Deeds: C.6401 - C.6500

Pages 339-353

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6401 - C.6500

[Warw.] C. 6401. Defeasance by William son of Thomas atte Birches of a rent granted to him by John Davidesone of Sulihull (condition illegible). Sulihull, Saturday after St. John before the Latin Gate 23 Edward III.
C. 6402. Acknowledgment by Master John Walles, clerk, on behalf of the king, of the receipt from John Ormond, 'in the county of Derby,' gentleman, of 12l. 10s. for release from knighthood of the Bath at the marriage of 'my lord prince' [Arthur]. Westminster, 9 July, 16 Henry VII. English.
Merioneth. C. 6403. Grant by Meredith ap Llewelyn ap Gr' ap David, a free tenant of the town of Penaran in the commot of Penllyn, to Llewelyn ap Jevan ap Gr' of four tenements in the said town called 'Yvelyndre, Plas Madoc Vyghan, Ryd Bot, and Rryd y Fraink', on the condition that they shall revert to him on payment of 12l. Monday after Michaelmas, 1 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
[Norfolk.] C. 6404. Grant by Peter de Alto Bosco to Sir Walter, bishop of Norwich, of all his tenement in Calethorp, except the mill of Skerhunger and the dower of Maud late his father's wife; rent during his life, the value (extentam) and one mark in addition, and after his death, a pair of gloves or a penny at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Suffeud, William de Burch, Peter de Nerford, and others (named).
Derby. Notts. C. 6405. Indenture dated 20 March, 13 Henry VII. between John Ormond of Alferton, co. Derby, esquire, and Jane, his wife, daughter and heir of Sir William Chaworth, knight, of the one part, and Thomas Babyngton of Dethike, esquire, of the other part, wit- nessing that it is agreed, in consideration of a marriage to be had between Anthony Babyngton, son and heir of the said Thomas, and Elizabeth, one of the daughters and heirs of the said John and Jane, that Thomas shall make estate to Sir John Dunham, knight, and others of his manor of Kynstan and all his lands in Kynstan, Sutton Bonyngton, and Thrompton, co. Notts, on trust to suffer him to receive the profits thereof for the 'finding' of the said Anthony and Elizabeth until she reach the age of 18 years and then to make estate thereof to the said Anthony and Elizabeth and Anthony's heirs; remainder to Thomas's right heirs. And Thomas agrees to pay to John and Jane 400 marks for the marriage, whereof 100 marks, secured on the revenues of the manor of Norton, are to be repaid if Anthony and Elizabeth die without issue before Elizabeth has reached the age of 18 years. Provision for jointure and for younger children. Endorsed, Indentour of my mareage. Ant' Bab'. English.
Leic. C. 6406. Grant by Margaret late the wife . . . to William Mountfort, knight, and Bartholomew . . ., of lands etc. in Boseworth, Coton, Hynkeley, Neubold and Leyce[stre] 5. . . .
Notts. C. 6407. Charter of William, lord Le Zouche and Saymour, acknowledging homage to have been done by Robert Strelley, of Strelley. esquire, for all lands which he claims to hold of him by knight service. Harryngworth, 5 January, 25 Henry VI. Seal of arms, d maged.
Montg. C. 6408. Letters of John ap Owen ap John ap Hoell Vaghan, of Lloidiarthe, co. Montgomery, appointing Francis Warde, of Hinton, co. Salop, and David ap John ap Hoell Vaghan, of Lloidyatte, gentlemen, his attorneys to receive seisin of a messuage called 'Tyddyn y ty in yrres' alias 'Tynerose,' and to deliver seisin of it to Owen ap John ap Jevan ap Dio ap Helin, 15 January, 12 Elizabeth. Signed, John Vaughan. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Devon.] C. 6409. (i.) Draft indenture dated at Pynhoe, 6 May, 14 Henry VI. whereby John Cheyne directs that whereas by his deed of even date he has released to Philip Courtenay, knight, William Palton, knight, James Chydeleygh, esquire, and others all his right in the manor of Pynhoe, they shall fulfil the terms of the deed annexed (No. ii.) as to the payment of his own and his mother's debts. Seal of arms. English.
Somerset. Wilts. [Devon.] C. 6409. (ii.) Draft indenture dated at Pynhoe, 1 May, 14 Henry VI. whereby John Cheyne, esquire, after reciting that by his will dated 30 April last he had enfeoffed Walter, lord Hungerford, Philip Courtenay, knight, John Fortescu. Walter Sergeaunte, John Longe, priest, and John Mayne in his manor of Norton Hautevile and all his lands in Somerset and in the moiety (halvyndell) of the manor of Hulprington and in all his lands in Wiltshire, directs that, as his goods are insufficient to pay his own and his mother's debts and to provide for the terms of his will, his feoffees shall allow his executors to pay these debts and carry out the provisions of his will, which done they shall release all his right in the lands to the said Sir Philip Courtenay for the performance of the terms of certain indentures made between the said Sir Philip and himself. English.
C. 6410. Acknowledgment by Robert . . . for himself and the other executors of Walter . . ., rector of St. . . ., to Reynold Helygar of the receipt of a payment due under a bond. London, Monday, the quindene of Easter, 49 Edward III.
[Cornw.] C. 6411. Instruction by . . . de Melly . . . to Michael de Tremarthan, John Cudyfort, David de Treludrow, and Nicholas Wal . . ., of Tresylyan to deliver seisin of his tenement in Trebyghan to Robert de Tresylyan, knight, and Emmelyne his wife. Bodman, Friday after Lady Day, 10 Richard II.
