Deeds: C.6001 - C.6100

Pages 290-302

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6001 - C.6100

[Bedford.] C. 6001. Letters of attorney from John Raven of Berkhampsted to Henry Clay to receive seisin of a croft in Webscnad called 'Joseppescroft' which was bought of Richard Boner of Webscnad. London, Thursday after Michaelmas, 47 Edward III. French.
[Sussex.] C. 6002. Grant by John Emme to Peter his son of two messuages and rents in the parish of Ifeud; rent, a pair of gloves worth 1½d. Witnesses:—Jordan de Langele and others (named).
[Herts.] C. 6003. Quitclaim by Edmund Westby. John Bykeman, chaplain, and John Savage to Henry Maiot and Richard Stywdeley of St. Albans of their right in six crofts in and near the town of St. Albans whereof one called 'Coppedhalle' is in the parish of St. Andrew beyond Holywell bridge between the high road and the land of the nuns of St. Mary de la Pre (de Pratis), and the other five are in the parish of St. Michael between the land of the prior of St. Albans and the lane leading from St. Albans to Potteryscrouche, which crofts they had by the gift of John Barbour. 29 May, 30 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] C. 6004. Quitclaim by Nicholas Conyngston to John Forster and John Barbour of his right in a grange, 3 crofts and 1r. land in the parish of St. Andrew in St. Albans and in 5 crofts in the parish of St. Michael near St. Albans, which he, together with the said John Forster and John Barbour, had by the gift of Thomas Starky and Robert Thome. 8 October, 14 Henry VI.
[Worc.] C. 6005. Grant by Robert Darnell of Wyke, son and heir of Agnes Baggepath, late the wife of John Cowpere of Wyke, to Roger Harewell of Besford and Aucarius Beauehamp, esquires, Sir William Maynard, chaplain, and William Hayward and William Wenlok of Wyke of his lands in Wyke and of 6a. arable lying dispersed in the fields of Bryghtlampton which he had by the gift of John Smyth of Penseham, William Condurton, John Taillour, and Thomas Comber of Parshore. 21 June, 2 Richard III. Seal, damaged.
[Herts.] C. 6006. Demise by Henry Maiot and Richard Stywdeley of St. Albans to John Spendelove and Joan his wife, Edward Hulle, knight, Henry Frowyk of South Mymmes, esquire, Edward Westby, William Halle, John Ferrers, Henry Dyper, and John Wangford, of six crofts as in C. 6003. Witnesses:—Henry Dyper, bailiff of St. Albans, Richard Gosbyll, and others (named). 2 June, 30 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Bedford.] C. 6007. Grant by William Phelip of Shortemade to John de Siwelle, chaplain, of 1¼ burgages in 'le Mulnestrete' in [Bike]leswade and of a messuage and land in Shortemade. Bikeleswade, 1 May, 14 . . .
[Hants.] C. 6008. Letters of attorney from Adam de Skelton to Roger Bettelye and John de Polhampton to deliver seisin to John Randolf, knight, of all his lands in Q[ui]dhampton and Asshe which he had by the gift of Richard de Overton, clerk. London, Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 30 Edward I. Endorsed with several names and sums of money.
[Essex.] C. 6009. Grant by John Purchaz of Rikelinge to John son of John Gelous of the same, for his homage and service and for 5 marks in gersum, of 3½a. land with balks (sulconibus) of pasture, &c. in Rikeling in 'Grovefeld' between the land of Dame Amice de Say, &c. and abutting on the garden of the hall where the lord's leet is held.
[Bedford.] C. 6010. Letters of attorney from Walter and Joan his wife to Gilbert de Wybbesnade, chaplain, to receive seisin of a messuage and 3 crofts in Wybbesnade on the west side of 'Dodenynesheye' [which they had] by the gift of William Brekebech. Friday after Martinmas, 6 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 6011. Grant by John de Hoketon, vicar of Dunton, to Alice, daughter of Adam Reynold of Mulnho the younger, deceased, for her life, of 6a. land in the field of Mulnho, near land of the abbot of Waltham, at Mosemere, in 'le Made,' on 'Hotehul' and 'Rielond,' &c.; remainder to Adam's right heirs. Sunday before . . . . . . ., 15 Edward III. Endorsed with an inventory of goods.
Dorset. C. 6012. Bond by Edward Houdon of Brideport, husbandman, for the payment of 40s. to Robert Burgeis of the same, at the feast of St. Catherine next. Thursday, the feast of St. Denis, 17 Henry VI Seal.
[Kent.] C. 6013. Grant by Sir Henry de Leyburne, knight, and Elizabeth his wife to William ate Wode and Philip ate Londe, for 10 marks before- hand, of land and a rent in Estpecham which [S]imon de Scharstede father of the said Elizabeth, formerly had by the gift of Thomas de Spayne; rent, 20s. Witnesses:—Adam de Wendleswerke, and others (named). December, 27 Edward I. Endorsed, Carta Willelmi de Bosco et Philippi ate Londe de terra de Stanford in Pecham.
