Deeds: C.6301 - C.6400

Pages 325-339

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6301 - C.6400

[Chester.] C. 6301. Demise by John de Sutton, lord of Malpas, to Ralph de Eggerton, of all his share of demesne land in his hands in the towns of Schyrcheschokeche and Caldocode for 12 years from Ascension Day, 8 Richard II; rent, 4 marks, saving to him one chief [beast ?] of the said Ralph if he shall die within the term. Dated at Chirche- schokelach as above. Seal.
[orthampton.] C. 6302. Indenture of demise by the King to Edmund de Gretton of all his rents of assarts within the forest of Rokyngham for five years; rent, 42l., the said Edmund to have no allowance either for non-pay- ment of rent by the tenants or for bringing of land into cultivation (purchas) at la Morende or elsewhere. Bond by the said Edmund and Henry Mulso for due payment of the rent. Westminster, 17 November, 43 Edward III. French. Endorsed in Latin with a note of cancellation, the lease having been transferred to Henry de Mulso, as appears in the Fine Roll of 45 Edward III.
[Chester.] C. 6303. Grant by Madoc son of Wylym de Cruwe to David his son, Ellen daughter of Philip son of Deykyn de Gaurthyn, David's wife, and the heirs begotten between them, of all his lands, &c. in Cruwe by Farundun; remainder to David's right heirs. Witnesses:— Urian de Eggerton, John de Codynton, and others (named). Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6304. Copy of a grant by John son of Jor' de Hampton to John son of Urian de Eggerton, in fee tail, of all the lands, &c. which William de Eggerton held of him for twelve years in Horton; rent, a red rose at Midsummer; remainders to Philip, Roger, and William, brothers of the said John son of Urian, successively in tail.
[Chester.] C. 6305. Chirograph indented being an agreement between Richard de Barton and Margery his wife of the one part, and Randulf de Eggerton of the other part, that, whereas Richard and Margery have enfeoffed Randulf of all their lands in 'Wadmed' and of a messuage and croft in the town of Caldecote, Randulf shall be bound under a penalty of 20l. to sue and defend on their behalf all suits in which they may be engaged concerning their lands in Caldecot, Fardon, and Chirton. Wednesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 1360. Two seals.
[Chester.] C. 6306. Quitclaim by Peter son of William de Huggemor to William son and heir of Ralph de Eggerton of his right in all the messuages, lands, &c. late of Richard son of Philip son of Robert de Farnedon, which Ralph had by his gift. Witnesses:—David del Malpas and others (named). Farnedon, Saturday after St. Agnes, 3 Henry V.
[Chester.] C. 6307. Quitclaim by William de Beston to John Laundon, Ellen his wife, and her heirs, of his right in a messuage, 21 lawns of land, and a parcel of meadow in Farnedon, pledged to him by Thomas Dicon and Wenthliana his wife, whose daughter and heir the said Ellen is, for 10l. which he has recovered. Witnesses:— John de Caldecote, Ughtrew Dodde, and others (named). Monday after St. Chad, 1 Henry IV.
[Chester.] C. 6308. Quitclaim by Cecily daughter of Richard Veleyn of Farndon to Ralph de Eggerton of her right in all her lands in the town of Caldecote which she demised to him for twenty years. Farndon, Monday after the Exaltation of the Cross, 45 Edward III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6309. Indenture witnessing that David son of Urian de Eggerton has granted to William son of Llewelyn son of David de Shocklach and the heirs of his body a messuage and land in Shok- lachovyet; rent during the life of John, William's brother, 2s. 5d., and after John's death, 5d.; to hold by the services by which David holds to the chief lord of the fee; reversion to David. 26 June, 1346. Seal. Endorsed, Schockledg.
[Chester.] C. 6310. Chirograph indented between William son of Owen de Schokelache Oviete of the one part, and David and Llewelyn, sons of David son of Llewelyn of the same, of the other part, witnessing that William has granted to David and Llewelyn all his lands in Schokelache Oviete belonging to the tenement formerly of Llewelyn his grandfather, except the undivided parts of the waste and of Weisfordesmor, and that he has granted to Llewelyn 'tolfre' and 'hoperfre' in his mill for corn and malt (bracinum) of every kind for one messuage in the town, in exchange for the right of flooding (agistiamenti) Llewelyn's meadows with the water from his mill to the level of his mill-pond according to existing marks. For this David and Llewelyn have granted to William their right in the undivided parts of the wastes and of Weysfordesmor as before excepted. And David has granted to William his share of the meadow flooded by William's pond in exchange for as much and as good meadow belonging to William in the same town. And Llewelyn has granted to William 1½a. land in crofto popte near William's garden. Witnesses:—Richard de Fougleshurst, sheriff of Chester, William de Mulneton, Robert de Codinton, and others (named). Wednesday, the feast of St. Augustine, 1316.
[Chester.] C. 6311. Grant by Gregory son of John de Stretton to Urian son of Philip de Eggerton of all lands which Richard son of David de Caldecote gave to John hie father and Felicia his mother in the town of Caldecote. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Barton, and others (named). Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6312. Grant by Thomas de Tilston and Margery his wife, daughter of Robert son of Robert, to John le Permonter, chaplain, of all their lands in Farnedon and Chirton. Witnesses:—Patrick de Barton, Thomas de Shokelache, and others (named). Monday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 43 Edward III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6313. Grant by John le Permonter, chaplain, to the said Thomas and Margery and the heirs begotten between them of all the lands which he had by their gift in Farndon and Chirton; remainder to Margery's right heirs. Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 43 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Chester.] C. 6314. Grant by John son of Richard son of John de Farndon to Urian de Eggerton, Amelia his wife and the heirs begotten between them, of all his lands and parcenary in the town of Caldecote; remainder to Urian's heirs. The eve of the Exaltation of the Cross, 1330. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6315. Bond by William del Moeles, John le Frensh, Roger Fox, John Jacsone, John ap Ednevet, and Magota Hert, all of Haselwall, for the payment of 19 marks to Ralph Eggerton of Caldecote. 10 March, 7 Henry IV. Two seals, damaged, and fragment of a third.
