Deeds: C.5401 - C.5500

Pages 217-230

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.5401 - C.5500

[Dorset.] C. 5401. Quitclaim by Alice relict of William Scherer of Weymuthe and executrix of his testament to Richard Barbour of Weymuthe of her right, both in her own right and in dower, in a tenement with place of land and curtilage within the liberty of Weymuthe in the high street on the south side, &c. Certified under the seal of office of the bailiffs of Weymuthe. We Henry Palmere and Hugh Badikoc, bailiffs, at Alice's personal request, have caused our seal of office to be affixed. Witnesses:—Robert Lang, Master William Taunton, parson of the church of Wyk, Philip Attewelle, and others (named). Wednesday the feast of St. Clement the Pope, 36 Edward III. Fragments of seals.
[Berks.] C. 5402. Grant by Richard de Bleburi to Bartholomew Aylward of Westhakeburn of 1a. arable in the fields of Westhakeburn situate as described; rent, a clove at Michaelmas; for this Bartholomew gave him 3½ marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Walter de Lacton, Richard le Wohelare, and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 5403. Grant by John Pydehele to John Lyvegher of Lygiston of a messuage, a ferling and 4a. land in Lygiston which he had by the gift of Henry Batyn. Witnesses:—William Judda, Simon Barry of Aveton, and others (named). Thursday after the Epiphany, 9 Henry IV.
[Sussex.] C. 5404. Grant by William Gille of Porteslad to John Licas, vicar of Porteslad, and John Ysak of the same of all his land, &c. in Porteslad and Suthwyk. Monday, the Translation of St. Benet, the Abbot, 2 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] C. 5405. Grant by Adam Ordrich son of Gilbert Ordrich of Ifeud to Jordan de Langele for his service and 5s. in gersum of an acre of land and meadow in the parish of Ifeud in the west part of a field of Henry Isabel which is called 'le Dichefeld,' between 'Prestewode,' land called 'Strutingfeld' &c.; to hold, &c. except house of religion and the Jewry; rent, 2½d. at the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, for all service. Witnesses:—Richard de Westone, Gilbert de Eworthe, Osbert de Craule the clerk, and others (named). Endorsed, Carta de Strowtyngges . . . .
[Berks.] C. 5406. Grant by John Coventre and Richard Wynde to Agnes Grene, widow, relict of Thomas Grene of Esthanney, of two tenements with two yards (virgis) of land and meadow adjacent in East Hanney, called 'Forsherdes' and 'Erlyches,' which they had by the gift of the said Thomas; to hold to her for life with remainder to Emota, Thomas' sister. 3 July, 9 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Cambridge.] C. 5407. Grant by William son of Alan of Tripelowe to Richard his brother of 1a. land at 'Bridhou' for Richard's homage and service, so that neither his wife in name of dower, nor any of his, can claim any- thing in it, except service due; rent, 2d.; for this Richard gave him 20s., and to his wife a cloak (supertunicale) besides other gifts and goods which Richard conferred on him and his in their needs. Witnesses:—John brother of the archdeacon, and others (named).
Endorsed, Walterus Clerke.
[Lincoln.] C. 5408. Grant by Robert Broun, burgess of Grimesby, to Robert de Kayuell of Germthorp, of a place of land with houses thereon in the town of Grimesby in Welhougat, situate as described. Witnesses:— William de Herwik, mayor of Grimesby, Thomas Sicot and Robert Littester, bailiffs of the same, Peter de Alsham of the same and Thomas atte Bek, bailiff of Welhougat, and others (named). Michaelmas, 1361.
Essex. C. 5409. Indenture between John . . . . of Harlowe, co. Essex, 'gentylman' and Joan his wife of the one part, and William Dinbeler [their] servant and Joan [his wife] of the other, witnessing that William and Joan have granted to John and Joan that Thomas [their son] shall serve the said John and Joan for twenty years next, &c. Herlowe, 20 November, 1 Richard III.
[Wilts.] C. 5410. Grant by Robert Stormy of Segree to Thomas de la Gotere of Malmesbur' of his tenement in the town of Brokeneberwe with curtilages, &c., four cottages, &c., also of a virgate of arable in the fields there; for this Thomas gave him 100 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—John de Segree, William de Wottone, John Bluet, and others (named). Segree, Sunday after the feast of St. Matthias, 4 Edward II.
Essex. C. 5411. Grant by William Baldewyn the elder of Westhamme and Edward Gater of Stratford L[angthorne] to William Chapman the elder and Richard Danyell the elder of Westhamme of 3a. pasture with walls, &c. in Westhamme, in a field called 'le Lake,' which they had by the gift of Roger Burge . . . .; the charter indented and seisin had thereon to be void if Baldewyn pay 6l., viz. 40s. to Chapman and to Danyell . . . . before Midsummer, in the church of . . . . Dated . . . ., 19 Edward IV.
[Norfolk.] C. 5412. Grant by Robert de Erpingham and Ralph son of John son of Simon of Erpingham to John atte Cherche (ad Ecclesiam) of Calthorp and Andrew son of William atte Cherche (ad Ecclesiam) of Calthorp, chaplain (capcllano), of the whole residue of that tenement in Calthorp which they formerly acquired of Andrew and Andrew of the said John (atte Cherche), which residue contains a moiety thereof except the other moiety which they granted before to the said John (atte Cherche) his heirs and assigns, to wit, a moiety of a close (incluse) called 'Bernardisinhom,' and a moiety of three pieces of land, of 5a., two at 'Bernardis Ryde' and the third at 'Bernardisyhate, situate as described; to hold to them and the heirs of Andrew; attorney to deliver seisin, Roger le Tanur of Erpingham. Erpingham, Monday the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 11 Edward II. Witnesses:— Sir Walter de Calthorp, and others (named). Cf. C. 5503.
