Deeds: C.6901 - C.7000

Pages 401-416

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6901 - C.7000

Norfolk. C. 6901. Grant by John Brereton, gentleman, to Matthew Norgate, and John Walker, all of Norwich, of land in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6896). 22 January, 33 Elizabeth.
[Norfolk.] C. 6902. Conveyance by Thomas Blake and Richard Bokkyng, esquires, to William Drake, gentleman, and William Potter and Robert Ferrour, citizens and clothworkers of Norwich, of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham (as in C. 6887) which they had by the gift of Thomas Bokenham. Witnesses:—Robert Longe and Robert Burgh, aldermen of Norwich, and others (named). 17 June, 15 Henry VII. Two seals, one damaged.
Norfolk. C. 6903. Grant by William Yaxlee, of Yaxlee, co. Suffolk, esquire, to John Silver, of Norwich, draper, in part performance of the terms of C. 6873, of the lands, houses, and fishery in Erleham described therein. 13 December, 25 Elizabeth. Signature and seal of arms, damaged.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Norfolk. C. 6904. Quitclaim by John Silver, of Norwich, draper, and Tomasina, his wife, to Edmund Sucklyng, of Norwich, D.D., Anne, his wife, and his heirs, of their right in lands &c. in Erlham (as in C. 6873). 1 February, 45 Elizabeth. Signature and mark, with seal and fragment.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses, and with a note of recognisance before Thomas Gleane, mayor of Norwich, and John Myngaye and William Drake, sheriffs, and of enrolment in the Guildhall.
[Suffolk.] C. 6905. Grant by . . . de Reydon to Sir Thomas de Bello Cam[po] of 1a. meadow in 'Sturmedewe,' abutting on the bank of Reydon. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Reydon, knight, John, his son, and others (named). . . . before the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, . . . Edward . . .
Norfolk. C. 6906. Quitclaim by John Aleyn, of Erleham, gentleman, to John Brereton, of Norwich, of his right in a close of 3a. in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6883). 12 March, 5 Elizabeth. Signature, and seal marked I.A.
Endorsed with notes of delivery and enrolment in the Guildhall of Norwich.
Norfolk.] C. 6907. Indenture, dated 12 December, 19 Henry VI, witnessing that Walter Nich, of Taverham, gentleman, and Robert Byrkewode, bailiff, of Heylisdon, servant of Sir John Fastolf, knight, have agreed that Robert, on his master's behalf, till Michaelmas next, shall occupy 20a. of Walter's land called 'Blodeshille' and 'Blodisdale' in Drayton, and all the other lands on the east side of Drayton, acquired by Walter in exchange with the said bailiff; Walter to occupy the lands on the west side of Drayton which the said bailiff received by the same exchange. English. Fragment of seal and wrapping.
Norfolk. C. 6908. Grant by John Brereton to John Aleyn, of Erleham, gentleman, Dorothy, his wife, and his heirs, of a yearly rent of 6d. charged on a close in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6883). 10 March, 5 Elizabeth. Signature, mark, and two seals.
Endorsed with note of delivery in the presence of William Ferrour, alderman, and others (named).
Norfolk. Suffolk. C. 6909. Bond by Richard Howese, of Norwich, tanner, to William Yaxlee, of Yaxlee, esquire. 20 November, 19 Elizabeth. Signatures of witnesses.
Endorsed (in English) with condition for performance of covenants contained in a pair of indentures of even date.
Norfolk. C. 6910. Quitclaim by Alice, late the wife of John Brereton, of Norwich, widow, to John, her son, of her life interest in a meadow of 3a. in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6896). 14 August, 32 Elizabeth.
Endorsed with signature of witness.
London. Hereford. C. 6911. Recognisance by William Cole, of the Inner Temple, and Edward Hyde, of London, gentlemen, to Henry Nicolson. of Winslawe, gentleman, of a debt of 200l. 8 August, 32 Elizabeth. Paper.
Signatures of recognitors and Julius Caesar, master in Chancery.
London. Norfolk. C. 6912. Bill of Nicholas Dikersone, of Wyndhame, chapman, for the payment to Roger Powell and William Smyth, of London, salters, of 11l. 19s. due 5 September next. 5 April, 1598. Signatures of the said Nicholas and a witness. Seal. English. Paper.
C. 6913. Bill of Daniel Sherman, of Kinges Linne, chapman, to the same, for the payment of 11l. 14s. 11d. due 24 June. 23 October, 1599. Signatures of the said Daniel and a witness. Seal. English. Paper.
[Chester.] C. 6914. Acknowledgment, dated 10 March, 13 Elizabeth, by John Meyr, esquire, Ralph Eggerton, gentleman, and Ralph Sharat, servant to Sir Ralph Eggerton, knight, that Sir John Warburton, knight, has delivered to them, to the use of Sir Ralph, various deeds which came to him after the death of Dame Eleanor Brereton, formerly the wife of John Eggerton, esquire, consisting of an assignment of dower of Dame Eleanor by Sir John Warburton, knight, sheriff of Cheshire, a pardon, an inventory of the goods of John Eggerton, esquire, deceased, and 15 other deeds dated 22 Henry VII–4 Elizabeth. Mark and seal. English. Paper.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses, and the words 'A bill indented of the writings wch. my Lady Brereton tooke away to Sir John Warburton's.'
Bucks. Worc. C. 6915. Recognisance in Chancery by John Russell, of Strenisham, esquire, to John Goodwyn, of Over Winchingdon, knight, and Thomas Throkmerton, esquire, son and heir apparent of Robert Throkmerton, knight, for 300l. 2 May, 20 Elizabeth.
Condition (in English) for observance of the terms of a pair of indentures of even date between the parties. Signature.
Note. Recognitum coram me Jo: Gybon, in cancellaria magistro, die et anno suprascriptis. Notus mihi recog[nitor]. Paper.
Devon. C. 6916. Quitclaim by William Rysedon. of Parkeham, gentleman, to John Beaupell, of Fremyngton, of all personal actions, maintenances, champerties and demands, except as to the title to lands in Towmouth and Westwode within the manor of Northam. 4 November, 13 Henry VIII. Seal.
