Deeds: C.4501 - C.4600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4501 - C.4600

[Hants.] C. 4501. Indenture whereby, reciting that Thomas de Foxcote, lord of Foxcote, and Margaret his wife have demised their meadow of Foxcote called 'Estmede' to Henry de Harnhulle, it is covenanted between the parties that Henry shall find a fold (faude) of two hundred sheep to manure the land of Foxcote, he to have each pasture of Foxcote and Hetherdene several and common, &c., for their support, paying 6s. 8d. yearly for the pasture of 'Scharpecroft' and 'Brodecroft'; Thomas and Margaret shall find suitable livery, housing, &c, for the shepherd and his sheep, &c. 20 May, 17 Edward II. French. Seal, damaged. Counterpart of C. 3250. Cf. C. 4516, 4597.
Devon. C. 4502. Grant by Robert Chynner to William, lord Bonefeld, knight, William Champernoun, esquire, and John Chynner, clerk, his brother, of all his land, &c, in Modbery and Tetwyll, and of all other his land, &c., in the county of Devon. Monday after St. John the Baptist, 34 Henry VI. Fragments of seal.
[Linc.] C. 4503. Grant by Joan de Potterflet, daughter of William Matheuson of Thornegumbaud in Holdernes, dwelling in Osselby, to John Cooke of Halton on Humbr', William Matheuson of Thorne- gumband, Edmund de Thorne, sailor (naute), dwelling in Kyngeston upon Hulle and Robert Chappeman of Hedon, of a messuage with buildings thereon, in Osselby, called 'Oxheplaice' which she had by the gift of Thomas Walker of Thwancastr', chaplain, and John de Leuesham of Osgoteby. Osselby, Wednesday in Whitsun week, 1379, 2 Richard II.
Endorsed: Oxheplace pertin' priori de Elsham.
[Staff.] C. 4504. Quitclaim by Adam de Chelle Amice his wife and Richard Fletcher, chaplain, to Richard Dawkynson of Betteley, of all their right in a place of land there, extending from the High Street, &c. Friday, the feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross, 10 Henry IV. Fragments of three seals.
[Chester.] C. 4505. Grant by Sir John del Wode of Flixton, chaplain, to Robert de Tatton of Kenworthay of all the land, &c., with a third part of a water-mill which he had by the gift of John son of Nicholas de Trafford in the town of Ashton. Witnesses:—Hugh de Mascy of Tatton, Thomas de Legh, Robert de Mascy of Sale, John de Hulme. Tuesday, the feast of St. Clement, the Pope, 41 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 4506. Grant by Richard Mercer of Wanetyng to John le Sherman the younger of the same of a half-acre arable in the north field of Wanetyng, to wit in 'la Garstone.' Friday after the Circumcision, 22 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 4507. Grant by Mary daughter of Richard le Fader of Beston to Roger Juel and Isabel his wife, and the heirs of Roger, of a half-acre land in the field of Beston on 'Druyhenhul.' Sunday after the Purification, 9 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 4508. Quitclaim by Hugh de Venables, knight, to William de Venables of Neubold of all his right in the rents, homages, wards, reliefs, escheats and suits of court issuing from all the lands and tenements which Sir Peter de Astebur', chaplain, Robert de Weston, Maud his wife, and William de Calvileye hold in fee of the said William in Neubold, saving whatever right may come to him from the said Peter and the others after the death of the said William de Venables by reason of the wardship of his lands and heir. Witnesses:— Sir Richard de Sonbache and Sir William de Brereton, knights, and others (named). Kyndirton, Thursday before the Translation of St. Thomas, 30 Edward [I.].
[Cumberland.] C. 4509. Grant by Richard de Crosseby, styled 'of Thoressby,' to John de Ullayk the elder of 10a. land in the lawn of Kirkethwayt, formerly of William son of Alexander, to hold of the chief lord of that fee by service of 11s. ½d. yearly; the said John, his heirs and assigns, shall grind their corn growing on the said land there, at the mill of Lynthwayt, at one in twenty (ad vicesimum vas). Witnesses:—Sir Robert le Brun and Sir John de Orreton, knights, and others (named). Carlisle, 20 August, 1323. Fragment of seal.
[Surrey.] C. 4510. Grant by Thomas Baker of Estgrenewych to Geoffrey Grym of Pecham of the parish of Camerwell of all the land, &c., which he had by the gift of the said Geoffrey [and which] formerly were of John Grym, Geoffrey's father, in the said parish. Camerwell, Saturday, the feast of All Hallows, 45 Edward III.
Hants. C. 4511. Quitclaim by Thomas le Riche of Andevere to Sir Robert de Harenhull, knight, of his right in the advowson of the church of Peniton Meysy by Andevere in the bishopric of Winchester; all his land, &c., in the county of Suthamptes' to be subject to the distress of the sheriff, and also of the bailiffs of the hundred of Andevere, if he contravene this release. Witnesses:—Sir Stephen de Appeltrefel, John de Dun, John de Cormailles, knights, Walter de Wallop, Edmund de Cormaylles, John le Poer, Thomas de Foxcote. Andevere, 14 October, 31 Edward I.
[Chester.] C. 4512. Quitclaim by Madoc Brenyn of Horton to William son of Philip de Overton, of his right in all the land, &c., which William had in hand the day of date, by the gift of Richard son of Ithel (Ithelli) his brother in the town of Hortone. Witnesses:—David de Egerton, William de Hampton, and others (named). Sunday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 1330. Seal, damaged.
[Warw.] C. 4513. Grant by John Janne to William son of Thomas atte Birches of Solihull of two crofts of land, meadow and moor, in Solihull, to wit next the meadow and turbary of John atte Shawe at 'Waddefordewalle.' Saturday, the eve of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 15 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 4514. Grant by John son of Richard Hawe of Solihulle to John Jannen of two places of land and moor there one by 'Waddefordewalle' between the highway from Shirleye to Solihull, &c., and the other between the lane called 'le Castellon,' &c. Thursday before the Holy Trinity, 14 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 4515. Grant by Margery de Grafton of Madeleye to Sir John de Haukeston, knight, of all the land which she formerly pledged to Thomas de Betteleye, clerk, in the fee of Madeley, except the messuage, croft and curtilage which she demised to William her son. Saturday, the feast of All Hallows, 22 Edward III.