[Dorset.] C. 6014. Bond by Ralph Brouage, merchant of Melcombe Regis, and John Russell alias Gyle, merchant of Dorchestre, for the payment of 49l. 6s. 8d. to William Mountfort, burgess of Brydeport, at Candlemas next. Tuesday after St. Matthew, 12 Henry IV. Seal damaged.
Dorset. C. 6015. Grant by John Beatiscombe and Hugh Prior, clerk, to John, abbot of Cern, John Olyver and John Tonnyng, clerks, William Olyver, William Wyke, John Croukern and the heirs of the said John and William Olyver, of all the lands, &c. which they, with others, had by the gift of Geoffrey Peny in Wodemyll and elsewhere. 20 April, 5 Edward IV. Draft on paper.
[Norfolk.] C. 6016. Conveyance by Edmund Berry, knight, William Paston of Paston, Oliver Groos, esquire, Thomas Derham of Crymplesham, and Robert Heylot of Lesyngham, to John Aslak of Crosthweyt, Richard, parson of Crosthweyt, and Adam Fraunceys of Redelyngton of their tenement called 'Stalham Halle' in Stalham, late Withes and all the lands, etc., in Stalham, Ingham, Sutton, Brunsted, Crosthweyte, Redelyngton, Witton, Honyng, Hapesburgh, and else- where in the hundreds of Happyng and Tunstede, which they had jointly with John Geneye, knight, and Clement Herward, deceased, by the gift of the said John Aslak. 20 July, 9 Henry VI. Four seals, two damaged.
[Middx. Essex.] C. 6017. Demise by Roger Hungarton, chaplain, and William atte Hoke, butcher, to Thomas Burgh, esquire, Gilbert Burgh, Robert Golescher, and Richard Stanes of all their lands in the parishes of St. Mary Matfelon, Stebenhithe, and Hakeneye, which, together with William Pykenham, the pelterer, deceased, they had by the gift of Thomas Cherche, chaplain, and Simon White, except lands which Robert Cristendome, citizen and cloth worker of London holds by the gift of the said William atte Hoke and others in Stebenhithe. They demise also to the said Thomas, Gilbert, Robert and Richard 12a. wood in Berkyngcley which, together with the said William Pykenham, they had by the gift of the said Thomas Cherche and Simon White; rent, during the life of Agnes late the wife of Guy de Allesley, to be paid in the church of St. Leonard, Stratford atte Bowe, 20l. 21 September, 3 Henry VI. Seal, damaged, and fragment.
Ireland. C. 6018. Bond by Michael [Tregury], archbishop of Dublin, John Aleyn, clerk, of co. Oxford, and Walter Fitz Symond, gentleman, of Dublin, for the payment of 40l. to William York the elder and William York the younger, at All Hallows next. 26 February, 1462.
Scotland.] C. 6019. Resignation by John Sympil of Perthwik to the King [of Scots] of all his lands of Pertwik commonly called 'Sympil Pertwik' in the bailiwick of Renfrw, and of a rent of 4 marks due from the king's lands of Quenys Halch in the shrievalty of Struvielyne, by rod and staff (per fustem et baculum). Renfrew, 25 April, 1435. Seal of arms, damaged.
Essex. C. 6020. General release by John Domer, citizen and 'belman' of London, to Peter Berewyk of Colcestr' of all personal actions. 7 October, 15 Henry VI.
Essex. C. 6021. Grant by Alexander Walden, knight, to John Bray of Tyllebury and John Kent of Thaxsted of his manor of Machchingehall with its appurtenances in Machching and elsewhere. Wednesday after All Hallows, 20 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
Oxford. C. 6022. Quitclaim by Joan late the wife of Robert le Blount to John de Alveton, Nichola his wife, and his heirs, of her right in the manor of Kyngeston by Thame. Witnesses:—John de Leukenore and John Golafre, knights, Edmund de Malyns, Thomas de Barentyn, and others (named). August, 18 Edward III. Mutilated.
Herts. C. 6023. Bond for 100 marks, payable at Whitsuntide next, given by John Jocelyn of Braughyng, esquire, to Robert, abbot of St. Mary Graces by the Tower of London, for his submission to an award of William Crofton and John Clerke relating to land claimed by him in Westmell and rent in the manors of Gatesbury and Maisters claimed by the abbot in right of the manor of Westmell. 4 February, 33 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 6024. Quitclaim by Walter Boghurst of Mepham, co. Kent, to Richard Bonere of Kensworth of his right in a croft called 'Josepescroft' in Wybsnad and of all the meadow late of Walter de Wouberne in Eyton. Sunday after St. Denis, 41 Edward III. Seal of arms, damaged.
