Deeds: C.7401 - C.7500

Pages 470-483

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.7401 - C.7500

Huntingdon. C. 7401. Indenture, dated 2 April, 4 Henry VIII, witnessing that Richard, earl of Kent, and Dame Elizabeth, his wife, have demised to John Keche, yeoman, all their mills in Hemyngford Grey, with the fishing as far as Houghton Water, and the profits of wood growing on the 'damme rowe' belonging to the mills, for forty years; rent, 22l., the tenant to do all repairs, taking earth, clay and 'meyner' in the Holmes and other convenient places within the lordship of Hemyngford Grey and to pay all tithes. English. Seal, marked W.
Bucks. C. 7402. Grant by Henry Myller of Buk[ingham], draper, to Paul Darrell, esquire, Ralph a Lowe, bailiff of Buk[ingham], William Lambert, John Adkyns, John Wyggyns, Richard Cley, John Slye, William Tyle, clerk, and William Alday, of his messuage in Buk[ingham] called 'le Cock,' and a croft called 'le Temple Lond' there adjoining a lane called 'le Waterlane,' a messuage called the 'Angell,' and the water of Owse, to the use of the said Henry, . . ., his wife, and his heirs. 10 March, 20 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Surrey. C. 7403. Grant by John, son and heir of John Merston, both citizens and fishmongers of London, to Thomas Tailloure, William Turke, Edward Colyn, Thomas Bateman, and William Frankeshe, fishmongers, and Thomas Annesley, grocer, all citizens of London, to the use of the said Tailloure, of land adjoining land of the prioress of Stratford and a lane called 'Mayden Lane,' at 'le Stewesside' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, and a garden with houses built thereon, with access thereto by a lodge and gate, adjoining the road leading from St. George's Field to Parisshe Garden. 22 July, 25 Henry VIII. Signature of John Merston. Endorsed with notes of livery of seisin and of enrolment in the court of the bishop of Winchester's manor of Southwerk. 16 October, 25 Henry VIII, and with signatures: E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason.
Bucks. C. 7404. Indenture, dated [20–27] Henry [VIII], witnessing that [Robert] Hobs, abbot, and the convent of Woburn have demised to Richard Pyng, husbandman, William Duncombe, of Tyscott, co. Herts, yeoman, and their assigns under the degree of an esquire, their grange in Wyngrave, lands, etc. and the rents of their copyholders there and in Rolsam, reserving the courts of the lordship with their profits, all for thirty years; rent, 4l. 13s. 4d. English.
Warw. C. 7405. Quitclaim by Margery and Elizabeth, daughters of Thomas Smyth, kinsman and heir of Thomas Bowiar, to Roger Foxall, for 13s. 4d., of their right in a burgage and garden in Newstrete, a tenement called 'le Wyldicatte' in the High Street in front of the Tolbooth, and a tenement in Welstrete, all in Birmyngham. 20 January, 14 Henry VIII.
Cambridge. C. 7406. Grant by Thomas Pryme, yeoman, and John North, husbandman, to William Hawke, yeoman, in fee tail, of a messuage, 60a. arable, 20a. pasture, and 6a. wood, in Thriplowe, which they had by the gift of John Swan. 18 December, 32 Henry VIII. Two seals.
[Merioneth.] C. 7407. Grant by Richard Mytton, lord of Mouthoy, to John ap Howel V[i]ghan, gentleman, of escheated lands in his lordship late held by Jevan ap y mab Jer'; rent, 12d. Witnesses:—Adam Mytton, steward, David ap Howel ap Owein, clerk (recordator), and Owein ap Guttyn ap David Llen, bailiff (ringild) there. Morehall, 26 March, 9 Henry VIII. Draft or copy.
Worc. C. 7408. Indenture, being a grant by Richard Catesbie, knight, to John son of Thomas Hareward of a tenement and land in Hartilburie; rent, 9s. 9d. . . July, 37 Henry VIII. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
[Lincoln.] C. 7409. Grant by Roger, son and heir of James Bell and of Joan his wife, daughter and heir of William Brasse, to Thomas Kytlock, John Temper and Thomas Smythe by (juxta) Salowbrygge, all of Waynflete, of a place of land called 'Cotecroft' in the field of Boter- wyke, enclosed on both sides by the servile tenements (bondagia) of the lord de Rosse, and of land in the meadow of Freston by Dan John Dyke, in a place called 'Freston Inges.' 24 September, 11 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Cambridge. C. 7410. Indenture, dated 4 July, 29 Henry VIII, being an undertaking by Thomas Meede, of Berden, co. Essex, yeoman, to reconvey a messuage, land, and fold-course in Thryplowe to William Hawke, of Hadenham, gentleman, if so requested, on condition that William shall, before Michaelmas, repay 21l. to him without raising money on the premises, release all debts to him, pay all law costs and fulfil the terms of the previous conveyance. Signature of William Hawke. English. Seal, damaged.
[York, W.R.] C. 7411. Quitclaim by Richard Harward, of Cannyngton, co. Somerset, yeoman, to Augustine Hynde, citizen and clothworker of London, of his right in a messuage and land in Hartyll and Wodall, recovered against him by Augustine in the court of Common Pleas. 1 June, 31 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Bedford. C. 7412. Quitclaim by Edward Stacy and others (as in C. 7399) to John Underhyll, clerk, master, and the fellows of St. Mary's college, Northyevell, of their right in the manor of Budenow, alias Bodenho Berelles and Frenches and all lands, rents, etc. belonging thereto at Beston, Bodenho, and Thorncote in the parish of Northyevell and elsewhere in the county, conveyed to Thomas Rondolf, late master, and the fellows of the college by a lease for forty years from William Stacy, his father. 20 March, 4 Henry VIII. Four signatures. Two seals.