[Devon.] C. 6412. Charters of Barnstaple priory [1107–1128], printed in Monasticon from inspeximus of Edward II.
(1) Charter of Joel son of Alfred. The latter part reads:— Et quia hec predicta predictorum fratrum sustentacioni minime sufficere estimavi, divini amoris instinctu totam ecclesiam Sancti Petri de Bardestaple cum omnibus pertinenciis suis, capellis, decimis, obven- cionibus, et omnimodis fructibus, et cum capella Sancti Salvii et oblacionibus suis, per manum venerabilis Willelmi Exoniensis episcopi, cujus consilio et assensu prefatam obedienciam constitui, in proprios usus habendam et in perpetuam elemosinam possidendam. Contuli eciam sepedictis monachis ecclesiam de Taustoca cum pertinenciis suis et duas partes decime de dominio meo de Fremigtun et totam decimam piscium. Hec autem omnia sepedictis monachis donavi, et jure pro- prietatis transactavi, ita quod in eos nec michi nec alicui ex heredibus meis aliquid violente potestatis exercere licebit, nisi tantummodo contra adversancium molestias deffensionis auxilium. Et ne aliquis indevotus contra hanc mee donacionis paginam diabolica inspiracione ire presumat vel aliquam inferat molestiam, ipsam sigilli mei impressione corroboravi, coram hiis testibus: Ascelino archidiacono, Osberto capellano episcopi, Herveo capellano episcopi, Ailrico decano, Godwino sacerdote Exonie, Willelmo de Framigton. In armata manu: Willelmo de Raelega, Willelmo de Cuvert, Alvredo filii Nigelli, Radulpho de Cruna, Alvredo de Zoign, Malgero de Sancto Albino, Waltero de Sancto Albino, Rogero Poier. (Monasticon, V. 197.)
(2) Confirmation of the preceding by the said bishop. The operative clauses are verbally the same with change of person, as also the names of the witnesses, the phrase 'Ex parte militum' being substituted for 'In armata manu.' (Monasticon, V. 199.)
Two charters on one membrane, with remains of erased writing at foot. Tags for two seals, and silk bag for one. Endorsed, Testimonium Alberni (?) coram domino Papa super carta Joheli de Toteneis.
In a later hand (apparently pen-trials), Hugo. Edmundus episcopus Exonie, [1395-1418.]
[Essex.] C. 6413. Grant by Ellis Adam to John, the elder, John, the younger, and Roger his sons of 15a. arable contained in 4 crofts in Writele. Monday after St. Luke, 42 Edward III. Seal in white wax, damaged.
[Middx.] C. 6414. Extract from the roll of the court of the manor of Toppesfeld Hall, held 6 October, 18 Edward IV. recording the sur- render out of the court by Robert Marley, of London, brewer, of a cottage in Haryngey, five 'ryggys' of pasture and other land and the admission of John a Bery, of London, tailor, as a tenant at will by the rod.
[Norfolk.] C. 6415. Grant by William Ywin, of Nortune, and Margaret de Stubb his wife to William, son of Richard de Senges, of all the land which he received with the said Margaret in the town of Lodnes, whereof one piece is by the free land of the church, and the other piece is by land called 'Herwaldestoft'; rent, 1½d. for all service, save the king's service at the rate of ½d. for 20s. Witnesses:— John de Lodnes, Robert le Gris, Philip de Chategrave, Richard Spic, Henry de Bungeie, Robert de Hulmo, and others (named). Seal.
Heref. C. 6416. Grant by Roger de Burley to Richard de Baginden, for 12d. beforehand, of a yearly rent of 1d. payable by William le Northerne on 1a. land in the field of Welynton lying 'en le Walt Hurne' between the land of John Altwyne and the land of William le Gant. Witnesses:—Andrew de Chandos, William de la Calewe, Richard Restout, John Merfyn, and others (named). Seal, damaged.
[Middx.] C. 6417. Extract from the roll of the manor of Haryngey of the surrender by Margaret Fryth, spinster, of ½a. land in 'Hoomfeld' in Haryngey, and of the admission in her stead of Henry Turvyng and Juliana his wife as tenants. Friday, the feast of St. Andrew, 38 Henry VI.
[Hants.] C. 6418. Grant by Reynold, son and heir of Nicholas Aisschfforde, to Thomas Ryngewode of three cottages in Fordingbrygge, adjoining the tenement of Thomas Ruyl. Witnesses:—John Frogham, Henry Kaym, and others (named). The feast of St. Bartholomew, 8 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
Heref. C. 6419. Quitclaim by John Broun, son of Stephen Broun of Munderfeldcharald, to George Breynton, of his right in a toft in Hereford in Oldescolestrete, between the tenement of the chantry of the altar of St. John the Baptist in St. Peter's church, etc.; which toft the said George had by the grant of Simon Somnour and Roger Broun, chaplain, John's brother. Wednesday after Whitsuntide, 2 Henry VI. Seal.
[Surrey.] C. 6420. Grant by John Filemere, of the parish of Ebesham, to Adam ate Doune, of the parish of Wauton, and Isabel his wife of 2a. land, of a piece of land whereof 2a. lie together on 'Langele,' and of an enclosure (heya) adjoining. Sunday after the feast of St. John before the Latin Gate, 9 Edward II. Seal.
Middx. C. 6421. Chirograph indented whereby Henry Harburgh, clerk, John Elmede, chaplain, John Askewyth, and John Vyncent, demised to William Soneman, son of William Soneman, citizen and 'horner' of London, a field called 'Bradforth' in the parish of St. Pancras, and 4a. land in a croft by Lyvyrlane in the parish of St. Andrew, Holbourn, in fee tail; remainder to Alice, Agnes, and Margery, daughters of William, the father, in equal shares. 4 October, 13 Henry IV.
