Deeds: C.4601 - C.4700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4601 - C.4700

[Bedford.] C. 4601. Indenture between John Persel, the elder, of Thornecote, and William Juel of Thornecote, being the defeasance of a grant by William to John of 20l. yearly from all his land, &c., in Beston and Northyvele, viz., if William pay 20s. at the church of Northyevele on St. Peter's Chains (seynt Pere le advyncl') next and other sums at dates specified, the grant to be void. Thursday before the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 37 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4602. Counterpart of grant by John Rychard, of the parish of Gowtherst, to John Parker, Thomas Bereworde and Henry Burgeys of the same of all his lands called 'Tattammysle' and 'Wykettys,' lying in the said parish on the dene (super dennam) of Tattammysle upon condition that they pay 20 marks, over and above 10 marks paid beforehand, at certain dates. 29 October, 38 Henry VI. Frag- ment of one seal.
[Staff.] C. 4603. Grant by Ralph, earl of Stafford and lord of Tunbrugge, to John son of Thomas Kene of Madeleye, in perpetual exchange, of a place of land which John formerly held of him for life in the fee of Madeleye, between the road from Wrymestrete towards the house of Sir John de Hauekeston, &c. for a place of land which John has given him of John's inheritance, at 'le Mulne Mor,' for setting up the fence of his fishpond (badiis vivarii errigendis) and making the stank of his new mill there; to hold to the said John and the heirs of his body issuing, &c. Witnesses:—Sir John de Hauekeston, knight, Sir John perpetual vicar of Madeleye and others (named). Easter Sunday, 33 Edward III. Seal of arms, damaged.
[Sussex.] C. 4604. Grant by Richard de Wylesham to Ralph Battes of Borham of a piece of garden lying between land of Ellis de Wylesham and Robert de Wylesham, the street from the house of Robert de Wylesham at Wyleshames Crouch, &c. Borham, Sunday after the feast of St. James the Apostle, 1 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Dorset.] C. 4605. Demise by Thomas Stykelane of Lym Regis, co. Dorset (com. Dorsetie) to John Burgeis and Agnes his wife, and William their son successively, of a tenement with curtilage in Brideport in 'Stake- lane'; to hold for their lives in survivorship at 3s. rent. Witnesses:— William Bouley and John But, bailiffs of the said town, and others (named). Monday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 9 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 4606. Grant by Ralph Prynkle to Robert Elyot of a piece of land in the parish of Aysburneham. Wednesday after Whit Sunday, 38 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 4607. Grant by John Walrond of Aldeborne, clerk, to Sir John Lyslebon, knight, and William Yldisle, rector of Hammie of all the land, &c, in Draykote, Chesilden and Burythrop, which he had by the feoffment of William Walrond of Aldeborne, his father. Witnesses:— John Henton, Thomas Themyse, John Loff and others (named). Wednesday before the Annunciation, 2 Henry IV.
Herts. C. 4608. Quitclaim by Walter atte Water of Staundon, co. Hert ford, to John Hotoft, esquire, of his right in all the land &c. late of Richard atte Water of Ware and formerly of William atte Water father of the said Richard in the said county. Witnesses:—Philip Thornbury, knight, John Fray and others (named). 6 November, 11 Henry VI.
[Oxford.] C. 4609. Quitclaim by John Cumberford son and heir of William Comberford to Thomas Brown of Henley on Thames of his right in a tenement with garden adjacent and a half-acre arable in the High Street of Henley opposite 'le Barres' extending from the High Street on the south to a field called 'le Henefeld' on the north, &c, the said half-acre lying in 'Henefeld' between the said garden and 'Grymesdyche.' 20 August, 12 Edward IV. Seal.
Essex. London. Middx. C. 4610. Grant by William Chedworth, esquire, to Thomas Frowyk, knight, Thomas Wyndesore, esquire, Henry Frowyk and Thomas Acton, gentlemen, and William Dyke, of his manor called 'Rumboldes' otherwise called 'Cobhammes,' four messuages, two gardens, 200a. land, 20a. meadow, 20a. pasture, 40a. marsh and 30s. rent in the parishes of Stebenhith and Hakeney, co. Middlesex, and ten messuages, a dove- cote, two gardens, 80a. land, 40a. meadow. 40a. pasture, and 2s. rent in the parishes of St. Mary Matfelon without Algate, London, Stebun- hith and Hakeney; also of 12a. wood, in Berkyng Clay, co. Essex, and of all other his land, &c, in Stebenhith and Hakeney or elsewhere in co. Essex; attorney to deliver seisin, John Yonge. 8 June, 21 Edward IV.
[Bedford.] C. 4611. Grant by William Crouft of Beeston to William Juel of the same of a headland (foreram) on 'Dellefurlong' containing a half-acre abutting on the highway to Bykeleswad. Monday after St. Hilary, 42 Edward III. Seal damaged.
[Heref.] C. 4612. Grant by John le Seneger of Ledebury to Robert le Mulewarde of the same of a burgage of land one quarter built and three quarters not built, in the new street in the town of Ledebury, extending from the highway to the bishop of Hereford's field, with 'frebord,' &c. Thursday before the feast of the Apostles (sanctorum apostolorum) St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, 32 Edward III. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4613. Quitclaim by Benedict Blundel of 'la Hull' to John son of William Blundel the elder (senioris) of Caldecote of his right in 7a. ½r. arable lying dispersed in the fields of Northyevel and Beston. Caldecote, Monday after the Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, 17 Edward III. Seal of arms (saltire engrailed).
[Staff.] C. 4614. Grant by Thomas son of William Doucesone of Bettileye to John de Hanleye of Bettileye of all his burgage in the borough of Bettileye with all the land, &c, which he has in the fee of Bettileye. Witnesses:—John de Thyknes and John son of Nicholas le Carte- wryghte, bailiffs of Bettileye and others (named). Sunday after the Translation of St. Swithun. [3.] Edward III. Faded.
