Deeds: C.6801 - C.6900

Pages 389-401

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6801 - C.6900

Notts. C. 6801. Bond by John Turnar and John Farthyng, both of Selston, to Robert Streylley, knight, for the payment of 40s. Strelley, 13 July, 13 Henry VI. Seal. Endorsed with condition for payment of 20s. at the Assumption.
Middlx. C. 6802. Grant by Henry, son of Stephen atte Felde, deceased, to Thomas Marchall, John Edward, William Benyngton, and John Curteys, citizens of London, of a tenement and croft in Harengey, between Wynnescroft, etc. and abutting on 'Peyntoursfeld and Beegardyn,' which tenement and croft, parcel of land called 'la Treangle,' he had by the gift of the said Stephen; rent, 1d. 27 January, 35 Henry VI. Seal.
Derby. C. 6803. Bond by John Sutton, of Barleburgh and John and William Hewet, of Kynwalmarsh, all husbandmen, for the payment of 20 . . to Robert Strelley, sheriff. 21 May, 30 Henry VI.
Leic. C. 6804. Acknowledgment by Robert Hewet, of Leicester, gold- smith, to John Sterley, gentleman, of the receipt of 6s. 8d. 6 July, 3 Henry VII. Seal.
Notts. C. 6805. Bond by Robert Halom, John Boteler, and John Grene, all of Bulwell, husbandmen, for the payment of 10l. to Robert Strelley, sheriff. Friday after St. Barnabas, 30 Henry VI. Two seals.
Notts. C. 6806. Bond by Roger Cunwey, of Ekeryng, clerk, to Thomas, lord le Roose of Hamlak, and Robert Strelley, esquire, for the pay- ment of 20l. Tuesday after St. Luke, 30 Henry VI. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 6807. Bond by John de Blakeburne, of Bryggeford, and Maud, his wife, for the payment of 13s. 4d. to William son of John Squier, of Lenton. Tuesday, the feast of St. Luke, 3 Richard II.
[Lanc] C. 6808. Acknowledgment by Robert de Sale, esquire, of the receipt from his master, Robert de Strylley, esquire, of 13s. 4d. in payment of his fee. Monday after St. James, 22 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
Lanc. C. 6809. Acknowledgment by Robert de Sale, of Sutton, gentleman, of the receipt from his master, Robert Strelley, in the county of Nottingham, esquire, of 13s. 4d. in payment of his fee. Wednesday, the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, 24 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 6810. Bond by John Leddenham, of Crophill Botiller, yeoman, and John Colle, of Tytheby, husbandman, for the payment of 10l. to Robert Strelley, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby. 18 February, 30 Henry VI. Seal. Endorsed with condition that Thomas Chaworth, knight, shall save the said sheriff harmless against Robert Shrikley, esquire, and Isabel, his wife, in respect of an assize of novel disseisin brought by George Chaworth, esquire, and Alice, his wife, against them for a tenement in Gybpesmere.
[Lancs.] C. 6811. Acknowledgment by Robert Sale of the receipt from Robert Strelley, knight, of 13s. 4d., in part payment of an annuity. 24 July, 15 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 6812. Bond by John Spundon, of Newark, gentleman, for the payment of 20l. to Robert Strelley, esquire, and William Grave, clerk. 5 July. 29 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. Derby. York. C. 6813. Bond by John Mongombury, of Brynesley, gentleman, John Grenehill, of Bulwell, clerk, James . . ., of Connesburgh, chaplain, and John Baker, of Allesworth, yeoman, for the payment of 100l. to Robert Strelley, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby. 24 December, 30 Henry VI. Two seals. Endorsed with condition for the appearance of Thomas Bysshop, the elder, before the justices at the next gaol delivery.
[Notts.] C. 6814. Grant by William Warde to Maud, his wife John, his son, and the heirs of John's body, of two messuages and land in Kemberley. Witnesses:—William Hykelyng, rector of Thornh[awr], . . . Beweshore, vicar of Gresley, and others (named). Sunday after Midsummer Day, 6 Henry IV.
Derby. C. 6815. Grant by Walter Blount, esquire, to Richard Malorre, esquire, for his good counsel and service, of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d., for life, charged on his manor of Elwaston. 26 July, 36 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 6816. Bond by Thomas Miles, draper, Thomas Lynge, glover, Thomas Kechyn, labourer, Thomas Bladesmyth, bladesmith, Henry Taillour, tailor, and John Smyth, butcher, all of Nottingham, and Robert Hethcote, of Byngham, yeoman, for the payment of 500l. to Robert Strelley, sheriff. Wednesday after St. Andrew, 30 Henry VI. Three seals, two damaged, and fragments.
