Deeds: C.6201 - C.6300

Pages 313-325

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6201 - C.6300

[Cambridge.] C. 6201. Demise by Alexander Kyng of Toft to Robert Alan, Thomas Newman, and Thomas Kyng, of the same, of 1r. arable in the field of Caldecote abutting on land belonging to the manor called 'Crocheman.' Easter Day, 8 Henry V.
[Cambridge.] C. 6202. Grant by William Caldecote of Caldecote to Robert Alan of Toft, Thomas [Newman], and Thomas [K]yng, of the same, of a yearly rent of 3d. charged on a messuage in Caldecote, between a messuage late of Robert Sutton, &c. and abutting on the highway. Easter, 8 Henry [V].
[Cambridge.] C. 6203. Defeasance of C. 6201 so long as the said Robert, Thomas and Thomas shall receive the rent granted to them in C. 6202. Sunday after Easter, 8 Henry V.
[Cambridge.] C. 6204. Counterpart of C. 6203.
[Wilts.] C. 6205. Quitclaim by Percival Sondan knight, and Margaret, his wife, lords of Fitelton, to Richard atte Mulle, their villein of the said manor, of all personal actions arising out of his state of servitude (neovitatis). Wolf . . ton, 22 April, 2 Henry V.
[Lincoln.] C. 6206. Quitclaim by . . . Baron of Wyflyngham to Thomas Moign of the same, esquire, of his right in two selions lying in . . . . called 'Marefurlangs' between land formerly of Thomas Somercot, etc. . . . after Whitsunday (dominicam in albis) . . . Henry . . .
[Berks.] C. 6207. Grant by . . . to Geoffrey de Chelch of 3a. land in the field of Westhakebourn. The feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr . . . . Seal, damaged.
[Lincoln.] C. 6208. Quitclaim by Margaret late the wife of Robert son of William Broune to John Trippok, Joan his wife, and John's heirs, of her right in two messuages in Grymesby, in Welhowegate. Wit- nesses:—Geoffrey de Askeby, mayor of Grymesby, John de Neuland and William Ingsone, bailiffs, John de Midby and Simon de Randby, coroners, and others (named). Saturday after St. Dunstan, 1382. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 6209. Chirograph indented being a defeasance of a grant made by John Tryppok and Joan his wife, for themselves and John's heirs, to Robert son of William Broune, burgess of Grimesby, of a yearly rent of 8d. charged on two messuages in Grimesby, in Cannonbygh; the defeasance to hold good so long as the chief lord of the fee receives a rent of 8d. from the said messuages and does not levy it on Robert's other tenements. Witnesses:—Ralph de Utterby, mayor of Grimesby, John Ray[nere] and Walter de Stalingburgth, bailiffs, Robert Davy, coroner, Thomas atte Bek, bailiff of Canno[nby]gh, and others. Thursday after Palm Sunday, 1362.
[Lincoln.] C. 6210. Chirograph indented being a defeasance of a grant by the said Robert to the said John, Joan and John's heirs, of a rent of 14d. charged on a messuage belonging to the said Robert in Grimesby, in Welhowgate, so long as the lord of the fee does not levy more than 8d. yearly on two other messuages in Welhowgate. Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 1362. Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Lincoln.] C. 6211. Grant, by the said Robert to the said John, Joan, and John's heirs, of two messuages in Grimesby, in Welhowgate. Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 1362.
[Lincoln.] C. 6212. Grant of a rent of 14d. in Grimesby as in C. 6210. Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 1362.
[Kent.] C. 6213. Chirograph indented being a demise by [William Rotheley] and Thomas Plane to Margaret [daughter and co-heir of Thomas] son and heir of Walter Fleccher of all the lands, &c. in Tonbregge, Bytbergh and Lyegh called 'Sagons,' 'Cokhamondes,' 'Newhous,' 'Wichilden,' 'Boxes,' 'Crouchecroft,' 'Bucklond,' 'Juddes,' 'Snelmannes,' 'Lambes,' 'Whetecroft,' . . . which, together with Thomas Chaundeler, they had by the gift of the said Walter Fleccher, to hold to her and her heirs in tail; remainder to Joan wife of Thomas Aventre, the other daughter and co-heir of the said Thomas Fleccher, and her heirs in tail; remainder to charitable uses. 22 November, 24 Henry VI. Two seals.
Somerset. Wilts. C. 6214. Bond by William Beuashin of Cotell Attward, gentleman, to John Gilbert of [Que]necammell, merchant, for the payment of 8 marks. 25 June, 32 Henry VI.
[Worc.] C. 6215. Grant by John Grene of Parshore to William de Gyllyng and Alice his wife of 2a. arable in the lower field of Wyke by Parshore. Wednesday after St. Andrew, 34 Henry VI.
Middx. C. 6216. Bond by John de Burton, clerk, for the payment of 16l. to William Talbot, William Rowele, and Richard Grace, citizens of London, at Easter and Midsummer next. London, 14 October, 11 Richard II.
