Deeds: C.4701 - C.4800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4701 - C.4800

[Staff.] C. 4701. Quitclaim by John Agard of Foston, co. Derby, esquire, to Thomas Carve, of Tutbury and Margaret his wife and the heirs of Thomas, of his right in a burgage, built in Tutbury in Monk Street (vico monachorum) extending therefrom to a little garden (ortulum) called 'le Safron gardyn,' which burgage he together with Robert Peyte, since deceased, had by the gift of John Seintebarbc, esquire, Witnesses:—Sir Thomas Salt, vicar of Tutbry, Andrew Busby, bailift of the same, and others (named). 30 July, 23 Henry VII.
Cambridge. C. 4702. Grant by John Mascy the elder, citizen and 'brewer' of London, to Robert Salmon, otherwise called Maryot, of Trumpyngton, and William Flete, of Trumpyngton, of all his land, &c., in Trumpyngton, and of the reversion of the tenement with garden and croft adjacent in Trumpyngton which Roger Bygode holds for life by his grant. 6 December, 2 Henry V.
[Sussex.] C. 4703. Quitclaim by William Duke, of Horsham, to Thomas Hoo, esquire, William Sondes and John Wodye of his right in certain lands in the parish of Horsham, called 'Forstares' and in a field of land called 'S . . . . . .,' and in a croft of land in Rowsparre called 'Southcroft,' which land, &c. they and one Richard Wakehurst the younger, and John Wakehurst, since deceased, had by the gift of Richard Gardyner. 10 August, 36 Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 4704. Grant by William Belesone of Dunstapl' to John Hauek of the same of 2a. land in the field of Kenesworth, in Thorndell, which he demised to John for term of years. Monday after St. John the Baptist, 16 Edward II.
[Salop.] C. 4705. Demise by Henry de Cotesmor, warden of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Bruggenorth, and the brethren of the same, with the assent of their chapter, to Richard Sondfford, of Bruggenorth, and Margery his wife of a tenement of the said hospital in Bruggenorth built at the cost of the said Richard, situate in a street called 'Seynt Jonestret,' for the term of eighty years next, if they or either of them so long live, at 3s. 4d. rent. Sunday after Michaelmas, 22 Richard II.
Chester. C. 4706. Counterpart of grant by Philip de Egerton to Richard de Schotton, 'skynner' and citizen of Chester, and Ellen his wife, of a garden near the lane of St. Olave, between the land of the heirs of Robert Parys formerly chamberlain of Cestresir, &c. containing 8½ yards (virgas regias) by 51 yards; to hold to them in survivorship and the heirs of their bodies; rendering therefore to him and his heirs 22d. yearly. Witnesses:—John Walsche, mayor, Edward Skynner and Hugh Grene, sheriffs of the said city, and others (named). 12 January, 6 Henry VI. Fragments of seals.
[Oxford.] C. 4707. Writing whereby William de Lucy, knight, and Margaret his wife, reciting that Thomas le Blount, knight, and Joan his wife had assigned them a third part of the manor of Kyngeston, to hold in dower of Margaret, and afterwards had granted them two parts of the said manor by fine levied in the king's court, to hold for the life of the said Margaret, with reversion thereof expectant to the said Thomas and Joan and the heirs of Thomas, grant that if it happen them to be impleaded touching the said manor, or any part thereof, by colour of any title, right or possession thereof taken or had before Thomas de Willamescote obtained seisin in the said manor, they shall claim no warranty against the said Thomas or Joan, or Thomas their son by reason of the fine or reversion, or assignment or reversion of dower aforesaid. Dated, London, at Temple Barre, 1 November, 36 Edward III. Witnesses:—John atte Hale, knight, and others (named).
[Norfolk.] C. 4708. Grant by Adam Hauker, chaplain, to Walter Howe of Shotesham and Joan his wife, of all the land, &c. formerly Adam Owhen's in Shotesham and Saxlyngham; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Walter; upon condition that they pay him, at Shotesham, 12l., viz. 48s. yearly, till all be paid. Wednesday, the feast of St. Martin the Bishop, in Winter, 18 Richard II.
[Warw.] C. 4709. Indenture witnessing that Edmund de Blosmevile and Adam atte Grange have become mainpernors for Nicholas de Alreschawe, that he will collect the amercements and all fines of the small courts and views of the foreign town of Solihull according to the tenour of the estreats delivered to him, and will pay over the same to William son of Thomas atte Birches, when required; for greater security the said Edmund and Adam have each made a charter to William of 10s. rent; William has granted that if the money be paid in form aforesaid the charters shall be void. Monday before St. Hilary, 17 Edward III.
[Bucks.] [Herts.] C. 4710. Grant by Richard Est alias Bebet of Aldewyk to Nicholas Stanbrigge son of Hugh Stanbrigge, of Chetyndon, of 2½a. arable, viz. 2a. in the field of Betlowe and ½a. in the field of Chetyndon. 6 December, 27 Henry VI. Damaged seal.
Surrey. C. 4711. Grant by William Hille of Marche, co. Cambridge, son and heir of Rowland Hill, deceased, of the same county, brother of John Hille, deceased, elder son and heir of the said Rowland to Richard Bronde, citizen and fishmonger of London, Richard Jay, gentleman, William Bronde of Ware, co. Hertford, and Richard Lamelether, John Fraunceys, William Pory, John Merston and John Foxston, citizens and fishmongers of London, of a void place of land by 'le Stewesside' in the parish of St. Margaret in Suthwerk, containing on the south. abutting on 'Maydenlane,' 9 yards, &c. 12 October, 10 Edward IV.