[Bedford.] C. 6025. Grant by Richard Boner of Websnade to John Raven of Berkhampsted of a croft in Webscnad called 'Joseppuscroft.' Friday before St. Luke, 47 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 6026. Bond by Richard Boner of Webscnade for the payment of 4 marks to John Raven of Berkhampsted if he shall lose by law any part of a croft in Webscnade called 'Joseppescroft.' Friday before St. Luke, 47 Edward III. French.
Staff. C. 6027. Grant by Henry Spurstowe of Spurstowe to Richard le Fleccher, parson of Haselwall, Richard Haukyn, vicar of Madeley, and John de Lebursaght, parson of Bertumley, of his manors of Chetelton and Wryme, and of all his other lands, &c. in the county. Le Wryme, Lady Day, 8 Henry VI. Seal of arms, damaged.
[Essex ?] C. 6028. Grant by Miles de Estraford to Joan his daughter, for her homage and service and for 40s. beforehand, of his land in Estraford called 'Britrechesfeld' with a meadow in 'Storemedeye,' land called 'le Wallefeld,' rent issuing out of Warin's land, and land and an alder-holt at Mochelefen, to hold to her, her heirs and assigns except religious houses; rent, a pair of white gloves.
[Suffolk.] C. 6029. Grant by . . . to Sir Robert de Bures, knight, Hilary his wife, and Robert's heirs, of the homage and service of John . ., Reyner Schepherd, Agnes his daughter, John the smith (fabri), of Great Waldingfeld, and others (named), together with a yearly rent of 14s. due from them for the tenements which they held from [him] in the town of Aketon. Thursday before St. Mark, 9 Edward II.
[Berks.] C. 6030. Quitclaim by William Tatyn, Margery his wife, and William his son and heir, to Edmund Spersholte of their right in lands, rents, and services in Westlakyng, Ardynton, and Detheswik. 8 May, 1386.
Essex. C. 6031. General release by Robert Horn, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Peter Berwyk of Colchester, carpenter, of all personal actions. 25 August, 24 Henry VI.
Middx. C. 6032. General release by John Clerk of Westminster, yeoman, to Richard Aired, esquire, of all personal actions. 16 November, 24 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 6033. General release by Margaret, relict of Percival Sondon and lady of Fytelton, to Richard atte Mulle of Fytelton, of all real and personal actions, past or future, arising out of his state of servitude. 1 February, 1 Henry VI.
[Herts.] C. 6034. Indenture dated Sunday after Easter, 10 Edward III, between Margaret relict of Richard de Gatesbery and Ralph his son of the one part, and Mary de St. Paul, countess of Pembroke, of the other part, witnessing that the said Margaret and Ralph have quitclaimed to the said Mary, for her life, their right in the lands, &c. which the said Mary holds in Westmeln. Seal, damaged.
[Norfolk.] C. 6035. Grant by Gervase Unspac of Dilham to Stephen son of Hervey de Dilham, dyer, for his homage and service and for [2 or 3]s. in gersum of a yearly rent of 2d. due from Bartholomew Robet of Smale- berghe for 1½r. land in Dilham between land of Thomas Unspac, his brother, &c.; rent, a hazel-nut at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Philip de Wrthested, Henry de Brockelee, clerk, and others (named). Seal, damaged.
[Wilts.] C. 6036. Indenture between William Brantyngham, John Poucher and William Gascryk of the one part, and William atte Hurne of Brokenbergh of the other part, witnessing that they have granted to the said William atte Hurne a messuage and 7a. land late of John atte Sheote in Brokenbergh, held of the manor of Puryton; rent, . . ., whereof half is to be paid to the said Brantyngham and half to the said [Poucher] and Gascrick; suit of court twice a year and a heriot on every vacancy, except at the death of the said William atte Hurne. 4 February, 15 Richard II. French.
[Bucks.] C. 6037. Letters of attorney from Master Nicholas Calton, canon of Salisbury, to John Mychel, John Clyve, and Thomas Michel, all of Wycombe, to prosecute William Bell of Wycombe for perjury and other offences committed against him. Shotesbrok, the feast of St. Lawrence, 11 Henry VI.
[Suffolk.] C. 6038. Quitclaim by Michael de Nelynge and Alice his wife to Sir R[obert] de Bures, knight, Hilary his wife, and his. heirs, of their right in land formerly partly held by Alan Nerbaud. Witnesses:— . . . de Kereseye, Richard Parker of Bures, and others (named). Saturday after St. [Vale]ntine, 12 Edward II.
[Suffolk.] C. 6039. Demise by Henry . . . to Reynold Snarry and John Sayer for six years of all his land in the town of Assendone, the lease to begin at Michaelmas, . . . Edward II.
