Deeds: C.3801 - C.3900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.3801 - C.3900

[Heref.] C. 3801. Grant by Sir Hugh Vaghan, rector of Troy, in the diocese of Llandaff, and Sir Richard Balle, rector of Pokynton, in the diocese of Bath and Wells, to Katharine late the wife of Thomas de Maynston for life during her widowhood with remainder to Robert son of the said Thomas and the heirs of his body, remainder to Davit and Philip sons of Thomas and the heirs of their bodies, remainder to Maud, Joan, and Agnes his daughters and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder for sale by his executors or those of the other devisees for the salvation of his soul, of all lands in Brineithyn which they had by the gift of the said Thomas in the fees of Wermolowe, Wylton, and Treget between the road from Langaran to Byddelston and that from the bridge of Langaran to the bridge of Retycroys. Brynethyne, Monday, the feast of St. Gregory the pope, 9 Richard I. Two seals.
[Heref.] C. 3802. Grant by Richard Aberhale to Thomas de Mayneston of lands in Brenythen, which he had by the gift of Philip ap Rees, rector of Lanwarne. Morrow of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 8 Richard II. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 3803. Grant by Walter Colomon and Cecily his wife of Mawne, to John Hulle and Eleanor his wife, of 2a. land in 'le Opfeld' in the parish of Bodynham. Mawne Nicholas, eve of St. James the Apostle, 18 Richard II.
[Sussex.] C. 3804. Quitclaim by John Moyn to John de Wylesham of his right in the body of Robert de Wylesham, his sequel and chattels. Witnesses:—Simon de Sancto Leodegar' and others (named). Fragment of seal.
Lincoln. C. 3805. Grant by John son and heir of Geoffrey de Catteby in Wyvelyngham to John (sic) his brother, of a toft and croft called Houtoft in Wyvelyngham, with the buildings thereon. Sunday before St. Mark, 14 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 3806. Grant by Isabel, daughter of Aubrey daughter of Ralph de Penherst, and relict of John de Hadle, to the nobleman Richard de Clara, of a meadow called 'Longhemed' in Hedenn, between the meadow of the church of Tunebrig on one side and land of the said Richard and land late of Godwin de la Helde on the other, for 14 marks in gersum, at a yearly rent of one ounce of cummin for all service, save 6d. payable yearly by the hand of the bailiff of the said Richard to the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:—Sir John de Say, Sir Bartholomew de Badelesmere, Sir John Chanu, Richard de Aquila, steward of Tunebrig, and others (named).
Lincoln. C. 3807. Quitclaim by Margaret late the wife of Thomas de Naton of Lincoln to John de Crosholm and Joan his wife of her right in a messuage in Estgate in the suburb of Lincoln. Friday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 3 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal.
[Hants.] C. 3808. Grant by Thomas, lord of Foxcote, and Margaret his wife to Henry de Harnhulle of rents, services and other profits of all their free tenants in Hetherdene, and all their villeins there, with all their lands, sequels, and chattels, and a croft there held at a yearly rent of 2s.; and meadows called 'Estmede' and 'Pirkmede' and other lands, rents, and services in Foxcote. Witnesses:—Sir John de Cormayles, Sir John le Duyn, knights, and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 3809. Grant in pure alms by Richard son of William the leech (Medici) to the monks of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnast[apol] of 4s. yearly rent which Robert de Chimelond pays for a house and two gardens by the north gate of Barnast[apol]; of a burgage by the east gate rendering therefore 2d. to the monks of Pilton, and 1¼d. to the lord of the town in frithgavel (frugabulo) and of land which he held of them, viz. that which his father had by the gift of Adam de Medeneford, rendering therefore to the heirs of Adam a pair of white (dealbatar') gloves. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de Tracy, Thomas de Tracy, and others (named).
Endorsed: Carta Richardi medici monachi.
[Notts.] C. 3810. Grant by John de Chesterfeld of Neuwerk to Thomas Clerk of the same and Isabel his wife, of a messuage in Neuwerk, abutting on 'le Potterdyk.' Tuesday after St. John the Baptist, 2 Richard II. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 3811. Grant by Adam son of Richard de Whytemor of Madeleye to John son of Thomas Kene of Madeleye, of a messuage and land in the fee of Madeleye under Lyme, bought of Robert del Hull, land there bought of John son of Richard de Sidewey, and land there which he had by the gift of the said Richard his father. Wednesday after Epiphany, 26 Edward III.
Derby.] C. 3812. Grant by Nicholas Pouger of Willesthorp to Oliver son of Edmund Martyn of Breydeston, and William de Hyckelyng and William Godefrey, chaplains, of all his lands in Willesthorp, Draycot, Breydeston, and Risseley, with reversion of the dower of Maud, relict of William Pouger his father. Sunday after St. Denis, 35 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 3813. Grant by John son of Richard Bukmor, of Solyhull, to John son of John Smyth, of Stycheford in Yerdeley, dwelling in the parish of Solyhull, and William Notyng, of Solyhull, of lands in Schyreley in that parish called 'Sloughus Tenement' late of Margery formerly the wife of Thomas Elys, which he had by the gift of Richard Byrches vicar of Kenelworth. Wednesday before the Purification, 3 Henry V.
