Deeds: C.5901 - C.6000

Pages 279-290

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.5901 - C.6000

Lincoln. C. 5901. Grant by Roger son of Norman de Monte Alto, late parson of Hermeston, and Agnes his wife, daughter of Alan le Porter of Welleborne, to Hugh son of the said Alan, clerk (clerico), and Edusa daughter of Ralph de Kayteborton, wife of the said Hugh, of seven selions in the south field of Welleborne, whereof one selion lies on a knoll (tertrum) and abuts on Sutheyng and Littlelgate, between the land of Nicholas Nayandeyo the reeve (prepositi), &c. and four selions called 'Wollemere Croft' abut on 'Gumeshevedland' and one selion called 'Goldinehevedland' abuts on Suthbek, and one selion lies between the land of the master and brethren of the Temple, &c. and abuts on 'Goldinehevedland'; rent, ½d. at Midsummer. Witnesses:— Walter de Shelfangre, sheriff of Lincoln, William de Notingham in Stanford, John de Mouebray of Welleborne, Richard Prygun, and others (named). Tuesday after St. Ambrose, 1274.
[Essex.] C. 5902. Grant by John Pourchaz of Rikeling to John son of John Gelous of the same, for his homage and service and for 7½ marks in gersum, of 5a. land with a hedge called 'Harperesheg' in the town of Rikeling in a field called 'Grovefeld' between the land of the lady of Rikeling and the land of the lord of la Brendehalle.
[Essex.] C. 5903. Sale by John de Ocham, chaplain, executor of the will of Margaret late the wife of Gilbert de Piggeslee of New Hythe (nova Hetha), Colecestr', deceased, to Geoffrey Dawe of the same, Sir John Beneyte, rector of St. Leonard's, Colecestr', Sir Roger Ry, priest, and Ralph Algar, under the will of the said Margaret, of a messuage at the said New Hythe in a lane called 'le Northlane.' Witnesses:—John atte Foorde and John Pebmersch, bailiffs of Colecestr', and others (named). Sunday after Michaelmas, 48 Edward III.
[Dorset.] C. 5904. Grant by Adam Soydyn of the town of Weyemouthe to Richard Barbor of the same of his place of land on the quay, with half the wall between him and Thomas Dovere. And if Margaret his wife shall claim and recover dower in the said place, he will give the said Richard a tenement near 'le Nyweweye.' Witnesses:— Henry Grooz and John Fraunceys, bailiffs, and others (named). Monday after Midsummer Day, 45 Edward III.
[Norfolk.] C. 5905. Letters of attorney from John Bresyngham of Norwich, spicer, to Robert Pirle, yeoman of Bouthorp, to deliver seisin to John Wode of Honyngham and. Thomas Grene, gentlemen, and John Palmer, of his messuage, alder-holt, and meadow in Over and Nether Erlham. Witnesses:—John Sabern, John Foune, and others (named). 9 August, 23 Henry VI. Seal, damaged. Endorsed, Statum per Petrum Bumsted.
[Norfolk.] C. 5906. Grant by Ralph Skeet and Stephen Sil[ve]stre, citizens of Norwich, Geoffrey de Sweynsthorp, and Roger Cole of Holt, chaplain, to William de Bliclyngge, citizen of Norwich, Sir William Sqwyer, vicar of Erlham, and John son of Robert de Erlham of a tenement in Nether Erlham and two pieces of meadow and seventeen pieces of arable in Over Erlham which they had by the gift of James Yve, late citizen of Norwich. Friday after St. Dunstan, 3 Richard II. 4 seals.
[Norfolk.] C. 5907. Conveyance by Michael Burgate, weaver, and Nicholas Calwe, smith, citizens of Norwich, executors of the will of Annabel Bokenham, late the wife of Robert Bokenham, raffman [rafman], to Thomas Warner, raffman [rafman], and Benet Joly, chandler, citizens of Norwich, under the will of the said Annabel, of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham between a heath called 'Heiham Heythe' and the land of the abbot of Langele. 24 October, 10 Henry VI. Seal, damaged, and fragment.
[Pembr.] C. 5908. Quitclaim by Adam Hey of Lychenardiston to William and Philip sons of Walter Bulton of his right in three messuages and a plough-land in 'le More' by Re . . . f Castell. Saturday, the feast of St. Leonard, 1361.