Endorsed:—Enrolled among the rolls of court of the manor of Suthwerk in the time of Thomas Langton, bishop of Winchester, 8 Henry VII, before W. Burton, then steward; also E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason.
[Derby or Staff.] C. 4712. Grant by John Taplady, 'smyth,' of Stapenhull, to William Lyng of Burton upon Trent of 2a. arable in the fields of Stapenhull, one called 'le Blodelett Acre' and the other lies at 'Stanton Elme,' between land of the lord abbot, &c. Thursday the feast of Tyburcius and Valerian, 2 Henry IV. Seal.
[Middx.] C. 4713. Indenture, whereby John Buntyng, citizen and fuller of London, reciting that Henry Chichele of London, 'gentilman,' and Alice his wife, daughter of Robert Clopton, late citizen and draper and alderman of London, demised to him a garden in the parish of St. Mary of Whitechapell without Algate, London, containing 1½a., situate on the east of their great place in the same parish, to hold, as he then held it, from Christmas, 1447, 26 Henry VI., for twenty-one years, at 20s. rent, grants to Robert Asshebourne, citizen and 'fruterer' of London, all his estate therein. 31 October, 1450, 29 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 4714. Grant by William le Blast and Alice his wife to Michael le Grey and Olive his wife, of a curtilage at 'la Rogheye,' in Horsham. between the wood of the abbot of Fécamp, &c. Saturday after the Purification, 5 Edward III, beginning.
[Worc.] C. 4715. Grant by John Heyward, son and heir of John Heyward the elder, of W[y]ke by Pershore, to Nicholas Fyssher of Wike and William Chauntrell of Wyrpedele, of all his lands, &c. in Wyke and Pershore. Thursday after All Hallows, 11 Henvy VI.
[Suffolk.] C. 4716. Grant by Alan Cobald of Weybrede to Walter le Blake of the same, of a portion of his land parcel of his tenement in Weybrede between land of Dame Eleanor de Wyngefeld and the road from Cobald's Fridge (ponte Cobald'), to Hoxn', abutting on the common way from the cross called 'Marchaliscros' to Catheryngges. Sunday before the Purification, 41 Edward III.
[Cambridge.] C. 4717. Grant by Richard Sutton of Trippelowe to John Smyth of Trippelowe of a messuage there, with garden, abutting on 'le Grenestrete,' &c. The feast of St. Valentine, 7 Henry VI.
Bucks. Herts. C. 4718. Grant by Alice, daughter of Richard le Godhuche of Aldewyc, to Roger Kempe of Chetyndone of all the land which came to her by inheritance after the decease of William Godhuche, her brother, in the counties of Bokyngam and Hertford. Thursday after St. Peter's Chains, 23 Edward III.
Kent. C. 4719. Grant by Sarah Lodysdone of Sevenoke to John Totis- herst of the same of a piece of land called 'le Breche' in the parish of Sevenoke, situate as described. Friday after St. George, 11 Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 4720. Grant by Robert Bykemor of Finchesle to Richard Chalkhull and Juliana his wife and John their son, of all the land, &c. which he had by the gift of the said Richard in Taterigge; to hold to them and the heirs of John's body, with remainder in default to Thomas, brother of John, and the heirs of Thomas. Sunday after St. Augustine, 8 Edward III.
[Oxford.] C. 4721. Grant by John Symownd of Stoke Talmache to William Hay . . . of a messuage and three butts of land thereto adjacent, in Stoke aforesaid, next the . . . . . . of the abbot of Thame, &c. Monday after St. Nicholas, 43 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 4722. Quitclaim by John de Langenhurst the younger to John de Langenhurst, . . . . . . his wife, and Walter their son and the heirs of Walter, of his right in the tenement late of Richard, brother . . . . . . rendering to him and his heirs 12d. rent which he used to receive there- from. Witnesses:—Sir John de Ifelde, William atte Court, of Roussperre, John le Veutre, and others (named). Ifelde, the morrow of St. Mark, 1 Edward III. Damaged.
[Lincoln.] C. 4723. Grant by Robert Godebarn, burgess of Grymesby, to William de Bolyngton, burgess of Grymesby, of all his land, &c., in the parish of Clee. Thursday after St. Philip and St. James, 1362. Seal.
Notts. C. 4724. Grant by Robert de Cokfeld, knight, Peter de la Pole, Thomas de Annesley of Kynalton and Thomas Hunt of Lyndeby to Nicholas de Strelley, knight, of the manors of Strelley, Bylburgh and Oxton, with the advowsons of the churches of Strelley and Bilburgh, with all land, &c. in Trowell, Cossale, Notehale, Chilwell, Adynburgh, Hempsell, Baseford, Notyngham, Watenowe, Cortlyngstoke, Cotegrave and Muskham, which they had by his gift and feoffment. Witnesses:— John de Annesley, knight, William de Wolaton, William Eland, Hugh de Wylgheby of Wolaton and Robert Paschall, esquires, and other. Strelley, the feast of St. Andrew, 7 Henry IV. Fragments of two seals.
