Deeds: C.7301 - C.7400

Pages 457-470

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.7301 - C.7400

[Bedford.] C. 7301. Conveyance by Richard Hawkyn, of Oldewardon, and Robert Percell, of Thornecot, in the parish of Northyzevell, to Reynold Tychemercher, Thomas Taylor, and Richard Peche of a rood of meadow abutting on Wydefanhull, which they had by the gift of Eustace Hawkyn, Richard's father. Beston, 3 February, 5 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] C. 7302. Indenture, being a grant by William Susan to Thomas Cochere, Agnes his wife, and John their son, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of all his messuages and land in Murther within the parish of Tallan; rent, 30s. 2 October, 25 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed (in English) with condition (illegible).
Bedford. C. 7303. Grant by William Norman, of Barfford, and John Norman, of Clappame, his son and heir, husbandmen, to William Kyng and Alice his wife, of Coldsdon in the parish of Roxtone, William Stone, John Swyft, and Henry Mox, to the use of the said William Kyng and Alice, of lands in Lowgborow End and elsewhere in Barfford. 12 April, 33 Henry VIII. Marks. Fragments of two seals.
Cambridge. C. 7304. Counterpart of C. 7249. Seal.
N'hamp. C. 7305. Indenture, dated 8 December, 25 Henry VIII., witnessing that Giles Pulton, of Desburgh, esquire, and Giles, his son, have demised to Thomas Barnewell, of Cranesley, carpenter, 2 messuages. 2 cottages and land in Cranesley for sixty years; rent, 3l. 7s.; power to the said Thomas to cut and 'shrede' trees; the lessors to provide all timber for repairs except spars and wattle. English. Two seals, one of arms.
[Kent.] C. 7306. Indenture, witnessing that Christopher son and heir of Thomas Hales has sold to John Wylmot, the elder, of Sevenoke, weaver, a tenement called 'Hertes' and other lands in . . ., and has undertaken that John Curthop and Mildred his wife, a daughter of the said Thomas, and Christopher Ovyngton and Alice his wife, another daughter of the said Thomas, shall release their rights to the said Wylmot. Lady Day, . . Henry VIII. English.
Lincoln. C. 7307. Quitclaim by William Helwys, of Ludfurth, the elder, to John Faukener, William Eland, John Smyth, and John Faldyng- worth of his interest in land in Hemyngby held in common by Margaret his wife and others, daughters and heirs of Joan, late the wife of Richard Dawlyn, and formerly the wife of John Markham, of Kever- mont. 27 June, 12 Henry VIII.
Derby. C. 7308. Indenture, dated 17 July, 28 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir George Griffyth, of Wychenor, co. Staff., knight, has demised to Sir Ralph Longforth, of Longforth, knight, the manors of Barle- brugh alias Barlyborough, Kynwellmarsshe alias Kennollmarssh, and Hathersedge (held by him on lease from Sir William Hollys, knight, alderman of London) for six years; rent, 70l.; Sir Ralph to do all repairs and to pay all quit-rents and other outgoings and to have the option of purchase for 700l. before 1542. English.
Bedford. C. 7309. Indenture, dated 18 March, 33 Henry VIII., witnessing that Sir Thomas Grene, clerk, master of St. Mary's College, Northyell, and the brethren of the same have demised to John son of John Hawkyns, of Thornecote in the parish of Northyell, 17a. arable and 2a. meadow in Beston and Northyell, for twenty-one years; rent, 13s. 2d. English. Seal marked W.
Endorsed: Receyved for thentraunce of thes—xij.d.
[Somerset.] C. 7310. Indenture of demise by Nicholas Neuton, son and heir of John Neuton, knight, and John Broke, serjeant-at-law, his feoffee, to John and Richard, sons of John Stock and of Joan his wife, for their life and the life of the longer liver, of the reversion of a messuage in Shepehame after the deaths of the said John the father and Joan; rent, 13s. 4d., for all service save the service of the King and the Church and suit twice a year at their court of Shepehame; power to resume possession of the messuage if abandoned or alienated for more than a year without leave. 14 January, 7 Henry VIII. Fragments of seal.
[Chester.] C. 7311. Indenture, dated 16 Steptember, 14 Henry VIII., witnessing that John the abbot and the convent of Vale Royal, have demised to Richard Leftwych, for 26s. 8d. beforehand, a water-mill called 'Bradford Mylne' and all suits, tolls, multures, rights of way, and fisheries, belonging to it, for fourteen years, on terms similar to those granted to the tenants of their lordships of Overe and Weverham; rent, 53s. 4d.; provision that the abbey shall bring 'tymber, wyndyng, and streye' for the repair of the mill-dam and repair it if it break loose. English.
Herts. C. 7312. Indenture, dated 15 March, 23 Henry VIII., witnessing that George Tadlowe, of London, haberdasher, has sold to Thomas Cokkys, yeoman, for 30l. his messuage in Ware called 'the Wyndmyll' between the Borne and Mill Street, free of all encumbrances, except the chief lord's rents and services. English. Signed: George Tadlowe.
Endorsed with receipt for the purchase money.
Dorset. C. 7313. Indenture, being a grant by Robert Larder, of Loder, for his life, to John Hyde, gentleman, for the ending of all differences between them, of a yearly rent of 26s. 8d., with the right of distraint on his lands in Wyche. 7 November, 30 Henry VIII. Signed: Robert Larder.