[Staff.] C. 3814. Quitclaim by John del Hurst to William son of Adam [son of] Pola (Pole) of all his right in a messuage and land in the fee of Chetulton, which Adam Poison had by the gift of Margery daughter of Henry del Hurst. Sunday before St. Katharine, 19 Edward III. Cf. A. 11293.
Sussex. C. 3815. Grant by William Twysden to Thomas Oxenbregge, esquire, Thomas Altoft, clerk, Thomas Reder, and Robert Sabbe, at the request of John Kechenham son of John Kechenham, the elder, and of Alice his wife, deceased, of the land, &c. in Sussex, within and without the liberty of the Cinque Ports, formerly of the said John, the elder, and Alice, which with others, since deceased, he had by the demise of Richard Tumour, for the performance of the will of the said John, the son. Haylesham, 27 January, 9 Henry VII.
Wilts. C. 3816. Grant by John Crykelade the elder of Stodeley esq. to William York the elder, citizen of London, of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d. in Draycote Folyet, which he had by William's gift, in exchange for William's purparty in pastures called 'Pynellys' and 'Wodelond' in Calne. Witnesses:—Roger Tocote, knight, and others (named). 6 February, 39 Henry VI.
[Notts.] C. 3817. Grant by James Cutteler of Newerk to Joan his wife, Roger de More, Robert Touk, bowyer, and William Hosier of Newerk, of all his lands in the fields of Newerk and Northgate. Saturday before Easter, 9 Henry IV. Seal.
Oxford. C. 3818. Grant by Cecily late the wife of William Aston of London, stockfishmonger, to Nicholas Wotton of all her right in lands and rents in Kynggeston Blount. London, Thursday after St. Luke, 13 Henry VI. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3819. Grant by John son of Walter Jordan, of Thonebrugge, to Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, son of Gilbert de Clare, of 1a. meadow in Eastmede by the postern in the parish of Thonebrugge, adjoining the meadow of Thonebrugge priory and the water coming from the eastern mil'.
[Bedford.] C. 3820. Grant by Walter de Daundesheye of Grocteforde to Roger Ivel of Thornecote, Maud his wife, and his heirs, of a rood in the meadow of Bestone in 'le Wydefan,' abutting on water called 'Yevelle.' Tuesday alter St. Peter and St. Paul, 14 Edward III, Seal.
[Staff.] C. 3821. Grant by Thomas de Blakwode to William de Egerton of land called 'le Pyngel' in 'le Bourevede' in Madeley, situate as described. Monday before Easter, 3 Henry IV. Seal.
[Hants.] C. 3822. Agreement between Gilbert de Therstwod and William, called 'le Chaumberleng' viz. that the said Gilbert grants to the said William, for all the time of the ward of William, a road (iter) within the bounds (septa) of the manor of Therstwod, as adjudged to William by twelve men before the King's justices, and the said William promises to the said Gilbert 100s. as often as is necessary for remaking the said road from the land of the said Gilbert without damage to him; trespasses to be amended by view of friends of both parties, and the party not obeying the award to pay 40s. to the fabric of the church of Westminster. Witnesses:—Sir Ellis Kotele, Sir Alan Musard, Sir Richard Estormy, and others (named). Feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 1270.
[Devon.] C. 3823. Grant by Helen daughter of Robert of Northgate (de Porta Boreali) to William the leech (Medico), for his homage and service, of all her land and buildings in Northgate street to the west of the chapel of All Saints within the town wall, a garden between it and Langeheie held of the heirs of Richard of Westgate (de Porta Ocidentali), and land towards Eastgate [all in Barnstaple], at a rent of a pair of white gloves, saving gavels due, viz. 12d. to the church of St. Mary at Pilton, and 'frihtgavel' to the lord of Barnestapol. Witnesses:— Sir William de Raleg', William his son, Richard Raleg', and others (named). Seal.
[Hants.] C. 3824. Demise by Henry de Harnhulle, knight, to John Hundes- heyward and his wife, whosoever she shall be, for their lives in survivorship, of a messuage and land in Penytone Meysy at a yearly rent of 12d., saving the king's service, suit of Henry's court, and heriot. The feast of St. Lucy, 15 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 3825. Grant by John son and heir of Gregory le Bater of Dunstaple to Robert son of John le Reve of Wynefeld and Christiana his wife of land in Dunstaple in a lane called 'le Hallewyk,' and abutting on a cart-road leading from Watling Street to 'le Hallewyk.' Thursday before St. Dunstan, 14 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3826. Grant by Robert de Wylesham to Robert his son of three acres of land in 'Blakestokfeld' bounded by the wood (brokum) of the lady of Fenes and the land of the abbot of Begeham, and three acres next to the preceding in 'Farnfeld,' all in Wylesham in the parish of Eshburnham. Witnesses:—John, lord of Cudenne, and others (named). 29 March, 8 Edward II.