[Heref.] C. 4615. Grant by Cristine, daughter of Henry de Couleye, to Sir William le Palmar' of a curtilage with buildings thereon in the town of Estenor' at 'le Churchende.' Monday before the Purification, 27 Edward III.
Leic. C. 4616. Quitclaim by John Roberdys of Leicestr', esquire, to Thomas Swyke of the same, draper, of his right in a shop (shopa) opposite the east gate of the town of Leicestr', on the corner (super cornerium) of the tenement late of Richard Yates, now of Joan, Richard's daughter. 2 July, II Henry VII. Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 4617. Grant by Thomas Clerk of Trippelowe to John Farewel of Coulyng, William Farewel, clerk, Thomas Baude of Chesterford and John Marchal of Trippelowe, of all the land, &c, which he had by the gift of John Trippelowe of Cambridge, in Trippelowe, a toft with the liberty of a fold called 'Squyreles' excepted. Witnesses:—John Cartere of Trippelowe, esquire, and others (named). Thursday before Michaelmas, 15 Richard II. Seal damaged.
[Warw.] C. 4618. Demise by Sir William Bagot, knight, lord of Aston by Birmyngeham, to Ralph Webbe of Aston for fifty years of a pasture called 'Calvehull' within the lordship aforesaid, between 'Wormes- londe' and 'Smelteslonde,' 'le Breches de la Nechilles,' and a field called 'Heemfelde'; rent 5s. and two capons. Easter Day, 19 Richard II.
[Bucks.] [Herts.] C. 4619. Grant by Richard son of Stephen Est of Bettelowe to Mary Est, his mother, of 3a. arable, 1r. meadow in the fields of Tyscote, Bettelowe, Aldewyk and Chetyngdon, which he had by the gift of Geoffrey, son of William Est. Sunday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 30 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 4620. Grant by John Agard of Scropton to Thomas Welles, Matthew Morton, Philip Agard, Thomas Stokley, John Sapurton, son of John Sapurton, John Welles, John Kynnarssley, son of Thomas Kynnarssley, John Bagott, son of Richard Bagott, Nicholas Agard, son of John Agard the younger, John Stokley, son of Thomas Stokley, John Archar, son of Robert Archar, and Ralph Aylde, son of John Aylde, of all the land, &c. within the lordship of Tunstall and Barton, late of Nicholas Dorlaston of Wyginton, Edward Edward of Barton, John Wolsshawe of Tameworthe, and David Bythyll, chaplain, by the gift of Richard Smythe of Barton, and now in the tenure of Henry Whytyng; also of a tenement or burgage in Tutbury in Monkstrete; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Peyte and John Brydoke. Witnesses:—Ralph Longford and John Mountgomery, knights, William Bothe, Nicholas Agard and Thomas Kynnarssley, esquires, and other. 12 November, 14 Henry VII. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4621. Grant by Alice (Elicia) relict of Andrew Juel of Thornecote to Cecily her daughter of 1½r. land in the field of Beston on 'le Hul.' Sunday after St. Luke, 3 Edward II.
[Notts.] C. 4622. Grant by William de Hanleye and Robert de Alyngton, clerks, to Henry le Scrop', knight, of 1a. ½r. land and 8d. rent in Radeclif upon Trent, with the homage and service of William atte Brygge of Radeclif for all the tenements which he holds of them there, and the entire advowson of the church of Radeclif. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Wiclif and Sir William de Wolstonton, clerks, John de Ingelby, son of Sir Thomas de Ingelby, and others (named). The feast of St. Lucy, 2 Richard II.
[Cornw.] C. 4623. Grant by Joan Stranga, widow, daughter of Richard Tregantell, to Robert Davy her cousin, of all the land, &c, which descended to her after her father's death in Argantell otherwise called Tregantell with a tin-work in the stannary (opere stanni in stannerio) called 'le Sadelbac'; attorneys to deliver seisin, Sir John Byskey and Robert Myngos. Argantell, 20 January, 12 Henry VII.
[Sussex.] C. 4624. Grant by Robert de Wylesham to Richard his son of a piece of his land in the parish of Esseburnham adjoining the road from Wyles- hammes Crouche to Borham, &c, also of a messuage, &c, which he had in exchange from William de Megham, in the said parish. Wylesham, Michaelmas Eve, 7 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4625. Grant by John Willis late of Canterbury to Thomas Buyssh' of the same of a tenement with garden in the parish of St. Peter, Canterbury, in a place called 'Seyntpetrislane,' which he had by gift of Ellis Curteys, deceased. Witnesses:—William Byllyngton and William atte Wode, bailiffs of Canterbury, and others (named). 25 January, 17 Henry VI.
[Bucks.] [Herts.] C. 4626. Quitclaim by John son of William le Clerk of Bettelowe to Geoffrey Est of Bettelowe, and Agnes, daughter of Nicholas le Clerk of Wengrave, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, and in default to their heirs, of his right in the land &c. in Bettelowe, Tiscote, Aldwik, Chetingdone, Croftone and Helpestrop which descended to him after the death of William le Clerk, his father, with the reversion of the land, &c., which Agnes le Clerk, formerly the wife of John le Clerk holds there for life by John's endowment, and of the land, &c., which Agnes formerly the wife of William le Clerk, his father, holds there for life, by William's endowment; with the reversion of a messuage and 1½a. land in Bettelowe which John son of John le Clerk holds for life by the grant of John le Clerk, his father, and the reversion of all the land, &c., which Joan, wife of William Coukesdelle holds for life by the grant of — Heyward. Bettelowe, Saturday after St. Valentine, 41 Edward III.