[Cambridge.] C. 5413. Grant by John le Sauser of Trippelowe to Walter Clerk (clerico) of the same for his homage and service and for 32s. in gersum of 3r. land in the field of Trippelowe, viz. in 'Vestfeld,' situate as described; rent, 1d. Witnesses:—Sir William de Dunham, chaplain of Trippellowe, and others (named).
[Herts.] C. 5414. Grant by John . . . of Wygenton to Sir Philip de Ailles[bury] of 4d. yearly rent which he used to receive from John Godfelawe of Aldebury for land John held of him [there] with escheats, &c. thereto belonging. Witnesses:—John le Sominour of Berkhamstede, and others (named). Aldebury, Monday the feast of St. Benet, 10 Edward II. Seal.
[Derby.] C. 5415. Grant by Nicholas son of Hugh de Wermondiswrht to Roger de Draycot, clerk, and Joan, Roger's daughter, for their homage and service, of a moiety of his whole manse (mansionis) in Breydiston towards the north, by bounds (divisas) made between him and them, with his ox-house (boveria) there and 66a. arable in the territory of the same town, situate as described; also of all his meadow in 'Northmedue' with 'le Brodedole' in 'Wellesiche,' in 'Westyrmedue' and 'Hullymedue,' as it can be divided best by perches or roods; also of free pasture for sixteen beasts and common of pasture for sheep; to hold to them for the term of their lives in survivorship; rent, 1d. at Whitsuntide, for all service, saving foreign service, to wit, scutage of the king. Witnesses:—William Teverey of Eyton, Simon Pouger, and others (named). Seal (a double-headed eagle displayed) with legend, sigillv . secreti . thome .
[Bedford.] C. 5416. Grant by Richard Franc' of Buddenho to Robert Perceyl of Thornecote and Emma his wife for their service and for 47s. before- hand of 1½a. land in the field of Bustone, situate as described; rent, 2½d. Witnesses:—Simon Blundel, John Torold, Eborard de Bustone, Henry de Thornec'.
[Sussex.] C. 5417. Writing by Michael, prior of St. Mary of Merton, co. Surrey, and the convent of the same, reciting that John Blakstok and Maud his wife hold of them, for her life, the land in the marsh of Pevenesh' which formerly was of Nicholas le Holt, with reversion thereof expectant to them; which land Maud, Nicholas and all other tenants thereof held of them by 10s. yearly and heriot and relief when they happen, beyond memory of man; they ratify the estate of John and Maud therein to hold to them, their heirs and assigns for ever, doing therefor the said ancient rents, and services. Merton, Lady Day, 13 Henry IV.
[Bedford.] C. 5418. Grant by William de Pursleye to William son of Robert de Faldho, for his service and fealty (feoditate) and 12d. beforehand in gersum, of ½a. land in 'Payshullefelde,' situate as described; rent, 1d. Cf. C. 3110.
[Dorset.] C. 5419. Grant by Robert Hux of Brideport to Master John de Brideport the Leche (medico) of all the land which he had of Roger son and heir of Thomas Hux, in the South street of Brideport, between land formerly of Richard Felaghe and Ralph le Machun; for this John gave him 2½ marks beforehand. Witnesses:—John Skyberd, Peter de Ramesham, and others (named).
[Bucks.] C. 5420. Grant by Robert Hauek of Messeworth and Maud his wife to Walter de Rudham of a piece of land at the end of their garden in the town of Messeworth and in their croft outside the garden; rent, a clove at Michaelmas; warranty against all men and women, Christians and Jews. One seal with legend, s . rob'ti . havec .
[Staff.] C. 5421. Grant by Robert de Grafton to William son of William Cotyn of Madeley and Margery daughter of William de Munworth, William's wife, of all the land which he had by the gift of Richard de Grafton, his father, in the fee of Madeley, situate as described; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the next heirs of William Cotyn. Madeleyg under Lyme, Wednesday the morrow of Innocents, 10 Edward II.
[Bedford.] C. 5422. Grant by John le Child of Buston to Geoffrey Flint of Suthmolin, his brother, of 1r. land in Buston, next the road from 'le Hach' to 'Northyvele,' &c. Monday after St. Gregory the Pope, 33 Edward [I].
[Notts.] C. 5423. Grant by Philip de Stretleg to Geoffrey son of Roger, for his homage and service, of a bovate of land in Stretleg, that, to wit, which Hugh Gineu held of the fee of Brocoluestoue; rent, 3d. Witnesses:—Thomas de Henouere, Herbert Torkard, and others (named).
Berks. Oxford. Wilts. C. 5424. Indenture whereby John Compton the elder, David Whitchurche and William Marche, reciting that Simon Raylethe and Joan his wife, late wife of Thomas atte Water, hold for her life, in fee tail after possibility of issue extinct, manors, &c. as in C. 4582 as by fine levied in the octave of the Purification, 8 Henry IV, appears, with reversion thereof expectant to them the said John, David and William, by grant of the said Richard (sic) and attornment of the said Simon and Joan, grant the said reversion to Richard Wyot, William Whappelade, William Everdon, clerk, Thomas Copmanford and Nicholas Clopton. Witnesses:—Peter de Besyls, knight, John Golafre, Robert Andrewe, John Schotesbroke, John Isburye, esquires. 10 April, 5 Henry V. One seal.