[Bedford.] C. 3827. Quitclaim by Agnes late the wife of John de Sewelle to Alice her daughter of all her right in tenements in South Street (vico del South) in Dunstaple in a lane called 'le Hallewyk.' 6 May, 13 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 3828. Grant by William son of Alan de Morton to Hugh del Brom of the right to approve three acres of waste in the grantor's moiety of the town of Morton. Witnesses:—Sir Patrick de Haselwell and others (named). Easter week, 21 Edward [I]. Copy.
[Herts.] C. 3829. Grant by Peter son of Andrew de Putham to William de Aula and Alice his wife of five acres in Betthlowe, being his purparty of land late of Henry Trig,' and half an acre of meadow in Tiscote lying in 'le brode' according to the dole (sors) at a yearly rent of 4d. Witnesses:—Ralph, lord of Merstone, Ralph de Treng', clerk, Henry de Stodham, Richard de Merstone, and others (named).
[Oxford.] C. 3830. Grant by Richard, abbot of Tham', and the convent of the same, to Walter le Pol of Sydeham of a headland (foreram) in Sydeham, reserving the right to turn ploughs and cut drains thereon; the said Walter to sow when the grantors' adjacent plot is sown, and to compensate for damage by plough beasts.
[Hants.] C. 3831. Grant by John Peverel to Sir Robert de Harenhulle of an acre of bond land in Penyton Meysi adjoining that of the abbot of Gresteyn, &c. in exchange for another acre in 'Pykyslond' in the same town, adjoining the land of the church of Penyton. Witnesses:— Sir Reynold de Argenthem, Sir Peter de Mellis, Sir John de Byskele, and Sir Thomas de Bavent, knights, Sir John le Duen, and others (named). Bromfeud, Saturday, the feast of St. Edmund the archbishop, 25 Edward I.
[Worc.] C. 3832. Quitclaim by Alice relict of Geoffrey de Hoke, widow, to Master Hugh de Furth of her right to dower in land in Hanley sold by the said Geoffrey to the said Hugh, in exchange for two acres of land for life, five shillings, half a seam of corn, and a flitch of bacon. Witnesses:—Walter de Parys, bailiff of Ledebury, and others (named).
Endorsed: Cowley et Hanley. Alicia de Oke.
[Sussex.] C. 3833. Grant by Stephen Mimecon to Ralph Baldewine, Lenota his wife, and his heirs, for 5s. in gersum of land in Heylesham bounded on the east by the way (stratam) called 'Schirwey' and on the south by that coming from Estetune, at a quarterly rent of ¼d.
[Lincoln.] C. 3834. Grant by Margaret daughter of Thomas Yerl of Wyfling- ham to Thomas Ad Ripam of Wyflingham of a place of her toft with house thereon.
[Sussex.] C. 3835. Quitclaim by Richard ate Bocholte and Maud his wife to Nicholas Wynan of their right in a capital messuage late of William Cropp at 'le Wytedykes,' in Haylesham, and in the liberty of the lowey of Pevenes'. 13 July, 29 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 3836. Grant by Robert le Hosteler, servant of William de Puriton of Dunstaple, to Marion daughter of Gregory le Bater of Dunstaple, of his toft in South Street (vico del, South), Dunstaple, in a lane called 'Hallewyk.' Sunday after the Purification, 23 Edward III.
Cambridge. C. 3837. Demise by John Squirel to Walter son of John Wolward of Triplawe of all his land, houses, homages, &c. in Triplawe for six years, at a yearly rent of 6 marks to be paid at the lessee's expense and peril at Berk[yng] in Essex; the lessee to perform the services due and to pay all tallages, to keep the said houses in repair by view of good and lawful men, to take housebote and heybote only by view of the lessor or his attorney, and at the end of the term to surrender sixteen acres once ploughed and ten acres twice ploughed for barley, and five ready for sowing, according to the season, with implements as enumerated; the lessor to be at liberty, should the lessee die within the term, to take possession of his goods on the premises till his successor has found security for the rent and covenants. Witnesses:— Master John, vicar of Triplawe, and others (named). The lease to commence at Michaelmas, 33 Edward I.
[Bedford.] C. 3838. Demise by John Morteyn to Simon son of William Baxstere of Dunstapul for a hundred years of a toft in a lane called 'Hallewyk' in Dunstapul, at a yearly rent of 6d. Sunday before Michaelmas, 2 Richard II. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 3839. Grant by Richard son of Walter de Creslonde to Henry de Craslonde son of Adam de Bokenhulle, of all his land &c. at Craslonde in the parish of Wulvinehope, at a yearly rent of 1d. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Sarnesfeld, knight and others (named).