[Heref.] C. 4627. Demise by John de Baginden to Walter de la Gore of 7a. arable in Welynton, viz. 1a. extending to 'Aylwardeslond,' &c, 4a. between land of the lord of Welynton and the way called 'le Grenewey,' 1a. at 'le Waldhurne' and 1a. a headacre (terra captalis); to hold for life and twelve years beyond his life, from Michaelmas next, at the rent of a rose for twelve years and thereafter of 20l. yearly at the feast of St. Denis. Witnesses:—John de Chaundos and others (named). Welynton, Thursday after the Purification, 29 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 4628. Grant by John son of Walter of Osselby to John Stacy of Gayton and Thomas Walkar of Normanby, chaplains, and John Couper of Osselby of a toft in Osselby which he had by the gift of John Hyrd of Osselby, and of all the land, &c, which he purchased of William Attewell of Kylyngholm in the fields and territories of Osselby and Ouresby. Osselby, Sunday after the Assumption, 11 Henry IV.
[Staff.] C. 4629. Grant by John son of Geoffrey son of Hugh Roseson of Bettylegh to Richard son of Nicholas le Cartewreth of the same, chaplain, of a messuage and 22a. land at 'le Schette' between Haukeswalleclogh and the lane leading to Balterlegh on either [side] the watercourse (doyti); to hold to the said Richard, the chaplain, &c. Witnesses:—Richard son of Thomas du (sic) Thekenes du Balterlegh, Richard son of Thomas du Thekenes de Bettylegh, and others (named). Dated at Schertt, Sunday, the feast of St. Martin, 43 Edward III.
[Devon.] C. 4630. Quitclaim by John Mulys of Barnestapol and Marion his wife to Thomas Busse and John Quans of their right in a tenement with garden and a messuage with garden in Barnestapol, in 'Barrestret.' Witnesses:—Richard Newcomb, mayor of Barnestapol, and others (named). 12 February, 28 Henry VI. Two seals.
Oxford. C. 4631. Counterpart of demise by Isabel Saunturdon and Bernard Saunturdon to John Tounnesende and Philip his son of their manor of Thuthrop, co. Oxford, with arable land, &c, which William Parmunter and Henry Tanner lately held to farm of them; to hold from Lady day next for thirteen years at 4l. rent, &c. Saunturdon, 6 February, 5 Henry V. Two seals.
[York, W. R.] C. 4632. Grant by Thomas Wodrof of Hartill and John Haroward of Anstan to Joan wife of John Haroward of Hartill for her life of a toft with croft in Hartill abutting on 'le Halk,' &c., with reversion to the right heirs of the said John Haroward of Hartill. Witnesses:—William Myrfyn, chaplain of Hartill, and others (named). The feast of St. Andrew, 1426. Seals.
[Worc.] C. 4633. Grant by Agnes Roberoust of Wyk to Thomas le Frenshe of Persor and Avice her daughter of a half part of her messuage with curtilage, &c, in Wyk, viz., the part next the churchyard of St. Mary. Wednesday before the Purification, 23 Edward III.
[Hants.] C. 4634. Letters patent by John Golde, rector of Notechellingg', diocese of Winchester. Whereas John, bishop of Winchester, by his letters patent has granted to Richard de Beufou and Olimpia his wife, his parishioners, a free and perpetual chantry in their chapel built in their manor which they have in his parish of Notechellingg, he assents to the grant so made by his diocesan. Certified under the seal of the said bishop used ad causas. Hurseleie, VI. Id. May, 1291.
[Notts.] C. 4635. Grant by Robert Ithwylowes of Northgate by Newerk and William Ithwylowes, his son, to Roger More of Newerk, 'drapur,' and Richard Davy, 'mercer,' of 1r. arable in the fields of Newerk and Northgate by Newerk on Chapelfurlong. Monday before St. Hilary, 1 Henry VI. Seals.
Chester. C. 4636. Grant by Philip de Eggerton to Robert Haydok, citizen of Chester, and Agnes his wife of a messuage in Forgatestret of the city of Chester, outside the gate called 'le Barrus,' between the lane called 'Payneslode,' &c, and extending to the land of the dean and canons of the collegiate church of St. John of Chester; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies; rent, 8s. Witnesses:—John de Bebynton, mayor of Chester, William de Heth and Richard Stalmyn, sheriffs, and others (named). The feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 2 Henry IV. Seal, damaged.
Salop. C. 4637. Grant by John, son of John Lodelowe, knight, to Griffin, vicar of Ailemestre, and Walter Swan, chaplain, of his manors of Hodenet, Espeley, Roulton, Moston, Elwardyng, Westbury, Whelbache, Stokesay, Pademore, Dounton, and Hulle, and all his land, &c. there and in Preston, Horton, Cotone, Hopton by Lye, Wistanstowe, Colde- weston, Sparcheford, Corfton, Streford, Pole, Staunton Lacy, Lodelow, Lauley, Shire, Wistey, Overton, Asshefordboulers, Shrewesbury, Groete, Auldon, Aston, Nasshe, Tilsope, Verne and Weston with common of pasture within the lordship of Sibbeton, according to what is contained in a charter by Roger Sibbeton, knight, to Lawrence de Lodelowe, his heirs and assigns, with the advowsons of the churches of Wistanstowe, Westbury and Groete; except all lands, &c. which are held immediately of the king in the towns before said. Witnesses:—Roger Corbet and William Huggeford, knights, John Boerley, and others (named). Hodenet, Wednesday before St. Gregory the Pope, 18 Richard II. Cf. C. 4673. Seal of arms, with legend: sigill johannis de lodelowe.
Oxford. C. 4638. Quitclaim by John Feuere, chaplain to John Mannyng, chaplain, John Motte, Richard atte Felde and William Motte of his right in all the land, &c, which formerly were of John Verneie of Fletemersshton, co. Bucks, in Kyngeston Lyule, Aston Ruhant and Stokynchurche, co. Oxford. Witnesses:—Reynold de Malyns, Gilbert Wace, Thomas Blount and Robert Symeon, knights, Richard Chambernon, John de Baldyngdon, and others (named). 1 June, 49 Edward III. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4639. Demise by William Milward, William Wayte, Eustace Pertesoyll and Richard Payn to Ellen late the wife of Thomas Juel of Thornecote in the parish of Northyevell of all the land, &c. which they had by the gift of the said Thomas in Beeston. 12 July, 9 Henry V. Three seals.