Devon. C. 6917. Indenture, dated 17 October, 20 Elizabeth, witnessing that Thomas Skynner, John Puggesley, John Drewe, and Nicholas Glasse have demised to William Launcey a messuage called 'Stone- brudge Barn,' in Barnestaple, lately reputed to be the inheritance of Alexander Beaple, for three years. Fragments of three seals.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Chester. C. 6918. Surrender by William Croxston, of Ravenscroft, co. Chester, esquire, and Robert Byllot, of London, Edward Puliston, of Alynton, co. Denbigh, and John Byllot, of Burton, co. Denbigh, gentlemen, to Richard Mynshull, of Mynshull, co. Chester, esquire, of a lease of all his manors, messuages, and lands in the county. 31 May, 18 Elizabeth. Signatures, seal and fragment. English.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Devon. C. 6919. Bond by Henry Gribbell, of Licheton, in the parish of Barnestaple, potter, for the payment of 30l. to Alexander Beaple. 20 May, 12 Elizabeth.
Condition (in English) for the observance of the terms of a pair of indentures of even date.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Staff. C. 6920. Indenture, dated 10 July, 28 Elizabeth, witnessing that Sir Ralph Eggerton, of Wrynehill, knight, and Dame Anne, his wife, have demised to Robert Wall, husbandman, for a fine of 8l., a messuage in the lordship of Cheadulton for 14 years from Lady Day, 1593; rent, 21s. and two capons; a heriot of the best beast, or other best good, at the death of each tenant. The tenant to do repairs, but to be allowed sufficient great timber for repairing the messuage and buildings and 'trowse and tynsell' for hedging, to do suit at the court and mill of Cheadulton, and to serve Sir Ralph and his heirs in the queen's wars. Signature.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Devon. C. 6921. Grant by William Bysshippe to John Beaupell of all his messuages, &c. at Orchard and Legh Mershe in the parish of Northam and in Horneborough in the parish of Bydyford. 18 October, 18 Henry VIII.
Staff. C. 6922. Indenture, dated 3 August, 19 Elizabeth, witnessing that Sir Ralph Egerton, of the Wrynehill, knight, Dame Anne, his wife, and Edward, his son and heir apparent, have demised to John Brount, husbandman, for 25l., beforehand, a messuage in Forde in the lordships of Bradnapp and Gryndon, with lands and rights of common in the occupation of the said John, for 21 years from 24 October, 1592; rent, 23s. 2d. and two capons; other conditions as in C. 6920. Fragment of seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 6923. Grant by William, son of Walter Gauderun, to John the chaplain, son of Roger Hemming, of Neubo, for 4s., beforehand, of two selions of arable in the south field (territorio) of Herlauston, whereof one lies on 'Walterdale' between land formerly of John Biestun, of Denton, &c.; rent, ¼d.
Devon. C. 6924. Indenture, dated 27 October, 11 Elizabeth, witnessing that Joan, Philip, and Richard Mules have sold to Alexander Beaple, gentleman, for 37l., a burgage, cellar, and houses in Bamestaple, in Crocke Street, whereof Richard is seized in fee tail. Richard and Philip undertake to make any further act of conveyance that may be needed. Three seals.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Kent.] C. 6925. Quitclaim by Juliana late the wife of Henry Box, of London, to Robert de Dumbleton of her right in lands late of the said Henry in Lesenes. Saturday, the feast of St. Philip and St. James, 9 Edward II. Witnesses:—Richard de Polthorne, and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 6926. Indenture, being a grant by John Mylward, of Chepyng- toriton, tucker, son and heir of John Mylward, to William Person of his tenement in Bydeford, on the east side of the water called 'Torigge,' between the tenement of Thomas Greynfyld, esquire, etc. with a house called a 'dryhouse' and the quay to the south of it, and a way to the well there, for 60 years; rent, 4d. All repairs to be done by the tenant. Witnesses:—John Passer, provost of Bydeford, and others (named). 1 September, 4 Henry VII. Seal, damaged.
[Devon.] C. 6927. Indenture, being a grant by John Beauple, the elder, and Richard Clyffe to Joan Colyn, John Jenkyns her husband, and her heirs, of all those messuages, lands, &c. in Dodewylle, Le More, Wyleton, Elcomb, Julys alias Ploddy, Turkehill, Colehill, Westhede, and Waterappeldore Gravell, which John Wylet, Maud Heard, and William Wolley hold within the manor of Northam and which the grantors had by the gift of the said Joan. 29 September, 11 HenryVIII. Two seals.
Devon. C. 6928. Indenture, dated 14 October, 18 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Bysshipp has sold to John Beaupell, for 10l., all his messuages, lands, &c. in Orchard and the Mershe in the parish of Northam and in Horneborough in the parish of Bydyforde. English. Fragment of seal.
[Devon.] C. 6929. Grant by John Clyve to William Rysedon and Richard Burgeyn of all his messuages and lands in Orchard and Horneburgh within the manor of Northam to the use of Baldwin Malet, esquire. 6 May, 10 Henry VIII. Seal.
Essex. C. 6930. Indenture, dated 9 April, 29 Henry VIII, witnessing that Henry, Earl of Essex, has demised to Richard Rawlyn, of Little Wakryng, Landwyk Marsh in the town and parish of Much Wakryng, adjoining Wakryng Haven, with profits of feeding, fishing, and fowling, but reserving waifs, strays, and royalties, for 21 years; rent, 20l., the earl to build, within a year, a dwelling-house for a herd, but Richard to thatch and daub it and make good wear and tear; the earl to repair the marsh walls and 'flettes,' except as regards the Little Marsh inned by John Cawston, for which he is to provide stakes, piles, and bushes only; the tenant's interest in the lease not to be alienated without leave. English. Signature of the earl.
Devon. C. 6931. Indenture whereby John Beaple, rector of Morwode, clerk, and Roger Conybeyre, for a fine of 10l., demised to John Jenett, Elizabeth, his wife, and their eldust son, a cottage at Middill Egenen in the parish of Bedyford, for their life and the life of the longest liver; rent, 13s. and a heriot or 'farlen' of 6s. 8d. on the death of a tenant, unless Elizabeth and the son die before John Jenett; the tenants to do all repairs, for which they shall have 'howseboott, hayboott, fryghboot,' &c. 6 October, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary. Signed by John Jenet. Seal, damaged.