[Staff.] C. 3840. Demise by Robert son of David de Onyleg and Hamund his son to Peter de Porta and Robert Powe, his son-in-law, and their wives and children (pueris) of four selions in the fee of Onyleg, adjoining 'le Cowdreyesfeld' for twelve years from Michaelmas, 1320, at 1d. rent and 7s. for entry, undertaking to recompense the lessees, if disturbed, with an equal area of their best land in the fee of Onyleg.
[Bedford.] C. 3841. Grant by Reynold son of Richard de Rokesdun to William Thoraud for homage and service of land at 'le Dedeclay' [abutting] on that of the parson of Norgivill, land abutting on the road from Norgivill' to Thornechot, and land at Clayhull and Sitereshulle, all in Busthun, at a rent of 1d. and 31s. 6d. in gersum, saving the king's foreign service; the land not to be conveyed to any religious house.
[Bedford.] C. 3842. Grant by John son of Adam de Lega to Joan his daughter for her service and for the purpose of her marriage of a messuage in Bletthesho of the fee of Robert Basset and land held of William Spine in Bikerescroft there, with all pasture, hedges, villeins, and appur- tenances, at a yearly rent of 3d. with reversion to himself in default of her issue.
[Bucks.] C. 3843. Grant by Robert de Turs to Cristiana de la Rose of all his land that, to wit, which he at any time held of her in Towersey (Turr' Eya). Witnesses:—Sir Fulk de Rucote, Sir Eustace de Greinvile, and others (named).
Endorsed: Turseye.
[Kent.] C. 3844. Grant by Simon son of Geoffrey Mustel of Thonebrug to Gilbert de Clare earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of meadow which he had by the gift of John son of Ralph in 'la Estmede,' adjoining the said earl's meadow called 'le Castelmede,' in Thonebrug.
[Devon.] C. 3845. Grant by Eve daughter of Alexander the tailor (cissoris) widow to Robert the dyer [of] Bouteport of 6d. yearly rent charged on her tenement in the suburb of Barn[estapole].
Notts. C. 3846. Quitclaim by Marjory daughter of Henry de Newerk to Robert de Chilewelle in Notingham of her right in a yearly rent of 4s., a cock, and three hens due from Henry le Cupper of Notingham for his capital messuage in the Saturday market, Notingham. Witnesses:— Richard Chaumpeneys, bailiff of Notingham, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] C. 3847. Grant by Ralph, rector of Cranisl', to Hugh de Cranisl' for his homage and service of the homages, wards, reliefs, &c. that may fall due to him from William son of Stephen of Cranisl' and Peter son of Roger of the same town, at a yearly rent of 1d. Witnesses:— Sir Simon de Trop and others (named). Seal.
[Bucks.] C. 3848. Grant by Alice late the wife of Simon le Marchal of Charderugge in the parish of Cestresham to John de Broke of the said parish, Agnes his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, for 6s. in hand, of a yearly rent of 3d. for three pieces of land in 'le Pitcroft,' and 2¼d. for land in Dudemereshulle.
[Bedford.] C. 3849. Grant by Robert Dispensator of Gruteford to William son of Thorald, for his homage and service of a rood of land on Sitereshul next the land of Robert the smith's son (filii fabri), and a rood on Chaldewelle abutting on the headland of Robert de Sibetun, in Bueston, paying therefor and for other lands held of the said Robert a yearly rent of 1d., saving the king's service. For this grant the said William gives 5s. 6d. Witnesses:—Walter the chaplain (capellano), John the deacon (Diacono), John Thorald, Robert Joce, Randolph de Thornecote, Hugh de Stanford and William Brien.
[Oxford.] C. 3850. Confirmation by Isabel, late the wife of Adam Francun, son of Vincent le Meule, widow, to Peter son and heir of Walter de Sancto Paulo of Sydeham and Alice his wife, of a charter of the said Adam to the said Walter and Alice, of land in Mercforlong adjoining the field of Chinnore, and in Hamfeld towards Emintone, all in Sydeham, at a yearly rent of 1d., for 25s. in gersum. Seal (a bird) with legend.
Surrey. C. 3851. Grant by Robert Wretill, citizen and tailor of London, and Maud his wife to Walter Vitull, armourer, and Marion his wife, Henry Rede, armourer, and Henry Barton, William Newenham, and William Stranxhill, skinners, citizens of London, and the heirs and assigns of the said Walter Vitull, of all their lands, rents, and services in the town and fields of Pekham and in the parish of Camberwell alias Camerwell. 9 August, 6 Henry V. Two seals.