[Essex.] C. 4640. Grant by John Aldewyn and Cecily his wife of the parish of Dakenham and William Derlyngtone of Haveryng atte Boure to John Brokman, Katharine his wife, and Thomas Spakman of Haveryng, of a messuage in the town of Haveryng in the hamlet of Romford, extending from the highway which leads from Brendewod towards London, &c.; also grant of a curtilage with a dovecote built thereon in the town aforesaid between the highway from Romford to the manor of Haveryng, &c. Witnesses:—Ralph Uphaveryng, bailiff of Haveryng, and others (named). Thursday after the feast of St. Faith, 5 Henry V. Fragments of seals.
[Kent.] C. 4641. Grant by John Goldsmyth of the parish of Ealdyng to John Rynge and Robert Rynge of the same of a piece of land, called 'Cowperescroft,' in Ealdyng, between land of the duke of Bukyngham, &c. 6 October, 1 Edward IV. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 4642. Quitclaim by Edmund Drury, vicar of Merston by Tutte- bury, and John Aylde of Scropton to Robert Peyt of their right in a burgage with buildings (edificato), in Tuttebury in Monk Street (vico monachorum). Witnesses:—John Yolyn, bailiff of Tuttebury, and others (named). 3 December, 1 Edward IV. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 4643. Grant by John Codelyng of Clee to Adam Saresson of Grymesby and William Smith of Clee of all the land, &c, which he lately purchased of John Uncle in Clee. Witnesses:—Sir William Baron, vicar of Clee, and others (named). Wednesday in Easter week, 1395, 18 Richard II. Seal, damaged.
[Bedford.] C. 4644. Grant by Walter de Holcote of Boddenho to Roger Juel of Thornecote and Maud his wife of 1a. land in Bestone at 'Schytereshul' between land of the chapel of Bestone, &c.; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Roger. Sunday after St. Hilary, 16 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Suffolk. C. 4645. Grant by John Mersshton and John Greve to John Middelton, Thomas Clerk, William atte Wode, Nicholas Stone, Robert Middelton, John 'of the Halle,' John Golle, Martin 'of the Halle,' Roger Gerveys and Richard Golle of all the land, &c. which they had by the gift of William Middelton in Hadlegh. 11 July, 20 Henry VI. One seal.
Endorsed: Bayuz.
[Bedford.] C. 4646. Grant by John son of Richard Bonde of Buddinho to Roger Juel of Thornecote and Maud his wife of 2½a. 1½r. arable in Buston situate as described; to hold to them and their heirs and the assigns of Roger. Thornecote, Wednesday after St. Matthew, 10 Edward III.
[Notts.] C. 4647. Grant by William de Glentham of Kelm' to Isabel late the wife of William Durant of Neuwerk of 3a. meadow in Northgate by Neuwerk, in the meadow called 'le Northeng.' Thursday after St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, 1332. Fragment of seal.
[Notts.] C. 4648. Grant by John de Kelum of Neuwerk to Adam Traymars of Newerk and Maud his wife of 1a. meadow in Northeng by Newerk on 'Poldayles'; to hold to them and the heirs of Adam. Saturday after St. Barnabas, 8 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 4649. Grant by William Colemon of Betileg and Alice his wife to William Cotyn of Madeleg of a messuage with croft which he had (habui) by the gift of Robert de Grafton at Wrymeforde in the fee of Madeleg. Saturday, the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 1331.
[Heref.] C. 4650. Quitclaim by John Rede the elder of Leom[instre] to Walter de Brugge, clerk, and Roger Pertriche of Welynton of his right in the land, &c., which he had by the gift of Henry Hoker and John Meleward the executors of Hugh de Knulle in Leom[instre]. 14 February, 16 Richard II. Seal.
Somers. C. 4651. Indenture, 5 November, 16 Henry VII, witnessing that Anne Copleston, widow, has received, the day of date, from Sir Reynold Bray, knight, by the hands of Master Hugh Oldom, clerk, 93l. 6s. 8d., in full payment of her right and title to the land, &c. in Estham, by reason of dower or otherwise, whereof she has acknowledged the release before Thomas Wode one of the justices of the 'Comen Place.' English.
[Bedford.] C. 4652. Grant by Walter Daundesheye of Grocteforde to Roger Juel of Thornecote and Maud his wife of 1½a. 1r. land in the field of Bestone, situate as described; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Roger. Thursday after St. Dunstan, 15 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4653. Grant by Richard Lulle of Feversham and William Lulle of Challok to Thomas 'a Dorne' of a messuage and garden adjacent, formerly of Lawrence Bullard in the parish of Sheldwich, and a croft of land called 'Barnet' in the same parish, containing 3a., which messuage, &c., they had inter alia by the gift of John Hawker and Richard Lulle, who together with John Bak and Thomas Bak, since deceased, had the same by the gift of Agnes Lulle, widow, sometime the wife of Arnold Lulle, and which the said Thomas Dome bought of them. 24 June, 12 Henry VII. Two seals.
Memorandum endorsed of sealing and delivery of seisin in the presence of Richard Glouceter, gentleman, James his son, and others (named).
Bedford. C. 4654. Grant by Walter son of Walter Cook of Northyevele to Ralph Taillour of Caldecote by Northyevele of 16a. land in the fields of Northyevele and Beestone, situate as described. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 10 Richard II. Seal. Memorandum endorsed of enrolment on the Close roll.