Notts. C. 6817. Bond by John Burley and Roger Draper, clerks, and William Beyrn and John Talbot, husbandmen, all of Ekering, for the payment of 40l. to Thomas Roose, lord de Roose. 7 August, 24 Henry VI. Three seals.
[Notts.] C. 6818. Acknowledgment by John de Scriis, rector of Knapetoft, and Robert de By . . ., executors of the will of Sir Robert son of Walter de Strell, of the receipt from Sir Robert de Strell, son of the said Robert, son of Walter, of 7l. 8s., of which they have paid to Mabel de Blakeburne, 42s., to Adam Clocherum, of Strell', 41s., and for green wax, 65s. St. Andrew's Day, 25 Edward I.
[Notts.] C. 6819. Bond by Thomas Chamberleyn, gentleman, of Whatnow, Robert Anseley, tailor, and Thomas Anseley, of the same, husband- man, for the payment of 8 marks to Robert Strelley, esquire. 20 October, 22 Henry VI. Three seals.
Essex. C. 6820. Letters of John Reyfeld, abbot of Stratford Langthorn, and the convent there, appointing John Snowedon, late of London, gentleman, their attorney to receive 4 marks, 3s. 4d. due from Robert Strelle, knight, for his and his servants' board as agreed. 10 August, 4 Edward IV.
Derby. C. 6821. Bond by John Bate and John Tyrry, husbandmen of Cubbley, for the payment of 20l. to Robert Strelley. 6 April, 24 Henry VI. Seal and fragment.
Notts. C. 6822. Bond by John Dalbury, of Colwyk, husbandman, John Man, of Nottingham, butcher, John Dalley, of Nottingham, walker, and of John Rogger, of Lenton, husbandman, for the payment of 100l. to Robert Strelley, esquire. Saturday after Candlemas, 24 Henry VI. Seal and fragments.
Notts. C. 6823. Bond by John Saynton, gentleman, and Richard Moreton, roper, both of Stoke by Newerk, and Thomas Saynton, of Newerk, glover, for the payment of 100l. to Robert Strelley, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby. 24 December, 30 Henry VI.
Notts. C. 6824. Bond by John Schaw, yeoman, and Reynold Edursay, and William Sehemylt, husbandmen, all of Estwath, for the payment of 5 marks to Robert Strelley, knight. 5 April, 1 Edward IV.
Notts. C. 6825. Acknowledgment by Joan, late the wife of Robert Strelley, knight, of the receipt from the prior and convent of Thurgarton of 5l. in part payment of a life-annuity of 10l. 5 August, 29 Henry VI. Seal, with straw ring.
Notts. C. 6826. Bond by Thomas Huchonson, of Mannesfeld, cartwright, for the payment of 20l. to Robert Strelley, esquire, and to John Strelley, of Lyndby, esquire. Monday after Epiphany, 19 Henry VI.
Notts. C. 6827. Bond by Thomas Symson, of Lound, for the payment of 40s. to Robert Strelley, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby. 20 April, 30 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 6828. Bond by John Walley, of Notingham, yeoman, and John and Robert Persons and William Warde, of Wilford, and John Bryg, of Brigeford at the end of the bridge, husbandmen, for the payment of 10l. to Robert Strelley, of Strelley, esquire. 12 January, 26 Henry VI. Three seals, one damaged.
[Notts.] C. 6829. Bond by William Wheteley and Thomas Umfrey, parson of Fynyngley, to Robert Strelley, esquire, for the payment of 20s. 20 April, 30 Henry VI. Two seals.
Notts. C. 6830. [Bond] by . . . Herleton, of West St . . ., husbandman, T. . . . Chantrell, of Mysterton, husbandman, and others, for the payment of 20l. to Robert Strelley, knight. 4 October, 4 . . Fragments of seals. Endorsed With condition (illegible).
Notts. C. 6831–2. Acknowledgments (as in C. 6825) by Joan, late the wife of Robert Strelley, knight. 15 January, 33 Henry VI. 10 July, 38 Henry VI. Seals, damaged.
Notts. C. 6833. Bond by John Dwalley, of Notyngham, bailiff of Rusclyfe, and William Air . . ., of Wysfford, and Robert Keytull, of Keyworth, husbandmen, for the payment of 20l. to Robert Strelley, esquire. 23 January, 24 Henry VI. Seal and fragment.