[Suffolk.] C. 6040. Grant by John Groten of Boxford and John Knyth, of the same, to John Hode of Flete and Thomas, rector of [Layham ?] of all the lands, &c. which they had by the gift of William Peel. Boxford, Sunday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 49 Edward III. Seal and fragment in white wax.
[Berks.] C. 6041. Grant by Richard de Polhamton to John Heyeward and Alice his wife, for their lives in survivorship, of a corn-rent to be paid at Wytemore in the parish of Kenetebur'. Monday, the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 6 Edward II.
Heref. C. 6042. Grant by Walter Bawdewyn, son and heir of John Bawdewyn, and by Alice his wife, to Thomas Vynte and John Lane of all their messuages, lands, &c. in Maurdyn. 28 March, . . Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
Cornw. C. 6043. Grant by Stephen Trevysa, son of Ralph Trevysa, to Sir Robert de Tresilian, knight, and Emmeline his wife, for their lives in survivorship, of the reversion of all the messuages, lands, &c., in Trenewyth, Reskegorra, and Gonanham, late of Michael Trenewyth, and now held for ten years by Richard Tirell, at a yearly rent of 10 marks, together with the said rent, and the reversion of the dower of Anny wife of Robert Trelodrow. 3 January, 6 Richard II. French.
[Dorset.] C. 6044. Letters of attorney from Richard Oure alias Gower of Waymouth to Walter Syferwest and William Tracy of Brideport to deliver seisin to William Mumford of Brideport of a tenement in Brideport. Saturday after Corpus Christi, 8 Henry IV. Fragments of seal.
[Warw.] C. 6045. Quitclaim by Thomas Fynchale and Richard de Bockemor to Richard de Caldeford, chaplain, all of Solyhull, of their right in 4 selions of land in 'le Orchardesfeld.' . . . . after St. Chad . . Edward III.
C. 6046. Bond by John Wyche of London, tailor, for the payment of 20 marks to John Smyht, warden of the college of Schotesbroke, co. Berks, and William Yorke of London, gentleman. 3 January, 4 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 6047. Grant by Roger Shirreve, perpetual vicar of Wurthsted, and . ., citizen of Norwich, to Henry Ingges of Wurthsted, Nicholas Camond, John Lyngsted of Dylham, and Thomas Palmer of the same, of a close, two pieces of arable and a piece . . . in Smalbergh, which they had by the gift of John Hood, rector of Sloley. Witnesses:— Henry Inglose, knight, Richard Haldeyn, and others (named). . . March, 9 Henry VI. Two seals. Endorsed, A. primus.
[Wilts.] C. 6048. Grant by John Houmell and Amice his wife to William Person and John Halegod of half a messuage which they had by the gift of Philip Scumer in Oxefordstret, Remmesbury. Witnesses:— Simon Rasel, William Churstyle, and others (named). Monday, the feast of St. Vincent, 7 Richard II.
Suffolk. C. 6049. Indenture, dated Colum, Sunday before St. Bartholomew, 2 Edward III, between Robert de Ver, earl of Oxford, and Thomas, his son, of the one part and Robert de Bures of the other part, witnessing that whereas the said Earl Robert and Thomas have agreed under a bond of 60l. in the custody of Sir Thomas Grey, knight, to allow the said Robert de Bures possession of the manor of Preston for a term of seven years, it is agreed that the bond shall be delivered at the end of the term to the said Earl Robert and Thomas unless the said Robert de Bures shall have been disturbed; but if he shall have been disturbed, the deed shall be delivered to him. Endorsed with a copy of a demise by Lucy late the wife of John de Wenden of Great Bures, widow, to Sir Andrew de Bures, knight, for four years of a piece of meadow in Bures between the road to Subir' and the king's quay (regiam ripam.) Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Cornherthe, knight, and others (named). Candlemas, 9 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 6050. Demise by Edmund de Polhampton to William Cobbe of all the lands which Roger Pynel formerly had in the fee of Sandon and of a croft called 'Holecroft' at 'La Hulle,' until Michaelmas next. Sandon by Hungerford, Monday after St. Lucy, 22 Edward III.
Warw. C. 6051. General release by Robert Harecourte, knight, to Thomas Hore of Kenelleworth and William Hore of Stonythorpp, esquires, of all actions of debt. 11 March, 30 Henry VI.
[Somerset, Devon, or Wilts.] C. 6052. Indenture witnessing that Nicholas Wotton, gentleman, has demised to John Benet, tucker, a cottage in Stoford which Richard Blake formerly had, to hold for the life of the said Nicholas; rent, 3s. Tuesday, the feast of St. Margaret, 23 Henry VI. Seal.
[Berks.] C. 6053. Grant by Thomas Grene of Esthanney to Agnes his wife, daughter of Thomas Smale, and the heirs of their (nostris) bodies, of two tenements called 'Foresherdes' and 'Erlyches' in Esthanney for her life without impeachment of waste. 8 November, 8 Henry VI.
