Deeds: C.7201 - C.7300

Pages 444-456

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.7201 - C.7300

[Kent.] C. 7201. Grant by William and John, sons and heirs of John Bardyngle, to Richard, their brother, of their share of a tenement in the parish of Sutton Valence, at Parden. 27 November. 12 Henry VIII. Two seals.
Kent. C. 7202. Grant by John Luk, of Chart next Sutton Valans, to Thomas Amery, Thomas Payn and James Hennyman of the above tenement. 18 April, 14 Henry VIII. Seal.
Kent. C. 7203. Bond by William a Park, of Chart next Sutton Valance, yeoman, to William Goldsmyth in 5 marks. 20 February, 37 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Endorsed (in English) with condition for the peaceable occupation of 1½a. land on the dene of Parden in the parish of Sutton Valence without disturbance by William a Park or Alice, his wife.
[Kent.] C. 7204. Grant by William Colyn to John Roger, gentleman, Stephen Baker, and John Bardyngle of a tenement in the parish of Sutton Valance (as in C. 7200). 24 April, 10 Henry VII. Seal.
Kent. C. 7205. Acknowledgment, dated 16 January, 36 Henry VIII., by Annas Amerye, of the parish of Hedcrone, late the wife of Thomas Amery, of the receipt from William Goldsmythe, of Sutton Valance, of 6s. 8d. in full payment of his debts due to the said Thomas. English. Seal, damaged.
Kent. C. 7206. Sale by William a Park, of Chart next Sutton Valance, to William Goldsmvth, for 5l., of 1½a. land in the parish of Sutton Valance (as in C. 7203). 20 February, 37 Henry VIII. Seal.
Kent. C. 7207. Quitclaim by Thomas Ameri or Amery to William Goldsmythe of his right in a messuage, &c. in the parish of Sutton Valence (as in C. 7199). 17 December, 34 Henry VIII. Seal.
Kent. C. 7208. Grant of the above messuage, etc. by the above Thomas to the above William. 14 December, 34 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Kent. C. 7209. Quitclaim by William a Park, of Chart next Sutton Valance, to William Goldsmyth, for 5l., of his right in 1½a. land in the parish of Sutton Valance (as in C. 7203). 23 February 37 Henry VIII. Seal.
Notts. C. 7210. Bond by James Whalley, of Sibthorp, gentleman, to Francis Willoughby, of Wollerton, knight, in 20l. 24 August, 1596. Signatures and seal.
Endorsed (in English) with condition for the payment of 10l. on 4 September next.
Notts. C. 7211. Memorandum by Robert Roper, of Lyncolnes Inne, gentleman, acknowledging that he owes Sir Francis Willougby, knight, 20l. payable on 20 May next. 2 December, 38 Elizabeth. English. Paper. Signatures and seal.
Notts. C. 7212. Indenture, dated 5 May, 30 Elizabeth, between Robert Paine, John Pusey, and John Calver, all of Wollaton, yeomen, of the one part, and Robert Gybbes, of Tamworth, co. Stafford, woolman, of the other part, being an agreement to dye wool at the dye house at Wollaton at a price to be fixed by two 'indifferent' workmen. English. Paper. Mark, signatures and seal.
Notts. C. 7213. Bond by .John Brodbent, of Stableford, gentleman, to Francis Willughby, of Wollaton, knight, in 30l. 21 June, 38 Elizabeth.
Condition (in English) for the payment of 15l within eight days from Lady Day next. Signatures and seal.
Staff. Warw. C. 7214. Statute staple by Thomas Robynson, of Drayton Basset, co. Stafford, esquire, for the payment of 4,000l. at Pentecost to Francis Willughby of Myddleton, co. Warwick, esquire, Simon Cotton, mayor of Coventry, and Arthur Gregory, clerk of recognisances. Coventry, 19 April, 17 Elizabeth. Mayor's mark. Two seals, damaged.
Notts. Staff. Warw. C. 7215. Bond by the above Thomas and Geoffrey Fox, of Middleton, co. Warwick, yeoman, to Francis Willoughbie, of Wollerton, co. Notts, knight, in 40l. 3 April, 1590. Signatures. Two seals, one damaged.
Endorsed (in English) with condition for the payment of 20l. on 24 May next.
Notts. C. 7216. Bond by Henry Nickson and William Broomefeyld, both of Cossall, husbandmen, to Francis Willughby, of Wollaton, knight, in 20l. 6 August, 38 Elizabeth.
Condition (in English) for the payment of 10l. on the feast of St. Philip and St. James next. Marks, signatures, and two seals.
[Notts.] C. 7217. Bond by John Awkyns alias Awcock, clothier, and Robert Gvbbes, woolman, both of Tamworth, to Francis Wyllughby, of Wollaton, knight, in 200l. 6 May, 1588.
Condition (in English) for the observance of the terms of C. 7212. Marks, signatures, and two seals.
Notts. C. 7218. Bond by Richard Hill, of Wollaton. yeoman, and Francis and John, his sons, to Francis Wvllughbv. of Wollaton, knight, for 1,000l. 7 May, 1596.
Condition (in English): an account to be rendered by Michaelmas next, if required, of debts due by Richard to Sir Francis; Richard, in the meantime, to be 'of good bearing' towards Sir Francis and not do anything to the injury of his coal mines in Wollaton; Richard and John not to enter any man's service without the leave of Sir Francis during the same time. Marks, signatures, and two seals.