Devon. C. 6932. Indenture of a demise by the same, for a fine of 10l., to John. Jenet, Elizabeth Jacman, and the first child to be begotten between them, of a cottage in the parish of Bydyfford called 'Exton,' for their life and the life of the longest liver; rent, 10s.; a heriot of the best beast and other conditions as in C. 6931. 20 October, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. Fragments of two seals.
[Devon.] C. 6933. Quitclaim by Joan, late the wife of John Beauple, to John, her son, of her right in all messuages, lands, &c. in Orchard, Legh, and Mersshe within the manor of Northam, and in Horneburgh within the parish of Bydeford. 10 March, 15 Henry VII. Seal.
Devon. C. 6934. Grant by Thomas Hyllinge, of Medderes, co. Cornwall, gentleman, to Alexander Beauple of all his messuages, lands, &c. in Orchard and Northam. 22 December, 11 Elizabeth. Signature, and seal in wrapping.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses, and with a note of enrolment in the court of the manor of Northam.
Merioneth. C. 6935. Quitclaim by Reynold son of John Broghton, alias Rynallt ap Jevan ap Thomlyn, burgess of Bala, to his brother Hugh Lloyd, alias Broghton, esquire, of his right in all messuages, &c. late of John Broghton, his father, in the town and franchise of Bala. 16 July, 19 Edward IV. Seal, damaged.
Norfolk. C. 6936. Quitclaim by Matthew Norgate and John Walker to John Sylver, gentleman, all of Norwich, of their right in 3a. meadow in Nether Erleham (as in C. 6896). 11 October, 33 Elizabeth. Signature of Matthew Norgate, mark, and two seals.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Devon.] C. 6937. Grant by John Holme to Robert Broghton of all his messuages, lands, &c. in Braddon and Tothcote within the parish of Bokeland Brwer. 20 June, 11 Henry VII. Seal marked WW.
Norfolk. C. 6938. Bond by John Aleyn, of Erleham, gentleman, and Dorothy his wife, for the payment of 30l. to John Brereton, of Norwich. 10 March, 5 Elizabeth. Signed: John Allyen. Seal, damaged.
Endorsed in English with condition to permit John Brereton to do all things necessary to secure his title to a close in Nether Erleham, as demised in C. 6883.
Devon.] C. 6939. Inquisition held by John Colyn, steward of John, earl of Huntyngdon, as to the earl's claim, as lord of the town of Barnastaple, to 17s. yearly rent for the gable (pugno) of a mill there belonging to the prior of St. Mary Magdalen; verdict that the rent is unjustly levied on the prior, the mill having been built on the prior's land and not on that of the lord of the town, and that it waa first unjustly levied when Sir William Martyn was lord of Barnastaple. Friday the morrow of Christmas, 17 Richard II. Nine seals and fragments.
Surrey. C. 6940. Chirograph, indented, being a defeasance by John Gunthorp, dean of Wells, of a mortgage of 75l. on a messuage and land in Camerwell by Bartholomew Chaloner, provided payment is made to him or the precentor or sacristan of St. Stephen's chapel, Westminster, by half-yearly instalments of 50s. Friday, 11 May 7 Henry VII. Seal.
Endorsed with note of enrolment in the Common Pleas, Trinity, 7 Henry VII.
Herts. C. 6941. Grant by John Bradman, merchant of the Staple of Calais, son and heir of James Bradman, of London, gentleman, to Thomas Englyssh, gentleman, and Richard Broun, sherman, of all his lands, &c. in the town of Taterigge, which he had by the grant of Henry Frowyk, esquire, and Henry Spylman, Thomas Luyte, and John Goodyere, gentlemen. 26 November, 14 Henry VII. Signature and seal.
Devon. C. 6942. Grant by Richard Parkar, of Fremyngton, to Henry Fortescue, esquire, John Brett, gentleman, John Mounses, John Marsshe, John Courtes, and Thomas Bond, of all his lands, &c. with a cottage, called 'Estwode' and 'Westwode,' in the parish of Northam, to his own use for life; remainder to the heirs of his body; remainder to William Beauple and Isabel, his wife. Pylton, 19 May, 31 Henry VIII. Seal, marked I.W.
York [N.R.] C. 6943. Assignment by Henry Wildon, of Skakildon Grange, to Edwin Sandys, of the Middle Temple, esquire, of his right in a water-mill in Wildon Grange, for the remainder of a term of years. 16 March, 36 Elizabeth. Signature, and fragment of seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Oxford. C. 6944. Bill indented, dated 16 July, 5 Edward IV, witnessing that Richard Drayton, esquire, has sold to Thomas Stonour, esquire, the manor and advowson of Retherfeld Pippard and all his lands, &c. within the parishes of Retherfeld Pippard, Shiplake, Harpedene, and Bulnyth, for 500 marks, of which 60l. is payable forthwith and 110 marks at Michaelmas. Security to be given by the abbot and convent of Abyndon for six yearly instalments of 40 marks and by two persons for two instalments of 20l. On payment of the last instalment, the manor, &c. to be conveyed to Thomas and re-conveyed by him to Richard and Alice, his wife, for their life, provided no oak, being timber, be felled except for repairs. Signed: Richard Drayton. Seal, with grass ring and leaf. English. Paper.
Bucks. C. 6945. (1.) Grant by Ralph Wydyngdon and Joan, his wife, to Richard Wyet, esquire, Nicholas Clopton, John Flynt, and John Kooke, of Merhs by Bassettysbury, of all their lands, &c. in Westewicombe and Hichinden.
(2.) Grant by Nicholas Clopton, of Langley Marys to John Wydendon of all the lands, &c. which he, together with Richard Wyot, esquire, John Flynt, and John Kooke, had by the gift of Ralph de Wydendum.
Copies on paper.
[Norfolk.] C. 6946. Grant by John Swayn, of Northwiche, to Thomas More, of Northwiche, draper, John Rightwise, Robert Borowe, Bartholomew Spryngwell, and John Holly of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham (as in C. 6887). 2 October, 13 Henry VII. Seal, marked R.T.