[Chester.] C. 6316. Grant by David son of David son of Richard de Caldecote to Urian de Eggerton and Amelia his wife and Urian's heirs, of all his lands in Caldecote. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Eggerton, and others (named). Tuesday after the feast of St. Thomas, 15 Edward II.
Chester. C. 6317. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 46 Edward III, whereby Jorwerth ap Llewelyn and Sibyl his wife conveyed to Richard de Spurstowe and Philip Filkyn and Philip's heirs a messuage, 24a. land, 2a. meadow and 5a. pasture in Caldecote. For this Richard and Philip have given them one sore sparrowhawk.
Chester. C. 6318. Grant by Margery late the wife of John Crewe, widow, to Ralph de Eggerton the elder, esquire, of a messuage and land in Crewe by Caldecote late of Batto ap Madoc ap Gruffith. Thursday after Michaelmas, 30 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
Chester. C. 6319. Counterpart of C. 6317.
[Chester.] C. 6320. Grant by Richard de Barton and Margery his wife to Randulf de Eggerton of a messuage and croft near the house of David ap Madoc, with all their land in 'Wademed' in the town of Caldecot. Witnesses:—Philip de Eggerton, Kem' son of Griffith de Shokelache, and others (named). Tuesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 1360. Two seals.
[Chester.] C. 6321. Grant by Nicholas de Audithleg to Richard de Ruyhull, for his homage and service and for a payment beforehand of a place of land in his wood of Chatkileg, bordering on the counties of Stafford, Salop, and Chester, with licence to build thereon; rent, 11s. 8d. and two appearances a year at his court of Chatkileg for all service. Witnesses:—Sir William de Mere, knight, Master John le Burgulon, and others (named). Fragments of seal wrapped in tow.
[Chester.] C. 6322. Quitclaim by Mabel late the wife of John de Hoxel, widow, to William son of Owen de Sshokelache of her right in all the lands which he had by her and her late husband's gift in the town of Broxon, with 'housbold' and 'hayebold' in Broxon Wood. Witnesses:—Richard de Foughleshurst, sheriff of Chester, David de Egerton, and others (named). Horton, Friday after St. Faith, 16 Edward II. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6323. Grant of the same date by the said Mabel to the said William of a rent of 4d. out of her share of a rent of 12d. payable by the heirs of the lords of Malpas (de Malo Passu) for Bunlee Wood. Seal, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6324. Grant by William de Malpas (de Malo Passu) to Robert de Stotevill of freedom from providing food (putura) for servants, work on castles and mills, and all other services due to him for all the lands which Robert bought from Richard the marshal in Barton or otherwise held of him, or which he held in Barton in the year 1236. For this Robert has granted him his right in land in Bonileg on the side nearest to Shokelach of a watercourse which runs between Bonileg and Horton. Robert to receive therefor a rent of 12d. at the feast of St. Oswald the King. Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6325. Chirograph indented whereby Hugh de Fouleshurst granted to Robert his son and the heirs of his body by Joyce (Joyosiam) his wife, daughter of Edmund Feton, all his land with the buildings thereon which he had in the town of Bromale by the gift of John de Werleston, and the messuages which he had by the gift of the said John, Nicholas son of Samyn, and Adam de Wetunhale in Nantwich (Wyco Malbuo) together with a yearly rent due from the house of William the miller, a bakehouse which he had by the gift of John de Wetunhal, a burgage which he had by the gift of Robert Drake, and places of land which he had by the gift of John Sag, Peter de Stapeleg and Richard Lewys in Nantwich; remainder to himself. Witnesses:—Robert de Bulkyl', sheriff of Chester, Richard de Fouleshurst, and others (named). Sunday, the morrow of the Holy Innocents, 2 Edward II.
[Flint.] C. 6326. Grant by William son of William son of Girard to Henry de Le, son of Girard, for his homage and service, of 2½ oxgangs in the town of Mammecote; rent, a pair of spurs. Witnesses:—Randolph de Montealto, Robert de Aldeford, William Saladin, and others (named). Fragments of seal wrapped in canvas.
[Norfolk.] C. 6327. Chirograph indented, dated Saturday, the feast of St. Luke, 14 Edward II, whereby Sir Ralph, son of Sir John Bigot of Stocton, knight, agrees with Sir Walter de Calethorp, knight, that whereas the manor which Sir Walter has by the gift of Sir Ralph in Sithingg' was charged by Sir Ralph, while a minor, with yearly payments of 10 marks to Dame Alice Dakeny for her life and 5 marks to Thomas de Wyngeffeld for life, he shall defend Sir Walter if impleaded by Dame Alice or Thomas for these payments; and if they shall recover them by judgment of the court, he shall pay all arrears before the manor came into Sir Walter's hands. For this grant Sir Walter agrees to pay the annuities in future and the arrears, provided there be no collusion on the part of Sir Ralph. Seal of arms. Endorsed with note of enrolment in the Common Pleas in Trinity term of the same year.
Leic. C. 6328. Letters from John Sponne, kinsman and heir of William Sponne, appointing John Bylston and William Gardiner his attorneys to enter on all messuages, &c. late of Ralph Hurlman or Thomas his son in Shepey Parva, Bylston, and Leycestr', and to deliver seisin thereof to Nicholas Temple, esquire. 4 October, 2 Edward IV. Seal.