[Carm.] C. 5909. Grant by Geoffrey de Camvyle, lord of Landest[ephan], to Robert de Penmayn of a burgage in Landestephan with common rights pertaining thereto, and land late of Philip son of Martin at Martynisgrave and Langavang, and of steuineure at all the grantor's mills in Penrynde . . . r; rent, 12d. as paid by the other burgesses, saving suit of the grantor's hundred of Landestephan at two 'lagdays.' [Draft or contemporary copy.]
[Oxford.] C. 5910. Quitclaim by John Kynne of Northleya to J . . ., chaplain, of his right in a place lying within his close and in a wall built on the place on the north side of his hall in a place called 'le Forehey.' Witnesses:—William le Blunt of Faulore, Robert le Boteler of Wevelkot'. Northl[eye], the feast of St. Nicholas, . . Edward . .
[Pembr.] C. 5911. Grant by John son of Robert le Hull to Thomas Piketon of Newborough in Kemmeys, Agnes his wife, and the heirs of their bodies of all his lands in Haverford which he had by the gift of the said Thomas; remainder to the right heirs of the said Thomas. Witnesses:—Henry Sturmyn, reeve (preposito) of Haverford, and others (named). Saturday after Martinmas, 29 Edward III.
[Glouc.] C. 5912. Copy of the will, dated Monday after St. Luke, 1330, of Thomas de la Grave the elder of Bristol, whereby he directs his body to be buried in the church of St. Werburgh, Bristol, near the body of Agnes his wife, and bequeaths to the high altar of the church, 40d.; to every chaplain celebrating there, 6d.; to the clerk of the place (clerico loci), 12d.; for wax for the testator's body, 20s.; to the Friars Minors, 40d.; to the Friars Preachers, 12d.; to the Augustinians, 12d.; to the Carmelites, 12d.; to the sisters of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Bristol, 2s.; to the poor of the infirmary of St. John, Bristol, 12d.; to the hospital of St. Lawrence by Bristol, 12d.; to the brotherhood of the Kalendars, Bristol, 12d.; and to the hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Bristol, 2s.; also he bequeaths a yearly sum for masses for his soul and the souls of Margery and Agnes his wives in the church of St. Werburgh and for his funeral 20s.; to Robert his son he bequeaths 10 marks on condition of his releasing to Christian his sister a tenement in Bristol in a lane near Cornstret; to Sir Thomas his son he bequeaths 60s., his best coffer, &c. Further bequests of money, plate, &c. to Alice his daughter and others; residue for masses for his soul or bread for the poor.
[Kent.] C. 5913. Grant by Henry [Chichele], archbishop of Canterbury, to Thomas Kempe of Wy, William Scotte of Braborne, Master William Duffeld and John Bernyngham, clerks, of the custody of the temporalities of the bishopric of Rochester vacant by the death of Richard Yonge, bishop of the diocese. The archbishop's house (hospicio) at Maunte in Normandy, 27 July, 1419.
[Middx.] C. 5914. Extract from the will, proved 10 Edward III, of Rose (Roisie) styled 'la Bowyere': bequest to Thomas her son and the heirs of his body of all her tenements in the parish of St. Andrew so that he may maintain during his life a chaplain in the said church for the celebration of divine service for her soul and the souls of Walter Hert, father of the said Thomas, Master Ralph de Holebech and all those to whom she is bound (quibus teneor); remainder to the heirs of the said Thomas on condition of maintaining two chaplains for ever. And if the said Thomas shall fail to maintain one chaplain or his heirs to maintain two chaplains, the rector and four parishioners shall be able to distrain for the arrears of their maintenance.
[Surrey.] C. 5915. Renunciation for this time only by the prior and convent of St. Peter, Cherteseye, in favour of William, bishop of Winchester, of the right of nominating an abbot to succeed Thomas Angewyn. 11 February, 1461. Endorsed, Commendation to the bishop of William Goddyng, John Halle, Walter Stanwell, and Owen ap Rees, monks of Cherteseye, and John May, formerly a monk there and now prior of Cardigan.
[Notts.] C. 5916. Grant by Maud de Lovecot, late the wife of Sir Gerard de Furnivall, for her soul and the souls of her ancestors and Sir William de Furnivall her son to the canons of Wirkesop in frankalmoin of her windmill on the west side of Gringeleye, with suit of the whole township as of old. Witnesses:—Sir Adam de Eyville, Sir Robert de Mounteni, and Sir Gervase de Bernacle, knights, Sir Richard de Shirburn, Henry, rector of Walcingham, John de Vilers, and others (named).