[Oxford.] C. 6422. Indenture dated the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, 13 Edward IV. witnessing that John Felde alias Lutare, and Joan his wife, of Henley upon Temse, have let to John Breche, of the same town, and Denise his wife a parcel of ground lying 'in the nether end' of the said Felde's garden, during the term specified in an indenture he bought from Alison, the . . . of Roger Cotelere; rent, 8d.; the said John and Denise to enclose the plot of ground whenever it shall be necessary during the term. Witnesses:—Nicholas Wagge, warden of Henley, and others (named). Seal. English.
Kent. C. 6423. Grant by James Holonde to Thomas Graffeton, of London, merchant (mercenario) of the Staple, John Crowche of Rochester, and John Playford and Thomas Usborne, of Millale in Aillisford, of his tenement containing 30a, lying dispersed in the parish of Aillisford in East and West Preston, except half an acre in East Preston in a field called 'Bertunnysfyld.' 16 December, 1483. Seal, with a crowned R.
[Heref.] C. 6424. Grant by William Gode to Robert Baret of a curtilage with a house thereon and a meadow adjoining in Diluesolers. Witnesses:—Walter Overse, Walter le Frensche, John Aylmond, Richard de Boclond, Richard de Eckeleye, clerk, and others. Seal, damaged.
N'hamp. C. 6425. Indenture witnessing that Thomas Grafton, woolman, has demised to Sir John Morborn, chaplain, for life, a chamber in a messuage in Peterborough, lately bought by him from William Kyng, draper, which chamber Sir John already occupied, with free ingress and egress by the door of the messuage; rent, a red rose if demanded. Sir John to keep the chamber for his own occupation and to keep it in repair. 20 August, 2 Richard III.
Essex. C. 6426. Chirograph indented whereby John Joye, John Legett, and John Sewale demised to Alice late the wife of John Beene for her life 9a. land with houses thereon in the town of Haveryng atte Boure between the high road from Hornechirch to London and the land of the master of St. Anthony's, London, which they together with the said John Beene had by the gift of John Devyle and Margaret late the wife of John Whyssheden. 4 October, 4 Edward IV. Two seals and a fragment of a third.
[Heref.] C. 6427. Grant by William Yervard, of Whytechurche Magne, to John Balle, of Bradefeld, the elder, Isabel his wife, and John's heirs, of all the lands which he lately bought from John Symondes, of Worcester, in the parish of Bodenham, except a capital messuage in the churchyard and 1a. land in Upfeeld late of John Heford. Witnesses:—John Ilger, John Fourches, and others. Monday after the feast of St. Leonard, 6 Henry VI.
Heref. C. 6428. Grant by William, son of Richard le Spicer, to Adam Esgar, clerk, and John le Clerke, of two messuages in Hereford, in the High Street and in Sadelewrithstrete, between the tenement of the vicars of St. Katherine &c. and of a toft in the suburbs of Hereford in a street called 'Byhindecote,' between the high road and the bishop of Hereford's field. Tuesday after the feast of St. Ethelbert, 26 Edward III. Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 6429. Quitclaim by Richard de Sancto Clavo (sic) to Henry de Wyvile, for 2s. beforehand, of a yearly rent of 2d. payable by him for 1½a. land in the parish of Cretinge St. Olave lying between land of the abbot of Grestein &c.; rent, a rose. Witnesses:—Richard and Geoffrey Smalkint, Ralph Strutel and Reynold his son, Alan Morger, and others (named).
[Heref.] C. 6430. Grant by John Mael to Sir Robert de Durseleya, chaplain, for his service and for 18s. 6d. beforehand of 1½a. arable in the territories of Welyntun and Brocholes; rent, 2d. Witnesses:— Walter Restot, Robert the deacon, and others (named). Seal.
[Suffolk.] C. 6431. Grant by John Wrenne to Thomas Cok, Robert Spytel, Thomas Scherman and Robert de Cros of all his lands &c. in Yakysle and Thranston, except ten acres specified in a charter to the rector of Thranston and Roger Scherman. Wednesday, the feast of St. Bartholomew, 13 Henry IV. Seal.
N'hamp. C. 6432. Grant by William Kyng, of Peterborough, draper, to John Wakyrley, esquire, Richard Skyrmot, of Peterborough, gentleman, and Sir John Morborn and Sir Thomas Blokwyn, chaplains, of the same, of his messuage in Peterborough in 'le Prestgate' between Dedelane, the abbot's garden &c. which he had by the gift of John Cope, of Peterborough, butcher. Witnesses:—John Gylham, of Peterborough, bailiff, and others (named). 13 March, 17 Edward IV. Seal.
Leio. C. 6433. Letters from William Hye and Joan his wife, appointing Bartholomew Kendale and Bartholomew Dethyk their attorneys, to enter on all their lands &c. in Little Shepey and to deliver seisin thereof to John Wareyn and William Herryson, clerks. 28 April, 9 Edward IV. Two seals, one damaged.
Notts. C. 6434. Chirograph indented witnessing that Thomas Mapurley has demised to John Wro a garden in 'le woman market' at Notyngham, between the tenement of John Wylford and the highway by 'le Hencrosse,' for ten years; rent, 20d., the said John to keep the garden enclosed and to be at liberty to take away any buildings he may erect thereon. Witnesses:—Thomas Pege, mayor of Notyngham, William Misterton and William Halyfax, bailiffs, and others (named) 1 April, 2 Henry VI.