[Bedford.] C. 6217. Chirograph indented being a defeasance of a grant of even date by William Watford, gentleman, to Lawrence Pycot, Henry Mauntell, and John Skynner, of a toft in Dunstaple, late of Fremund Inge, lying between West Street (vico del West) and Ikenyldstret, so long as they shall have quiet possession of a toft and croft in Dunstaple between the said streets and le Hallewyklane and of 2a. arable in 'les South Inlondes' of Dunstaple by the walls of the Friars Preachers. 1 March, 19 Henry VI.
Essex. C. 6218. Chirograph indented between Richard, abbot of the monastery of St. James, Walden, and the convent there of the one part, and Henry Langley, esquire, for himself and his feoffees of the other part, witnessing that the abbot and convent have demised to Henry and his feoffees 17a. 3r. land in the parish of Arkesden in the fields called 'Colpet' and 'Peryfeld,' by Waldenwey, and at Brad- manhoke, with common of pasture in the meadow called 'Chaldewell,' in exchange for 16½a. 3r. in Arkesden, land lying on Pyeshell, by the garden of Mynchous, abutting on Mynchous, and in Mynchousfeld, Bassehale, Bradmanhoke, and Fykemede, with common of pasture in the field called 'Bassehale,' to hold from Michaelmas next for 98 years. 12 April, 31 Henry VI.
York [W. R.] C. 6219. Bond by Richard Wortelay of Tankirislay, gentleman, for the payment of 5 marks to Richard Oxpringe of Cotheworth, at Whitsuntide, 1428. The feast of St. Barnabas, 4 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
[Suffolk.] C. 6220. Admission of John Broun to the rectory of Hintelesham by Walter, bishop of Norwich. 1465. Fragments of episcopal seal.
[Oxford.] C. 6221. Indenture dated Monday after the feast of St. Hugh the bishop, 36 Edward III, between Mariota late the wife of Henry . . . londe and Alexander Symond of Crowele, witnessing that Mariota has demised to Alexander for her life 24a. land which she had by the gift of her late husband in Kyngeston, together with 15a. arable there which she had by the gift of Alice, her mother; rent, 40s. And if he shall sublet, he shall pay her 100s. Fragments of seal.
[Salop.] C. 6222. Quitclaim by Agnes late the wife of John son of Fylle to Richard Deykyn, Cecily his wife and his heirs, of her right in half an oxgang in the fee of Gravonhungur, which she and the said John formerly granted to them. Eccleshale, Wednesday after Michaelmas, 17 Edward III.
Staff. Salop. C. 6223. Grant by Adam de Legh to William Roger, of Kneghton, his brother, and Henry, William's son and the heirs of their bodies of his messuage and land in the fee of Kneghton and of his land in the lordship of Wycherche; remainder to William Baron, his sister's son, and the heirs of his body; remainder to his own right heirs. Monday before Whitsuntide, 4 Richard II. Seal marked with a reversed R.
[Staff.] C. 6224. Grant by Thomas de Dutton to Robert Woderove, dwelling in Radewode, of a place of land in the fee of Mere between 'le Sidwei' and 'le Mos,' to hold to him, and his heirs and assigns except religious persons arid magnates, with the right to take marl from the common marl-pit of Nomanneslondes; rent 16d. For this grant Robert has given him 22s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Robert Corbet, Hugh de Chauldon, Thomas Gerveyse, Adam son of Hugh de Chauldon, Richard de Fonto, Adam Broun, Thomas de Witemor.
Staff. C. 6225. Grant by John Nykeson of Madeley to Hugh Eggerton, esquire, of all his messuages, &c. together with the reversion of all the messuages, &c. which Joan late the wife of Henry Eylesson holds for her life in Sydwey in the fee of Meare Aston, and of a pasture called 'Adamshey' with a meadow lying between it and the brook called 'Tyren,' which he had by the gift of Ralph Eylesson, Henry's son and heir. 20 July, 17 Edward IV. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 6226. Grant by John le Bret, smith, and Henry son of William le smith of Kneghton, to William son of Roger de Kneghton, of one-half of a messuage and houses which Iseult, late the wife of Richard Gamel, holds in dower in the town of Kneghton, with one fifth of the lands which they had by the feoffment of William son of William Gamel in the fee of Kneghton, and one fifth of the dower-lands of the said Iseult in the said town and fee. Witnesses:— Sir Adam, rector of Mucleston, Thomas de Wylodebrigg, and others (named). Tuesday, the feast of St. Lawrence, 35 Edward III.
