The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham: Volume 3, Stockton and Darlington Wards. Originally published by Nichols and Son, London, 1823.

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Robert Surtees, 'Index', in The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham: Volume 3, Stockton and Darlington Wards, (London, 1823) pp. 420-431. British History Online [accessed 27 May 2024].

Robert Surtees. "Index", in The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham: Volume 3, Stockton and Darlington Wards, (London, 1823) 420-431. British History Online, accessed May 27, 2024,

Surtees, Robert. "Index", The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham: Volume 3, Stockton and Darlington Wards, (London, 1823). 420-431. British History Online. Web. 27 May 2024,


Acle, Thomas Persona de, grant of land in Greystones, to John de Ketton, 274, 327.

Acley, Thomas de, proprietor of Whitworth, 291;

and Woodham, 332.

Grant to Bp. Philip of land, &c. at Old Park, ib. 298.

Adam the Carpenter, of Darlington, lands granted to, 71.

Addison family, property in Bradbury, 40.

Aislaby, account of property, 201–206.

Thomas de Aslakby's grant to Finchale Abbey, of fishery in the Tyne, 204.

Pedigree of Pemberton, 205, 206.

Albeini, Nigel de, charter appointing his brother William his heir, restoring Barmton and Skirmingham to Monks of Durham, &c. 344, 395.

Alclet, surrendered by Bp. Aldune, 314.

Alexander III. of Scotland, evils resulting from his death, 91.

Skeleton-mask at his nuptials, ib.

Allan family, property in Blackwell, 370.

Pedigree of Allan of Darlington and Blackwell Grange, 373.

-, Dorothy and Anne, epitaph, 363.

-, George, his MS collections and museum, paintings, productions of his press, and literary projects, 370–372, 414.

His father James Allan, 372, 414.

Allanson, Ralph, property in Egglescliffe, 198;

in Aislaby, 203.

Almoner of King Henry V. seal of, 138.

Alnwick, how burgesses become entitled to their freedom, 99.

Amerston, account of property, 86, 87.

Pedigrees of Dethicke and Ashmall, 87.

Amundeville, Thomas and John de, property in Coatham, 270.

Chantry founded for Thomas, ib.

Chapel of Staynton founded by John de Amundevill, 334.

Anderson, Bartram, and Sir Henry, property in Seaton, 131;

in Billingham, 145.

Archdeacon-Newton, 375.

Tithes, ib.

Arms in stained glass at Chilton, 410.

Arrowsmith, Anthony and Thomas, property in Coatham, 271.

Anthony “prest to death,” ib.

Asheby, Thomas, property in Sadberge, &c. 226 note.

Curious change of surnames in his family, ib.

Ashmall family, property in Amerston, 86;

pedigree, 87.

Aslakby family, ancient owners of Egglescliffe, 197.

Two recumbent effigies, 199.

Chantry founded by William de Aslakby and Agnes, 201.

Lords of Aislaby, ib.

Grant by Thomas de Aslakby to Finchale Priory, of a fishery, 204.

Other persons of this name, ib. note, 329.

Property in Newsham, 208.

Astley family, owners of Egglescliffe, 197;

property in Aislaby, 202.

Aycliffe, Parish of, 325–335.

Account of property, 325.

The old Oak-wood, ib.

Church, ib. 326.

Saxon Crosses, knightly effigy, &c. 326.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.

Guild connected with the chantry of St. Mary, 327.

Vicars, ib.

Contests of Vicars with Nuns of Monketon respecting chapel of Stainton, 334.

Charitable Benefaction, and School, 335.

Ayscough family, property in Over-Middleton, 225;

Walworth, 316;

Woodham, 332.

Pedigree of Ayscough of Middleton-on-Row, 227;

of South Kelsey, 319.

Ayton's lands in Fishburn, 51;

property in Whitton, 83.

Bainbrigg. See Baynbrigg.

Baker, George, of Elemore, property in Layton, 37.

Baliol, Bernard, and Robert Bruce (ancestors of the rivals for the crown) joined in embassy to King David of Scotland, 90 note.

Baliols; proprietors of Long Newton, 212.

Bp. Poor's convention with John de Baliol relative to it, ib.

Affray on infraction of the convention, and the King's order for Baliol to release his prisoners and make satisfaction, ib.

Baliol, John de, superior lord of Stainton, 61;

his right to the succession accordant with modern principles, 91.

Ball, John and Alice, epitaph, 31.

Bar, Hugh Earl of, fleet commanded by, 99.

Barbut, or Eelpout, (Gadus lota) account of, 22.

Barmton, descent of property, 344.

Charter of Henry Earl of Northumberland to the Monks of St. Cuthbert to hold freely Barmton and Skirmingham, ib. 395;

of Nigel de Albeini, restoring to the monks Barmton and Skirmingham, &c. ib.

Barnard Castle, attempts to include within the jurisdiction of Sadberge, 267 note.

Barnes, John, rector of Haughton, property in Haughton, 339, 342;

Darlington, 354.

Pedigree of Barnes of Darlington, 355, 414.

Will of William, 1666, ib.

Barrington, George Visc. rector of Sedgefield, 32, 33;

proprietor of Midridge-grange, 312.

Bart family, property in Middleton, 221, 224;

Nether Middleton and Hartburne, 226.

Basire, Archdeacon, brief notices of, 200.

Baxter, William, of Whitworth, family, 292.

Baynbrigg, property in Butterwick, 50;

in Carleton, 73;

in Killerby, 323.

Bec, Walter, grant of lands in Redmarshall to Adam the Carpenter, of Darlington, 71.

Beckwith, Major-Gen. John, burial-place, 6.

Beckwith, William, property in Fish-burn, 51.

Bedford, T. vicar of Bishop-Middleham, 7;

epitaph and family, 6.

Bees, importance of, formerly, in domestic economy, 239.

Beke, John, Baron of Eresby, 70.

Belasyse, William, of Henknoll, property in Butterwick, 50.

Belasyse family, property in Owton, 132.

Monument to James, son of Sir William, 124.