[Norfolk.] C. 6947. Conveyance by Richard Webster, alias Tolye, citizen of Norwich, scrivener, to Thomas Hollo, the elder, of Heigham by Norwich, gentleman, of 4a. arable in the field of Erleham between Heigham heath and land of the abbot of St. Mary, Langley, which piece of land he had by the gift of Andrew Quashe and John Moore, executors of the will of Thomas Moore, citizen of Norwich, draper. 26 April, 6 Edward VI. Signature.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Norfolk. C. 6948. Quitclaim by Margaret Swayn of Norwich, executrix of the will of John Swayn, of Norwich, baker, to Thomas Holle, of Heigham by Norwich, gentleman, of her right under the will in 4a. arable in the field of Erleham (as in C. 6947). 4 November, 5 Edward VI.
[Cambridge.] C. 6949. Indenture of fine, dated 38 Henry VIII, whereby William Draper conveyed to John Chapman, for 100l., a messuage, dovecote, barn, land, &c. in Thryplowe.
[Norfolk.] C. 6950. Grant by Geoffrey Waran, chaplain, of Northwiche, to John Swayne, Andrew Pawe, Thomas Hay ward, Thomas Cranke, and Thomas Smart to the use of the said Swayn of 4a. arable in the field of Erlham (as in C. 6887). 2 April, 1 Henry VII.
Norfolk. C. 6951. Grant by John Allen, gentleman, lord of the manor of Erlham, to William Myles, of Norwich, cooper, of an alder-carr in Nether Erlham between the river-bank of Heylesdon and the high road and abutting on the alder-carr of the bishop of Norwich, &c. which he bought from Thomas Gawdye, of Holveston, and John Yong; rent, ½d. 16 March, 5 Elizabeth. Copy on paper.
Chester. C. 6952. Grant by Thomas Foxe, of Sutton, co. Lancaster, gentleman, to Robert Whitbie, of Dunham, gentleman, of his manor of Kirkeby Walley alias Wallezey and all his messuages, lands, &c. there. 21 December, 41 Elizabeth. Seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses, &c.
Staff. C. 6953. Indenture of agreement for the payment by John Eggerton esquire, to Edward Cowper of 56s. 8d. in respect of an ox wrongfully taken from him as the heriot due at the death of Anne Cuerton, whose under-tenant he was at Loynton. 9 October, 20 Elizabeth. Mark, signature of Edward Cowper, and seal. English.
Chester. C. 6954. Grant by William, earl of Derby, to Thomas Foxe, of Sutton, co. Lancaster, gentleman, of his manor of Kirkebie Walley alias Wallezey, and all his messuages, lands, &c. there. 21 September, 40 Elizabeth. Signed: Will. Derby. Seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses, &c.
[Chester.] C. 6955. Bond in 400l. by William, earl of Derby, to Thomas Foxe for the performance of the above grant. 21 September, 40 Elizabeth. Signature.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
[Devon.] C. 6956. Bond in 100 marks by Thomas Hyllynge, of Medderes, co. Cornwall, to Alexander Beauple, of Fremyngton, for the performance of the terms of C. 6934. 22 December, 11 Elizabeth. Signed: Thomas Hylling.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
[Devon.] C. 6957. Demise by John Suddon and John Stoford and Alice, his wife, to John Blensham, the elder, of their close called 'Brodeparke,' in the parish of Newton St. Petrock, for twelve years; rent, 1d.; the tenant to keep the fences and ditches in order (except from 'le Wenyete' to Huntynghyll) and to be allowed enough stakes and 'freth' for this purpose. 29 September, 11 Henry VII. Seal, marked W.
[Devon.] C. 6958. Indenture, being a grant by Robert Beauple, of Thorn- bury, to John Beauple, of Fremyngton, for life, of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d. charged on his messuages and lands in Down within the parish of Newton Petroke and in Est Hankeford within the parish of Bokelond Bruer. 10 March, 15 Henry VII. Seal, damaged.
[Devon.] C. 6959. Duplicate of C. 6892.
Devon. C. 6960. Bill, dated 9 September, 10 Henry VIII, witnessing that Baldwin Malet has received from Peter Hyllyng 11l. for all the lands, &c. in Orchard within the manor of Northam. Signature.
Flint. C. 6961. Confirmation by John Hoope, of Broughton, esquire, to Hugh Lewis, gentleman, of a demise by William Hoope, his father, to Lewis ap John ap Ithell, of two messuages and land in the town- ship and mountain of Gronant and land in the township of Nant, for forty years; rent, 33s. and 12 hens; and demise of the same, for 35l. beforehand, together with another messuage, at the same rent, for sixty years from the date of this deed. 29 August, 23 Elizabeth. Draft on paper. English.
Chester. C. 6962. Assignment by John Lees, of Brereton, cook, to Elizabeth Rathbone of the remainder of a lease of land and pasture in Newbold Astbury, held of Sir Ralph Eggerton of [Wrinehill], knight, at a yearly rent of 10s. 20 May, 1585. Signed: John Lees. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
[Derby.] C. 6963. Indenture, dated the Invention of the Holy Cross, 1517, between Master Richard Pace, prebendary of Sallow alias Salley, of the one part, and Edward Edmundson, of the same, yeoman, and Sir Ralph Edmundson, clerk, of the other part, witnessing that Master Richard has demised to the said Edward, for one year, unless he shall sooner resign or die, his church and parsonage of Sallow with the profits thereof, including a horse-mill and 'the soke soken of the same to the seid parsonage perteyning,' his manor with its courts, and the profits of two yearly spiritual courts of visitation; rent, 100 marks; the tenant to pay 26s. 8d. to the sacristan of Lichfild and all other charges except the dimes of the parsonage, to leave the premises in as good repair as he found them, except as regards tile, slate, timber, and plaster, and not to expel any tenant 'of good bearing' or officer. English. Signatures of witnesses.
Endorsed with a note extending the term to three years, signed by the said Richard.