[Notts.] C. 5425. Chirograph indented being a licence by Geoffrey de Stretteleya at will, during pleasure, to Adam de Cossale to make a small hedge (unum parvum sepe) on his land at a breach (ad quoddam breccum) of the stank of Brocceshale, towards the north, to preserve his fish; so that Adam in no way raise the said stank without his leave. Witnesses:—Stephen de Brccolvest', John Passeys, and others (named).
[Lincoln.] C. 5426. Grant by John Tomlynson of Ittreby, otherwise styled John Mayson, to Thomas Moigne and John Deen of Clee, of a dole of meadow lying in Cokmaar' in the fields of Clee, situate as described. 6 December, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 5427. Inspeximus and confirmation by William son of Nicholas de Henouere of a charter (set out) whereby Hugh de Canonicis grants to Sir Robert de Stretley, and Elizabeth his wife a toft in the territory of Watenowe in a place called 'le Brocbresting' at a peppercorn rent. Witnesses to grant:—Robert de Watenowe, Robert de Kinmarley, Adam de Cossale, and others (named). Witnesses to inspeximus:— Sir Ranulf de Wandesl', Sir Geoffrey de Stapilford, John Passeys, and others (named). Seal.
[Chester.] C. 5428. Grant by Richard son of Robert de Wyninton by Maud de Wilberham (per Matild', &c. genitus) to Roger son of Medda (filio Medde) of Northwich (Norwyco), of a salt work (salinam) in the town of Northwich, that, to wit, which Richard de Condale formerly had; rent, 3s. Witnesses:—Ralph de Vernon, Thomas de Lostock, William de Bostock, Rand' de Berchinton, Rand' de Horton, Hugh le Harper, and others (named).
[Oxford.] C. 5429. Grant by Walter le Pol of Sydeham to Richard de Norton of a half-virgate of land with a messuage in Sydeham, which Ralph Belle formerly held of Ralph his father, situate as described; rent, 1d. at Easter for all service. Witnesses:—Ralph Grimbaud, Roger de la Mare, William de Hybeston, William Saufage, Roger Wiltus.
[Wilts.] C. 5430. Grant by John le Yonge to Cecily Rasel, late the wife of John Rasel of 'la Forde' by Bedewynd, of all the land in Remesbury which he had by the gift of the late Margaret atte Beche; to hold for her life. Witnesses:—Thomas de Temese, and others (named). Thursday after St. Simon and St. Jude, 47 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 5431. Grant by John son and heir of William atte Birches, clerk (clerici), to Richard de Caldeford, chaplain, of all his land in 'le Muchele Orchardefeld' in Solyhull with 16d. rent which he used to receive from William son of Thomas atte Chircheyard for a tenement in Solihull, in exchange for a field of land called 'Bylremor' by 'le Roughwode lone' and all Richard's land in 'Crabbewallefeld.' Thursday after Michaelmas, 28 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 5432. Grant by Robert son of Robert Freman of Buslingthorp to William Wyles of Wiffelingham of a toft and croft with buildings thereon in Wiffelingham, and a half-bovate of land to the said toft adjacent, VI Id. October, 1333.
[Dorset.] C. 5433. Grant by Mabel late the wife of John Richeman of Athelyngton, widow, to Sir William de Riseberge, chaplain, of a messuage with curtilage in the south street of Brideport in 'Rothemeslane'; for this William gave her 4 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Adam de Larkestoke and Peter Prest, bailiffs, Stephen Cloderigch, and others (named). Monday before St. Math', Apostle, 17 Edward II.
[Notts.] C. 5434. Grant by Walter, prior of Felley (Fella), and the canons of the same, to Hankerus son of William of Boneye of that meadow which his father gave them in pure alms called 'Kalepoledole; to have and hold to him and his heirs rendering therefor yearly to the house of Felley, 3s. under pain of ½ mark. He, Hanckerus, swore on the gospels that the said meadow shall in no way be removed (elongga- bitur) from the beforenamed house, by gift, sale, or pledge, or otherwise; warranty to the said Hangkerus (Hangkero) and his heirs as much as (tantum) the giver and his heirs can warrant them (nos). Witnesses:—Ralph de Frechervile, William de Scefeut, William Torkart, Ralph de Brademer, William Ponyne. Endorsed, . . . Hellepolledole.
[Staff.] C. 5435. Indenture of demise by . . . to . . . of 4a. 1r. in Waterfal for twelve years from Lady Day, 5 Edward III.
Notts. C. 5436. Demise by William de Mekisburg of Notingham to Richard de Gotham of the same and Maud his wife of two parts of a messuage formerly of Cecily de Akerres in Greatsmithgate (vico magnorum fabrorum) of Notingham, extending from the highway to the town ditch, &c. which he had by extent of a statute merchant for 4l. wherein the said Cecily was bound to him; to hold from All Hallows, 15 Edward II, for thirty years; rent, 2s. Witnesses:— Robert de Crophull, mayor of Notingham, Ralph le Taverner and John de Driffeld, bailiffs of the same, and others (named).
[Herts.] C. 5437. Grant by . . . son of Godard de [Ta]terege to Thomas his son of all his land in the town of [Tate]reg with a messuage which formerly was of Geoffrey son of the priest (presbiteri) which land and messuage Alvecia daughter of Estmund gave him for his service; to hold to him and his heirs, &c. rendering yearly the service due and accustomed to the lord bishop of Ely and royal service when it happen. Witnesses:—Richard Godyer, and others (named).
[Hants.] C. 5438. Grant by Walter le Munek to Dame Joan de Harnhulle of 3a. in the fields of Penitun Meysi, situate as described; for this she gave him 40s. beforehand in gersum. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de Foxcote, knight, William de Meyse, parson of Wye, John, parson of Meisi, Robert Duredent, Stephen the clerk. Seal with legend, s . walteri . le . monec.