Merioneth. C. 7314. Grant by Thomas ap David ap Gruffydd ap Hoell to Llewelyn ap y Person Llanvawer, both the king's free tenants of Dwygrayc in the commot of Penllyn, of his tenement called 'Tyddyn y Brynn Bedwoc' in Dwygrayc. 24 September, 7 Henry VIII.
Heref. C. 7315. Indenture, dated 27 November, 7 Henry VIII., witnessing that John Breynton, gentleman, has demised to John White, of Bur- mershe, husbandman, a messuage and land called 'Burmershe' for twenty-one years; rent, 28s. 8d.; the tenant to do all repairs and pay all charges and not to sublet without leave. Seal, marked with a crowned T.
Notts. C. 7316. Indenture, dated 17 February, 34 Henry VIII., being a defeasance by William Sacheverell, esquire, of a recognisance given by Sir Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, knight, to him and Mary, his wife, for 400l., on condition of payment of 240l. in three instalments by Midsummer 1545. Signed: William Sacheverell.
Surrey. C. 7317. Chirograph, indented, dated 9 October, 32 Henry VIII., witnessing that William Gardyner, yeoman, has demised to Thomas Champney, citizen and butcher of London, a house and lands called 'Our Lady Croft,' 'the Wyldes,' &c. in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen in Bermondsey Street, Southwark; rent, 24l. 10s.; the tenant to have power to lop and crop but not to fell trees, and the lessor to pay the tithes. English.
[Merioneth.] C. 7318. Grant by Hugh ap Gwelym ap Gruffydd, son and heir of Mally verch Llewelyn ap Jevan Lloyd, and free tenant of the lordship of Mowthoy, to John ap Hoell Vaghan, of the same lordship, of all lands and buildings late of John ap Llewelyn ap Jevan Lloyd, burgess of Denas Mowthoy, in the liberty of the said town of Denas. Michaelmas, 11 Henry VIII.
[Kent.] C. 7319. Quitclaim by Alice Holowey, late the wife of Thomas Holowey the elder, and mother of Thomas Boby, to William Potkyn, gentleman, Peter Potkyn and Edward Repe, clerks, and Richard Marchere, for a pair of gloves, of her right in two parcels of land called 'Russell' in the parish of Sevenok, between two commons called 'Hobbordheth' and 'Jelianhill.' 26 January, 6 Henry VIII.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Chester.] C. 7320. Bill, indented, dated 7 September, 15 Henry VIII., wit- nessing that Sir John Savage the elder, knight, has received by the hands of Tocher Byrked, Richard Leftwich's bailiff of Shibbroke and Bostoke and farmer of all Sir John's messuages and lands in Leftwich, 11l. 3s. 4d. for the rents of Shybbroke and Bostoke, and 7l. for the messuages and lands in Leftwich. English. Paper. Signed: Tocher Byrkhed. Fragments of seal.
Devon. C. 7321. Grant by Alice Dunnyng, widow, sister and coheir of John Leveger of Lodeswill, to Hugh Harry, of her moiety of messuages, lands, &c. in Lixton within the parish of Aveton Gifford. 4 September, 28 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7322. Quitclaim by Roger Puleston, knight, to John Mayn- waryng, chaplain, of his right in the messuages, salt-works, lands (as in C. 7335), and rent recovered by the said John and by John Davenport, chaplain, deceased. Signature of Sir Roger Puleston.
Endorsed with several signatures.
Cornw. C. 7323. Indenture, being a defeasance by William Soason, of Launceston, merchant, of a feoffment and release by John Murther alias Randell, gentleman, of all his messuages and tenements in Murther, on condition of the payment of 22l. before 1 November, 1521. Witnesses:—Thomas Graynfylde, knight, and others (named). 28 October, 1 Henry VIII. Seal.
Essex. C. 7324. Grant by William Dwight, citizen and leatherseller of London, to Richard Mundes, scrivener of the court hand of the city of London (scriptori litere curialis civitatis London'), Agnes his wife, John Staunton, gentleman, John Carewe, yeoman, and William Dawson, butcher, all of Rumpford, of his tenement in the hamlet of [Rum]pford in Havering le Bowre (which he, jointly with others, had by the gift of William Hydid, John Seyton, and others) to the use of the said Richard and Agnes. 29 November, 13 Henry VIII. Signed: William Dwyth.
Herts. C. 7325. Grant by George Tadlow, citizen and haberdasher of London, Thomas Byrche, yeoman (valecto) of the king, Thomas Purce, yeoman, and Henry Beket, of London, haberdasher, to Thomas Cokkys, yeoman, Robert Spencer, husbandman, William Spencer, and Henry Shorley, glover, to the use of the said Thomas Cokkys, of a messuage in Ware (as in C. 7312), which they had, jointly, to the use of the said George Tadlow by the grant of William Kyng and William Gelden, feoffees to the use of William Matson, deceased. 14 April, 23 Henry VIII. Two signatures.
Merioneth. C. 7326. Grant by David ap Thomas ap David ap Gr' to Retherch ap Morgan ap John ap David Lloyd, both the king's free tenants of the town of Dwygraig in the commot of Penllyn, of tenements called 'Cay Griffri' and 'Tyddyn Jevan Ddu ap y Meudwy' and a parcel of common land (terre communitatis) called 'Murddyn David Goz,' all in Dwygraig. 27 September, 25 Henry VIII.