Notts. C. 6834. Bond by Edmund Hunt and . . . [A]lestree, merchants, Richard Ody, draper, and Thomas Warner, baker, all of Notingham, for the payment of 100l. to John Mapurley, Hugh Smyth, John Goteham, and Robert Ratcliff . . . July, 2 Richard III. Endorsed in English with condition for the observance by the mayor, burgesses, and commonalty of Notingham of the terms of an award by Sir Gervase Clifton and Sir Charles Pylkyngton, knights, Thomas Kybill, Lawrence Lowe, and John Bradshawe in a dispute between the mayor, etc. and John Mapurley, concerning a close called 'Turner Wong' and rights of common within it.
Derby. C. 6835. Bond by Robert Forman, of Merston, yeoman, for the payment of 40l. to Robert Strelley, esquire. 15 April, 24 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
Derby. C. 6836. Bond by Adam Kyndyr, of Greswell, slater, for the payment of 40l. to Robert Strelley, esquire. 4 July, 24 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 6837. Bond by John Baker, of Allesworth, and Hugh Preston, of Bilburgh, gentlemen, Thomas Annesley, of Kymberley, husbandman, and William Hyll, of Notyngham, baker, for the payment of 600l. to Robert Strelley, esquire, sheriff. 22 January, 30 Henry VI. Three seals and fragment.
Notts. C. 6838. Bond by William Lescryk, of Strelley, clerk, for the payment of 100s. to Robert Strelley, esquire. Sunday before St. Luke, 2. Henry VI. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 6839. Bond by William, son of John de Somercotes, and Thomas, his son, to Thomas Herdwyk, late parson of St. Peter's, Somercotes, for the payment of 20l. Friday in Easter week, 14 Richard II. Two seals. Endorsed with condition for payment of 10l. within the year.
[Rutland.] C. 6840. Indenture between . . . and Alice Macworth, lady of Empyngham. 10 September, . . . English.
[Derby.] C. 6841. Acknowledgment by Richard Vernon, knight, of the receipt from Robert Strelley, esquire, of 200l. London, 2 June, 24 Henry VI.
Derby. C. 6842. Bond by . . . Coke, of Codnore, yeoman, for the payment of 4l. to Robert Strelley, esquire. 6 January, 25 Henry [VI.] Fragment of seal.
[Notts.] C. 6843. Bond by John Comper, of Stokwyth, fisher, and Edmund Momforth, chaplain, for the payment of 10 marks to Robert Strelley, knight. 9 March, 1 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
C. 6844. Letters of Henry Teversham and John Hardman, citizens and grocers of London, appointing Robert Strelley, esquire, their attorney to recover from Richard Chaundeler, of Leicester, spicer, 4l. due to them. 10 February, 25 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts. C. 6845. Bond by Richard Paynell, of Botheby, co. Lincoln, esquire, to Nicholas Strelley, esquire, for payment of 200l. 27 March, 17 Henry VIII.
Condition (in English) for the performance by the said Richard and Isabel, his wife, daughter and co-heir of John Strelley, of Strelley, esquire, of an award of George, earl of Shrewsbury, Sir Robert Brudenell, knight, chief justice of the common pleas, and John Porte, knight, justice of the King's Bench, as to the manors, lands, etc. late of the said John Strelley.
Notts. C. 6846. Bond by Robert Doyle, of Thorpp by Newerk, esquire, to Robert Strelley, of Strelley, esquire, for the payment of 46s. 8d. 15 January, 20 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 6847. Bond by John Wylbraham, of Notyngham, draper, to [Ro]bert Strellay, knight, for the payment of 4l. 20 September, 17 Henry VI Seal.
Notts. C. 6848. Bond by John Hynkersell and Richard Burton, both of Mannesfeld, slaters, to Robert Strelley, esquire, for the payment of 40s. Easter Eve, 24 Henry VI. Two seals, damaged.
C. 6849. Acknowledgment by Thomas Wytham of the receipt from Edward Neville, lord Ber[g]aveny, by the hands of Robert Strelley, esquire, of 10 marks, as part of his fee as Chancellor of the Exchequer. 8 November, 36 Henry VI.
Notts. Lincoln. C. 6850. Bond by Thomas Hopkyn, of Lowdham, husbandman, and Richard Hail, of Torkesey, walker, to Robert Strelley, knight, sheriff of the counties of Nottingham and Derby, for the payment of 10 marks. 20 July, 4 Edward IV. Seal in white wax. Endorsed with condition for payment of 5 marks within the next month.