[Kent.] C. 6435. Final concord dated 18 Edward II, whereby Benedict de Huntyngfeld, parson of Esylyng, conveys to Lawrence de Huntyngfeld and Maud his wife and the heirs of their bodies a messuage and land in Gelyngham and Wyndele; remainder to Joan, Lawrence's daughter, for her life; remainders to Lawrence, Thomas, John, and Edmund, her sons, successively; remainder to Lawrence de Huntyngfeld's right heirs. Paper copy.
[Wilts.] C. 6436. Extract from the court roll of the manor of Westbury, held by Hugh de Calverlegh. knight, on Monday after St. Matthew, 6 Richard II.: claim by Nicholas, son and heir of Thomas Palmere, to a cottage and 4a. land and the keepership of a wood called 'Wodewardwyke,' with the later pasture in 'Luciesmore,' namely, from Martinmas to Candlemas, and pasture all the year round under covert there, as his forefathers had; rent, 12d., and by the service of enclosing Luciesmore pasture, making and presenting all attachments there, and levying fines; and for relief, twice his rent but not his service. The claim admitted, he surrenders the cottage &c. to Thomas Martyn, who pays a fine of 6s. 8d. on admission. For this surrender Thomas has paid Nicholas 40s.
Leic. C. 6437. Grant by Nicholas Temple, of Temple by Whellesburgh, esquire, to Sir John Bourgchier and Sir William Hastynges, knights, Edward Grey, Ralph. Hastynges, Walter Wrottisley, and William Moton, esquires, and Robert Temple of a messuage, seven yardlands and a water-mill in Little Shepey, late of Henry Temple, and of a messuage and 100a. land in Great Shepey, late of William Burdet. Whitmonday, 1 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
[Heref.] C. 6438. Letters of Richard Restarde, chaplain, and Roger Restarde, appointing Richard Holonde and Henry Bagh their attorneys, to deliver to Thomas Holgot, George ap Huy, and William Hoggyes seisin of a messuage, 60a. arable and 1½a. meadow in Netherluyde, and of a messuage and two shops in Bodenham. 22 January, 3 Edward IV. Two seals, one damaged.
[Middx.] C. 6439. Extract from the roll of the court of the manor of Toppesfeld Hall, held 1 September, 17 Edward IV, at which Isabel Delkeney, widow, surrendered a cottage and land in Haryngey to the use of John Delkeney, and the said John Dalkeney and Joan his wife, surrendered the cottage and land to the use of Robert Marley, of London, brewer, who was admitted as tenant-at-will by the rod.
[Chester.] C. 6440. Grant by Robert de Bulkylegh to Robert de Freford, parson of Davenham, and his heirs, of his manor of Eyton by Davenham, and of all his lands in the parish of Davenham. Sunday before St. . . ., 1351.
[Leic.] C. 6441. Chirograph indented witnessing that Sir Ralph de Temple, rector of Drayton Paslewe, has demised for the term of his life to Nicholas, son and heir of Richard de Temple, a messuage in Little Shepeye which he and Hamundus, his brother, had by Richard's gift, except a high chamber with a stone fireplace, and a latrine adjoining, and a stable for Sir Ralph's horses; Nicholas to repair the hall &c. before All Hallows next under a penalty of 40s.; the lessor to pay for any provision made for him on his visits; rent, a rose at Midsummer for all service save the king's service. Friday after the Translation of St. Swithun, 41 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 6442. Copy of court roll of the manor of Haryngey; surrender of a cottage and curtilage in Hygate by Alice, wife of Thomas Ungle, to the use of John Leche alias Harpenden, who is admitted tenant by the rod. Thursday after St. Andrew, 5 Edward IV.
Middx. C. 6443. Grant by John, son and heir of Richard Baddeby, and Marjory his wife to Thomas atte Cherche and Margaret his wife of a messuage and 2a. arable in Harengeye between the highway from London to Totenham, the bishop of Exeter's grove &c. Sunday after Candlemas, 5 Richard II. Two seals. Endorsed with con- dition that on the death of either of the feoffees without issue the survivor shall sell the messuage and land and pay for mass to be celebrated for a year for their souls.
[Leic] C. 6444. Chirograph indented witnessing that Thomas de Cuylly has demised to John le Reve, Nicholas Danyel, Nicholas le Walker and Ralph Pykard, all his lands and a water-mill in Little Shepeye which he had by the gift of John del Temple, except a hall and grange within the manor and except rents payable by John le Reve and Nicholas Danyel and all several fisheries except in the mill-bays. To hold for the life of John del Temple; rent, 2 marks to the said Thomas and 5 marks to John del Temple; the lessees to have as much old timber as Thomas shall think necessary if they wish to repair the mill and its bays. Monday before St. Barnabas, 33 Edward III. Two seals, one damaged.
[Suffolk.] C. 6445. Grant by William del Howe, of Yaxlee, to Thomas Wrenne of a rent of 3d. payable to him by the said Thomas for a piece of land in the north field of Yaxlee, called 'Toftmere.' Monday after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, 5 Henry VI. Seal marked S.
Essex. C. 6446. Grant by John Elkyn, of Wretele, to John and Henry Whelere of 7½a. land in Wretele which fell to him at the death of Ellis Adam, his father; and quitclaim by Thomas Elkyn, of Blakemor, his son, of his right therein. Tuesday, the feast of St. Gregory, 21 Henry VI. Two seals, one damaged.
Middx. C. 6447. Letters from Ralph Beverlay, rector of Haryngey, and Richard Serle and John Askewyth, citizens of London, appointing Stephen atte Felde and John Bryan their attorneys, to deliver to Thomas Tyldesley, William Kyngescote, and John Ougham, seisin of the manor of Topesfeld. 14 June, 21 Richard II.