[Suffolk.] C. 6054. Grant by John Sothman of Ixnyngg, chaplain, to Thomas Skesp and John Chocwold, chaplain, of 1½a. land in Ixnyngg whereof ½a. lies in 'Arnowfeld' near land of Sir Henry de Coggyshal, knight, and stretches to 'Landwathemor,' 1½r. lie in 'Wymellefeld' near native land of the countess of Pembroke, and ½a. ½r. lie in 'Gosecroft,' near the croft of John Chocwold, rector of Bracstede. Monday before St. Mark, 48 Edward III. Seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 6055. Bond by Nicholas Davy, John Greyne, Robert de Ruttelee, and Richard Sherman of Great Yarmouth for the payment of 40l. to Sir Edward of Wyndeshor, king of England, at Michaelmas next. Monday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 49 Edward III. Four seals, two damaged. Endorsed with condition as in C. 5971.
[Norfolk.] C. 6056. Quitclaim by Catherine late the wife of Thomas de Neuton of Corton, and daughter of William son of John son of William the chaplain (capellani) of Smaleberg, widow, to Dame Isabel, late the wife of Sir Geoffrey de Wyth, knight, of her right in a messuage, 8a. land, and 2a. moor and marsh and in the third part of a messuage and in 2s. yearly rent in Smaleberg, Dilham, Berton and Sloley, which tenements the said Geoffrey and Isabel bought from William de Wrentham. Lund, Saturday, the feast of St. John before the Latin Gate, 9 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 6057. General release by John Schypman of Abyndon to Richard Wynde, fuller, of the same, of all actions real and personal. Abyndon, 10 May, 7 Henry V.
[Norfolk.] C. 6058. Bond by John de Kirton, Roger de Rysingg, John Wylde- goos, Thomas March, and John de Northich of Great Yarmouth for the payment of 50l. to Sir Edward of Wyndeshore, king of England, at All Hallows next. 14 October, 49 Edward III. Endorsed with condition as in C. 5971.
Wilts. C. 6059. Grant by William Yorke, the elder, of London, merchant, Sir William Mille of Rammysbury, chaplain, and John Ewyn of Draycote Folyat, yeoman, to Richard Estbury of Chute, gentleman, for life, of a yearly rent of 20s. charged on their lands called 'Strangbowes' in Baddesbury and Baddehamwyke. Witnesses:— George and Richard Darell, knights, Nicholas Carewe, Robert Medford, Thomas Lewes. 12 July, 9 Edward IV. Three seals.
[Norfolk.] C. 6060. Grant by Oliver de Calthorp, knight, to John Erl of Wykemere of a piece of land in Wykemere adjoining land of the earl of Stafford; rent, 4d. Calthorp, Monday after St. Faith, 41 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 6061. Grant by Robert Tyverey of Solihull to John Tone of the same, Agnes his wife, and his heirs, of a place of land with a house thereon which he had by the gift of John P . . . . Solihull, . . . after the Finding of the Holy Cross, . . Edward III.
Essex. C. 6062. Grant by John son of William Bromyg of Arkysdene, deceased, to John son of Edmund Smyth and John [son] of John Bouches of a messuage in the parish of Arkysdene abutting on land of the abbot and convent of Waldene and on the high-road from Wykys to Arkysden church. Sunday after Michaelmas, 2 Richard II.
[Lancaster.] C. 6063. Quitclaim by John son and heir of Sir Roger de Lanc[astre] to the abbot and monks of Furnes for the soul of his father, his ancestors and successors, of his right in land in a place called Angurtonmosse in Brocton, situate as described, which they have by the gift of Thomas Schilehar, burgess of Dalton in Furnes, in frank almoin. Witnesses:—Sir Alan de Couplond, Sir Alan de Feniton, Sir Richard de Preston, and Sir Roger de Burton, knights, John de Salkeld, and others (named). Endorsed, Mandatur quod capiantur per escaetorem in manum Regis tamquam forisfacta per statutum quod tempus domini Regis advenit. [See Furness Coucher Book, part I, p. 49 (Chetham Society Publications)].
[Somerset.] C. 6064. Indenture dated at Sevenhampton Vaus, Thursday after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, 12 Richard II, between John Strecch, lord of Sevenhamton Vaus, knight, of the one part and Nicholas Bolour and Agnes his wife and John atte Mede and Christian his wife, tenants of land at 'la Mede', of the other part, witnessing that he has granted them his meadow in a meadow called 'Landemede' and ½a. meadow near the tenement of Peter Domerell in exchange for their meadow in 'la Ferthyng.' Witnesses:—John de Beauchamp of Lyllesdon, John Meryet, and John Lorty, knights, John Gyge, and others (named). Three seals.