[Suffolk.] C. 6851. Grant by William de Ramisholt, rector of St. Mary's, Homerisfeld, in Suthelmham, to Isabel wife of Thomas Gerard and Thomas son of the said Thomas and Isabel, of a piece of land and a piece of wood in the hamlet of Lymbur[n] in the parish of Homerisfeld, the land abutting on a path called 'Cherchesty,' and the wood lying between a wood of the prioress and convent of Bungey called 'le Clyntwode,' etc. Witnesses:—John Drolle, John Ony, and others (named). Friday, the feast of St. Thomas, 10 Richard II. Endorsed: William de Ramisholt, rector of Homersfield, to Isabel Shephard and her son; feoffment of a piece of land and wood in Lymborn, in Homersfield.
France. C. 6852. Copy of an indenture whereby John le Vasseur, prior of Aumale, and proctor of that house in England, instructed the prior of the Holy Trinity, Norwich, to deliver certain deeds to Sir John de Ufford, provided the king of France granted to the said house land worth 100s. near Paris, at Eu, or elsewhere. French.
C. 6853. Copy of an indenture, witnessing that John Talbot, a collector of a subsidy, has delivered to William Bremelham . . . to be preserved. Friday before St. Peter's Chains, [11 ?] Richard II.
Lincoln. C. 6854. Acknowledgment by Robert de Basing, knight, and his fellows, buyers of wools for the king, of the receipt from Robert de Skylington, burgess of Graham, of 9 sacks of wool by the common beam there, at 8 marks the sack, bringing the sum due up to 51l.; and undertaking to obtain letters out of Chancery for the payment of this money. Boston, Sunday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 25 Edward [I.].
Cambridge. C. 6855. Acknowledgment by Ellis de Jeneston, parson of the church of Our Lady, Cantebrigge, to Sir John de Leycestre, cham- berlain of the Exchequer, of the receipt of 10 marks lent on account of his wages in the Exchequer being in arrear; and release to the king of the arrears if he fail to repay the 10 marks before the quindene of Michaelmas, so that Sir John may be repaid. London, Thursday after the octave of Easter, 7 . . . . Draft in French.
[Wilts.] C. 6856. Grant by John de Meisy, son of John de Meysi, knight, to John Jorge, Margery his wife, Thomas their son and John Jorge's heirs, of his manor of Merstone. Copy.
London. C. 6857. (1) Grant by John de Sandale, clerk, to Margery de Wylughby of all his lands, with the houses thereon, which he had by the gift of Henry le Galeys, Martin de Dulyn[gh]am, Richard le Sawiere, Sir William le Ros, and any others, in the parish of All Hallows, Colemanchierch. Witnesses:—Thomas Romayn, mayor of London, James St. Edmund, and Roger le Palmere, sheriffs, Thomas Sely, alderman of the ward, and others (named). Tuesday before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 4 Edward II.
(2) Conveyance by Margery de Wilughby to Sir John de Sandale, clerk, for life, of the lands granted to her in (1). Witnesses:—Richer de Refham, mayor of London, Simon Corp and Peter de Blakeneye, sheriffs, Thomas Sely, alderman of the ward, and others (named). Tuesday after All Hallows, 4 Edward II. Copies. Endorsed: Scrutentur carte scripta et munimenta que fuerunt Bartholomei, etc., et certificetur Regi in Cancellaria, et si nichil comperiatur, inquiratur ulterius per a[visament]um consilii super co[ntent]is in peticione.
[Kent.] C. 6858. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of Robert Bely, of Westgate by Canterbury], to William Bule, her son, of her right in a tenement in the parish of St. Dunstan by Cant[erbury], in Westgatestrete. 16 April, 6 Henry V.
[Dorset.] C. 6859. Grant by Robert, earl of Leicester, to the church of Lyra and the monks there, of all the tithes of his lordship of Schapewyk and Kyngeston, in frankalmoin, with the consent of Robert his son. Witnesses:—Thurstan (Turstin), abbot of Garendon (Gyrewedona), Robert, prior of Kenilworth (Keneldewordia). [1176–1189.] Copy.
Oxford. C. 6860. Bond by John Parys, parson of Great Haseley, and Thomas Heliar, of London, skinner, for the payment of 40l. to the dean and canons of St. George's, Windsor. 15 August, 10 Edward IV.
C. 6861. Certificate by Robert Heyrun that James le Reve, mer- chant of London, who had freighted his ship called the 'Mariote' with 68 sarplers of wool, 1,000 woolfells, and 100 shorlings, was plundered before the harbour of the town of Morlaunde in Selande, and imprisoned. Berewyk, 32 . . . French. Endorsed: Par James le Reve de sa pleinte de Hoyland et Seland. De Henaud.