[Lincoln.] C. 4725. Grant by William de Kyrkeby to John de Beverlay of Sixill of a toft in Wyflingham. XI. Kal. May, 1355.
Endorsed: Carta de tenementis nuper Willelmi Sewrby.
C. 4726. Quitclaim by Clement Watford, otherwise called Clement F . . . . . . late of London, 'bocher,' to Clement Coke of his right in a cottage, or ½a. land and a croft of land . . . . . . . . . . 20 December, 5 [Edward IV]. Faded.
[Kent.] C. 4727. Grant by John Galione to William Galione and John Kyn of 2a. land in the parish of Wolewych which he had by the gift of the late Alice Edulf. Tuesday, the feast of the Purification, 2[4] Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 4728. Confirmation by Walter, son of Henry of Thornekot, to Amice late the wife of Stephen de Buddenho, John her son, Amice and Alice daughters of the said John, of the gift which Maud, his mother, made to them, of a selion of land on 'Nakeders'; warranty thereof to them, according to the form of his mother's charter and to the heirs and assigns of John. Thornekote, the day of St. Barnabas, 34 Edward I.
[Notts.] C. 4729. Quitclaim by Isabel Lenyng, late the wife of John Lenyng, of Newerk, 'bocher,' to John Hornyngwold, William de Balderton and William Ba . . . . . ., chaplains, of her right by reason of dower in a third of a messuage in Newerk, in Stodmerstrete. which they have by her said husband's gift. Sunday before the Purification, 9 [Henry] IV. Seal.
[Derby.] C. 4730. Grant by Thomas Makerel of Breydeston to Nicholas son of John, of the same, and Margaret his wife, of a messuage and a half bovate of land in Breydeston which Nicholas held for life by the demise of William his father; also of two bovates there which were of Robert son of Peter, except two selions, in place of which, to make up the two bovates he gives them two selions of his demesne; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies at 18s. 8d. rent, suit of his court at Breydeston every three weeks, . . . . . . 3¾d. to the wapentake of . . . . ton [3d.] to sheriff's aid, [to] '[p]alfreysilvure' 3[d.], and to the toll of the fair (feyrie) of Notingham ¼d.; with reversion in default of their issue to himself. Wednesday after St. Matthew, 12 Edward II., 1318.
[Herts.] C. 4731. Grant by William atte Watir, Thomas Sharnebroke and Walter Mice, of Ware, to John Cok, 'tannere,' of the same and Parnel his wife, of messuages in Ware, situate as described, and a piece of land in a field called 'Cumbrichwelle'; which messuages, &c. they had by his gift; to hold to the said John and Parnel and his heirs and assigns. Monday after Michaelmas, 20 Richard II. One seal.
Middx. C. 4732. Acquittance by William de Herkestede, citizen and pepperer of London, and Joan his wife, daughter of Joan late the wife of William de Hanhampstede, citizen and 'grossar' of London, to Thomas de Hanhampstede, pepperer, Sir Robert de Wytherdeley, clerk, and brother Walter Freysthorp, executors of the testament of the said Joan, mother of Joan, for cups called 'bolles,' a 'materas,' &c., and a third of all vessels both cups of 'mazer,' &c. of things necessary for the hall, chamber, storeroom (dispensa) and kitchen, bequeathed to her by her mother's testament. London, 31 October, 44 Edward III. One seal. Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the husting of pleas of land, Monday before St. Benet, 45 Edward III.
Wilts. C. 4733. Grant by Thomas Precy to Dame Elizabeth Yorke, widow, Thomas Wyndesore, esquire, William Yorke, 'gentilman,' John Mathewe, citizen and alderman of London, and Robert Rypon, 'yoman,' of a messuage with two and a half virgates of land in Badbury and Badhamwyke which he had by the gift of Richard Estbar' of Hurs- bourne Tarantt, co. Southampton, gentleman. Witnesses:—John Semer and John Isbury, esquires, John Apulby, Thomas Morys, John Ewen. Badbury, 20 May, 2 Richard III.
C. 4734. Bond given by Thomas Prendergeste, 'gentilman,' Philip Radford, knight, and Oweyn ap Tuder, esquire, to James Ormond, knight, son and heir of James le Boteler, earl of Ormond, in 40l. on 1 April next. 12 December, 19 Henry VI. Three seals, one damaged.
Essex. Kent. Middx. C. 4735. Indenture of grant by John Hadle and Thomasine his wife to Reynold Cobham, esquire, Elizabeth his wife of the manor of Melton by Gravesende with rents, services, knights-fees, advowsons, &c. which they lately bought together with Arnold Savage, knight, and John Seint Germayn, citizen and grocer of London, of William Daubeney, William Goldyngton and Peter Taddelowe, in co. Kent, which lately were of Simon Beverle, knight, in exchange for all the land, &c. which the said Reynold and Elizabeth his wife have in the towns and parishes of Stebbenheth, Hakeneye, Stratford and Langethorn, and elsewhere, cos. Middlesex and Essex, which late were of Thomas Morice, grandfather of the said Reynold; with covenants on either side. 16 March, 5 Henry IV. Fragment of one seal.
C. 4736. Acquittance by Richard Skelyngton, clerk, and William Cheild, executors of the testament of John Clerk, clerk, executor of the testament of — Clerk his father, and of Margaret wife of the same, to Walter Gorfen . . . . . ., executor of the testament of Richard Alrede, esquire, one of the executors of Thomas Mountegewe, earl of Salisbury for 16l. due to the said Clerk and Margaret for beer and other things bought by his officers for the earl's use. 23 November, 27 Henry VI. Note at foot that the tallies for beer and victuals are to be given up, if they can be found.