[Cornw.] C. 7327. Indenture, being a grant by John Murthe alias Randell, son and heir of Hugh Murthe, to John Tallan, of all his messuages, lands, &c. in Murthe and Menedewe in the parish of Tallan for nineteen years; rent, a grain of corn, if demanded; remainder in fee tail to John Murthe, his son and heir; remainder to his right heirs. Witnesses:—Dager Yonge, vicar of Tallan, John Wyot and John Gedelegh. 10 April, 3 Henry VIII.
Cornw. C. 7328. Grant by John Gidlegh, late of Portpira, gentleman, to William Frye, of Porewan, yeoman, of all his messuages, lands, &c. in Pleyton, Sutton, Polpera, or elsewhere in the parish of Tallonde. 20 June, 14 Henry VIII.
[Essex.] C. 7329. Letters of Philip Bothe, knight, appointing Thomas Bothe and Robert Kyddryche his attorneys, to take seisin of the manor of Bodnecke and land in Asshenden, conveyed to him for life with re- mainder in fee to Robert Lytton, his cousin and heir apparent. 21 May, 27 Henry VIII. Signature of Philip Bothe. Seal of arms.
Wilts. C. 7330. Indenture, dated Michaelmas, 16 Henry VIII., witnessing that Thomas Yorke, esquire, has demised to David Reve, yeoman, for thirty-one years, 2a. pasture in Brokyng Land, in Wotton Basset, at a rent of 20d. and his parcel of pasture in Rylande at a rent of 15d.; the tenant to mend the fences, and to have for that purpose the 'shrowdyngs' of the tre[es] growing on the land. English.
Notts. C. 7331. Quitclaim by Thomas Wolverd, of London, armourer, to . . . ., of Mawnsfeld, gentleman, of his right, on the death of Agnes Bryde, of Mawnsfeld, widow, in Maunsfeld Wodehous mill and a close adjoining. 12 March, 13 Henry VIII. Mark and seal.
Endorsed.—Relax' al Revell de molyn' de Mancefeld Wodehouse.
Chester. C. 7332. Indenture, being a grant by John Wynygton, son and heir of John Winygton, to Robert Nedeham, of Sheneton, Thomas Maynewayrynge, of Caryncham, gentleman, John, son and heir of . . . Maynewayrynge, and John Wybumbury of all his messuages, salt-works, lands, &c. in Cranache, Twemlowe, Plumiey, and elsewhere in the county, for the performance of the terms of his will. . . January, 22 Henry VIII.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Cornw.] C. 7333. Indenture, being a grant by Thomas Hockyn to Mary his daughter, in fee tail, of all his messuages and lands, with a house, dovecote, and windmill in Tregantell; rent, 4s.; remainder to himself. 1 August, 32 Henry VIII.
Endorsed (in English) with a note of livery of seisin.
Chester. C. 7334. Grant by John Clayton, of Gravenhongur, co. Salop, gentleman, to John Starky, of Wrenbury, esquire, of all his messuages, salt-works, lands, &c. in Bostock, Warton, Multon, Davenham, Leftwiche, Northwich, Middlewich, Overe, Weverham, Frodesham, Briddesmere, Wymyncham, Mersheton, Pykmere, Lostoke, Allostock, Lostock Gralam, Anderton, Shibbroke, Shurlache, Bradford, Rudhethe, Nantwich (Wicus Malbanus), Hurleston, and Acton, which he had by the gift of Ranulph Clayton, of Thelwall, gentleman. 8 March, 25 Henry VIII. Seal.
Chester. C. 7335. Confirmation by Roger Puleston, knight, of the estate acquired by John Davenport and John Maynwayryng, chaplains, from Richard Leftwiche the elder, Ranulph Maynwayryng, son and heir apparent of Ranulph Maynwayryng, of Kerthyncham, esquire, Gilbert Dutton, and Humphrey Hassall, of messuages, salt-works, land and rent in Chester, Dodynton, and other places (as in C. 7334). 10 October, 19 Henry VIII. Signature.
Endorsed with signatures.
Middx. C. 7336. Chirograph, indented, witnessing that Henry Huet, son of John Huet of Canterbury, mercer, deceased, has apprenticed himself to Thomas Huntlowe, citizen and haberdasher of London, for eight years. John Rest, mayor of London, Thomas Semer and Richard Thurston, sheriffs. Lady Day, 8 Henry VIII. Seal, dam- aged, with a crowned W.
Bedford. C. 7337. Indenture, dated 19 August, 6 Henry VIII., witnessing that Richard, earl of Kent, has sold to William Marshall, Richard Willughby, and Thomas Wodell, gentlemen, for 20l., the trees and underwood in the quarter called 'Syble Sale' in Harwold park; the buyers to have two years for 'utteraunce' of the trees and underwood. English. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 7338. Grant by John, son and heir of John Baldryk, of Wybolston [in the] parish of Eton, to John Bonfeld, of Lower Stapylho, John Kepest, of Deuelho, and William Hyll, of Lower Stapylho, of 2a. arable in Lower Staplo, to the use of the said John Bonfeld. 24 December, 3 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7339. Grant by Margery Starky, widow, to John Starky of Aghton, co. Lanc., gentleman, her son, of her interest in a messuage, half a salt-work of eight cauldrons (plumborum), a garden, and other messuages, lands, &c. in Northwich and Wynygton, of which he has the reversion at her death. 10 December, 18 Henry VIII.
Essex. C. 7340. Indenture, dated 6 July, 10 Henry VIII., witnessing that George Emerson, gentleman, and Alice, his wife, have sold to Thomas Rothwode, girdler and citizen of London, all their lands in Westham, in a place called 'le Lake,' free of all encumbrances except rent-service. English. Signature of George Emerson. Seal.