N'hamp. C. 7219. Grant by Giles Poulton, of Desborough, gentleman, and Giles, son of Martin, his son, deceased, his heir apparent, in performance of a former agreement, to Thomas Barnewell, yeoman, Edward Wall, of Russheton, gentleman, and Robert Cradok, of Farnedon, yeoman, of their manor of Great Crannesley and all their messuages, lands, etc. there and in Little Crannesley and Broughton to the use of the said Thomas. 4 October, 37 Henry VIII.
Essex. C. 7220. Indenture, dated 26 October, 15 Henry VIII., between John Tyrrell, esquire, and Annes, late the wife and executrix of the will of Humphrey, son and heir of Henry Barnes, reciting a sale by Humphrey to John of the manor of Malgravys in Hornedon and Orsett; for 50l., subject to the payment thereout of a yearly rent of 16l. to Mawt, the wife of . . . . Woodhall and previously the wife of Richard Malgrave, for her life, and on her death to Humphrey and his heirs, since conveyed to Annes on her marriage with him; Annes acknowledges payment of 20l. to Humphrey and 10l. to herself, and John Tyrrell undertakes to pay the remaining 20l. at Lady Day, in return for which she sells to him all her rights, and undertakes to make him a full assurance thereof, and to repay him 30l. if he is evicted from the premises by any person claiming the estate of Humphrey therein. English. Signature.
York [W.R.] C. 7221. Indenture, dated 24 September, 30 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, co. Notts, knight, has demised to John Croke a messuage in his lordship of Ecclesall with lands called 'Horelowe, Tender meadow, and the Nether Ley field,' meadows called the 'Lawnde' at Joyes Park Head, the 'Kylne Hill Croft,' and 'Coke Shoute' and a field called the 'Fare Feelde,' for twenty-one years; rent, 12s. 8d.; the tenant to clean and repair all hedges and ditches, receiving sufficient hedgebote for fencing, to do no waste of great timber or spring, and to find an armed man to attend Sir Nicholas or his heirs when 'encharged too warres.' English.
Endorsed: John Croke.
Surrey. C. 7222. Grant by Thomas Maraunt, citizen and weaver of . . ., brother and heir of Marion, late the wife of Richard Molle and daughter of William Maraunt, to John Smyth of the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerke, brewer, of his tenement on 'le Banke' alias 'le Stewysside' in the same parish, between a lane called 'Maydenlayn' and the Thames, and of his large garden on the north side of Maydenlayn. 8 December, . 3 Henry VIII.
Endorsed with the names of witnesses.
Kent. C. 7223. Chirograph, indented, dated 10 April, 29 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir Edward Boughton, knight, has sold to Martin Bowes, alderman of London, for 44l., his hope or shore called 'the Thames Bank' in the parish of Plumsted, 2a. upland ground adjoining Martin Bowes' mansion in Wolwiche, and abutting on the footpath from Wolwiche to Plomsted, &c. (which 2a. Martin formerly held of him at a yearly rent of 2s.) and ½a. upland ground between the mill pond and Burwage field. English.
Signatures of Sir Edmund Boughton and W. Ermysted, master in Chancery.
Endorsed with note of enrolment on the Close Roll in July, 30 Henry VIII.
Middx. C. 7224. Copy of deed of sale by Hugh Losse, of Lo[ndon], to Richard Wroughton, for 33l. 13s. 8d., of three tenements in the parish of St. Botolph without Alegate, late of the monastery of St. Mary Graces by the Tower, granted by the king to John Gates, of his household, esquire, and Thomas Thoroughgood, of London, gentleman. 23 August, 36 Henry VIII.
Surrey. C. 7225. Chirograph, indented, dated 21 July, 1533, witnessing that John, son and heir of John Merston, citizen and fishmonger of London, has sold to Thomas Taillour, citizen and fishmonger of London, for 50l., his vacant land in the Stwesside or Stewysside, in the parish of St. Margaret, Southwark, adjoining the lands of the prioress and convent of Stratford, co. Middlesex, and the lane called 'Mayden Lane,' and has also sold him a garden between the highway from St. George's Fields to Parisshe Garden. English. Signatures of John Merston and a witness. Endorsed: E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason.
Somerset. C. 7226. Grant by Edmund Bray, esquire, to Tocher Bold, Richard Crue, and John Silvestr' of his manor of Estham and all his lands, &c. there. 1 April, 2 Henry VIII. Signature. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Chester. C. 7227. Quitclaim by Philip Puleston, brother of Roger Puleston, knight, to John Maynwaryng, chaplain, of his right in respect of messuages, lands, salt-pits, &c. in Leftwiche, Waverton, Bostock, Multon, Davenham, Northwich, Middlewich, Overe, Weverham, Frodesham, Chester, Briddesmere, Duddyngton, Wymyncham, Pickmere, Mersheton, Lostock, Allostoke, Lostock Gralam, Anderton, Shibbrok, Shurlach, Bradford, Rudheth, Nantwich (Wicus Malbanus), Hurdeston, and Acton. 14 April, 22 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed with signatures [of witnesses].