[Cornw.] C. 6862. Grant by Richard, count of Poitou and earl of Cornwall, to Sir Odo de Treverbyn that his borough of Porbichan should be a free borough; the burgesses to be free of all tolls and to buy and sell in all markets, fairs etc. within the county; a man to become free of all servitude by living there for a year and a day without just claim being made against him; Odo to have a market there every Wednesday, and a three days' fair yearly beginning on Michaelmas eve, with all the profits thereof, saving the rights of the Crown. Witnesses:—Hugh de St. Philibert, Ralph Suling, Robert son of William, Walter son of William, Richard de Kildard, Auger de Tregorioc. Copy.
Cumberland. Westm. C. 6863. Acknowledgment by Robert de Clifford of the receipt from the abbot of Hepp of 15l., part of the fifteenth whereof the abbot was collector. Appilby, 28 January, 3 Edward . . . French.
Cumberland. C. 6864. Acknowledgment by Thomas de Schefeud, steward of Sir Robert de Clifford, of the receipt from the abbot of Hepp, of 10l. paid by brother William de Beuchaump, cellarer of the abbey, part of the fifteenth granted to the king, by the clergy in the parts of Cardoill. Kardoill, 21 January, 3 Edward II. French. Endorsed: Coram Rege quia dependet de gracia, et testificatum est quod pauperes sunt et omnino destructi per Scotos.
[Devon.] C. 6865. Grant by R. prior of Plympton and the convent there to all the men living in the sanctuary of the church of Sutton of the lands they have received from the convent, without power of alienation to men of religion; rent, 12d. for each whole place for all service, except suit of court at Easter and Michaelmas and a relief of 2s. at death. Teste capitulo nostro.
[Lincoln.] C. 6866. Quitclaim by William, son of John de Scamelsby, late of Wathe, to John atte Grene and William de Croxby, both of Wathe, of his right in a messsuage in Wathe, which the said John and William had by the gift of John de Scamelsby. Witnesses:—Sir John de Skegnes, vicar of Wathe, and Alan and John Redeheved. Sunday before St. Barnabas, 21 Richard II. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 6867. Demise by John Bonsergant to William son of Robert, Sabina his wife, and his heirs, of 8a. land and pasture which he had by the demise of Peter de Barintone and John, his son, in the parish of Rokyswell, till six years from Michaelmas next. Sunday, the feast of St. Valentine, 15 Edward II.
C. 6868. Mostly illegible.
C. 6869. Indenture witnessing that John . . . has granted to . . . 2 Richard II. Copy.
[Derby.] C. 6870. Confirmation by Thomas, earl of Lancaster, of a grant by his mother, the Queen of Navarre, to Nicholas de Hungerford of the keepership of the forest of Duffeld. Beaurepeir, Wednesday after Ascension Day, 28 [Edward I.] Endorsed in French with Chancery decrees for the production of deeds.
Middx. C. 6871. Will of Agnes, late the wife of William Hanampstede, citizen and pepperer of London; directions for burial in the church of St. Antoninus, London, near the tomb of her husband, and for legacies to the said church, to other pious and charitable uses, to her servants, and to William, son of the said William, and to John Flaun as executors; her plate and household goods to be divided equally among her four children; the residue of her goods to be expended for religious and charitable purposes. London, 29 May, 1349. Endorsed with note of probate of the will and codicil before Roger de Kempele, clerk, commissary-general of Ralph, Bishop of London.
Codicil whereby the testatrix bequeathes legacies to Sir Tancred, chaplain of the fraternity of pepperers of London, to Richard Mienge, and to Alice, her servant, or whoever else shall nurse her son John until he is weaned, the executors to be guardians of her children; bequest to her husband's son William of a silver 'tourdener' with his father's mark (signum) at the bottom, and to her two daughters of all her chaplets (circuli) and pearls in equal shares.
Kent. C. 6872. Grant by Katherine late the wife of John Septvans, esquire, to Master Robert Beaumond, Master John Hasard and Master Richard Oweyn, clerks, William Venour, Matthew Philip, William Porte, and Roger Mansion, the elder, esquire, and John Wolston, chaplain, of a manor or tenement called 'le Nedyrhall,' in the isle of Thanet, with all the lands, etc. which Thomas Hampton, the elder, formerly held by the demise of the said John Septvans (a marsh called 'Southlese,' in the parish of St. Nicholas at Wade excepted) a yearly rent of 24 quarters of barley charged on lands in the parishes of St. Nicholas, St. Giles, Monketon, Wode, Byrchynton, and St. Peter, a tenement called 'Musseredes' and 20a. land in Thanet. 16 April, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
Norfolk. Suffolk. C. 6873. Bond by William Yaxlee, of Yaxlee, esquire, to John Sylver, of Norwich, draper, for the payment of 200 marks. 11 December, 25 Elizabeth. Signed by William Yaxlee and witnesses. Seal. Endorsed in English with condition for the possession by the said William of an unencumbered title in lands in Erleham sold by him to the said John, and for the due assurance of the said John's title to the same, consisting of a meadow or alder-carr with a dovecote and messuage thereon, with all fishings there, between a piece of ground called 'St. Lawrence' and the former site of Hellisdon mill, and various pieces of arable and pasture described in the indenture of sale.