Leic. C. 6329. Conveyance whereby John Sponne, kinsman and heir of William Sponne, clerk, after reciting that John Flaunders granted to John Bathe, Simon Sloley, William Bulkote, Robert Ramsheye, the said William Sponne, Nicholas Warde, Thomas Ildegar, Thomas Flaunders, and Geoffrey Cale, all the messuages, &c. as in C. 6328, among other lands in the county, whereon the said William Sponne entered by survivorship, and whereof he died seised, granted them to Nicholas Temple, esquire. Leicester, 4 October, 2 Edward IV. Seal.
Worc. C. 6330. Letters from Walter lord Hungerford, Bartholomew Brokesby, and John Daundesey, appointing Henry Leycestre, John de Rok, and Thomas Corf, their attorneys to deliver seisin to James de Ormond, knight, son and heir of the earl of Ormond, of their manor of Gannowe, and of all messuages, &c. in the towns of Frankeley, Chadeswych, Wyllyngwyk, Taddenhurst, and 'le Gannowe,' and elsewhere in the county, which they had, jointly with Joan de Beauchamp, lady Bergevenny, Richard, earl of Worcester, Richard Dalamare, John Braaz, and Nicholas Saucer, esquires, deceased, as well by the demise of Robert Walker, clerk, Walter Velmull, and Thomas Sture, as by quitclaim of Edmund Ruyhale, clerk, brother and heir of Richard Ruyhale. 20 November, 24 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Staff.] C. 6331. Quitclaim by Juliana late the wife of Roger son of Roger le Lord to Hamo Lestraunge, knight, and Margaret his wife of her right in the manor of Levynton, except in a messuage and curtilage, and 12 field-acres (acris campestralibus) in three fields of the manor and in four field-acres in Smethenheth, on Sheteforlonges, and in a place of land called 'le Vikeresbruche,' which William, formerly vicar of Offileye, held, and in 21s. rent of tenants (named) of the manor for the meadow of Blakemor, a place of land in Rowehull, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Halghton, Sir Thomas de Swinnerton, Sir John de Aston, and Sir Malcolm le Wasteneys, knights, Adam de Peshale, William de Weston, Roger de Webbeleye, Jordan de Pyuelesdon, and others. Eccleshale, Monday after St. Matthias, 18 Edward III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6332. Grant by John Eggerton of Eggerton, esquire, to Griffin Bromehale of Nantwich (Wico Malbano) of his vacant place of land in Nantwich between the highway to Acton, &c.; rent, 16d. Wit- nesses:—John Bromley and Robert Fouleshurst, knights, William Hassall the elder, and others. Christmas Day, 20 Edward IV. Seal of arms.
[Chester.] C. 6333. Chirograph indented witnessing that Philip de Egerton has granted to John Hochekynessone a place of land in Nantwich (Wico Malbano) and a place of land in Wylaston between Saltersyche and le Wyndmulnefeld; rent, 23s. Saturday after Lady Day, 1403. Added in another hand, The said John and his heirs to give heriots at their deaths for the land in Wylaston according to the custom of the country. Seal.
Staff. C. 6334. Grant by John Delves, Hugh de Erdeswike, Roger Corbet, Robert Cune and John Bedulf to Annabel wife of John Bressy and one of the sisters and heirs of Richard Greneway, of the reversion of one-fifth of all the lands, &c. which William Seyvell and Elizabeth his wife hold as Elizabeth's dower. Bedulf, Tuesday after All Hallows, 4 Henry VI. Two seals, one damaged.
Chester. C. 6335. Chirograph indented whereby Hugh Payn of Chester demised to Master Geoffrey de Melys a messuage in Forthegatstrete, in the city of Chester, for three years from Christmas, 1289, for 30s. be- forehand; rent, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Robert de Terven, mayor of Chester, Robert Ernays and Nicholas Payn, sheriffs, and others (named).
Chester. C. 6336. Chirograph indented witnessing that John de Clarton and Alice his wife have granted for their life to Nicholas the painter (pictori) and Agnes his wife a burgage in Chester in the street called 'Foryetstret,' in exchange for half their burgage in the town of Holt (Castri Leonis) and 3a. land in Eton Vachan for the same term.
[Chester.] C. 6337. Grant by Richard son of Philip de Aldelyme to Sir John de Cloon, perpetual vicar of Aldelyme, and his heirs, of all his lands and buildings in the town and lordship of Aldelyme. Witnesses:— Richard de Whitelegh, sheriff of Chester, Adam de Buyrton, and others (named). Monday after the Annunciation, 1364. Seal. Endorsed, Audelem.
[Staff.] C. 6338. Grant by Walter Silverensid to Richard le Blomer of a house with curtilage, and a selion adjoining between the High Street and the road to the church, with all liberties and easements belonging to the town of Bettileg, for 17s. beforehand; rent to the chief lord of the fee, 2d. Witnesses:—William de Letusil, Stephen de Benardeston, and others (named). Seal, damaged. Endorsed, Betthel' carta Walteri Sellerunside.
[Chester.] C. 6339. Grant by William son of John de Newcastle (Novo Castello) to Richard son of Payn de Bouketon, of all his land in Foregatistrete; rent, 1d. at Midsummer. For this grant, Richard has given him 14 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey and Sir John de Longeford, canons of St. John's, Chester, Robert, vicar of St. Werburgh's, Robert the chaplain, palmer (palmifero), Stephen the Saracen (sazareno), and others (named). Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6340. Grant by Richard, lord of Spurstowe, to Ralph de Tervyn, Joan his wife, and the heirs begotten between them, of coparcenary with him in the waste ground called 'Rodmoregrene' in Spurstowe and Halghton, with its appurtenances in the field called 'Tomkynesfeld Jonessone,' according to indentures between the parties. Witnesses:— Lawrence de Dutton, knight, sheriff of Chester, Roger de Hulfeld, and others (named). Thursday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 46 Edward III. Seal of arms.