Berks. C. 7228. [Conveyance] by Richard Andrewes, of Hayles, co. Gloucester, gentleman, and Leonard Chamberleyn to Thomas Robert, and Bartholomew Burgoyn, for 42l. 6s. 8d., of the manors of Estcompton and Sulham, with buildings, lands, &c. in Sulhampstede, Burton, and elsewhere in Berkshire, formerly of Goryng Nunnery. 21 June, . . . Henry VIII. Signature of Leonard Chamberlayn. Seal, marked W. S. Footnote: Recognovit coram me Georgio Throkmarton uno clericorum Cancellarie xiijtio die Julii et anno suprascripto. Endorsed: Eastcompton et Sulham tenentur per xxam partem unius feodi militis.
Bedford. Bucks. C. 7229. Indenture, witnessing that Richard, lord Grey, earl of Kent, and Elizabeth, his wife, have sold to John Myllet, gentleman, all their wood and underwood growing in Bragenham Wood and the lands belonging to the farm of Bragenham in Sulbury, for seven years, for 26l. 13s. 4d. 17 November, 4 Henry VIII. English. Signature and fragment of seal.
Bucks. C. 7230. Grant by Thomas Duncombe, of Barleyend, in the parish of Yvyngho, to William, his brother, William Pytkvn, and Thomas Howys, to the use of his said brother, of messuages called 'Buttelers' and 'Campions' and 9a. 1r. land in the East and North Fields and in Estlowell, Wykeryddye, Stonydell, Rydon, and Oldefeld, at Throughtonhill, in Woolond, Shortmadiche, abutting on Portweys and Above the Grove, in Longacre, Notyrpytt, etc. and on 'le Outfenne,' all in Wyngrave and Rowsham. 27 April, 12 Henry VIII. Seal.
Bedford. C. 7231. Indenture, dated 12 March, 36 Henry VIII., witnessing that William Norman, of Bereford, and John Norman, of Clappam, his son and heir apparent, husbandmen, have sold to William Kynge, of Collesdon in Roxston, and Alice, his wife, their messuage and land in Bareford. Two seals, damaged.
Bedford.] C. 7232. Conveyance by John Tychemersshe and William Gylmyn to Nicholas Hardyng, George Barnardiston, gentleman, Reynold Tychemerssh, William Fleccher, Robert Percell, and William Tychemersshe, of lands in Beston, Thorncotte and Hattche, called 'Ivellys,' formerly of Ralph Brounsale, for the maintenance of a chaplain in the chapel of St. Anne in the [churchyard ?] of Northievell to pray for the souls of William Fitz and William Rysby his grand- father. 9 November, 20 Henry VIII. Two seals. Endorsed with a note of livery of seisin
Kent. C. 7233. Grant by John Wilmot, the elder, of Sevenok, weaver, executor of the will of Thomas Holowey, of the same, baker, to William Potkyn, gentleman, Peter Potkyn, and Edward Repe, clerks, and Richard Marche, to the use of the said William, of two crofts called 'Russelles' in the parish of Sevenok. 1 August, 6 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed with a note of livery of seisin.
[Somerset.] C. 7234. Demise by Nicholas Newton, esquire, to Walter . . . vethy, John, his son, and Agnes, his wife, of a barn in the west street of Axbrige, and a garden &c. in 'Shetefyld' for their life and the life of the longer liver; rent . . . and suit at his court, with all services save the king's service and the right of the Church. . . September, 10 Henry VIII.
Berks. C. 7235. Grant by John Yorke, of Twykenham, co. Middlesex, esquire, to William Brylle, gentleman, and Richard Grove, of Grove, of his manor of Bryans Court in the parish of Wantage and all his lands, &c. there. 10 November, 3 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Surrey.] Sussex. C. 7236. Indenture, dated 29 November, 3 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Sir Roger Lewkenor, knight, sheriff of the counties of [Surrey] and Sussex has appointed Thomas Polsted his under-sheriff for one whole year, and specifying the duties he will have to perform.
Cambridge. C. 7237. Chirograph, indented, dated 9 February, 12 Henry VIII., between William Draper, of East Grenewyche, co. Kent, and Robert Draper, of London, gentlemen, and Agnes, the wife of Henry Walter, executors of the wall of Thomas Draper, of Erehith, co. Kent, gentleman, of the one part, and John Hawke, of Newton, of the other part, witnessing that it is agreed that if William, Henry and Elizabeth Draper, children of the said Thomas and of Margaret, his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Nicholas Thurlowe, late of Thryplowe, yeoman, at the request of the said John Hawke shall release to him their right in the lands, etc. which he purchased from the said Nicholas in Cambridgeshire, a bond given to him by the said Thomas for 40l. shall be void. English. Signatures of William and Robert Draper. Fragments of three seals.
Bucks. Herts. C. 7238. Indenture, dated 10 February, 34 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Thomas Babyngton, of Dethyck, co. Derby, esquire, has demised to Thomas Doncombe, of Wyngrave, gentleman, his moiety of the manor of Tyscote for twenty-one years; rent, 9l. 16s.; the tenant to do all repairs but to have timber therefor, and to account for forfeited tenements. English. Signature of Thomas Duncombe. Seal. Endorsed with the signature of Richard Duncombe as attorney.