[Hants.] C. 4516. Grant by Thomas, lord of Foxcote, and Margaret his wife to Henry de Harnhulle for his life, of their great meadow in the town of Foxcote, rendering therefore after the first five years 100s. at Michaelmas yearly; if he die before the five years be completed, his heirs or executors to have it till the five years be completed, without any payment; they covenant to clear it of stones, &c. Witnesses:—Sir John de Cormayles and Sir John le Duyn, knights, and others (named). Foxcote, 20 May, 17 Edward II. Fragment of one seal. Cf. C. 4501, 4597.
[Staff.] C. 4517. Grant by John Bressy of Betteley to Richard Croket son of William Croket of Audeley, of four cottages under one roof, with a curtilage, formerly William Loker's, of Betteley, within the fee of Betteley. Sunday after the feast of St. Michael, 2 Henry V. Seal.
Surrey. C. 4518. Grant by Isabel Richard daughter and heir of Robert Richard of Pekham to John Blomevile, citizen and tailor of London, of a messuage with land, &c., in the town of Pekham in the parish of of Camerwell. Pekham, Sunday after St. George, 13 Henry IV. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 4519. Quitclaim by Richard de Ruehul, Henry le Bakere and John Balle to William son of Gregory of Bettyleye and Richard de Ochul of their right in a messuage which was Nicholas Cotyn's in the manor of Madeleye, which came to them by descent after the death of Nicholas in right of Millicent (Milisandie), Rose, and Alice their wives for an allotment (allocatione) to be made to them of a certain place of land in the same manor in a field called 'le Hefeld' next the lane leading to Mattokesfeld. Saturday before St. Peter's Chair, 3 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
Middx. C. 4520. Letter of attorney by Henry Harburgh, clerk, John Elmede, chaplain, John Askewyth, and John Vyncent to William Chapman, citizen and tailor of London, to deliver seisin to William Soneman, son of William Soneman, late citizen and 'horner' of London, of a field called 'Bradforth' in the parish of St. Pancras and of 4a. land in a croft by Lyvyrlane in the parish of St. Andrew of Holbourn. 5 October, 13 Henry IV. Four seals.
[York, W.R.] C. 4521. Demise by John Wodroue to John Herward of Wodhall of a garden in Wodhall for eighty years rendering therefore yearly 1d. for all service with the right to cut the wood therein; bond by John Wodroue in 10l. for quiet enjoyment. 8 May, 12 Richard II. Seal, damaged.
[Sussex.] C. 4522. Grant by Richard de Wylesham to Ralph Bates and Cecily his wife of two crofts called 'le Breche' between land of Robert de Kuchenam, &c.; for this they gave him 8 marks and 40d. before- hand. Witnesses:—John de Coudenne, and others (named). Monday after St. Matthew, 14 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4523. Grant by John Meryham and Thomas Reder of Lodyngton in the parish of Maydeston to John Yppyngbery and Richard Hogun of Lynton of a piece of land called 'Calbrayne' in the parish of Lynton. The feast of St. George, 32 Henry VI.
[Bedford.] C. 4524. Indenture between William de Croft of Beston and Nicholas son of William le Bonde of Northyevel witnessing that whereas William has enfeoffed Nicholas of 10a. land, 2r. meadow and 1r. pasture in Northyevel which he acquired of Thomas le Schapman of Berk- ford and Margaret his wife, of the right and inheritance of the said Margaret; William has acknowledged himself to be bound to Nicholas in 10l., upon condition that if Thomas and Margaret levy a fine of the premises to the use of William and his heirs before Midsummer next, and if William thereupon make a quitclaim thereof to Nicholas the said writing obligatory of 10l. shall be void. Northyevel, Monday the morrow of St. John the Baptist, 32 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
[Notts] C. 4525. Grant by John Polcher of Newerk and Maud his wife to Roger de More of Newark, Jevan (Javino) Batyse of Laxton and Robert Hilleston of Newerk, of la. 3r. arable in the fields of Newerk and Northgate by Newerk, viz., ½a. on 'Radeclyf,' 3r. in 'Bolcroft,' &c. Tuesday after St. Luke, 8 Henry IV. Two seals.
[York, W.R.] C. 4526. Demise by William de Manton of Beyghton to William Herward of Wodhall for eighty years from date of all his land, &c., in Herthill and Wodhall at 10s. rent; bond in 10 marks for quiet possession. Michaelmas Day, 19 Richard II.
[Surrey.] C. 4527. Grant by John Westwode, tailor, and William Sunman, tailor, citizens of London, to Robert Wretill, citizen and tailor thereof, and Maud his wife, of all the land, &c., in the town and fields of Pekham and in the parish of Camberwell alias Camerwell, which they had by the said Robert's gift. 8 August, 6 Henry V. Seals.
[Kent.] C. 4528. Grant by Richard Peak of Eillesford to Robert de Rowe of the same, of a croft of land called 'Horscroft' there, which he acquired of William Fifacre. Preston, 9 February, 34 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 4529. Grant by Thomas Attehay of Kenesburne of the parish of Whethamstede to John Spendelove of St. Albans of two parcels of meadow of the soke of Luton in the fields called 'Layemede' and 'Chapelmede,' between 'Piggescroft,' &c., abutting on the river Legh, &c., at 12d. rent during his life. &c. Westhid' in the soke of Luton, Wednesday the feast of St. Philip and St. James. 4 Henry VI. Seal.
Derby. C. 4530. Grant by Cecily relict of William de Aleby of Derb[y], widow, to Simon de Duffeld, dwelling in Derby, of a half-acre arable in Derb[y] in 'le Wallefeld,' extending from land of the abbot and convent of Derlegh, &c. Witnesses:—John Foucher, one of the bailiffs of Derb[y]. and others (named). Wednesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 1336, 10 Edward III.