Calais. C. 6874. Chirograph indented, being a demise by John Jamys, a master in Chancery and rector of Elyngton and Pytham, in the county of Guysnes, in the marches of Calais, to James Tirell, knight, Thomas Bullesdon. merchant of the Staple of Calais, late of London, and Richard Grene, of London, chaplain, of his church of Elyngton and Pitham, with all the tithes and other profits for three years; rent, 22l.; the lessees to repair the chancel and provide a chaplain. In the event of war being waged in the neighbourhood, rent to be paid only in proportion to the amount of profits collected. 22 February, 8 Henry VII. Fragments of two seals. Endorsed: Ranolphus Birde de London' capellanus.
Bucks. C. 6875. Grant by John Mordaunt, esquire, to Richard, earl of Kent, and Elizabeth, his wife, for their life and the life of the survivor, of a yearly rent of 8l. 13s. 4d., charged on his manor of Snelston, from the death of Walter Luke, of Coupull, Bedfordshire, gentleman. 20 June, 5 Henry VIII. Signed: John Mordaunt.
Staff. C. 6876. Chirograph indented, dated 10 July, 28 Elizabeth, witnessing that Sir Ralph Eggerton, of Wrinehill, knight, and Dame Anne, his wife, for a fine of 10l., have demised to John Goodwyn, husbandman, a messuage and a half messuage in the lordship of Cheadulton, already in his occupation, for 14 years; rent, 21s. 8d. and two capons; a heriot of the best beast arid half the second best beast at the death of a tenant, suit to the court and mill at Cheadulton, service under Sir Ralph and his heirs in time of war; the tenant to repair the messuage, etc., receiving 'great timber' and 'trowse and tynsell for fencing.' English. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Surrey. C. 6877. Indenture of sale, dated 1 June, 17 Henry VIII, by George Rawley, of Waterlambeth, brewer, to Roger Legh, of Clapham, gentleman, for 32l., of a brewhouse and la. land, and of 5a. land in the lordship of Kennyngton, whereof 3a. are called 'Crabtree Close,' and 2a. lie in a close called 'Oteasshe.' English.
Staff. C. 6878. Indenture dated 5 September, 28 Elizabeth, witnessing that Sir Ralph Eggerton, of Wrynehill, knight, and Dame Anne, his wife, for a fine of 18l. 10s., have demised to John Leis, husbandman, for sixteen years, a messuage, etc. in the occupation of the said John Leis in Rownall, in the parish and lordship of Chedulton; rent, 16s. 6d. and two capons; a heriot and other conditions as in C. 6876. English. Seal.
Middx. C. 6879. Indenture witnessing that Dame Elizabeth York, widow, has demised to John Colyn, husbandman, her place 'set by the Thames side' in Twykenham, with land and buildings at Burgate, and all her lands in Twykenham and Istylworth (except copyhold lands and lands purchased by her since the death of William York, her husband, half the fruit of her orchard, and four dozen pigeons yearly), and the barn, mill-house, querns, etc., in her place called 'the Garet' at Twykenham, for ten years; rent, 20l.; part of the land to be given up half a year before the end of the term; the lessor to repair the buildings and the lessee to enclose the ground, receiving 4 loads of wood yearly for firebote, rods for hurdles, and 'competent' ploughbote and cartbote. 10 February, 1 Henry VII. English.
Norfolk. C. 6880. Indenture of sale by Henry Cooke, of Costessey, husbandman, to John Silver, of Norwich, draper, of 2a. arable in Costessey, in Arleham field, the sale to be void on payment of 7l. before the feast of All Hallows. 26 March, 30 Elizabeth. Signed: H. C. Seal. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Norfolk. C. 6881. Quitclaim by Thomas Aleyn, of Arleham, gentleman, to Thomas More, of Norwich, of his right in land bounded by (infra) the road called 'Lynway' in Nether Arleham, late of John Aleyn, his brother. Warranty against John [Redinge], abbot of St. Benet's [Hulme], and his successors. 4 March. 8 Henry VIII. Seal.