Heref. C. 7239. Indenture, being the award of Richard Harbert and John ap Gwillym, of Falley, arbitrators between Edward and Ralph Maynston, both of Byrnythene in Irchynfeld, gentlemen, sons of Roger Maynston, deceased. Edward to have all his father's lands free of all encumbrances charged on them by Ralph, to whom he is to pay 20 marks. 22 October, 38 Henry VIII. English. Fragment of seal. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Berks. C. 7240. Quitclaim by John Yorke, of Twykenham, co. Mid- dlesex, esquire, to William Bryll, gentleman, and Richard Grove, of Grove, of his right in the manor of Bryans Court in the parish of Wantage, and in all his other lands, etc. in Wantage. 20 November, 3 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 7241. Indenture, witnessing that the dean and canons of the new collegiate church of St. Mary, Leicester, have demised to Humphrey Dexter their manor-house of Crannesley with lands belonging thereto, for sixty-one years, at a rent of 4l., together with the office of bailiff of Crannesley at a rent of 13s. 4d.; the tenant to do all repairs except those requiring great timber and those of the hall and great chamber, and to find hay and litter for the horses of the provost, steward and servants of the college whenever they come to Crannesley, but not to sublet, alienate, or bequeath his rights except to his wife or one of his sons. 31 May, 22 Henry VIII. Notes of two enrolments and fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Per me Johannem Hynde deputatum supervisorem.
[Lincoln.] C. 7242. Grant by Alice, daughter and heir of Thomas Foxe, to Roger Rowse and Richard Person to her own use under the Act [I] Ric. III. [c. 1] of a place of land with buildings thereon in Kirkton Odyke, abutting on the common way called 'Odykgate,' and of 1a. arable in the field called 'South Fen Land.' 12 January, 15 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Notts. Derby. C. 7243. Indenture, dated 23 November, 29 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Sir Godfrey Foljambe, knight, late sheriff of the counties, has delivered to Sir Nicholas Strylley, knight, the new sheriff, several persons (named) in the gaols of Nottingham and Derby, three 'teamez' of iron, and other fetters and tools, and the county books containing various plaints and processes (specified). English. Paper.
[Heref.] C. 7244. Grant by John ap Huy, of Kyngiscapull, one of the sons of John ap Huy, of Dayeston in Irchynfelde, to Roger Maynston of all the lands, etc. which he, together with Ralph ap Huy, his late brother, had by the gift of the said Roger in Brenythen, Waldyngston, and elsewhere within the hundred of Wormelow. 1 May, 17 Henry VIII. Seal.
Essex. C. 7245. Indenture, dated 26 September, 33 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Robert Clere, husbandman, and Maud his wife, previously the wife and executrix of the will of Hugh Sparlyng, have sold to John Clere, their son and heir apparent, for 10l., a messuage and land in Alphamstone. 26 September, 33 Henry VIII. English. Two seals, damaged.
Surrey. C. 7246. Conveyance by John Merston, the elder, John Turke, William Wilson, William Yonger, and William Mychell, citizens and fishmongers of London, to John Merston, the younger, citizen and fishmonger of London, Henry Guldeford, knight, John Sharp, knight, John Shirley, William Pawne, Hugh Weltden and John Cukson, gentlemen, and George Harryson, merchant tailor, Thomas Crosley, fishmonger, and John Ruttoure, scrivener, citizens of London, of their garden called 'Banaster's Garden,' four cottages, a gate-house, seventeen ponds, a wharf, etc. at 'le Stewes' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, which they had jointly, to the use of John Merston, the elder, by the gift of William Danvers, one of the justices of the Common Pleas, and Thomas Danvers, esquire. 9 May, 8 Henry VIII. Endorsed with the names of John Shale, bailiff of the bishop of Winchester, and other witnesses. [Cf. A. 13575.]
Chester. C. 7247. Indenture, witnessing that George Bromley, Ralph Birkhened, Roger Maynwaryng, and Thomas Smyth have demised to John Werberton, knight, their messuages and land, and rents due from Richard Starky, esquire, and other persons (named) in Hull and Appulton (which they had by the gift of Edmund Smyth and Nicholas Faryngton) for ten years; rent, a red rose at Midsummer. 8 July, 2 Henry VIII. Signatures of G. Bromley, Ralph Birkened and Thomas Smyth. Fragments of two seals.
Denbigh. C. 7248. Grant by David Lloyd ap Jevan Lloyd ap Meredyth of Sweney, . . . of two parts of the hundred of Oswestry, co. Salop, to Robert ap Moris, of Llangedwyn, of all his lands, rents, etc. in Moghnaunt Israiader in the lordship of Chirke. Witnesses:—Edward Lloyd, steward there, and others (named). 24 December, 32 Henry VIII.
Cambridge. C. 7249. Indenture, dated 2 July, 29 Henry VIII., witnessing that William Hawke, of Hadenham, gentleman, has sold to Thomas Meede, of Berden, co. Essex, yeoman, for 46l. 13s. 4d., a messuage, 80a. land, and a fold-course in Thriplowe. English. Signed: Willyam Hawke.
Bedford. C. 7250. Indenture, dated 18 March, 33 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir Thomas Grene, clerk, master of the college of Northyell, and the brethren and fellows have demised to Thomas Haryett, a messuage in Over Caldecot, in the parish of Northyell, called 'Haryettes Farm,' and land in Over Caldecot, Ikwell, and Northyell, belonging thereto, for fourteen years; rent, 46s. 8d., the tenant to do all repairs except as regards timber and tiles and to have two loads of straw yearly for thatching, but not to sublet without leave. English. Seal.