[Middx] C. 5917. Statute staple given by Robert Tresilyan, knight, to William de Wykeham, bishop of Winchester, for 200 marks. The Staple at Westminster, 15 July, 8 Richard II. Endorsed with note of certification into Chancery, 1 September, 12 Richard II, and of cancellation by consent of the bishop, 12 November, 12 Richard II.
[Berks.] C. 5918. Grant by John, duke of Bedford, to his yeoman (valecto) Nicholas Cleve and Margery his wife of a yearly rent of 20 marks for their lives and the life of the survivor charged on the issues of his manor of Swalfeld. Witnesses:—Richard Leyot, doctor of laws, William Mossy and William Chanceller, esquires, and others (named). Ruyslep, 18 May, 3 Henry V.
[Wilts.] C. 5919. Copy of a grant by John de Meisi, son of John de Meysi, knight (militis) to John Jorge, Margery his wife, Thomas their son, and the heirs of the said John Jorge, of his manor of Merstone.
[Surrey.] C. 5920. Grant by Reynold de Brutingehurst to Hugh son of Gerard of 1½a. land in the parish of Kamerwell which John Gerlande demised to the said Hugh; rent, 6d. For this grant Hugh gave him 8s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Henry de Dilewiss, Roger Dawnay (de Alneto), and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] C. 5921. Grant by William de Haseclif of Solihull to William atte Birches, Richard and William, his sons, of the same and the heirs of the said sons of a field in Solihull between lands called 'Hamtonelond' and 'Maggecroft.' Wednesday after St. Matthias, 20 Edward II. Foot-note: Reddit per annum duos solidos.
[Essex.] C. 5922. Grant by Richard de Bolitone son of Peter de Boliton to John de Bolitone,' his brother, for his homage and service, of a messuage and 26a. land in Boliton and Rikelingg which he had by the gift of William brother of John de Loketone, partly adjacent to the way (vicum) from Maneweden to Newport, and partly lying in Scheggeleshale and Hyngoresleze, by Kyngesmere, at Northcroft in the field of Northei, and at Poselonde and Madewelle; rent, 6s. 8d., for all service save scutage. Witnesses:—Sir Hubert la Vele, Robert Walkelyn, and others (named). Fragments of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5923. Grant by Roger de Calstone to Gilbert, vicar of Remnies- buri, and Thomas de Lidierd, chaplain, of two messuages, a plough- land, and a rent of 8s., in 'Somerfelde' in the parish of Remmesburi. Witnesses:—Sir Hildebrand de London, knight, and others (named). Litlecote, Sunday before Christmas, 7 Edward III.
C. 5924. Writing of Hugh le Despenser, lord of Glaumorgan, deferring the payment of a sum of 100l. payable to him or to the merchants of Perouche on his behalf by Richard, abbot of Waltham Holy Cross, and the convent of the same till the feast of All Hallows. Westminster, 28 November, 29 [sic] Edward II. French.
Kent. C. 5925. Quitclaim by Simon Gentil, citizen of London, to Reynold Love, citizen and merchant of London, tenant of the manor of Great Dels by Rouchestr, of his share of a yearly rent of 10l. in the same manor, purchased by him and William de Horkested from Benet de Fulsham, citizen of London. 15 February, 47 Edward III. Endorsed with note of enrolment on the Close Roll during the same month.
Berks. [Oxford.] C. 5926. Acknowledgment by Thomas Benham of Esthanneye that he owes John Bygonet of Wytteneye 20l. to be repaid at Christmas. Witnesses:—John Gibbes, mayor of Oxford, and John Bray, clerk of recognizances. 8 November, 8 Richard II. Endorsed as certified by Edmund de Kenyane, mayor of Oxford and John Bray, clerk. 4 July, 6 Henry IV.
Oxford. C. 5927. Grant by John Blount to John Chilterne of lands, rents, and services in [Kyngeston] Blount. Kyngeston, 19 June, 13 . . .
C. 5928. Release by Alan Hull to Joan Caller of all actions, real and personal. 18 April, 4 Henry V.
[Berks.] C. 5929. Grant by John Grenewey of Esthanney to William Yorke the elder of London of 3r. arable in the field of Hanney which he had by the gift of Roger Grenewey, his father. Witnesses:—Thomas Say and . . . Hyde, esquires, and others (named). 19 . . ., 22 Edward IV.
Bucks. C. 5930. Grant by Margery late the wife of John Lambard of Bledelawe to Sir Robert de Marny, knight, of 2a. land in the town of Kyngeseye in meadows called 'Devondebrok' and 'le Sydhal' near the abbot of Thame's meadow called 'Lytteleye.' Witnesses:— Sir Gerard de Braybrok and Sir Reynold Malyns, knights, and others (named). 7 November, 35 Edward III.