Essex. C. 7413. Indenture, dated 15 October, 7 Henry VIII, witnessing that Humphrey Barnes, esquire, has sold to John Tyrell, esquire, a tenement in Langdon called 'Goldsmythes,' free of all charges except rent-service to the chief lords of the fee, for 80l. English. Signature of John Tyrell. Seal.
Somerset. C. 7414. Indenture of demise by Nicholas Newton, esquire, to John Saunder, Prima, his wife, and John's firstborn son, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of a messuage and curtilage in Strode within the parish of Wynfryth; rent, 8s. for all service save the king's service, the right of the Church, suit at the grantor's court of Shepham, and a heriot when due. 20 February, 6 Henry VII. Seal, and fragment of another.
Chester. C. 7415. Draft indenture, dated 13 September, 32 Henry VIII, being an award by George Coten, vice-chamberlain to the 'Prynces grace hyghnes,' between Ranulf Maynwaryng of Swanlowe, son and heir apparent of Ranulf Maynwaryng, of Kerthyncham, esquire, and John Wymyngton, of the Armitage, gentleman, determining that Ranulf shall make to John a lease for term of years of two pastures called 'the Neweyerthe' and 'Fenshaw' at a yearly rent of 29s. 4d.; the wood and underwood reserved, except such as may be required for fencing. English. Paper.
[Flint.] C. 7416. Indenture, dated 16 April, 25 Henry VIII, witnessing that Peter ap Richard ap Hoell, gentleman, has sublet to Richard ap Hoell ap Jevan Vichan, esquire, his father, for twenty years, if the said Richard shall so long live, three-fourths of the rectory and church of the parish of Llan Assaph, which rectory and church he holds on a lease of sixty-one years, beginning 24 Henry VIII, from Henry, bishop of St. Asaph; Richard to pay 12l. as rent of the three- fourths, and Peter 4l. as rent of the other fourth, yearly to the bishop. Signature of Richard ap Hoell.
Montg. C. 7417. Grant by David ap Meredith ap Jevan Vychin to David ap Jevan Vichin ap Jevan ap Llewelyn of his land between Oley Irodyn and the high road and abutting on Moell y Kroine, and Same yr Wyddvid, and 2a. meadow in Rros y Varchoel in Varchoel in the lordship of Powis. 20 April, 34 Henry VIII.
Kent. C. 7418. Grant by Roger Goodgrome to Richard Kemysley and Richard Dome, all husbandmen, of a messuage and land in the parish of Stockeberi and Hartelype, to his own use. 3 June, 6 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Berks. C. 7419. Indenture, dated 28 June, 34 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Thomas Wyatt, knight, has sold to Richard Bruges, of West Shyfford, esquire, for 90l., his lands, etc. called 'Maydencote' in the parish of East Garston, 'sometyme Magorneys lands' free of any encumbrances. English. Signed: Tho. Wiat.
Middx. C. 7420. Quitclaim by William Harriot, gentleman and cloth- worker of London, to Thomas Cremour, of London, draper, and Dame Joan, his wife, William's mother, of his right in a great messuage, two tenements and a garden in Mynchyn Lane in the parish of St. Dunstan in the East. 21 February, 2 Henry VIII. Signature of William Hariot.
Flint. C. 7421. Indenture, being a grant by Katherine verch Jollyn, widow, free tenant of Dolveghlais, to Peter ap Richard ap Hoell, of a messuage and parcel of land called 'Erw Vady n y Gwellt,' between the stream called 'Alun,' etc. in Dolveghlais. 5 January, 34 Henry VIII. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Heref.] C. 7422. Grant by John ap Phelpot, chaplain, and John ap Huy of Bedilston, to Roger ap Maynston, gentleman, and the heirs male of his body, of one 'le Rough' called 'Cregerough,' with all the lands in Waldyngston, in the townships of Langeston, Langonnock, Trerees, and Treesse, which they had by the gift of the said Roger within the hundred of Wormelow; remainder to the heirs female of Roger's body; remainder to Roger's right heirs. 6 June, 17 Henry VIII.
Merioneth. C. 7423. Grant by David ap Llewelyn ap David Lloid, gentleman, to John ap David ap Llewelyn, his elder son, gentleman, of his capital messuage and stone house and all his rights in a place called 'Kynlloyd' in the town of Pennaran, which he had by the gift of John ap David, clerk, and John ap Howell Vychun, gentleman, and of two messuages there called 'Tythen le Bryn' and 'Tythen Jenkyn.' 20 September, 26 Henry VIII. Endorsed Tythyn Humfrey Goch.
Bedford. C. 7424. Indenture, dated 9 June, 5 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Dokwra, prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, has demised to Richard, earl of Kent, 24a, wood called 'Westwod' and 60a. land called 'Westwodlaunde,' alias 'Herd Launde,' parcel of his manor of Swanton in the parish of Harrold, adjoining the prior's pasture called 'Swanton,' for twenty years; rent, 5 marks; the wood in 'Westwode' reserved. Signature of Thomas Docwra. English.
Sussex. C. 7425. Sale by Robert Frankwell, Joan, his wife, and Richard their son and heir, to Walter Henley, gentleman, John Toky, John Kechynham, and William Thomas of a piece of land called 'Wellond' in the parish of Asshebornham to the use of John Slewryght. 13 April, 16 Henry VIII. Three seals.