[Salop.] C. 6227. Grant by Robert de Wenynton to Adam son of Richard Broun of Aston, Alice his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of a place of land, meadow and wood in the fee of Gravenhunger, in Derin- toneplek', situate as described; remainder to Adam's right heirs; rent, 2d. for all service save foreign service; acquittance of appearances twice yearly at the great hundred of Bradeford. Sunday after Lady Day, 14 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 6228. Grant by Richard le Heyr of Knetton to Roger son of Richard son of Roger de Knetton and Eleanor his wife of a selion of land in the fee of Knetton, on 'Hemelewe' between the bounds of Bearston and of Derynton, and half a selion, which is a headland (capiterra) on which a whole furlong abuts, adjoining the bounds of Derynton; rent, ¼d. Sunday, the feast of St. Peter's Chair, 14 Edward II. Fragments of seal in canvas. Endorsed, Kneaghton.
[Staff.] C. 6229. Grant by Henry son of Adam de le Merss, dwelling in Sydewey, to Jordan de Cherleton of a messuage and eight royal acres of land, with a place of meadow, in the fee of Mer', in le Sidewey, partly adjoining land of the prior of St. Thomas by Stafford and the high road to Mer', and partly between the said high road and the water called in English 'Time,' Sunday after the feast of St. John the Baptist, 10 Edward II.
[Salop.] C. 6230. Grant by Robert son of Robert de Granhungre to Alice his daughter of a messuage, 12a. land, 2 butts, a place of land and a place of turbary in Granhungre, situate as described. Tuesday, the feast of St. Matthias, 1 Edward III. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 6231. Grant by William son of William de Assheleye, with the assent of Alice his wife, to Thomas his son of four royal acres of land which he had by the gift of Adam de Merhf in Radewode. Aston, Monday after the feast of St. Edmund the Bishop, 5 Edward III. Two seals. Endorsed, Sydwaye.
[Salop.] C. 6232. Chirograph indented whereby Robert de Boninton gave to John de Swynnerton, Alice his wife, daughter of Robert de Gravenhunger, and her heirs, a lawn (unam londam) with meadows and marl-pits in the field between Gravenhunger and Wovere, and between the road leading to 'le Mos' and the boundary of Wovere, in exchange for a lawn in the field of 'Bromhul' between the road to Onileg, and 'le Havedlond.' Thursday in Easter week, 16 Edward II. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 6233. Grant by William son of John del Bothe to Robert del Berne of a messuage and land which he inherited from Adam son of Richard del Soler in the fee of Mere. Radewode, Monday after the Epiphany, 24 Edward III. Seal, damaged. Endorsed, Sydway et Meire.
[Staff.] C. 6234. Grant by Roger son of Robert Woderowe of Radewode, to Robert del Berne and Parnel (Petronille) his wife of his messuage and land within the fee of Mere in Radewode. Sunday after Lady Day, 6 Edward III. Endorsed, Sydway.
Staff. C. 6235. Grant by Ralph Eylesson son and heir of Henry Eylesson to John Nykeson of Madeley of a pasture called 'Adamshey' with a meadow between it and the stream called 'Tyren,' in the fee of Meare Aston, which he had by inheritance at the death of his father. Sydewey, 6 July, 17 Edward TV. Fragments of seal. Endorsed, Sydwaye.
[Salop.] C. 6236. Quitclaim by Richard son of Richard son of Margery de Wovere to Richard son of David de Bosco of his right in an assart lying between 'Bridisruding' and 'Mosihald' in the fee of Gravenunger, which Richard, the father, gave with Alice his daughter to William Trauel in free marriage. For this quitclaim Richard son of David has given him 8s. Witnesses:—Robert son of Henry Ademet of Onileg, William son of Richard de Wavere, and others (named). Seal, wrapped in tow.
[Staff.] C. 6237. Grant by Sir William de Mere, knight, to Thomas the smith (fabro) of Mere, for his homage and service, of a place of his land within the fee of Mere in the field towards Asseleye in a place called 'Bennefen,' situate as described; rent, 3d. for all service save the king's foreign service and two appearances at his court of Mere. Witnesses:—Hugh de Chaueldon, William, his son, Robert de Bourton, and others (named). Endorsed, Meare et Sidway.
[Staff.] C. 6238. Grant by Richard de Fentone to John son of Richard de Wovere and Thomas his son of a place of land in the fee of Mere and Astone, lying in 'le Sidwey' between the heath and the highway, with all easements and rights of common in the town of Mere and Astone; and he grants that they shall abide there with all their sheep and cattle; rent, 2s. for all service. Witnesses:—Robert lord of Onilee, Adamet of the same, Hugh de Chaueledon and William, his son, Richard son of Ficka, and others (named). Seal.
[Staff.] C. 6239. Demise by Roger son of Richard son of Roger de Knytton to William Gamul of Knitton of a selion of land in the fee of Knytton, with a cottage, on to which William shall build two crocks (furcas videlicet crockus), for forty years from Ascension Day. 18 Edward II.; rent, ½d. at Michaelmas.