[Berks.] C. 3852. Grant by Thomas Paynel, knight, to Thomas Catewy, Joan his wife, and his heirs, of a toft and close in 'le Westwyke' in Borewardescote, with pasture for twelve oxen as well in Cornmerche and Somermersche as in the hams or elsewhere in Borewardescote, where his oxen feed, and as much pasture for all the sheep that the grantees shall have, as any tenant of 'le Westwyke,' free or bond has ever had there. 24 June, 46 Edward III. French. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3853. Grant by Andrew de Hensterugg of the parish of Iffeud to Richard son and heir of Richard de Westone of land late held by William Cristemesse of Gonilda, sister of the grantor, in the field called Broderydene in Iffeud, and bounded on the south by the highway from Ifeud to Russperr, at a yearly rent of 17d., for 28s. in gersum; the land not to be alienated to religious or to Jews. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 3854. Quitclaim by Emma, daughter and heir of Walter de Shypssawe, to John called 'Herward,' carpenter, of her right in a quarter (quarterio) of land by the highway in Dalyntone, for 2s. paid beforehand.
[Sussex.] C. 3855. Grant by Thomas de Wylesham to Maud his daughter and Robert son of Robert of Wylesham in free marriage and to the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to himself and his heirs, of all the tenement in Wylesham which came to him after the death of William his brother, with reversion of dower in the same, besides ½a. 1r. of his meadow there. Witnesses:—John, lord of Coudenne, and others (named). Eshburnham, 29 March, 8 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 3856. Grant by Richard Sauvage to Sir Roger de Peulisdon and Joan his wife of all his tenement in the manor of Neubolt of the gift of Thomas de Venablys, late lord of Neubolt, and William, late lord of Astbur', saving the messuage with buildings thereon, and the curtilage within the bounds of the town of Astbur', for 10l. 10s. paid down. Witnesses:—Sir William, baron of Kinderton, Sir Richard de Massy, and Sir Richard de Sondbach, knights, Ralph, lord of Morton, Ranulf, lord of Astbur', Richard de Suethenam, Gralom de Morton, and other.
[Salop.] C. 3857. Demise by William Goldesmyth of Bruggenorth to John Arundell, master or warden of the hospital of the Holy Trinity or St. John the Baptist there, and his successors, of two selions in a field called Sevarnefeld in Bruggenorthe adjoining the land of the said hospital and the Severn, for 99 years at a yearly rent of a red rose if demanded. Christmas Day, 4 Henry V.
[Notts.] C. 3858. Demise by John de Wynthorp of Neuwerk to Robert Hyleston of Neuwerk of land in Neuwerk part in Stonclyfe, part abutting on the moor, and part in Northynge, for twelve years, paying yearly rents of 5s. to the bishop of Lincoln and 3s. 4d. to John Browne, saddler. Saturday, Michaelmas Day, 21 Richard II. Seal.
Lincoln. C. 3859. Grant by Agnes late the wife of Robert de Wylingham of Lincoln to Sir Ralph, perpetual vicar of the church of the Holy Cross in Wykford in the suburb of Lincoln, and his assigns, of a messuage and land in the said parish, of the gift of John de Bultham of Lincoln. Witnesses:—Hugh de Garewell, mayor of Lincoln, William de Norton and Thomas Pygot, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Tuesday before St. Matthew, 48 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 3860. Quitclaim by Cecily late the wife of Richard Rys of Dunstaple to Sir William, perpetual vicar of Kenisworthe, his heirs and assigns, of her right in a house in South Street (vico del South) Dunstaple, assigned to her as dower. Monday, the feast of St. James, Apostle, 2 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 3861. Grant by Richard Heggyngworth to William atte Wode and John Bromefeld of land at Bollestrete in Waldern, with houses thereon, late of John atte Rede, which he had by the gift of John Pelham, knt. and others. 1 April, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 3862. Demise by Robert son of Ralph de Gedeling to Richard le Curzun of Notingham of land in Westrihil, in the field of Notingham, which William his brother took for term from Robert Stokis and bequeathed to him in extremis; to hold to the said Richard from Mid Lent, 1277, for twenty-four years; consideration, 20s. Witnesses:— Adam le Paumer and Jordan de la Barregate, bailiffs of Nottingham, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 3863. Grant by Madoc son of Wronou Gough of Horton to Ithell his eldest son and the heirs of his body, of all his lands in Horton with remainder in default to himself and his heirs.
[Derby.] C. 3864. Demise by Nicholas de Wermundiswr' in Breydiston to Roger Noget of Draycot, clerk, of meadow in Breydiston, and land and rent in Wivelistorp, viz. 13 acres abutting on Fildingeweye, and two lying on Scortebarkhul, land called 'le Banelondis' on the boundary of Eyton, land called 'Alwordpoyl' and 'Stamlondis,' between Eyton field and the bridge of Wivelistorp, pasture called 'Fillewelle,' on the road from Eyton to Risel', rents of 3s. 4d. due from Simon Pouger of Wivelistorp, 2s. from Robert son of Eda (Ede), 5d. from two bovates of land late held by Adam Torkard, and 7d. from John de Bracl' of the same, for fourteen years at a rent of ½d.; for this Roger gave him 20l. beforehand; Nicholas to compensate for all disturbance within two months by view of three or four men of Wivelistorp, or else Roger shall remain enfeoffed of all the said tenement, as is contained in the charter of feoffment of the said Nicholas which Roger has. Michaelmas, 1262.