Property of Sir William and Sir Henry in Ketton, 330.

Bell, Jane wife of Percival, monument at Hartlepool, 118.

Bellafogo, Thomas de, lands in West Morton, 56.

Bellasis, account of property in, 148, 149.

Bellasis, John de, the crusader, 148.

his exchange of lands in Wolveston for Henknoil with Convent of Durham, ib.

-, Dr. his story of a duck placed in Hell-kettles, 367.

Bellassis, James, of Owton, benefaction for Linen and Woollen Manufactory, 376.

Benet, John, son of William, lands in Darlington, 353, 354.

Bermeton, John de, lands in Barmton, 344.

Bertram, Agnes, grant of manor of Stainton to her daughter Agnes, 399.

Her daughter's grant to Richard de la Haye, ib.

Billingham, Parish of, 144–151.

Early notices of property, and rents and services, 144, 145.

Church, 145, 147.

Monumental Inscriptions, 146.

Vicars, ib.

Terrier 1629, 147.

Register, ib.

Books, plate, &c. ib.

Sequestrations, 150.

Charitable benefactions, 151, 402.

King William's grant of Billingham to St. Cuthbert and his Monks, 392.

Bp. Philip's grant of Church of Billingham to Prior and Convent, ib.

Billingham, of Crook-hall, family of, 144, 145, 148.

Bishop-Middleham, Parish of, 1–24.

Ancient tenures and services, 1.

Description of manor and demesnes, temp. Hatfield, ib. 2.

Middleham Castle, 2, 3.

Manor, demesne and park, 3, 4.

Church, 4, 5.

Rectors, 4.

Vicarage instituted, 5.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.—7.

Vicars, 7.

Extracts from Register, 8.

Impropriation, or Lay-rectory, 8;

mansion belonging to it, 9.

Composition between Master of Sherburn and Rector of Middleham, 12.

Pedigree of Ward, 13.

Charitable benefactions, 24, 58.

School, 24.

Charters, of Osbert nephew of Bp. Flambard, giving the Church of Middleham to St. Cuthbert and the Monks;

of Ralph Fitz Ralph, parson of Middleham, giving up all his right;

and confirmation of Bp. William de St. Barbara, 385.

Bishops of Durham—used Middleham Castle as a place of residence, 3.

Contest relative to wrecks at Hartlepool, 100.

Dispute respecting rights in Hart and Hartlepool, 100, 101;

Bishop's rights confirmed, 102.

Composition of John de Carrow with the Bishop, 1342, for having seized a royal fish, 131.

Right to escheat and forfeiture acknowledged by K. Hen. III. 1264, 134.

Rights incident to navigation of the Tees confirmed, 176.

Right to wardship asserted, 231 note;

instance of evasion unnoticed, 328 note.

Service of presenting the faulchion of Sockburn on their first entering the Bishoprick, 243.

Sadberge manor and wapen-take granted to by K. Richard, 265.

Their establishments in every principal manor, 304.

Mansion-house at Darlington their occasional residence, 350, 351, 358;

Princess Margaret there on her progress to Scotland on her marriage, 352.

Tenants (temp. Hugh Pudsey) bound to transport articles of use or luxury when the Bishop travelled, 351.

Church of Dinsdale granted to Bp. Hugh and successors by Ralph Surtees to provide lights for shrine of St. Cuthbert, 239;

renunciation of right of patronage by his grandson Ralph, 394.—

Grants, of Church of Rungeton, for the same purpose, by the same Ralph, Beatrix his wife, and Richard their son, 239, 393;

and by Roger de Coisners and Robert his son, 394;

and of the right of patronage of Rungeton, ib. (See Prior and Convent of Durham.) Land, &c. at Old Park granted to Bishop Philip by Thomas de Acley, 291, 298.

Bishopton, Parish of, 67–69.

Ancient mound or stronghold, 69.

Account of property, ib. 68.

Sequestrations, 68.

Church, Vicars, 69, 400.

Inscriptions, 69, 400.

Benefactions, 69.

Lands in, 73, 74.

Blacket, Sir William, benefaction, 120.

Property in Brearton, 133;

in Sockburn, &c. 245, 246 note, 251;

in Morton Palmes, 270.

Blackwell, ancient tenures and services, 368, 369.

Family of the name, 369.

The Grange, 370.

Tithes, 375.

Blakiston, account of property, 159–167.

Chapel founded at, 160, 161.

King Henry's confirmation of the Prior's right in Blakiston, 161.

Richard de Park's grants of land to Roger and Hugh de Blakiston, ib.

Galfrid Fitz Galfrid, bond to perform suit at court of Prior;

Marmaduke Fitz Galfrid, quitclaim of right in Blakiston to Prior, 165.

Pedigree of Davison of Blakiston and of Thornley Gore and Elvet, 166, 167.

Blakiston family, of Blakiston, property there, and account of the family, 159–165.

Grants of land to Roger and Hugh, 1341, 161.

Wills of John, 1587;

Robert, 1529, &c. 161.

Pedigree, 162.

Recumbent effigy in Blakiston Porch at Norton, 155.

Property in Redmarshall, 70;

Carleton, 73;

Fulthorpe, 76;

Wynyard, 78;

Thorpthewles, 80, 81;

Seaton, 132 note;

Aislaby, 202;

share in Surtees property at Dinsdale, &c. 232, 239;

Hett, 287;

Great Chilton, 288, 289;

lessees of Archdeacon-Newton, 375.

Notices of Blakistons perhaps remotely connected, 154 note, 158, 159, 403.

Cattle rescued by Sir William Blakiston from bailiffs who had seized them by an Exchequer Commission, 418.

-, of Newton Hall, pedigree, 163.

Marmaduke and Robert, rectors of Sedgefield, 32.

John the Regicide and his descendants, wills, &c. 165, 402.

Property in Newsham, 208.

Bland family, of Kippax, 167.

-, of Hurworth, monuments, 255.

Blenkinsop, Thomas, and Agnes Blakeston, marriage, 159.

Boar, or Brawn, of Brancepath, tradition respecting, 284.