Wilts. C. 7341. Indenture, dated 16 April, 25 Henry VIII., witnessing that Thomas York, of Elthropp, in the parish of Remmysbury, esquire, has demised to Richard Richman, the elder, Thomas Richman and Joan, his wife, John Richman, and Richard Richman, the younger, his messuage called 'Yorkis Ferme' and lands in Draycot Folyatt and Chesilden for their life and the life of the longest liver, but the said Joan to have no interest except during her widow's estate; rent, 5l.; the tenants to do all repairs of timber, walling, tiling, thatching, and 'moundes.'
Cambridge. C. 7342. Conveyance by Nicholas Thyrlowe, John Woode, gentle- man, and John Ferby to John Paryse, of Lynton, esquire, Nicholas Hughson and George Nicols, gentlemen, John Pryme atte Grene, Thomas Scotte, and Thomas Goddefrey, the younger, of all the lands, &c. formerly of John Basset, of Chishull, co. Essex, and afterwards of John Thirlowe, in Tryplow, and 6½a. land in 'Chirchefeld, le Hethfeld and le Westfeld,' in Trippelowe, which lands they, with William Thirlowe, rector of Great Loghe, co. Essex, and others, had by the gift of William Frevell, esquire, and others. 20 September, 2 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Cambridge. C. 7343. Grant by John North and Thomas Pryme, the elder, husbandmen, to John Chapman, of a messuage, 140a. arable, 10a. pasture, and 3a. wood in Thryplowe, which they had by the gift of John Swan, the elder, of Newton. 6 February, 32 Henry VIII. Seal, marked R.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Chester. C. 7344. Grant by Richard Hawkyns, of Sherynton, co. Herts, gentleman, auditor in the county of Chester, to John, son and heir apparent of Thomas Maynwaryng, of all the messuages, salt-works, lands, &c. late of Thomas Bulkeley, of Ayton, esquire, Robert Bulkeley, uncle and heir of the said Thomas Bulkeley, and Arthur Bulkeley in the places named in C. 7334 (except Shurlache, Bradford, Nantwich (Wicus Malbanus), Hurleston, and Acton), and in Chekley and Dodyngton. 3 August, 23 Henry VIII. Signature of Richard Hawkyns. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Essex. C. 7345. Grant by John Coke of Geryhall, esquire, son and heir of Philip Coke, knight, to Henry Wiatt and John Cutt, knights, Richard Wiatt, clerk, Richard Legh, John Bedell, and John Germyn, of all his lands in Westham, between Stratford le Bow, co. Middlesex, and Stratford Langthorn, co. Essex. 26 January, 2 Henry VIII. Signed: John Cocke.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin and signatures of witnesses.
Horef. C. 7346. Grant by Roger Mayniston, gentleman, to Fulk Brugge, clerk, Thomas Apgwylym, esquire, and John, his son, William Brugge, gentleman, and Giles, his son, and Thomas Hapkyns, of all the lands, rents, &c. in the lordship or parish of Langaran or elsewhere in Erchyn- feld, to the use of himself, Joan, his wife, daughter of Thomas Brugge, late of Dymmok, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to his own right heirs. 20 January, 8 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7347. Indenture, dated 13 October, 9 Henry VIII., witnessing that [Edmund Audley], bishop of Salisbury, Sir Richard Cholmundeley, knight, Master Edward Molyneux, parson of Sefton, Ralph Larden, vicar of . . ., Richard Williamson, priest, John Brereton, clerk, Richard Leftwiche, Richard Hassall, and Gilbert Dutton, feoffees of the lands of Richard Cholmundeley, deceased, have demised to Elizabeth, late the wife of the said Richard Cholmundeley, for her life, for her dower, the manor of Capenhurst and all messuages, lands, &c, there and in Chorley, Malpas, Egge, Larton, and Bikerton (except a windmill in Capenhurst), two messuages and all lands, &c, in Cholmundeley in the tenure of Henry and Robert Tomlynson of the More, the third part of the 'falling woods' of Birtle, a water called 'Okmere' with the fishing, and 40 cartloads of turf from Cholmundeley moss; Elizabeth to retain her dower-rights in lands in Churchemyns- hull and Routon, and to have a lease of the manor of Cholmundeley for six years at a yearly rent of 21l. 6s. 4d., of which she is to retain 16l. 13s. 4d. for the maintenance of Richard's children. English.
Chester. C. 7348. Certificate by Ralph Eggerton, knight, escheator for the county, of the execution of a writ of livery of seisin, dated 19 April, 11 Henry VIII., to William son of Thomas Rottor, of one-fourth of the manor of Kyngesley, messuages, land, a water-mill called 'Kyngesley Mylne,' and one-fourth of the waste, heath, and moss of the fee of Kyngesley in Kyngesley, Norley, Neuton, and Codynton as one-fourth of a knight's fee, worth 10 marks, held of the earldom of Chester, of a messuage and land in Froddesham and Bradley, worth 10s., held in socage of the earldom at a yearly rent of 2s.; of a messuage and land in Acton worth 6s. 8d. held of Laurence Dutton, esquire; and of messuages and land in Heswall worth 20s., held of the heirs of Patrick Heswall; of all which Thomas Rotter died seised. 24 April, 12 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7349. Grant by Roger Puleston, knight, to John Davenport and John Maynwarynge, chaplains, of his right in messuages, salt- works, lands, &c. in Chester, Dodynton and other places (as in C. 7335, except Shibbroke, Shurlache, Bradford, Rudhethe, Nantwich, Hurles- ton, and Acton). 12 October, 19 Henry VIII. Signed: Sir Roger Pullson, kt. Seal of arms (a single mullet).
