Deeds: C.5501 - C.5600

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.5501 - C.5600

[Dorset.] C. 5501. Defeasance of a writing obligatory whereby Peter Kyng is bound to John Benefeld in 15l., viz. if Peter and Christina his wife do not eject the said John, Joan his wife, or Joan their daughter from the messuage in the east street of the town of Brideport which they had by the grant of the said Peter and Christina for the term of their lives at 1d. rent, the writing to be void. Tuesday before the Nativity of St. Mary, 42 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 5502. Indenture; Tuesday before Michaelmas, 28 Edward I, it was agreed between Sir John Aynel, knight, of the one part and John son of Adam son of William of Hemelhamsted of the other as follows. Whereas the said John impleaded Sir John at York before the king's justices of certain lands in Hemelhamsted and by judgment of the court recovered them, which lands John held in chief of Sir John; Sir John for the sake of peace has released his right therein to John for 40s. beforehand to hold of him and his heirs to John and his heirs by 20d. rent, for all service. Witnesses:— Walter le Enweyse, and others (named). Dated at Pendele the day and year above.
[Norfolk.] C. 5503. Grant by Andrew son of William atte Cherche (ad Ecclesiam) of Calthorp, chaplain, to Robert de Erpingham and Ralph son of John son of Simon of Erpingham of all that tenement which he acquired of John 'atte Chirche' of Calthorp, to wit, a close called 'Bernardesinhom' and three pieces of land, reckoned for five acres, in Calthorp, situate as described. Sunday after St. Botolph, 10 Edward II. Cf. C. 5412.
[Staff.] C. 5504. Grant by Ellis son of Broun of Madeleye to Nicholas Cotyn of Madeleye and Maud his wife of 1a. land (unam acram terre regalem) in the fee of Madeleye in the field called 'Kenefeld' adjoining the road from Nicholas' house to 'le Muclemarleput.' Witnesses:— Richard de Verney the younger, and others (named). Seal.
[Staff.] C. 5505. Grant by John le Spicer of Bettiley and Roger de Wytinton, chaplain, to William Gregori of Bettiley and Margery his wife of all the land, &c. in Bettiley and Balturley which they had by his gift; to hold to them and the heirs begotten between them, with remainder in default to his heirs. Sunday, the feast of the Epiphany, 49 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 5506. Grant by Geoffrey Eylmer of Messeworthe to Walter le Graunt of Hukote of the moiety of a messuage and the fourth part of a virgate of land in Bettelowe which William Stelk held of him in bondage the day he enfeoffed Walter together with William Stelk the bondman holding that bond-land (vilenagium) with his whole suit; rent, 1d. at Easter for all service. Witnesses:—Sir John de Wedon, Nicholas de Warmodeston, John son of Walter de Belenden, John son of Henry de Bettelawe, John le Waleys of Kenebell, Alexander de Hamden, Ralph, lord of Merston. Fragment of seal. Memorandum endorsed that those three charters are delivered to Henry atte Hall by John le Graunt and the fourth charter of the same deed is delivered to Sir Ralph, rector of Ch[o]w Woldesburi by consent of the said [Henry] and John.
[Kent.] C. 5507. Grant by Edward son of Richard Ruggemere of Ealdynge to William Wlcy of the same and Joan his wife of all the land, &c. which he had by inheritance after his said father's death, and the death of Thomas, his brother, in the town of Ealdyngg. Wednesday after St. Faith, 29 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Essex. C. 5508. Grant by John Rycher of Haveryng atte Boure to John Hugh and John Boys of 3a. meadow called 'Oldechirchemede' and a croft of land containing 2a. in Haveryng which he had, together with Robert Spender late of Haveryng, since deceased, William Bechamp, knight, Thomas Botiller, knight, William Venour, esquire, Thomas Skargyll, esquire, John Everton and William Godyng, who survive, by the gift of John Ongur of Haveryng. 26 March, 35 Henry VI.
[Devon.] C. 5509. Notification by William, bishop of Exeter, that Hay the merchant in the bishop's presence granted all his possessions in the borough of Barnestapol to the house of St. Mary Magdalen of Barnestapol and the monks there in pure alms, under penalty of 40 marks for non-observance, &c. Witnesses:—John the chaplain, dean, and others (named). Certified under the seals of the bishop, the said Hay and Sir Henry de Tracy. Fragment of one seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 5510. Grant by Alice and Maud daughters of Alan Speleman of Veybred to Sir Roger . . . bald, chaplain of the same, of two pieces of land in Veybred, situate as described; to hold for the term of his life.
[Kent.] C. 5511. Demise by William Brio' to Ralph de Hever of 8d. rent, which John Pod used to pay him, of 3a. land in Litle Bric Held; rendering therefor yearly to him and his heirs ½d. at Michaelmas for all service; warranty, &c. except house of religion; for this Ralph gave him 5s. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Venator', Alexander de Heke, Ralph Kedeloe, and others (named). Endorsed, Transcribitur; xxj.; Will's Brise.