Bondsmen, pedigrees and residence of registered by their Ecclesiastical lords, 410.

Bond-tenant, original services of, 2.

Booth, Rich. property in Oldacres, 48.

Botiller, John, property in West Morton, 56.

Bourchier, Sir John, daughters of, 403.

Bower family of Oxenfield, pedigree, 367.

Bowes family, property in Bradbury, 39;

in the Isle, 43;

Shotton, 48.

Joseph, felo de se, 8.

Bowes of Aske, property in Mordon, 44 note;

Oldacres, 48.

-, of Dalden, property in Elton, 209, 211;

Great Chilton, 288.

Sir William, cause relating to property in Stainton, 1457, 266.

-, Win. of Streatlam, riot by people in his interest at Fishgarth Dam, 33 Car. II. 203, 204.

-, Dr. John, rector of Elwick, 86.

-, Thomas, land granted by to Heighington School, 324 note.

-, family, proprietors of Thornton, 382.

Pedigree, 383.

Monument to Sir Francis and family, 379.

Boys family, property in Great Chilton, 288;

descent, ib.

Brabant, John, vicar of Bishop-Middleham, epitaph and family, 7.

Brabant's Dole, 324.

Bradbury, account of property, 39, 40.

Parochial Chapelry, 40.

Pedigree of Ord and Wright, 41, 42;

of Farrer, 43.

Bradley family, epitaphs at Greatham, 140.

-, Ralph, memoir of, 196*.

Bradshaigh, William, property in Middleham, 4.

Brafferton, ancient services, 328.

Family of the name, ib.

Descent of property, ib. 329.

Chaunceler family, 329.

Braithwaite, Rich author of “Drunken Barnaby,” 261.

Epitaph, 409.

Letter desiring licence for his marriage, ib.

Brakenbury, lands in Killerby, 323.

Brandling family, property in Aislaby, 202.

Sir Robert's share in the Surtees' property at Dinsdale, &c. 232, 239.

Brass family, murder of, 280.

Brearton, account of property, 133.

Brewster family, epitaphs, &c. 139, 140.

Bridgewater, Earl of, Greatham Hospital restored by, 136.

Briggs, Thomas, Esq. epitaph, 157.

Briton, William, Bp. Philip's grant of Church of Dinsdale and Chapel of Pountcys to, 394.

Chantries endowed by Prior for him and Alice his wife, 396.

Broc, William de, seal of, 216.

Bromley family, of Nesbit, property in Elstob, 65;

Redmarshall, 70;

Stranton, 122;

Claxton, 142.

Brown, George, munificent bequests of at Stockton, 191.

Bruce family, the royal line of Scotland, proprietors of Hart and Hartness, account of, 90–93.

Guisborough Abbey founded by Robert Brus, 90 (see Guisborough). Robert Bruce's claim to the crown, 91, 92.

Leading events of life of Robert King of Scotland, 92, 93.

Execution of his brothers, 93.

Pedigree of Bruce of Skelton and Annandale, 94.

Grant of Robert de Brus on his daughter Agatha's marriage, 97.

Grant by Robert de Brus of a wehita of corn to Finchale Abbey annually, 98, 388.

Haven and wall about Hartlepool built by Robert de Bruce, 110, 112.

Friary at Hartlepool founded by Robert Bruce, 119.

Grants by Robert de Bruce and William his son, of land, &c. and two batelli to Monastery of Durham, 116.

Ancient tomb of Bruce at Hartlepool, 118.

Brus, William de, of Heworth, descendants of, 328.

Bruntoft, account of property, 88, 89, 401.

Bruntoft, Odo de, grant of land in Bruntoft to Reginald, son of William, 386.

-, family of Hartlepool, 101, 106.

Brumptoft, Wm. of Wolveston, composition of the Prior with, for services due at Bewley, 151.

Brunton, Vice-admiral, epitaph, 186.

Buck family, property in Sadberge, 267, 268.

Pedigree, 269.

Buck, George, benefaction of, 376.

Buckle, Anthony, of Whitton, 70, 71.

Bulmer family, property in Fishburn, 51.

Residence and property at Embleton, 53, 54.

Property in East Morton, 57;

Thorpthewles, 80;

Bruntoft, 88, 89;

Claxton, 142.

Lands in Sadberge leased to Sir Wm. 1507, 267.

Sir Wm. 1416, on going to the French wars, committed his lady to the care of Sir T. Surtees, 231.

-, of Tursdale, lands in Aycliffe, 325.

Burdon, Great, early charters respecting, 343.

Family of the name, ib.

Account of property, ib.

-, Little, account of property, 343.

Burdon, John, property in Hardwick, 34.

-, family, Mayors of Stockton, 173, 174, 175;

their residence, 181.

Pedigree, 416.

-, Rowland, Esq. property in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

Burnett, John, of Hurworth, will, 1660, 253.

Burnynghill, John and Hugh, property in Mordon, 45.

Richard de Burnynghill, 309, 314.

Buston family, epitaph, 280, 282.

Butler family, property in Oldacres, 48;

Butterwick, 50.

Pedigree, 49, 399.

Butterwick, early tenure and service, 50.

Account of property, ib.

Chantry-lands, ib.

Byerley, the loyal Col. Anthony, his seat at Midridge Grange, 312.

Monument, 305.

Arms in stained glass, and epitaphs of the family, at Golds-brough, 312.

Family property in Heworth, 328.

Bynchestre, Robert de, property in Scole Acley and Newbiggin, 302, 314.

Descendants of, 310.

Byron, Hon. Richard, rector of Haughton, 342.

Epitaph, 341.

Cadamo, Walter de, grant of land repair, &c. of Pounteys Bridge, 229.

See Cambe.

Cade family, epitaphs, 364.

-, John, his conjectures (Archæologia, vii. 74.) relative to a Danish camp at Mainsforth, 20;

and Tumuli at Bradbury, 40.

Calverley family, property in Swainston, 54;

Newton Hansard, 88.

Calverly, Dame Mary, Charity-school founded by, 377.