Middx. C. 4531. Quitclaim by Richard Ederiche, William Ederiche and John Sandir to Sir John Stafford, Thomas Chaucers, Robert James, Robert Andrewe, Thomas Coventree, John Holkote, John Shotus- broke and Thomas Ederiche of Totenham, and the heirs and assigns of the said Thomas of their right in 12a. land in a field called 'le Downehill' in the parish of Haryngey, which they together with the said John, Thomas, Robert and the others, had by the feoffment of John Burton and William Brokherst of Iseldon. 29 December, 1 Henry VI. Fragment of one seal.
[Oxford.] C. 4532. Grant by Thomas Besevile of Brutewelle Solham to Sir Richard de Tiryngham, rector of Brutewelle Solham, of all his land, &c., there with all his goods and chattels, and the reversion of a messuage with curtilage, 8a. 3r. arable and 3r. meadow in Sydenham, which Andrew atte Churcheye of the same, Isabel his wife and Alice their daughter hold of him for the term of the life of each of them. Witnesses:—Sir Reginald de Malyns, knight, and others (named). Tuesday before St. George, 31 Edward III.
[Flint.] C. 4533. Demise by John de Eggerton of Eggerton to John Howell of a water-mill in 'le Nethur Fulwiche in Iscecoyte,' called 'le Halses Milne' with stank and fishery, for twenty-nine years from date at 26s. 8d. rent. Eggerton, Saturday before St. Martin, 26 Henry VI.
Oxford. C. 4534. Counterpart of demise by John Norys, esquire, to John Menge of Kyngesey and Katharine his wife of the site of his manor of Tythrope by Kyngesey, with buildings thereon and the demesne lands; the rent of tenants, profits of courts and all other emoluments excepted and reserved; to hold from Michaelmas last for twenty years, at 4l. 14s. rent; they shall make all payments, &c., except a rent of 20s. to the castle of Dovore, which John shall pay; they shall collect the tenants' rents to his use, &c. Bray, 10 April, 28 Henry VI. Two seals.
Memorandum endorsed that the said farmers shall have timber for repairs of the manor and top and lop for fuel.
[Wilts.] C. 4535. Grant by John de la Chambre to Thomas Benet, of a cottage with curtilage in Remmesbury in the street called 'Castelwall,' which he purchased of Nicholas Fairfex. Witnesses:—Thomas Thamyse and others (named). Monday after St. Andrew, 5 Henry IV. Seal,
Endorsed:—Helena Benet; Wotton.
[Salop.] C. 4536. Grant by Ralph de Schelwyk of Stotteresdon to Philip the chaplain of St. Mary of Stotteresdon, of two places of land one of twelve selions, with two headlands, at Conditre in the field of Walton, and the other of twenty selions in Leverycheslye, extending from land of the lady of Hakercote to the land of William le Sauvage. Witnesses:—Thomas de Overton, John de Baskervyle, John de Neuton and others (named). Stotteresdon, Monday before St. Peter's Chair, 10 Edward II.
[Monmouth.] C. 4537. Grant by Philip ap Jevan ap Grono ap M[ere]d[ith] to Duthga (Duthge) daughter of David ap Jevaun ap Guillim [and] Jevaun and Jor[worth], sons of Hoell ap David ap M[ere]d[ith] of a parcel of land [and] meadow in the parish of Llanveyre Culcudyn. Witnesses:—Walter Kebbyll then steward of Bergevenny, Thomas ap Ll[ewely]n, his deputy, and others (named). 6 February, 12 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 4538. Grant by John Cheyne, John Theccher, John a Vane and John Gefferay to Richard Tanner of Lyndefeld of their free tenement with garden and croft called 'Heggyngworthistenement' in the parish of Waldern, between the highway from Redynbrigge to Waldern church, the highway from Bolstrete to the cross of Mesyndewis, and the highway from Redynbrigge to the said cross, with a garden in the middle of the street opposite the said tenement on the north and the stank in the street there on the west; also of all the land, &c., there between the highways from the said tenement to Redynbrigge and Cobford respectively and between lands called 'le Forde' and 'Marchallis,' &c.; all which land, tenement, garden, &c., they, together with Thomas Walssh and Thomas Bodell, since deceased, had, with other land, &c., by the gift of Richard Heggyngworth. Waldern, 4 March, 1 Richard III. Four seals.
Worc. C. 4539. Quitclaim by Joan Brigges, widow, to Robert Poyntz, knight, John Norewoode, esquire, William Wye, William Carsy, and John Grenehyll of her right in the manor of Wike with the advowson of the church or free chapel to the same manor belonging and in all the land, &c., in Wike, Pershore, Pynven, Castell Morton, Scarletes, Mynty and Byrlyngeham, late of Thomas Brigges, her husband, late serjeant-at-law, by purchase of William Vampage, knt., by the name of William Vampage, esq. 18 Jan.. 8 Henry VII.
[York] C. 4540. Grant by Brian Gille of Thorpe to Adam Godsalfe of Herthill of 1a. arable in the north field of Herthill abutting on the road from Herthill to Thorpe. Witnesses:—John Serilby of Serilby, Nicholas Kyveton of Kyveton, and others (named). The feast of St. Linus, the Pope, 17 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4541. Grant by Thomas Sowche, William Sowche, Thomas Milleward, Ralph Brunsale, and William Percell to Thomas Tome of Sondey, Thomas Grey of Northyzell, and William Chatte of Sondey, of a headland (foreram) in the field of Thornecote and three 'swathes' of meadow lying dispersed in 'Wydefane,' whereof the headland contains ½a. ½r. besides (ultra) 'hadelond bote,' &c.; which headland and meadow they had by the gift of John Sowche since deceased. Beston, 14 March, 6 Henry VII. Four seals.
[Radnor.] C. 4542. Grant by Henry Holle of Borware and John Holle of Wymaston to William Thomkyns and Margery his wife and William's heirs and assigns of 4a. land in the fee and in the lordship of 'la Dyche.' Le Dyche, Sunday before the Ascension, 18 Richard II.