Cambridge. C. 7426. Quitclaim by Nicholas Thirlowe, yeoman, to John Hawk, of Newton, the elder, and the heirs of his body of his right in all the lands, etc. formerly of John Basset of Chishull, co. Essex, and after- wards of John Thirlowe, his father, in Thriplowe, and in 6½a. arable in the fields called 'Chirchfelde, Hethfelde and Westfelde' in Thriplowe. 15 December, 11 Henry VIII. Signature of Nicholas Thyrlowe.
Norfolk. C. 7427. Conveyance by Roger Cullum to James Hobart and Philip Calthorp, knights, Gregory Clerke, alderman of Norwich, Leonard Spencer and Henry Palmer, gentlemen, William Mere, citizen of Norwich, John Blakke, of Northberlyngham, and Roger Reynoldes, of Lyngwood, of all the messuages, lands, etc. in Southbyrlyngham, Beyghton, Hasyngham, Lyngwood, and elsewhere in the hundreds of Blofeld and Walsham (which he, jointly with others, had by the demise of Thomas Barett, the elder, Henry Bagott, gentleman, and Roger Dokkyng) to the use of Elizabeth Wryght, late the wife and executrix of the will of John Wattys, for her life; remainder in fee tail to Agnes Wattys, daughter of the said John Wattys; remainder to charitable uses to be determined by the executors of John Wattys' will. 10 February. 6 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[Wilts.] C. 7428. Indenture, dated 20 May, 4 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas York, esquire, has demised to William Skete and Amy, his wife, all his land which they lately held of John York, esquire, his father, in the parish of Wotton Basset, for their lives and the life of the longer liver; rent, 10s. 4½d.
[Glouc.] C. 7429. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by William Ekenton, vicar of Netherswelle, and Richard Jolyfe to William Buryman and Agnes, his wife, in fee tail, of a messuage, having before it the sign of the Swan, in Stowe St. Edward, between the tenement of the chantry of St. Mary of Wyke, etc.; remainder to the right heirs of the said Agnes; and of all their goods which they had by the gift of Joan, late the wife of William Hoper, mason, subject to the grantees allowing her to occupy the messuage and providing her with food, drink, linens, woollens, and all other necessaries. 28 January, 24 Henry VI. Fragments of two seals.
Kent. C. 7430. Grant by Robert att Thorne, husbandman, to Thomas Harrys of the parish of Sellyng, husbandman, for 20s., of ½a. land in the parish of Sheldwyche, at Belforstall, between land of the priory of Pokylsale, etc. 22 July, 37 Henry VIII. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Salop.] C. 7431. Demise by Geoffrey, abbot, and the convent of Lylsyll to Thomas Nycholles, of Brugenorth, baker, and Margery, his wife, of two messuages and gardens in Brugenorth, in Hongrey Street, adjoining the land of the chantry of St. Thomas the Martyr there, for eighty-one years; rent, 10s. Witnesses:—John Gosnell and Thomas Lymell, bailiffs of the town and liberty of Brugenorth, and others (named). 28 September, 21 Henry VII.
[Leic.] C. 7432. Acknowledgment by William Bolles, of Felley, receiver to the Augmentation Office for the counties of Nottingham, Derby, and Chester, of the receipt from Edward Warner, esquire, late farmer of the parsonage of Wymeswold, belonging to the late monastery of Beawchif, of 26l. 13s. 4d. 16 January, 32 Henry VIII. Signature of William Bolles. English. Paper.
Chester. C. 7433. Acknowledgment, dated 21 February, 8 Henry VIII, by Sir Ralph Eggerton, knight, escheator of Cheshire, of the receipt from Richard Leftwiche, his deputy, of money due for the charge of Hugh Maynwaring, bailiff of the lands of Lord Lovell in the hundred of Nauntwiche, for the lands of Kyngeston, in charge of the said Hugh, for Sir Ralph's fee from Lord Audeley, for the offices of constable of Chester, escheator, and ranger of the forest of Dalamere, etc. Signed: Rauff Eggerton. Seal. English. Paper.
[Chester.] C. 7434. Bill, dated 24 June, 21 Henry VIII, witnessing that Dame Elizabeth Savage has borrowed from Richard Leftwiche 4l., repay- able by herself and Thomas Gregge. English. Paper. Fragment of seal.
Chester. C. 7435. Bill, indented, dated 11 January, 22 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Brereton, chamberlain of Chester, has received by the hands of Randolf Brereton, of Chester, from Richard Leftwiche, bailiff of Shibbroke, Bostok, Mynshull Vernon, and Shurlache, and farmer of all the lands, etc. late of Sir John Savage, knight, in Leftwiche, and now in the king's hands during the minority of John Savage, esquire, his son and heir, the sum of 32l. English. Signature of Ranulf Brereton. Paper.
Chester. C. 7436. Bill, dated 31 August, 22 Henry VIII, witnessing that Randolf Brereton, of Chester, has received, to the use of William Brereton, esquire, from Richard Leftwyche, bailiff of Shribbroke, 16l. 13s. 4d. in part payment of the rent of the lordship of Shribbroke, etc. English. Signature of Randolf Brereton. Paper.
Chester. C. 7437. Bill, indented, dated 3 August, 22 Henry VIII, witnessing that Randolf Brereton, of Chester, deputy to William Brereton, chamberlain of Chester, has received, by the hands of John Davyas, from Richard Leftwiche, for the rent of the lands, etc. late of Sir John Savage, knight, in Leftwiche, 7l., and in part payment of the rent of the tenants of Shibbroke and Bostoke, 6l. 5s. 8d. English. Signature of John Davyas. Seal. Paper.