[Lincoln.] 4655. Grant by John son of Roger of Kyrkton in Holand to John Whelewryght of the same, the elder, and John Whelewryght of the same, the younger, dwelling at Dokdyk, of a place of land in Kyrkton which he had by the gift of Marion late the wife of John son of Alexander of Kyrkton, together with John son of Alexander of Kyrkton 'chapman,' William Hellwys of Donyngton and William Whytton of the same. Kyrkton, 24 October, 23 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 4656. Grant by Robert Strelley, knight, to Henry Knyveton, esquire, of the wardship and marriage of William son and heir of William Eland, with the wardship of the land, &c, late of the said William Eland in Adbolton, and so from heir to heir, &c.; consideration 50 marks; bond in 25 marks, should the said wardship, &c., be recovered against Henry. Strelley, Thursday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 9 Henry VI.
Heref. C. 4657. Grant by Richard Falk, citizen of Hereford, to Thomas Chippenham, Thomas Benger, and John Hopton, chaplain, of all his land, &c., in Hereford and the suburbs of the same; also of the reversion of the land, &c. which he has to farm of Cecily Blode in the said city in 'Hungreystrete,' and of the reversion of parcel of a tenement which Philip Webbe holds for life. Witnesses:—John Prophet, mayor of Hereford, John Sompter, 'goldesmyth,' and William Breynton, bailiffs of the king of the said city and others (named). 10 February, 16 Richard II.
[Dorset.] C. 4658. Grant by Joan de Brideport, daughter and heir of Master Nicholas de Brideport, physician (medici) to William le Gardiner and Christian his wife of her whole tenement in the vale of Merswode, at Kartereslond, Boleacre and Putlond, as in houses, land, &c. together with the way (itinere) from Bolacre to Putlond, as in the charter which Richard de Pirecome made to her father; to hold to them all the days of their life, rendering to the chief lords the services due and accustomed, and to her 7s. 6d. quarterly, for all service; for this they gave her 100s. beforehand. Witnesses:—John de Rocheford, Nicholas de Beyssyn, John Payn, Nicholas de Karevile, and others (named). Brideport, Tuesday, Midsummer eve, 3 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 4659. Quitclaim by William son of Hugh de Chaueldon the younger to John de Hauekeston of his right in the land, &c. and in the reversion of the land, &c. which Maud who was sometime the wife of Nicholas Cotin, and Agnes his mother, hold in dower of his inheritance, which descended to him on the death of Hugh de Chaueldon his father in the fees of Madeleye and Onileye, as in a charter made to John thereof appears. Madeleye, Sunday after St. Denis, 15 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4660. Grant by John Fynche of the parish of Maydeston, co. Kent, gentleman, to Robert Eastday, of the parish of Seintmaricherche of 14a. land which Clement Baker holds to farm in the said parish of Seintmaricherche; also of 40a. [there] in 'lez Helmes.' 2 January, 23 Henry VII. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Middx. C. 4661. Letter of attorney by Margery Croke, of London, widow, sister and heir of William Soneman, son and heir of William Soneman, citizen and horner of London, to John Waldyf and John Cheseman to take possession of a field called 'Bradforth' in the parish of St. Pancras, 4a. land in a croft by Lyverlane in the parish of St. Andrew in Holburn and 4s. rent from 3½r. 5p. 65¼ft. land, with a ditch, in the parish of St. Andrew, on the north of a garden of William Hankeford, afterwards of Richard Hankeford, knight, deceased, and a garden of the lord de Furnyvale, which descended to her on her brother's death, and to deliver seisin thereof to John Croke, gentleman, William Broun, cutler, and Thomas Plummer, writer of court hand, citizens of London. 18 March, 31 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Middx. C. 4662. Grant by the said Margery Croke to the said John Croke and others of land, &c, as in C. 4661. 18 March, 31 Henry VI. Seal.
Somerset. C. 4663. Letter of attornment, whereby William Forde, tenant of a capital messuage, with gardens, land, &c, thereto belonging, in Norton Hautevyle; John Hoper, of a messuage and a ferdell of land there; John atte Wylle, of a messuage and a virgate; John Snygge of a messuage and a ferdell; John Smalcombe, of a messuage and virgate; John Freman, of a messuage and ferdell; Richard Thorne, of a messuage and 5a. land; William Lacok, in right of Isot his wife, of a messuage and ferdell; and John Touker, tenant of a messuage and two ferdells of land; reciting that Walter, lord de Hungerfforde and de Hornet, Philip Courtenay, knight, John Fortescu, serjeant at law, John Longe, chaplain, and John Mayne, have granted to John Cheyne and Gilles (Egidie) his wife, the manor of Norton Hautevyle and all land, &c. there, to hold to them and the heirs of John, notify that they, as tenants for term of life of the tenements aforesaid, have severally attorned tenants of the said John and Gilles. 16 November, 21 Henry VI. Seals.
Essex. Middx. C. 4664. Grant by John Chedworth, bishop of Lincoln, and John Rudyng, clerk, to William Chedworth, the elder, esq., and Joan his wife, of the manor called 'Rumboldes,' otherwise called 'Cobhammes maner,' four messuages, two gardens, 200a. land, 20a. meadow, 20a. pasture, 40a. marsh and 30s. rent, in the parishes of Stebenhith and Hakengy, co. Middlesex; also of ten messuages, a dovecot, two gardens, 80a. land, 40a. meadow, 40a. pasture and 2s. rent, in the parishes of St. Mary Matfelon without Algate, London, Stebenhith and Hakeney in the said county; also of 12a. wood in Berkyng Clay, co. Essex; which manor, &c, they had by the feoffment of John Fetplace, esq., James Fetplace, Humphrey Starky and William Hole; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of William. 13 December, 49 and 1 Henry VI. One seal.