[Staff.] C. 6240. Grant by Robert del Berne of Radewode to John his son of a messuage at 'le Sidewey' in the fee of Mere and of all his lands between Sidewey lane and the water of Tirne, half an assart at 'le Yunde' which he acquired from William son of Richard del Sidewey, a place of land by 'Gibbehull' which he acquired from Adam del Soler, and two royal acres of land which he acquired from Henry de Fenton, in 'Cleyfeld.' to hold to the said John and the heirs of his body; remainders in tail to William and Thomas, brothers of the said John; remainder to his own right heirs. Witnesses:—Sir Adam, rector of Mucleston, John lord of Burghton, and others (named). Monday before St. George, 34 Edward III.
[Chester.] C. 6241. Demise for four years by Ralph de Eggerton of Farondon to Eignion ap Madoc of a house and garden which he has taken as security (impignoravi) from the said Eignion, in the town of Farondon; rent, 5s. Friday after St. Chad. 20 Richard II. Seal.
Chester. C. 6242. Pledge by Madoc ap Madoc ap Gruffud to Hugh de Eggerton of all his lands in the town of Crwe by Farondon, to hold from year to year as security for the repayment of 60s. Michaelmas 13 Henry IV. Endorsed, Crew juxta Fernedon. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6243. Grant by David ap Ken ap Yarward Gogh to Ralph de Eggerton of a messuage and all the land which David ap Yarward held in Crewe. Friday after St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, 35 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Chester.] C. 6244. Quitclaim by William son of Llewelyn son of David de Shoklach to David son of Urian de Eggerton of his right in all the lands which David son of Urian has by the gift of John, William's brother, in Shoklackouyet; and confirmation of a grant by the said John to David son of Urian of the reversion of all lands which Sibyl, William and John's mother, holds in dower; with multure at the mill of William Oweyn, as granted by the said Oweyn to the said Llewelyn. 20 June, 20 Edward III. Seal in white wax.
[Chester.] C. 6245. Quitclaim by Ankharet late the wife of David son of Richard de Caldecote, widow, to Urian de Eggerton and Amilia his wife of her right in one-third of the tenements which they have by the gift of David son of the said David in Caldecote. Witnesses:— Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Eggerton, Richard de Caurthyn, William de Grafton. Wednesday after St. Barnabas, 15 Edward II. Fragment of seal in white wax.
[Chester.] C. 6246. Indenture between Ralph de Eggerton and Eignion ap Madoc of Farondon witnessing that Eignion has pledged to Ralph all his land in the town of Farondon as security for 4l. to be repaid at the end of four years or at the end of any further period of four years; rent, 9s. 2d. to the chief lord of the fee; the grange to be kept in repair. Friday after St. Chad, 20 Richard II. Seal. Endorsement in French, Ralph to have the option of purchase if the land is sold.
[Chester.] C. 6247. Grant by Urian de Eggerton to David his son of all his lands in the town of Caldecote. Witnesses:—Richard de Foulyshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Shokelache and others (named). Seal in white wax, design obliterated.
[Chester.] C. 6248. Chirograph indented being a grant by John de Sucton, lord of Schoklage, to Urian de Eggerton of several places of land in the territory of Caldekote in exchange for other places of land there, lying near his grove called 'le Beche.' Witnesses:—Hugh de Dutton, William de Baggele, and William de Brereton, knights, William de Modburle, sheriff of Chester, David de Barton. Saturday before the Finding of the Holy Cross, 12 Edward II. Seal of arms in white wax.
[Chester.] C. 6249. Grant by David son of David son of Richard de Caldecote to Urian son of Philip de Eggerton, Amilia his wife, and his heirs, of two selions of land in Caldecote, whereof one selion lies in the field of Caldecote in a place called 'le Cammek,' abutting on land called 'le Grenewey' half a selion lies near land called 'Hauetbuttes,' and half a selion lies near a place of land called 'Byrchenehalflond,' Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, John de Wrennebury. Richard de Caurthyn, and others (named). Sunday after St. Katherine, 15 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 6250. Chirograph indented witnessing that David son of Madoc son of William de Cruwe and Ellen his wife have demised to the said Madoc for his life a moiety of all the lands, &c. in Cruwe by Farndon, which they had by his gift; rent, a rose at Midsummer; remainder to themselves and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to David's right heirs. Witnesses:—John de Codynton, Ralph de Aldreson, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 6251. Grant by Richard son of David de Caldecote to David his son of a messuage in the town of Caldecote which Kenewrec de Caldecote formerly held of him, a land called 'Braderfitlond on the hill' and other lands in Caldecote, situate as described; rent, 1d. Witnesses:—Hova son of Robert, David son of Griffin de Schokelache, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 6252. Chirograph indented whereby Thomas son of Roderick son of Griffin pledged to Robert son of William de Huxileg all his lands in Neuton by Holdecastel as security for the payment of 10l.; the said Robert to be repaid any expenses incurred in maintaining rights to common of estovers and pasture in the wood of Holdecastel, and in approving the waste there. Norburie, Sunday before St. Denis, 1329. Seal of arms in white wax.