Berks. C. 5931. Defeasance of a bond for 20l. dated 29 September, 33 Henry VI, whereby Thomas Gawyne of Cokkelescote was bound to John Dauryge on condition that Ralph Plot of Upton in the parish of Blebury shall demise or assign the tenement which he has in farm there to no persons other than John Plot and Lettice his wife.
[Berks.] C. 5932. Grant by Henry Hardyng of Esthanney to John Bury . . . lle of Grove, Alice his wife, and his heirs of land in Esthanney. Wednesday, the feast of St. Matthias, 4 Henry VI. Seal marked 'T.'
C. 5933. General release by Roger Weste, styled 'Thoker,' of Taunton to William Monfort of Brideport of all debts. 10 August, 1 Henry IV. French.
C. 5934. Bond given by Thomas Ormond to William Carlyll, clerk for 10l. 10 July, 22 Edward IV.
Kent. C. 5935. Grant by Stephen Scroop, esquire, son and heir of Stephen Scroop, knight, to William Cheyney, the king's justice, John Fastolf, son of Alexander Fastolf, Edmund Wychyngham, William Ferrour, and Constantine Dalby, clerk, of his two manors called 'Hevercobham' and 'Heverbroket,' and all other his lands, &c. in the county of Kent. 6 March, 8 Henry V.
Berks. Wilts. C. 5936. Letters of attorney from Thomas Estbury to John Douforde and William Shepherde to deliver seisin to Henry Hungerford, vicar of Chepynglambourne, and W . . . Westron, chaplain, of his part of the manor of Chepynglambourne and of all his lands, &c. in Uplambourne, Hadele, Neubury, Spene, Spenehamlonde, Benham, Mymbury, Whityndich, Knyghton, Wynterborne Forde, Daunteseye, Larkestoke, and Langeford. 11 January, 8 Henry IV. Seal of arms, damaged.
Kent. C. 5937. Bond given by John Bagth . . . of the parish of St. Mary Cray, gentleman, and Thomas Cawston of the parish of Orpyngton to Thomas, prior of Christ Church, Canterbury, for 40 marks. 7 February, 15 Henry VIII.
[Bedford.] C. 5938. Grant by Henry Northwod of Dunstapl' to Richard de Spina the younger of Houton of three half-acres of his land in the west field of Houton abutting on Sasscwey. Dunstapl', Friday after St. Leonard, 14 Edward II.
[Wilts.] C. 5939. Grant by Richard le Skyppere and Christian his wife of Chuselden to Sir Roger de Hanyndon, chaplain, and Sir Walter Gybbes of Chuselden, deacon, of an acre in the common meadow of Esterewamberg and of two stitches (stychyas) of meadow there to the west of 'la Haywardesgore,' which they had by the right and inheritance of the said Christian. Chuselden, Sunday after Christmas, 18 Edward III.
Berks. C. 5940. Quitclaim by Henry Heyne alias Coygnes to Ralph Buttiller, lord of Seudeley and treasurer of England, of his right in a yearly rent of 13s. 4d. granted to him for his life by John Golofre, issuing out of the manor of Westlakynge. 12 April, 22 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 5941. Letters of attorney from Robert Crook of Wyke by Lacok to John Trepas to deliver to Nicholas Wotton seisin of a toft and croft in Draycote Foliot called 'Bacons.' Wednesday, the morrow of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 4 Henry V.
Middx. C. 5942. Grant by George Selot of Twykenham to John Somerseth, William Barnaby, clerk, and William Sunneman of 1a. 3r. arable at Lanehethe and elsewhere in the south field of Twykenham. 26 January, 23 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
C. 5943. Bond by Thomas Ormond, esquire, to John and William Beamond of Dordright in Holand, merchants, for the payment of 21l. at Midsummer next. 29 April, 1479. Signed, Thomas Ormond. Endorsed with condition of payment at various dates to Christmas, 1482.
[Dorset.] C. 5944. Grant by Emma relict of John Gilbert of Weymouth to Thomas Cole and Christian his wife of the same town and his heirs of his tenement and enclosure (hayam) in Weymouth. Witnesses:—John Alday and Robert Skynnere, bailiffs, and others (named). Weymouth, the feast of St. James the Apostle, 3 Henry IV.