Cambe, or Came, property in Middleton, 221, 224. (See Cadamo.)

Campbell, James, brother of first Duke of Argyle, marriage dissolved, 313.

Campion, William, property in Whitton, 83.

Canals projected near Darlington, 360.

Canynge, William and John, of Bristol, ship seized and taken into Hartlepool, 101.

Capell, Sir Hugh, proprietor of Wynyard, 77.

Carlbury, descent of property, 384.

Carleton, account of property, 72, 73.

Prize-flaggon, 1672, 73 note.

Carlina vulgaris, origin of its name, 24.

Carr, Carleton, of Haughton-le-Skerne, property in Foxton, 47.

Epitaph, 340.

Carre, Thomas, rector of Stainton, 63, 64.

Carrick, Countess of, her marriage with Bruce, who thus acquired the earldom, 92.

Carrow family, property in Foxton, 45;

Shotton, 48.

Of Seaton Carrow, 130, 131.

Composition of Walter with the Bishop (1342) for having seized a royal fish, 131.

Chantry granted to Walter in Seaton Chapel, 1200, 130.

Property in Preston, 188.

Carrowe, John de, commission against for carrying away a ward of the Bishop, 403.

Castelets, or fortified manor-houses, flooding the trenches a mode of defence commonly relied on, 67.

Cattle, improved breed of, or Durham short-horns, 290, 330, 414.

Cavendish, first Lord, 77.

Chaloner, Sir Thomas, portrait, 292.

-, William and Robert, property in Elstob, 65.

Chalybeate springs at Hartlepool, 115.

Chapels, family, good effect of requiring the occasional attendance of the patrons at the mother church, 53.

Chapman family, of Billingham, 145.

Charm—piece of a murderer's gibbet supposed to be efficacious against ague or toothache, 281.

Chaucer, Wm. Duke of Suffolk married to a descendant of, 39.

Chaumont, Sir John de, 411.

Chaunceler family, of Brafferton, 329;

arms, ib. note.

Chaytor family, property in Haughton, 339.

Chesnut-trees, two remarkable ones at Walworth, 317.

Chilton, Great, descent of property, 287–290.

Jordan and Ralph Hairun's confirmations of grant to Monachus Cocus, with seals, 287.

Descents of Boys family, coheirs of Heron, 288.

Stained glass, &c. in a house probably the chief messuage of the Wildes of Hunton, 410.

Manumission of William son of Eudo de Chilton, ib.

Pedigree of the bondsman Ydo de Chilton, ib.

-, Little, descent of property, 290.

Licence for private chapel, ib.

Picturesque features of the country, ib. note.

Chilton, Richard, son of John de, grant to Prior and Convent, 290;

and licence to Prior, &c. to cut a trench in Chilton-marsh, ib. 411.

Seal, 290 note.

Licence by Prior and Convent to Richard de Chilton to erect an Oratory, ib.

Chilton family, property in Fishburn, 52.

Chipchase family, property in Whitton, 83, 84.

Christ's Church, Oxford, Bp. Wood's bequests to students, 197.

Christ's College, Cambridge, Bp. Watson's bequests, 83.

Clapton, co. Middlesex, Hospital, 197 note.

Clarke, —, property in East Morton, 57.

Claxton, account of property, 142, 143.

Foundation charter of a chapel, 143.

Claxton family, of Claxton, 142.

Property in Fishburn, 51;

Bruntoft, 88.

Sir William, on going to the French wars, committed his wife to the care of Sir Thomas Surtees, 231.

-, of Old Park, 298.

Licence for an oratory there, ib.

Pedigree, 299.

Property in West Morton, 56;

Aycliffe, 325;

Heworth, 328;

Prestonon-Skerne, 331.

Claxton, of Wynyard, &c. 77.

Property in Redmarshall, 70, 71;

Seaton, 131.

Pedigree, 79.

Will of Ralph, 1549, &c. 78.

William the antiquary, 77, 78.

Claxton Porch at Redmarshall, 71.

-, Various branches of, 298.

Claymond, John, President of Corpus Christi College, 158.

Scholarships founded by, 192.

Clayton, Dr. James, 32.

Epitaph, 31.

Cleves Cross, near Ferry-hill, 284.

Clifford, family of, proprietors of Hart and Hartlepool, 93, 95, 97, 100, 102. (See Cumberland.)

Clifford, F., and Henry Earl of Cumberland, notes of, 353.

Coal, attempt to procure in the neighbourhood of Hartlepool, 114.

Agreements respecting, 1354, at Ferryhill, 285.

Agreement, 1407, to cut a drift at Hett, 287.

Coal-mine mentioned in ordination of vicarage of Merrington, 1343, 396.

Coatham-Amundeville, account of property, &c. 270, 271.

Pedigree of Jackson, 271;

of Tunstall, 272.

Coatsay-Moor, family of Loyzelure and Wilkinson, 315.

Cobles, or fishing-boats, at Hartlepool, 115.

Cockerell, Capt. miraculous escape of, 191.

Cockerton, ancient tenure and services, 374.

Descent of property, ib.

Field-house, 375.

Tithes, ib.

Cocus, Thomas, lease granted by, 297.

Cocus, or Cook. See Monk Cook.

Colling, Charles, of Ketton, breed of Durham short-horns improved by, 330, 414.—Mr. Robert Colling, 414.

Colling family, epitaphs, 408.

Collingwood, Sir Cuthbert, property in Elton, 209, 211 note.

Comyn, house of, feud between and that of Bruce, 92, 93.

Murder of John Comyn, son of Balliol's sister, 93.

Conscliffe, Parish of, 378–384.

Descent of property, 378.

Church, 379.

Monumental Inscrip. ib.;

on one of the old bailiffs of Conscliffe, 380.

Vicars, 380.

Extracts from Register, ib.

Chantries, 381.

Families of Salkeld, Thirkeld, and Vasey, and pedigree of the latter, 381.

Charitable donations, 384.

Constable, Francis and William, property in Thorpthewles, 80.