Essex. C. 7251. Counterpart of C. 7245. English. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 7252. Quitclaim by Richard Neelle, chaplain, son and heir of John Neelle, to William Lane, the younger, of his right in a cottage and land in Aston and Nechels. Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 13 Henry VIII. Seal.
Warw. C. 7253. Quitclaim by William Lane, of Erdyngton, yeoman, to Giles Stretton and Joan, his wife, for 9l., of his right in a cottage and land in Aston by Brymyngham and Nichills. 16 June, 29 Henry VIII. Seal, marked T.S.
[Warw.] C. 7254. Quitclaim by Joan, daughter of Robert de Belue, of Kyngesnorton, and wife of Adam Worme, to Ralph Webbe of all actions in respect of dower in the lordship of Aston by Birmycham due to her after the death of the said Adam. Stareton by Stoneley, 1 April, 16 Richard II. Seal.
Warw. C. 7255. Sale by William Lane, of Erdyngton, yeoman, for 9l., to Giles Stretton, and Joan, his wife, of a cottage and land in Aston by Brymyngham, between land late of the prior of Tyckeford and a pool called 'Priory Pole,' etc., and abutting on the roads leading from Duddeston and Nichilles to Aston, church; and grant to them of his land in Nichilles. Witnesses:—Simon Broke, vicar of Aston, William Churcheley, 'plebiarius,' and others (named). 10 June, 29 Henry VIII. Seal, marked T.S. Headed: Jhs. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Staff. C. 7256. Indenture, being a grant by Nicholas, son and heir of Thomas Weston, to Randolph Egerton, esquire, of two pastures called 'Hoddys Crofts' in the fee of Maudeley; rent, 1d., if demanded. 2 November, 1 Henry VIII. Seal of arms.
Devon. C. 7257. Affidavit by Nicholas Snape, of the parish of Malleburgh that he and John, his father, wrote the deeds of a settlement by John Davels, of Lymcomb, of all his lands in Est Prall and Schabbecomb on himself, for life, with remainder to William Davels, of Norton in the par- ish of Churchstowe, in tail male, remainder to John Davels of Alston, in tail, and other remainders not specified, and that he himself wrote the word 'mascul' as an interlineation in the entail; the premises being in dispute between Nicholas, son and heir of the said John Davels of Alston, of the one part, and Robert Putt and Joan, his wife, daughter and heir of the said William, and Richard Pess of Kyngysbrygge, in right of Austace, late his wife, another daughter and heir of the said William, of the other part. 26 February, 5 Henry VIII. English. Seal and fragment.
Staff. C. 7258. Indenture, dated 1 February, 38 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Sir Ralph Langforth, of Langforth, knight, has sold to Thomas Fitzherbert, esquire, for 11l., 200 of the best trees in or near the Lady Hey within the lordship of Ellason. English.
Berks. C. 7259. Chirograph, indented, dated 6 August, 8 Henry VIII., being a defeasance by George Monoux, alderman of London, of the sale for 200 marks on the 1st July last by John Yorke, of Twigenham, co. Middlesex, esquire, deceased, of the manor of [Hagbourne, see C.7350] on condition of the repayment by Thomas Yorke of so much of the purchase money as has been paid, and of legal expenses and cost of repairs. English.
Somerset. C. 7260. Copy of an indenture, dated 4 October, 27 Henry VIII., witnessing that Thomas, abbot of Stanley, co. Wilts, and the convent there have demised to John Egill a tenement called 'Mercombe' in the lordship of Blakedon, for sixty-four years from the death of John Dowltinge; rent, 26s. 8d.; the tenant to do all repairs but not to fell any great trees without leave. English. Endorsement of original: xviij° die Julii anno xiij° regine Elizabethe nunc obiit Johannes Dowltinge et tunc incipit dimitio hac (sic) anno 1571. Per me Johannem Clement claricum (sic) ibidem George Brooke and John Allen, churchwardinges, 1588. Endorsement of copy: A copye of Prickman's writing for Mercome. Prickman contra Leoman. Paper.
Somerset C. 7261. Copy of an indenture, dated 10 May, 38 Henry VIII., witnessing that Andrew Baynton, of Bromham, co. Wilts, esquire, has sold to Nicholas Snell, of Michell Kynton, for 40l., his right in a tenement in Blakedon called 'Morcombe,' free of all encumbrances. English. Signed: Andre we Baynton. Paper.
Montg. C. 7262. Indenture, being a grant by Robert ap Res and Margaret verch Llywelyn ap Madog ap Tyder, his wife, and Hugh ap y Persone and Katherine verch Llywelyn ap Madok ap Tyder, his wife, to Rece ap David ap Jevan ap David, of Kerrynyon, of all the lands in Llanloddien acquired by the said Llywelyn from John ap Res ap John, of Kerrynion. 1 June, 37 Henry VIII. Two seals and fragment of a third.
Bucks. C. 7263. Indenture, being a grant by Ralph Arches, gentleman, in fulfilment of former indentures, to Joan, wife of Thomas Mynshawe and previously the wife of William Arches, his father, for her life, of a messuage and all his lands etc. in Queynton in lieu of her claim to dower. 16 May, 6 Henry VIII. Signed by John Baldwyn at the desire of the grantor. Endorsed: George Tyrell, Richard Wycharley, sarvant to Sir Edward Grevell, knyght.