Notts. C. 4665. Indenture of award by William Babyngton 'sqwyer,' and Richard Willughby, 'sqwyer,' reciting that debates have been hanging between Thomas Woller, prior of Lenton and Robert Clyfton, knight, on the one part and Robert Strelley, knight, and John Aungers on the other, touching the title of a messuage in Lenton with land, &c. late William Baker's, in Lenton and Radford, whereof Sir Robert Clyfton has 'assise de Novell Disseson' hanging before Sir Robert Danby, knight, and John Nedeham, knight, justices for assises to be taken in the shire of Nottingham; and reciting that for peace to be had therein the parties had submitted themselves under penalty of 20l. to their ordinance; they award that Sir Robert Clyfton be put in seisin of the premises, with warranty to him by Sir Robert Strelly and his heirs thereof against the abbot of Westmynstur; and that Sir Robert Clyfton pay Sir Robert Strelly 4 marks. 1 September, 8 Edward IV. English. Fragments of seals.
Bedford. C. 4666. Copy on parchment of C. 4654.
[Notts.] C. 4667. Indenture of demise, 7 February, 17 Edward IV., by John Strelle, of Oxton, 'squyer,' to Robert Carlyll, of Baseford, 'mylnor,' of Hemsell Mylne in the parish of Nuttan, from Christmas next for nineteen years; John shall find and bring thither all the timber 'that shall long to the forbey of the seid mylne' by Midsummer next, and a pair of 'mylne stones'; Robert to 'reperell' the said mill and mill dam 'with all that longes therto, wele sufficiently denied by mylne men,' and to pay yearly 33s. 4d. rent.
Surrey. C. 4668. Grant by John Cowper of Okestede and Margaret his wife to Richard Spenser, of London, gentleman, Robert Hawkyns of London, 'hattermerchaunte,' and Thomas Maynard, yeoman, of a tenement called 'Barows tenement' and all their land, &c., called 'Barows londis,' a field called 'Pipersfeld,' all land, &c., called 'Hare- wardes,' 'Stonehammes' and 'Hamme,' a place of land whereon late was situate a barn and a void place of land adjacent, in the parish of Okestede, and of all their land, &c., there or elsewhere, co. Surrey. 13 December, 12 Henry VII. Seals.
[Notts.] C. 4669. Grant by William, son and heir of Thomas Spenser, 'fissher,' of Newerk, to Sir John de Lyncoln, chaplain, dwelling in Newerk, of a messuage in the street called 'le Appultongat,' of Newerk, between a messuage of the bishop of Lincoln, &c. Witnesses:— Sir William de Marcham, chaplain, and others (named). Newerk, Friday after St. Michael, 2 Richard II.
Bedford. C. 4670. Demise by Dame Elizabeth Croyser, lady of Stoke Daubernon, to Robert Stoke, of the county of Bedford, and Joan his wife, of all the land, &c. which she has for life, and which were Sir William Croyser's at his death, in the parish of Yevelden, to hold for the term of her life; rent 7 marks, &c.; a former lease, at 10l. rent, is cancelled. Stoke Daubernon, Michaelmas, 12 Richard II. French.
Essex. C. 4671. Grant by John Burgoyne and Robert Crouche to John Lowell, Robert Wade and John Wellis, chaplain, of 4a. wood in Berkingclay called 'Newmans' to hold for the life of Agnes wife of Reynold Lucy, knight, with remainder to John Reynewell, John Brokeley, Henry Frowyk and Robert Clopton, citizens and aldermen of London, Alexander Anne, John Carpenter the younger, William Clopton, esquire, Robert Cavendyssh, John Smyth, rector of Fornham, and Thomas Burgoyne, their heirs and assigns for ever. Berkyng, 14 September, 15 Henry VI. Seals.
Essex. Kent. C. 4672. Quitclaim by Robert Rocheford, citizen and grocer of London, to Roger Appulton, of the county of Kent, esquire, and Richard Walsale, chaplain, son of John Walsale, late of London, 'scolemaister,' of his right in all the land, &c., late of Thomas Hardyng, citizen and vintner of London, in the town and parish of Berkyng, co. Essex, or elsewhere in the county; also in 10a. land there formerly of Margaret Canoun, widow, and in a wall (wallea) with its 'hopes' (hopis) and ditches called 'Galyonshope' lying in a marsh called 'Westmershe' of Berkyng by the side (costa) of the Thames; and in all the land, &c., in Berkyng and Estham, co. Essex, and Wolwyche, co. Kent, which late were of William Rotheley, citizen and goldsmith of London, and Anne his wife, and of John Corbyn; and all of which were late of Henry Chacome, citizen and draper of London, deceased. 12 July, 3 Henry VII.
Salop. C. 4673. Grant by Griffin, vicar of the church of Ailemestre, and Walter Swan, chaplain, to John, son of John Lodelowe, knight (militis), and Isabel his wife, of the manors of Hodenet, Roulton, Moston, Elwardynge, Westbury, Whelbache, Stokesay, Dounton and Hull, with the advowsons of the churches of Wistanstowe, Westbury and Greote, and common of pasture within the lordship of Sybton, as is contained in the charter of Roger Sibton, knight, to Lawrence de Lodelowe, with all land, &c. there and in Coldeweston, Streford, Corfton, Pademore, Pole, Stantonlacy, Lodelowe, Lauley, Shire, Wistey, Overton, Asshefordboulers, Sherewesbury, Greote, Auldun and Aston [which they had] by the gift of the said John, son of John; to hold to them and their issue, with remainder in default to him and his issue, with remainder in default to the heirs of the bodies of William de Lodelowe and Maud his wife, remainder in default to the said John, son of John, his heirs and assigns for ever. Witnesses:—William Huggeford and Hugh Cheyne, knights, and others (named). Thursday after St. Barnabas, 19 Richard II. Cf. C 4637. One seal.