[Essex or Cambridge.] C. 3865. Quitclaim by John de Seymer of Habitone to Richard de Hadistoke, chaplain, of all right which he had from Gilbert his brother in a messuage and land in Taterringe, or Thateringe, at 1d. rent, for 26s. beforehand.
[Bedford.] C. 3866. Grant by William Somerford to Robert Percesoyl of a rood of land on Boybuttes in Bustone, abutting on 'le brok' at Stoniworthe, adjoining the land of the monks of Wardone, at a yearly rent of a farthing, for 7s. in gersum, saving the king's service. Witnesses:—Henry de Thornecote, and others (named).
[Staff.] C. 3867. Quitclaim by Margery daughter of Robert son of Juliana to Walter Marshal (Marescall'), dwelling in Betileyg', for 5s. of all her right in a messuage and land there which Adam son of William son of Hugh has by the gift of William her brother, from whom the said Walter bought it. Witnesses:—Richard Dun and Hugh son of Lonot', bailiffs, William de Thiknes, and others (named).
[Notts.] C. 3868. Grant by Robert son of Robert de Watenowe to Robert de Stredleg the elder of a messuage and two-thirds of a toft in Brocbrestinges in Watenowe, at a yearly rent of a clove, for 40s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir John de Annesleg, Sir Ranulph de Wandesleg, Hugh de Canonicis, and others (named).
[Devon.] C. 3869. Quitclaim by John Goldesmyth and William Gyan to John Mulys of Barn[astapole] of their right in a seld between a tenement late of Simon Bade called the Gildhall of Barn[astapole] on the west and a tenement of the long bridge of Barn[astapole] on the east, and next the sea-strand on the south. Witnesses:—Thomas Hoper mayor of Barn[astapole], and others (named). Thursday after St. Lucy, 11 Henry VI. Seal and fragment of seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 3870. Grant by Robert de Veer, earl of Oxford, to Nicholas de Aumberdene of pasture for two stots and two oxen in his herbage of Great Abytone with the plough-beasts of his manor there. Witnesses: —Sir John de Bellocampo and Sir Henry de Lacy, knights, Richard de Bassyngburne, clerk, and others (named).
[Stafford.] C. 3871. Grant by John de Cowdrey to Robert son of Gregory de Balterdelg' of all his court at Balterdelg' with buildings and gardens (edificiis, ortis et gardinis) as enclosed by hedges and ditches, at ½d. rent, for three marks beforehand. Witnesses:—William de Bosco, William de Mos, and others (named).
Endorsed: Balterdeleigh.
[Derby.] C. 3872. Grant by Robert son of Simon de Macwrcht to Herbert Snau of two acres of assart by Castelweia towards Surtegreueis at a rent of two white gloves payable at Derby fair (ad nundinas Derbeis), for four shillings beforehand. Witnesses:—William Cusin, Philip de Macuurht, Hugh de Derby, and others (named).
Endorsed: Macword.
[Bedford.] C. 3873. Surrender by Agnes la Baxtere to William de Holcote and Isabel his wife of land in Beston whereof the reversion after her death has been granted to them by John de Boddenho of Wardon cousin and heir of Robert de Boddenho, the said William and Isabel paying a quarter of corn yearly. Thornecote, Friday after the feast of St. Hilary, 17 Edward III. Seal.
[Berks.] C. 3874. Quitclaim by William Tor to Ralph de Helme of the claims of Roger Tor his uncle and Nicholas Tor his father on the land of Helme, whereof a final concord was made at Niwebir' before Hugh Bardulf, William Briwer, Alan de Furneus, and Thomas de Husseburn, justices in eyre [1187–9], for which concord Ralph paid them 6l. Wit- nesses:—Peter de Suckemond and others (named).
[Staff.] C. 3875. Quitclaim by Millicent (Milicenda) and Margery, daughters and heirs of Robert son of Robert de Madd' to Nicholas son of Thomas Cotin, of their right in a messuage and 1½a. land in a field called 'Beralecrof' in the fee of Maddeleg, for 6s. 8d. beforehand. Wit- nesses:—Richard de Bromleg and Thomas de Hobeleg, beadles of Pirehull and others (named). The morrow of St. Hilary, 12 Edward I. Two seals.
[Bucks.] C. 3876. Grant by Walter the miller (molendinarius) of Neuport to the hospital of St. John of Neuport, of a rent of 3d. to be received from Ralph de Ravenestone his nephew, for a house and curtilage there against the old mote (motam). Witnesses:—Michael de Querendon, steward, and others (named).
Endorsed: Carta de domo in marisco; Atteburyes house.