[Heref.] C. 5945. Quitclaim by Henry de Burhope son of Walter de Burhope to Richard de Bagingeden, of his right in half a yard-land with a messuage in the town of Welinton which he held from the said Richard. For this quitclaim the said Richard gave him one sore sparrowhawk beforehand. Witnesses:—Walter Restot, Robert Series, John Mervin, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5946. Grant by Thomas de Wroxhale, with the consent of Alice his wife, to Robert de Lydierd of Remmesbury and Edith his wife and the heirs of the said Robert of a tenement in Remmesbury in the street called 'Old Garden' (vetus gardinum) between the highway and the bank of the Kenete. For this grant the said Robert and Edith gave him 10 marks beforehand. Friday after St. Scholastica, 6 Edward II. Fragments of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5947. Grant by Edith Yonge, widow, to William Persone and Robert Lily of all her land in the town of Remmesbury. The Conception of the Blessed Virgin, 1 Henry IV. Seal, damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 5948. Grant by William Persone and Robert Lily to John Damwers and Edith his wife of all their land in the town of Remmesbury which they had by the gift of Edith Zonge, widow. Sunday, Candlemas Eve, 1 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5949. 'I Wylyam Howse feffe my brothers son Jafaray in all the londes that I have for lac of eyre male. Wher as iff ye schall under- stond brothern all that my fathers laste wyll was that hys londes schuld returne unto the eyre male and never to the female as wher ye schall understond that her ys made ij feffars the wyche be ij nobyll gentylmen that ys to sey master Edwarde Langford of Bradfeld and master George Derell of Lytyll Cotte the wyche seid gentyllmen now heth feffyd Roberd Howsys son Jefray in all this londe that ys to sey in all the lond of Roberd Howse John Howse and Wylyam Howse. Also theis ij gentylmen master Langforde and master Derell hath in geifftte of the forseid Wylyam Howse a cs. to be good masters and oversears and ther yssue after them to kepe the ryghtfull eyre in hys ryght in all the londes above rehersyd whatt interrypcion that ever hit fall yn. And herto we sett to owr sealys. Yeven the the (sic) last yer of reigne of kynge Harry of Munemow.' Seal, fragment, and tag for a third seal.
Dorset. C. 5950. Grant by Hugh Hyder of Britport to Thomas Knolles, alderman of London, and Thomas Knolles his son of all his possessions. 15 January, 2 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 5951. General release by Roger de Bockemor of Solihull of all actions, &c. against William son of Thomas atte Birches of the same. Sunday after St. Edith, 20 Edward III.
[Heref.] C. 5952. Chirograph indented, dated Martinmas Eve, 10 Edward III, being a defeasance by Walter son of Adam le Taylour of Maddeleye and Joan his wife of a feoffment by Alice Restot of Weolintone of 3a. land in Weolinton, on condition of payment of 3l. 7s. 4d. at All Hallows next.
[Berks.] C. 5953. Bond by John Martolf of Blebury son of Richard Protays of the same to John Zork of West Hakebourne and Richard Baron of Blebury for 50l. to be paid on St. George's Day next. Easter Eve, 10 Henry IV. Seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 5954. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of John son of Roger de Wambewell to William del Hill of Thurleston of her dower-right in all lands, &c. late of the said John in Thurleston. Berneslay, Wednesday, the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 1330. Seal.
[Dorset.] C. 5955. Indenture dated . . . before Michaelmas, . 6 Henry VI, witnessing that William Olyver and John Starr, bailiffs of Brudeport, have demised to John Sokerell the younger a butcher's stall (macellum) in Brudeport for his life at a yearly rent of 5s.
[Essex.] C. 5956. Grant by Adam son of Thomas de London to Hamon . . . el of Arkesden, for his homage and service and for 6½ marks in gersum, of a messuage and land in Arkesden partly adjoining the land of the abbot of Waleden and the highway to Claneford, to hold to him, his heirs and assigns except religious houses and Jews; rent, 8d., for all service save scutage at the rate of 18½d. for 40s., and 1d. at Easter for the sheriff's aid.
Dorset. C. 5957. Bond by John Causemont, burgess of Melcombe Regis, vintner, to William Mountford for the payment of 15l. 15s. at the Purification of the Blessed Virgin next following. Thursday before the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 2 Henry V. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 5958. Bond by Walter son of Humphrey Miles to Sir Robert de Bures, knight, and Hilary his wife for the repayment of 100 marks at their manor of Aketone at Easter next. Aketon, Sunday after St. Thomas the Apostle, 13 Edward II.
[Essex.] C. 5959. Grant by John Marny to Thomas Cooke and John Stase, of his manor of Gybcrake in Little Totham. 27 February, 9 Edward IV.