Chester. C. 6341. Chirograph indented, being a demise by Hugh Payn to William de Danecastre, of land between the high road and the said Hugh's garden in Forgatestrete, Chester, for twenty years from New Year's Day, 1295; rent, 1d. And if the buildings thereon shall be burned down the said William shall be compensated with not more than 10 marks at the end of the term, or shall hold the land for 30s. yearly till the 10 marks are paid; bond by Hugh for 12l. for due performance. For this demise, William has given Hugh 12l. beforehand Witnesses:— Hugh de Brichull, mayor of Chester, Alexander Hurel and Robert Ythel, sheriffs, and others (named). Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6342. Grant by William Parend, vicar of Aldelyme, to Richard son of Philip de Aldelyme, Margaret his wife, and the heirs begotten between them of all the messuages. &c. which he had by Richard's gift in the town of Aldelyme; remainder to Richard. Witnesses:— John de Scolehall, sheriff of Chester, David de Bieston, Richard de Honkilowe, and others. Sunday after Midsummer, 1359. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 6343. Quitclaim by Hugh le Say, lord of Morton Say, to Thomas son of Adam le Sangle and Alice his wife, of his right in a messuage and an oxgang of land which he bought of William son of John de Hodenet and Parnel (Petronilla) his wife in the town of Morton Say, together with the improved rent (incremento) of a place of land measuring 7 rods by 30 feet (pedes hominum), and an oxgang of land which William son of Henry de Morton formerly held, with the right of taking underwood in Mortoneswod; the old rent of 12d. to the said Hugh and a new rent of 12d. to Ellen his wife, for her life, with remainder to him. Sunday, the eve of St. James the Apostle, 11 Edward II. Fragments of seal in canvas.
[Salop.] C. 6344. Quitclaim by Richard son of Thomas Sangle to William Stuche and John Nagington, chaplain, of his right in a messuage and land in Morton Say which they have by the gift of Isabel wife of Edmund Dunstervyle. The feast of St. Gregory, 1 Henry V. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6345. Grant by Richard son of Adam de Morton to Robert Pyk, chaplain, of a place of land in the lordship of Odde Rode, situate as described. Tuesday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 1365. Fragments of seal in canvas. Endorsed, Moreton.
[Salop.] C. 6346. Grant by Thomas son of Hugh le Sangle of Morton Say to John son of Henry de Loskesford, chaplain, of all his lands within or without the town of Morton Say. Saturday, the Purification of St. Mary, 4 Richard II. Seal of arms.
[Chester.] C. 6347. Grant by Millicent late the wife of Robert de Morton to Thomas de Haukeston, knight, for her life, of all tenements which she holds for her life as her dower in Great Morton; rent, 4l. 4s. 7½d. 20 June, 28 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6348. Grant by Thomas son of Ralph de Moorton to Sir Thomas de Haukeston of all the houses and timber on his peel and within his mote of Great Moorton for 100s. beforehand, with per- mission to remove them. Tykhill, 12 September, 24 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 6349. Grant by Isabel Canlan of Wylaston to William Stuche and John Nagington, chaplain, of a messuage in Morton Say late of John Canlan, her father. Sunday before the Purification of St. Mary, 10 Henry IV. Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Chester.] C. 6350. Quitclaim by Millicent late the wife of Robert de Morton to Thomas de Haukeston, knight, Ellen his wife and his heirs, of her right in land, situate as described, which the said Thomas has by the gift of Thomas son of Ralph de Morton in Great Morton. Noubold, Thursday after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 28 Edward III. Seal.
Chester. C. 6351. Acknowledgment by Thomas son of Ralph de Morton of Great Morton of the receipt of 9l. from Sir Thomas de Haukeston for a lease of lands in Great Morton. Tykhill, 27 July, 24 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 6352. Grant by John son of Philip de Wilaston to John Candelan of a messuage and two oxgangs of land and meadow in Morton Say, which he acquired from John de Losseford, chaplain. Monday, the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 11 Richard II. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 6353. Grant by Margery daughter of Thomas le Wodeward, spinster, to Hugh son of Adam le Sengle of all her land which she had by inheritance at the death of the said Thomas in Blecheleg by Morton Wood. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Sondford, Robert de Say, William Silion, and others (named).
[Salop.] C. 6354. Grant by John Nagyngton, chaplain, to Isabel Candelan of Wylaston, of a messuage in Moreton Say which he had by her gift. Wednesday before St. Luke, 13 Henry VI. Seal marked R.
[Salop.] C. 6355. Bond by Thomas Sangle for the payment of 15½ marks to Sir John de Loskeford, chaplain, for lands in Morton Say. Friday before Martinmas, 5 Richard II. Seal.
[Dorset.] C. 6356. (1) Surrender by Christine late the wife of John Bettiscombe to William Olyver of all her interest in the lands of the said William and of John Olyver, clerk, deceased, in Wodemyle in Merchwode Vale, which they demised to her and the said John for life on the Tuesday after the feast of St. Katherine, 5 Edward IV, at a yearly rent of 13s. 4d.
(2) Grant by the said William to the said Christine of a yearly rent of 26s. 8d. for her life and of two cartloads of firewood from his lands in Wodemylle in Merchwode Vale; power of distraint on all his lands aforesaid and on his lands in the town of Bridport. Drafts on paper.
Dorset. C. 6357. Grant by William Preston late of Byrporte, merchant, to William Campyon of London, grocer, John Sturgeon of London, haberdasher, and John Archer of Hakeney, co. Middlesex, 'hackene- man,' of a moiety of three tofts, with gardens, in Stoke Lane, of three tenements in the market-place, of a barn and garden in 'le Church Lane,' of a piece of land called 'Morterhaye' in Mylle lane and of ½a. land in Mighell lane, all in Byrport, of four tenements and a garden in Waymouth, of a parcel of land on the hill near the church and of a tenement, 2a. land and half a ferry in Smallemouth in the parish of [Wyke], to hold to the use of Thomas Exmewe, knight, alderman of London, Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of William Olyver late of Byrporte and previously the wife of John West, mercer and alderman of London, and her heirs. 11 November, 17 Henry VIII. Copy on paper.