[Chester.] C. 6253. Grant by Sibyl late the wife of Llewelyn son of David de Schokelache to John her son of all her land, &c. which she had by the said John's gift in the town of Schokelache Ouyot, with 'tolfre' and 'operfre' in the mill of William son of Ouwayn. Sunday after Midsummer Day. Seal in white wax.
Chester. C. 6254. Quitclaim by David son of Madoc Wilmessone of Caldecote to Ralph de Eggerton of his right in a messuage and 6a. land in Caldecote which were in dispute between them in the county court of Chester. Tuesday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 1359. Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Staff.] C. 6255. Grant by Thomas del Sharpeclif to Adam de Grendon, clerk, of a messuage with all the houses thereon at 'le Sharpecliff,' together with all his land, wood and meadow there in the fee of Ippestanes. Witnesses:—Thomas de Reofegge, Richard del Longe- shawe, and others (named). Saturday after St. Bartholomew, 1322. Endorsed, Sharpcliffe in Chedulton.
[Chester.] C. 6256. Indenture being a demise by Walter Cokeseye, knight, and Isabel his wife to Ralph de Eggerton of a toft and curtilage by the church of Schokelach in Chirchescheschokelach (sic) for 29 years; rent, 1d. at Midsummer. Malpas, Wednesday after St. Margaret, 4 Richard II. French. Seal of arms and fragment.
[Chester.] C. 6257. Grant by Robert son of William son of Matthew de Tatenale and Felicia his wife to Urian son of Philip de Eggerton of a messuage and 3½ selions of land in the town of Caldecote which Richard son of David de Caldecote gave to John son of Richard son of William de Stretton and Felicia his wife. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Barton, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 6258. Chirograph indented being a defeasance of bonds given reciprocally by John son of Llewelyn son of David de Schokelache and David son of Urian de Eggerton, on condition that John shall enfeoff David of all his lands, &c. which he had by the gift of Llewelyn, his father, in Schokelacheouyot, and of the reversion of the dower of Sibyl, John's mother, and that David shall refeoff John for his life, of the said lands, within a fortnight. Saturday, before St. Augustine, 15 Edward III. French. Seal. Endorsed, Scechelach.
[Chester.] C. 6259. Quitclaim by Maud daughter of William de Greysty to Henry Juddessone of Paris of her right in all lands and buildings which he formerly had by her gift for his life in Chatkylegh. Witnesses:—Ralph de Vernon, knight, John de Oldton, and others (named). Monday after St. Peter's Chains, 1370. Seal. Endorsed, Shockledg.
[Chester.] C. 6260. Grant by the said Maud to the said Henry, for his life, of all her lands and buildings in the town of Chatkylegh as they were assigned and delivered at the date of this grant; rent, a rose at Mid- summer. Saturday after St. Mark, 1370. Seal in while wax, damaged. Endorsed, Shoklege.
[Chester.] C. 6261. Copy of C. 6310.
[Chester.] C. 6262. Grant by John son of Llewelyn de Schokelache to David son of Urian de Eggerton of all his lands, &c. which he had by Llewelyn's gift in Schokelache Ouyot, together with 'tolfre' and 'hoperfre' for one messuage in Schokelache at the mill of William son of Owen, and the reversion of the dower of Sibyl, his mother. Friday after Midsummer Day, 15 Edward III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6263. Grant by Richard son of Richard de Caldecote to Urian son of Philip de Eggerton of a messuage and four selions in the town of Caldecote. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester. David de Barton, David de Schoklache, and others (named). Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6264. Grant by Matto Madocson ap Griffith de Alynton to John son of Meridieth ap Madoc ap Griffith in fee tail of all his messuages, lands, &c. in the town of Crewe by Farnedon; remainder to Margery late the wife of John de Crewe and mother of the said John son of Meridieth, in fee simple. Witnesses:—Hugh de Dutton, Ranulf de Brereton, sheriff of Chester, and others (named). The Feast of St. Margaret, 7 Henry VI. Seal.
Chester. C. 6265. Grant by Henry Judeson of Paris to Richard Cherleton, chaplain, of all his lands in Chackylee. Wednesday before the octave of Epiphany, 1 Richard II.
[Chester.] C. 6266. Grant by Richard son of David son of Edward de Caldecote to Weryl his daughter and to the heirs begotten of her by Hugh de Farndon of lands adjoining Dunnesgrene and Leewyth'mes, butts called 'Dackalesmerebuttes,' and other lands in Caldecote; the grantees to be quit of payment of stallage and passage to the grantors in Caldecote; rent, 1d. Witnesses:—Patrick de Barton, Richard de Kawrythyn, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 6267. Quitclaim by Howell son of Howell son of Griffith de Alynton to Ralph de Eggerton of his right in a toft and in all his lands in Caldecote which Ralph held of him for a term of years. Witnesses:— Patrick de Barton, Thomas de Shokelach, and others (named). Monday after All Hallows, 1381. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6268. Release by Thomas son of William de Brexon to David and Llewelyn, sons of David de Sokelache, of his claim in the common and approvement which he had in Sokelachismor and Wesfordismor, in exchange for a place of land which they have given him in the said moors. Witnesses:—John de Larketon, Robert de Codinton, clerk, and others (named). Seal in white wax with green back, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6269. Grant by Madoc Torlesh, chaplain, to Llewelyn, son of David de Schochelache, William his son and William's heirs, of 6a. arable in Farndun, which he had on lease from the bishop of Chester, lying in a place called 'Alsies Smethe,' between Routlothefeld and Overemersh, and of ½a. meadow in Roddeney. Witnesses:—David de Eggerton, sheriff of Chester, Madoc son of David le Littil of Cruwe, and others (named). Seal, damaged.