[Essex.] C. 4543. Quitclaim by Thomas son of John de Claveryngg of Alvythele, and John his brother, to Richard Chareman, of their right in a messuage, 100a. land, 4a. meadow, 12a. pasture. 5a. wood and 14s. rent in Claveryngg, which he recovered against them before William de Herle and his fellows, justices of the Bench, by the default which they made in the same court; also the land, &c., which Richard formerly (dudum) had by the gift and feoffment of Avelina their sister, in the same town; also grant that all reversions which could revert to them after the death of any tenants for life in the same town may remain to the said Richard and his heirs. Westminster, 13 July, 6 Edward III.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the Bench, roll the first of charters and protections, Trinity Term, 6 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 4544. Grant by William Ruggemere of Ealdyng to Richard Peude and Joan his wife of a piece of land called 'Bernettebrook' in Ealdyng adjoining the meadow of Newerk on the east, &c. Wednesday in Whitsun week, 12 Henry IV. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 4545. Grant by Richard Balle of 'le More' in the parish of Bodenham, and Joan his wife, to William Haloward of Stoke and Thomas Mascall, the younger, of Pencombe of a messuage and 47a. land and meadow in 'le Nethermore' in the parishes of Bodenham and Maurden, late of Edmund Brugge; and of 2a. arable in 'le Upfeld' late of Thomas Loveday; also of 6a. arable, late of John Hyll of Bodenham, viz., 2a. in 'le Upfelde' one called 'le Stub acre' in 'le Doonfeld,' and 2a. in 'le Inlond'; to hold to their use for life, and after their decease to the use of James Balle son and heir of John Balle, Richard's son (filii mei) now deceased, and his heirs for ever. Le Nethermoore, 28 September, 20 Henry VII. Seals.
[Bucks.] C. 4546. Grant by Robert Touris of Newport Paynell to Sir Henry Smyth, chaplain, master or warden of the chapel of St. John the Baptist in the same town, of a close and 9a. 1r. land there, situate as described; to hold to the said master and his successors, the royal licence therefore please God (benedicto Deo) obtained, to pray for his soul, his parents, benefactors and all faithful deceased, and to keep his obit in the parish church. 30 April, 1 Edward IV. 1461.
[Lincoln.] C. 4547. Conveyance by Robert Chamberleyn of Grayngham, William Ounby, John Cade the elder, and Thomas Schopys of Estrasyn to John Couper of Estrasyn, 'glover,' Richard Smyth of Ascheby, Giles Preston of the same, chaplain, and John Wryght of Ynggoldemelys of a toft in Estrasyn which they had by the gift of John Wryght. Monday after St. Luke, 29 Henry VI.
[Worc.] C. 4548. Quitclaim by William Rolf son of William Rolf of Maderesfelde to Sir Walter de Inteberg, chaplain, of his right in a curtilage and croft in Maderesfelde which he (William) purchased (perquisivi) of Richard Rolf his grandfather. Sunday after the Purification, 20 Edward II. Seal.
Endorsed:—Quieta clamacio Willelmi Rolf sartoris de la Longecroft et curtilagio sibi adjacente.
[Kent.] C. 4549. Grant by John Ippingberi of Ontyngdoune to Joan Glofer of Tonbregge and William Hoket of Wadeherst of a messuage in Tonbregge in a street called 'Cherchelane,' with 2 ft. land adjacent, of his land called 'Revel.' 7 April, 9 Henry VI.
[Surrey.] C. 4550. Demise by John Newdegate, esquire, to Richard Gardyner of a parcel of land in Cherlewode, called 'Bengewyk,' con- taining about 12a. land, from Christmas last for forty years at 3s. rent. 15 March, 11 Henry VI.
Berks. C. 4551. Indenture of sale by Thomas Wynslowe, esq., to John Roger, esq., of his manor of 'Bryans beside wantynche,' of the yearly value of 14 marks, 'and the out charge thereof is but vj.d.'; with covenant to make estate thereof in fee simple; for this John shall pay 240 marks, viz., 120 marks at 'the delivere of the seisyne' and 120 'in the fest of Pentecost next.' 1 December, 35 Henry VI. English.
Endorsed:—Copia inde fienda pro Hungerford added et Bodenham.
[Sussex.] C. 4552. Grant by Gilbert atte Cruche and Juliana his wife to William de Wylesham son of Alan de Wylesham the younger and Maud his wife of 1½a. land in the parish of Wertlinge in a field called 'Penyesweld,' at 3½d. rent, viz. 2d. at Michaelmas and 1½d. at the feast of St. Martin in summer, for all services, castle-guard, &c.; for this William and Maud gave them 6s. 6d. beforehand. Esburnham, Sunday before St. Margaret, 30 Edward [I].
[Sussex.] C. 4553. Grant by John son of Alan de Tunyngelye of Wylesham to William his brother of all that land in the parish of Esburnham which lies between the road to John de Wylesham's house, &c., abutting on 'le Ham,' &c.; also of all that land in the same parish called 'Brech' between the wood (brocum) of the said John de Wylesham, &c., abutting on 'le Wellond,' &c.; rent ½d. at Christmas for all service; for this William gave him ½ mark beforehand in gersum.
[Cornwall.] C. 4554. Grant by John Gyddelegh, of Pleyton to Richard Raulyn of Porpyra, 'fyssher,' and Alice his wife of all his land, &c, in Furspark in the east part of Porpyra; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies at 6d. rent; with reversion if they die without issue to himself. Pleyton, Thursday the feast of the Annunciation, 5 Henry V. Two seals.
Memorandum endorsed, 13 April, 1632, that 'This deed was showen to William Mellow at the tyme of his examinacion.' Signed William Bastard; Walter Kendall.