[Notts.] [Lincoln.] C. 6358. Will, dated 14 February, 1456, of Thomas Mitton of Newerk, carpenter. The value of his great mazer as estimated by trustworthy men to be paid to the churchwardens of [Newark] church for the fabric and bells; 13s. 4d. for repairing the high road by 'le Baryate'; 6s. 8d. for the road called 'Appultongate,' and 6s. 8d. for the road opposite his tenement in Northgate; his tenements held of the bishop of Lincoln in Castelgate to Isabel his wife for her life; remainder to William his younger son. And if William die without heirs of his body, the remainder of the lease to be sold for the good of the testator's soul and the souls of his parents and benefactors; part of the said tenement to be held during Isabel's life by Nicholas Penythorn and Agnes his wife at a rent of 9s. The said William to have all his lands in the town of Northgate and the fields of Newerk and Northgate in tail, Isabel receiving the profits during William's minority; remainder to the heirs of the body of Agnes his daughter; and if she shall die without heirs, the lands to be sold for the good of his soul as above. His messuage in Appultongate called 'le Bakehouse' to Agnes in fee tail, she paying therefor 40s. to his executors towards the payment of his debts. His tenement held of the prior and convent of St. Katherine by Lincoln for a term of years in Appultongate to remain in the hands of his executors for ten years; the remainder of the term to William Mitton, chaplain, his eldest son. His tenement in Craslond in the parish of Haxey, which he had by the gift of William Saunson and John Herrison of Overburneham, to William Haxey, his kinsman, and the heirs of his body; remainder to William his said younger son. His tenements in Appultongate and Barnebygate, Newerk, which he had by the gift of William del More, deceased, to be conveyed by his feoffees at the request of his executors to William, his younger son, subject to the consent of the executors of Roger and William del More. His messuage in Appultongate, late of the said Roger, to John son of John Herryson and the heirs of his body, but if he die without such heirs to be sold for the benefit of the souls of the said Roger and William. Seal marked W.
[Bedford.] C. 6359. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 31 Henry III, whereby Agnes de la Hyde and Adam Aygnel demised to Roger de la Hyde two-thirds of a moiety of a mill in return for a rent of 10s. in Luton, payable by Robert de Ho to the said Roger, and for a further rent of 10s.
[Sussex.] C. 6360. Chirograph, being a grant by Adelard to Iseult his wife in dower of 3½ hides of land in fee, and half a hide which he held in fee-farm . . ., together with his messuage (managio) and all his other houses which he had at Hocthune. And if he shall acquire more land, he grants it all to her in augmentation of her dower. And if he shall have issue by her, he grants the three hides he acquired, and which his father never had, to such issue together with the said augmentation. This grant is by the assent of Hilary, bishop of Chi- chester, and John the dean, and the chapter of the same. Witnesses:— The said bishop, Henry the archdeacon, John, brother of the pre- centor, Edmund, Master Roger, Aubrey the priest of Amberley, Walter de Cliftona, Turstan Maunsel, Hernald, brother of Adel[ard], Ralph de Sireburne, Walter the chamberlain, William the bishop's nephew.
[Kent.] C. 6361. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 14 Edward I, whereby John de Horton, clerk, received from Lora de Ros a warranty of a charter granting him a mill, 20a. land and 2a. meadow in Horton; rent, a chaplet of roses at Midsummer. For this grant he has given Lora a sore sparrowhawk.
[Surrey.] C. 6362. Quitclaim by Simon de Thornham, son of Hugh de Thornham, late citizen and fishmonger of London, to John Trig, citizen and fishmonger of London, of his right in a garden and ponds at 'le Stewes' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, which he inherited at the death of Simon de Thornham, Hugh's father. London, Wednesday after St. Hilary, 35 Edward III. Seal of arms, damaged. Endorsed, E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason.
Kent. C. 6363. Quitclaim by Joan, Thomasina, and Margaret, daughters and heirs of Edward a Bere of Chestelett, to John Huet, citizen and mercer of Canterbury, of their right in lands &c. in the parishes of Westbere and Sturrey. 31 July, 18 Henry VIII.
[Chester.] C. 6364. Indenture, dated 12 May, 11 Henry VII., between Hugh Eggerton of the Wrymehill, esquire, and John his son and heir- apparent, whereby John covenants that he neither has made nor will agree to any conveyance, demise or encumbrance of the manors &c. held by his father in tail male for a longer term than his father's life, jointure and dower of John's wife or wives, sufficient livery to his son and heir-apparent (so that the remainder be to the heirs male of Hugh's body or any of his sons lawfully begotten), and recog- nizance for surety of the peace excepted; and John agrees not to hinder by action at law or otherwise any feoffees of trust or executors of Hugh in executing his will, but only to have his heirlooms in courteous wise after the custom of the country; and he agrees to bind himself in 1,000 marks to observe the above covenant. English.
[Warw.] C. 6365. Grant by William Pyllyng of Solihull to William son of Thomas atte Birches of the same for life, and to his heirs and assigns for eleven years, of a place of land and a meadow in Solihull which he had by his demise (ex dimissione mea) for ten years; rent for the first eleven years, one grain of corn; afterwards, 20s. Thursday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 17 Edward III. Endorsed, Redditus per annum xj.d.
[Dorset.] C. 6366. Manumission of John Chynne, styled 'atte Mulle,' by Robert Martin, son and heir of Sir Robert Martin, knight. Walteriston, Tuesday after Christmas, 17 Richard II. Seal of arms, with legend, sigill' constancie martin.