Constablery of Prebend-row, Darlington, woman liable to serve in, 357 note.

Conyers family, property in Cothom-Conyers, 218.

Pedigree, 219.

Wills of Robert 1566, and John 1600, ib.

Property in Long Newton, 213.

Sir John, coheir of Ralph de Cotum, 404.

-, of High Dinsdale, 251.

Will of John 1646, ib.

-, of Horden, property in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

-, property in Layton, 37, 55.

Pedigree, 37, 398.

Ralph 1605, held site of Friary at Hartlepool, 119.

Property in Fishburn, 51, 55.

-, family at Mordon, 45, 55.

-, family, of Sockburn, history of, 243, 244, 245.

Legend respecting Sir John, who slew the Worm of Sockburn, ib.

Armorial bearings in their manor-house, &c. 246, 250.

Pedigree, 247, 248.

Monuments, &c. at Sockburn Church, 249, 250.

Gift of Sir John to the light of the Virgin in Sockburn Church, 251.

Lands in Aycliffe, 325.

Two grants of Roger and Robert his son, of Church of Rungeton, and of right of patronage, to the Bishop, 394.

Grant by Prior and Convent to Roger de Coigners of lands given by Bishop Ranulph, 407.

Confirmation of the same by Henry II. to Roger son of Roger, ib.

Composition between Sir John and Robert de Conyers relative to Sockburn, 1239, ib.

Charter of Roger de Coigners noticing boundaries between Ketton and Stainton, 417.

Conyers property in Bishopton, 67, 68.

Roger de Conyers fortified his house at Bishopton, 67.

Roger de Conyers' grant of the three sons of Eylof of Bishopton to the Prior of Durham, 68, 244, 418.

-, of Wynyard, 77, 79.

-, Wm. of Thormanby, will, 190.

-, branch settled at Danby and Thorpthewles, 81, 401.

-, extracts from Billingham Register, 147.

Cooke, John, of Newcastle, property in Redmarshall, 71.

Cooper, Thomas, of Sedgefield, surgeon, epitaph, 28.

Almshouses founded by, 59, 60.

Cornage, or sounding the horn, object of that duty, 152.

Corneforth family, of Blackwell, 370.

Cornforth, account of property, &c. 14, 15.

Corrodies, grant, and surrender of, by Greatham Hospital, 1352 and 1353, 135, 391.

Cosin, John, Bp. of Durham, 86, 137.

Letter respecting safe carriage of money for purchase of Brafferton, 228.

Benefactions to Cambridge Colleges, Durham Hospital, &c. 289.

Ceremony of presenting the Sockburn faulchion on his first entering his diocese, 406.

Cothom-Conyers, account of property, 218.

Pedigree of Conyers, 219.

Cotum, Alice, charter relating to her share of Cothom-Conyers, 1299, 404.

Covenant (33 Hen. VIII.) John de Elstob not to alien his lands except by counsel of John Sayer, 46.

Coundon of Nesham, pedigree, 262.

Courte, Elizabeth, tithe property of, 375.

Cowpen, 150.

Sequestrations, ib.

Saltholem, ib.

Craggs family, property in Seaton, 132 note.

Cramlyngton, Thomas, of Guiseburn, property in Oldacres, 48.

Croft-Bridge, account of, 408.

Brief for its repair, 1532, ib.

Mineral water at Croft, 409.

Crooks, John, school founded by at Hartlepool, 120

Cropley family, property in Grindon, 331.

Crosby, Brass, Memoir of, 196.

Cross-legs, a name given to a spot near Haughton-le-Side, 317.

Cross-legged effigies, not exclusively confined to Crusaders, 155.

Crosier family, property in Newbiggin, 309.

Award respecting property there, 314.

Pedigree, 310, 411.

George and Eleonor, epitaph, 1710, 305.

Crosses.—A Cross from Nesham Abbey in garden at Low Middleton, 221.

Two Saxon Crosses at Aycliffe, 326.

Cullen, Visc. property in Middleham, 9.

Culley, Agnes, daughter of Tho., 73.

Cumba, Walter de, chantry founded by, 89.

Cumberland, George third Earl of, distressed by the expences of his public services, 95.

See Clifford.

Cumyn, the intruder in the See, his attack on Roger de Conyers at Bishopton, 67;

on Humfrey de Turp, 80.

Attempt to convert the church of Merrington into a castle, 279.

Conyers' address in overcoming, 244.

Cuthbert, St. charter detailing the ceremony attending an offering at the shrine of, 385.

Dacre, Lords, of Gillesland, proprietors of Newton-Hansard, 88.

Ralph de Dacre, grant to Catharine of Whitfield, ib.

Proprietors of Brearton, 133;

Conscliffe, 378.

Dalden, Robert de, 288.

Dalston family, of Coatham-hall Garth, 271.

Dalton-Percy, account of property, 98.

Danby family, lands in Darlington, 353.

Danish camp at Mainsforth, 20, 40.

Fort on Shackleton-hill, 307.

Darcy, Sir Arthur, 330.

Darlington-Ward, 277 et seqq.

Darlington, Parish of, 350–377.

Its modern and ancient appearance, 350.

The gift of Styr the son of Ulphus to St. Cuthbert, ib.

Mansion-house built, Church founded, and the constitution of the Borough altered by Bp. Hugh, ib.

Ancient tenures and services, 351.

Historical notices, ib. 353.

Sir Ralph Sadler's account of the behaviour of the townspeople on his arrival in 1537, 352.

Descent of property, 353.

Heraldic Visitation 1615. ib. note.

Freeholders in 1685, 354.

Pedigrees of Barnes, 355, 414;

Ile, 355;

Gifford, 356;

Forster, 357, 414.—

The Borough, 357, 358.

Bp. Cosin's prohibition of a market for cattle at an unaccustomed time, ib.—

The Manor-house, now the Parish-workhouse, 358.


services of copyhold tenants, ib. 359, 374.

Orders respecting common of pasture in Branken and West Moors, and for inhabitants of the Borough to have ground, without interruption of tenants of Hurworth, &c. 359.