Norfolk. C. 6882. Demise by William Yaxlee, of Yaxlee, esquire, to Richard Howse, of Norwich, tanner, for 20 years, of two meadows or alder-carrs, with an old dovecote and a messuage thereon, in Erlham, adjoining the river, the road from Costessey to Norwich, and Erlham common, with the water and fishing from St. Lawrence Acre to Hellesdon mills; rent, 26s. 8d. and a dozen pigeons yearly on demand, the lessee to do all repairs of thatching and all daubing, ditching, and quickset hedging, to keep the dovecote stocked, to 'use and exercyse the saide fysshinge,' and not to alienate the premises, except to his wife or children, without leave; timber to be provided to build 'an end of a house, commonly called a ladinge, at the said dove-house.' 20 November, 19 Elizabeth. English.
Norfolk. C. 6883. Copy of an indenture of demise, dated 10 March, 5 Elizabeth, by John Alleyn, of Erleham, gentleman, and Dorothy, his wife, to John Brereton, of Norwich, for 600 years, of a close of 3a. in Nether Erleham between the common stream of Hellysdon, etc. and abutting on Erleham common; rent, 2d., with power of distraint in the manor of Erleham by John Brereton and his heirs if any charges beyond the rent are made against them. English. Footnote: Ex rotulo ixo tempore magistri Ferror.
Norfolk. C. 6884. Bond by John Brereton, of Tharston, gentleman, to John Silver, of Norwich, gentleman, for 35l. 7 October, 33 Elizabeth. Signed by John Brereton and witnesses. Seal. Endorsed in English with condition for saving John Silver harmless against any claims of John Brereton, or of Henry or Alice Brereton, in respect of a close of 3a. meadow in Nether Erleham, between the river, etc. and abutting on the common.
Devon. C. 6885. Indenture of grant by William Busshipe to John Beapell of all his messuages, lands, &c. at Orcherd and Legh Mersche within the parish of Northam and in Horneburgh lying within the parish of Bedyford. 18 October, 18 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed:—John Monsseys, Philip Belamore.
[Kent.] C. 6886. Chirograph, indented, witnessing that Alice, late the wife of John de Kirkeby, knight, John, his son, lord of Horton, and Agnes, his wife, have granted to Richard atte Pende, of Hertefelde, Joan, his wife, and Richard's heirs, the site of a water-mill in Horton formerly called 'Chapel Melle Place,' with an enclosed pasture and the crop thereon, by Chapel Mede; rent, 10s. to the said Alice, for life, and afterwards to John and Agnes and John's heirs; the grantees' corn to be ground toll-free, for which service they shall pay 4 bushels of wheat yearly, and they shall build a bridge in front of the site, and repair all the wharves opposite Alice's houses. Sunday after St. George, 50 Edward III. French.
[Norfolk.] C. 6887. Sale by John Sweyn, Thomas Tyrell, smith, Robert Bell, tailor, and Thomas Smarte, cordwainer, citizens of Norwich, to Thomas More, of Norwich, draper, John Ryghtwyse, Robert Borowe, Bartholomew Spryngwell and John Holly of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham, between Heygham heath and the land of the abbot of St. Mary, Langle, which they had by the gift of Richard Aylemer, alderman of Norwich, Richard Drake, clerk, and Thomas Drake, executors of the will of William Drake, gentleman; warranty by John Sweyn. 18 June, 22 Henry VII. Three seals, damaged.
Notts. C. 6888. Indenture, dated 9 April, 1 Mary, witnessing that Thomas Babyngton, of Dethycke, esquire, has demised to Edward Smythe, minstrel, for his service, a cottage in Kynston, now in his occupation, with a close called 'Lyttyll Stony Dale,' a close 'buttynge of the medowe and mott,' and 2a. land called 'Woodlayes,' for twenty-one years; rent, 28s. 4d. English.
Middx. C. 6889. Grant by John Hoke. citizen and goldsmith of London, to William, his son, Katherine, William's wife, and William's heirs, of his tenement in the parish of St. Botolph without Algate, in Algatestrete. Simon Eyr, mayor of London, John Derby and Geoffrey Feldyng, sheriffs, and Sir Thomas Pomerey, prior of Holy Trinity, Algate, and alderman of the ward. 28 February, 24 Henry VI.
[Norfolk.] C. 6890. Grant by Thomas Bokenham to Thomas Blake and Richard Bokkyng, esquires, of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham (as in C. 6887), which he had by the gift of Thomas Warnere 'raffman,' and Benet Joly, chandler, of Norwich. Norwich, 3 December, 21 Edward IV.