Montg. C. 7264. Grant by David Lloyd ap Owen Vychan and Owen ap Meredyth ap David Lloyd to Jevan ap Owen Don of their tenement called 'Tyddyn y Bache Gleision' in the parish of Llanv[ayr] in the lordship of Kereinion in Powis, at the ancient rent of 6d. and the ancient service. . . . September, 35 Henry VIII.
N'hamp. C. 7265. Conveyance by Thomas Palmer and Maurice Osberne, gentlemen, and John Clipsham, feoffees to uses, to Alice Robyns, late the wife of Richard Welles of Kelmersche, of a messuage and a virgate of land in Crannesley. 29 July, 19 Henry VIII. Two seals, marked G.F. and I.N.
Somerset. C. 7266. Indenture of a demise by Nicholas Nyweton, esquire, to John Mareys, Margaret, his wife, and Richard, their son, of a tenement, garden and limekiln in the west street of Axebrugge and in Compton, ½a. land in 'Prayfeld,' and a peat-hag (morehaia) in the borough of Axebrugge, for their life and the life of the longer liver; rent, 5s. and suit of court at Axebrugge twice a year, saving the service of the King and the Church; the tenants not to alienate the premises. The feast of St. James the Apostle, 5 Henry VIII.
Sussex. C. 7267. Grant by Nicholas Elys, of Rye, fisherman, to Margery Joyse of a tenement and garden in [Rye] formerly of Clement Adam, of Rye. 27 Henry VIII. Endorsed with names of John Fleccher, mayor, and other witnesses.
Derby. C. 7268. Indenture, dated 20 April, 1517, witnessing that Thomas Styrley, of Calverton, gentleman, has demised to Anes, late the wife of Thomas Fleccher, for her life, all his lands in Alastre, late of the said Thomas; rent, 30s. English.
Essex. C. 7269. Indenture, dated 12 June, 17 Henry VII., witnessing that Thomas Tyrrell, knight, and Thomas Tyrrell, esquire, his son and heir apparent, have sold to Thomas Wyseman, of Chelmysford, tallow-chandler, their tenement called 'Brokys' in the parish of Spryngfelde. English. Two signatures and fragment of seal.
Worc. C. 7270. Grant by John Hanley, esquire, to John his son, of his messuage called 'Polez' and land in the manor of Tenbury, his messuage and land in Lower Beriton in the parish of Tenbury, his messuage and land in Upper Beriton which he bought from William Drayton and Isabel, his wife, and all the lands called 'Aston' in the lordship of Lyndriche, which lands he bought from . . . White. Witnesses:—Thomas Cornewall, knight, and others (named). 28 April, 1 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Berks. C. 7271. Grant by John Lyghtfote, the elder, to Thomas Hedington, the elder, and Nicholas Holton of all his lands in the parish of Hurley to the use of Juliana, his wife, for her life, and after her death to follow the terms of his will. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas Graunte, vicar of Hurley, John Mansell and William Burgesse. 26 September, 10 Henry VIII.
Essex. C. 7272. Grant by John Neve, husbandman, to William Drey- wood, of Hornechurch in Haveryngettebowre, yeoman, for 11l. 13s. 4d., of all his lands, etc. called 'Gyrstedes,' etc. in Bowresgyfford, Southbemflett and Thundersley. 20 February, 35 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Cambridge. C. 7273. Quitclaim by Nicholas Thirlowe, yeoman, to John Hawke, the elder, of Newton, and the heirs of his body, of his right in all the lands etc. formerly of John Basset, of Chishull, co. Essex, and afterwards of John Thirlowe, his father, in Thriplowe, and in 6½a. arable in the fields called 'Chirchmld, Hethffild, and Westffilde' there. 15 December, 11 Henry VIII. Seal.
Montg. C. 7274. Grant by Janet verch Dackin ap Jankin, of Krengon, to Llywelyn ap Jevan ap Meredith ap D', of the same, of all her lands in Rrewheriarth and Pentyrch in the lordship of Powis. 20 July, 35 Henry VIII. Seal.
Middx. C. 7275. Fragment of an indenture, dated . . . Henry VIII., witnessing that John Williams, gentleman, and Elizabeth, his wife, have demised to Laurence Serle, yeoman of the Crown, 2a. arable in Shordych.
C. 7276. Acknowledgment by Sir John Iwardby, knight, and Dame Dorothy, his wife, of the receipt from Edmund [Audley], bishop of Salesbery, John Broke, serjeant-at-law, John Skyllyng, gentleman, and Thomas Yorke, esquire, of 80l., in part payment of 120l., the marriage portion of Dame Dorothy. 21 November, 11 Henry VIII. English. Signatures of Sir John and Dame Dorothy. Seal.
York [W.R.]. C. 7277. Indenture, dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, co. Nottingham, knight, has demised to John Wostynhome a close called 'Roughe Close,' with a field called 'Smythe Field' in his lordship of Ecclesall for twenty-one years; rent, 11s. 8d.; the tenant to repair the fences and to have hedgebote therefor, to do no waste of great timber or spring, and to. serve Sir Nicholas, his heirs or assigns, in the King's wars. English.