[Essex.] C. 4737. Grant by John son of Richard de Welde of High Laufare to Thomas . . . . . . of Laufare Magdalene of a croft in Laufare Magdalene. Monday, the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 17 Edward II. Faded.
[Norfolk.] C. 4738. Quitclaim by John de Bylloqueby of Smalbergh to Sir Geoffrey Wyth, knight, of his right in a messuage and 3r. land lying together in Smalbergh. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 5 Edward III.
Middx. C. 4739. Grant by Robert Jenkynsun of London, 'sherman,' to Robert Haukyns, citizen and 'hattermerchant,' and John Haryngton, citizen and 'haberdassher,' of London, of all his goods. 9 September, . . . . Henry . . . . Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the Close Roll.
[Derby.] C. 4740. Grant by William Stredley, knight, to John Fraunceys of Tykynhale of a messuage and a virgate of land in Tykynhale at a yearly rent of 6s. Friday after St. Martin, 29 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 4741. Grant by Nicholas Markele, rector of Noryevele, to William Juel of Beston, Joan his wife and the heirs and assigns of William, of a messuage and all the land, &c., in the town and fields of Bestun which he had by the gift of the said William. The feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 37 Edward III
[Lincoln.] C. 4742. Quitclaim by John de Lymbergh, parson of Swallowe, to Richard Gros of Great Cotes of his right in the land, &c., which he had by Richard's gift in Great Cotes, Clee, Great Grymesby, Swallowe and Croxby. Friday after the Epiphany, 43 Edward III.
Chester. C. 4743. Grant by John de Manle to William de Bulkeley of Ayton and Margery his wife, and the heirs of William, of a yearly rent of 40s. to be received at feasts of St. Martin and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist from all his land, &c. in the county of Chester; upon condition that if they are not impleaded or expelled from two messuages, two bovates and 20a. land, 4a. meadow and 1a. wood in Multon and Bostok, which they have by his gift, the grant of the said yearly rent to be void. Thursday after the Assumption, 2 Henry VI.
[Devon.] C. 4744. Grant by Richard Peper of Barnestapol, 'parmyter,' to God and the church of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnestapol, and the monks there, of two tenements in Barnestapol in the fee of the prior, situate as described; also of another tenement with garden and meadow in Barnestapol; all of which he acquired, to him, his heirs and assigns, of Gregory Whyry; to hold in pure and perpetual alms. Thursday in Easter week, 29 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4745. Indenture witnessing that it is agreed between John Bodenho and William Fitz, that the said John shall occupy and possess for life all the land, &c. which formerly were the said John's, paying to the chief lords of the fee the services and rents due, doing repairs, &c. The feast of St. Augustine the bishop, in August, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 4746. Grant by Richard Barkere, William Fayrcok and Robert Wende, of Southreppes, to John Kydelomb of Gymyngham, William Kydelomb of Casewyk and Robert Stoke of Baketon of a messuage in Southreppes and all the land, &c. in Southreppes, Thorp Market, and Antyngham, which they had by the gift of Roger Pykstan of Southreppes. 10 May, 6 Henry IV. Seals.
[Kent.] C. 4747. Grant by John Benet of Canterbury to John Stopyndon, clerk, John Pyrye, John Berton, John Sheldewych and William Colyns of a piece of land, containing 1½a. in Sarr' in the Isle of Thanet, between their land, late Thomas Sevyar's, and land of Sarrecowrt, the churchway of St. Nicholas and the path called 'Mylleway,' which he had by the gift of Richard atte Welle. 18 June, 13 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Essex.] C. 4748. Grant by John Fouyl, the elder, of Southmenster, 'skynner,' to William Morman of Althorne and John Pood of Southmenster of all the land, &c. called 'Wyndhelle' in Asschyldham. Wednesday, the feast of St. Edward the King and Martyr, 3 Henry V.
[Warw.] C. 4749. Quitclaim by Alexander Phelypp of Beroughby to Nicholas Meyn, rector of Bourton upon Dounesmore and his heirs, of his right in all the land, &c. late of Margery Phelyph, of Beroughby, his mother, in Bourton and Draycote. Monday the feast of St. Philip and St. James, 7 Henry V.
[Oxford.] C. 4750. Grant by Maud, relict of Simon Jurdan of Henton, widow, to Geoffrey le Cam of the same, and Isabel his wife of 16a. arable and 4a. meadow, in Henton, viz. 4½a. in 'le Westfeild' and 3a. in 'le North- feild,' 5½a. 1r. in 'le Mershe,' 2½a. 1r. on 'la Hull' and 4r. meadow in the meadow of Henton by dole (sicut sors dederit). Witnesses:— John de Chynnore. clerk, and others (named). Tuesday before the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 13 Edward II.