[Chester.] C. 5512. Notification by William son of John de Novo Castello that he has sold all his land in 'Foregatistrete' between lands which were of Richard de Kelsale and of Richard son of Payn (Pagani) to the said Richard son of Payn; he will warrant it, or if he cannot he will be answerable to Richard for a rent of 20s.; if he fail in payment, all the land which lies between the land which was of John Hulkel and the land which was of Henry Pigaz is to remain quit to Richard and his heirs, as the charter which Robert, vicar of St. Werburg, has in his custody witnesses. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey and Sir John de Longeford, canons of the church of St. John of Chester, Henry Panke, War', Nicholas, chaplains, Robert, vicar of St. Werburg, Robert, chaplain, palmer (palmif) Richard the clerk, Stephen Saracen (Sarazeno), and others (named). Seal with legend, S . Will' . Filii . Ioh' . de . Novocastello.
[Herts.] C. 5513. Grant by John de Belenden and Lucy his wife to Sir Robert de Kaynes, knight, for 26s. 8d. in gersum of 1a. land in the east field of Bettolowe in 'Wydiforlong' between lands of William de la Sale and John ad Portam of Tyscot; rent, a rose at Midsummer for all service. Witnesses:—Ralph de Meryston, Richard de Meryston, Baldwin le Bran of the same, Robert de Chetyngdon, and others named. Cf. C. 5449.
[Berks.] C. 5514. Grant by Edmund le Fyz Thomas de Chilton to William de Latton of Upton of 16s. 2d. yearly to be received from Sir Richard de Wyndesor, knight, from the tenement which Sir Richard held of him in the town of West Hakebourn; to hold with wards, marriages, escheats, &c. Blebur', Thursday after St. Ambrose, 13 Edward II. Seal with legend, S . Edmundi . Fil'i . Thome.
[Bedford.] C. 5515. Grant by Peter de Mochamps to Robert Percefuyl of Thornekote and Emma his wife for their service and ½ mark good money of 1r. in the field of Bustone which he had by the feoffment of Andrew le Ram of Mogerhanger on 'Druthenhul'; rent, to the heirs of Hugh le Ram of Mogerhanger, ½d. at Christmas, for all service save foreign service, to wit when scutage goes at 40s. a farthing only. Seal damaged.
[Berks.] C. 5516. Grant by John son of Everard Crok to Nicholas Crok of a house containing 56ft. in length and in width with the curtilage 27ft. in Wanetinge between John's house and the messuage of Andrew de Grimstede; to hold for Nicholas' life; for this Nicholas gave him 40s. beforehand. Thursday after St. Andrew, 22 Edward I.
[Leic.] C. 5517. Grant by William son of Ralph son of the seneschal (filii senescaldi) of Herdeby to Walter son of Reynold de Epirstun for his homage and service of a toft in Herdeby which Thomas de Fanecurt held; in which are contained four selions, two of the fee of Beuver, one which he took in exchange of Ellis de Fanecurt and a headland (forera) which he took in exchange of Roger son of Gilbert; rent, 2d. Witnesses:—Master William, rector of Herdeby, and others (named).
[Lincoln.] C. 5518. Quitclaim by William de Wileghby, of Askeby, knight, son and heir of William son and heir of Hugh de Wileghby, to Sir William de Heylyngge, knight, son and heir of John son and heir of Sir Richard de Heylyngge, knight, of bis right in all the land, &c. which Amabel late the wife of the said Sir Richard de Heylyngg and sister of the said William son of Hugh his father had in her lifetime in Wyvelyngham by Sixhell in whatever manner and time. Wit- nesses:—Sir Simon de Feriby, rector of Heilyngge, Peter, son of Sir Robert de Schaddeworth of Carleton, William le Moyngne of Stalyngburgh, and others (named).
[Bedford.] C. 5519. Grant by Richard son of William Franceys (Francisci) of Bodenho to Robert son of Robert de Thornecote, for his homage and service and 25s. beforehand, of 1r. land in the north field of Buston on the furlong called 'Narue Smethedene,' 1r. at 'le Hacche,' 1r. on 'Broch Forlong,' 1r. at 'Coffelowe'; rent, 1d. at Easter. Witnesses:—William Vallerien, Simon Blondel, and others (named). Seal damaged.
[N'hamp.] C. 5520. Grant by Reynold son of Geoffrey Rous (Ruffi) of Cranesleya to Simon son of Hugh of Cranesleya, for his service, and 2 marks in his need (ad meum magnum negocium) of a place of his garden called 'Westyerd,' between the tenement formerly of Ralph de Erdlyngber' and his garden, and ½a. arable in the fields of Cranesley, to wit on 'Rotenho' between land of Stephen de Salicibus and land of John Pope; rent, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Hugh de Cranesley, William de Sancto Germano of Broctona, Sir Richard, rector of Cranesley, and others (named).