Middx. C. 6367. Quitclaim by William Ederych of Totenham to John Warner, the elder, citizen and armourer of London, of his right in a piece of land and wood containing 11a. in the parish of Haryngey on the east side of a field called 'Dounhill,' and in 1a. wood and a croft of land called 'Lightlonde,' abutting on land of the bishop of Exeter called 'Fernefeld' and on land called 'Pryoursfelde and Hobbescroft,' which piece of land and wood, acre of wood and croft of land the said John and his cofeoffees had jointly by the gift of Thomas Martyn, gentleman, who had them by the gift of Thomas Howe of Haryngey, son and heir of Thomas Howe of the same. And quitclaim by the said John Warner to the said William Ederych of his right in a piece of land and wood containing 12a. in the said field. 2 April, 4 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 6368. Chirograph indented, being a final concord, dated 50 Edward III, whereby John son of John de Kirkeby, knight, and Agnes, his wife, conveyed a toft in Horton by Derteford to Richard atte Pende of Hertefelde for 20s.
[N'hamp.] C. 6369. Grant by Robert, master of the hospital of the Holy Trinity without Norhamton, by the consent of the brethren and their house, to Robert son of William de Torp, for his homage and service and for half a mark which he has given them by way of submission (de recognicione), of a messuage and land in Buketon, part of which Roger the provost held from them, to hold to him and Maud his wife; rent, 12s. 7d. and a relief of 3s. when due. Witnesses:—Walter the lord (domino), Henry the franklin, and others (named).
Essex. C. 6370. Quitclaim by Severell Sherman alias Durbar of Southwerk, co. Surrey, smith, son and heir of Richard Sharman alias Durbar of Romford, to Richard Mondes of Romford, gentleman, of his right in a messuage called 'Nolmes' and tenements in Romford abutting on the west field and the highway from London to Brentwood, in a rent of 15d. charged thereon in favour of Ralph Uphaveryng, and in a garden late of William Hare in the parish of Haveryng att Bowre. 26 January, 4 Edward VI. Seal marked E. W.
Devon. C. 6371. Statute staple for 40l. given by William Wyot of Mewy to . . . Gregory and Jacobita his wife, late the wife and executrix of the will of Matthew Ivyllond. Seal of the staple of Exeter, and fragment of another.
Middx. C. 6372. Grant by Simon de Worthstede, executor of the will of John de Aylesham, citizen and mercer of London, to Thomas, son of William Aylward, late citizen and mercer of London, of all the houses and buildings in Knyghtriderestret in the parish of Holy Trinity the Less which the said John bought from John de Doure. John Lovekyn, mayor of London, and Simon Doleshull and Henry Pykard, sheriffs. Thursday after St. Mary Magdalen, 23 Edward III. Seal of arms. Endorsed with note of enrolment in the Hustings Court.
[Bedford.] C. 6373. Quitclaim by Cecily, daughter of Peter Rys of Dun- staple, to William ate Celer of her right in a house and place of land which the said William had by the gift of the said Peter in North Street, Dunstaple. Saturday before the Epiphany, 9 Edward II. Seal, damaged.
[Dorset.] C. 6374. Grant by Thomas Wilcombe and John Cornissch to Nicholas [Wotton], Elizabeth his wife, and his heirs, of their tenement in Weymouth. Witnesses:—William Northovere and Bertrand Larga, bailiffs, and others (named). 25 September, 9 Henry VI. Endorsed, Weymouth. Carta Nicholai Wotton.
Wilts. C. 6375. Certificate by John Whyttokesmede, steward of the abbot of Hyde's manor of Chusylden, of a presentment by a jury there on the Thursday after Michaelmas, 36 Henry VI, that John Sely, being possessed of a messuage and land in the said manor, had two bastards by Denise afterwards his wife, viz. John Craneford, dwelling at Windsor, who had a son named Edward, and John Priour alias Sely, and a legitimate son John, innkeeper of London, deceased, whose son Simon demanded delivery of the said messuage and land and could not have them as being held at the lord's will. Thursday after Michaelmas, 36 Henry VI.
[Wilts.] C. 6376. Chirograph indented between Sir Richard de Combe, knight, and Sir Patrick de Frene, parson of Yatesbur', of the one part, and William de Holbech, citizen and draper of London, of the other part, witnessing that whereas Sir Richard and Sir Patrick have released to William their right in the manor of Fitelton and in the advowson of the church there, William grants that if Sir Richard have an heir male by Margaret late (nadgers) his wife or other lawful (mulier) issue by another wife after the date of this deed, and if Sir Richard die before he and Sir Patrick have made a new and lasting estate of the other manor or the reversion thereof to William and if they make no estate or encumbrance thereof to any person except William the said quitclaim shall be void during the life of Sir Richard's said heirs. Monday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 35 Edward III. French.
[Wilts.] C. 6377. Quitclaim by William fitz Waryn to Bevis (Bugoni) his brother of his right in a messuage with a curtilage which Margery his mother held in the town of Penleygh, together with all his lands in the fields of Dulton, for the life of Bevis; rent, a pair of spurs or 6d. at Michaelmas for all service save royal service. Witnesses:—Sir William fitz Waryn, knight, William Maundevyle, Roger Marmyon and others. Rydelowe, Candlemas, 3 Edward III. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 6378. Grant by Robert Priour of Ixningg to Alice Scheppe and Thomas Wlrich, her son, of a place of land in a street called 'Gosecroft,' and a rent of 10d. and three capons due from Thomas Tyd. 33 Edward III.
Chester. C. 6379. Letters patent by Edward, prince of Wales and earl of Chester, granting to Peter Starky for 40l. the custody of all the lands late of Robert de Bulkylegh of Alstanston, within the county, during the minority of John, Robert's son and heir, and granting him the wardship and marriage of the said John, saving knights' fees, advowsons of churches, wardships, marriages, reliefs, and escheats. Chester, 22 June, 36 Edward III.