Endorsed with several signatures.
Berks. C. 7350. Chirograph, indented, dated 1 July, 8 Henry VIII., witnessing that Thomas Yorke, of Helthropp, co. Wilts, esquire, son and heir of John Yorke, of Twygenham, co. Middlesex, esquire, has sold to George Monoux, alderman of London, for 200 marks, his manor of Hacbourne, covenanting that it is of the clear yearly value of 10 marks. 1 July, 8 Henry VIII. English.
Worc. C. 7351. Chirograph, indented, dated 20 September, 34 Henry VIII., witnessing that Richard Serjante, of Birmyngham, co. Warw., draper, has demised to John Weste, of Little Bromwiche, gentleman, a tenement in the lordship of Kynges Norton, on Walkers Heath, four crofts adjoining thereto, land called 'Chyndehowse,' and a field called 'Weyffylde,' for forty years; rent, 58s.; the tenant to do all repairs, taking timber and heybote therefor. English.
[Norfolk.] C. 7352. Grant by Robert [He]rryson, chaplain, of Beston, to John Skynnere, the elder, of the same, Rose his wife, Richard Skynnere, and William Flood, of land by that of the prior of Castellacre, abutting on the highway called 'Marketgate' and on the road leading to Nethergate, and elsewhere in Kempston, and at Floodesc[ro]ftesend in Beston. 13 April, 3 Henry VIII.
Cornw. C. 7353. Grant by William Lanhergy, of Exmyster, co. Devon, to Gilbert Bekett, of Cortyther, esquire, of all his lands, &c. in Trelay in the parish of Plenynt, formerly granted by Edmund Bekett, Gilbert's ancestor, to Ellis La[n]hergy. 25 August, 9 Henry VIII.
[Sussex.] C. 7354. Indenture, being a conveyance by John Gardyner to Elisha, his brother, in tail male, of a parcel of land called 'Bolelond,' in Rousparre, between lands called 'Southwode, Wymlond, and Marle- feld,' and the road to Roughey, which he had by the gift of the said Elisha; remainder to himself in fee. 5 April, 4 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed.—A dede of in tayle of Bull Land unto John Gardiner of Langhurst if there be not male issue lying in Rusper.
[Cambridge.] C. 7355. Grant by Robert, son and heir of John Dyker, to Thomas Hawkyn, Thomas Person, and John Dawe, of 2a. land in Leveryngton, in the field called 'Northinham,' between land of the chantry of St. John the Baptist, &c. and abutting on the way called 'Parsondrove,' to the use of Maud, late the wife of John Fysher. 28 July, 1 Henry VIII. Signature of Robert Dyker.
Kent. C. 7356. Grant by William Munden, of Milton by Gravisende, to Ralph Darbishere of a tenement with a wharf in the street called 'le Westrett' in Gravisende, adjoining a wharf of John Clegent. 30 January, 31 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged, marked T. R.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
N'hamp. C. 7357. Indenture, dated 1 March, 2 Henry VIII., between Richard Graye, earl of Kent, and Dame Elizabeth, his wife, of the one part, and Robert Mathew, of Bradden, esquire, of the other part, reciting a sale by Richard Wiloughtby, of Grendon, gentleman, bailiff of the earl and countess, to Robert of their coppice called 'the Harber' in the woods called 'Buknell' in the parish of Tocester, for 60l., and providing that Robert shall have free ingress and egress to fell and carry away wood till Lammas twelvemonth, but shall not cut wood between 31 May and Michaelmas, nor carry it between Lammas and Michaelmas, and shall leave standing all oaks of less than 20 inches at 3 feet from the ground as 'rialls' and samplers (sampulles); the parties to be bound each to each in 100 marks, and James Button, bailiff of Amptell, Nicholas Tydder, bailiff of Tocester, and John Keche, bailiff of Hemmyngford Graye, to be bound with the earl and countess. Signed by Christopher Addyngton on behalf of the said Robert, his master. English. Seal, with a woven ring.
Endorsed with a memorandum of the receipt of 40l. of the purchase- money.
Bedford. C. 7358. Counterpart of C. 7337.
Monm. C. 7359. Grant by William John ap Griffithe and Elizabeth verghe Jevan, his wife, to John ap Jevan, Wenleana William, his wife, and John's heirs, of a meadow called 'Ero Yeoon' in the parish of Kylgurrog in the the fee of Uske, between land called 'Tyre Maniell,' &c. 28 June, 37 Henry VIII,
Somerset. C. 7360. Indenture, being a demise by Nicholas Neuton, esquire, to Thomas Webbe, Elizabeth, his wife, and John and Richard, their sons, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of a messuage and land in Strode, in the parish of Wyneford, late of William Webbe, father of Thomas; rent, 8s., for all service save the King's service, the right of the Church, suit twice a year at his court at Shepeham, and a heriot when due. The feast of St. James, 1 Henry VIII. Signature of Nicholas Neuton. Seal.
Wilts. C. 7361. Indenture, dated 10 November, 34 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Yorke, of Elthrope in the parish of Ramesbery, esquire, has demised to Alexander Newe a messuage, 4 closes and 30a. arable in Ramsbery, in Alexander's occupation, for seventy years, if Alexander shall so long live; rent, 20s. English.