[Suffolk.] C. 6270. Chirograph indented, being a final concord made on the octave of Trinity, 44 Edward III, whereby John Muriell, parson of Wortham, Reginald de Eccles, Nicholas de Conyers, and John de Fynyngham, received from Geoffrey Wyth, knight, and Amice his wife, and John Berry and Elizabeth his wife, their rights in a messuage, 116a. land, 12a. meadow, 10a. pasture, 2a. wood, and 8s. rent in Stowemarket, Thorneye, Dagworth, and Old Neuton, which Joan late the wife of Robert de Wechesham, knight, holds for life. For this grant John, Reginald, Nicholas and John gave to Geoffrey, Amice, John and Elizabeth 100 marks.
[Norfolk.] C. 6271. Grant by William Calthorp, knight, to John Baker of Smalbergh and John Pye of Mikilhornyngeserd, of his manor called 'Gerberges' in Sything with lands, &c. appertaining to it in the towns of Sythyng, Mundham, Thweith, Syslond, Brok, Wodeton, Langhale, or elsewhere within the hundreds of Lodne and Knaverynge. Witnesses:—Leonard de Kerdeston and Ralph de Shelton, knights, and others (named). Easter Monday, 1 Henry V.
Kent. C. 6272. Acknowledgment by John Scowe, citizen and stock- fishmonger of London, of the receipt from Richard Forde of London, gentleman, of 8l. 6s. 8d. due to him on account of the purchase of the manor of Seynt Maryhall in the parish of St. Mary in the hundred of Hoo. 24 June, 16 Edward IV.
[Norfolk.] C. 6273. Grant by Christian, Agnes, Alice and Bertha, daughters and heirs of Simon de Derby, to Robert de Wykes and Alice de Lamers his wife, of all the tenements which Master Henry and Master William de Gernemuta held by the feoffment of the said Simon in the towns of Wykemere and Wltertun, to hold of William de Caletorp. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Koldham, Sir Roger de Wltertun, Roger, rector of Gresham, Geoffrey, his brother, William Hereward, Robert his son, Thomas le Jay.
[Norfolk.] C. 6274. Chirograph indented, dated Thursday before the feast of the Holy Trinity, 26 Edward III, being a grant by Sir William de Calthorp, knight, to Sir William Waryn, rector of Wolterton, of a piece of land in the town of Wolterton; rent, 6d. at Michaelmas.
[Norfolk.] C. 6275. Grant by William de Calthorp, knight, to Sir Thomas, parson of Stanfeld, Sir Nicholas de Ameringale, chaplain, and Richard Bavent, of his manors in Sithing called 'Arundel,' 'Bygot,' and 'Gerberge.' Witnesses:—Sir Ralph Lovel and Sir Ralph de Hemenale, knights, Hamon Lestraunge, and others (named). Brunhamthorp, Saturday after the feast of St. Wynewaloy, 29 Edward III. Fragments of seal in canvas.
[Norfolk.] C. 6276. Conveyance by Robert Dykeman and Philip Waryn to Stephen Jolyf, Agnes his wife and Stephen's heirs, of ½a. land in Smalbergh. 8 April, 9 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Norfolk.] C. 6277. Grant by John son of Robert le Gris of Thurtone to Sir William de Senges, son of Richard de Senges, for his homage and service and for 10s. in gersum, of all the tenement which Emma daughter of William le Fraunseis of Berch held of him, together with Emma daughter of the said Emma and all her issue (sequelam); rent, 2d. for all service save a yearly service of ¾d. as hundredscot, and one-sixth of a halfpenny whenever the king's scutage shall amount to 20s. Witnesses:—Sir Alan de Mundham, Stephen his brother, Walter de Senges, Roger de Dikeleburch, Nicholas de Mundham, Robert de Bungeye, William de Wallingef . . ., Robert de Hedeham, Ranulf his son, and others (named).
[Norfolk.] C. 6278. Grant by William Laws of Aschmanhagh to Nicholas Emmys of Hoveton St. Peter and Geoffrey Laws of Tunstede of 1a. 1r. arable in the town of Tunstede. 18 January, 19 Henry VI. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 6279. Conveyance by Thomas Coney of Kirketon in Holand to John Poles of the same, Isabel Houghson, late the wife of Roger Houghson, and Roger Drauwerd, of 2a. arable in Northfenlandes, abutting on the highway and on a track leading to Simondwere, which place of land he had together with Almus Thomson, Richard Person, John Arnold, and William Coney by the demise of Richard Kelby of Kirketon. 1 January, 17 Henry VII. Seal, damaged.