Middx. C. 6448. Grant by Robert Osberne to Thomas Ursewicke, recorder of London, and Roger Phelepot, of all his goods. 10 July, 4 Edward IV.
[Lincoln.] C. 6449. Grant by Thomas Bryge, the elder, of Wygtofte, Joice Fokes, of Kyrketon, and John Nuttyng, of Donyngton, to Thomas Barbur, John son of Alan Conyng, and John Jakson, all of Kyrketon, of 1a. land in a field called 'Fendelandes,' abutting on the high road called 'Brodegate.' Kyrketon, 15 September, 9 Edward IV. Two seals, one damaged.
[Middx.] C. 6450. Copy of the roll of the court of the manor of Haryngey, whereby Adam Turvey surrendered two cottages and land there to the use of Alice his wife for her life; remainder to Robert his son and his heirs; but if Robert die without heirs before the death of Alice, remainder to her and her heirs. Monday, the feast of St. Andrew, 1 Edward IV.
Berks. C. 6451. Grant by Robert Andrewe, esquire, to Sir Thomas Joye and Sir Thomas Foturby, clerks, and Thomas Andrewe of his manor of Wantyng Bryan. 10 July, 3 Henry VI. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6452. Quitclaim by Walter Boyse, of Dymmok, and Sibyl his wife to Edmund de le Bryge and Ellen his wife of their right in a messuage in 'le Venne' in the lordship of Maureden and the parish of Boddenham. Witnesses:—John Illetchar, John Fourches, and others (named). Saturday after St. Alphege, . . Henry IV.
Heref. C. 6453. Grant by Hugh Freu, Robert Preston, John Forest, and Robert Goodsone, chaplains, to Master Richard de la Bare, canon of Hereford, for his life, of a messuage and 18a. arable in Hereford, in Wydemarsshstret; remainder to Walter Coygynge, Isabel his wife, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to Isabel's right heirs. Friday, the Translation of St. Thomas the Bishop and Confessor, 1 Richard II. Four seals.
[Cambridge.] C. 6454. Grant by William Barghwe, of Walden, to Gregory Knoppyng alias Trewe, clerk, Master Thomas Rede, and Richard Narburgh, of 2a. 1r. arable in Trippelowe, situate as described. The feast of St. John and St. Paul the Martyrs, 34 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Middx. C. 6455. Acknowledgment by Gilbert Scharp, prior of St. Mary's Hospital, Elsyngspitell, of the receipt from Thomas Thorneton, chaplain, Thomas Urswyk, John Lamborne, gentleman, and John Don and Henry Asshewell, citizens and mercers of London, of 20s., part of a yearly rent of 6 marks payable during the life of William Woubourne, minor canon of St. Paul's. Christmas Day, 6 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
[Leic] C. 6456. Grant by Robert Balle, of Coventre, barker, son and heir of John Balle, of Whellesburgh, to John Balle, of Coventre, 'corvyser,' of a messuage and croft in Whellesburgh, which John Balle his father had by the gift of William de Aidestre, son and heir of Eleanor de Aldestre. 28 April, 1 Henry V.
[Hants.] C. 6457. Grant by Joan Duntes, widow, to Walter her son, for his service, of her tenement in Minstede, granted to her by Thomas son of Alice Leneve, of Minstede, for her service, and of 1a. land adjoining and of 2a. land in the field called 'Burilonda'; rent, a pound of cummin. Witnesses:—William de Ivetis, William le Hunte, Roger and Walter Palmer (Palmigero), and others (named).
[Cornw.] C. 6458. Grant by John Grendall to William Knoll of his tenement in the borough of Liskerid. Witnesses:—Richard Hassek, mayor of Liskerit, Thomas Pikyn, the younger, and John Body, bailiffs, and others (named). 6 February, 12 Edward IV. Seal.
[Leic] C. 6459. Quitclaim by William de Pykwell, rector of Pikwell, and Thomas de Walcote to John Fylk, of Neuton, chaplain, of their right in all their lands in Byldeston, which they had by the gift of John Charnels, of Snarkeston. Friday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 5 Richard II. Seal in white wax, damaged.
Essex. C. 6460. Quitclaim by John Frere, clerk, and Gilbert Heryere to Bartholomew Seman, citizen and gold-beater of London, and John Rydere, chaplain, of their right in all lands &c. in Dagenham, Haveryng atte Boure and Berkyng, which the said Seman and Rydere had by the gift of William Kylet or of the said Frere and Heryere. 12 April, 4 Henry IV. Two seals.
Bedford. C. 6461. Chirograph indented, being a grant by John Aignel, of the parish of Rykemansworth to Edmund Mareschall, John Swynestede, clerk, John Middelton, and John Herry, of all his lands in the parish of Lutone; rent, 5 marks, with reversion to him at the end of 30 years if they have enjoyed undisturbed possession of the lands during the term. Dunstaple, Tuesday after St. Matthew, 11 Richard II.
[York, W.R.] C. 6462. Chirograph indented, being a defeasance by Thomas de Haukeston, knight, of a bond for 20l. whereby Bartholomew de Fanacourt, knight, was bound to him, to take effect if Sir Bartholomew have not the undisturbed custody of the land of John, son and heir of Robert de Waddesley, knight, in Wilgsik, which land is held of Sir Thomas by military service, the land and service having been bought from William Cok, of Tykhull, and Walter de Welinglay. Tykhull, Monday before Pentecost, 25 Edward III. Seal of arms in white wax.