C. 5439. Grant by William Stafford to Robert Warde of Kyngeston of a messuage called 'Redl. dys,' and 15a. land and meadow anciently belonging, lying dispersed in the town and fields of Kyngeston, which he had by the gift of Thomas Couper, William Pernell and Cicily Pernell. 20 July, 22 Edward IV.
[Suff.] C. 5440. Grant by Adam le Chapman (mercator), son of Robert Ayloft of Aketone, and Ida his wife, to Robert the chaplain of Wo . . . ertone, for his homage and service, of a messuage with houses thereon in the town of Aketon in the field called 'le Morfeld' between the messuage of Gilbert Gyl and the land of Amice de le Mor abutting on the way from Binera to Flexmere and the . . . of Baldwin de Stokes; rent to Baldwin de Stokes, 12d. at Michaelmas, St. Andrew, Easter and Midsummer. Witnesses:—Sir John de Hude- bovil, John [his] son, James de Hudebovil, Gilbert Thoke, and others (named).
[Kent.] C. 5441. Grant by John de Lychepole to Sir Ralph de Hever and Hawys, Ralph's wife, of his manor of Hever except an acre of meadow and a bridge on the north of the mill which formerly was Sir Stephen de Penicestre's for their service; to hold to them and their assigns, doing to the chief lords the services due; also grant that if the heirs of the said Sir Ralph (Rad militis) have paid to the same Ralph or his assigns 100 marks within half a year after Ralph's decease, unless the said Ralph and Hawys have not before alienated the said manor, the whole manor aforesaid may revert after the death of the said Ralph and Hawys to the heirs aforesaid of the said Ralph de Hever; but if the payment be not made within half a year of Ralph's decease, if he die before the said Hawys, the whole manor shall remain to the said Ralph and Hawys and their assigns without any contradiction of Ralph's heirs; licence to the said Ralph and Hawys to do their pleasure with houses, gardens, moors, turbaries and woods. Witnesses:— Reynold de Cobeham, Henry de Apulturfeud, Robert de Stanigrave, and others (named).
Notts. C. 5442. Quitclaim by Hugh son of Henry de Stretleia to Simon de Basefort and Cecily his wife of all right and all plaint which he had against them of a bovate of land in Stretleie whereof a plea was between them in the county of Nothingham; for this they gave him 14s. Witnesses:—Sampson de Stretleia, Walter his son, Robert de Sumervill, Walter de Estweit, Henry de Hukenhale, and others (named).
C. 5443. Grant by Robert ate Nouere to Robert de Ocheye of two selions of land in 'le Nouerescrofte' between 'le Walmedue' and 'le Newemedue' in length and in width between land of Huldeburg ate Nouere on either side; rent, ½d. at Michaelmas, for all service; for this Robert gave him 10s. beforehand. Witnesses:— Geoffrey Bate, William de Ocheye, Ellis de Benhale, Nicholas Veysent, Thomas Maudut. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 5444. Grant by Thomas Knipil of Pipe (Pipa) to Nicholas son of Thomas, of a croft extending from his garden to the leat (ductum) of Pipe; rent, 1d.; for this Nicholas gave him 6s. Witnesses:— Richard, lord of Pipe, Thomas de Aula, Thomas Venatore, Thomas de Linton, John Stingil, William Bungi, John Mabeli. Endorsed, De terra Knypel.
Kent. C. 5445. Grant by Sampson Baily of 'la Doune' to John Fox and Joan his wife of the same of a messuage with a garden and a half at 'la Doune,' situate as described; also grant to them of a croft called 'Rolfiscroft' [there]. The feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 4 Henry IV. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 5446. Grant by Geoffrey son of Geoffrey of Strelley to Robert his son of all his land, &c. in Strelley, Bilbourg and Trowell; to hold to the said Robert and the heirs of his body, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Strelley, Sir John de Ansley, Sir Roger de Morteyn, Sir Thomas de Stapilford, Walter, rector of Strelley, Adam de Cossale, William de Bella Aqua, Robert de Riseley, Roger de Strelley.
[Staff.] C. 5447. Grant by John son of . . . de Ber . . . to Geoffrey de Somervile of a croft formerly Stephen le Marshal's (Marescall) between land of Roger Smith (fabri) and the highway to Betilewe church with appurtenances and easements to the said town of Bettilew belonging both in the meadows of Welmedewe and . . . uwe and others, for 10s. which Geoffrey gave him in his need; rent to the chief lord of Bettilew, 6d. Witnesses:— Sir William de Fenton, rector of Audithel', William de Wrime, William de Thyckenes, William Hirnenetus, and others (named).
Notts. C. 5448. Grant by Richard de Mampton and Cecily his wife to John de Brigeford of a curtilage without the ditch of Notingeham. Witnesses:—. . . de Walton, mayor of Notingham, William de Crophull and Walter de Walton, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Wednesday after St. . . . ., 21 Edward III. Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the 17th roll of the court held there. . . .
[Herts.] C. 5449. Grant by John de Belynden and Lucy his wife to Sir Robert de Kaynes, knight, for his service and 17s. in gersum of 1a. land in the east field of Bettelowe on 'Lutlebenehul' between land of Sir Geoffrey de Lucy and land of Ralph le Chanun; rent, 1d. at Michaelmas for all service, save foreign service. Witnesses:— Ralph de Meryston, Robert de Chetyngdon, and others (named). Cf C. 5513.