Suffolk. C. 6280. Chirograph indented, dated 46 Edward III, being a final concord made between John de Hevenyngham, knight, and Hugh Verdon, parson of Goldhangre, and Bartholomew Bacon, knight, whereby Bartholomew conveyed the manor of Broom Davyllers and the adrowson of the church of the manor, which Edward de Berkele, knight, holds for life, to John and Hugh and John's heirs for a payment of 200 marks.
[Hants.] C. 6281. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 20 Edward I, whereby Stephen de Appeltrefeld conveyed to Gilbert de Appeltrefeld the manor of Anneport, and whereby Gilbert granted to Stephen and the heirs of his body the same manor, rendering therefor as rent a rose at Midsummer during Stephen's life and after his death 10l. yearly; remainder to Gilbert if Stephen die without heirs.
[Norfolk.] C. 6282. Copy of a final concord, dated 9 Edward I, whereby Robert de Moutone acknowledged a messuage, 40a. land, 10a. pasture and 4a. marsh in Brundale, Wittone, Plumstede, Strumshawe and Lympenhowe to be the right of Master Stephen Wyth, and whereby Stephen granted them to the said Robert and Custance his wife and the heirs of their bodies; rent, 3s.; scutage at the rate of 6d. on 40s. for all service; remainder to Robert if Custance shall die without heirs begotten by him; remainder to Custance's next heirs.
[Norfolk.] C. 6283. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of Roger Church (ad Ecclesiam) of Calethorp, widow, to William de Paylwyk of her right in ½a. land lying in Calethorp. Witnesses:—William de Bernyng- ham, William de Hevyngham, John Gobbe, and others (named). 20 Edward [I.]
Huntingdon. C. 6284. Note of fine for the conveyance to William de Herleston, clerk, by Richard de Rikedon and Joan his wife, of a messuage, 200a. land, and 8a. meadow in Someresham, Colne, and Bluntesham; William to pay a yearly rent of 11½ marks to Richard and Joan for their lives.
[Suffolk.] C. 6285. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 10 Edward II, whereby John Bacun, clerk, conveyed to Hamo de Mickelfeld and Maud his wife, and the heirs begotten between them, the manor of Blyford; rent, a rose at Midsummer. And if Hamo shall die without heirs of his body, remainder to John after the death of Maud.
[Norfolk.] C. 6286. Grant by John de Mundham to Walter de Calthorp and Ela his wife of lands in Mundham which they had by the gift of Geoffrey de Mundham, chaplain, and Adam Bacun, and of any other lands held of him in Mundham and Sithinges.
[Salop.] C. 6287. Grant by Thomas, abbot of Cumbermar', and the convent there to Emma le Estrange of 15 acres of the common pasture of Erkalue between Hola and Tibreton, which they had a licence from the King to cultivate. Witnesses:—Martin de Pateshull, Henry de Alditheleye, Baldwin de Hodenet, and others (named). Endorsed, Pertinet W. de Kaletorp.
[Norfolk.] C. 6288. Quitclaim by John son of Sir William de Calthorp, knight, to Sir Oliver de Calthorp, knight, his brother, of his right in the manors of Calthorp, Kerdeston, Stanhowe, Northcreyk, Berewyk and Harpele, lands, &c., in Erpyngham, Wulterton, Itryngham, Manyngton, Saxthorp, Oulton, Little Bernyngham, Northwode- bernyngham, Cursounbernyngham, Plumstede, Wykemere, Aldeburgh, Alby, Brunhamthorp, Brunham Westgate, Brunhamsutton, Brun- hamnorton, and Holkam, the advowsons of the churches of Anemere and St. Edmund, Brunham Westgate, and in all other manors, lands, and advowsons formerly of his father or of Lady Is', his mother. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Hemenale and Sir Ralph Lovel, knights, and others (named). The abbey of St. Mary, Creykes, Monday after Michaelmas, 35 Edward III. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 6289. Copy of a final concord, dated 6 John, whereby Ernald de Charneles and Mary his wife, by Baldwin their son as their attorney, conveyed to Osbert de Wathesham and Isabel his wife, three-fourths of a knight's fee in Buresgerd, and Osbert and Isabel granted to Ernald and Mary and Mary's heirs 3½ acres of the said land in augmentation of the three-fourths of a knight's fee which they held from them there.
[Norfolk.] C. 6290. Grant by Peter de Hautbois to Walter, bishop of Norwich, William de Caletorp, and the heirs of the latter, of all his messuage in the town of Caletorp with the buildings thereon as held by Peter his father, of a piece of adjoining land which Maud wife of the said Peter had as her dower, of 2a. arable near the messuage and of all his meadow in the town, for 40 marks beforehand; rent, 1d. Witnesses:— Sir Richard le Buteiller, Roger de Caletorp, and others (named).