Herts. C. 6380. Bond by Thomas Doncombe to Richard Duncombe for the payment of 40l. at All Hallows next. 10 October, 31 Henry VIII.
Condition (in English) to abide by the award of Sir Ralph Verney, knight, and William Fauconer, Robert Drurye, and John Babham, esquires, as to lands late of William Doncombe, father of Thomas and Richard, in Aldeburye. Signed, By me Thomas Doncombe.
N'hamp. Bedford. Somerset. Berks. Oxford. Warw. Essex. Herts. C. 6381. Grant by Henry de Pinkeny to the king of the capital messuage of his manor of Wedon and a knight's fee there, 2½ knights' fees in Elmeton, Astwell and Siresham (whereof one is held by the prior of Brackele and 1½ by Osbert Giffard), one in Earls Barton held by Seman de Stokes, 2½ in Tingry held by Robert son of Walter de Daventre, four in [Locumbe] held by Robert de Locumbe, one in Off in ton held by John Ner[nut], three in Bradewell held by the abbot of Cirencester, Hugh de Odingseles, and Peter de Assherugge, one in La Grave held by William Cu[r]ly, 1¾ in Elmedon held by Nicholas de Segrave, and one in Shenefeld held by Walter de Bibesworth. Witnesses:—Walter, bishop of Coventry and Lychefeld, John, count of Warenn', Henry de Lascy, earl of Lincoln, Guy, earl of Warewyk, Aymer de Valencia, John de Britannia, Hugh de Ver, Hugh le Despenser, John Wogan, Justiciar of Ireland, and others (named).
N'hamp. Bedford. Oxford. Berks. Somerset. Warw. Essex. Herts. C. 6382. Grant by Henry de Pynkenye to the king of his manor of Wedone Pynkeney with the advowson of the priory there, and the service of all his free tenants there and in Wappenham, the homages and services of William de Pynkeny, Robert de Wauncy, Geoffrey de Breddene, and Peter de Monte Alto for 7¾ knights' fees in Astewelle, Morton, Solgrave, Siresham, Helynton, Coleworth, and Weston, the homage and service of Richard de Mondeville for a knight's fee in Throp Mondeville, of Robert de Pynkeny for a knight's fee in Earls Barthone, of Robert, son of Walter de Davyntre, for 2½ knights' fees in Tyngri, of Peter de Assherigge for a tenement in Bradewelle, of John Neyrnut for a tenement in Uff[in]ton, of Robert de Locumbe for four knights' fees in Locumbe, of John de Pynkeny for a knight's fee in Igington, of William de Corly for a knight's fee in La [Gra]ve, co. Warwick, of Nicholas de Segrave for 1¾ knights' fees in Elmendone, of Guy de Schenefeld for a knight's fee in Schenefeld, of Walter de Langeton, bishop of Coventry and Lichefeld, for half a knight's fee in Cristeshale, of Walter de Bibesworth for a knight's fee in Bibesworth, and of the abbot of Cirnescesstre and Hugh de Dodyngeseles for two knights' fees in Bradewelle. Botheville, 4 September, 29 [Edward I]. Draft. See Close Roll, 29 Edward I. m. 2d.
[Sussex.] C. 6383. Grant by Walter son of Andrew de Hengsterugge to John Aleyn, Margery his wife, and his heirs, of a yearly rent of 10d. payable by Richard de Westone out of land called 'Cristemesseslond' in the parish of Ifeud. For this grant John has given him 10s. beforehand. Witnesses:—John the baker (pistor) of Craule, John de Langenhurst, and others (named). Sunday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 31 Edward I.
[Sussex.] C. 6384. Grant by Walter de Henxeregge to John de Ifeld of a yearly rent of 12d. payable by John son of John de Langenherst for a field called 'Gromenecroft' in the parish of Ifeld, and of a rent of 4d. payable by Adam Rolf for two crofts, whereof one is called 'Bolbehotescroft,' which contain 4a. in the parish of Ifeld, between the highway from Prestwode to Horsham, &c. For this grant John has given him 16s. beforehand. Sunday before St. Lawrence, 5 Edward II.
Middx. [Suffolk.] C. 6385. Will, dated Monday before St. Peter and St. Paul, 1361, of William de Neuton, citizen of London: his body to be buried in St. [Stephen's], Walbrok; legacies to the rector and chaplains, and for the fabric of the church, to the poor, and for services there and in the church of Waldneuton for five years after his death, for the fabrics of the churches of St. Paul, St. Thomas of Acon, Krichirche, and Holy Trinity and St. Katherine's by the Tower, and of London Bridge, and other legacies. Appointment of Philip his brother, William Swyn, and Thomas Blomvill as executors.
Probate of the will, 19 July, 1361.
Appointment of Thomas de Maydenstone, citizen and pepperer of London, as administrator of the goods of Philip de Neuton, also citizen and pepperer of London, 15 October, 1372. Copies.
Bucks. Oxford. C. 6386. Grant by Roger Pycot of co. Norfolk and Thomas son of Hugh Colyn to John Martham, parson of Bekenham, co. Kent, and Robert Grafton, of all their lands &c. in Kyngeseye, and of 1a. arable in Tythrop whereof ½a. lies in 'Estfeld' at 'le Doune' and ½a. lies in 'Northfeld' at 'Dodurhull,' together with the reversion of a messuage, garden and 1a. land after the death of John Tony, which lands and reversion they had by the gift of John Wade of co. Essex, and Nicholas Hynde of the same. 2 March, 10 Richard II.