[Sussex.] C. 5450. Grant by John de Gatewic to Walter son of Dudeman, for his homage and service, of all the land which William de Merca and Alice his wife held of him in the parish of Yfeld, to wit [which] is called the land of Heliet; rent, 14d.; for this Walter gave him 4s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Hugh de Evewuithe, Robert Bonet of Yfeld, and others (named).
[Staff.] C. 5451. Grant by John le Coudre to Robert son of Gregory of Baltredel'g of a place of land extending from the heath (bruher') of Balterdel'g to 'le marlar' of the said John, &c.; rent, ½d. at Michaelmas (ad festum sancli Michahelis major'); for this Robert gave him 2s. beforehand.
[Staff.] C. 5452. Demise by William son of Walter of Bettylee to Hugh son of Rose of Bettylee of a messuage with curtilage and croft in Bettylee in length from the street to 'Wintercroft,' &c. for six years from Lady Day, 1325; for this Hugh gave him 20s. beforehand; Hugh is to be prefered purchaser by 4s. if he wish to sell. Witnesses:— William de Thekenes, Adam son of Geoffrey, William son of Thomas, John de Thekenes, Gregory son of William, bailiffs.
[Sussex.] C. 5453. Grant by Thomas de Barmby, late parson of Rothewell, . . . and John Overton to Thomas la Warre, clerk, of the manor of Middelton. Witnesses:—John Hall, John Everley, John Fourby of Isefelde, Richard Pruffote, Robert Pruffote. Middelton, 15 July, 2 Henry V. Two seals.
[Sussex.] C. 5454. Copies on parchment of (1):—Grant by William le Marshal (Marescallus) to Richard le Sotor of a . . . in the parish of Waldirne on either side the water of Heldemelne by the road from Waldirne church to Prestele, &c.; rent, 18d. (2). Quitclaim by John le Mareschal of the parish of Waldirne to Walter le Sorder of a tenement and piece of land in Walderne which Walter acquired by the gift of Gerard att Th . . . of the parish of Erlyngton. Waldyme, Sunday after St. Barnabas, 17 Edward II.
[Essex.] C. 5455. Chirograph indented. Be it known to all, &c. that Peter son of Hubert de Loshey has recognized all the land which he held of the fee of Joye (de feodo Joye) in the town of Bolemere of Ralph de Grendon to be the right of the same Ralph and all the service which others holding of him of the same fee have done to him; for this recognisance (recongnicione) the said Ralph granted to Peter to hold the said land for life, so that he cannot give, sell or pledge it in the Jewry or in house of religion nor elsewhere whereby Ralph and his heirs be losers &c.; for this Peter gave Ralph 20s. Witnesses:—William de Ponte, Reynold de Binesleg', William de Gouis, John de Binesleg', Richard son of Geoffrey, Adam de Hompache, William Gosse, William the tailor (cissore), William son of Gerald, and Henry who made this writing.
[Kent.] C. 5456. Grant by Robert Polayn, citizen of Canterbury, to Thomas Halys of a shop with garden adjacent, in the parish of St. Peter of Canterbury in 'Seyntpetryslane,' between Thomas' messuage, &c.; which shop, &c. he lately purchased of John Colley, clerk, Thomas Bedel, goldsmith, and his son John. Monday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 3 Henry VI. Witnesses:—John Foxhunte and William Chilton, bailiffs of Canterbury, William Lane, alderman of the ward of Westgate, and others (named).
[Bucks.] C. 5457. Grant by William Janekyns to William le Clerk of Walde- rugge of 1½a. meadow in 'le Westmede' in the parish of Astounsaunford. Tuesday before St. Clement, . . .
[Kent.] C. 5458. Grant by Henry son of Roger Kynot of the parish of Goutherst to Richard son of Richard Bakere of the same of all the land in a place called 'Rouland' which descended to him after the decease of the said Roger his father and of Peter Kynot brother of the said Roger lying next a common (comunem) called 'Kelwedoune.' Goutherst, Sunday before the Epiphany, 15 Richard II. Witnesses:— Roger Twysden and others (named).
Notts. C. 5459. Quitclaim by Stephen le Flemyng to . . . of a place in . . . Notyngham [between] the selds of the drapers of Notyngham. . . . Witnesses:—John le Palmere, . . ., . . . 5 Edward II.
[Kent.] C. 5460. Grant by Margaret de Penecestr' for her soul's health to Sir William, chaplain of the chapel of Penecestr' within the manor, of ½a. meadow, called 'Estmed' between land of the said chapel, &c.; to hold to him and his successors; rent . . . [in the said] chapel, 2lb. wax at Christmas, for all service. Witnesses:—Richard Dubel, William de Swartlingerug, and others (named).
[Wilts.] C. 5461. Grant by Joan Haukyns, relict of Ralph Tayllour, to William Kyng of Remmesbury of 1r. arable in the south [field] of Remmesbury, which she had by the gift of John Remmesbury her brother, situate as described. Witnesses:—Thomas Temese, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Bartholomew, . . .
[Lincoln.] C. 5462. Grant by Gilbert Snette of Thoresby to John son of P . . . de Wath of his right in two selions of arable in the field of Wath, situate as described. Tuesday in Easter week, 16 Richard II.
[Kent.] C. 5463. Grant by John son of William de . . . edenne to Michael Colyn and Katharine his wife of a piece of his land of the tenure of the heirs of Ralph de Hevere in the town of Hevere; for this they gave him 40s. beforehand. Sunday after St. Hilary, 9 Edward II.