Dorset. Somerset. C. 6463. Bond by John Assheley, merchant of Bristol, and Nicholas Wyke, of Pennysford, for the payment of 5l. to William Mounfort, of Bridport, merchant. 25 July, 6 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Norfolk.] C. 6464. Grant by John Bache, burgess of Bishop's Lenn, to Lawrence de Reppis, burgess of the same, of a rent of 10s. payable yearly out of 12 shops (seldis) with rooms over them (solariis) in the northern corner of Lenne, adjoining Helmynggislane and the great wharf (ripam). Witnesses:—Thomas de Melchebourne, mayor of Lenne, William Fraunceys, alderman, Geoffrey de Bourisyerd, steward, and others (named). Thursday in Easter week, 13 Edward III. Seal.
Middx. C. 6465. Quitclaim by Thomas Grene, of Kensyngton, and Matthew Clerke, of Chelcheith, to Joan late the wife of Thomas Watkyn, of their right in their place of land with houses thereon and a garden adjoining in Kensyngton, formerly of Robert Wydward, citizen and tailor of London, and Margery his wife, which they had by the gift of the said Thomas Watkyn. 2 April, 3 Henry VI. Two seals, one of arms.
Middx. C. 6466. Letters of Margaret, relict of Ellis Ougham, citizen and fishmonger of London, appointing Thomas Tanner her attorney, to deliver seisin of her manor of Toppesfeld in Harngay to John Joy, William Martyn, chaplain, John Broun, and Philip Rabbe. 27 July, 35 Henry VI. Seal of arms.
Essex. C. 6467. Conveyance by Thomas Caleys, late of Wretele and now of Rothyng Abbesse, John son of William Bedell, and Thomas Hawkyn, of Wretele, smith, to Henry, William, and John Wheler and William Illegh of a croft called 'Pakemannescroft' in Wretele between land called 'Elkynnesformar' &c. together with a way belonging to it, and a tenement between the high road from Wretele to Blakemore, which croft and tenement they had by the gift of John Adam alias Elkyn. 26 October, 39 Henry VI. Three seals.
[Middx.] C. 6468. Copy of the court roll of the manor of Haryngey, whereby Isabel, wife of Richard Spencer, and one of the daughters and heirs of Robert Turvyng, was admitted as tenant by the rod of a tenement called 'Chirchegates,' which Thomas Corbrond and Margaret his wife, late the wife of the said Robert, held during the minority of Marion, sister of the said Isabel, deceased, and as tenant of a croft called 'Perffeld,' whereof the said Robert was seized at his death. Quitclaim by Thomas and Margaret of all their right therein. Tuesday, the feast of St. Andrew, 19 Edward IV.
Surrender by Giles Eustace and Joan his wife of a croft called 'Hobbyscroft' at Frebarneshille in Haryngey, between the land of the bishop of Exeter &c. to the use of Nicholas Parker and Richard Spencer, who were admitted as tenants by the rod. Thursday, the feast of St. Andrew, 20 Edward IV.
Middx. C. 6469. Letters of John Whityngton, chief porter of the Tower of London, appointing John Gower, gentleman, his attorney, to receive from Edward Pykeryng, mercer, Richard Bowman, smith, John Wetherley, fuller, and Robert Hordson, founder, all of London, 40 marks wherein they were bound to him. 21 January, 21 Henry VII.
Essex. C. 6470. Quitclaim by John Brette to Stephen Robgeaunt, William Coope, Edmund Sawell, and Richard Birle, of his right in 16a. land and a garden in Writell, abutting on the high road to Blakemore, together with a way belonging thereto, which they had by the demise of William Tacley, Anne his wife, and Joan, daughter of Henry Wheler, deceased. 3 June, 19 Edward IV. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 6471. Grant by Richard de Pertenhale, rector of Atton, and Richard Stoke, citizen and clothworker of London, to Thomas Yonge of Wenyngton, Alice his wife, and his heirs, of all the messuages, lands &c. late of Robert de Lytlyngton, in Dakenham and Berkyng, a windmill called 'Newemylle' and a field called 'Mellefeld' in Haveryng atte Boure, late of John de Uphaveryng, and all the lands etc., late of William de Uphaveryng, there and elsewhere, which John Michel held. The first Sunday in Lent, 42 Edward III. Seals of Richard Pertenhale and Richard Stoke. Endorsed, Carta Ricardi Pertenhale et Ricardi Stoke de tenemento vocato Merkes in Dakenham etc.
[Sussex.] C. 6472. Grant by Philip de la Southe to John his son and the heirs of his body of all his lands at Rammesfolde in the parish of Lotegareshale, except his tenants and rents in Okethorp, and a yearly rent of 1d. payable by Robert de Wynggefold for a tenement in Lodegareshale; rent, a red rose during his life; remainder to him in fee. Chiltington, 1 January, 4 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 6473. Demise by John son and heir of William Houghson, of Kyrkton in Holand, to Richard Pierson, William Coveyn, Richard Meger, and Richard Boteler, of a place of land in Kyrketon, in a field called 'Kyrketon Enge.' 20 August, 7 Edward IV. Seal. Endorsed, Margareta Foxe filia Johannis Fooxe nuper de Kyrketon.