Kent. C. 4751. Grant by John Beele, Thomas Pette, John Janyn, Richard Alcok, John Walder, the elder, John Walder, the younger, Robert Michell, John Wheler, Thomas Wyldebore, Jordan Sheme, Richard Cristemasse and Richard Gyles to John Matyn, carpenter, of a piece land called 'Brodefeld' in the parish of Sevenoke, between a highway from Sevenoke to Tunbrugg, land called 'Crouchefeld,' land called 'Footweye' leading to Coddistokkys, &c.; also of a piece of land called 'Stokkette' in the said parish between 'Crouchefeld,' 'Herstland,' and 'Tottesherstlond.' 7 November, 8 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4752. Grant by Robert de Rowe in the town of Eyllesford to William Fyfakre of the same of all the land which he bought of the said William in the tenure (tenura) of Preston, viz. a messuage in which William dwells with grange, garden and croft, la. lr. land in 'Eldrychis- feld'; also of a croft of land called 'Horscroft' in the same tenure, between land of the hermit of Longesole, &c., which he bought of Richard Peak of Eyllesford; to hold to the said William, his heirs and assigns, doing to the chief lords the services due and accustomed, and rendering to him yearly at the feast of All Hallows three quarters of palm barley (ordei palmal) of the better price in Maydestan market less 2d. the quarter, &c. 20 June, 35 Edward III. Fragment of seal. Seal damaged.
[Essex.] C. 4753. Quitclaim by John Floure, citizen and draper of London, to Richard Bromwych, citizen and draper, of his right in the land, &c. which the said Richard, William Heed of Romford and himself had by the gift of William Gayt of Haveryng atte Boure and Parnel his wife, in the town of Haveryng aforesaid, in the hamlet of Romford, called 'Cookeshawe.' 29 March, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
Kent. Essex. C. 4754. Grant by John Galyan the elder of the parish of Wolewych to Richard Galyan of the same of a messuage with curtilage and 5a. arable with walls, hopes (hopis), &c. in the parish of Wolewych in the county of Kent in the parts of Essex, whereof 2a. in 'Carterisfeld,' &c. Sunday after St. Valentine, 4 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 4755. Grant by William Botteler of Wyngrave to William Kegyll of Crofton of an acre of meadow in the fields and meadows of Tyscot, called 'le Brode,' by dole (sicut sors ibidem accidit), whereof the south end abuts 'into Helpstropp Mede' and the north end 'ynto Aylisbury Wey'; which acre he had by the feoffment of Thomas Highden, late of Bettelowe, deceased. Tyscot, 24 July, 21 Edward IV.
[Derby.] C. 4756. Grant by Alice late the wife of Richard Smalley of Restwayte to Robert Strelley, esquire, of a messuage and two bovates of land and meadow in Langeley and Milnehagh. Witnesses:— Sir Richard Halom, rector of West Halom, Sir William Tull, rector of a mediety of the church of Trowell, and others (named). Langeley, Thursday after St. Augustine the Bishop, 34 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] C. 4757. Grant by Walter Chepman of Wotton Basset to Thomas Smyth of the same of all the land, &c. except 2a. in 'Brokenelond' which he had by the gift of John Cole; also of 5a. arable which he had by the gift of John Grandon. Dated at 'Wotton vetus,' 24 August, 17 Richard II.
[Wilts.] C. 4758. Grant by Thomas Calston, son of Nicholas Calston, and one of the heirs of John Scolas, of Cotemerssh, to Simon Swayn and Nicholas Wotton, of all the land, &c. in Cotemerssh, Brodeton and Thornhull which descended to him after the death of Alice Scolas, his mother. Witnesses:—John Clyve, John Latton, William Parys and others (named). Cotemerssh, Sunday after Michaelmas, 3 Henry VI.
Surrey. C. 4759. Grant by William att Berue, son and heir of Andrew Berue' to Walter Norton of a messuage with garden in Wolkestede; attorney to deliver seisin, George Baxter. 14 March, 20 Henry VII. Witnesses names endorsed.
[Cambridge.] C. 4760. Grant by Adam Gylke of Leveryngton, chaplain, to John Dyker of Leveryngton, and William Godlamb of the same, of in Leveryngton in the field called 'Northinham,' between land formerly of John Colvyl, knight, and land of the chantry of St. John the Baptist, of Leveryngton. The Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 23 Edward IV.
[Notts.] C. 4761. Quitclaim by Robert de Bosco of Brokbrestyng and Margery his wife to Sir Robert de Strell' and 'Elizabet' his wife of 4s. rent in which Sir Robert and Elizabeth were bound to them yearly, in name of the dower of the said Margery, for all the land, &c. which the said Sir Robert and Elizabeth hold in Watenowe and in 'le Brokbrestyng'; if Robert die before Margery, he the said Robert de Bosco de le Brokbrestyng binds his heirs to warrant the said rent to the said Robert and Elizabeth for the life of the said Margery. Witnesses:—Sir Ranulf de Wandisley, knight, Robert de Kynmarley, and others (named). Notyngham, Saturday after St. Mark, 24 Edward [I.].
Notts. C. 4762. Deedpoll whereby William de Stapulton of Notyngham, 'bocher,' reciting that John de Manesfeld, prior of St. Mary of Felley, and the convent of the same demised to him by indenture under their conventual seal, for three hundred years from date, a void place of land on the west side of St. Mary's Street, in Notyngham, whereon he has built two messuages, grants his estate therein to Michael, bis son, rendering therefore yearly to the prior and convent 20d., at the feasts of St. Martin in the Winter and the Finding of the Holy Cross, &c. Witnesses:—Thomas de Mapurley, mayor of Notyngham, Thomas Roley and John de Alastr', bailiffs, and others (named). Tuesday after St. James, Apostle, 4 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 4763. Grant by Adam Gurnay of Southreppes, John Love, late of the same, and Henry Myller of Banyngham to William Newman of Southreppes, Robert Newman of Norwich, and Adam Hanworth, of a messuage in Southreppes which they had by the gift of Elizabeth Rysburgh, late the wife of John Taste of Beston by the Sea, by her charter dated 10 February, 14 Edward IV.; attorney to deliver seisin, William Lownd. 21 October, 18 Edward IV. Seals.