Chester. C. 7438. Bill, indented, dated 16 January, 21 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Brereton, escheator of Chester, has received (by the hands of Randolf Brereton, of Chester) from Richard Leftwiche, his deputy in the office of escheator, and bailiff of the manors of Shibbroke and Bostoke, late of Sir John Savage, knight, the rents of lands in Shurlache, Mynshull Vernon, Occleston, Wetenhall, and Leftwiche and the fees of his office. English. Signature of Randolf Brereton.
Chester. C. 7439. Bill, indented, dated 15 September, 21 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Brereton, esquire, farmer of all the lands late of Sir John Savage, knight, in the county, now in the king's hands during the minority of John his son and heir, has received by the hands of Randolf Brereton, of Chester, from Richard Leftwiche, farmer of the lands late of Sir John in Leftwiche and bailiff of Shibbroke and Bostoke, 27l. 8s. 10d. for lands there and in Mynshull Vernon. English. Signature of Randolf Brereton. Seal. Paper.
Chester. C. 7440. Bill, indented, dated 12 April, 20 Henry VIII, witnessing that Randolf Brereton, of Chester, deputy to Sir Randolf Brereton, knight, chamberlain of Chester, has received from Richard Leftwiche, deputy to William Brereton, esquire, escheator of Cheshire, for rents of lands late of Sir John Savage, knight, 33s. 4d. English. Signature of Randolf Brereton. Paper.
Chester. C. 7441. Bill, indented, dated 5 March, 20 Henry VIII, witnessing that Randolf Brereton, of Chester, has received from Richard Leftwyche 17l. for rents of tenants late of Sir John Savage, knight. English. Signature of Randolf Brereton. Seal. Paper.
Warw. C. 7442. Quitclaim by Thomas Neell, of Hondisworthe, lorimer, to William Lane, of Gerdyngton, the younger, of his right in all the lands etc. in Aston by Bromyngham late of John Neell, his father. Thursday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 13 Henry VIII.
Montg. C. 7443. Grant by David ap Gruf[fydd] ap Tuder to Owen ap Llewis ap Owen of 6a. arable in Kay Yraro and Kay Gowenky [in] the township of Main. 20 Februray, 33 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Notts. C. 7444. Grant by William, son and heir of Robert Geslyng and of Agnes, his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Richard Stacy, to Nicholas Stirley, of Stirley, esquire, of his share of all lands late of the said Robert and Agnes in Cossall and Cossall Marsh. 7 April 16 Henry VIII.
[York, W.R.] C. 7445. Declaration by Henry de Notingh', parson of Rowell, that he and his successors have no right of firewood, pasture, etc. in the hay of Rowell, except by leave of the lords of Rowell. Witnesses: —Sir Roger and Sir Robert de Chester, Sir William de Longo Campo, Master Roger, parson of Berewic', Sir Osbert, parson of Duninton, Walter de Ludham, and others (named). Seal in white wax.
[Bedford.] C. 7446. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Thomas, earl of Lancaster and Leicester, steward of England, to John de Byng, his barber, for life, of all lands which have escheated to him in Donestaple on the death of Saunder Podding, his villein, to hold by the usual services and a yearly rent of a rose. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Stepeltone, Sir Roger de Swynnertone, Sir John de Twyford, Sir Adam Banastre, and Sir Robert de Polford, knights. Passenham, 31 May, 2 Edward [II.] French. Seal. Endorsed.—De terris et tenementis datis Johanni le Barber in Donstapel.
[York, W.R.] C. 7447. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Henry de Lasci, earl of Lincoln (Nichole) and constable of Chester, to William de Hyneham, his usher, in fee tail, of all the lands which he had by the gift of Sir Robert Noel, parson of Bramwyth, in Bramwyth and Braytwayt. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Rooss, Sir Richard de Sutton, Sir Giles de Trompeton, and Sir Miles de Stapelton, knights, and others (named). Altoftes, 18 May, 32 Edward [I.] French. Seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 7448. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Thomas, earl of Lancaster and Leicester, steward of England, to Ralph de Grene, his burgess of Pountfreit, of licence to build an 'oriole' adjoining his tavern which he holds in burgage of the grantor in the new market, so that the three posts of the said 'oriole' shall be on the grantor's waste and on his soil, and that persons on horse and on foot and carte (charz et charettes) may pass beneath without disturbance. Witnesses:— Sir Adam de Hudleston and Sir Ralph de Beeston, knights, and others (named). 6 August, 14 Edward II. French. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 7449. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Henry, earl of Lancaster and Leicester, steward of England, to John de Yoxhale, his yeoman (vadlet), in fee tail, of three crofts in his chace of Nedewode, near Tatenhull, called 'Olde Tunstal, le Huyrene, and Fleccheres crofts,' with common of pasture in the chace (saving the lord's right to improve the waste); rent, 20s. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Hunger- ford, Sir William de Walkinton, Sir Edmund Trussel, and others (named). The castle of Kenill', 6 May, 12 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 7450. Indenture, witnessing that William Marchall, of Stanlake, has demised to Nicholas Marchall half a tenement in the High Street of New Wodestoke, opposite the cross, for seventeen years; rent, 4d. 8 October, 4 Edward IV.
[Heref.] C. 7451. Grant by Robert Serle, of Welinton, to William de la Kalue, for 3 marks beforehand, of his smaller croft; rent, ½d. Wit- nesses:—Walter Restod, Adam Germain, John le Veze, and others (named).
[York, W.R.] C. 7452. Grant by Henry of Winchester to Dame Alice de Lascy of the mill of Saxton with suit thereto, formerly held of Sir Roger le Paitevyn. Witnesses:—Brother Stephen de Fulburne, commander of the hospital of Clerkenewelle at London, Sir John Bek, Sir Robert de Ripers, Howe le Taillur, and others (named). French. Seal, with legend.—S' Henrici d' Wintonia.