Trades, 359.

The Railway;

projects for Canal, 360.

Collegiate Church, 361;

Bishop Nevill's ordinances, ib. 362.

Vicars and Deans, 362.

Chantries, ib.

The Church, 363–365.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.

Perpetual Curates, 364.

Charter of Patriarch Anthony, granting a messuage to the Church and Vicar, 396.

Charter of Prior Ralph, appointing chaplains in the churches of Darlington and Dytensale, 396.

Extracts from Parish-books, 365.

Indictment for stealing church-jewels, 366.

Process against parishioners for not repairing the clock, ib.

Benefactions, 376, 377.

Grammar-school, 377.

Tradesmen's Tokens, ib.

Darlington, title of honour, on whom it has been conferred, 413.

Davison family of Blakiston, property in Fulthorpe, 77;

Wynyard, 78;

Thorpthewles, 81;

Blakiston, 160.

Monuments at Norton, 155–157.

Family of Thomas vicar of Norton, 157 note.

Pedigrees of Davison of Blakiston, and of Thornley Gore and Elvet, 166, 167.

Letter of Sir Thomas to Bp. Cosin during an alarm of attack by the Dutch, 104.

-, of Beamish, epitaph of Thomas son of Timothy, 282.

Property in Bishopton, 68;

Great Morton, 269;

Little Burdon, 343.

Davison, property in Carleton, &c. 73;

Whitton, 83.

Deason, Rev. James, epitaphs, 293.

Decimæ oblitæ, money bequeathed in lieu of, 151.

De la Haye family, property in Stainton, 61, 399.

Various charters relating to, 399, 400.

De la Pole Earls of Suffolk, proprietors of Bradbury and the Isle, 39.

Lands in Foxton, 46;

Stillington, 73;

Chilton, 290;

Preston-on-Skerne, 330.

Dent, of Walker, property in Seaton, 132 note.

Dethicke family, property in Amerston, 86.

Pedigree, 87.

Will of Henry master of Greatham, 137.

Dickon family, property in Haughton, 337, 339 note, 342.

Dinsdale, Parish of, 230–242.

Beauty of the situation, 230.

Account of property, and families of Surtees and Place, 230–233.

Manor-house, 233.

Pedigree of Surtees, 234 (see Surtees);

of Place, 236, 406.

Account of Francis Place, 238.

Freeholders, 239.

Church and Rectory, 239.

Ancient Sepulchral-stones, 240.

Incriptions, ib.

Rectors, 241.

Will of George Reyde, vicar, 1559, ib.

St. Mary's Chantry, 242.

Sulphur-well, ib.

Charters, of Ralph Fitz William de Surtees, granting churches of Rungeton and Ditneshall to Monks of Durham, 393.

Ralph Surtees' renunciation of right of patronage of Dinsdale addressed to Archbp. of York 1240, and to Bp. of Durham 1253, 394.

Grant of Bp. Philip of Church of Dinsdale and Chapel of Pounteys to William Briton, ib.

Ordination of a Chaplain for the Church of Dytensale, 396.

Dinsdale, High, or Over, 251.

Dodd, Robert, his project for a wet-dock at Hartlepool, 113.

Dodshon family, property in Stranton, 123.

Dodsworth family, property in Stranton, &c. 122, 132 note.

Pedigree, 123.

Donations, how made before the introduction of charters, 350.

Visible token frequently added to charters, ib.

Done, Thos. property in Fishburn, 52.

Dove, milk-white, at Stobcross, village superstition respecting, 14.

Douglas, Dr. James, rector of Stainton, 64, 66.

Drengage, tenure of, 50.

Drunken Barnaby. See Braithwaite.

Dunn family, property in Ferryhill, 286 note;

Great Chilton, 289.

Rob. and John of Chilton, epitaphs, 282.

Durham short-horns, improved breed, 290, 330, 414.

Dutch, proceedings at Hartlepool on alarm of a descent by, 103, 104.

Dyers at an early date in Darlington, 351.

Earth, extraordinary rising and sinking of, at Oxenhall 1179, 368.

Easby Abbey, font, 371.

Eden family, property in Fishburn, 52;

Bellasis, 149 and note, 150, 151;

Preston, 188, 189;

Sadberge, 267.

Portraits of Sir John, and Thomas, D.D. 291.

Eel-ark, at Ferryhill, 284.

Egglescliffe, Parish of, 197–208.

Account of property. 197, 198.

Old bridge over the Tees, 198.

Iron bridge, ib.

Pedigree of Garnett, 198.

Church, and Monumental Inscriptions, 199.

Rectors, Terrier temp. Charles I. 200.

Archdeacon's Visitation 1633, ib.

Parochial Register, 201.

Sequestrations, ib.

Riot at Fishgarth Dam, 203, 204.

Charitable Benefactions, 208.

Egglesclyff, William and Richard de, property in West Morton, 56.

Thomas de, manor of Stainton given to in trust, 400.

Elizabeth, Queen, new year's gifts to by Earl and Countess of Cumberland, 1600, 95.

Ellewyk, Stephen de, grant to Finchale Priory, 80.

Ellis, Robert, property in West Hartburn, 220.

Elmeden family, property in Embleton, 54.

Pedigree, 55.

Property in West Morton, 56;

East Morton, 57;

Claxton, 142.

William de, grant of fee and livery to Gocelin Surtays, 404.

Elstoe, account of property, 64, 65.

Pedigree of Scurfield, 65 (see 400).

Lands in, 73, 74.

Elstob family, property in Mordon, 44;

Foxton, 46.

Singular covenant of John de Elstob (33 H. VIII.) with John and Thomas Sayer, 46.

William and Elizabeth, Saxon scholars, 46.

Pedigree, 47.

Ralph, property in Bishopton, &c. 68.

Edward, estate at Egglescliffe, 197, 198.

Charles, vicar of Merrington, 283.

Elton, Parish of, 209–211.

Account of property, 209, 210.

Church and Inscriptions, 210, 404.

Rectors, glebe and tithes, 211.

Elwick, Parish of, 85–89.