[Warw.] C. 5464. Grant by Roger de Blyth to William de Bagessleu of an enclosure from the moor which lies (incrementum mori jacentis) between the park of Sustok and the highway to Blyth, which enclosure William de Chanele formerly held of him, with bounds, ditches and hedges belonging to the said tenement, so also that the said William shall hold the said increment in all season of the year enclosed (in clusum), &c. for 4s. which William gave him beforehand; rent, 1d.
[Chester.] C. 5465. Quitclaim by William, lord of Alsacher, to Robert de Bulkylegh of his right in the three messuages with land, fisheries, &c. which he before demised to the said Robert for twenty years; warranty thereof to the said Robert, his heirs and assigns against all mortals. Alsacher, Sunday after the Nativity of St. Mary 2 [Edward III].
[Bedford.] C. 5466. Grant by William the cook (cocus) of Nortgewele to Roger Franciscus and Maud his wife for their service and for 20s. beforehand of 5r. land in the field of Buston, situate as described; rent, to him and his heirs, a peppercorn at Christmas, and to the chief lords of the fee, 2d. as contained in the charter of feoffment which Roger has in his possession, viz.,to Richard Franciscus of Stretton 1d. at Easter, and to Hugh Richedis 1d. at Michaelmas.
[Staff.] C. 5467. Grant by Richard de Verney to Thomas son of Simon Cotim (sic) of a place of land in a field called 'Perysheye' in the fee of Madeleg' in length from the wood of John Hod to the bounds of Onileg'. Witnesses:—Nicholas Cotin, Richard de Camera, and others (named).
[Dorset.] C. 5468. To all, &c. John de Berewyk, greeting. Whereas certain covenants (conventiones) were discussed (prelocute) before Sir John de Bello Campo and William de Blaneford at Merstone Magna, Sunday in Mid Lent, 11 Edward [I], between Robert de Gouyz and himself, so that (ita tamen quod) he should demise and grant to the said Robert by his writing all the lands and tenements which he had in Wynterborne Nicholestone by the demise of Margaret late the wife of Robert de Bosco; which covenants he fully acknowledges (recognosco) by these presents to hold and fulfill to the said Robert and to deliver to the said Robert the writings in his custody touching the said tene- ments and to make and deliver sufficient writings thereof except warranty (preter garentyam). If it happen him to contravene those covenants he grants that 100s. be levied from his goods and chattels by the executors of the affairs (executores negociorum) of the Holy Land for the subsidy of the same Holy Land. Dated at Mershtone Magna, the Sunday and year aforesaid.
[Devon.] C. 5469. Grant by Pasco (Paschasius), prior of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnstaple, and the monks of the same to Reynold the hayward (messori), for his homage and service, of 40ft. land, in length between the messuage which Matthew made and land of Reynold the cook, and is 40ft. in width from the highway to their land; rent, 12d., doing the services due as other their free burgesses of Bouteport do; if in mercy, to be quit for 4d., &c.; they and their successors to be preferred purchasers, &c.
[Kent.] C. 5470. Grant by Ralph ate Watere of Chidyngestone to Ralph de Hevre, knight, of a croft of land called 'Hokfeld,' as enclosed, containing 3a. land in Hevre.
[Staff.] C. 5471. Grant by Edith daughter of Robert de Lecke, widow, to Thomas de Thikenes of Betteley of a messuage and four places of land within the lordship . . . situate as described between the park of Heleye, &c. Monday after the feast of St. Gregory, thirty . . . Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Essex. C. 5472. Quitclaim by Margaret late the wife of Roger son of John the clerk (clerici) of Neuport, co. Essex, to William the goldsmith (aurifabro) of Neuport and Alice his wife of her right by way of dower after the death of the said Roger in a place of land with a house thereon which they had by the gift of the said Roger in the town of Widiton. Neuport, Monday after St. Gregory the Pope, 27 Edward [I].
[Sussex.] C. 5473. Grant by Roger son and heir of Anfrid de Baddyngmer to Richard le Rabbe, for his service and fealty, and for 32s. 6d. in gersum of a field of land called 'Istcastel' and 'Westcastel' between the road from Horsam to the wood called 'Nicholeswode,' &c. in the parish of Horsam; rent, 4d. on Michaelmas eve. Witnesses:—William de Bonwyk, and others (named).
[Leic.] C. 5474. Grant by Adam son of Roger de Herdebi to Hugh his son for his homage and service, of a toft with croft in the town of Herdebi and all his meadow at 'Standard' in the meadows of Herdebi; rent, 3d. at Michaelmas, 3d. at Christmas and a pair of gloves (unas cirothecas) at Easter. Witnesses:—Master William, rector of Herdebi, and others (named).
[Derby.] C. 5475. Sale, grant and confirmation by Robert son of Simon de Macworthe to Robert son of William le Vavasur of Schippeleg of 1r. land in the territory of Macworth, to wit, the rood which lies on 'Hertishevid' between land of Emma late the wife of Hugh le Low of Macworth and land of William son of Ingeram of the same; for this sale, grant and confirmation of charter, Robert gave him 2s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas Hauselin, Simon Tuschet, rector of the church of Macworth, Robert de Detheth, Henry son of Matthew Tuchet of Macworth, Gilbert son of Philip of the same, Robert Wyttekyng of Marketon, Richard son of Richard of Adlardistre, John the scrivener (scriptore) of Derby.
[Heref.] C. 5476. Quitclaim by Eleanor daughter of Walter de la Homme to Robert de Furches of her right in all the land, &c. which were of Stephen de la Homme, her grandfather, at 'la Homme' in the parish of Credeleye, with that portion of dower which Margery wife of the said Stephen holds. Witnesses:—Peter de Hulle, Hugh le Aumblour, Walter de Hanleye, and others (named). Fragment of seal with legend.