Wilts. C. 5960. Appointment by John Penycoke, esquire of the body to the king, of Thomas Gynnour, Thomas Eyre, and Thomas Chaper as his deputies to receive from Thomas Dyn of Hungerford, gentleman, the body of John Leye son and heir of John Leye late of Flamezston, esquire, of whom the king has granted him the wardship. 4 February, 31 Henry VI. Seal. Endorsed, Sigillatum per visum Roberti Kyrkham clerici custodis hanaperii domini regis.
Suffolk. C. 5961. Grant by Thomas Giffard of Stokes Neylond to Richard son of Ranulf de Cavenedis and Parnel (Petronille) his wife, of all his corn, beasts, fowls, dogs, cats, and mice and other goods in his messuage of Werstede and elsewhere in the county. For this grant they paid him 20l. beforehand. Sunday after the feast of St. Valentine, 27 Edward I.
[Kent.] C. 5962. Grant by John de la Haye to Geoffrey . . ., his heirs and assigns except religious houses, of a tenement in . . .; rent, 1d. payable on the feast of St. Margaret at Horsmundenne for all service save the king's service. For this grant the said Geoffrey gave him 23 marks in gersum. Witnesses:—Master Robert de Pevenese, Sir John, vicar of Cranebrok, Benjamin de Guthrste, Roger de Pette, Wylard de Beghyndenne, Tubert de Merdenne, and others (named). Endorsed, Carta domini Johanis de la Haye.
C. 5963. Bond by Thomas Ormond for the payment of 2l. 13s. 4d. to Master John Morton, master of the Rolls, at Candlemas next. 8 January, 13 Edward IV. Signed, Thomas Ormond. English.
C. 5964. Bond by Richard Stargrave of Winchester, gentleman, to William York the younger and John Brigges, citizens of London, for the payment of 5l. on 22 January next. 11 November, 7 Edward IV. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with condition that if he pay 50s. on 22 January next, the bond shall be void.
Kent. C. 5965. Grant by Stephen Lescrop, son and heir of Stephen Lescrop, knight (militis), to Roger Fenys, knight, Richard Wakeherst, and Thomas Baynden, of his manors of Hevere Cobham and Hevere Brokays and of all his lands, &c. in Hevere and Chidyngstone. Witnesses:—Reynold Cobeham and Thomas Sakevile, knights, and others (named). 7 December, 2 Henry VI.
Bedford. C. 5966. Grant by Thomas H . . . of Bykelyswad and Thomas Newman of Hylle in the parish of Wardon to Gregory Halywell of Bykelyswad, Thomas Horley, John Neas . . ., and John Grene of Caldecote of a messuage and 1a. ½r. land in Hylle partly under the Ryggewey and partly abutting on Castellgate and 'le Brooke.' 8 January, . 1 Henry VI.
[Suffolk.] C. 5967. Quitclaim by Matthew son of Adam de Losse to Nicholas de Tunstall and Margery his wife, for her life, and the heirs of the said Nicholas of his right in 3r. land in Hestham in the hamlet of Losse, between land of Alice his mother, &c. and abutting on the road to Peperisle . ., which land the said Nicholas and Margery acquired from Robert de Bressete, clerk. Monday, the feast of St. Nicholas, 34 [Edward I].
[Warw.] C. 5968. Grant by John de Blesmovill of Solihull to Richard atte Shawe of the same of his place of land, which he had by the gift of Thomas de Cimiterio, in Solihull called 'Blithelond'; rent to the chief lords of the fee, 12d. He also grants him the right to continue digging his ditch to complete the enclosure. Mondav, the eve of Lady Day, 19 Edward II.
[Herts.] C. 5969. Demise by Roger H[ysk]yffe, clerk, Robert Whelpyngton, Thomas Starkey, and Robert Thorne to John Savage and John Bykman, clerks, Edmund Westby, Richard Sares, Henry Maiot, and Richard Stwedelay of a tenement in Halywellstrete, St. Albans, adjoining a hedge called 'Dottreyshegge.' 17 Henry VI. Two seals, damaged, one with arms.
[Dorset.] C. 5970. Letters of attorney from Lawrence Gilbert of Weymuth appointing William Soydon to receive from Richard Barbor of Weymuth 10l. for a tenement by the common quay. Weymouth, Thursday, . . . St. Clement the Pope, 30 Edward III.