[Sussex.] C. 3877. Grant by John de Langeley of the parish of Yfeld and Maud his wife to Simon le Veutre, for his service and six marks in gersum of land in the parish of Rosspere with buildings and crops thereon bordering the road from Newdegate to Horham and the hedge called 'Ruggehey,' given to them in free marriage by Peter de la Hurste of Yfelde nomine catellorum at the church door of Yfelde; the grantee not to alienate it to men of religion or Jews. Two seals.
Endorsed: A deede conserning landes lyin in Rusper nere Langhurst.
[Sussex.] C. 3878. (1) Quitclaim by Walter Cristemesse to Richard de Weston and Cecily his wife of all his right in land in Ruchsparre held of him by William Cristemesse in dower with Eveline his mother after the death of Roger Cristemesse his father, reserving a yearly rent of 5½d. at the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, and 5½d. at the Nativity of St. John the Baptist; consideration, 40s. beforehand.
(2) Grant by John de Gotewykes of the parish of Roussperre to Simon le Veutre and Mabel his wife of land late of William de Cristemasse in the parish of Ifelde on the north side of the highway from Craule to Roussperre, by 10d. rent to the chief lords of the fee. Roussperre, Whit Sunday Eve, 7 Edward II.
Dorset. C. 3879. Indenture of apprenticeship (trade not mentioned) of William son of William Hore of Stipille in Purbyke to John Burgeis of Brideport and Agnes his wife for five years, at the end of which the said William is to receive 33s. 4d. as salary (ut pro suo celario termini predicti). Witnesses:—William Bouley and John But, bailiffs of Brideport, and others (named). Monday after Michaelmas, 18 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Devon.] C. 3880. Grant by Robert the dyer (tingtor) to the monks of St. Mary Magdalen, Barn[astapole] of a yearly rent of 6d. due at Michaelmas from the tenement of Eve daughter of Alexander the tailor in the suburb of Barn[astapole], to make an obit on the morrow of St. Michael for his soul, the soul of Lettice his wife, their parents and kinsfolk. Witnesses:—Michael Burel, mayor of Barn[astapole] and others (named). Seal.
[Devon.] C. 3881. Grant by Paschasius, prior of St. Mary Magdalen of Barnastapolia, by the consent of his fellow-monks, to Robert Peni, of land adjoining land not yet set (assidatam) of the said monks, their graveyard, and the high street, at a yearly rent of 18d., and by such services as are wont to be done by other burgesses of the said monks of that fee; and if houses built on the said land are for sale, the said monks are to be preferred (propinquiores) as purchasers. Witnesses:—Philip Hogeman, and others (named), dyers.
[Kent.] C. 3882. Grant by Simon son of Lawrence the forester (forestarii) of Tonebregge to his lord Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of 1¼ acres in a meadow called 'Eastmed' in Tonebregge adjoining the 'Melledich,' etc. Seal, perishing.
[Wilts.] C. 3883. Grant by William Mauncel, vicar of Remmesbury, and William Kyng to William Bozard of a tenement which they had by the gift of Joan late the wife of John de Rothewelle, 'lynnedraper.' Remmesbury, Sunday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 24 Edward III. Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3884. Grant by John Salamon of Ealdynge to William Wolscy of the same and Joan his wife of two acres and one rood (virgatam) in Ealdyng in the holding (tenura) of Eyllesford at 'Swychefeld,' viz. 1a. 3r. at 'Brodefelde' and ½a. by the king's highway (stratam), in exchange for two acres and a virgate at 'Julekynes' in the same town. Sunday after All Saints, 24 Edward III. Seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 3885. Grant by William Baron, chaplain, to Thomas Moygne, of Clee, Simon de Grymesby of Grymesby, William Veer, and William Margretson of Stalyngburgh, of all his messuages, lands, rents and services in Wathe and Houton by Wathe, late of John son and heir of William de Skyrbek. Witnesses: Sir William de Belesby and Sir John de Anneslay, knights, Sir John —, vicar of Wathe, and others (named). Thursday, the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 1396, 20 Richard II.
[Bucks.] C. 3886. Grant by John Longe to Walter his son, for the life of the grantor, of all his lands, rents, and services in Mussenden and Chesham, except those held of the earl of Warewik, at a yearly rent of 5 marks, the grantee to maintain all buildings, groves, and hedges; the grantor to be allowed to distrain on these and all other lands of the said Walter for arrears of the above rent etc. 30 December, 24 Edward III.
[Kent.] C. 3887. Grant by Yvo ate Longefrithe to Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of seven dayworks of his meadow in Hadlo, the said dayworks being bounded by the water called 'Bourne' on the west and the highway on the south, etc.
[Bedford.] C. 3888. Demise by William son of Robert de Faldho 'del Westhyde' to Richard Gladewine of the same of land in 'le Haut' bordering the Herpeden road, for 2s. beforehand, till the grantee has taken four crops (cruppos) of corn therefrom; the lease to begin Michaelmas, 14 Edward I. Seal See C. 3728.