[Oxford.] C. 5477. Grant by William de Toune to . . . Marny, knight, of 1a. meadow in Kyngeseye in a meadow called 'Burghmed.' Witnesses:—. . . de Wotton, Sir Henry, vicar of Kyngeseye, and others (named). . . ., forty . . . Edward III.
[Hants.] C. 5478. Grant by Denise relict of John de Hyndale, widow, to Adam de Penytone, clerk, her son, for his good (laudabili) service, of the northern house of the messuage she dwells in, with moiety of garden and croft in Penytone, with 8a. arable in the fields thereof, situate as described; to hold to him and his heirs by hereditary right. Witnesses:—Sir Stephen Appeltrefeld, Sir Robert de Harnhulle, knights, Edmund de Cormayle, John de Cormayle, Thomas le Ryche, Thomas Spyrecok, John de Anne.
[Devon.] C. 5479. Copy on parchment of grant by Thomas de Spicwyk to Gilbert son of Lano (sic) de Kadetrew and his heirs of two ferlings of land in Chadetrew which his father Michael gave to Lano, Gilbert's father, with Av . . ., Michael's daughter, his sister, by these metes, to wit, from Wedeborna, &c, and three men with the said land, to wit, Osbert, Edwin, Godfrey son of Edwin with their suit; to hold, &c. by hereditary right, &c. for the tenth part of the service of a knight; also grant to Gilbert, and Gilbert's heirs and men, from his wood of Spicwyk of things necessary for their houses, folds, hearth and . . . (ad ignem suum et eloftinam); Gilbert and his heirs to have twenty pigs in the said wood quit of pannage and all their men free and quit of suit of court of Spicwyk; for this Gilbert gave him 20s. and to Michael his heir 12d. Witnesses:—Hugh de Jageford, Girard de la Spinee, Ralph son of Ralph Gyffard of Rubigam, Hamelin de Dawedun, William probus, Roger Cola, William de Charleg', William de Chadetrew. Endorsed, 'The petegrewe of the wythynamyd Gylbard Catrewe lynally dyscendyd. Gylbard Catrwe habuit exitum Adam Catrwe,' and so through Roger, John, Rychard, Wylliam, Rychard, Richard, Hugh Catrwe 'qui habuit exitum' . . ., the two last names being added at different times. Cf. C. 4428.
[Suffolk.] C. 5480. Demise by Richard de Brewose, knight, to John du Lay of Stradebrok, chaplain, of a piece of arable formerly of Robert Hugwlf his bondman in Stradbrok, situate as described; rent in name of fee farm, 8d. Sunday the feast of the Annunciation, 21 Edward HI.
[Staff.] C. 5481. Grant by William Poutrel to William de Tettesworth of 1a. land in the field and fee of Waterfall, whereof 3r. at 'le Stoni- weyeheved' in Syheresfeld,' which he had by the gift of William Fox, and 1r. on 'le Sydclif.' Monday [after] Midsummer, 1317.
[Surrey.] C. 5482. Grant by Gilbert de la Bure to Wiot the miller, for his homage and service, of 5a. land in. . . . of Nutfeld, situate as described; rent, 15d.; for this Wiot gave him 6s. 6d. and to Halizia his wife 6d. in 'ghersum.' Witnesses:—Richard de Hedresham, Richard de Stapelhurst, and others (named).
[Salop.] C. 5483. Demise by Richard Baxster, master or warden of the hospital of the Holy Trinity of Bruggenorth, and the brethren of the same to William Cardon, baker, his heirs and assigns, of a curtilage in 'Spytulstrete' extending to land of the hospital of St. James. &c. to hold for ninety-nine years; rent, 6d. Witnesses:— Richard Hore and Richard Parlour, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others (named). Saturday before St. Lawrence, 11 Henry VI.
[Staff.] C. 5484. Quitclaim by Roger son of Peter Corvys[our] to William Cotyn of Madeleye of his right in 7a. land . . . 1a. (alteram acram) in the fee of Richard de Graffton, lying in the fee of Madeleye. Lych[efeld], Sunday after the feast of . . ., 2 [Edward III.]
[Kent.] C. 5485. Quitclaim by John, prior of Thunebrug and the convent of the same, to Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, and his heirs for ever of the whole multure of their mills of Thunebrug' which [they had by] the gift of Richard de Clare, earl of Hertford, his grandfather; for this he gave them 20 marks to construct a wind mill in their land for all their multure (ad totam multuram nostram). Witnesses:—Sir Valentine, abbot of Durefort, Sir (dominis) W. de Clare, . . . de Scoteni, R. de Scakar', Geoffrey de Fanecourt, William de Mereword, Walter de Kanardesl'.
[Hants.] C. 5486. Quitclaim by Thomas Walkelin of Minstede to William des Iffez of his right in a tenement formerly of Peter le Prest of Minstede which he had by Awisia his wife for the term of her life, in Minstede. Witnesses:—Roger le Palmere, Roger le Sopere, Ellis le Theyn, Adam Osmar.
[Kent.] C. 5487. Grant by John Blok to Nicholas Clerk of 6a. land in the parish and tenure of Chistelet at Natindene. Wednesday, St. Silvester the Pope, 17 Edward III.