[Brecon.] C. 5521. Grant by Thomas ap Guillim Gunter, Thomas ap John ap Thomas, and Philip ap John ap John to David Lloyd ap Res of 18a. land called 'Camebatha' within the parish of Clasebery and fee of Pepyrton, in length from 'Nant Kynga' to 'ir Stokean' and 'Koyd ir Mazhoge' and in width from land formerly Thomas Seynt Jone's to 'Hill Mirike' and 'Koyde ir gare,' which they had by the gift and feoffment of Res ap Hoell ap Jevan ap Ricart. Broynllys, 10 March, 21 Henry VII.
[Westmorland.] C. 5522. Grant by William del Stable to Thomas de Penruddok of a tenement and 8a. land with meadows there adjacent in the field of Thorpp, hamlet of the town of Barton, which he had of the inheritance of John Cok his father; rent, 1lb. . . . . on the feast of St. Lawrence. Witnesses:—John de Kyrkby and others (named). The feast of the Trinity, 31 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 5523. Grant by John Urry to William Marescot of a place of land in 'la Rogheye' in Horsham between 'le Werespond' on the north, &c.; rent, 8d. Easter Day, 2 Richard II.
[Leic.] C. 5524. Grant by John Grym, lord of Hathecote, to Edmund de Snypston, chaplain, and Edmund de Charneles of Snarkeston of his capital messuage, and all his demesne lands, meadows, pastures with 'le Milneholme,' in Bildeston. Thursday after All Hallows 30 Edward III. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 5525. Grant by William Sutton alias Webb of Northyevyll to Andrew Bensted, Robert Butler and Robert Chyperfeld, clerks of 1a. land lying by parcels in the fields of Beeston, viz., ½a. on 'Cleyhyll' and ½a. on 'le Hoo.' Northyevyll, 20 November 16 Henry VII.
[Staff.] C. 5526. Grant by Geoffrey de Wolvyley and Margery his wife and Lettice late the wife of Richard Stacy, widow, to William de Eggerton, of all the land, &c. which descended to the said Margery and Lettice after the decease of Thomas son of William Doucesson, their cousin, in the town and fee of Bettyley. Witnesses:—Henry de Thiknes, John de Thiknes, Richard de Thiknes, Thomas de Thiknes, William Gregory. Monday before the Purification, 2 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Sussex.] C. 5527. Grant by Richard son of Richard de Wylesham to Ralph Prinkel and Agnes his wife and the heirs of Ralph, of a piece of the land which came to him after the death of Maud his sister in the parish of Asseburnhame between the land of Alice his sister, &c. Wylesham, Sunday after the Apostles Simon and Jude, 8 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 5528. Grant by William Blome of Pentelowe to John Somter of the same of a piece of his messuage with a house thereon with a moiety of the road (strate) opposite. Friday, the feast of St. Alban, 21 Edward III.
[Worc.] C. 5529. Grant by John Hoerle of Wych to John Cassy of Wyghtfeld, co. Gloucester, of a void place opposite the churchyard of St. Andrew of Wych in a street called 'Barestrete' in Wych, between his tenement and the shop which John Tomsun holds by the demise of John son of Peter Cassy, which John Braas of Wych gave him by charter in fee simple. 1 Kal. May, 10 Richard II.
[Berks.] C. 5530. Letter of attorney by Thomas Joye and Thomas Foturby, chaplain, to Thomas Wynslowe, to deliver seisin to Agnes late the wife of Robert Andrewe, esquire, of all their land &c. in Wantyng Bryan, according to their charter thereof. Michaelmas, 16 Henry [VI]. Fragments of seals.
[Notts.] C. 5531. Grant by John Strelley of Oxton, esquire, son and heir-apparent of Robert Strelley of Strelley, knight (militis) to John Strelley of Ilkeston, John Ingulby, chaplain, and Richard Pare of his lordship or manor of Oxton and all the land, &c. he has in the towns of Chilwell and Adenborough and the territories thereof which he lately had by the gift of the said Sir Robert, all courts of the manor of Strelley and homages, rents, and services of tenants of the said manor excepted and reserved. 5 September, 2 Richard III.
Notts. C. 5532. Grant by Alice late the wife of John de Watenowe of Notingham to Ralph Torkard of Notingham, of all her land in the fields of Notingham, Lenton and Radeford. Witnesses:—Richard Hanneson, mayor of Notingham, Henry Chaumberleyn and John de Strelleye, bailiffs of the same, Godeman le Glasewright of Lenton, and others (named). Saturday after St. James the Apostle, 41 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 5533. Grant by John Mile of Lower Stapulho in the parish of Eton by St. Neots to Hugh Judde of the same and Amabel his wife of a parcel of a messuage on the west of Hugh's messuage abutting on the brook running towards Eton, &c. which he had by the gift of John Pappeworth; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Hugh. Stapulho, Friday after St. Nicholas, 10 Richard II.
[Lincoln.] C. 5534. Demise by John Phippe to Richard Malkynson of a tenement with buildings thereon and land adjacent formerly Hugh Goyt's in Wyflyngham which he had by the gift of William Phipe his father and of Agnes his wife, the great grange always excepted; to hold, &c. for Richard's life at a peppercorn rent at Christmas. Monday after the feast of the solemnity of Corpus Christi, 14 Richard II.