Surrey. C. 6065. Bond by Thomas Stacy, gentleman, and John Blondell, citizen and fruiterer of London, for the payment of 20s. to Sir James le Botiller, earl of Ermon, at Michaelmas next. 16 January, 17 Henry VI. Seal and fragment. Endorsed with condition that if the said Thomas shall prove before Michaelmas next that he has not received the 20s. which Henry Kember, late farmer and collector of rents in the lordship of Shire and Vacherye, says that he received from him on 9 July, 15 Henry VI, the bond shall be void.
[York, W.R.] C. 6066. Letters of attorney from William Dr[onffeld], knight, and Robert Corff of Wakefeld, clerk, to John . . . ho . . ., to deliver to Richard Oxspryng of Oxspryng and Elizabeth his wife seisin of all lands, &c. in Oxspring and Darton. West Bretton, 2 July 4 Henry IV. Cf. C. 783.
[Staff.] C. 6067. Grant by Richard de Everdon and Richard Dymmok, vicar of Seggesleye, to John de Couleye, the younger, and Edith his wife, for her life, of all their lands, &c. late of John de Waltham in Womburn and Overton; remainder to Thomas le Hore. Pencrich, Sunday, Michaelmas, 38 Edward III. Two seals, damaged.
Berks. C. 6068. Bond by John Absolon of Cholsey, husbandman, Stephen Chaunceler of Harewell, husbandman, and Thomas Pyperwyte of Abyndon, fuller, for the payment of 40l. to Richard Makeney, esquire, at Easter next. 12 October, 24 Henry VI. Three seals.
Kent C. 6069. Bond by John Heystaple of Westmalling for the payment of 20l. to Richard Crophill, esquire, at Michaelmas next. 18 June, 37 Henry VI. Seal. Endorsed with condition of repayment by six quarterly instalments of 13s. 4d.
[Bucks.] C. 6070. Grant by Margaret daughter and heir of Richard Godlak of Kyngeseye to Sir Robert de Marny, knight, of her right in the land, &c. late of John Godlak her uncle in Kyngeseye which she and Maud, her sister, inherited at his death. 20 February, 29 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 6071. Letters of attorney from . . . ley, knight, John Fray, Thomas Palmer, and William Stanlowe to . . ., and . . ., esquire, to deliver seisin to certain bishops, [William,] earl of Arundell, Thomas, earl of . . ., Thomas Clifford, knight, lord Clifford, John Stourton, John Fortescu, Thomas Stanley, . . . Tyrell, and Gervase Cliton, knights, Master William Say, dean of the king's chapel of . . ., . . . Constable and John Taylboys of Stalyngbourghe, esquires, Thomas Yong, and Richard Illyngworth of lands, &c. late of Lord de Faunhope in their manors of Ampthull, Milbroke, la Graunge by Milbroke, Houghton, Ty[ngryt]h, Flettewyk, &c. 30 . . . ., 33 [Henry VI].
[Norfolk.] C. 6072. Grant by Robert son of Walter the cook (coci) of Irsted and Margaret his wife to Geoffrey Wyth, knight, of two pieces of arable in Smalberg containing 1a. 16p. whereof one piece abuts on the highway called 'Holgate', in exchange for two pieces of arable in Irsted containing 1a. 7p. Witnesses:—Reginald le Gros, knight, Geoffrey Jueth, and others (named). Sunday after St. Hilary, 4 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 6073. Demise by Robert de Buckenale to Richard de Offileye of a place of his land in the fee of Onileye, rent free, for 12 years from Michaelmas, 18 Edward III.
[Essex.] C. 6074. Quitclaim by John son of Richard Brythrich to Reynold le Walsch of his right in tenements called 'Gonnildisland' in Theyden Mount (ad montem). Wednesday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 3 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 6075. Bond relating to an exchange of lands between William . . . and William son of Thomas atte Birches. Solih[ull,] 21
Oxford. C. 6076. Grant by Peter Sprenge of the parish of Tame to John Justicere of Wycombe and John Lovel of the same, of all his goods in Tame and elsewhere. 15 September, 3 Henry [VI.] Seal, damaged.
Middx. C. 6077. Receipt by William Baret for 5 marks from Thomas Exton, goldsmith, Robert Bussheye, William atte Gate, hatter, and Roger Stokes and John Baldwin, wax-chandlers, being 2½ years' rent of a tene- ment at the corner of Bredstrete, London, opposite the church of All Hallows. The morrow of Michaelmas, 21 Richard II. Four seals and a fragment, one of arms, damaged.
[Warw.] C. 6078. Indenture witnessing that whereas Richard atte Birches of Solihull has granted to William Arnecok of the same a yearly rent of 4s. 2d. due from certain tenants of the said Richard in Solihull, it may be redeemed by the payment of 42s. Wednesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 19 Richard II.