Boundaries, 85.

Church, Inscriptions, Rectors, 85, 86.

The Close, 89.

Chantry, ib.

Sequestrations, &c. ib.

-, village, account of property in, 97, 98.

Grant of Elwick by Robert de Brus on his daughter's marriage, ib.

Emancipation of serfs or slaves, 72.

Emanuel College, a nest of Puritans, 9.

Embleton, or Elmdene, account of, 53.

The Chapel, the old Hall, ib.

Descent of property, 54.

Proceedings of Sequestrators, 54.

Pedigree of Elmeden, 55.

Emerson, of Lumley, property in Barmton, 345.

-, William, character and works of, 257.

Emma, lady of Redmershill, grants to Finchale Abbey, 70.

Episcopal Charters, &c.

Galfrid Rufus, grant of land in Wolveston for a light in the Chapterhouse, 149.

William de St. Barbara, confirmation of gift of Church of Middleham to Monks of Durham, 385.

Hugh Pudsey, grant of Little Haughton to William son of William son of K. Stephen, 339.

Philip of Poitou, confirmation of a composition between Master of Sherburn and Rector of Middleham, 12.

Grant of Church of Billingham to the Prior and Convent, 147, 392.

Grant of Church of Dinsdale and Chapel of Pounteys to William Briton, clerk, for his life, 239, 394.

Richard Poor, charter to Hartlepool, 105, 386.

Convention with John de Baliol, relative to Long Newton, 212.

Robert de Stichill, charter of foundation, and statutes of Greatham Hospital, 134, 135, 389.

Anthony Bek, appropriation of the Church of Greatham to the Hospital, 135, 390.

Grant of messuage, &c. to Church of Darlington, 365, 396.

Richard Kellow, grant of land and pasture to Greatham Hospital, 141.

Richard Bury, licence to collect duties on merchandize, &c. for support of walls of Hartlepool, 387.

John Fordham, two similar licences to the above, 387, 388.

Robert Nevill, ordinances relative to Collegiate Church of Darlington, 361, 362.

John Cosin, prohibition of cattle-market at Darlington at an unaccustomed time, 357.

Eppilbye, John, rector of Romaldkirk, rebuked by Justice Fulthorp, 266.

Errington family, property in Elton, 209, 211.

Escolland, Jordan de, proprietor of West Morton, 55.

Eshe family, property in Barmton and Skirmingham, 344, 345.

Eure family, burials, 8.

Held demesne and park of Middleham, 4.

-, Rob. property in Brafferton, 329.

Eylof of Biscoptun, Roger de Coigners' grant of the three sons of, to Prior and Convent, 68, 244, 418.

Faber, George Stanley, B. D. publications of, 217.

Fairfax, Thomas Viscount of Emely, property in Tunstall, 130.

-, Lord, Letter of Bp. Morton to, 245.

Ferdinand Fairfax of Denton, ib.

Farrer family, property in Mainsforth, 20.

Pedigree, 43

Letters of John Farrer, 43.

Property in Bradbury, 40.

Farrow family, property in Fishburn, 51, 52.

Fawcon, William, property in Sadberge held by, 267.

Descendants of, ibid.

Ferry-hill, site, &c. 284;

principally the property of the Church, ib.

The Brawn of Brancepath, ib.

Charters and seals of Roger de Ferie and Matilda de Merrington, 285.

Transactions between the Convent and their tenants, 285.

Chapel of St. Nicholas and St. Ebbe, 286.

Freeholds, ib.

Ferie, Roger de, his adventure with Brawn of Brancepath, 284.

Grants by him and his daughter, with their seals, 285.

His descendants, ib.

Sepulchral stone of, 285.

Other persons of the name, 285, 286.

Chantry founded by Henry de Ferie, 286.

Fery family, lands in Heighington held by, 304.

Fetherstonhalgh family, property in Bruntoft, 89.

Field-house, or Cockerton Field-house, 375.

Finchale Abbey, rectory of Middleham given to, 5, 8.

Grants of land to in Redmarshall, 70, 71;

Thorpthewles, 80.

Grant of Gaufrid. fil. Nigelli de Neliston for support of a light, 98.

Robert de Brus' grant of a wehita of corn annually, ib. 388.

Grant by Thomas de Aslakby of a fishery in the Tyne, 204.

Fish, book found in the maw of one, 1626, 10.

Various species of fish found in the Skerne, 22.

Fishburn, account of property, 50–52.

Family of the name, ib.

Pedigree of Lee, 52;

of Orde, 53.

Proceedings of Sequestrators, 1644, 55.

Fishery at Hartlepool, observations on, 115;

Stockton, 176.

Fishgarth-dam, in Egglescliffe, riot at, 203, 204.

Fitz-Marmaduke of Horden, manor of Stranton vested in, 122.

Flaggon, pewter, 1672, the gift of inhabitants of Carleton, 73.

Flambard, Bp. death-bed penitence of, 159.

Fleet, English, before Calais 1346, 101.

Foliott family, 302.

Forrest, property in Carlton, 73.

Forster, Francis, Almshouses founded by, 376.

-, Joseph, vicar of Norton, 158.

-, family, property in Hartburn, 226;

in School Aycliffe, 314;

Darlington, 354.

Pedigree, 357, 414.

-, William, of North Auckland, property in Scole Acle, 309, 314;

award respecting this property, ib.

Forth, Henry and Mary, epitaph, 364.

Fossour, property in Cornforth, 15.

Foster, Thomas, benefaction to Cooper's Alms-houses and Poor of Sedgefield, 60.

Fowler, David Burton, property in Preston, 188, 189.

Foxton, account of property in, 45, 46.

Pedigree of Elstob, 47.

Sequestrations 1644, 55.

Frevile family, property in Middleham, 4;

Hardwick, 34;

Foxton, 48;

the Close in Elwick, 89;

Old Park, 298.

Epitaphs at Sedgefield, 27, 28.

Sir George, 34.

Pedigree, 36.

Benefaction of Dame Elizabeth to parishes of Sedgefield and Bishop Middleham, 57, 58;

addition to, 58.