Chester. C. 4674. Counterpart of grant by Philip de Egerton to David Jacson, butcher, of Chester, of two messuages in 'Forgate Strete,' Chester, at 12s. rent, &c. Witnesses:—Gevyn de Ewlow, mayor, Robert Chawmbyrlayne and John Hatton, sheriffs, of Chester, and others (named). The eve of St. Nicholas, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 4675. Grant by William de Shippeley of Kymmerleye and Avice his wife to Thomas de Holt of Notyngham and Hugh Arrowsmith, of the same, of all their land, &c, in Kymmerleye which they had by inheritance of the said Avice after the decease of William de Wollaton, her brother. The feast of St. Peter's Chair, 6 Richard II.
Cambridge. C. 4676. Grant by John Barlee, gentleman, son and heir of Richard Barlee, late deceased, to Thomas Barlee, the younger, Henry Tofte, John Chaunci, Robert Barlee, son of Thomas Barlee, and William Chaunci, gentlemen, and William Grygge, of Hatfelde Regis, of all the land, &c., in Lythyngton, Bassynborne and Stepylmorden which descended to him after his said father's death; to the intent that they may grant to him and to Elizabeth Thornhill, late the wife of William Thornhill, and to the heirs of her body by him begotten, land, &c. parcel thereof, to the value of 10l. yearly and the residue to him and his heirs; attorneys to deliver seisin, Robert Leventhorpe, of Henham, gentleman, and Edmund Symmes of Hatfeld. 22 September, 16 Henry VII. Copy on parchment.
Chester. C. 4677. English translation, on paper, of C. 4636 and C. 4674.
Surrey. C. 4678. Deed poll whereby John Herdhede, citizen and 'dyer' of London, reciting that he was enfeoffed of three messuages with gardens on the west of Bermondesey Strete, in the parish of St. Olave, of Suthwerk, to the use of John Quyxley, and the performance of his last will, and that he is executor of John's testament containing his last will touching the said messuages, notifies that in performance of the said will he has sold to John Bunche, 'glover,' John Drayton, 'grocer,' William Stone and Thomas Kelowe, 'skynner,' a messuage called 'le Oxehede,' wherein John Quyxley dwelt at his death, between the other of the said three messuages on the north, and a tenement called 'le Woll Sakke' on the south, the said street on the east and the 'Kyngis sewers' on the west; which messuage, with the other two, he, together with Thomas Yngram, citizen and butcher of London, since deceased, had by the gift of the said John Quyxley, 18 December, 13 Edward IV; it measures 111½ft. in depth, 34ft. frontage on street and 40ft. 8in. on the ditch. 5 December, 2 Richard III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 4679. Counter part of demise by Joan de Beauchamp lady of Bergeveney, to John More of Gyng Margarete of the manor of Gyng aforesaid, from Michaelmas last for twelve years, at 20 marks rent, to her and her coparceners. 20 November, 5 Henry V. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 4680. Indenture, being a grant by Richard Haukyn, vicar of Madeley, to Hugh de Eggerton, son of Ralph de Eggerton, and to Margaret, his wife, daughter of John de Dutton of Dutton, of divers messuages, with fisheries ('le Frydaytides' in one instance excepted), divers cottages, the moiety of a windmill, a stall for taking salmon and two fisheries, in the town of Haselwall, and of a parcel of land lying in Calday; also of divers messuages, &c., in Newbolt by Astbury, and a quit rent there (the tenants' names specified); to hold to Hugh and Margaret and the heirs male of Hugh's body, with remainder in default to the heirs male of the body of Ralph de Eggerton the elder, with remainder in default to Ralph's right heirs. Witnesses:—John Savage, John Maynwaring, Lawrence Fyton, John Hondeford, knights, John Trowtebek, chamberlain of Chester, Thomas Pulle, William Stanley. Monday after St. Bartholomew, 24 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Bedford. C. 4681. Grant by John Bate of Dunstaple to Lawrence Pycot of the same of all his goods and chattels there or elsewhere in the county. 4 February, 2 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 4682. Counterpart indenture, 2 October, 1 Henry VIII, whereby John Yorke, 'sqwyer, dwellyng in the paryche of Ramysbury,' demises to Joan wife of 'Harye' Henle, otherwise called 'Harre' Love, a tene- ment in Ramysbury for the term of her life, and covenants to pay her 6s. 8d. yearly; the said Joan covenanting to claim no dower in her said husband's lands. English.
[Cornw.] C. 4683. Counterpart of indenture of sale by Harry Marny, esquire, to Harry Scerlek, John Edward the younger, and Benet Hendy of the wood growing in Colquyte Wood, within certain bounds; consideration, 6l. 13s. 4d.; covenants that they may make charcoal, &c.; they shall discharge him of tithe thereof against the parson of the parish of St. Mabyn. 1 May, 7 Henry VII. English.
[Cambridge.] C. 4684. Grant by John Smyth of Trippelowe to John Best of Trip- pelowe and Edward Clerc, saddler, citizen of London, of two tofts in Trippelowe, with a garden, which he had by the gift of Richard Sutton of Trippelowe. The feast of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, 11 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] C. 4685. Grant by Thomas Nicholas of Dunstaple to Richard Angewyn of the same, of a piece of land in Kenesworth. Wednesday after St. Hugh the bishop, 1 Richard II.
[Notts.] C. 4686. Quitclaim by Thomas de Grayngham of Neuwerk to Hugh Fouler, chaplain, John Godifer and William Roper, of his right in a messuage in Newerk in 'le Castelgate.' Wednesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 16 Richard II.
[Oxford.] C. 4687. Grant by John Lambard of Bledelewe to William the shepherd (bercario) of Stoketalemache of 8½a. 1r. arable in Sydenham with the meadow and pasture thereto belonging, which he had by the gift of John le Besevile of Henton, son and heir of Simon le Besevile. Sunday before St. Gregory the Pope, 6 Edward II.