[Essex.] C. 6291. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 3 Edward II, between John Bacun, clerk, and John de Toucestr', whereby a rent of 15s. in Middelton by Sudbury, together with the homage and service of Walter son of Peter de Middelton for a tenement which he held of John de Toucestr' in the town, was conveyed to John Bacun for a payment of 10l.
[Norfolk.] C. 6292. Indenture dated Sunday after St. Katherine, 41 Edward III, whereby Oliver de Calthorp, knight, demised to Ralph Burgeys, parson of Lesyngham, and Simon Stemmes, of Calthorp, a close in Calthorp called 'Uphalleyerd,' lying between a close of the master of St. Giles's Hospital, Norwich, and his land, a piece of meadow called 'Bloswode' between the common brook (ripam) &c. and abutting on Hokwode, and a piece of land called 'Deynemotesyate' abutting on the road from Wykemere to the new mill of Calthorp, with the right to dig and to fell timber for 30 years; rent, 2s. Witnesses:— Robert de Erpingham, John de Erpyngham, knight, and others (named).
[Norfolk.] C. 6293. Chirograph indented whereby George Bakun and Maud his wife demised to Walter de Calethorp, rector of Great Naring's, all their tenement which they hold in the towns of Calethorp and Erpingham of the dower of the said Maud for six years in time of peace from Michaelmas, 45 Henry III, saving Brochole wood and pasture for four oxen and one horse in Hethefen, their fishpond, and 1r. arable in the town of Calethorp, which Wyleys de Bakunesthorp holds; but Walter may nevertheless take what he needs from Brochole wood to maintain the houses on the tenement and for the other requirements of the courthouse (curia); rent, 25l. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas le Butelier, Sir Robert de Castr', Sir Bartholomew de Sumertun, Sir Roger de Calethorp, Sir Nicholas de Beringham, and Sir Roger de Wltertun, knights, Robert de Hastinges, William Trussebut of Erpingham, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 6294. Demise by John and Roger Jakson, William Smyth, Thomas Spendlofe, and William Harvy, all of Kyrketon in Holand, to Isabel Rowce, widow, Thomas Covyn, Richard Maygar, and John Thomson, all of the same, of a selion of arable in Southffenlandes amounting to (pro) a rood in Kyrketon in Holand, abutting on Kyrketonengegate and le Brodegate; which selion they had by the gift of John Nuttyng of Donyngton. 22 February, 49 Henry VI. Five seals.
[Suffolk.] C. 6295. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 43 Henry III, whereby John de Wymundehal and Mariota his wife demised a messuage and 16a. land in Blundeston, Lound, and Manthorp in perpetuity to Robert Brunman by Richard de Boylaund, his attorney; rent, 32d. at Michaelmas to them and Mariota's heirs. For this Robert has given John and Mariota 25 marks.
[Norfolk.] C. 6296. Grant by Richard de Senghes to the church and canons of Herlingflet, for the salvation of his soul and the souls of his father and mother and of Maud his wife and her children and of Alice his late wife and her children, of the homage, service, rent, and issue (sequelam), save the service which he owes in his meadow (prato meo), of Osbert son of Henry the cook of Senghes, viz. a yearly rent of 14d. and a payment at the rate of 2d. for every 20s. of the Kings scutage. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Hales, Sir Geoffrey de Toftes, Sir John de Lodnes, Andrew Wazelin, and others (named).
[Norfolk.] C. 6297. Confirmation by Hugh de Windlesor of a charter whereby he enfeoffed Hervey de Stanhowe, his kinsman, of the manor of Sithinge, but whereof he impleaded him by the writ called talem qualem because the enfeoffment was between the battles of Lewes and Evesham. Witnesses:—Sir John Vaux (de Vallibus), Sir William de Blumvill, Sir William de Tyrington and Sir Roger de Toftes, knights, and others (named). London, Saturday after St. Luke, 52 Henry III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6298. Letters of attorney from Ralph de Eggerton the elder, esquire, appointing John Erdeley of Caldecote his attorney to receive from Margery, late the wife of John de Crewe by Caldecote, seisin of a messuage and land. Thursday after Michaelmas, 30 Henry VI. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6299. Quitclaim by Margaret late the wife of Philip ap Hova to Jorwerth Loyt vap Madoc of Setton of her right in 2a. land in a place called 'Wademedo' in the town of Caldecot, adjoining the old and present courses of the river Dee. Seal in white wax. Endorsed, Wademore.
[Chester.] C. 6300. Grant by Jor' del Hogh, son of Philip de Farndon, to Richard son of Robert son of Robert son of Philip de Farndon, and kinsman and heir of the said Robert son of Philip his brother (fratris mei), of all the lands, &c. which Robert son of Philip his brother (frater meus) held in Chirton, Farndon, and Caldecote. Witnesses:— Ken' the clerk of Egge, William de Grafton, and others (named).