[Lincoln.] C. 5535. Grant by Robert de Alewostona to Henry Trinyng of Kyrnygtona, dwelling (manenti) in Oselby, and Maud his wife, their heirs and assigns, of a toft in Oselby which Robert de Alewostona, chaplain, gave him, and common of pasture for three oxen and two horses in the fields and pastures of Oselby. Sunday before the Purification, 1298.
[Lincoln.] C. 5536. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of Adam de Alington of Osgotteby to Richard son of Norman de Leuesham of Osgotteby, of her right in a selion of arable with headland (capite herbagii) in the east field of Ouresby at the west head of Oselby, which Richard had by gift of the said Adam, of her inheritance. 2 March, 1344.
[Derby.] C. 5537. Grant by Robert Hannesson of Repyngton to Lawrence de Halom of Engulby of 2½a. arable and a parcel of meadow called 'Swanesholme' in Repyngton. 23 April, 6 Henry V.
[Notts.] C. 5538. Grant by Robert Nicolasson of Estwayt to Robert Strelley, esquire, of the messuage with croft adjacent and the half- bovate land in Kinmerley which Margery daughter of Roger son of Thomas of Kinnerley formerly held; for this Robert gave him 4l. . . . . . Christmas, 30 Henry VI.
[York, W.R.] C. 5539. Indenture between John, the lord Scrop, of the one part and Mald Clarell wife and executrix to Thomas Clarell of the other; whereas debate has been moved between the said lord and Thomas and Mald because of a rent of 7l. 10s. 8d. out of the manor of Aldwerk which they held, and she still holds for term of her life, of the said John, with remainder to the heirs of Thomas; the said Mald, plainly informed by deeds shown to her, acknowledges the said rent with the arrears to be due to the said John, and hereby grants to pay the said rent for the term of her life, and to pay one year's rent at the sealing hereof; Lord Scrop', at the request of 'my lord of Shrewisbury and my right worshipfull cosyn Sir John Talbot,' his son and heir, pardons the arrears due to him. Blyth, 30 April, 27 Henry VI. English.
[Herts.] C. 5540. Indenture whereby Philip de Aylesbury reciting that the rector and convent of Assherugge had given him licence to assign a messuage, 45a. land and 24s. rent in Aldebury to a chaplain, and his successors, to celebrate daily in the chapel of St. Mary of Aldebury for his soul, his ancestors' souls and all faithful deceased, which messuage, &c. together with his other land, &c. there are held of the said rector and convent in fee farm for 8l. rent, grants that they and their successors may distrain upon all other his land, &c. there for the said rent. Assherugg, Sunday after the Annunciation of St. Mary, 9 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 5541. Quitclaim by John Bonserjaunt of Rokeswell to John son of Peter de Baryntone of his right in all the land which the said John son of Peter had by his gift in the parish of Rokeswell. Sunday after All Hallows, 10 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 5542. Grant by Richard Fleccher, rector of Haselwall to John Thiknes, son of Nicholas de Thikenes, and to Emmot his wife, of all the land, &c. which he had by their gift in Betteley and Rawneshall, to hold to them for the term of her life with remainder to Ralph Eggerton, his heirs and assigns. Wednesday before St. George, 11 Henry VI.
Notts. C. 5543. Quitclaim by John son of Philip Tusard of Notingham to John de Brigeford of Notingham, of his right in 3a. arable in Notingham, whereof three selions containing 2a. 1r. lie in 'le Wodefeld' in a place called 'le Bothum,' and one selion containing 3r. on 'Pesehill' between land of Robert Ingram, knight, &c. Witnesses:—John de Tumby, mayor of Notingham, Ralph Colier and Nicholas de Crophill, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Sunday after the Assumption, 20 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] C. 5544. Quitclaim by Lucy de Bettelhawe to Sir Philip de Aylysburi of her right in 2a. land in the field of Bettelhauwe, in 'le Middelforlong,' Berkhamstude, the feast of St. Osith the Virgin, 18 Edward II.
[Suffolk.] C. 5545. Grant by William Hygelegh of Monks Eleigh (Illegh Monachorum) to Sir Andrew de Bures, knight, and Alice his wife of a piece of meadow lying in a meadow called 'Wyppenhey' in the town of Aketon. Saturday before St. Tyburcius and St. Valerian, 10 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 5546. Grant by Robert Redhed of Barnolby, son of John Redhed late of Wath to Thomas Moigne and Alan Hawardby of 3a. 1r. arable in the fields of Fenby and Wath, situate as described. 1 March, 5 Edward IV.
[Essex.] C. 5547. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of Reynold Malyns, esquire, to Hugh Halsham, knight, Edward Sakevyle, John Judde, John Basset, . . . and . . . Gladewyn, of co. Essex, the elder, of her right in the manor and advowson of Theydon atte Mounte and all other her land, &c. in Theydon atte . . . . . . . which they, [together with] . . . . deceased had by her feoffment. 1 June, 12 Henry VI.
