.] C. 4888. Grant by Richard Sauvage to Sir Roger de Pulysdon and Joan his wife of the whole tenement in the manor of Neubold which he had by the gift of Thomas de Venablys, late lord of Neubold, and William, late lord of Astebur', saving to him and his heirs a messuage with buildings thereon and a curtilage in Astebur'; to hold to them and their assigns, viz. to whom and when they please to give it (tam in lecto mortali quam extra) in fee and heredity; for this they gave him 10l. 10s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir William, baron of Kyndirton, Sir Richard de Mascy and Sir Richard de Sondbache, knights, Ralph, lord of Morton, Ranulf, lord of Astebur', Gralom de Morton, Robert de Rod', Richard de Swethenam, Peter the clerk, and other. Cf. C. 3856.
[Chester.] C. 4889. Letters patent by John de Bebynto[n] and Margaret his wife; reciting that Robert de Cholmundeley of Chorley has granted to William de Bulkyley of Eyton the reversion of nine messuages, 140a. land, 10a. meadow, 6a. wood and 4a. moor, in Wymyncham, which they hold in right of Margaret for the term of her life, notify that they have acknowledged the said reversion to be to the said William and his heirs and have attorned therefore to him by a penny fixed in the back of the seal of this writing. Wednesday, the feast of St. Matthias, 12 Henry VI. Two seals, one with a silver penny in the back.
Heref. C. 4890. Grant by John Mey, mayor of Hereford, to Sir John Stanewey and Sir John Nelme, chaplains, of a tenement in the suburb of the said city in 'Seynt Thomas strete,' between the way leading to 'Smalpors,' &c. and extending from the highway to the lane called 'Catteslon,' which he had by the gift of John Petyte of Hereford, carpenter. Witnesses:—John Ekleye, bailiff of the king in the said city, and others (named). The feast of St. Peter's Chains, 7 Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 4891. Grant by Agnes late the wife of John Attewell of the parish of Idelestre to John Ketewylde and Thomas [son] of John Edmund of a messuage, 3½a. land and ½a. meadow, in Idelestre, between the lane from Boramwode to a field called 'Goldyngfeld,' &c. Friday after the feast of St. . . . . the Bishop, 13 Henry IV.
Bedford. Herts. C. 4892. Quitclaim by William Anable of [Dunstap]le to Robert atte Forde of Hamslap, Edmund Cotun of Tyllesworth and John Trought of Dunstaple, the heirs and assigns of Robert, of his right in all the land, &c. except 26d. rent from the capital tenement of Thomas Hobbus, which land, &c. he had by the gift of the said Thomas, in Dunstaple and Houghton Regis co. Bedford, and Cadyngdon and Kennesworth, co. Hertford, by charter of fee simple thereof to him, together with Thomas L. . . . and A. . . . . arbour, made. Thursday after the Epiphany, 8 Henry IV.
[Hants.] C. 4893. Grant by William de Hampton to Guy de Terstewode, for his homage and service of a quarter of a virgate of land in Terste- wode, to wit the land which Nigel Pinnoc held, and all the pieces (perticulas) of meadow which Nigel used to mow, lift and carry into his court of Welewe, 3a. behind the garden which was Serich's, 8a. in Holebroc, 1a. meadow in Stretforlang, and the whole land which Arnold the potter (potarius) held; to hold hereditarily, rendering therefore at Michaelmas 5s. and 1lb. cummin, for all service saving the king's service, as much as belongs to a quarter virgate in that town; also grant of fifty pigs quit of pannage in his wood of Welewe; for this Guy gave him eleven marks, 10s. in gersum, to Alice, his wife, three besants and to Stephen, his son, 6d. Witnesses:—Randolph, Simon, Adam and Alexander, chaplains of Romes', Walter de Rumes', William Pancevot and others (named). Fragment of equestrian seal.