Notts. C. 4555. Sale and release by William Ode, perpetual vicar of Lenton, executor of the testament of Robert Glade late of Notyngham, to Robert Strelley of Strelley, esquire, of a messuage in Notyngham in the street leading from Bridelsmythgate to 'Smythrowe' between the lane leading to 'Flesshouse,' &c; also of five cottages in Notyngham whereof four in 'Gosegate' and the other in 'Castelgate,' with 6a. land whereof 3a. in the field of Notyngham. on 'Goredwong,' and 3a. in the field of Radford. Witnesses:—William Tull, rector of a mediety of the church of Trowell, Richard Burton, rector of Bilburgh, and others (named). Saturday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 23 Henry VI. Seal.
Surrey. C. 4556. Demise by James Langhurst, John Skynner, John Hayward and John Bowerer to John Belde and Isabel his wife of a tenement with gardens in the borough of Reygate, a little garden excepted, for the term of the life of the said John and Isabel in survivorship. 4 July, 20 Edward IV. Four seals.
Notts. C. 4557. Grant by Richard Barker of Nottingham to Richard Meye of Sneynton of 7a. 1r. arable and meadow, in the lordship of Sneynton, viz. 2a. in 'le Swythens,' 1a. by 'Seint Maryhadland,' 2½a. on 'Longlandes' and la. on 'le Foxwaitclyffes,' and 3r. meadow in 'le Hammes.' Witnesses:—Thomas Bradmer, bailiff of Sneynton, and others (named). 29 April, 6 Edward IV.
[Norf.] C. 4558. Grant by William Dixson, clerk, to Thomas Baret the elder of Southbirlyngham, Henry Bagot of Norwich, gentleman, John Holler, gentleman, and Roger Dokkyng, of all the land, &c. in the towns, fields and marshes of Southbirlyngham, Beyghton, Hasyngham and Lyngwode or elsewhere in the hundreds of Blofeld and Walsham which he had by the feoffment of the said John Holler, William Richer, clerk, and Oliver Cubyt of Southwalsham. 18 January, 13 Henry VII. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 4559. Grant by Robert Houson of Barnolby to John Travers, chaplain, Walter Hervy, gentleman, Thomas Burgh, and Alan Hawardby of Wath, of a messuage in Wath called 'Grenethyng,' a croft there called 'Thorpcroft,' and 5½a. land and all the land, &c., in Wath which together with Robert Redhede of Barnolby, since deceased, he had by the gift of John Cosyn of Bryggesley. 3 June, 12 Edward IV. Seal.
[Cumberland.] C. 4560. Grant by John de Wilton, Robert de Wilton and Nicholas Preistmanson to John de Skelton, knight, of all their land, &c., called 'Ackysbyggynges' in Uldale. Witnesses:—William de Osmounder- lawe and Christopher de Curwen, knights, William de Denton, Thomas de Raghton and others (named). Uldale, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 10 Henry IV. Fragments of three seals.
[Suffolk.] C. 4561. Grant by William Choc of Donewich to Simon Folkerede of Istede, hamlet of Weyebrede, of eight pieces of arable and three pieces of meadow in Istede in fields called 'Snellescroft' and 'the Furlong' and abutting on the park (indaginem) of Weyebrede. Monday in Easter week, 15 Richard II.
[Devon.] C. 4562. Grant by John, prior of St. Mary Magdalen, Barn[asta- pole], and rector of the church of St. Peter there, with the consent of his fellow-monks, to Simon de la Barre, of a piece of land which belongs to the rectory of the church of St. Peter in the east part of the town of Lidewicheton; to hold during John's life, at the rent of a ginger-root at Easter, for all service; for this Simon gave him 3½ marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Bernard de la Boghe, mayor of Barn[astapole] and others (named). Monday the feast of St. Edward, king and martyr, 1 Edward II.
[Devon.] C. 4563. Grant by John, prior of St. Mary Magdalen, Barn[asta- pole] and the monks of the same, to Simon de la Barre and Thomas and Philip, his sons, begotten on Alice his wife, of a moiety of the whole land which Thomas de Pillande formerly held in 'la Cleylande,' which moiety brother Pasco (Pascasius) his predecessor, with the monks' consent demised to the said Simon for life only; to hold to the said Simon, Thomas and Philip for their lives, together and successively; rent 20d. for all service, save suit to their courts of 'la Hockeday' and Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Ralph Winemer, mayor of Barn[astapole] and others (named). Cf. C. 4562.
[Devon.] C. 4564. Bond by Robert Haywode of Barnestapol, 'cordener,' and William Joce of Taunton, 'marchaunt,' to Hugh Luyton, prior of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnestapol, and the convent of the same, in 46l. 13s. 4d., conditioned for the payment of the said sum at certain dates. 10 December, 27 Henry VI. Two seals, damaged.
Endorsed:—Robertus Garnon modo habet.
[Linc.] C. 4565. Grant by Thomas Elstan of Kyrketon to William Faukys of the same of a place of land in the town of Kyrketon in 'Kyrketonhenges,' abutting on land of Sir Thomas de Frampton. Monday before St. George, 'in the first year of the reign of king Edward son of king Edward of Carnarvan.'
N'hamp. C. 4566. Grant by John Lorymer, clerk, and John Walker of Cranesley to Robert Moiun, Thomas Chapman and William Petyfer, clerks, and Robert Petyfer of all the land, &c., in Cranesley and Lodyngton which they had jointly with William Tanfeld, Thomas Marten arid Henry Freman, since deceased, by the gift of Henry Bradschawe, vicar of Cranesley. The eve of St. Andrew, 5 Henry VII. Seal and fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 4567. Grant by William Martyn, of Newarke, 'wevar,' and William Martynson of the same, 'barker,' to John Lawe, clerk, Alexander Williamson and John Lesyngham, of a messuage in Apple- tongate of Newarke, between a messuage of the bishop of Lincoln and a messuage of William Crescy of Markham, which they had by the gift of William Welughby of Newarke now deceased. 30 July, 32 Henry VI. Seals.