[Devon.] C. 4688. Grant by John Peverel, lord of Ermyngton, to Iseult his daughter of his right in his tenements of Pyk. Stoford and Herford, with messuages, rents, &c. together with the advowson of the church of Herford; to hold with all their appurtenances in lands and waters from the furthest bounds of the waste of Herford and of the river (riparii) of Erm' to the inner bounds (bundas interiores) of the said river under lvybridge (Ponte Ederoso), &c.; doing to the chief lords of that fee the services due and accustomed, without reserve of service there- from to him or his heirs; if in mercy in his hundred of Ermyngton, or other his court there, she and her heirs shall be quit by the day at 1d. Witnesses:—Sir Reynold de Ferrariis, Sir Richard son of Stephen, Sir William de Bykebury, Sir Roger Prideaux and Sir John Aischelegh, knights, and other. Dated in his manor of Ermyngton, the eve of St. Martin 8 Edward I. At foot:—Sigillatur cum parvo sigillo con- tinente scutum scultum (sic) cum acula volante. Copy on parchment.
[Wilts.] C. 4689. Grant by Robert atte Welle of Remmesbury to Robert le Mey, clerk, and John his son (filio meo), of all his tenements in Remmesbury, with the reversion of a messuage with curtilage adjacent, which Margery Gilberdes holds in dower of the said tenements, and of a messuage with curtilage which Edith Roys similarly holds in dower thereof; to hold to the said Robert and John, and the heirs of Robert. Witnesses:—Sir Hildebrand de London, knight, Roger de Calston, John de Tamisia and others (named). Wednesday after St. Ambrose, 3 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 4690. Grant by William Coukesdelle of Bettelowe to Geoffrey Est of the same, and Agnes, his wife, of 2a. arable, whereof ½a. in the east field of Bettelowe, &c. Sunday after St. Luke, 3 Richard II.
[Norfolk.] C. 4691. Grant by John de Byllokeby to Sir Geoffrey Wyth, knight, of a messuage with toft, in Smalbergh. Thursday after St. Philip and St. James, Apostles, 5 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4692. Grant by Richard de Bromfelde to his lord Sir Gilbert, son of Gilbert de Clare, earl (comiti) of Gloucester and Hertford, of 1a. 1r. meadow which he had by the gift of John Baudewyne, in 'Eastmed' in the parish of Tonebregge; consideration, 66s. 8d. before- hand in gersum.
Middx. C. 4693. Grant by Thomas Ederiche of Totenham, co. Middlesex, to Richard and William Ederiche of the same of 12a. land in a field called 'le Downhill' in the parish of Haryngey. 9 . . . . . ., 1 Henry VI.
[Salop.] C. 4694. Demise by Edward Wade, master or warden of the hospital of the Holy Trinity of Bruggenorth and the brethren of the same to Roger Flemyng of the same, of a curtilage in 'le Myllestrete' extending from the highway to the Severn, &c.; to hold from day of date for ninety-nine years, at 12d. rent. Witnesses:—Thomas Hord and Thomas Persons, bailiffs of the town and liberty of Bruggenorth, and othcrs (named). 1 April, 29 Henry VI.
Kent. C. 4695. Receipt by John Hever of Brasted, gentleman, to John Sedley, one of the King's . . . . . . in the Exchequer, for 40l., in full payment of land, &c. lying in Brasted. 24 August, [4] Henry VIII. Memorandum endorsed that Thomas Hever, son of the within named John, received, 30 June, 4 Henry VIII. . . . . . ., in part of payment of the sum within named.
[Oxford.] C. 4696. Grant by Robert de Kent to Roger de Schyre of a messuage, three virgates of land, 3½a. meadow and 10s. rent, pannage in the wood of the lord of Rutherfeld Pyppard, common in Kynggeswode, and a way which extends from the said messuage through the middle of Cherdesleesdene to the land called 'le Kokeslond' and 'Selegrove Lond''; to hold to the said Roger, his heirs and assigns of the chief lords of the fee [rendering] to him 40s. yearly from Michaelmas next for twelve years, and if the said Roger, his heirs, &c., hold the premises beyond the term of twelve years, they are to pay him ten marks yearly. Witnesses:—William de Harpedene, knight, and others (named). Rutherfeld Pippard. Sunday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 12 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] C. 4697. Grant by Richard de Herleston of Bucton for the health of his soul and his ancestors' souls in pure and perpetual alms to the master of the hospital of St. David without Northampton and the brethren of the same for the support of the light of the Holy Rood (Sancte Crucis) in the church of the said hospital, of 1r. land in the fields of Bucton on the tillage called 'Wrongelond,' between land of the hospital, &c. Sunday after St. Denis, 4 Edward II.
Middx. C. 4698. Receipt by Robert Spenser, knight, and Eleanor, countess of Wiltshire, late the wife of James, earl of Wiltshire, in the church of St. Paul at 'le Rode' of 'le North Dore,' London, &c., from Thomas, earl of Ormond, William Husee, chief justice of the King's Bench, John Cheyne, William Hody and John . . . . . ., knights, William Dunthorn, clerk, William Martyn, William Frost and Thomas Cary for 40 marks, part of a yearly rent of 80 marks payable to her for life according to their writing indented. 3 June, 2 Henry VII. Signed, Alyanore W. R. Spenser.
[Salop.] [Staff.] C. 4699. Grant by William . . . . . . of Stone to Ralph de Eggerton of all his land, &c, which he had by the gift of Iseult de Briggeway within the fees of Onyley and Gravhonger. Onyley, Monday before the Annunciation, 15 Henry VI.
[Kildare, Ireland.] C. 4700. Grant by Thomas earl of Ormonde, to Sir Peris Butiller, knight, 'cousin unto the saide Erlle' 'for the singuler favour, affection, and cousynage that he hath unto the saide Sir Peris' of the manor of Cloncorrey with all its appurtenances in Oughteryn or in any other place; to hold to the said Sir Pieris and his heirs males of his body lawfully begotten; also of all his manors, lands, rents and services in Oughtrad and Castellwarny with like remainder. 24 December 21 Henry VII. English.