[York, W.R.] C. 7453. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, to Robert de Dyhton, dwelling in Harewod, in fee tail, of 4 oxgangs in Thornover; rent, 60s. Witnesses:—Sir William le Vavasour, Sir William de Houk, Sir Adam de Everingham, and Sir James de Nevyle, knights, and others (named). Seal in white wax. Endorsed.—Ista terre et tenementa revenerunt in manus domini pro defectu sanguinis.
[York, W.R.] C. 7454. Quitclaim by William de Skargyle to Sir Henry de Lasci, earl of Lincoln, of his right in a wood in Stapeltone, adjoining a wood of the earl, called 'Rughstorth,' and in 20a. land in Stapelton. Witnesses:—Sir Miles de Stapelton, Sir William de Stopham, Sir Adam de Hodlestone, and Sir John de Nevile, knights, Thomas de Fishbourn, Robert de Heppehale, and Adam de Neirforde. Seal of arms in white wax, damaged.
[Sussex.] C. 7455. Grant by John de Angulo to John, his son, of his tenement in Aldrynton, which Richard de Angulo formerly held, with his chattels found thereon. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Querle, Thomas and Robert de Pedeworthe, John Roffyn, and others (named). Seal. Endorsed.—Carta J. atte Hume de j mesuagio et [i]j virgatis terre que perquisivit de J. patre suo.
[York, W.R.] C. 7456. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, to Alan de Smytheton, Amice, his wife, and the heirs of his body, without warranty, for his homage and service, of a messuage land, and rent in Haghe in the parish of South Kirkeby, formerly held of the earl by Sir Robert de Hoderode, for the usual services and a rent-sec of 2 marks payable to Sir William de Rye. Witnesses:— Sir William de Stopham, Sir Robert de Berlay, and Sir Robert de Balliolo, knights, and others (named). Wilmerslay, 19 March, 30 Edward I. Two seals.
Oxford. C. 7457. Grant by John de Bolmere to Henry de Lascy, earl of Lincoln, of his mill of Middelingtone. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Trompington, Sir William le Vavasur, Sir John de Hodleston, Sir William de Stopham, Sir Thomas de Breute, Sir Roger del Hulle, and Sir Henry de Boelys, knights, John de Cotesford, and Richard de Kaune. 26 November, 14 Edward I. French. Endorsed.—Midlington in comitatu Oxon'.
[Glouc.] C. 7458. Indenture, being a demise by John de Lorwynge to Richard le Panyter and Alice, his wife, for their life, of 12 selions of land within the manor of Hamme in the hundred of Berkel' in the field called 'Walmegarston'; rent, 4d. Berkel', 1 December, 11 Edward III.
Berks. C. 7459. Indenture, dated 30 January, 3 Henry VIII, witnessing that John York, esquire, has demised to John Terold all his messuages, lands, etc. in the town of Westhagborn, for twenty-one years; rent, 10 marks, the tenant to repair all houses and all walls 'in watelyng, stodyng, and dawbyng,' to have hedgebote, and to pay all chief rents. English.
[Kent.] C. 7460. Indenture, being a conveyance by John Wery to John Potkyn, the younger, gentleman, of a messuage, garden, etc. in Sevenoke, adjoining the highway to Tunbrege and the messuage and garden or hauga and lands of William Coggar, on condition of paying, on demand, to Thomas Miltyng, rector of Sevenoke, Elisha Alcetor and Thomas Hawke, churchwardens, and their successors, a yearly rent of 3s. 4d. to be paid by them to the priest called 'the Jesusmas priest,' or, if his office is vacant, for the repair of the church. 8 September, 26 Henry VIII. Signed.—Jan Were. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Surrey. C. 7461. Grant by William Wylford, citizen and merchant tailor of London, to John Wyseman, of London, gentleman, of his interest in a lease of the grange near the late monastery of Bermondsey, and in all lands specified in a lease made to the said William, Ralph Wryne, of Chester, gentleman, and Ellen, his wife, and Michael Inglysshe, deceased, by Robert Hogan, gentleman. 23 April, 35 Henry VIII. English. Signature of William Wylfford. Seal.
Warw. C. 7462. Indenture, dated 20 May, 8 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Wetheforde, of Shortwode, yeoman, has sold to Sir Edward Ferrers, of Baddysley, knight, for 113s. 4d., and a cow, three pieces of land in the parish of Hadton called 'Parkersfeld, Moreland, and Mageroddyng,' free of all jointures, 'leches' and other encumbrances. English. Seal.
[Cornw.] C. 7463. Demise by Robert Davye and Katherine, his wife, to John Thomas, the younger, of land at Tregantle, in the parish of Lanlyverye, for sixty years from the death of Thomas Hockyn; rent, 5s. and a heriot, when due. 18 April, 30 Henry VIII. Endorsed with a note of livery of seisin.
Warw. C. 7464. Grant by Thomas Wetheford, of Shortwod, yeoman, to Edward Ferrers of Baddisley, knight, William Holbache of Solihull, yeoman, and Hamnet Legh, clerk, to the use of the said Sir Edward, of three parcels of land in the parish of Hatton called 'Parkers Feld' (between the park called 'Wegenok' and the land of St. Mary's, Warwick), 'Moreland' (adjoining land of Wraxall priory), and 'Mageroddyng.' 23 May, 8 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
[Kent.] C. 7465. Grant by John Wilmot, executor of the will of Thomas Holowey, the elder, to Edward Asshe, gentleman, John Potkyn, William Coggar, John Wery, the elder, and William Rychardes, to the use of the said Coggar, for 22l. beforehand, of all lands late of Thomas Blokboy in the south end of Sevenok. The eve of St. Andrew, 5 Henry VIII
Chester. C. 7466. Indenture, dated 1 March, 9 Henry VIII, witnessing that Philip Eggerton, of Eggerton, esquire, has demised to Richard Broster, of Chester, tanner, a vacant place of land in Forgate Strete, Chester, between land of the clean of St. John's, etc.; rent, 2s.