[Lincoln.] C. 6964. Grant by John de Birthorp, knight, to John son of Geoffrey de Milnethorp and Amice, his wife, daughter of the grantor in frank-marriage, and to the heirs of their bodies, of 26a. arable and 4a. meadow in Birthorp, Ouseby and Bilingburg, lying on Allowe, abutting on le Litelbeckes, in Gofhoby, in le Wotelond, to the east of Poynton Gate, abutting on Stowe Hengecroft, at Stonepittys, in le Mersse, 'attewroe,' abutting on le Stretehrigys, &c.; rent, 1d. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey de Brunn and Sir Gregory Aukes, knights, and others (named). Saturday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 31 Edward [I.]
[Sussex.] C. 6965. Grant by John Moyn to Robert de Wylesham, for 40s. beforehand, of all the land which Robert de Wylesham, father of the said Robert, held in villeinage of John Moyn, his father, in Wylesham in the parish of Esburnham, but without power of assignment to a house of religion or to Jews; rent, 14s., for all service save the king's and the earl's foreign service, and save suit of court four times a year, at Wylting, on reasonable summons, and other incidents. Witnesses:—Simon St. Leger (de Sancto Leodegario), Simon de Somery, and others (named).
Endorsed: Kepe this dede very closeley for this is a dede that doe shoe that the landes that is in Asheborneham is halde in knight sarves and ward and marridg and let it be your trustey frind that see this dead.
Norfolk. C. 6966. Grant by Thomas Holl, the younger, of Heigham, gentleman, and Elizabeth, his wife, to Michael Aldrich of Norwich, gentleman, and Jane, his wife, of a messuage with buildings thereon and a garden in the parish of St. Mary in Coslanye, Norwich, abutting on the churchyard and on a tenement late of the dissolved priory of Coxford. 1 March, 45 Elizabeth. Signatures and two seals, damaged.
Middx. C. 6967. Defeasance by John Sant, abbot of Abyngdon, and Thomas Say, of Abyngdon, gentleman, of a statute staple made to them by William Stonour, of Stoner, co. Oxford, knight, dated 18 February, 17 Edward IV, on condition that he convey to them the manor called 'the Moote' in the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. Draft on paper in English.
Berks. C. 6968. Indenture, dated 9 September, 6 Edward IV, witnessing that John, abbot of Circeter, patron of the church of Hakeborne, has agreed to pay to Sir John Avery, the vicar, 61. forthwith and 50s. 4d. within fourteen days after Michaelmas in lieu of all outstanding debts; the vicar to have all white calves, pigs, geese and pigeons, and other specified profits, together with an annuity of 4l., and cloth yearly for a gown and hood, or 5s. 4d. in lieu thereof at the abbot's choice, timber and straw for the repair of the vicarage, and the right to distrain for his annuity in the manor of Hakeborn, paying synodals, procurations and the expenses of divine service (including the 'trendall' of wax for Candlemas); the farmer of the said manor to deliver to the vicar six quarters of wheat and six quarters of barley in respect of the two years last past.
Norfolk. C. 6969. Conveyance by William Swetman, clerk, and Robert Machon, citizen of Norwich, to Robert Longe, alderman of Norwich, Richard Petyte, of Norwich, yeoman, and John Wellys, mercer, and John Bowde, raffman, citizens of Norwich, of two pieces of meadow in Erlham, whereof one piece lies between the meadow late of John Fastolff, knight, called 'Balyesmedewe,' &c. and abuts on the mill-dam, and the other lies between the lord of Heylesdon's wharf (ripam) and Erlham beck, which they had. jointly with others, by the gift of John, son and heir of Adam, brother and heir of Philip Cook, of Norwich. 20 June, 12 Henry VII. Two seals, one wrapped in paper and one damaged.
[Norfolk.] C. 6970. Chirograph, indented, whereby Thomas Hert, clerk, and Thomas Aleyn, citizen of Norwich, spicer, conveyed to Philip Cook, of Norwich, John Cook, of Heylesdon. and John Stannard, citizen of Norwich, worsted-weaver, two messuages and land in Heylesdon and Erlham, between land which was formerly a path to the church of Heylesdon, &c. abutting on the road to 'Bradecroft,' &c. on condition of the payment of five marks 6s. 8d. in five yearly instalments. 13 September, 26 Henry VI. Fragments of seal wrapped in paper.
[Kent.] C. 6971. Indenture, dated 12 January, 20 Henry VII, witnessing that John Hewet has sold to Thomas Gilbert, the elder, both of Canterbery, a tenement called 'Arundell' and store to the value of 10l. thereto belonging, late of John Frennyngham, in the parishes of Monketon and Mynster, in the isle of Tenett, for 88l. to be paid, in eight yearly instalments, by the feast of St. Gregory, 1511; any suit as to the title of the tenement or of any other lands late of the said Frennyngham in the parishes of Sturrey and Westbere arising out of bargainings between Joan late the wife of the said Frennyngham and William Levyns, her son, or John Edmonde, of Caunterbury, to be defended at the joint cost of the parties; bond in 40l. for due performance. English, on paper. Seal.
Huntingdon. C. 6972. Demise by John, lord Dynham, William Husee, knight, Richard Gardyner and Thomas Breteyn, aldermen of London, William Hill, John Broun, John and Edmund Mulshoo and others to William Horne, alderman of London, and Gerard Stukeley, of tenements in Ramsey, Westowe, and Raveley, which they had by the gift of John Stukeley and Margaret, his wife; rent, 20l. August, 2 Richard III.
Demise by Gerard Stukeley, gentleman, to the said William Home of his manor of Nox and Presteley and his other lands [in] . . . Stukeley, for seven years or longer at the pleasure of the said William, who is to provide food, clothing, &c. for him 'atte courte for his lernyng in the lawe,' and for his wife if he shall many. 8 August, 2 Richard III. English. Copies on paper. Signed: Skypton.
Middx. C. 6973. Sale by Miles Haywarde, of London, graver alias gold- smith, to . . . his mother, for 10l., of all his goods and debts in London and elsewhere. 21 September, 1561.