[Warw.] C. 7362. Grant by Edward Mychell to William Colmor, the elder, William Peynton, William Colmor, the younger, and Thomas Snowdon of a burgage and garden in Byrmyngham, stretching to New Street, to his own use and that of Alice, his wife, for their life and the life of the longer liver; remainder in tail to Roger, their son, and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Thomas Kemson; remainder in tail to Robert Michell, another son; remainder to his own right heirs. 16 November, 36 Henry VIII.
Footnote (in English) terminating Alice's interest if she shall re- marry.
Endorsed with names of witnesses to livery of seisin.
Bedford. C. 7363. Indenture, witnessing that Richard, earl of Kent, has demised to Thomas Fraunceys, of Milbroke, yeoman, his manors of Clophill and Keynoo, except advowsons, wards, and profits of woods and courts, for ten years; rent 10l. 13s. 2d.; and the said Thomas shall also pay to John Hubberd of London, mercer, 10l. yearly for the debt of the said earl, who is to 'repair the manors' and pay the costs of the courts and the steward's dinner; the tenant to pay all rents, fees and charges, except the bailiff's fee of 20s. 15 March, 2 Henry VIII. English. Fragment of seal.
Chester. C. 7364. Indenture, being a conveyance by Robert Bulkeley, of Wymyncham, and Richard Leftwiche, of Leftwiche, the elder, gentle- man, to Humphrey Wynynton, of Anderton, gentleman, Henry Leftwiche, of Leftwiche, Richard Taylyor, and Roger Dene, chaplain, curate of Davenham, of a messuage, a garden, half a salt-work of eight cauldrons (plumborum), and rent in Northwich, which they had by the grant of John Starky, of Haghton, co. Lancaster, deceased, to uses specified in an indenture of even date. 8 December, 19 Henry VIII. Signature of Richard Leftwiche.
Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Chester. C. 7365. Assignment by Roger Roo, of Hertforde, to Richard Leftwiche, of Leftwiche, the elder, gentleman, of a lease granted rent-free, by Thomas Bulkeley, of Ayton, esquire, for the life of the said Thomas, of three messuages and all his lands in Bostoke, and a yearly rent of 10s. charged on a messuage and salt-work in Middlewich. 20 January, 15 Henry VIII. Signed: Roger Roo.
[Cornw.] C. 7366. Indenture, being a demise by William Soason, of Launces- ton, merchant, to John Murther, of all his messuages and lands at Murther in the parish of Tallan, for twelve years; rent, 26s. 8d., the tenant to do repairs and not to sublet. Witnesses:—Thomas Grayn- feld, knight, and others (named). 6 November, 1 Henry VIII.
Warw. C. 7367. Grant by Henry Foxhall, yeoman, to Edward Michell of a burgage, and garden in Byrmingham (as in C. 7362). 28 33 Henry VIII.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin and the words 'Alys Mychell quer'.'
Cambridge. C. 7368. Grant by William Hawke, yeoman, son and heir of John Hawke, to Richard Fuller, of Great Shelford, husbandman, of lands, etc. in Thriplowe, successively of John Basset, of Cheshull, co. Essex, John Thurlowe, Nicholas Thurlowe, and John Hawke. 18 December, 32 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[Salop.] C. 7369. Grant by John Norgrove, of Overwode, yeoman, to John Barcar, for 13s. 4d., of half a yard-land in Eldekot. 2 May, 20 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Chester. C. 7370. Letters of Richard Hawkyns, of Sherynton, co. Heref., auditor for the county of Chester, appointing Thomas Maynwaryng, of Kerthyncham, the elder, his attorney, to recover from Richard Maynwaryng, chaplain, seisin of messuages, &c. (as in C. 7344, and in Checkley and Duddyngton). 2 August, 23 Henry VIII.
Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Devon. C. 7371. Indenture, being a demise by Robert Thome, prior, and the convent of Barnstaple, to William Downe and Robert and Alexander, his sons, for their lives in survivorship, of the reversion of three closes called 'Newparkes' in the parish of Barnstaple now held by John Palmer, Wilmota, his wife, and Joan, their daughter, for their lives in survivorship; rent, 26s. 8d. and a heriot of 21s., the latter not to be due during the life of the said William; the tenants to do suit of court yearly and suit of the prior's mill. 31 May, 13 Henry VIII. Two seals.
[Salop.] C. 7372. Grant by Sir Geoffrey ap Meredith ap Howell, chaplain, and Randolph, son and heir of Robert Irlond, of Oswestry, to Edward ap Madoc ap Yonkus, of Swynay, [. . .] of two-thirds of the hundred of Oswestry, of 1a. land adjoining a stream called 'Mordaff' in a field called 'Mays Thomas Issa' in Swynay, in exchange for 2a. land partly in the same field and partly in the lord's. Witnesses:—Gilbert Talbot, knight, steward there, Edward Trevour and Hugh ap David, chief bailiffs of two-thirds of the hundred of Oswestry, and others (named). 25 September, 6 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
York [W.R.]. C. 7373. Grant by Richard Harwarde, of Canyngton, son and heir of Richard Harwarde, to Alice, his wife, for her life, of all his messuages, lands, etc. in Hartyll and Woddall. 20 July, 23 Henry VIII. Signed: Rycherde Harwarde. Seal.