Middx. C. 7467. Acknowledgment by Francis Weston, knight, master of the king's buckhounds, to David Gyttons, citizen and vintner of London, of the receipt of 16l. 13s. 4d. in part payment of his fee of 50 marks a year for keeping the buckhounds, granted to him, for life, out of the butlership of London. Michaelmas, 1536. Signed.— Francis Weston. English. Paper. Fragments of two seals.
Chester. C. 7468. Grant by Thomas Bulkeley, of Ayton, esquire, to Richard Leftwiche of a messuage and land in Bostoke. 18 November, 13 Henry VIII.
Essex. C. 7469. Grant by John Wyseman, of Great Canfelde, esquire, to Richard Pease, the younger, yeoman, of his tenement called 'Brokys' in Springefelde. 6 July, 36 Henry VIII. Signed by John Wyseman. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
[Montg.] C. 7470. Quitclaim by John ap Rice ap John and David, his brother, free tenants in the lordship of Powys, to John ap John ap Hugh, burgess of Pola, of their right in a tenement with a barn thereon, etc. in Llannoddian in the commot of Kereigni[on] Iscoid in the said lordship; rent, 4s. 8d. to the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:— Sir Richard Herbert, knight, steward of Powis, Maurice ap Hoell, lieutenant there, Gilbert Masoun, recorder there, and others (named). 8 November, 30 Henry VIII. Two seals. Endorsed with names of other witnesses and with note of livery of seisin.
Merioneth. C. 7471. Grant by David ap Res ap Jankyn, son and heir of Angh[are]t verch Gruff[ydd] ap Jevan ap Llywelyn, to John ap Howell Vaghan, both free tenants of the king in Llangower in the commot of Penllyn, of all his lands, etc., in Llangower, and a tene- ment called 'Tythyn Traenter' adjoining the great pool called 'Llyn Teget,' and land called 'Y Prys,' both in Pennaran. 22 February, 14 Henry VIII.
Derby. C. 7472. Letters of Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, co. Notts, knight, appointing Thomas Leeke, yeoman, and John Wynn his attorneys, to deliver seisin of the house and site of the late abbey of Beauchyff to Ralph Cley, yeoman. 20 November, 29 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Essex. C. 7473. Conveyance by Sir Andrew Wyndesore, lord Wyndesore, to Philip Bothe, knight, of the manor of Bodnecke, and land in Asshenden, for life, with remainder to [Robert Lytton] his kinsman and heir apparent, in fee. Cf. C. 7329. 20 May, [2]7 [Henry VIII.] Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Chester. C. 7474. Conveyance by Richard Leftwiche, of Leftwiche, gentle- man, to Thomas Boteler, of Bewsey, co. Lanc., knight, Richard Bolde, of Bolde [co. Lanc.], Roland Bulkeley, of Whatcroft, Ranulf Gresvenour, the younger, of Bellaporte, co. Salop, W. . . ., [of] Bradburne, co. Derby, and Francis Bonynton, of Barocote, co. Derby, esquires, Francis . . ., Ranulf . . . ., Henry . . ., Richard Hawkyns, of Sherington, co. Hereford, James Me . . ., and Peter . . . ., gentlemen, John, son of George Bothe, of Asshton, co. Lanc., esquire, . . . son and heir apparent of John Wynynton, the younger, of 'le Hermytage,' . . ., parson of Upton, co. Worc., Roger Dene, curate of Davenham, and others, of messuages, lands, etc. in Shibbroke and Rudhethe, to follow the terms of his will. 1 July, . . Henry VIII.
Notts. C. 7475. Indenture, dated 9 March, 22 Henry VIII, of defeasance by James Strelley, citizen and vintner of London, of a statute staple of Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, esquire, for 160l., on condition of being discharged against William Holies, alderman of London, of a statute staple for the like sum. English. Signature of James Strelley.
Oxford. C. 7476. Indenture, dated 21 July, 33 Henry VIII, witnessing that Leonard Chamberlayne, esquire, has sold to James Bury, gentleman, the manor of Hampton Gay and all messuages, lands, etc. in Hampton Gay or Hampton Poyle, late of Osseney Abbey, for 33l. 6s. 8d. and has covenanted to pay the tenth and chief rent to the Court of Augmentations. English. Signature of Leonard Chambarleyn. Note of livery of seisin.
Worc. C. 7477. Indenture, dated 3 December, 11 Henry VIII, witnessing that Giles Grevile, of Wyke by Perschor, esquire, has demised to Richard Cockes, husbandman, Margery, his wife, and William and Thomas, their sons, successively, his manor of Pynvyn for forty-one years; rent, 5l. and a heriot at the death of each tenant; the lessees not to sublet the premises, but power to allow Thomas Cockes, of Wyre Pyddyll, Richard's brother, to continue to hold from year to year any parcel of land now held by him. English. Fragment of seal.