[Devon.] C. 4568. Grant by William Coyta to John Lyviger of a curtilage in Lyvigeriston on the north of the road through the midst of the town of Lyvegeriston between the grange of John and the curtilage of Richard Schop; to hold of the chief lords of that fee, by the services due and accustomed, he claiming nothing further therein. Witnesses:— Andrew de la Leye, William Prouz of Wakeham, Robert Corbyn, John de Stoketon, John de Harweton. Lyvigeriston, the eve of Palm Sunday, 11 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 4569. Quitclaim by Hugh son of Ralph de Brocton to Ranulph le Bruyn of his right in all the land, &c. which Ralph has by the gift of John his brother in Burton. Witnesses:—Roger le Bruyn of Stapulford, Ranulph de Hulfeld, Robert de Overton, John de Hulfeld. Burton, Monday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 1339. Fragment of seal.
Westmd. C. 4570. Grant by Master Richard Morgan, vicar of Crosthwayte, and Thomas Mathewson, chaplain, to Lancelot Threlkeld, esq. son and heir of Lancelot Threlkeld, knt., and to Ellen, his wife, daughter of Thomas Radcliff, esq., of a tenement in the town of Amotbrig, in the tenure of Thomas Belenden; a tenement there in the tenure of Robert Sowerby; a tenement there in the tenure of John Harryson, the younger; a parcel of land and meadow called 'Crosseholmes' and 'Langholmes' in the tenure of the same John; a tenement there in the tenure of Thomas Harryson; a parcel of meadow there called 'le Swang' in the tenure of Sir William King; a tenement there in the tenure of Richard Lowes; a tenement and croft called 'Cragcrofte' and a parcel of land called 'le Twysils' in the tenure of the wife of John Harryson, the elder; a tenement there in the tenure of the wife of Hugh Sowles; a tenement there in the tenure of John Mesand; a tenement there in the tenure of John Banys; a tenement there in the tenure of William Banys; a parcel of meadow there called 'Pokeholme' in the tenure of William Bethom; a tenement there called 'Blak Ellers' in the tenure of Hugh Taliour of Penreth; a tenement there in the tenure of Patrick Paver; a tenement there in the tenure of Thomas Banys; a tenement there in the tenure of John Gibson, called 'le Brigplace'; a parcel of land called 'le Burgh Flatt' in the tenure of the wife of the said John Harryson, the elder, and Robert Newton; a watermill called 'le Poke Miln' in the tenure of William Bethom and Thomas Boone; a fulling-mill there in the tenure of Robert Walker and John Banys; also the free farm of the tenement of Richard Musgrave in Yanewyth, in the tenure of John Dogeson; a tenement there in the tenure of Gilbert You; a tenement there in the tenure of William Walker and a tenement destroyed (vast') there in the tenure of John Walker; which tenements, &c, they had by the feoffment of the said Lancelot Threlkeld, knt.; to hold to the said Lancelot and Ellen his wife and their issue male, with remainder in default to the said Lancelot Threlkeld, knt. and his heirs male for ever. Witnesses:—Thomas Sandford, John Flemyng, John Machell, the elder, John Machell, the younger, and William Lacon, esqs. and others (named). Amotbrig, 18 June, 12 Edward IV. Fragment of one seal.
[Dorset.] C. 4571. Grant by John, rector of Lydlynche, and William Mayne, chaplain, to Thomas Gele, son of Richard Gele of 'la Newlond,' of a messuage, with curtilage in Shaftesbury, in the parish of All Saints, which they had by the gift of Thomas Gele of Lydlynche. Tuesday after All Hallows, 9 Henry V. Seals, one with rush band.
[Bedford.] C. 4572. Quitclaim by Thomas Clay of Caldecote to William Cherleton and Simon Paxsweyn, chaplains, John Roo and Hugh Bysset, of his right in a cottage and 10a. land and meadow lying dispersed in Caldecote, which they have by the grant of William Fuloflove and Robert Waltham. Caldecote, 10 July, 5 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4573. Grant by John Stacy of Boddenho, the younger, to John Agu of Thornecote, and Agnes his wife, of 3a. land lying dispersed in the fields of Beston; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies begotten, with reversion in default to John Agu, his heirs and assigns. Thornecote, Thursday, the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 18 Edward III. Seal.
[Leic.] C. 4574. Demise by Robert Moton, knight, and Master William Spon, clerk, to James Ormond, knight, John Bellers, Reynold Moton, Richard Hotoft, William Mulso, Richard Danet and Richard Temple, son of Robert Temple of Sybbesdon, of a messuage and two and a half virgates of land in Sybbesdon, and a close called 'Thornyclose,' and a parcel of meadow called 'Holmesford,' with a place heretofore called 'Benet Place,' in Temple and Weylesburgh, which they had by the gift of the said Robert Temple; to hold to the said James and the others for the term of the life of the said Richard Temple with remainder after his decease to the right heirs of Robert Temple. Sybbesdon, 3 October, 19 Henry VI. Blank left for witnesses names.
Sussex. C. 4575. Conveyance by John Brode son and heir of Richard Brode to Richard Gardyner son of Thomas Gardyner of all the land, &c. in Horsham and Rowsparre which the said Richard Brode together with John Bouet, Nicholas Bouet and Robert Bouet had (habuimus) by the gift of the said Thomas. Rowsparre, 1 August, 23 Henry VI.
[Sussex.] C. 4576. Grant by Thomas atte Smythe son and heir of Richard atte Smythe late of Waldern to Richard Tannere of Lewes, John Theccher, John a Chambre and Thomas Loveston, of two fields of land called 'le Homfeld' and 'Estfeld' containing 13a. in the parish of Waldern within 'Marchallesgate' and two pieces of meadow containing 3a. 1r. adjacent to the said fields, and a course of running water from 'Redynbregge' to 'Mortemeresbregge,' which the said Richard atte Smythe, Richard Burton and Richard Kyng had by the gift of Stephen Walsshe and which descended to him after the death of the said Richard, his father, the survivor. 28 October, 3 Henry VII. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 4577. Grant by William Brampton, citizen and merchant of London, to Richard Stok of Seinte Marie Craye and Agnes bis wife, of the land, &c, which he had by the gift of Henry Frodyngham in the parish of Chellisfeld, in a place called Godyngton, viz. a messuage with garden and a small piece of land adjacent called 'Brounis,' all the land in 'Arnoldis Croft,' all his land by North Croft,' a shaw (shawa) called 'Byschawe' adjacent, all the land in 'Great Westfeld' and 'Little Westfeld,' and all the land near 'Haggedale' and 'Edmeneland'; to hold to them and the heirs of Richard. Chelisfeld, the feast of the Purification, 20 Richard II. Seal, damaged.