[Leic.] C. 5488. Quitclaim by John Grym of Hathecote to Edmund de Snypston, chaplain, and Edmund de Charneles of Snarkeston of his right in all the land, &c. and in 'le Mulneholme' which they had by his feoffment in Bildeston. Snarkeston, Friday the feast of St. Valentine, 34 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 5489. Grant by William le Wallere of Clavcringe to Richard Pechun of Neuport, for his homage and service and 29[d.] in gersum, of 2a. land in the parish of Elmedun in the field called 'Leemanne- cropht' abutting on land of Sir Robert de Rupell', knight, and Sir Robert Bard, knight; rent, 2d. for all service save scutage when it happen.
[Lincoln.] C. 5490. Grant by John Attegrene of Hagham to his son John dwelling (manenti) in Ormesby and to Beatrice, John's wife, for their lives in survivorship and to John's heirs and assigns of all the land, &c. which he had by the feoffment of Robert son of Richard of Agthorp, in the town and territory of Agthorp. Borewell, Thursday after St. Mark, 12 Edward II.
[Huntingdon.] C. 5491. Bond by Adam de Fulmere, draper, of London, to John de Morcheles, merchant of Mechlin (Maghel), for cloths which John sold and delivered to him in the fair of St. Ives on day of date, in 10l. to be paid at Boston in the fair on the day of St. James, Apostle, next, 1292, under forfeit of 60s. to the relief (subsidium) of the Holy Land, &c. Witnesses:—Gerard de Hopstache, Henry de Hopstache, Giles de Rafnysfen, Walter de Barblyngham, William the clerk. In the fair of St. Ives the morrow of the Ascension in the year of grace before named.
[N'humb.] C. 5492. Grant by John de Swyneburn to Robert de Swyneburn his son of all the land which Sir Alexander de Lyndeseye, lord of Chirden, granted him for term of years and demised to him and further within the same term released to him; to hold to the said Robert, his heirs and assigns of Sir Alexander, &c. with all easements, &c. to the said land, &c. within the whole tenement of Chirden belonging; doing to Sir Alexander and his heirs the fourth part of the service of a knight, &c. Witnesses:—Robert de Insula, and others (named).
[Bedford.] C. 5493. Grant by Gilbert styled Loyselur of Sondeya to Ralph styled Fikebront of Bostona and Amabel his wife and their heirs whom- soever for their service and a mark which they gave him beforehand of part (unam particulam) of a messuage 'en le Broncende' in the parish of Sondeya next the messuage of Walter Fikebront, &c. abutting on the highway from Gretteforde to Schefforde, being 10p. long by 5p. wide; rent, ½d. Witnesses:—William Joce, Henry de Thornecote, and others (named).
[Cambridge.] C. 5494. Grant by John Robin of Trippellowe to Walter, clerk (clerico) of Trippelowe and John his son of ½a. arable in the parish of Trippellowe, situate as described. Friday before St. John the Baptist, 34 Edward I.
[Notts.] C. 5495. Chirograph indented. Know, &c. that this is the final concord between Payn (Paganum) de Vilers and Robert de Vilers, made in the court of William le Boteler (Pincerne) by precept of John, count of Moretoin, of the land of Thomas de Vilers which Payn claimed against Robert, to wit, of Vuetorp and of Holes. The said Robert gave back to Payn the whole land of Calverton as his right which Alan his father held of the fee of William le Boteler and a carucate of land in Vuetorp, to wit, eight bovates, whereof Simon son of Richard holds three, Richard le Waleys (Walensis) held three and William de Vilers holds one and Ralph Laweite holds one. Robert ought to warrant to Payn those three bovates which Richard le Waleys held, to him and his heirs, of himself and his heirs, against the claim of Richard.
For the said land Payn quitclaimed to Robert de Vilers all the other land which was Thomas de Vilers' which he claimed against Robert to him and his heirs, of him and his heirs. Witnesses:—William Pincerna, Beneit Kernet, Ralph de la More, Jordan Flagmang', Robert son of Richard, Henry de Vilers, William de Buiuill, Warin de Vilers, Hugh de Corlauetun, John de Barchestun, Robert son of Seer.
[Kent.] C. 5496. Grant by Benet Hereword to Robert Mustel of a piece of land which he formerly bought of Simon Mustel in the parish of Thonebregg in a field called 'Hedenn'; he will warrant, &c. for 40s. paid him beforehand in gersum. Sealed 10 Edward II. Fragment of seal decayed.
[Herts.] C. 5497. Grant by Ralph son of Geoffrey of Betelaue to William de la Sale of Drayton of ½a. arable in the west field of Betelaue in a furlong (quarentena) called 'Atecrofteshendes,' which he had by the gift of Roger le Wyte of Wywelestorne and of Isabel his wife. The feast of St. Philip and St. James, 10 Edward [I].
[Staff.] C. 5498. Grant by Peter the smith (faber) of Betteleg to William son of Roger de Tene of 2a. land in the wood of Betteleg; rent, to the lord of the said town 8d., and to him and his heirs a barbed arrow, for all service, at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir Richard, rector of Bertummeleg, Gregory de Auditheleg, and others (named).
[Bedford.] C. 5499. Grant by Gilbert Dru of Buston and Alice his wife to Thomas Sampard of Gretford and Margery his wife, for their homage and service, of ½a. land in the field of Buston, situate as described, to hold, &c. except houses of religion; rent, a clove at Easter. Witnesses:—Edward de Buston, Gilbert Marker of the same, Gilbert son of Gilbert the clerk (clerici) of the same, Thomas le Templer, and others (named).
Essex. C. 5500. Grant by John Leye of Haveryng at Bowre to Thomas Quylter of Haveryng of a messuage as built, in the town aforesaid in the hamlet of Romford, between the highway from the market place of Romford to London. &c. Witnesses:—John Hed, bailiff of Haveryng, and others (named). 12 May, 30 Henry VI.