A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 3, Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sunbury, Teddington, Heston and Isleworth, Twickenham, Cowley, Cranford, West Drayton, Greenford, Hanwell, Harefield and Harlington

Edited by Susan Reynolds. This volume covers 14 parishes in south-west Middlesex. Among the area's extensive modern suburbs are the vestiges of the earlier agricultural villages, and the best known of the surviving large houses are Syon House, Osterley Park, and Strawberry Hill.

Victoria County History - Middlesex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1962.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations xi-xii
List of maps and plans xiii
Editorial note xv
Middlesex Victoria County History council xvii
Classes of public records used xviii-xix
Classes of documents in the Middlesex Record Office used xix
Note on abbreviations xx-xxi
Shepperton: The hundred of Spelthorne (continued) 1-12
Staines: Introduction 13-18
Staines: Manors 18-20
Staines: Other estates 20
Staines: Market and fairs 20-21
Staines: Mills 21-22
Staines: Economic and social history 22-25
Staines: Local government 25-27
Staines: Churches 27-30
Staines: Roman catholicism 30
Staines: Protestant nonconformity 30-31
Staines: Other denominations 31
Staines: Schools 32-33
Staines: Charities 33
Stanwell: Introduction 33-36
Stanwell: Manors 36-41
Stanwell: Other estates 41-42
Stanwell: Mills 42-43
Stanwell: Economic and social history 43-45
Stanwell: Local government 45-46
Stanwell: Church 46-49
Stanwell: Nonconformity 49
Stanwell: Schools 49-50
Stanwell: Charities 50
Sunbury: Introduction 51-53
Sunbury: Manors 53-57
Sunbury: Other estates 57
Sunbury: Mills 57-58
Sunbury: Economic and social history 58-59
Sunbury: Local government 59-61
Sunbury: Churches 61-63
Sunbury: Roman catholicism 63
Sunbury: Protestant nonconformity 63-64
Sunbury: Schools 64-65
Sunbury: Charities 65-66
Teddington: Introduction 66-69
Teddington: Manors 69-71
Teddington: Other estates 71
Teddington: Economic and social history 71-74
Teddington: Local government 74-76
Teddington: Churches 76-79
Teddington: Roman catholicism 79
Teddington: Protestant nonconformity 80-81
Teddington: Schools 81-82
Teddington: Charities 82
The hundred of Isleworth 83-84
Heston and Isleworth: Introduction 85-94
Heston and Isleworth: Hounslow Heath 94-96
Heston and Isleworth: Parks 96-97
Heston and Isleworth: Syon House 97-100
Heston and Isleworth: Osterley Park 100-103
Heston and Isleworth: Manors 103-111
Heston and Isleworth: Other estates 111-112
Heston and Isleworth: Markets and fairs 112
Heston and Isleworth: Mills 112-114
Heston and Isleworth: Economic and social history 114-119
Heston and Isleworth: Local government 119-122
Heston and Isleworth: Churches 122-129
Heston and Isleworth: Roman catholicism 129-131
Heston and Isleworth: Protestant nonconformity 131-133
Heston and Isleworth: Other denominations 133
Heston and Isleworth: Schools 133-137
Heston and Isleworth: Charities 137-139
Twickenham: Introduction 139-147
Twickenham: Manors 147-150
Twickenham: Other estates 150-151
Twickenham: Mills 151
Twickenham: Economic and social history 151-155
Twickenham: Local government 155-157
Twickenham: Churches 157-161
Twickenham: Roman catholicism 161-162
Twickenham: Protestant nonconformity 162-163
Twickenham: Schools 163-166
Twickenham: Charities 166
The hundred of Elthorne 167-169
Cowley: Introduction 170-172
Cowley: Manor 172-174
Cowley: Other estates 174
Cowley: Mills 174
Cowley: Local government 174-175
Cowley: Church 175-176
Cowley: Nonconformity 176
Cowley: School 176-177
Cowley: Charities 177
Cranford: Introduction 177-179
Cranford: Manors 179-181
Cranford: Mills 181-182
Cranford: Economic and social history 182-183
Cranford: Local government 183-184
Cranford: Churches 184-186
Cranford: Nonconformity 186
Cranford: Schools 186-187
Cranford: Charities 187