Bucks. C. 3889. Counterpart of demise by Sir Henry Smyth, master of the hospital of St. John the Baptist of Neuportpaynell, to Robert Belassys and Alice his wife, of the same, of a messuage with two houses built thereon, the one a hall and chamber containing two bays (bayos), the other a barn containing three bays, at the 'le barr diche' in Neuport; a croft next 'Buryfelde'; and ½a. on 'Medefurlong' and ½a. on 'Langfurlong' in the field of Caldecote; saving to the said master and his tenant of the next tenement on the west free ingress and egress with horses and carts through a gate pertaining to the said messuage, of which gate they pay half the repairs; the whole for sixty years at a rent of 6s. 8d. The feast of St. Matthew, 1454, 33 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Berks.] C. 3890. Grant by Richard son of Walter de Welles of Keninton to John de Keninton, miller, and Scolastica his wife, of ½a. in 'Grimesforlong' in Kenynton, for 13s. 4d. beforehand. Witnesses:— William Wigayn, steward of Abyndon and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 3891. Grant by William Bere and Walter de Hameldon, both of Staunford, to Raymond le Spicer of the same, Edda his wife, and his heirs and assigns, of a garden in the parish of St. Mary of Bynewerk, Staunford, between the town wall and the garden of the prior of St. Leonard near Staunford. Sunday after St. Giles, 2 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 3892. Grant by Beatrice daughter of Robert Dispensator of Gretteford to Richard Juel of Thornecot of a toft which her father gave her in Thornecot, at a rent of 2d. for all service, saving the king's foreign service, for 30s. in gersum.
[N'hamp.] C. 3893. Grant by Ralph son of Sampson of Cranisleia to Alexander brother of Hugh de Cranisleia, for his homage and service, and for 5s. of la. viz. on 'Hendwdehil,' on the road to Norhamton, under 'Fulpit,' and on 'Woldfurlong,' all in Cranisleia, at a yearly rent of ½d. Witnesses:—Hugh de Cranisleia, Ralph, parson of Cranisleia, and others (named). Seal with legend: Sigill' Radulf' fil' Saunsun.
[Salop.] C. 3894. Grant by Thomas de Bardeleye to William de Robeleye, Edith his wife, and their children (pueris) of la. in Walthone at a yearly rent of 1d. for 10s. beforehand; the land not to be alienated or pledged to men of religion or to Jews. Witnesses:—Adam de Bolda, Hugh de Bask, Roger de Bosco Regis, Adam le Savage, Hamond son of Gamel de Stotesdon.
[Bedford.] C. 3895. Grant by John son of William Blundel the elder of Caldecote to Robert Percel of Thornecote of one 'otherhalfyerde' of land in the crofts of Thornecote in exchange for half an acre of land in 'Nethereclayfurlong' between the land of the lady of Mogerhangger and land of the lady of Huntingfeld, and for 2s. 6d. beforehand. Northyevele, Sunday after Michaelmas, 16 Edward III. Seal broken.
[Kent.] C. 3896. Grant by William Bakere of the parish of Sevenoke to John Bele and Robert Norays, smith, of the same, of land called 'Russelysfeld' in the same on the road from 'Cotestokke' to Kippyngtone. 2 April, 10 Henry IV.
[Notts.] C. 3897. Declaration that William de Morteyn has given back to Robert son of Walter de Stretle all his lands in Trowell, Herewelle, Adbolton, Colston, Normanton, Sutton, Wodeburg', Calverton, Sauter- forde, Baseforde, Normanton (sic) and Herdebi, and re-seised him thereof with warranty against the king and his heirs and all other who can claim anything therein by reason of the late war and disturbance in the realm, before Michaelmas, 51 Henry III. Witnesses:—Sir Adam de Evirigham and others (named).
Notts. C. 3898. Grant by Agnes relict of Robert Dubbedent of Notingham to Richard called Gos of Notingham, clerk, of ½a. in 'Astidale' and ½a. on 'Pesehul' in Notingham at a yearly rent of a rose payable to the grantor, and 6d. to the heirs of Adam Kytte as chief lords of the fee. Witnesses:—Adam le Paumer, mayor of Notingham, Adam le Fleming and William de Crophulle, bailiffs, and others (named). [1295.] Fragment of seal.
Notts. C. 3899. Grant by Simon Thoni of Notingham to Robert Gos of the same of ½a. by 'le Bek,' ½a. in 'Wrennedale,' and ½a. beyond 'Lingdale,' in Notingham, at a rent of ½d. for 35s. in gersum. Witnesses:—Roger de Crophil, alderman of Notingham, Sewall Br' and John le Fleming, bailiffs, and others (named). Seal.
[Kent.] C. 3900. Grant by John Pumfreyt of Eastpecham to Isabel Kempe of the same for her life of a piece of land within his gate in Eastpecham, 39 ft. (pedes Pauly) by 27, &c., with remainder to Denise, her daughter for life, with remainder to Joan and Alice daughters of Denise and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to William, John and William, his sons. Sunday before St. Matthew, 49 Edward III. Seal.