Norfolk. C. 6974. Indenture, dated 30 October, 18 Elizabeth, witnessing that William Yaxlee, of Yaxlee, co. Suffolk, esquire, has demised to Richard Howse, of Norwich, tanner, 13a. land in Erleham, between a way from Erleham to Hellesden, abutting on the roads from Costessye and Eston to Norwich, &c. all for 18 years; rent, 56s. 8d.; the timber to be reserved and the tenant to repair the fences.
Wilts. C. 6975. Lidenture, dated 18 September, 6 Edward VI, witnessing that Dame Elizabeth, late the wife of Sir Edward Darrell, knight, has demised to Anthony Dysney the site of the manor of Hyde, closes of pasture and meadow called 'Over Hydes, Middell Hydes, Pilles, Coketrilles, Pikolles, and Amerons,' 30a. meadow called 'Amerons Leynes' in the East Nithe, 4a. meadow called 'Mayden Mead' in the West Nithe, and 16½a. in the East Mead, all in the parish and lordship of Wanborough, during her life; rent, 10l. 13s. 4d.; the tenant to repair fences and to be allowed hedgebote, cartbote, and ploughbote. English. Signed: Elizabeth Darrell.
[Suffolk.] C. 6976. Chirograph, indented, dated 25 Elizabeth, being a final concord whereby Edward, earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain of England, conveyed to Richard Pecock and Roland Martyn, for 800l., the manors of Overhall and Netherhall, 200 messuages, 100 cottages, 4 mills, 4 dovecots, 200 gardens, 1,000a. land, 500a. meadow, 1,500a. pasture, 300a. wood, 100a. heath and 40 librates of rent in Lavenham alias Lanham, Cockfild, Thorpe Morieux, Preston, Brent Illeigh, Acton, Melford, Shymplyng, and Alpheton alias Aulton, and the advowson of the church of Lavenham.
Somers. Dorset. Oxford. Bedf. N'hamp. C. 6977. Indenture, being a declaration by Eleanor, daughter and heir of Ivo Fitz Waryn, knight, and wife of Ralph Bussh, esquire, reciting that Robert Andrew and others are seised of the manors of Ilbrewere, Putteney and Werne, co. Somerset, Fyfhyde Nevylle, Melbury Osemond, Blakelonde, Blakerew, Remmesber', Caundelhaddon, Antiokes, Lidelynch, Lydlynch Baret, Wynterborn Howton, Upcerne, and Burcombe, messuages and land in Shirborn, Woborn, and Hampreston, and the advowsons of the churches of Lidelynch, Wynterborn Howton, Upcerne, and Pourton, co. Dorset, half the manors of Brightwell Huskarlus, and Newenham, co. Oxford, and Byscote, co. Bedford, and of the reversion of the manor of Ravenes- thorpe, co. Northampton, all which descended to her by hereditary right, and appointing the profits thereof to herself and her husband during their life; presentations to be made to livings as they shall wish; after their death, the profits to be applied for maintenance of their children, payment of their debts, and subject thereto, 300 marks to be paid for the marriage of Margery, her daughter, and 20l. to the feoffees as their fee; lands to the yearly value of 100 marks to be given to John, their son, and the heirs of his body, whom failing, to William, John's brother, and the heirs of his body; the residue to William and the heirs of his body, whom failing, to John and the heirs of his body; and if there be no remaining heir of the bodies of Eleanor and Ralph, remainder to the feoffees in fee to demise land to the value of 100l. yearly to Margery and the heirs of her body, provided she be marriageable, of good conversation, and obedient to the feoffees, and, subject thereto, to sell and apply the proceeds to religious uses. 1 June, . . Henry [VI.]
Berks. C. 6978. Indenture, dated 12 December, 12 Elizabeth, between William Cater, gentleman, son of William Cater, of the first part, William Hide, of Kyngeston Lisley, esquire, son of William Hyde, of the second part, and William Darell, of Littellcote, co. Wilts, esquire, of the third part, whereby Cater and Hide, for 1,400l. assign a lease of a farm place in Uffyngton, of lands called 'Oldela . . ., Hoggen Deane, Ewenedowne, Wetherdowne, Shepehouse Closes, Drovewey, Conynger, Somerlees, Moredowne, Morowlees, Homeclose, and West- ham,' of 52a. arable near Blakes Crosse and of a close called 'Briche- combe' alias 'Shepehowse,' (which lease was granted by John Mawlte to William Cater, the father, for 40 years from Lady-Day, 1565, and by him assigned to William, his son, and by him assigned to William Hyde, the father, as security for certain bonds entered into by William Hyde, the father, at the request of William Cater, the son) to the said Darell, together with 500 of the best sheep of William Cater, the son, and the standing corn and hay on the premises, but subject to a grant made by Thomas Chafyn, the younger, to Thomas Stafforde of Bradfylde, esquire, to charges made on the premises by the said Stafforde, and to a demise of part thereof to John Fetche, of Hednam, co. Bucks. English, on paper.
Signed by the said Cater and Hyde and certified as a true copy by Thomas Warde, an examiner in Chancery, and others.
[Oxford.] C. 6979. (1.) Conveyance by Edmund de Stonore, son and heir of Sir John de Stonore, knight, to Robert Newmere, Maud, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of a tenement in the town and fee of Bixgebuyn; rent, . . . s., saving the services of the king and church.
(2.) Note that the tenement lies between the lands of Nicholas de Falley, the Lord de Gray and the abbot of Dorchester.
(3.) Grant by Ralph, son and heir of Edmund de Stonore, to Robert Neumere and the heirs of his body of tofts called 'Littermers' and 'Wyghmers' with land adjoining in Bixgebuyn (except a croft called 'Byxelye'), lying between the high road to Assenden and the land of the abbot of Dorcester, for a yearly service of 10s., suit once a year at his court of Stonore Semell, and a heriot when due. Bixgebuyn, Thuisday before St. Barnabas, 15 Richard II. Copies on paper.