[Staff.] C. 5548. Grant by Lucas le Keu of D[on]ynton to John [son] of Alan de Haukeston of the messuage with land &c. in the fee of . . . . which he had by the gift of Robert son of David de Onyleye in the same fee. Onyleye, Sunday after the Nativity of St. Mary, . . . . . Edward III.
Kent. C. 5549. To all, &c. Giles de Audenar[d] clerk of the king's ward robe, greeting. Know that I acknowledge that I have received from Sir H[enry] Malemeyns, sheriff of Kent, 134l. 6s. 8d. in tale to acquit therewith (inde) the king's jewels pledged in the parts of Kent, in respect of the summons (de summonitione) of the eyre of Master Roger de Seytone and his fellows in eyre in the said county. In witness whereof I have signed these letters patent to the said Sir H[enry] with my [seal]. Dated at Canterbury, Saturday after St. Nicholas, 56 [Henry III].
C. 5550. 'This byll' made 10 December, 18 Edward IV. witnesses that I Thomas Ormond owe to 'Harre Burnsted' 40s. which I bind myself to pay before Candlemas next. English. Paper. Signed: Thomas Ormond.
Warw. C. 5551. Bond by William Spytelman of Southam, co. Warwick, yeoman, to John Morefeld, chapman, in 10l. at the Purification next. 16 November, 8 Henry VI.
Middx. C. 5552. Grant by John Philip, citizen and glover of London, to Richard Blyke and Margaret Richard's wife, of all his land, &c. with all his goods, &c. in London or elsewhere in the realm. Witnesses:— Simon Camp, esquire, William Clerk, rector of St. Katharine de Crichirch, and others (named). 13 December, 6 Henry V.
Berks. C. 5553. General release by John Colles of Esthenreth to John Hylder, otherwise styled John Yorke, of Esthenreth, 'husbondman,' of all actions by reason of mutilation of his body or any of his members by the said John, or otherwise. 25 June, 20 Edward IV.
C. 5554. 'Memorandum that I Thomas Erle of Ormond ow' to William Prat, mercer of London, 10l. which I promise to pay 'at the feast off Seynt Peter the advyncula next.' 'I have sett my signet and signmanuell.' 1 July, 1 Henry VII. English. Paper. Signed: T. Ormond.
C. 5555. 'This byll shall wytnesse that I Thomas Ormond' owe to 'Hew Mathew' 3l. 6s. 8d. at 'Candell Masse' next. 5 December, 14 Edward IV. English. Paper. Signed: Thomas Ormond.
C. 5556. 'This byll shall wytnesse' that I Thomas Ormond am bound to pay to 'Harre Bumpsted' executor to 'Raf Kempe' for the full discharge of Thomas Scales, 20s. to wit, 10s. at 'Ester terme next' and 10s. at Michaelmas. 10 March, 20 Edward [IV]. English. Paper. Signed: T. Ormond. Seal.
C. 5557. Bond by Thomas, earl of Ormond to Thomas Marshall of London, fishmonger, for wine bought of him, 66s. 8d. at 'Lammasse' next. 11 May, 13 Henry VII. English. Paper. Signed: T. Ormond.
[Berks. Glos. Oxford.] C. 5558. Draft indenture witnessing that John Kent has delivered to the lady de Stonore of arrears of Dodecote, 12l., of rent thereof at another time, 9l., of arrears of Harnhull, 6l. 13s. 4d., of rent of Stonore and Watlyngton for Lady Day last, 6l. 13s. 4d., of the rent of Bourton this year, 20s. Saturday, Midsummer Day, 7 Henry V. Paper. Cf. C. 5560.
Berks. Oxford. C. 5559. Draft on paper of:—(1) Demise 9 August, 6 Edward IV. by William Marchall and Joan his wife to William Quenche for twelve years of a garden called 'Huntes.' English.
(2) General release by John Sawyer of Abyndon, co. Berks, draper, and John ap Howell of Stanlake, co. Oxford, gentleman, to Thomas Durante of Bampton, co. Oxford, draper. 4 September, 7 Edward IV.
C. 5560. Counterpart of C. 5558.
[Wilts.] C. 5561. Quitclaim by Juliana late the wife of Geoffrey de Okebourne to John Chese and Agnes his wife of her right in the tenement which Geoffrey and she had in Remmesbur' by the gift of Walter de Chiltone. Wednesday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 1 Edward III.
Oxford. C. 5562. Grant by Henry de Malines to Edmund his son of the manor of Henton which is held of the honor of Walyngford in the parish of Chynnore, to hold to Edmund and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to John, Edmund's brother, and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to himself, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses:—Sir Andrew de Sakevile and Sir Hugh de Blont, knights, Sir William de Leycestr', rector of Chinnore, Richard de Touresey, and others (named). 26 February, 8 Edward II. Copy on paper.
[Oxford.] C. 5563. Demise by William Marchall to Nicholas Marchall his 'cosyn,' of all his part of a house in Wodestoke called 'Marchall Place,' for seventeen years from Michaelmas, 4 Edward IV; rent, 4d. English. Draft on paper.