[Bedford.] C. 4764. Grant by Hugh le Freynsche of Buddenho to Simon Radewell of Caldecote and Alice his wife of 1a. ½r. land in the fields of Beston, viz. 3r. on 'le Brokfurlong' and 1½r. on 'le Clayfurlong'; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, by service of a clove at Christmas, &c. Beston, Palm Sunday, 4 Edward III. Endorsed: Carta Wilhelmi Radwell; . . . . . . . ex dono Johannis Roo.
[Kent.] C. 4765. Grant by William Fifacre of East Preston in the parish of Eillesforde to Robert de Rowe of Eillesforde of all his land, &c. in the said parish. Tuesday after All Hallows, 33 Edward III.
[Suffolk.] C. 4766. Grant by John son of Goscilin de Elmham to Sir Robert de Bures, knight, and Hilary his wife and Andrew de Bures their son of a piece of land called 'Thurstanslond' in Aketone, abutting on the road from Northotie to Fodesforde and upon the wood of the said Robert and of Robert de Rokwode, &c. Sunday, the feast of St. Edmund the King and Martyr, 2 Edward III.
[Chester.] C. 4767. Demise by Geoffrey, son of John de Legh, knight, to Robert de Asshton of all the land, &c. which he had by the gift of the said Robert, for the term of his life, in Asshton, to hold to the said Robert, his heirs and assigns, from day of date for sixty years, rendering to him or his assigns for the term of the life of Cecily his wife two peppercorns at Midsummer, at St. Martin in Winter, and after her decease 8 marks. Witnesses:—George de Caryngton, knight, Richard de Chaturtone, Nicholas le Massy, and other. Asshton, the Finding of the Holy Cross, 9 Henry IV.
[Suffolk.] C. 4768. Quitclaim by Miles Stapylton, knight, Thomas [B]rewes, esquire, William Grys, Roger Dewe and William Launs to Christopher Was, John Hevenyngham, John Heyd[on], John Suliard, Thomas Grys and John Edward, of their right in this land, &c. in Weybrede, late of Reynold Folkrerde. 9 October, 33 Henry VI. Fragments of seal.
C. 4769. Bond by Thomas Ormond, William Boleyn and Henry Heydon, knights, to William Purcheys, citizen and mercer of London, in 100l. at the feast of the Purification next. 10 December, 1 Henry VII. Signed: T. Ormond.
[Cambridge.] C. 4770. Grant by Henry called 'le Haukere' of Fordham to Walter Clerk (Cler') of Trippellowe of a croft in the parish of Trippellowe at Brockstrate abutting on Wodeweye and the stream (filum aque) between Fulmere and Trippellowe. Saturday after St. Botolph, 33 Edward [I.].
Berks. C. 4771. Grant by Thomas Joye and Thomas Foturby, chaplains to Agnes, late the wife of Robert Andrewe, esquire, of the manor of Wantyng Bryan which together with Thomas Andrewe, since deceased, they had by the gift of Robert Andrewe. Witnesses:—John Golafr', William Fynderne and John Shotysbroke, esquires, and other. Michaelmas, 16 Henry VI. Fragments of seals.
[Essex.] C. 4772. Grant by John Baryngton of Hatfeld Regis to Robert Hethcote, Richard Wethermersh, Robert de Rokele, Thomas Martell, John Berton, clerk, and John Snokeshull of the land, &c. which they had by the gift of Richard Frenshe of Felstede, jointly with William Davy of High Rothing, in Terlyng, Fayrstede, Falkebourne and Great Leghes. Terlyng, Monday before St. Mark, 4 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Notts.] C. 4773. Grant by William Hykkelyng, parson of Thornore, to Sir Walter Blounte, knight, Thomas Folejambe, Sir John Stanley, parson of Barton, Sir Nicholas Parker, parson of Strelley, Sir John de Brunnesley, chaplain, and Sir John, clerk (clerico) of Newthorp, of all his land in Kymmerley and Newthorp and wheresoever else. Witnesses:— Nicholas de Strelley, William Wolaton of Watenowe and others (named). Tuesday after St. James the Apostle, 23 Richard II.
[Herts.] C. 4774. Grant by William Belesone of Dunstaple to John Hauek of the same of 2a. land in Thorndelle abutting on the hill of Kenesworth, &c. Witnesses:—William de Chetendone, Richard de Chalton, Simon Scot of Dunstaple, and others (named). Sunday after the Ascension, 15 Edward II.