Salop. C. 7374. Grant by John Sheppart to John Barker, both of Were, yeomen, of 1a. of his land, containing 5 selions, called 'Leg Acre in Nynenasshe field in the parish of Nende Savaige. 10 September, 27 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Leic. C. 7375. Grant by Nicholas Styrley, knight, of Sturley, co. Notts., to Robert Tebb and his assigns, for life, of the office of bailiff of all his manors, lands, &c. in Harborow and Great Bowdon, with a yearly fee of 10s. 10 May, 31 Henry VIII. Seal.
Chester. C. 7376. Indenture, being a grant by Ralph Waryne, gentleman, to William . . . of rent charged on two messuages in Chester. 36 Henry VIII. Signed by Ralph Waryne. Fragments of seal, wrapped in canvas.
[Salop.] C. 7377. Indenture, witnessing that Geoffrey, the abbot, and the convent of Lylyshull have demised to John Lymell, of Bruggenorth, mercer, a tenement and garden in Bruggenorth in the street called 'Sub Monte,' extending to a lane leading to the Severn called 'Lee Stayers,' a second garden bounded by the same lane and stretching from the highway to the rock, and a third garden with a cellar (cavea) at Dickysyate, between the land of Byldewas Abbey and the hill, for ninety-nine years; rent, 7s. Witnesses:—Richard Horde, esquire, and Thomas Hadnall, bailiffs of the town and liberty of Bruggenorth, and others (named). 9 September, 5 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Not entered.
Staff. C. 7378. Grant by Nicholas Lorde and Agnes, his wife, to John, their son, in fee tail, of a messuage, a croft, and 25a. land and meadow in Waterfall. Witnesses:—William Basset and Philip Okover, esquires, Humphrey Herryson, vicar of Alsfeld, and others (named). 24 April, 12 Edward IV.
[Bucks. Oxford.] C. 7379. Grant by Robert Brand to John, his son, in fee tail, of a meadow, which he had by the gift of [John] de Morton in Petitheya; remainder to Sir Stephen de Cheindut in fee, together with the manors of Kinggeshull and Stok[e]nechireche. Witnesses:—Sir John de Wedon, Robert de Mapeldereham, Peter de Eserigges, Henry and William de Leukenor, Ralph de Vernay, Alan de Walinggeford, physician, and others (named).
[Berks.] C. 7380. Copy of the will of William Person, of Lambourne, dated 1 June, 1397: directions for burial in the churchyard of St. Michael's, Lambourne; legacies (in money and sheep) to the fabric of Salisbury cathedral, to the chapel of St. James, Estbury, for the purchase of two banners for the church of Lambourne, to the four houses of friars at Oxford, to the friars minors of Redyng, to the Carmelite friars of Marleberg, to Sir Roger de Chilton, late his chaplain, to Sir William Cokkes, vicar of Asshebury, to John, prior of Poghel', to Henry, vicar of Lambourne, to the convent of Waverle, and for other religious and charitable uses; appointment of Joan, his wife, as residuary legatee and executrix, and of Thomas Estbury and William Pryour, chaplain, as executors. Official seal.
Endorsed with note of probate before John Medford, clerk of Richard, bishop of Salisbury, 18 July, 1397.
[Cornw.] C. 7381. Copy of a grant by William Rupe, knight, to William de Lestre, for 40l., of all his land of Tremodereth in the parish of Roche (Rupe), with the homage and service of Oda de Rupe, Clement de Fursdon, rector of Roche, Peter de Glynion, master, and others (named); rent, 5 marks, during the grantor's life, for all service save the king's service. Witnesses;—Sir William de Chambernon and Sir William Stanton, knights, and others (named). Cottelegh, Friday before St. Luke, 21 Edward [I.] Paper.
Heref. C. 7382. Grant by Thomas de Breynton, chaplain, to Nicholas Torel, Denise, his wife, and his heirs, of a messuage in the suburb of Hereford 'quod jacet Aboveyeyne.' Witnesses:—William de Aylmeston, bailiff of the bishop of Hereford, and others (named). Tuesday before Martinmas, 25 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 7383. Grant by Stephen Garlec to Thomas son of John Duraunt of a messuage in South Street, Dunstaple, between Watling Street, the prior's bakehouse, &c. Monday before Candlemas, 26 Edward [I.].
[Warw.] C. 7384. Chirograph, indented, being a demise by William de Bocckemor, parson of Arleye, to Richard de Caldeford, chaplain, for life, of all his hands in Solihull which he had by the gift of William, his father; rent, 20s.; Richard to keep the buildings and hedges in a condition as good as he received them in or better, using the timber growing on the tenement without waste, not alienating the premises, and attorning to any person, under penalty of 40l., to whom the estate may be conveyed. Wednesday, the Nativity of St. Mary, 13 Edward III.
[Lincoln.] C. 7385. Conveyance by Thomas Farseux and John Keel, both of Spaldyng, to Robert Spaldyng, of London, serjeant-at-arms, of 2½a. arable in Pynchebek, abutting on 'Redygraft' and 'Renawaydyke,' formerly of William Hole alias Spaldyng, son of Ralph Hole, of Spaldyng, shereman and citizen of London. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 4 Edward IV.
Endorsed with note of the production of the above deed by the said Robert in Chancery, and of his request that it might be cancelled.
[Heref.] C. 7386. Grant by William de Couleye, of Cradeleye, to John de Berhale, of Aston, chaplain, of all his tenement and land at 'la Sudde,' with 'Doucelond, Prestuslond, and Huweyteslond,' and the goods, etc. belonging to the tenement. Witnesses:—Richard de Hanleye, Robert ate Fynges, and others (named). Saturday, the feast of St. Barnabas, 19 Edward III.