[Suffolk.] C. 6079. Quitclaim by Duce Pascale of Reydon, daughter of William the smith (fabri) of the same, deceased, widow, to Robert de Reydon of her right in 2a. land in Reydon, which William Pascha[le,] her husband, demised to Sir Robert de Reydon, uncle of the said Robert. For this quitclaim the said Robert has given her 4s. 2d.
Dorset. C. 6080. Bond by John Abbot of Waymouth, merchant, for the payment of 21l. 15s. to William Mountfort, merchant of Brydeport, at St. Peter's Chains next. Tuesday before Michaelmas, 15 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 6081. General release by Parnel (Petronilla), late the wife of John Wodard of Longedon, and Edmund, his son and heir, to Richard atte Birches of Solyhull of all actions real and personal. Solyhull, twelve days after Candlemas, 4 Henry IV.
[Norfolk.] C. 6082. Bond by John de Strete, John de Chadeworth, John Coggeshal, and John atte Moor, armourer, for the payment of 40l. to Sir Edward of Wyndesouer, king of England. Great Yarmouth, Thursday after St. Bartholomew, 49 Edward III. Endorsed with condition as in C. 5971.
Bucks. Oxford. C. 6083. Statute merchant for 45l. given by Hugh and Anne de Brehull and John Verneie of Fletemersshton to John Mannyng, chaplain, and John Motte. Oxford, before William de Codeshale, mayor, and John Bray, clerk of recognisances, 24 March, 49 Edward III. Two seals, one of arms, and a fragment.
C. 6084. Bond by Thomas Benham of Esthanney for the payment of 40l. to William Goryng, citizen and plumber of London, and Margaret his wife, late the wife of Richard Mayneld, at Easter next. 28 January, 1 Henry IV.
Berks. C. 6085. Bond by Robert Bedford of Wantynge, kerseyman, for the payment of 6l. 10s. to Thomas Yonge at Midsummer next. 15 January, 11 Edward IV. Endorsed, Pro securitate — vj.l.
C. 6086. Bond by Thomas Ormond and William Boleyn, esquires, for the payment of 20l. to Elizabeth, countess of Shrewsbury, and Alan Stury, esquire, at Michaelmas in the year 1474. 18 November, 12 Edward IV. Endorsed with condition for payment of 15l. within 12 weeks of Michaelmas next, and with notes of receipt.
C. 6087. Bond given by Roger le Strange (Extraneus) and Maud de Mumbray to Maud de Clare, countess [of Gloucester and Hertford], for payments in respect of the marriage of Roger son and heir of Sir Roger de Mumbray with the daughter of the said countess. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Sir Thomas de Beauchamp (Bellocampo), Sir Walter de la Hide, and Sir Henry de Umframvile, knights. Westminster, the Translation of St. Swithun, 1270.
[York, W.R.] C. 6088. Grant by Thomas son of Ranulf de le Ker of Cuthewurth to Denise his sister of a messuage which his father bought from Michael son of Stephen; rent, a rose at Midsummer to John son of John de [Pu]l, lord of the fee. Witnesses:—Robert de Pul, John son of the dean of Roreston, and others (named). Christmas, 1293.
[Wilts.] C. 6089. Letters of attorney from Robert Lidyerd of Remnesbury, clerk, to Richard Deverell of Bedewynde to deliver seisin to John le Ros and Agnes his wife of tenements late of John Bydenote in Rennesbury. Remesbury, the octave of Michaelmas, 47 Edward III. French. Seal, damaged.
[Bucks.] C. 6090. Grant by Robert de Marny, knight, to Hugh Milleward, of a messuage and 12a. arable and la. meadow in Kyngeseye, lying in 'le Northfeld' at Netherstonden, at Dodeshull between lands called 'Mulsham' and 'Saunterdon,' at West Sternelake between lands called 'Mulsham' and 'Boone,' at Into Aston, Herdenchurcheheye, and Schort Thisterhull, at Claydon between lands called 'Godelak' and 'Boone,' at Schort Raulond, Clayhull, and le Redelond,at Coulowe between lands called 'Mulsham' and 'Chakonden,' at Chilgar between lands called 'Rolves' and 'Bachiler', in 'Estfeld,' at Wowlond, le Putte, le Clay, le Loppe, Undur le Doune, and Goselondes, and in the meadow called 'Radenachemed' near Boone meadow; to hold the said messuage and lands to the said Hugh for his life; rent, 13s. 4d.; the rights of pasture reserved for all beasts according to the custom of the town; suit of court at Kyngeseye every three weeks; the best beast, as a heriot, or, if there shall be no beast, the best pot, coverlet, sheet, or other chattel at the lord's choice; remainder to Joan wife of the said Hugh, for life; remainder to John their son, for life. 1 October, 9 Richard II. Fragments of seal.