Somerset. C. 6387. (1) Grant by Guy de Briene, knight, the elder, to Philip de Briene his son and the heirs begotten by Philip, of the manor of Shokerwyke and of 12l. rent in Batheneston; remainder to William de Briene, knight, and the heirs male begotten by him; remainder to his own right heirs. Witnesses:—Rob[ert] Fitz Payn, John Chideoke the elder, and William Bonevylle, knights, John Erle, Edward Forde, and others. Ramishame, Easter Monday, 4 Richard II.
Dorset. (2) Grant by Robert . . . and William Plussh, clerks, to Guy de [Briene the elder] of the manor of Pounknoll and of the advowson of the church of the manor for life; remainders in tail male to Philip de Briene and William de Briene, knight, successively; remainder to Guy's right heirs. Witnesses:—Robert Fitz Payn, John Chidioke the elder, and William Bonevylle, knights, John Mawtravers, William Latymer, and others. Place and date as above.
[Somerset.] (3) Grant by John Braunche, cousin and heir of Nicholas Braunche, knight, to Philip de Briene of his manor of Frome Braunche and Valeyse with the hundred of Frome, except a messuage in which his father lately lived and 3½a. land and ½a. meadow at 'la Woweforde.' Witnesses:—William Botreaux and William Bonevyll. knights, and others (named).
(4) Note of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll of 8 Richard II. Copies.
[Berks.] C. 6388. Grant by William de Valence, lord of Penbroke, to the abbot and canons of Cirecestr' of all their possessions which they hold within his manor of Shryvenham, so that they may be quit of all suits of court &c. and exempt from homage, fealty, relief, heriot, or any unjust or unaccustomed service, saving view of frankpledge twice a year. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Lusteshull, Sir Richard de Colleshill, Sir John de Boccote, Sir Ralph de la Stane, Sir Reynold le Foer, and others. Westminster, 3 June, 6 Edward [I]. Copy on paper.
Berks. C. 6389. Chirograph indented, witnessing that Edmund de Stonore, sheriff of Oxford and Berks, on Saturday after the Epiphany 1 Richard [II] delivered to John Godesday, Richard Webbe, Robert Edmond, John Fuller, John Gorynge, William Bukyngham, Thomas Whyte and Matthew atte Pole of Steventon, in pursuance of the king's writ, five horses and a quantity of other farm stock within the priory of Styventon.
[Kent.] C. 6390. Chirograph indented, being a final concord dated at West- minster, 2 Richard II, whereby Richard atte Pende of Hertefeld and Joan his wife conveyed a messuage in Horton by Derteforde to John son of John de Kirkeby, knight, for 10 marks.
Essex. C. 6391. Reconveyance by William le Roos to John his brother for John's life of 3½ messuages and all his land &c. in the towns of Waleden and Thundirl', by free serjeanty of a clove gilliflower at Easter. Witnesses:—Sir Baldwin de Hengham, parson of Depeden, Master Renold de Scol', and others (named). 7 February, 13 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 6392. Grant by Hugh son of Robert ate Plotte of the town of All Saints in Ho and Joan his wife, daughter of William Scarlet of the same, to Stephen son of Stephen de Delham, Margaret his wife and his heirs, of 2½a. and 12 day works of their land, with houses thereon, adjoining a lane called 'Croudelane' in a field called 'Broadecroft,' one rood (virgata) with houses thereon in a field called 'Cherchefeld,' and one rood in a field called 'Shuttone,' all in St. Mary's in the hundred of Ho. 32 Edward I.
[Devon.] C. 6393. Will of Thomsen late the wife of Nicholas Dynham, widow, bequeathing to the 'store of Jesus' in the church of Tavystok a tenement which she had by the gift of John Tayle, her former husband, in Tavystok. by the way leading from the pillory. English. Paper.
C. 6394. Illegible. Sunday the feast of St. Edmund the Arch- bishop, 17 Edward III. Endorsed, de Lodbrok.
[Essex.] C. 6395. Conveyance of land by Thomas Lyndesell to John . . ., John Pole the younger, Thomas Glascok, John Glascok, and John Kyng of Laver Magdalen. 8 September, . . Henry VIII.
[Norfolk.] C. 6396. Grant by Oliver Wyth to Richard atte Hil, Margaret his wife and the heirs of their bodies of land in the town of Worthestede; remainder to Simon; . . .; remainder to himself. Friday, . . ., 17 [Edward] III. Endorsed, Worsted pertinet manerio de Smalbergh de quinque denariis et obolo.
[Devon.] C. 6397. Letters of attorney from the vicars-general of Bertrand the prior and the convent of St. Martin-des-Champs by Paris, con- cerning their house of Barnastapole, to Sir Roger called Hayn, of Capiacum, prior of the said house. 26 August, 1351. Fragments of three seals, two with counter-seals.
[Herts.] C. 6398. Chirograph indented, being a final concord dated 5 Edward II., whereby Master William de Donemawe conveyed to Henry Gernet and Margery his wife and Henry's heirs, a messuage, a mill, 180a. land, 12a. meadow and 8 marks rent in Asshewell, Henxsteworth, and Waulyngton.
[Wilts.] C. 6399. Letters by Edmund de Wymundiswold, chaplain, and Roger de Flete, citizen and clothworker of London, appointing Thomas de Holbech their attorney to receive seisin of a moiety of the manor of Fitelton and of all lands in the town of Fitelton, together with the advowson of the church &c. belonging to the said moiety. London, Friday after St. Kenelm, 35 Edward III.
Wilts. C. 6400. Indenture dated at Fodringey, 31 Henry VI, witnessing that George Darell, esquire, is 'belafte and witholden' for his life with Richard, duke of York, 'for to doo true and feithful service unto my saide lord the due, and with him for to be ayenst all erthly creatures of what estate, preeminence or condicion soo evere thay bee next the kyng,' for which withholding he shall take 10l. yearly out of the profits of the manor of Fasterne. Signed, R. York. English. Fragment of seal.