[Surrey.] C. 4578. Grant by John Sexteyn of Bredstrete, London, and Isabel his wife, late the wife of Ralph Broun, to Richard Mustel, 'joynour,' of a toft of land in Pekham, in the parish of Camerwell which Ralph and she (ego) formerly purchased of Richard Aylewyne and Sarah his wife; it extends from land called 'Goseland' to the high-street (stratam regiam), &c. 11 June, 8 Richard II. Seals.
Kent. C. 4579. Grant by James Fynis, knight, of co. Kent, Robert Berde of Sevenok, and John Tyherst the elder, to John Pycot of Tone- bregge, 'draper,' of a messuage in the borough of Tonebregge which together with Roger Goodmund of Tonebregge they had by the gift of the said John Pycot. 4 April, 27 Henry VI. Fragments of seals.
[Warw.] C. 4580. Certificate by William de Barewell and John Burnell that whereas for certain debates had between Sir William Breton, knight, and Thomas le Hore of Elmedon, Thomas stands bound to John de Catesby and Thomas Purefey by writing of Statute Merchant made in the Staple of Westminster in 40l. to be paid to the use of Sir, William; after the death of the said William [upon] treaty at Warwick between Joan late wife of the said William, executrix of his testa- ment, in the presence of Robert de Normanton, preceptor of Balshal, John de Catesby and themselves, as of her counsel, in the presence also of Nicholas, vicar of Wolricheston, Henry de Sydenhal and William Hopkyns, co-executors of the said testament; the said Thomas Hore came and put himself upon the ordinance of the said executors and others there of the counsel aforesaid; whereupon it was adjudged and granted by the said executors and others that the said writing of Statute should be annulled and that Thomas should release to the servants of the said Sir William actions of trespass and should pardon the soul of the said Sir William, and this before Michaelmas, 2 Richard II. All which is witnessed, &c. Sunday after the Nativity of St. Mary, 4 Richard II.
[Wilts.] C. 4581. Demise by Katharine Freebody late the wife of Walter Berton of Heyworth, to Walter Chapman of Wotton Basset and Alice his wife, of her dower in a third of the lands, &c, of the said Walter Berton at Privetheye in Wotton Basset for the term of her life, rendering therefore yearly to her 6s. 8d. Sunday after Michaelmas, 10 Richard II.
Berks. Oxford. Wilts. C. 4582. Indenture whereby Simon Raylethe and Joan his wife reciting that they hold the manors of 'Michelescourte' and 'Paynels- courte' and eight messuages, 110a. land and 26a. meadow in Burgh- wardescote and the advowson of the church of the same town, co. Berks, 4s. rent in Kelmescote, co. Oxford and a meadow called 'Denkeney,' co. Wilts, in her right after possibility of issue extinct, with reversion expectant to Richard Wyot, William Whappelade, William Everdon, clerk, Thomas Copmanford and Nicholas Clopton; and that they understand the said Richard and the others have granted the said reversion to Sir Robert Halome, bishop of Salisbury, Thomas Chaucer, John Golafre, Hamo Bealknapp, John Hurlegh, clerk, John Warfeld and Thomas Berdesle; notify that they have attorned to the said Robert and the others, for their fealty and 1d. 24 June, 5 Henry V.
Chester. Salop. Stafford. C. 4583. Indenture witnessing that Hugh Eggerton of the Wryme- hill, esq. has made his will, as follows:—He has enfeoffed Urian Eggerton, parson of Haselwall, Richard Weston, vicar of Madeley and John Yonge of Charnes with other late deceased, of all his land, &c, in 'the shirez of Stafford, Schrousbury and Chestre,' of inheritance or purchase, to the intent that they perform the same, viz., that they keep in their hands lands to the yearly value of 10l. to pay his debts and fulfil his bequests; that they grant an annuity to John Maisturson of 13s. 4d. out of his land, &c, in Wystanston, co. Chester, for life; his sons, Raufe, Rondull and Robert, to make no claim to his goods because he has granted each of them an annuity for life, wherefore Marget, his wife, is to have the disposition of his goods for life, with remainder to such of his sons 'as be not holpen by meyne or mareage or other wyse be my lyfe'; such money as he has of his sister Margere Lane, viz. 10 marks, as his wife knows, to be dis- posed for her husband's soul and hers 'to the makeyng of the Ile of Saynt Marie in Madeley,' and he bequeaths 10 marks to the same; his feoffees to make estate of the land, &c, remaining in their hands after the performance of his will to his heirs male to have according to his father's deed 'at his last wille made'; his cousins, Raufe Delves and John Aston, esqs., to be overseers. 'Yeven at Wrymehill,' 18 April, 1486. English.
Kent. C. 4584. Grant by Robert Joce of Stapilherst to Edmund Colet of Detlyng of a messuage, garden and two pieces of land in the parish of Stokbury; upon condition that Edmund pay him in the dwelling house of John Kynnot in Maideston 40s. on the day of St. Philip and St. James next. Stokbury, 29 October, 13 Henry VII. Blank at foot for witnesses. Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 4585. Counterpart of C. 4584.
[Lincoln.] C. 4586. Quitclaim by Alison late the wife of William Alanson of Wyfflyngham, widow, to Thomas Moigne, esquire, of her right in a messuage with a 'horsemeln' and croft in the Westend of Wyfflyngham (which she holds for her life by the grant of the said Thomas in exchange for a house and croft in the Estend of Wyfflyngham) and of her right in divers lands, meadows, pasture and 'morse' late of the said William. The feast of St. Nicholas, 1 Richard III. English.