[Leic.] C. 6474. Copy of a grant by Richard son of William Burdet to William son of Geoffrey de Sheepy (Shepeia), Athelina his mother, John her son, and John's lawful heirs, of his capital messuage and all his lands which he had by the demise of the said William in Sheepy; remainder to the right heirs of the said William son of Geoffrey. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Templo, Peter le Poter, of Sibbesdon, and others (named). The feast of St. James the Apostle, 11 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 6475. Chirograph indented being a grant by Richard de Munshull to John son of John de Wetenhale, Margery his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of a place of his land and waste in Churche Munshull, lying near the park of Darnhale and stretching as far as the middle of the water of Asshebroke, without power to construct a pond or mill, but with leave to build a messuage, and with 'household and haybold and fuyrbote' for it in his wood of Munshull, together with sufficient pasture for all their beasts, saving his enclosure (approwia- mento), and two cartloads of dead wood at Wyci; remainder in tail to Richard and Randolph, brothers of the said John, and to John his father, successively; rent, 3s. 4d. Tuesday before St. Clement the Pope, 1324. Fragment of seal in white wax.
Essex. C. 6476. Quitclaim by Alice Wyndesore, late the wife of William de Wyndesore, knight, to Alice Pertenhale, late the wife of Thomas Yong, and to William Kelet and Alice his wife, of her right in her manor of Merkes in the parish of Dagenham in the lordship of Berkyng, and of her lands in Haveryng. 27 September, 9 Richard II. Seal.
Essex. C. 6477. Conveyance by John Pecok, the elder, Richard Person, Richard Harpley, John Sawale, and John Pyers to Thomas Urswyk, gentleman, and Anne his wife, G. . . Fairfax and John Catesby, serjeants-at-law, Humphrey Sterky and Thomas and Robert Molyneux, gentlemen, John Ronkyn, mercer, and the heirs of the said Thomas, . . . of the manor of Uphaveryng and land, &c. in Haverynge atte Boure, which they had by the gift of John Gobyon and Margaret his wife, late the wife of Simon Pynherst of Haverynge atte Boure. 1 June, 7 Edward IV.
[Glouc.] C. 6478. Grant by Joan daughter of John le Veske to James la Warre, for 23 marks in hand (de introitu), of all her land in Bradestret, in the parish of St. Ewen (Audoeni), Bristol; rent, to her, 10s. at Michaelmas, and to the chief lord of the fee, a land-gavel of 15d. at Hock-day. Seal of Joan, daughter of John Veske.
[Norfolk.] C. 6479. Quitclaim by Alice, relict of Richard de Houton, burgess of Lenn, to William Spicer, John Bolt, Henry Galt, and Richard Dun, burgesses of Lenn, of her right of dower and other rights in shops in Helmynggeslane in Bishop's Lenn. Wednesday after St. Andrew, 11 Richard II. Thomas de Couteshale being then mayor of Lenn, and Thomas de Botekesham, alderman. Seal.
[Heref.] C, 6480. Grant by William le Walssh to Walter Coleman of La More, of 1a. arable in the parish of Bodenham, in a field called 'Donfeld,' between the highroad and a stream called 'Tyne.' Witnesses:— William and Roger Devereus, Stephen Hotale, Walter de Roubury, and others (named). Thursday, Christmas Eve, 34 Edward III. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 6481. Conveyance by William Tacley, of Bursted, Anne his wife, and Joan, daughter of Henry Wheler, to John Brette, Stephen Robgeaunt, William Coope, Edmund Sawell, and Richard Birle, of land in Wrytell (as in C. 6470) which they had by the gift of William Wheler, William Illegh, and John Wheler; the conveyance to be valid if the said John Brette pay 20s. before Candlemas. 10 January, 17 Edward IV. Two seals, damaged.
Heref. C. 6482. Grant by Richard Pye to Robert Yves, chaplain, of a messuage in Hereford, in Oldescolestret. Witnesses:—John le Baylif, John Chapman, and Robert Borrey, bailiffs of Hereford, and others (named). Sunday before St. Lawrence, 25 Edward III.
Leic. C. 6483. Bond for 100 marks given by John Boteler of Alspath, co. Warwick, and William Hye to Nicholas Temple, esquire. 21 July, 5 Edward IV. Fragment of seal. Endorsed with condition of submission, by John Manyngham, the said William, and Joan his wife, to the award of Robert Danby, knight, chief justice of the common pleas, and John Nedeham, knight, justice of the common pleas, as to a messuage and mill in Little Shepey.
[Middx.] C. 6484. Copy of the court roll of the manor of Haryngey, whereby Henry Koc surrendered la. land in Homefeld, in Haryngey, parcel of the tenement of 'Cherchlond,' between the highway called 'Jonestret,' &c. abutting on Haryngeylane, in exchange for 1a. land in Dochefeld, to the use of Henry Turvey and Juliana his wife, who were admitted tenants by the rod. Monday, the feast of St. Andrew, 1 Henry IV.
[Leic.] C. 6485. Chirograph indented witnessing that John Receyvour of Leicester has demised to William son of John in the Lane, of Radclif, and Elizabeth his wife, for their life, a messuage and a yardland, with meadow adjoining, in Bildeston, which Robert son of Ralph Noreys, of Twycross, and Rose his wife held; rent 10s., with suit at his mill and court at Bildeston, and the best beast as a heriot on the death of either tenant. Provision against alienation or waste, or felling of trees without his consent. Thursday after Michaelmas, 31 Edward III. Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 6486. Grant by Juliana, late the wife of John Newman, thatcher, to Richard Mace, burgess of Cantebrigge, of a tenement with a croft and 2½a. in Tryplowe, land adjoining Stokwellane, Cambryggewey, and Herdlyswey, which she, together with her husband and Richard Pepyll, had by the gift of Richard Sutton. The eve of All Hallows, 24 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
[Leic.] C. 6487. Grant by Ralph de Stanlowe, knight, to Richard Burdet, rector of half the church of Shepeye, of a messuage and 3½ yardlands in 'le Temple,' which he had by the gift of Master Robert de Leycestre. Witnesses:—Adam Neel of Pulteneye, William Howayn of the same, William Purefrey of Minsterton, William de Shepeye of Shakerston, and others (named). Minsterton, Saturday before St. Ambrose, 3 Edward [III.]