Essex. C. 6980. Chirograph, indented, dated London, Thursday the morrow of Candlemas, 23 Edward I, witnessing that John le Ussher of the King's Chamber and Robert, son of Robert de la Rokele, have settled all differences between them in this way:—Robert has quit- claimed to John all wastes, sales and trespasses in respect of his lands while they were in John's custody; John has quitclaimed all demands and wrongs in respect of the wardship and marriage of Robert demised to him by Humphrey de Bown, earl of Essex and Hertford, and a yearly rent of 12l. in which Robert was bound to him, for life, by a deed between Robert's father and himself. For this quitclaim Robert has granted to John for life or for twelve years, whichever shall be the longer, all the lands of his manor of Wygepit, in Arkesdene, which lands John recovered against him by assize of novel disseisin until he should pay 19l. 10s., and half the lands of the said manor (except his garden) which John recovered against him in the Common Pleas till he should receive 95l.; remainder to the said Robert; John to do no waste nor to drive out villeins. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Beause, Ernald de Mounteny, Robert Baard, and Hubert la Veyle, knights, and others (named).
Wilts. C. 6981. Indenture, dated 30 May, 37 Henry VIII, being a demise by Sir Edward Darell, knight, to Sir Anthony Lee, of Byrdthorn, co. Buckingham, knight, of his lordship of Litellcote, for twenty-one years; rent, a peppercorn; the demise and a bond for 200l. to become void on payment of 120l. before Lady Day next. English. Seal.
Endorsed with a receipt for the 120l. signed: Anthony Lee.
Middx. C. 6982. Chirograph, indented, whereby Thomas Marchall, citizen of London, Margery, his wife, William Brittell, and Henry Hale, executors of the will of Henry Marchall, citizen and butcher of London, son of the said Thomas and Margery, require Richard Hadley, as trusteo of the said Henry, to convey one moiety of land in Harengay, between land called 'Wynnescroft' and the high road, and abutting on 'Payntoursfeld' and 'Beegardyn,' parcel of lands called 'the Treangle,' to William Dyer, of Parndon, co. Essex, husbandman, Elizabeth, his wife, sister of the said Henry Marchall, and the heirs of her body, with remainder to Sir William Home, knight, alderman of London, and to convey the other moiety to the said Sir William, Thomas Salle, gentleman, Richard Cornysshe, John Horwode, Henry Wodecok, and John and William Bradman, to the use of Sir William. 12 November, 3 Henry VII. English. Four seals, one of arms.
Wilts. C. 6983. Indenture, dated 10 March, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary, wit- nessing that William Fetyplace, gentleman, has demised to John Walker, smith, for twenty years, his moiety of a tenement in Wanborowe, 8a. 3 yards arable in Wanborowe, lying in the Hame, above Standeledge, at Rudgewey Bushe, above Woodwey, against Rudgewey, at Barton, Okemans, Richard Ellyott's End, and Wynpytt's End, in Swannell, Foxeborowghe Furlong, and Maynden Mead, and common of pasture for two beasts and thirty sheep; rent, 10s. English.
Kent. C. 6984. Certificate by Thomas Grys that the conditions on which he holds possession of a bond for 200l. in which William York, the younger, is bound to Richard Crophill, are that if all persons who at the date of the bond had any estate in 10 messuages, 220a. land, 40a. meadow, 60a. pasture, 40a. wood and 20s. rent, late of Ralph Blakelowe, in West Mallyng, Ryhersshe, and Byrlyng should release their right to the said William, William York, the elder, John Fyncham, and the said Thomas before Pentecost following the date of the bond, and if, by the same date, Richard should deliver to William York, the younger, all deeds concerning the said messuages, &c. that then William, William, John and Thomas should convey the messuages, &c. to Richard in fee, with power to re-enter on payment of 200 marks in ten yearly instalments, and that if the release and other deeds were not so delivered to William York, the younger, the bond should be delivered to him instead, but if they were so delivered, and the messuages, &c. not so conveyed to Richard Crophill, he should deliver the bond to the said Richard. Ramesey, 2 October, 3 Edward IV. English. Signed: Thomas Grys. Seal, damaged.
York, W.R.] C. 6985. Grant by Isabel, Idonia, and Elizabeth, daughters and heirs of William de Rodwod, to Baldwin del Hill, Margery, his wife, and his heirs or assigns, of a messuage with 18a. land in Thurleston, a meadow called 'le Leye,' rents of two pounds of cummin and 4d. arising from land in Eckelholis, part of Thurleston mill, and land at Copstorth, on Stodfaldclyf, and elsewhere. Witnesses:—William de Birchewrth, John son of John de Deneby, and others (named).
Suffolk. C. 6986. Grant by Alice, relict of John ate Hyde, and Richard, his son, to George de Cornerd of a messuage with buildings thereon, a piece of meadow and gardens in Great Bures, adjoining a lane leading into the highway (regali chimino) to Sudber'. Thursday after All Hallows, 7 Edward III.
Suffolk. C. 6987. Bond by John Brastrete, of Creatynge St. Mary, yeoman, for the payment of 40l. to John Baldrye. 27 January, 16 Elizabeth. Signed: John Brastret. Endorsed (in English) with condition for the performance of the award of Roger Edmundes, John Knappe, William Blomefeld the younger, and Edmund Rosyer, in all their disputes still unsettled.
[Devon.] C. 6988. Quitclaim by Alice, relict of William Rauf, of La More to Stephen, her son, of her right of dower in lands, &c. in La More' except her part of a close there. Witnesses:—John de Babbelak' Ralph de Samford, William Chyld, of Bampton, and others (named) Tuesday after St. Gregory, 5 Edward II.
[Suffolk.] C. 6989. Conveyance by Thomas Braxstrete and Edward Wryght to Simon Braxstrete, of Wikhamskeyth, of a tenement called 'Potellys' in Thweyte, between the road to the church, &c. and abutting on the highway called 'Heyrodeweye,' and ½a. meadow there, and a close in Wedryngsett, abutting on a way called 'Castelweye.' 10 February, 23 Henry VII. Two seals, damaged.