Bucks. C. 7478. Indenture, dated 10 May, 6 Henry VIII, between Ralph Arches, gentleman, and Thomas Mynshawe and Joan, his wife, late the wife of William Arches, Ralph's father, witnessing that Thomas has agreed to release to Ralph his interest inlands in Pichcot, Crendwell, and Woddeston, wherein Joan claims a right of jointure; Ralph to grant a lease to Joan, for her life, of lands in Queynton without impeachment of waste except waste voluntary, but with power to fell trees for the repair of houses; and to secure to her, for her life, a yearly rent of 40s. charged on his lands in Crendwell; Thomas and Joan to have peaceable possession of a copyhold messuage in Woddesdon, held of the parson there, for both their lives, provided they keep it in repair. Bond by Thomas in 10l. to observe the above covenants. English. Signature. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Lincoln. C. 7479. Indenture, dated 10 February, 29 Henry VIII, witnessing that John, the abbot, and the convent of Thornton have demised to Henry Scotte two messuages, with buildings thereon, and land in Thornton, Burnham, and Gouxhill, for sixty-one years, at rents including a 'plowghe boone,' four 'sekylboones,' and two 'hayboones.' English. Note of enrolment.
[Cornw.] C. 7480. Grant by William Frve, of Polruan, merchant, to John Rychard, chaplain, John Walvs, John and William Wethiell, Edward Wymond, James and Thomas Frye, and John Wethiell, the younger, of all his messuages, land, tin-works, etc. in Carbura, Pusfenne, Whitewalles, Milleparkes in the parish of Warlegan, Myllond in the parish of Cardynham, Floure Crought, the manor of Leskerd in St. Martin's parish, Leskerd, Playton, Sutton, Polpera in the parish of Tallan, the borough of Polruan, and Polruan, except two messuages in the said borough. 12 January, 20 Henry VIII. Mark. Seal, damaged. Annexed.—Note of a forcible distraint at Carbura and a list of names dated 26 January, 20 Henry VIII.
Merioneth. C. 7481. Conveyance by John ap Jevan ap Meredith ap Owen, Owen ap Jevan ap Owen, and Jonet verch Robert Irland to John ap Howell Vaghan (all the king's free tenants of Pennaran in the commot of Penllyn), for four years, of two tenements called 'Y Place yn Helick' and 'Bagh y Llyndy,' redeemable on payment of 4 (or 14) marks at the end of any term of four years. 20 February, 13 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7482. Indenture, being a grant by Edmund Smyth and Nicholas Faryngton to George Bromley, Ralph Birkheved, Roger Maynwaryng, and Thomas Smyth of their messuages, lands, etc, in Hull and Appulton (which they had by the gift of William Bothe, knight, Richard Aston, Thomas Leycestr', Peter Danyell, and Laurence Merbury, esquires, and Adam Birkheved, together with the said Ralph Birkheved and Thomas Smyth) to the use of Peter, son and heir apparent of John Werburton, knight, and Elizabeth, Peter's wife, daughter and heir of Richard Wenyngton, esquire, for their life and the life of the longer liver; remainder to the heirs male of their bodies; remainder as Peter Werberton, esquire, father of the said Sir John, has limited (talliavit) by fine. 6 July, 2 Henry VIII. Signatures of Edmond Smythe and N. Faryngton. Endorsed with note of receipt of seisin signed by Ralph Birkhened.
York, W.R.] C. 7483. Indenture, dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, witnessing that Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, co. Notts., knight, has demised to Edmund Hyley a messuage, lands called 'Chappeman Felde, Storthe Feelde, and Four Noked Feelde,' and a meadow called 'Nether Medowe,' within the lordship of Ecclesall, for twenty-one years; rent, 14s.; the tenant to have hedgebote for fencing, to do no waste of great timber or 'spring,' and to attend Sir Nicholas, his heirs or assigns, in war with equipment for one man. English. Seal, cracked.
Lincoln. C. 7484. Indenture, dated 12 May, 37 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir John Paly, parson of Blankeney, has demised to Sir Robert Huse, of Lynwod, knight, his parsonage of Blankeney with all glebe, tithes, etc. (except a chamber and a parlour beneath the hall and certain live-stock) for twenty-one years; rent, 18l.; the lessor to account to the lessee for the profits of the parsonage until the feast of All Hallows, reserving to himself all oblations, tithe, pigs, geese, chickens, hemp, flax, wool, lambs, and milk due before then, and doing all repairs except with thatch, mortar, lime, and tiles. English. Signature of John Paly. Seal, wrapped in a leaf.
[Wilts.] C. 7485. Indenture, dated 20 June, 5 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Edward Darell, knight, and Dame Alice, his wife, have demised to Henry Peynter their manor of Knyghton by Chalke and a toft called 'the Chauntrye londis' (escheated to him through having been alienated in mortmain to a chantry at Chalke) for twenty-one years; rent, 40 marks; the feudal incidents and fisheries reserved to the grantors; the lessee to pay all quit-rents to the chief lords of the fee; the chief mansion house, a close called 'Wysdomys,' two houses called 'Collys and Benettes,' and other lands and houses, described, to be retained by the lessors and 40s. to be deducted therefor from the rent; the tenant to put all houses and fences (frethes) in repair except the chief mansion house and the stone walls belonging to it, and the lessors to 'fynd and cary and bryng a place' the great timber, tile-stones, and lime required for that purpose. Witnesses: —Sir John Seymour, knight, and John Beynton and John Burleigh, esquires. English. Endorsed with a condition that the lessors shall be charged with all manner of tile-work. Signed.—E. Darell.
Kent. C. 7486. Indenture, dated 9 January, 25 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Brokeman, of Wytham, co. Essex, esquire, has sold to Henry Cripse, gentleman, a messuage and 450a. land in the parishes of Birchynton and Mownton, and all his other lands in the Isle of Tennett which John, his father, had by the grant of Edward IV. English. Signed.—Thomas Brokeman.