[Warw.] C. 5564. Grant by Roger le Harpur of Solyhull to Edmund le Blosmevill, Joan his wife and the heirs of Edmund, of two places of arable and a place of meadow called 'le Wyte lond' in Solyhull, situate between a heath (bruer'), called 'le Wynmulne Heth,' &c. which he had by the feoffment of Sir John de Hothom, bishop of Ely. Sunday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 18 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 5565. Grant by William Wylyen of Dunstaple to Thomas Laurence and John Pacoun of the same of 7a. land lying dispersed in the fields of Kenesworth and Cadindon, situate as described. Dunstaple, Saturday after St. Matthew (Mathie) the Evangelist, 6 Richard II.
Surrey. C. 5566. Grant by Joan relict of John Kene of Blecchyngly to William Moraunt her son of a tenement called 'le Belle' with garden and a croft of land called 'Emmesfeld' at Godston in the parish of Wolkested, situate as described, late Richard at Lee's; rent, during her life, 40s. 12 March, 38 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] C. 5567. Grant, quitclaim and confirmation by Robert son of William Pipard of Grafton to Geoffrey the chamberlain (camerario) his heirs and assigns of the whole tenement which Geoffrey has in Titeregge of his fee; rent, 1lb. pepper for all service, save foreign service if any belong to the said tenement. Witnesses:—Sir Alexander de Cheverel, [Sir] . . . . ., Sir Robert . . ., Roger de Cliford, James le Salvage, Nicholas de Ynggepenne, . . . . ., John de Forstesberi, John de Colinggeburn, Robert Homme Deu, William son of the clerk.
[Berks.] C. 5568. Grant by Thomas Grove of Esthanney to John . . . . and Richard Wynde, of two tenements with two yards land and meadow adjacent in the town and fields of Est Hanney, one called 'Foresherdes' and the other 'Erlyches.' 7 October, 6 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5569. Quitclaim by Richard son and heir of William Gilberd of Teterigge to John Chamberlayn of Teterigge and William Pollesden the younger of all the . . . . which his said father formerly held in Teterigge. Teterigge, Friday after St. Scholastica, 10 Edward [I].
C. 5570. [Grant] by John de [S]utton to Edmund . . . . of all the land, &c. which he had and purchased of Richard . . . Witnesses: John de Hampden, Richard de Pag. . . . . . . . Easter, . . . . . . Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 5571. Quitclaim by Richard Gilberd, of his right in the land, &c. which he had by the demise of John le Chamberlayn in 'la Rigge' and Teterigge in the parish of Froxefeld. Witnesses:—Sir Oliver de Poncherdoun, Robert Hoppegras and others (named). Bedewynde, Sunday after the Lifting up of the Holy Cross, 16 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 5572. Grant by William de Capella the younger of Dunstapl' to William Nicholas of the same of a place of his tenement in South Street (vico del Suth) of Dunstaple, which lies in the curtilage of the said tenement, next land of the prior of Dunstapl', &c.; to hold with the dovecote thereon, &c.; rent, ¼d. at Easter; for this William gave him 2½ marks in gersum.
Endorsed: De columbaria Johannis Pygot.
[Kent.] C. 5573. Grant by Henry son of Walter de Wilbureham to Ralph Willem, of 2a. land in the parish of 'la Dune' in a field called 'Heyefeld'; for this Ralph gave him 1 mark in gersum, 33 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Thomas de Upstrate and others (named). Seal broken and effaced.
[Derby.] C. 5574. Grant by Martin de Wermunswrth to William Makerel in Breydiston that if it happen him or his heirs to be impleaded by Sir Hugh de Stretley, knight, or his heirs, or by Baldwin son of Nicholas de Wermunswrth and his heirs touching ten bovates of land in the town and territory of Breydiston, to wit touching two bovates which Hugh de Wermunswrth, his grandfather, had by the gift and feoffment of the late Sir Henry de Boketon, knight, and eight bovates which the said Hugh and Nicholas his (Martin's) father had by the gift and feoffment of the late Geoffrey son of Robert and William Geoffrey's brother and heir, which bovates he holds immediately of William (Makerel); neither by reason of the homage he has done to William, or his heirs shall do, nor by reason of the confirmation William has made to him and his heirs thereof, shall he or his heirs claim any warranty from William or vouch William or his heirs to warranty. Witnesses:— Herbert son of Ellis of Ryseley, William Teverey of Eyton, Simon Pouger of Wylysthorp, William Pouger his son, and others (named). Seal, with legend: s . martini . d'.wermu[n]desword.
[Bedford.] C. 5575. Quitclaim by Joan Wilyen late the wife of Thomas Wilyen of Dunstaple, widow, to John Castell of the same of her right in that parcel of a curtilage which is at the end of a grange formerly of John Hogemere, 32ft. long by 16ft. wide. 6 December, 10 Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 5576. Grant by John Blyth and Joan his wife to John Thressher and . . . . his wife, Thomas Adam and John Wangford of the town of [St. Albans] of [a tenement] in Halywellestrete by 'le Halywellebrigge.' in 'la . . .' . . . St. Albans, 24 May, 30 Henry VI. Fragments of seals, apparently of arms.