Middx. C. 6990. Conveyance by Robert Sprotburgh, rector of St. Margaret's, Briggestrete, London, and William Marescal to Alice, late the wife of Ralph Double, citizen and fishmonger of London, and daughter and one of the heirs of Geoffrey Horn, citizen and fishmonger of London, of a tenement and quay in Thamysestrete in the parish of St. Martin Orgar, two shops and a solar in Briggestrete in the parish of St. Margaret, Briggestrete, and quit-rents of a corner shop on Oysterhull between Briggestrete and Thamestrete in the parish of St. Magnus, and of a tenement in Tourestrete in the parish of All Hallows, which lands and rents she inherited at the death of the said Geoffrey. Baldwin Radyngton, knight, being keeper of the city, and Gilbert Manfeld and Thomas Newenton, sheriffs. 20 September, 16 Richard II. Two seals, damaged. Endorsed with note of enrolment in the Hustings Court.
Essex. C. 6991. Indenture, dated 10 May, 6 Henry VII, between Dame Anne Urswike, executrix of the will of Sir Thomas Urswike, knight, of the one part, and Master Christopher Urswike, the King's almoner, and Edmund Worsley, of London, mercer, whereby Dame Anne agrees to convey and release to the use of Christopher and Edmund the manor of Uphaveryng, a messuage, 200a. land, 24a. meadow, 2a. wood, and 28s. 1d. rent in Haveryng at Boure, and all her other lands, &c. in the county, in exchange for a yearly rent charge of 12l. for her life (the value of the lands, &c. being but 10l.); Christopher and Edmund to pay 100 marks to Mary, her daughter, on her marriage if she be then over 18 years of age, or, if she enter into religion and be professed, to pay her as much of the 100 marks as may be needed for the profession, and the residue of the 100 marks to Dame Anne by instal- ments of 10l.; but if Mary die unmarried and unprofessed, the whole 100 marks to Dame Anne by like instalments; and if both die before Mary is married, the 100 marks to the executors of Dame Anne for the souls of herself and Sir Thomas; the 100 marks not to be payable if Master Christopher provide a suitable ward to be married to the said Mary. 10 May, 6 Henry VII. English.
Middx. C. 6992. Conveyance by Richard Cornyssh, John Horwod, Henry Wodecok, and John Bradman to John Meautis, gentleman, Philip, his son, and John and Thomas Bunowlte, gentlemen, of two tenements in Haryngey, which they, with others deceased, had by the gift of Thomas Marchall. 20 March, 12 Henry VII. Signed: Horwod. Four seals (one of arms and one damaged).
[Lincoln.] C. 6993. Indenture whereby William Gelson and John Murre, both of Kirkton in Holand, conveyed to Thomas Foxe, of the same, Isabel his wife and the heirs of their bodies, 1a. arable in a field called 'Southfenlandes,' which they, with others, had by the gift of Thomas Spendeloffe, John Coney, of Stalworght Bryge, and Thomas Heyland, of Kirkton; remainder as Thomas Foxe shall appoint by will. Kirkton in Holand, 13 March, 1 Henry VIII. Two seals.
Worc. C. 6994. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by John Smythe, of Le Hollyse, to Richard Waldurne, of Belbroughton, Thomas Smythe, of Forffeld, John, son and heir of John Hortyll, and Richard, son of William Waldurne, of messuages, lands, &c. within the lordship of Morehalbellum and Bryncebellum to the use of himself and Lettice, his wife, for their life and the life of the longer liver, with successive remainders in tail male of a close called 'Salteres Closse,' to Richard, Nicholas, William, Thomas, and John, his sons, of closes called 'Magge Closse' and 'Branthyles' in Bynton and Copmore in the said lordship, a close called 'Brande Goste,' and other lands to Thomas, Nicholas, William, Richard, and John, and of the rest of the premises to John, Nicholas, William, Richard, and Thomas; ultimate remainder of the whole to his own right heirs. Holies, 17 August, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Devon. C. 6995. Bond by Peter Cholacombe, of Northam, husbandman, to John Beauple, of Fremyngton, yeoman, for the payment of 40l. 26 July, 13 Henry VIII.
Condition for the observance by William Rysedon, of Parkeham, gentleman, of the award of John Rowe, serjeant-at-law, Baldwin Malet, Richard Strode, and Hugh Pollard in all disputes pending between him and the said Beauple. Seal.
Staff. C. 6996. Indenture, dated 9 July, 1586, witnessing that Sir Ralph Eggerton, of Wrynhill, knight, and Dame Anne, his wife, have demised to John Turnor, husbandman, for 12l. a messuage, land and rights of common in Barsford in the occupation of the said John and Margaret, his mother, for twenty-one years; rent, 26s. 8d. and two capons, a heriot of the best beast, suit to the court and mill of Chedulton, personal service in the wars when Sir Ralph is summoned, and a contribution to provide men for service in proportion to the rent; the tenant to do all repairs, for which he is to receive great timber, housebote, and heybote. English. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Devon. C. 6997. Bond by Philip and Richard Mules, of Bamestaple, merchants, for the payment of 80l. to Alexander Beaple, gentleman. 27 October, 11 Elizabeth.
Condition (in English) for the observance by John Mules and the said Philip and Richard of the terms of an indenture of even date. Two seals. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Cumberland. C. 6998. Indenture, dated 17 October, 9 Elizabeth, being a demise by Robert Penruddoke, of Hale, co. Hants, to Robert Goodbarne, husbandman, and Margaret, his wife, for their life and the life of the longer liver, of his tenement in Dockarestrete, Penrith, and land in Skawe, on High Woodridge, and at Wildridges and New Ridge; rent, 14s.; the tenement not to be alienated without leave. English. Seal, damaged.
Chester. C. 6999. Indenture, dated 16 March, 11 Elizabeth, being a demise by John Mynshull, of Mynshull, esquire, to Edmund Ashton, husbandman, Elizabeth, his wife, and Gertrude Mynshull of his messuage in Church Mynshull for their lives and the life of the longest liver; rent, 14s. with heriots and the services due, the interest of Gertrude to cease on adultery or on disturbance of the occupation of Edmund and Elizabeth. English. Three seals, one damaged. Endorsed: ix° Apr. 1589. Tho. Bouth.
Essex. C. 7000. Bond by John Wheler, of Writtell, husbandman, to Thomas Grafton, merchant of the Staple of Calais, for the payment of 7l. 3 December, 1 Henry VII. Endorsed with condition for the conveyance of lands in Writtell.