Somerset. C. 7278. Indenture of demise by John Brook, serjeant-at-law, to John Saunder, . . ., his wife, and . . ., their son, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of a messuage and land in Strode in the parish of Wyneford; rent, 8s. to the use of Nicholas Neuton, esquire, for all service save the King's service and the right of the Church; suit at the court of the said John and Nicholas at Shepeham; the tenants to give their best beast as a heriot, and to do all repairs, receiving housebote, heybote, firebote, and ploughbote. 20 February, 6 Henry VIII.
[Somerset.] C. 7279. Demise by Nicholas Nyweton, esquire, to William Wryght, Margaret, his wife, and John, their son, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of a tenement and garden in the west street of Axbrugge, a barn in Hanams Lane there, land in Gote Acur in the parish of Compton, and an orchard and two peat-hags (morehays) in the borough of Axbrugge; rent for the whole, 6s. 8d.; clause of re-entry for non-payment of rent or neglect of repairs. 4 February, 27 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7280. Fragment of an indenture, dated 18 November, . . . [Henry VIII.], witnessing that Thomas Bulkeley, of Ayton, has demised to Richard . . . tenements in Dodynton, Woddunbury, and Checkley, or elsewhere in the county, for his life. English.
Cambridge. C. 7281. Indenture of conveyance by Thomas Meede, of Berden, co. Essex, yeoman, to John Chapman of a messuage and 80a. land in Thriploo, called 'Squyrrelles,' for 133l. 6s. 8d. 22 April, 32 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[York, W.R.] C. 7282. Indenture, dated 25 January, 24 Henry VIII., witnessing that Adam Senior and Margaret, his wife, of the 'parychynge' of Worsope, co. Nottingham, have demised to Henry Wygfall of the parish of Ekynton, co. Derby, a messuage in the parish of Sheyfeld called 'Caulyn House,' on the south side of Hurlo Lane, for twenty- three years. Witnesses:—Sir John Greynwod, abbot of Beuchyff, and others (named). English. Fragment of seal.
Merioneth. C. 7283. Grant by Marged verch David Llwyd and Tibod, her sister, the king's free tenants of the town of Pennaran in the commot of Penllyn, to John ap Hoell Vychan, free tenant of the same town, of their tenement called 'Rrydbot,' late of their father. 8 March, 22 Henry VIII. Two seals. Endorsed: Reed Boot.
Notts. C. 7284. Sale by Thomas Wolverd, of the household of the Duke of Norfolk, yeoman, to Christopher Bride, husbandman, and Agnes, his wife, of the remainder of his Crown lease for twenty-one years at a rent of 33s. 4d. of the water-mill of Maunsfeld Woodhouse with a close adjoining; the sale to become void if both Christopher and Agnes die before the end of the lease. 24 October, 10 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
Berks. C. 7285. Acknowledgment by William Fetyplace, of Tylehurst, esquire, of the receipt from Richard Bridges, of West Shifford, esquire, of 80l., which he accepts, together with the manor of Asshehampstede and lands in Bastelden and Wolhampton, in exchange for his manor of Maydencote and his lands there and in East Garston. 24 July, 34 Henry VIII. English. Signature of William Fetyplace. Seal of arms, damaged.
Cambridge. C. 7286. Grant by John North and Thomas Pryme, at the request of William Hawke and in performance of an award, to John Swan and Joan, his wife, for her life, of a yearly rent of 3l. charged on a messuage and land in Thriplow. 20 December, 19 Henry VIII. Seal, marked T.P.
Chester. C. 7287. Indenture, dated 2 January, 32 Henry VIII., witnessing that Richard Leftwiche, of Leftwiche, gentleman, has demised to Hugh Kow, of the cross by the Northewiche, husbandman, for 40s., a close of pasture called 'Stevens Hyll' by a river called 'Pever Ee in Wymmyncham for six years; rent, a peppercorn if demanded; all woods reserved except sufficient tynsyll, stakez and eddrynges' for fencing. English.
[Chester.] C. 7288. Indenture, dated 14 August, 6 Henry VIII., witnessing that Thomas Bulkeley, of Ayton, esquire, and Robert Bulkeley, his uncle and heir apparent, have demised to Roger Roo, of Hertfford, a messuage in Davenham for five years; rent, a roseleaf at Mid- summer; agreement by the said Thomas and Robert to enter into a bond for the performance of the covenants. English.