[Sussex.] C. 5577. Demise by William Herkestede, citizen of London, and Agnes his wife to John de Markeby and Agatha his wife and Alice their daughter of a hall with chambers on either side, kitchen, grange and all the void places within the bounds of the site of the manor of North Mundham, which John son of Henry de la Knolle, father of the said Agnes, bought in fee of John de Argentham, formerly lord of the said manor; to hold for their lives; rent, 3s. 4d. 1 April, 38 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
Bedford. C. 5578. Grant by William [Aldebu]ry, John Mulward, Robert Newe- ton, clerk, Richard Scot, clerk, Henry Jolipas, clerk, Robert Fordam and Henry G . . . . to John Spendelove and Joan his wife of all the land, &c. formerly of John Aynelle in the town and parish of Luton; to hold to them and her heirs and assigns. 15 January, 8 Henry V. Fragments of seals.
[Bedford.] C. 5579. Grant by Thomas de Merston to Robert Wilien of Dunstaple, of 1a. land in the field of Cadendon, called 'Carteres Aker' the north head extending towards the chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, &c. Dunstaple, Wednesday before St. Valerian, 18 Edward III.
Kent. C. 5580. Quitclaim by William Babet of Little Orpyngton to Bernard Cavell of Chesilherst of his right in crofts called 'Estcroft Magna' and 'Estcroft Parva' and in parcels of land called 'Stamachesbroke' and 'Sidebroke,' which crofts and closes lie together in Orpyngton aforesaid. 12 February, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
[Herts.] C. 5581. Grant by Andrew son of Thomas de . . . . to Adam the clerk of Wethamsted, for his service and . . . . in gersum of 1r. land . . . . . which lies on 'Litlecroft' . . . . . .; rent, ½d. at Easter for all service . . . . . Witnesses:—John le Goiz and others (named). Endorsed, Wathemsted.
C. 5582. Defeasance of a bond whereby John . . . ., citizen and draper of London is bound to Reynold Lucy, knight, and Agnes his wife in 500 marks, to wit, if he pay them 40l. [yearly] during her life, the first payment at Michaelmas next, and whereas . . . . and John have certain lands and tenements by the feoffment of Thomas Chirche, chaplain, Stephen Stafford and Simon . . . ., held of the bishop of London, if he make no alienation or waste thereof during her life, the bond to be void . . . ., 1 Henry V. French.
[Hereford.] C. 5583. Grant by Simon de Moys to William de Homma of 3a. land in Middelwde between land of Philip son of Cradoc and land which Alice de Cheney held in dower, and it extends from the wood of Windhull to the highway which leads between Hay (Hayam) and Neuton; also of 7d. rent, viz. from Walter Canan and his heirs, 2d., from John Scul and his heirs, 3d., from Philip son of David, 2d.; rent, a pair of white gloves at Michaelmas; for this William gave him 14s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Nicholas le Seculer, Alan le Ireys (Yberniensi), Philip Sturmy, Stephen Clerk (clerico), Walter Canon, Alan le Arblaster, Richard son of Cradoc.
Middx. C. 5584. General release by James Reames, citizen and 'glasyer' of London, to Robert Hawkyns, citizen and 'hattermarchaunt' of London. 9 November, 9 Henry VII.
[Kent.] C. 5585. Grant by Richard son of William atte Fenne of St. Mary in Hoo to Stephen de Delham and Iseult his wife of a half-acre and five dayworks of land in the said town in a place called 'Suthfeld,' situate as described; to hold to them and the heirs of Stephen; for this they gave him 20s. beforehand in gersum. Sunday after St. Matthew, 6 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 5586. Letters patent by John Engayne, lord of Dillington. Whereas Reynold de Bochyng, my tenant, who holds of me in Whitenottelee a messuage, 20a. land by certain services is impleaded by writ of right by one John Godefrei, demandant; know that I have released by these presents to our lord the king, this time, that he can hold in his court the plea between the said John and Reynold. Grafham, 10 December, 30 Edward III. French.
[Middx.] C. 5587. Indenture of fine at Westminster in the octave of the Holy Trinity, 3 Edward III between William de Herlaston, clerk, querent, and Emma late the wife of Henry atte Gate of Harewe, deforciant, of 80a. land, 5a. meadow, 6a. wood and 2s. rent in Harewe and Stanmore, acknowledged to be the right of William; consideration, 100 marks.
[Derby.] C. 5588. Sale and confirmation by William son of Hugh le Forcer, of Mackeword to Robert son of William le Vavasur of Schippeleg, of ½a. land, in the territory of Mackeword, abutting on 'le Rugelowediche,' &c. Witnesses:—Master Ralph de Chatdesden, archdeacon of Chester, Nicholas, constable of Toutebir', Thomas Young (Juven') of Derby, Thomas de Chadesdeyn, Henry de Breyms, Henry Tuchet.