Middx. York. Lancaster. C. 6891. Appointment, for one year, by John Stafforde, the governor, and the brethren and sisters of the house of lepers at Halaway in the parish of Islyngton, of Thomas Ecckylls as their proctor to collect alms in Yorkshire and Lancashire. 5 February, 4 Edward VI. English.
Endorsed:—The powre howse of Hallowsyd in the paryshe of Islyngton.
[Devon.] C. 6892. Note of lands called 'the Slade Parke,' 'Rammyslynche,' 'the Sieve Hows,' 'the Culverparke,' and 'the Comberpece,' which descended to John Beapell and Joan, his wife, after the death of John Broyte, by partition between Alice Bysshopp and them. English.
York [W.R.] C. 6893. Quitclaim by Maud Penkne, of Hol[d]eyn, to John Tanye, alderman and merchant of York, of all actions real and personal. 10 March, 23 Edward IV. Draft or copy on paper.
C. 6894. Chirograph, indented, between John de Kyngesfold and James, earl of Ormond, executors of Eleanor, countess of Ormond, relating to the administration of her goods of a total value of 2,912l. 8s. 5d., whereof the said John paid for debts 671l. 20d., including 800 marks to the Queen for the marriage of Lord Fitz Wauter, and 30l. for the rebuilding of Gumshulve mill by the King's command; bequests to the friars of Oxenford, London, Cauntebrugg, Guldeford, Lewes, Shorham, Salesbury, Hereford, Nenaugh, Thorl', Carryk, Knoktofre, Telagh, Arclow, and Cloncurry, the convents of Luttle, Certeseye, and Notle, the nuns of Stratford and Aeorbury, and the altar of Shire, and to Lady Talbot, Richard Pollefowel, and others; funeral expenses and the expenses of Lady Fitz Wauter, her daughter, 436l. 8s. 10d.; residue, 864l. 17s. 11½d.
Witnesses:—the bishop of Lymeryk, Sir Gilbert de Talbot, Sir Robert de Frene, and others. 12 July, 41 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 6895. Letters of John Wode, late of Honingham, Thomas Grene, and John Palmere, of Costesseye, appointing William Whyte their attorney to deliver seisin to John Rugge, clerk, of a messuage, with a meadow, &c. adjoining, in Over and Nether Erlham, late of John Bresyngham, of Norwich, spicer. 16 August, 30 Henry VI. Two seals and a fragment.
Norfolk. C. 6896. Grant by John Ling, of Norwich, to John Sylver, of the same, gentleman, of 3a. meadow in Nether Erleham, between the queen's brook and the highway, abutting on the common, which he lately recovered from Matthew Norgat and John Walker. 18 Septem- ber, 33 Elizabeth. Signature and seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Norfolk. C. 6897. Grant by Alice Brereton, of Norwich, widow, and John Brereton, of Tharson, and Henry Brereton, gentlemen, to Matthew Norgate and John Walker, both of Norwich, of 3a. meadow in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6896). 3 June, 33 Elizabeth. Cross and two signatures, and three seals, two damaged.
Endorsed with note of delivery of seisin.
York. C. 6898. Indenture, dated 20 January, 35 Elizabeth, of assignment by Richard Hudson, of York, doctor of law, to Edwin Sandys, of the Middle Temple, London, esquire, of the remainder of a lease from John, archbishop of York, of tenements called 'Craven Close' and 'Peter Close' and a water-mill called 'Marton Overmilne' in the parish of Marton, for 21 years, renewable without fine, during the life of the archbishop, at a yearly rent of 8l. 6s. 8d. for the closes and 40s. for the mill. Signed: Rich. Hudson.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Staff. C. 6899. Indenture of demise, dated 12 September, 22 Elizabeth, by Sir Ralph Egerton, of the Wrynehill, knight, Dame Anne, his wife, and Edward, their son and heir apparent, to Ellen Fenton, widow, and William, her son, for 20 marks, of half a messuage, &c. in the lordship of Chedulton, in the occupation of the said Ellen, for ten years; rent, 16s. and two capons. The tenants to have timber for the houses and 'tynsell' for the hedges, but to do all repairs, furnish a man to attend Sir Ralph in the queen's wars, and do suit in the court of Chedulton. The best beast to be paid as a heriot if either of the tenants die during the term of the lease. Two seals.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Norfolk.] C. 6900. Quitclaim by John son of John de Erlham, citizen of Norwich, to John Silvestre, citizen of Norwich, Margaret, his wife, and John Silvestre's heirs of his right in a piece of arable in Erlham (as in C. 6887), formerly of Geoffrey Sewale. Tuesday after Epiphany 17 Richard II. Seal of arms.