Cornw. C. 7387. Quitclaim by John Tallan, of Tallan, to William Soason, of Launceston, merchant, of his right in all the messuages and lands in Murther late of John Murther, alias Randell. 3 August, 4 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Lancaster. C. 7388. Indenture, dated 20 November, 34 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Ralph Langforthe of Langforthe, co. Derby, knight, has demised to Edward Deyne, his servant, a messuage called 'Houghe Ende' in the parish of Manchester, and all his land there, with housebote, heybote, cornbote, ploughbote and firebote, for forty years; rent, 25s. Signed: Edward Deyne. English.
Essex. C. 7389. Grant by Richard Lucas, alias Nycolas, of Combes, co. Suffolk, labourer, to Richard Mundes, of Romford, gentleman, of his tenement in Brent wood, on the road from London to Chelmysford, bequeathed to him by Richard Lucas, alias Nycolas, his father. 26 May, 36 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Cumberland. C. 7390. Grant by John and Robert de Wilton to Nicholas Preistman of their lands called 'Ackysbyggyng' in Uldale. Witnesses:— William de Osmonderlawe, Christopher de Curwen and others (named). Monday before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 10 Henry IV.
Cornw. C. 7391. Quitclaim by Agnes, relict of Thomas Hockyn, to Laurence Kendall of her dower-right in one-third of a messuage in Tregantell in the parish of Lanlyverey, bought by Laurence from Thomas. 21 January, 34 Henry VIII.
Middx. C. 7392. Grant by Nicholas and Laurence Serle, Thomas Armorer and Thomas Austen to William Meriton and Leonard Serle of 2a. land in Hoxston, between the land of the prioress of Holywell, etc. and abutting on the highway from London to Warre and on Hoxston Street, to the use of the said Nicholas. 30 September, 24 Henry VIII. Signed: Nicholas Serll, Thomas Almerar, Thomas Austen.
[Bedford.] C. 7393. Indenture, dated 25 July, 10 Henry VIII, witnessing that Richard Grey, earl of Kent, has demised to Ralph Moorton of Mylbroke 30a. arable called 'Adamsay and Parkhill,' and meadow belonging thereto, between the earl's great park, etc. for thirty-one years; rent, 10s.
N'hamp. Oxford. C. 7394. Quitclaim by Joan Gardyner, formerly the wife of Thomas Ryvell, of London, grocer, and afterwards the wife of John Gardyner, gentleman, to John Ryvell of London, gentleman, son and heir of Robert Ryvell, of her dower-right in the messuages and land in Byfeld, Grutworth and Lychbarowe, co. Northampton, and Wardyngton, co. Oxford, formerly of Robert son of Richard Ryvell, gentleman. 7 March, 1 Henry VIII. Seal.
Bedford. C. 7395. Conveyance by Thomas, son and heir of Thomas Brownsale, to Nicholas Hardyng, gentleman, Reynold and William Tychemersh, William Fleccher, Thomas Gylmyn, William Persell and Robert Carter of the lands, rents, etc. formerly called 'Jakys Bodenho' in Beston, in the parish of Northievell, which Thomas, his father, and others deceased had by the gift of Richard Godfrey, esquire, and Thomas Gelybrond and Thomas Snowe, gentlemen, for the maintenance of a chaplain in the chapel of St. Anne over the porch of the church of Northievell to perform divine service and pray for the souls of Cecily Beton and others, as required by the will of the said Cecily. 29 September, 13 Henry VIII. Seal. Cf. A. 13619.
Herts. Bucks. C. 7396. Grant by William Aleyn to Thomas Sere, for 90l., of all his lands, etc. in Betlowe, Naldewyk, Tiscot, Tryng, Crofton and Chedyngton. 6 October, 37 Henry VIII. Fragments of seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Surrey. C. 7397. Conveyance by Thomas West, the younger, knight, William Shelley, serjeant-at-law, John Dawtrey, esquire, William Westbroke and Thomas Polsted to John Byrley of the manor of Tanglegh and the other lands in the county, late of Thomas Byrley, clerk, deceased. 16 January, 15 Henry VIII. Signatures of the grantors. Seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin and names of witnesses.
[Kent.] C. 7398. Conveyance by Edward Bolney and John Colman, gentlemen, Thomas Wainflete and William Hardres, of Canterbury, to Thomas son of John Huett, William Maxey, William Clyfton and John Burgrave, to the use of the said Thomas Huett under the terms of his father's will, of a messuage and land in the parishes of Sturrey and Westbere. 24 June, 7 Henry VIII.
Bedford. C. 7399. Grant by Edward Stacy, of Thoydon Boys, co. Essex, gentleman, son and heir of William Stacy, of Waltham Holy Cross, co. Middlesex, gentleman, to John Underhill and Simon Assheley, clerks, and John Heryng, William Yonge, and William Hale, gentlemen, of his manor of Budenow, alias Bodenho, alias Buddenho Berelles and Frenches and all other his lands, etc. in Beeston, Bodenho and Thorncote, in the parish of Northyevell, and elsewhere in the county, to the use of the said John Underhill. 28 October, 10 Henry VIII. Signature of Edward Stacy. Seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[York, E.R.] C. 7400. Indenture, witnessing that John son and heir of John Whytyng has done his homage to William Carewe, esquire, lord of the manor of Oteryngham, for lands called 'Barne' which he holds of the said William by knight-service as of the manor of Oteryngham. 14 October, 9 Henry VIII.