[Heref.] C. 6488. Grant by Alice Restoutes to Walter, her son, of 3½a. land in Welynton, whereof 2a. lie near 'le Mulnecroftes,' stretching from the land of the preceptor of Dynemor to the land of the lord of Welynton; and the remaining three half acres are adjacent to 'le Overemarsch,' 'le Overelidezate,' &c. Saturday after St. Valentine, 15 Edward III. Seal,
Middx. C. 6489. Quitclaim by John Bryan, sawyer, to Thomas Howe of his right in a tenement in Haryngeay, late of Thomas Bryan, his brother. 9 April, 2 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
Surrey. C. 6490. Quitclaim by John Arcall, citizen and tailor of London, and Thomas Couper, of Suthwerk, to Stephen Rede, citizen and lattener [brass-worker] of London, Juliana his wife, William Sondes, gentleman, and Robert Mareys, of Pekham, of their right in a tenement in Batrichsey, adjoining the Thames, and in 1½a. arable in a field called 'Briggefeld,' whereof 1a. is in the parish of Batrichsey, in a place called 'Upfurlang alias Westlong,' and ½a. is in the parish of Wandesworth, in a place called 'Temsefurlong,' which tenement and 1½a. land they, together with William Polstede, deceased, had by the gift of John Prentys and Joan his wife. 24 January, 19 Henry VI. Seal. Endorsed, The akyr lond. This tyllyth of the akyr lyyng yn Hupe forlong and halff akyr lyyng yn Bryg feld by a land calde Latuner.
[Suffolk.] C. 6491. Grant by Alice de Meleford to Richard Smalcnicht, of Creting, for 30s. beforehand, of two pieces of land abutting on 'Milesbrok,' &c.; rent, 4d. Witnesses:—. . . de Hanham, . . .rd de Bosemere, and others (named).
[Suffolk.] C. 6492. Indenture dated at Cretyng, Friday after St. Matthias, 1 Henry VI, between Thomas Waller, of the one part, and John Sharde- lowe, esquire, Thomas Sengulton, and Robert Crane, of the other part, providing as condition of a feoffment to the latter by the feoffees of the said Walter of all the lands he had, that they should refeoff him therein, for his life, and should enfeoff Thomas Bugge and Agnes his wife in the reversion thereof after his death, to hold to them and the heirs of Thomas, on condition that Thomas pay him 5 marks by instalments, and 9 marks to his feoffees, within two years of his death, to buy a messuage for Alice his wife and the heirs of their bodies, failing whom the money is to be bestowed for the salvation of his soul. And the said Thomas Bugge within three years of his death shall pay 40s. to William Baldry. Seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 6493. Grant by John Cutlak to John Kydlomb of a messuage, 1r. marsh, and 1a. land, lying dispersed in the town of Southreppes and field of Thorpmarket. Tuesday before St. Peter and St. Paul, 7 Henry V. Seal.
Leic. C. 6494. Grant by William Hye, gentleman, and Joan, his wife, to John Wareyn and William Herryson, clerks, of all their lands, &c. in Shepey Parva which they hold in right of Joan for her life. 28 April, 9 Edward IV. Two seals, one damaged.
[Middx.] C. 6495. Copy of the roll of the court of the manor of Haryngey, held on Thursday before St. Andrew, 5 Edward IV, whereby Master Nicholas Parker surrendered a cottage and orchard at Crouchend in Haryngey, containing 1a., late of Adam Turvey and Alice his wife, to the intent that the said Nicholas, John Warham, and William Awstyn, clerk, should be re-seised thereof as tenants by the rod.
Surrey. C. 6496. Grant by Roger, son and heir of Nicholas Anton and of Alice his wife, to John Prentyce and Joan, his wife, of a tenement in Batrychesey, abutting on the Thames. Witnesses:—Richard Gatyn, clerk, Thomas Mannok, and others. 2 April, 12 Henry IV. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6497. Quitclaim by Hugh Duppa, clerk, to Hugh Mille, John Gyles, Hugh Ragon, Roger Carewardyne, John Reynold, and Richard Duppa, of his right in a toft with two pastures, a meadow, and 42a. arable in Stretton, called 'Sir Waterislond,' which he had, jointly with them, by the gift of Richard Warroke of Stretton by Sugwas. 10 January, 9 Edward IV. Seal, damaged, marked T.
Hereford. C. 6498. Grant by William Mey, citizen of Hereford, to Hugh Ragon, clerk, Thomas, John, and George Breynton, Henry Harper, John Mountford, chaplain, and Roger Gibbes, of all his lands, &c. in the city and county of Hereford. Witnesses:—John Persones, mayor of Hereford, and others (named). 15 June, 22 Edward IV. Seal.
Norfolk. C. 6499. Conveyance by William Multon, chaplain, to Robert Brandon and Henry Heydon, knights, Robert Sharppe, esquire, John Wutton, gentleman, and William Aleyn, chaplain, of all his messuages, &c. in Southreppys and Thorp Market or elsewhere in the county, which they had by the gift of Henry Heydon, son and heir of John Heydon, esquire. Seal.
[Leic] C. 6500. Grant by Walter Tottesden to Richard Temple, during the minority of Nicholas, son and heir of Thomas de Temple, Richard's brother, of a messuage and two yardlands in Sibesdon, and an annuity of 60s. charged on lands in Temple, Carleton, and Kyrkeby, which Robert Temple, Richard's father, held for life. 20 December, 20 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.