Wilts. Berks. C. 6091. Indenture, being a demise by George Darell, knight, to Robert Medford and Alice his wife for her life and one year after her death of lands, &c, which William Darell, his father, whose heir he is, had by the gift of William Coventre in the parish of Shaldeborn, together with a messuage in Charlatonstrete called 'le Bell Inne' by Hungerford; remainder to Alice daughter and heir of Robert Coventre in fee tail; remainder to the right heirs of the body of the said William Coventre. Witnesses:—Richard Darell, knight, and others (named). 3 December, 12 Edward IV.
[Herts.] C. 6092. Grant by Henry Pybaker of Dunstaple to Lawrence Pycote, William Anable, John Skynner of the same, James Sodlombe, perpetual vicar of Kemesworth, and William Albryght of a messuage and land late of Richard Albon in Kemesworth abutting on Watling Street and on land called 'Mabelycrouch' and 'le Buttes.' 22. . ., 4 Henry VI.
[Bedford. Herts.] C. 6093. Demise by Thomas Peyvre, John Olney, and Thomas Cowch, chaplain, to Henry Pybaker of Dunstaple, of a messuage and land late of Richard Albon of Dunstaple in Dunstaple and Kennesworth between the land of the hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Dunstaple, and Watling Street, abutting on 'Mabelycrowech,' land called 'le Hevedacre,' and a road called 'Mabelycrowechwey,' and whereof a piece called 'Dowbellforlong' lies near the land of the lord of Kennesworth. And the said Henry shall pay therefor nine yearly sums of 40s. and shall repair the said messuage, &c. during the term of nine years. The feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 5 Henry V.
[Glouc] C. 6094. Grant by Walter de Gothurst to Robert Chambers (de Camera) for his homage and service, of part of his land in Cheddeworth, viz. a piece in the field (cultura) called 'Alvinewelleforlong' between the land which belongs to Gothurst mill and his demesne (dominicum) near the stream of Alvynewell and a piece in the field called 'Lutle- fernhulle'; rent, 1d. For this grant the said Robert has paid him 10s. in gersum. Witnesses:—John, vicar of Cheddeworth, William the physician (medico), Nicholas de Hodecnassce, and others (named). Cf. A. 6289.
Berks. C. 6095. Acknowledgment by William de Seynt Eleyne, Richard Feteplace, William de Worthe, Richard de Ruycote, John le Combeie, John de Aula of Styvynton, Simon Walkelyn, John de la More, Miles de Morton, William de Latton, Stephen le Cor, and Walter de Fauelore of the receipt of the bodies of Philip de Wightham, . . ., John Under- wode, Lawrence Serych, William de Chaundon and John de Egione, arrested on the appeal of Walter de Cobbeham, approver, and bond to produce them at the next gaol-delivery at Windsor or on the demand of the sheriff. London, 5 June, 8 Edward . . Six seals, damaged.
Kent. C. 6096. Quitclaim by John Scowe and Edmund Newman, citizens and stockfishmongers of London, John Beauley, John Mundes, and William Cowper, gentlemen, and Thomas Lewis, citizen and vintner of London, to Richard Forde and John Cook, gentlemen, of their right in their manor of Seyntmaryhalle and in 145a. land, 9a. meadow and pasture for 157 sheep in the marshes of Dalemerssh, Hoggekynnes- merssh, Hoggekynsham, and Litelham, together with two sheep- walks (bercariis) in Dalemerssh in the parish of Hoo St. Mary which they, together with the said Richard Forde and John Cook and with Richard Phippes, citizen and stockfish monger of London, deceased, had by the demise of Richard Rawlyns and Bartholomew Horwode, citizens and grocers of London. 28 April, 11 Edward IV. Two seals, damaged, and fragment.
C. 6097. Bond by Alice Odam of London, widow, for the payment of 20l. to Thomas Moreton of Assheby Magna at Whitsuntide next, . . May, 4 Edward IV. Endorsed with condition for submission to arbitration.
[Essex.] C. 6098. Grant by Alice late the wife of Thomas atte Welle of Sandon [and] . . . to John Knyghtbrygge, smith, and Alice his wife, of land in Sandon which they had jointly with A . . . [and] John Cook, deceased, by the [gift] of the said Thomas. 15 Henry VI. Two seals, damaged.
C. 6099. Bond by Richard Croppell, esquire, for the payment of 300l. to William York the younger, gentleman, at Whitsuntide next. 18 May, 3 Edward IV. Endorsed with condition to submit any dispute to the arbitration of Thomas Colt and Roger Malmesbury.
[Berks.] C. 6100. Quitclaim by Nicholas le Rede of Blebury to Thomas Herneys of his right in ½a. arable lying in the north field of Westhanneye in 'Chilretheforlong'. The feast of St. Hilary, 10 Edward II.