[Norf.] C. 4587. Grant by Oliver Wyth, knight, to John le Miller of Dilham and the heirs of his body of ½r. 6p. land in Dilham; rent 1¼d. and two suits yearly to his court of Smalbergh, and ½d. to a scutage of 20s. Smalbergh, Monday after Michaelmas, 20 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 4588. Grant by John Codlyng of Clee to Thomas Moyne of Clee, John Fytill of Itterby, Adam Saresun of Grimesby and William Smyt of the same of all his land, &c. in the parish of Clee. Tuesday after St. Peter and St. Paul, 6 Henry IV.
[Bedford.] C. 4589. Counterpart of grant by Thomas Stacy of Beeston, lord of a moiety of the lordship of Beeston, to the master and fellows of the college of St. Mary of Northyevell that they, for eighty years next, may pasture with all manner beasts, &c., pigs, goats, and geese excepted, in his wastes, &c., of Beeston, reserving his own rights of pasture. 24 February, 7 Henry V. Fragment of ecclesiastical seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 4590. Quitclaim by John Pryme the elder, son of John Pryme the elder, Thomas Godfrey, John Pippill and Thomas Goodwyn to John Brasyer the elder of Thrippelow, the elder, of their right in the land, &c., with the liberty of a fold, lying dispersed in Thriplow which they had by the grant of the said Brasyer and of Thomas Hewyk, chaplain, since deceased. 3 August, 2 Henry VII. Fragments of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 4591. Letter of attorney by John Godeyer of Marleburgh and William Vaudy of Hanley, chaplain, to Simon Basell of Remmesbury to receive seisin of a tenement in Remmesbury opposite the rectory, &c. whereof they were enfeoffed by Henry Nikerpole and Edith his wife. Wycumbe, 11 July, 4 Richard II. Two seals.
[Glouc.] C. 4592. Counterpart of demise by Nicholas Newton to William Heyward the elder, Elizabeth his wife and John their son of the site of the manor of Downehatherlegh with demesnes, woods excepted, for the term of their lives in survivorship, at a yearly rent of 5 marks and 5s. 4d., doing suit to bis court there twice a year, heriot after the decease of each, &c.; they are to be quit of the office of collector of the rents of the said manor. 6 April, 17 Henry VII. Two seals.
Notts. C. 4593. Grant by William Burnham, of Newerk, 'baker,' and Richard Ballinger, of the same, 'roper,' to Lawrence Dawson, William Penythorn, William Jevyn, John Hoby, John Bek and John Darkyll, brethren of the gild of the feast of the Annunciation of St. Mary in Northgate by Newerk, of a place, built on, with a curtilage in Northgate by Newerk, on 'le Stathe' by the Trent, between the tenement of the said gild, &c. containing 14ft. by 17ft. and the curtilage 41ft. by 40ft., which place and curtilage they had by the gift of Henry Tofte and William Dey, the elder, together with Thomas Couper, John Mason and William Cade, since deceased; to hold to them and their heirs to the use of the said gild. Witnesses:—Robert Rawson, alderman of the gild of the Holy Trinity, Newerk. and others (named). The last day but one of February, 12 Henry VII.
[Herts.] C. 4594. Grant by Robert son of Richard de Meirstone to Sir Philip de Aillesbury and Margaret his wife of 20a. arable in a tillage called 'Offelshudde' near the land of the said Sir Philip and Margaret of Tyscote, extending towards Langedalebrigge. Witnesses:— Sir Thomas de Saukeville and others (named). 19 April, 17 Edward II. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 4595. Grant by Margery daughter of William de Thykenes of Betteleyg, widow, to Henry de Hulton, for his service of a burgage with buildings in the town of Betteleyg with curtilage and croft adjacent which she had by the gift of her father between the High Street of Betteleyg and the lane to Audeleyg, &c.; rent 1d. to the chief lord of the fee, for all service. Witnesses:—John de Thykenes and Adam le Corviser, bailiffs, and others (named). Tuesday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 1317.
Herts. C. 4596. Quitclaim by Robert Sheppard of Balardeslane in Fyncheley, co. Middlesex, to John Hill and William Smyth of his right in a messuage, 160a. land, 40a. wood and 13s. 4d. rent in Taterigge late of John Gladwyn of Taterigge, which he, jointly with the said John and William, had by the gift of Joan Osbern, widow, one of the daughters and heirs of the said John Gladwyn. 22 May, 15 Henry VII.
[Hants.] C. 4597. Counterpart of C. 4516.
[Sussex.] C. 4598. Grant by Ralph Prinkele of Wertlinge to Katharine his daughter of 3a. land in Assehbourneham called 'Hegelond'; to hold to her and her issue, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs. Wertlinge, 6 January, 36 Edward III.
[Notts.] C. 4599. Grant by William More, clerk, son and heir of Roger More of Newerk, to Margery More late the wife of the said Roger, William Wroo, chaplain, and Thomas Mytton of Newerk, 'carpenter,' of 1r. arable in the fields of Newerk and Northgate by Newerk upon 'Chapelfurlong,' which Roger, his father, had by the gift of Robert 'in the Wylows' of Northgate and William his son. Tuesday after St. Thomas the Martyr, 19 Henry VI. Seal.
[Somors.] C. 4600. Counterpart of demise by Oliver, prior of Staverdall, and the convent of the same, to John Strode and Katharine his wife of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d., issuing from 12a. arable and 7a. meadow, of the land and meadow of the church of Wyncaulton, whereof 5a. arable lie in the field of Cherlton, on 'Chedelynche,' between land of Sir John Fereys, and 7a. called 'Sevenacres' in the east field of Wyn- caulton, extending on Thornwell, &c.; which land and meadow Margaret Russell holds for life; with the reversion thereof expectant on her decease; to hold the said rent and reversion to the said John and Katharine for the term of their lives in survivorship; rent to the prior and convent 13s. 4d. Witnesses:—Sir William Modeford and others (named). Staverdall, in the Chapter House, Monday before St. Gregory the Pope, 5 Henry IV.