[Herts.] C. 4775. Grant by Henry Pernel of Aldwyk to John Gonnyld of Betteluwe of 1½a. arable, viz. ½a. in the field of Bettelouwe called 'Middelfeld' on the tillage called 'Clayforlong,' ½a. in the same field on the tillage called 'le Wowe' and ½a. in the west field of Bettelouwe on the tillage called 'le Nattoke.' Sunday after St. James the Apostle, 39 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 4776. Grant by John Redhede of Wathe to John Abbot of Hadclyf and Thomas Abbot of Alesby of a messuage and 5½a. land in Wathe, viz. 3a. in the east and 2½a. in the west field. Witnesses:— Sir [John] Brunham, vicar of Wathe, and others (named). Thursday before St. Mary Magdalen, 15 Henry VI.
[Staff.] C. 4777. Grant by John Hewet, son and heir of Roger Hewet, to John Wryght of Warelow of all the land, &c. which he had on day of date in the fee and fields of Folford, situate as described. Monday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 33 Henry VI.
[Norfolk.] C. 4778. Grant by Ralph, parson of Lesyngham and Simon Stemme of Calthorp and Katharine his wife, to Sir Oliver de Calthorp, knight, of 2a. 1r. land in 'le Hungerywong' in the field of Calthorp in exchange for 2½a. land at Buntyngg Thoft between land of the hospital of St. Giles of Norwich, &c. Thursday after the Epiphany, 30 Edward III. Damaged.
[Suffolk]. C. 4779. Grant by Richard Aleyn and William Pottere to John de Boys, Clement Spice, Henry de Tomeston, perpetual vicar of Stoke by Newlond, Roger Pylberghe, parson of Boxforde, William Aleyn of Mylende by Colcestr', John Aleyn of Boxforde, Thomas Clerk of Colcestr', John Esthorp, clerk, Robert Dulle of Boxforde, and John atte Forde of Polstede, of the land, &c. anciently called 'Suttones' in Boxforde, and all the land, &c. called 'Cannes' in the same town, and all the land, &c. called 'Nokes,' all the land there called 'Smartes' and a croft of arable called 'Dauleyghe' with a piece of pasture adjacent in the same town, and a cottage called 'Chichelyes' at Codenham Tye in the town of Boxforde. Sunday before All Hallows, 14 Richard II. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 4780. Grant by Henry son of Henry Hanneson of Cossale to Thomas de Foxlowe, 'mason,' of a messuage and 3a. land in Cossale between the tenement of Roger Colynson Baldok, land of Roger, son of Nicholas Baldok, &c. Thursday before St. Matthew, 16 Richard II. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 4781. Grant by William Brice of Canterbury to Geoffrey Andrewe, 'wexchaundeler,' Richard Clerk, 'sadiller,' and Robert Clerk of Canterbury, of a void place of land formerly partly built on, in the parish of St. Peter, of the city of Canterbury, in the street called 'Seynt Petris lane' which he had by the gift of [Agnes] Trewonwall, widow. In the mayoralty of Henry Gosebourne, 'gen- tilman,' 18 November, 18 Henry VII. Fragment of seal. Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Herts. C. 4782. Quitclaim by William de Chalkhull, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Richard de Chalkhull, his father, of his right in the land, &c. which his said father had, on day of date, in Taterigge. London, Wednesday, 1 April, 23 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4783. Quitclaim by John Eylbryzt, John Edulf and Richard Edulf, sons and heirs of Alice Edulf of Est Hamme, to John Galyan of the parish of Wolewych of their right in a piece of land in a field called 'Chapelfeld' in the parish of Wolewych between land of Sir John de Polteneye, knight, and the street leading to Wolewycheverye. Friday, the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 20 Edward III. Endorsed:— . . . . . . in the parish of Wollewich, viz. in the marsh ex parte Essex.
Notts. C. 4784. Quitclaim by John Dabrigecourt, knight, to Nicholas de Strelley, knight, of his right in all the land, &c. in Strelley, Bylburgh, Oxton, Trowell, Cossale, . . . . ale, Chilwell, Adenburgh, Hempsel, Baseforth, Notyngham, Watenowe, Cortlingstoke, Cotgrave and Muskham, which they had by his gift. Wollaton, Friday after St. Peter's Chains, 2 Henry IV.
[Leic.] C. 4785. Grant by Isabel late the wife of Hugh son of Adam of Herdeby to John her son of all her land, &c. on day of date in Herdeby, saving to her eight selions of arable and 1a. meadow for life, rendering to her therefore yearly a rose at Midsummer, for all service. Witnesses:— William Gerveys of Herdeby, John Warde of the same, Robert Doubel- day, John Aleyn of the same and other. Sunday after St. Nicholas, 17 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 4786. Indenture of demise by Margaret Persevals to John Note of a virgate of land in Fytelton called 'Makerelles Lond' for twenty years from date at 10s. rent. Michaelmas, 1 Henry VI. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 4787. Grant by Thomas Oxenford, abbot of Vale Royal (Valle Regali) and the convent of the same, to Robert de Drakelowe, chaplain, of a burgage in Overe called 'Litelhall' for the term of his life at 12d. rent. Witnesses:—John de Bostok, vicar of Overe, Thomas de Bostok, mayor there, and others (named). Monday after Christmas, 6 Henry V.
[Lincoln.] C. 4788. Grant by Robert de Pickewurth to Ralph son of Alexander of Tevilby, clerk (clerici), and his heirs or assigns, of a toft with buildings in Wyvelingham which he had by the gift of Gilbert Goyt, rendering therefore yearly to Gilbert Goyt of Wyvelyngham 1d. on the day of St. Thomas, Apostle, before Christmas, for all service. Witnesses: —Sir Ralph, then vicar of Wyvelingham, and others (named). Friday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 24 Edward I.