Montg. C. 7487. Indenture dated 22 June, 35 Henry VIII, witnessing that John ap Howell Vychaun, gentleman, has demised to Roger Luter, of Shrewesbury, mercer, for a fine of 4l., his messuage and lands in the lordship of Kereigneon called 'Tythyn Moele Dolven' (which he held on lease from the late monastery of Stratmarcel) for ninety years; rent, 6s. 8d. English. Signature of John ap Howell Vychaun. Seal. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
C. 7488. Acknowledgment by William Browne, merchant of the Staple of Calais, of allowance by Sir Ralph Langfford, knight, of sums specified, one of which is to be re-allowed if Lady Langford shall deny receipt. 9 May, 33 Henry VIII. English. Paper. Signature of William Browne. Fragments of seal.
[Heref.] C. 7489. Indenture, being a grant by Roger ap Maynston, gentle- man, to John ap Phelpot, rector of Peturstow, chaplain, and John ap Hay, of Bedilston, of all his lands in Brenythen, Waldyngston, and Treyevan, in the townships of Trecelley, Langeston, Langonnock, and Tre Reese, or elsewhere in the hundred of Wormelow. 31 May, 17 Henry VIII. Seal.
Somerset. C. 7490. Chirograph, indented, whereby Nicholas Newton, esquire, son of John Newton, knight, and Thomas Broke (son and heir of John Broke), serjeant-at-law, demised to John and Anne, children of John Stone, alias Gervys, for their life and the life of the longer liver, the reversion after the death of John Payne of 3a. meadow called 'God Mede' in the parish of Wynescombe, parcel of 19 messuages, a mill, land, and rent there and in Shepeham, Langford, Lyghe, Strodynwynford, and Axbryge; rent, 4s. and suit of court twice a year on reasonable summons. 4 October, 20 Henry VIII.
York [W.R.] C. 7491. Indenture dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, co. Notts, knight, has demised to Richard Croke, of Button Hyll, a messuage and ground called 'Lytle Parke' and a spring called 'Foxwell Spryng' in his lordship of Ecclesall, for twenty-one years; rent, 21s., the lessee to repair all ditches and hedges, taking hedgebote by the assignment of the lessor's officers, to do no waste of great timber or spring, and to provide a man with equipment to attend the lessor in war. English. Fragment of seal.
Wilts. C. 7492. Indenture dated 24 October, 37 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Edward Darrell, of Lytlecoote, knight, has demised to John Plott, yeoman, for 50l. beforehand, his farm of Knighton and Throppe in the parish of Ramesbury, for twenty-one years from Michaelmas, 1550; rent, 20 marks; the lessee to do all repairs and to have firebote, housebote, ploughbote, cartbote, hedgebote, and foldbote. English.
Devon. C. 7493. Grant by Joan Peers, widow, sister and co-heir of John Levege[r] of Lodeswill, to Hugh Harry, of a moiety of her messuages, lands, etc. in Lixston in the parish of Aveton Gifford. 13 March, 19 Henry VIII. Endorsed with note of attornment by freehold tenants.
Montg. C. 7494. Indenture, being a grant by David ap Llywelyn ap Jevan ap Jevan Vichin, of Mechenuchcoid, to David ap Jevan Vichun of 6a. arable in Maes y Varchoell and two parcels of meadow called 'Oley yr Odyn' and 'Oley ben y Same' in Varchoell in the lordship of Powis. 20 June, 35 Henry VIII. Seal, cracked.
[Warw.] C. 7495. Grant by Richard Neelle, chaplain, son and heir of John Neelle, to William Lane, of Ardyngton, the younger, bladesmith, of a cottage and land in Aston by Byrmyngham and Nechelles, between land of the prior of Tikeford and land of Nicholas Coke. Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 13 Henry VIII.
Cambridge. C. 7496. Bill, dated 8 March, 32 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Hawke, of Shelfforthe, yeoman, has received from John Chapman, gentleman, 72l. 16d. in part payment of 80l. for all his lands in Thryplowe. English. Signed, Wyllym Hawke. Seal.
[Montg.] C. 7497. Grant by Edward Gray, lord Powys, to Owen ap Meredith Lloid and Gruff[ydd] ap Dackyn ap Hoell, in tail male, of all those lands which escheated to him on the death of Llywelyn ap Madoc ap Meredith without male heirs, in the commot of Kereign' in the lordship of Powis, for the rents and services customary in the lordship, saving to the lord the wood and the waste. The castle of Pola, 15 June, 16 Henry VIII. Signed, Edward Gray, lord Powys. Seal.
Merioneth. C. 7498. Grant by Thomas ap David ap Gruff[ydd] to Jevan ap Jevan ap Eign', both the king's free tenants of Dwygraic, for 46s. 8d. beforehand, of two tenements in Dwygraic in the commot of Penllyn called 'Tyddyn Kas Griffre' and 'Tyddyn Jevan Dduy ap y Mevdwy' for four years, for the usual rents and services. Michaelmas, 6 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 7499. Indenture, being a defeasance by Thomas Edgare, of London, gentleman, of a statute staple made by Nicholas Sturley, of Sturley, knight, and James Sturley, vintner, and Miles Sturley, mercer, both citizens of London, for 140l., on condition of payment of 100l. by Whitsuntide of the following year. 26 March, 23 Henry VIII.
Brecon.] C. 7500. Grant by William ap Jankyn ap Thomas and Maud verch Philippe, his wife, and John ap Philippe David and Margery verch Philippe, his wife, to Jankyn ap Thomas ap Rosser of a tenement late of John Gwyllym Philippe in the parish of Llyswen in the lordship of Cantercelly. 20 September, 28 Henry VIII. Two seals.