Bucks. C. 7289. Indenture, dated 24 September, 16 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that William Hartwell, of Bokkyng, co. Essex, gentleman, has sold to Henry Millar, of Buk', draper, Alice, his wife, and his heirs, his interest in a messuage called the 'Cocke' in Buk', with its close and garden, adjoining the house of Sir Richard Fowler, knight, the house of William Counser called the 'Angell,' and the river Owse, and in a croft late of Edmund Vawse, his grandfather, in the Est Ende, called the 'Tempull Lande,' clear of all encumbrances except the rent due to the chief lord of the fee, for 20l. 4d., to be paid within a year from Michaelmas next. English. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 7290. Indenture of demise by Anynge Stokett, widow, and Roger, her son, of the Abbey Foryatte, to Richard Oseley, glover, of the same, of a tenement in the street called 'Myryvans,' being 17 'olyn' ells by 10 in length, between the lane leading from Myryvans to a lane leading to 'Schoploch,' for ninety-nine years; rent, 4d. to her during her life and to her son Roger 1d., if demanded, and of a tene- ment in the Abbey Foryate for twelve years (no rent specified); covenants by Anynge to pay 2s. 4d. for chief rent, and by Anynge and Roger to carry out the terms of the agreement under a penalty of 40l. Witnesses:—Richard Mytton and Richard Purcer, bailiffs of Schrewsbyry. 5 March, 10 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
Chester. C. 7291. Indenture, being a quitclaim by William Clyff, doctor of laws, late official of Chester, at the request of Robert Bulkeley, gentleman, to Ranulph, son and heir apparent of Ranulph Maynwaryng, of Kerthyncham, esquire, and Humphrey Hassall, gentleman, of his right in all those messuages, lands, etc. in Wymyncham, Lostoke, and elsewhere in the county, which he had by the gift of the said Robert. 20 May, 17 Henry VIII. Signed: Ralph Eggerton, William Wilbram, priest, William Cliff.
Wales. C. 7292. Grant by Edward Gray, knight, Lord Powiss, to David ap Jevan ap Llut ap E[inu]s and his heirs male, according to the custom of Powis, of all the lands which escheated to him on the death of Llywelyn Goz ap Jevan ap Madoc ap Dio, without heirs, in his lordship of Mechen Uch Koyd, saving to him the wood and the waste, and to the said David the rocio [right to steep flax and hemp ?] estovers, and common of pasture. Pola Castle, 12 March, 20 Henry VIII. Signed: Edward Gray. Seal.
Essex. C. 7293. Acknowledgment by Thomas Knevet, of Stanewey, esquire, to Richard Fox, esquire, the purchaser of the manor called 'Dagworthes,' and the lands, etc. appertaining to it in Cressale and Elmedon, of the receipt of 250 marks in full payment. 8 November, 9 Henry VI. Seal of arms, damaged.
Sussex. C. 7294. Grant by Edward Avery and Richard Frankewell to Thomas Cheyne, of Warbilton, Thomas Darell, of Lamberherst, the elder, Richard Jeffrey, of Chetyngleygh, and Robert Holter of the reversion of all the lands called 'Wellond' in the parish of Asshe- bornham to the use of the said Thomas Cheyne. 6 November, 20 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Notts. C. 7295. Indenture, dated 3 February, 13 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Agnes late the wife of Christopher Bride, of Maunsfeld, co. Nottingham, has sold to Roland Revell, gentleman, of the same, her interest in Maunsfeld Wodhowss mill and a close belonging to it. Witnesses:—Thomas Revell, Peter Shakspeyr, and others (named). English. Seal, damaged.
[Bedford.] C. 7296. Conveyance by William Botelere, of Northyzevell, and William Percell, of Thornecot, to Reynold Tychemerche, Thomas Taylour, and Richard Peche of a toft called 'le Pytyll' in 'le Brokend' of Beston, by the toft of St. Mary's College, Northyzevell, which toft they had by the gift of Thomas Myllward. 20 February, 5 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[Bedford.] C. 7297. Grant by Ralph de Queye to Peter del Hacche, Maud his wife, and his heirs, of his messuage in 'le Hacche' of Beston. Thornecotes, Sunday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 11 Edward II.
[Bedford.] C. 7298. Grant by Richard Fikebrond to Ralph his son, for his service and 4s., of part of his messuage in 'le Brokende' in the parish of Sandeye, abutting on the road from Grotteforde to Schafforde; rent, ½d. at Lady Day. Witnesses:—William Joce, Richard Vallirion, and others (named). Endorsed: De quodam mesuagio in Brokend ex parte Beston quod Thomas Mylward tenet.
[Glouc] C. 7299. Grant by Henry Brayn, esquire, and John Marshe, gentleman, both of London, to Richard Watley, of Bristol, brewer, and Joan his wife, of a brewhouse with three little tenements in front of it let at 6l. 10s. yearly, a tenement adjoining let at 40s., and a tenement called 'le Thre Cuppys' let at 26s. 8d., all in Wynstrete, Bristol, and a rent of 6s. 8d. charged on a tenement in Maryleport Street (vico Beate Marie de Foro), Bristol. 24 July, 38 Henry VIII. Signed: Harry Brayn, John Mershe. Seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Middx. C. 7300. Indenture, dated 19 June, 5 Henry VIII., between John Colte, of Roydon, co. Essex, esquire, and Mary his wife, of the one part, and Thomas York, of Ramesbury, co. Wilts, esquire, of the other part, witnessing that it is agreed that Thomas shall enfeoff John More, serjeant-at-law, Thomas More and Richard Staverton, of London, gentleman, and Robert Cressy, of London, scrivener, of 2a. arable in the field of Istylworth, at the More Hedge, 17a. land in Twykenham, in the east field, 1a. 1r. land in Whitton, upon the 'Morestirlond,' and a 10a. toft called 'Browne Close' in the parish of Todyngton, all to the use of the said Thomas York, who, together with the said feoffees, shall grant to the said John Colte and Mary, out of the said lands, a yearly rent of 4l. 6s. 8d. for their life, and the life of the longer liver. English. Signed: John Colte. A colt's head as a mark, and fragment of seal.