[Warw.] C. 4894. Grant by William de Oddingeshel' to Ralph son of Richard for his homage and service, of 4a. land on Haiteley with a certain nook (angulo) of land by Stonistrete, between the road from Stonistrete to Burmingeham and the lands which Roger son of Richard held in [the town of] Sulihull, and of one rood of land against the door of the said Ralph, and 3a at Dunepol within Blak. . . . [between] the road from Hulverley to Warewihc; to hold to him and his heirs and their assigns, except religion, hereditarily, in all liberties and easements [within the manor] of Sulih[ull]; rent 2s. 8d. for all service. Witnesses:—Henry de Olton and others (named).
[Berks.] C. 4895. Grant by John styled Marshal (dictus Marscallus) of Hakeburn, and Ellen his wife, of Westhakeburn, to Bartholomew Mylward of Westhakeburn of 4a. arable in the field of Westhakeburn, above the highway in the tillage called 'Upblakelonde,' between land of the demesne formerly of William de Wynlesore knight, &c.; rent 1d. at Michaelmas, for all service; for this Bartholomew gave them 8½ marks beforehand.
[Berks.] C. 4896. Grant by Richard de Bleburi, son of John de Bleburi, to Bartholomew Mylward of Westhakeburne, of 2a. meadow in the meadow of Westhakeburn which is called 'Dolmed' belonging to his tenement; to hold hereditarily, &c.; rent 1d. at Michaelmas, for all service; for this Bartholomew gave him seven marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Henry the marshal (marscallo), John Hurscarl, lord of Folescote, and others (named).
[Heref.] C. 4897. Charter of Henry [III] to the prioress and nuns of Acornebury. Witnesses:—. . . . . Leukenouere, William Belet, Ralph de Bagepuz, Bartholomew Bygod, Gilbert son of Hugh and others. 29 May, 50 Henry III.
Endorsed. Detur attorn[atis] dies Londoni[is] a die Sancti Michaelis in tres [septimanas] et ibi corrigetur in Scaccario.
Printed in Monasticon, VI, p. 489. Not on Charter Roll.
Chester. C. 4898. Chirograph indented witnessing that, whereas contention was moved in the county [court] of Chester before Sir Richard de Mascy, justice of Chester, between Sir William de Brereton, knight, demandant by writ of novel disseisin, of the one part and William de Venables of . . . . and Joan, his mother, Ranulf de Astebur' and Alice, his mother, Robert Marshal (marescall') of Astebur' and Cecily, his [mother], Adam son of Adam de Lynton and Cecily, his mother, William de Calvil' and Maud his wife [def]endants, of a field which William de Calvil' held on day of making of [these] presents, except an acre cut off therefrom by a new ditch made by Sir William, and of a place of waste land and heath on the north and west of the said field; which contention ceased, peace being restored between the parties, Tuesday after Whitsunday, 1300, 28 Edward [I] in form under- written, to wit the said William and Joan and the others have released the waste and heath to Sir William with the said acre, bounded as described (St. Oswald's spring (fons), the highway from Astebur' to Middlewich, and Smalwode are mentioned); for this Sir William has released to them the said field as enclosed. In witness whereof the parties to the present chirograph have put to their seals. Witnesses:— Sir Richard de Mascy, justice of Chester, Ralph de Vernoun, Hugh de Venables, Richard de Sondbach, knights, William de Praers, sheriff of Chester (Cestris'), Alexander Baunnvile, Gralan de Morton, Thomas de Rode, Thomas de Davenport, Matthew de Becheton, Nicholas the clerk and other.
Middx. C. 4899. Demise by William Edryche, of Totenham, co. Middlesex, the younger to John Knebon, citizen and brewer of London, of a croft of meadow called 'Dounhyll,' containing 12a. lying together in the parish of Harengey Down which John now holds; from Lady Day, 9 Edward IV, for twenty-one years, at 26s. 8d. rent; William to pay all taxes and tallages. Dated the feast and year abovesaid. Fragment of seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 4900. Grant by Dame Beatrice late the wife of William de Smalbergh, knight, to John Idewyne of Haschmenagh and Beatrice his wife of a messuage in Smalbergh called 'Gottesheges' abutting on the common pasture called 'Sowerlondheyth'; to hold to them and the heirs of . . . . . Monday, Michaelmas, 17 Richard II. Fragment of seal.