[Devon.] C. 5589. Quitclaim by John Pamplyon, citizen of London, to Thomas Bosse in co. Devon, 'gentylman,' of his right in a tenement with a . . . . in Barstret [Barnestapole], in the fee of the prior of Barn[estapole] which formerly was of Walter Hayne, late mayor of the town aforesaid; in a barn . . . . with garden adjacent and 2a. land . . . . . in . . . . and in Bowdeporte formerly of Henry Adam and Rose his wife; in all those messuages, &c. in Pylton and Bradeford, which formerly were of Ralph Hooper of Pylton; in . . . . in the street called 'Bowdeport' within the fee of the said prior of Barn', which were of John . . . . and in the messuages, lands, &c. in the borough and suburb of Barnestapol, which were of Joan late the wife of Thomas Holman otherwise called Piers. . . ., 23 Henry VI. Seal.
Berks. C. 5590. Grant by Thomas Coventr' and John Kyngesmyll of Oxford to John Goloffre, esquire, of co. Berks, of 1½a. arable in the field called 'Westlokyngfeld' in the parish of Wantyng in 'Stapulforlong' on the north of the Portwey abutting on the land of the prior of Okebourne, &c. which they had by the gift of Richard Hose of Stevyngton. 4 June, 3 Henry V.
[Lincoln.] C. 5591. Grant by Maud Rayson to Gilbert Suette of Thoresby of her right in two selions in the field of Waht', one abutting on 'Graynesbygate,' &c. and the other in the West field, &c. Thoresby, Monday after the Circumcision, 7 Richard II.
[Devon.] C. 5592. Quitclaim by Stephen atte Forde to John Waryn, clerk, John Jayben, Thomas Olyver and William Olyver of his right in two feet (pedibus) of land in South[t]on Dertemouth which Richard Inthecombe lately gave to William Mountfort. 1 July, 11 Henry VI.
[Essex.] C. 5593. Grant by John Bledelowe, son and heir of Lewis Bledelowe of Arkesden the elder (senior) to Margaret late the wife of the said Lewis for life of a yearly rent of 20s. from all the land, &c. late of the said Lewis in Arkesden and which descended to him after Lewis' death; to have from Michaelmas last for term of her life. Tuesday after St. Martin, 11 Henry IV.
[Berks.] C. 5594. Grant by Richard son of John de Bleburi to John Marshall (Marscallo) of Westhakeburne of a tenement in the town of Dudecot and a half hide of land . . . . which his said father formerly held in the same town; to hold with . . . and meadow and leasowes (et prato et pascuis communibus) and with pasture of four oxen and two horses (affrorum) with the lord's oxen on 'la Dune,' . . . . in 'la Frythe'; rent, to him and his heirs, a rose at Midsummer and to the chief lords of Dudecot 8d. or two gilt spurs at Easter and 1d. at Michaelmas; for this John gave him 20 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Henrethe, Hugh le Blunt then lord of Du[decote] . . . . lord of Fuelescot and others (named).
[Heref.] C. 5595. Grant by John Welyngton, son and heir of Thomas Welyngton to Simon Milborne, John Baskervyle, esquires, and John Welyngton of Morton, of all his part of the manor of Welyngton, co. Hereford, and all other his land, &c. in the county aforesaid. 6 October, 19 Edward IV.
[Essex.] C. 5596. Writing whereby John Wylchon of Brendewode and Richard Frebarne of the same, reciting that they, together with John Cotermonger alias Ely of Brendwode were lately enfeoffed of a tenement with garden adjacent called 'le Christofre' in Brendwode, situate as described, by Thomas [Mar]chall of Shenfeld, William Hawkyn of Brendwode and Richard Flynt of Little Warle, release their right therein to John Rande, William Nyghttingale, John Lyttilton, citizen and mercer of London, John Bataille and Robert Lyston, being in their possession. Brendwode, Thursday after the Epiphany, 25 Henry VI. Fragments of two seals.
[Essex.] C. 5597. Quitclaim by John Pake of Theydon Gernon to John Gladewene [of Waltham Holy] Cross, John Lambherd of Chikwell, John Mille and John Chamberleyne of Theydon atte Mounte of his right in lands called 'Bardevvlleslandes' in Theydon atte Mounte and Theydon Gernon. Thursday, . . . . ., 7 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Bedford.] C. 5598. Grant by Nicholas son of William de Wybesnad to Richard Malyn of the same and Joan his wife of the part of his messuage in the town of Wybesnad which lies between his messuage on the north, the green (commune viride) of Wybesnad on the south, &c. Thursday after St. Faith, 13 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 5599. Indenture witnessing that, whereas Richard son of William Groos of Great Cotes holds certain land, &c. in Clee of William son and heir of Thomas de Skyrbeck by certain services and has attorned to William therefor, William grants that he will acquit Richard against the chief lords of the fee and all others requiring services in respect of the said tenements. Grimesby, Monday after St. Barnabas, 17 Edward III.
Berks. C. 5600. Quitclaim by Master Thomas Norton, clerk to James Fetiplace, esquire, of his right in the manor of Maydyncote, which, together with John Vampage and others since deceased he had by the gift of Reynold Kentwode, late dean of St. Paul's, London, likewise since deceased. 15 November, 4 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.