[Norfolk.] C. 5971. Bond for 40l. given by Roger Fullere, Richard Haldeyn, Roger Spark, sherman, and John . . . rd of Great Yarmouth to the lord Edward of Wyndesouere, king of England. Tuesday after St. Bartholomew, 49 Edward III. Endorsed with condition to make no conspiracies against the king or the freedom of Great Yarmouth. Fragments of two seals.
[Kent.] C. 5972. Letters of attorney from William Isle and John Rowe to [William] Purchas, Hugh Joye, and Gilbert Savage to deliver to Geoffrey Boleyn, citizen and mercer of London, Thomas Boleyn and Thomas Mannyng, clerks, Thomas Urswyk, Thomas Burgoyn, Thomas Bryan, and Hugh Fenne, gentlemen, and Richard Suthwell, esquire, seisin of land in the parishes of Hevere and Chydyngston which they had, jointly with James Fenys, esquire, and John Mason, clerk, by the gift of Ralph Co . . . t and Robert Slyghtere. 12 February, 39 Henry VI.
C. 5973. General release by Walter le Smeth of Shenley to Reynold le Walshe of Theydon atte [Mou]nte of all debts, actions, &c. London, Tuesday after Lady day, 17 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5974. Grant by Edmund de Wymondiswold, chaplain, and Roger de Flete, citizen and clothworker of London, to Peter Koc and Robert Braunch of half the manor of Fitelton, and of lands there of the gift of Thomas de Harna', parson of Odestouk, and John Wode, and of the advowson of the church. All Hallows Eve, 36 Edward III.
Berks. C. 5975. Bond by John Dawson of Upton, husbandman, for the payment of 3l. 2s. to William York the elder of London, esquire, at Michaelmas next. 16 January, 13 Edward IV.
[Wilts.] C. 5976. Grant by James de Combe, chaplain, to Robert de Burebach, Denise daughter of John de Radenham his niece (nepote mee), and the heirs of their bodies of a messuage and a yard-land in Fiteltone which he had by the gift of Simon de Combe, late lord of Fiteltone. . . Edward II.
Surrey. C. 5977. Grant by William Petley and Katherine his wife to John Skynner, John Polsted, and William Arnold of all their tenements, &c. in Pekham which late were of John Forstall. 30 April, . . Edward IV. Two seals, with fragments of leaves adhering.
[Notts.] C. 5978. Grant by Thomas de Merdeley of Sutton to Ralph Torkard of Notyngham, Cecily his wife, and Ralph's heirs, of his right in 60a. arable, uncultivated land (frichearum), and meadow in Notyngham which Henry de Bradmere of Notyngham and Thomas Bothale had by the grant of John de Normanton. The feast of St. George, 4 Richard II. Seal of arms, damaged.
Dorset. C. 5979. Bond by Stephen Russell, chaplain of the chantry of St. Michael, Brideport, for the payment of 40l. to William Olyver and Richard Burgh at Michaelmas next. 8 August, 4 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
C. 5980. General release by Robert Say, citizen and mercer of London, to Richard Cater of Salisbury, mercer, of all actions real and personal. 10 February, 6 Edward IV. Seal.
C. 5981. General release by John Mene to Richard Wyot and Thomas atte Watere of all personal actions. Monday after All Hallows, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5982. Grant by Robert son and heir of Henry Taylur of La Brodeton to John Jokin, rector of the chapel of [Corft]one, and William son of William Jokin [for their lives], for 2 marks in hand, of land in the west field of La Brodeton. Saturday, the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 9 Edward II.
Berks. C. 5983. Bond by John Dawson of Upton, husbandman, for the payment of 4l. 4s. 4d. to William York, the elder, of London, esquire, at Easter next. 10 May, 14 Edward IV.
Middx. Surrey. C. 5984. Indenture dated 15 November, 22 Edward IV, witnessing that John Edmonde, son and heir of Andrew Edmonde and Jane late the wife of the said Andrew have sold all their lands, &c. in Twykenham, Whiton, Warton, Thystelworth and Mulsey to Dame Elizabeth Yourk, widow, for 46l. 6s. 8d. beforehand. English.
C. 5985. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond made between Ellen late the wife of William Rybourgh and John Cutyll, executor of the will of the said William relating to the execution of the will. 17 March, 8 Richard II. French. Seal, damaged.
[Suffolk.] C. 5986. Grant by Geoffrey de Semere to Godfrey son of Alexander de Lavenham of 11a. land in the town of Meleford which he holds (teneo) of Gilbert son of William de Lavenham of the fee of Roger son of William de Meleford and the homage and service of John son of Hugh de Cruce; rent to the said Roger, 2s. and to him a pair of gloves worth ½d. at Easter. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas, son of William de Lavenham, and others (named).