[York, W. R.] C. 4789. Chirograph indented being an agreement between Sir Robert de Straulay and 'Elizabet' his wife, and Athelina late the wife of Roger le Serjaunt of Fery, viz. that they have demised to her a half-bovate of land in the territory of Fery for the term of twenty-one years at 4s. rent. Witnesses:—Simon de Knottinglay, and others (named). Michaelmas, 1290. Fragments of seal.
Herts. C. 4790. Grant by John Lynnord of Hendon, co. Middlesex, to John Chalkhull of Taterugg, co. Hertford, and Ellen his wife and his heirs, of a tenement in Taterugg and 30a. land, which tenement Richard Martyn formerly held, abutting on a river (quendam ripar') called 'le Braynt.' Ascension Day, 37 Edward III.
Notts. C. 4791. Quitclaim by Richard Wenslowe of Medryngham, co. Lincoln, esquire, to Robert Strelley, esquire, of his right in the lordship and soke of Oswaldbek, co. Nottingham, which Robert had by the grant of Edward Nevill, lord Bergevenny; also release of all actions. 12 November, 35 Henry VI.
C. 4792. Grant by Henry Stovorde to Henry Frer' and Cristina his wife of 4½a. land which he had from John Pearde of Bowr' in Rynglesdon, for the common of pasture which he had on John's land in Rynglesdon, in exchange for 4a. land adjacent to his land of Werkepole; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Christina; if either of the parties is expelled or disturbed, they may re-enter, &c. Witnesses:— Thomas Bounde, Richard Hayman, Richard Smale, William Smale, William atte Ley and other. Monday, the feast of St. Martin, 3 Henry V.
Kent. C. 4793. Grant by William Baker, John Pocok and John Walter to Richard Clyderowe, esquire, and William Morehay of their estate in a messuage, 46a. land and 6a. marsh in the towns and parishes of Seynt Nicholas, Seynt Gelys and Monkton, with the wardship of John Potyn son (sic) and next heir of Robert atte Welle in the Isle of Thanet which they had by the gift of Joan late the wife of John Potyn of the parish of All Saints, whereinto the said John Potyn being under age entered as next heir of the said Robert atte Helle (sic), viz. son of John Potyn, son of Cecily, sister of the said Robert atte Helle (sic), who enfeoffed certain men upon certain condition, which condition being fully broken the same heir entered. Dated at Serre, Tuesday the morrow of St. Hilary, 11 Henry IV. Seal.
Essex. C. 4794. Grant by Thomas Waller, John Brook and Nicholas Selewyne, to Reynold Malyns, esquire, and Alice his wife, of the manor of Theydon atte Mounte, and of all other their land, &c. in Theydon atte Mount and Theydon Gernoun, with the advowson of the church of Theydon atte Mounte; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Reynold. 3 November, 2 Henry IV. Seals.
[Notts.] C. 4795. Grant by William Belgrave, bailiff, Robert Atkynson and John Chadwyk to John Byngham the younger, of Newthorp, of a messuage and ½a. land with croft adjacent in Newthorp which they had by the gift of John Byngham, his father; to hold to him and the heirs of his body, rendering therefore to the prior and convent of Beauvale (Bella Valle) 12d. yearly. The eve of the Ascension, 12 Henry IV.
[Bedford.] C. 4796. Grant by Thomas Draper, of Caldecote, the elder, and Alice his wife to John Boteler of Northyevell, Robert Waltham, Thomas Agge, John Cartere and William Bytton of a messuage with croft adjacent in Caldecote and 1½r. land in the field of Beeston, situate as described. 4 October, 3 Henry VI. Seals.
Endorsed:—Carta tenementi vocati Fetipas in Ower Caldecote.
[Devon.] C. 4797. Grant by Thomas Large to Sir John Yeo, chaplain, and Walter Cake of all his land, &c. in Barnestapol, in the fee of the prior of St. Mary Magdalen, between St. Andrew's churchyard and the highway, &c. Witnesses:—John Bydewill, mayor of Barnestapol, and others (named). Monday after the Purification, 6 Richard II. Seal.
Essex. C. 4798. Deedpoll whereby John Hulle the elder of Kislyngburi, co. Northampton, reciting that William de Buri, citizen and draper of London, and Alice his wife, hold for the term of her life all the land, &c. which were of Richard de Kislyngburi and the said Alice, formerly Richard's wife, and of the heirs of Richard, in the town of Pentelowe, co. Essex and elsewhere, confirms, being cousin and heir of the said Richard, William's estate therein to him, his heirs and assigns, and releases all his right therein. London, Thursday, the feast of St. James, the Apostle, 38 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 4799. Grant by Henry Larton and Cecily his wife to Ralph Eggerton, esquire, of a messuage with land adjacent in Betteley, between the High Street, &c. Saturday, the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 17 Henry VI.
Kent. C. 4800. Grant by John Hesedenne of Tunbregge and Thomas Godffrey of the same to John Fane and Thomas Hesedenne of Tunbregge of two pieces of land called 'les Redys' containing 2a. land in the parish of Tunbregge, between the highway, 'Hesedennemedys,' &c.; also of 1a. land and meadow in the meadow called 'Bladeser' in the said parish. 26 July, 9 Edward IV.