[Warw.] C. 5987. Quitclaim by Agnes daughter of John le Sawyer of Berkes- well to John Barry the elder, her uncle, of her right in 5a. land in Berkeswell adjoining the roads to Balisale and from Keneleworth to Colshull. Seal in white wax, damaged.
C. 5988. Bond by John Held of Mortymere Clibery, co. Salop, weaver, and Robert Smyth of London, yeoman, for the payment of 20s. to Thomas Strodere and John Styward on 3 May next. 28 January, 2 Edward IV. Two seals.
[Suffolk.] C. 5989. Confirmation by Robert de Brissete, clerk, to Nicholas de Tunstalle and Margery his wife for her life and to the heirs of Nicholas of a grant of lands in Hecham and Monks Illeye; rent, 4 marks. Witnesses:—Sir Hugh de Morieaus, Sir John de Geddinge, and Sir John . . ., knights, and others (named). Tuesday before St. Luke, 2 Edward II. Seal, damaged.
Kent. C. 5990. Demise by William Rotheley and John Sharp to John Outlaw of land in a field called 'Depeden' in the parish of Eard. 35 [Henry VI]. Two seals.
[Hants.] C. 5991. Quitclaim by Thomas de Foxcote to Henry de Harnhell for his life (vitam suam) of his right over Henry Bafeli, Thomas Ywon, and William Paty, bondmen, dwelling (nativos manentes) in Hetherdene, and in their lands, chattels, and issue. Peniton Meysi, 30 April, 16 Edward II.
[Suffolk.] C. 5992. Quitclaim by Thomas son of Adam de Lose to Nicholas de Tunstall and Margery his wife for her life, and to the heirs of Nicholas of his right in all the land which the said Adam had in a hamlet called Losse in Heescham. Witnesses:—Sir Hugh de Moriaus and Sir John de Geddinge, knights, and others (named).
[Lancaster.] C. 5993. Indenture witnessing that the commonalty of Liver- pull has granted to the king a farcost (farecoste) called the 'Nicholas,' equipped and manned (names of crew given) to go to the north parts and remain there for 20 days, according to the king's command received through his clerk William de Werdale, and note of the arrest of a ship called the Mariol for going to sea without the king's wages and protec- tion, with a request to know the pleasure of the king and council. French.
[Heref.] C. 5994. Grant by Roger [le Long]e of Sutton, John Furches, Edmund Brugge, and John Sylvestr' to Thomas Verne of Wisteston in the parish of Maureden and Juliana his wife of all lands, &c. which they had by the gift of Thomas Svlvestr' in Maureden, Bodenham and La Venne. Palm Sunday, 14 Henry IV. Three seals.
Middx. C. 5995. Grant by William Howes, chaplain, to Maud late the wife of Richard Toky, citizen and woolman of London, of all his tenements in the parishes of St. Edmund of Lumbardestret and St. Benet of Graschirche, London, bought under the will of Maud late the wife of John atte Rose. 24 April, 36 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 5996. Acknowledgment by William Clyterer of Salisbury of the receipt of 13s. 4d. from Thomas Mayzowe of Hongurford. Michaelmas, 8 Henry VI.
Bucks. Oxford. C. 5997. Grant by Joan relict of Henry Cryps of Cobbecote to John Cotusmore and Peter Fetiplace of all his lands, &c. in Kyngesey. Towresey and Thythrop. 3 May, 5 Henry VI.
[Devon.] C. 5998. Grant by William atte Hill and Gilbert Wronge to Richard Damarle, Joan his wife, and the heirs of their bodies of all their lands, &c. in Morcokyshegys and Willem ton in the parishes of Schete and Ofwille; remainder to John Damarle, Lucy his wife, and the heirs of John's body; remainder to the right heirs of the said Richard. Thursday before the Epiphany, 14 Richard II. Two seals, damaged, one with arms.
N'hamp. C. 5999. Lease dated Thursday, the feast of St. John before the Latin Gate, 33 Edward I, by Thomas Barfot of Torp to the master and brethren of the house of the Holy Trinity without Xorhampton of ½r. arable without the gate of the Holy Trinity, Norhampton, for 20 years. Fragments of seal in wrapping.
[Bedford.] C. 6000. Grant by Richard Countesse of Dunstaple and Joan his wife to Richard Aungewyn of the same of 1a. land in 'les Westinnyges' of Dunstaple adjoining 'Skiftesbuttes.' Saturday after St. Valentine, 44 Edward III.