State of the Charity and Trustees, ib.

Sir John, knighted by King James, 317.

Bequests to Sir George and Lady Elizabeth, 412.

Fulthorpe, account of property, 76, 77.

Survey 1623, 77.

Fulthorpe family, of Fulthorpe and Tunstall, property in Thrislington, 16;

Foxton, 46;

Oldacres, 48;

Grindon, 75;

Fulthorpe, 76;

Wynyard, 77;

Seaton, 132;

Norton, 153.

Ancient tombstone and coffin at Grindon, 75.

Burial-place at Tunstall, 124.

Tomb, ib.

Pedigree, 126, 127, 402.

Sir Roger the attainted Judge, 76.

Cause tried by Sir Thomas, Justice Itinerant, at Sadberge, 266.

Will of Christopher, 1707, 124.

Gagnier, John, A. M. epitaph, 124.

Galfrid Fitz-Galfrid, bond to perform suit for lands in Blakiston, 165.

Garmondsway, 12.

Composition relative to tithe-corn, ib.

Garmonsway family, property in Sadberge, 268.

Epitaphs, 409.

Garnett family, property in Egglescliffe, 197, 198.

Pedigree, 198.

Garnet, Bartholomew, property in Blackwell, 369.

Garth, Henry, of Norton Palmes, 270.

Garthorne, Wheatley, of Cleasby, 44.

Gascoigne, Sir William, property in Whitton, &c. 83;

Stranton, 122.

Gascoigne, Lady, 219.

Gaynes, Christopher and Francis, property in School Aycliffe, 315.

Gelett family, property in Barmton and Skirmingham, 344.

Gerard, Sir Gilbert, Letters to Bishop Cosin on alarm of attack by the Dutch, 1667, 103, 104.

Charles, Bp. Cosin's son-in-law, 358.

Estate in Great Chilton settled on Dame Mary Gerard, 289.

Gibson family, property in Stranton, 121, 122, 123.

Will of William, 1584, ib.

Gifford of Darlington, pedigree, 356.

Gilpin, arms of, 284.

Girlington family, property in High Dinsdale, 251.

John, property in Middleton, 222.

Girsby, in the parish of Sockburn, 251.

Ancient Chapel, ib.

Goldsbrough Church, arms and epitaphs of the Byerley family at, 312.

Gower family, property in Elton, 209, 211;

Hett, 286, 287;

Darlington, 354.

Recumbent effigy, 210.

Grange, origin of places bearing the name of, 312.

Granville, Denis, rector of Sedgefield and Elwick, 32, 86.

Gray, Sir Thos. proprietor of Elstob, 64.

-, Thomas, his taste to be traced at Old Park, 298.

Tour to the Lakes, ib.

Graystanes family, property in Coatham Amundeville, 271, 274;

Haughton, 337.

Graystoke, Dame Eliz will 1509, 408.

Greatham, Parish of, 134–143.

The Manor, and Hospital, 134–138.

Parkhurst's Hospital, 139.

Abstract of foundation charter, 391.

Church and Inscriptions, 139, 140.

Vicars, 140.

Parochial Register, 141.

Saltworks, providential escape, 141.

Charitable Donations, 143.

-, Hospital, 134–138.

Bp. Stichill's endowment and statutes, 134, 135, 389.

Bp. Beke's appropriation of the Church, 135, 390.

King James's charter, 135.

The original and present buildings, 135, 136.

Masters, 136, 137.

The Chapel, 137.

Monumental Inscriptions, 138.

Seal, ib.

Bp. Kellaw's grant of land to, 141.

Surrender of a Corrody, 1352, 391.

Grant of one, 1353, ib.

Greek Archbishop, gifts to, 366.

Greene, Richard, of Bewley Grange, will, 1580, 150.

Greenwell family, property in Great Chilton, 289.

Gregory, Capt. R. N. epitaph, 157.

Grenne, Wm. lands in Stockton, 403.

Gresham, Sir Thomas, property in Stranton, &c. 121, 131.

Greveson, John, property in Great Chilton, 289.

Greystoke, Barons of, property in Brearton, 133;

Nesham, 257;

Conscliffe, 378;

founded Nesham Abbey, 258.

Greystones and Nesbet, account of property, &c. 274–276.

Grant of Thomas, parson of Acle, to John de Ketton, of land, in Graystanes, and of the latter to the Priory of Durham, 274.

Grindon, Parish of, 75–84.

Property, 75.

Church, Monumental Inscriptions, 75.

Vicars, Tithes, &c. 76.

Grindon Manor, or the How-hills, account of, 331.

Gubyoun, Sir Hugh, interest in Spenny-moor, 297.

Guilds founded within parochial churches, 31.

Guild connected with the Chantry of St. Mary at Aycliffe, 327.

Guisbrough Abbey, sculpture from, 35.

Foundation and endowment by Robert Bruce, 90.

Grants and confirmations, 95, 96, 116, 119.

Scottish Churches, &c. given to, 91, 95.

Their various possessions in the Palatinate, 96 note.

Chantry in Seaton Chapel granted by, 132.

Gyll, of Haughton-le-Skerne, pedigree, 338.

Epitaph, 340.

Hacksmall, lands held by in Sadberge 268.

Half-blood, excluded from inheriting: instance under Dinsdale, and observations on the origin and application of the principle, 231.

Hall family, of Newsham and Great Chilton, pedigree, 207.

Property in Newsham, 208.

Epitaphs, Francis, 199;

Lodowick, 340.

-, Nicholas, property in Middleham, 4;

Elwick, 98.

Hamilton, John, rector of Hurworth, family, 256.

Hamsterley, William de, property in Whitton, 83.

Hansard family, proprietors of Walworth, 316.

Pedigree, 318;

evidences, &c. 411.

Arms, ib.

Harding family, property in Ketton, 330.

Hardwick, account of property, 33.

Lake, house, and grounds, 34, 35.

Pedigree of Hebborne, 35, 398;

of Frevile and Lambton, 36, 398.

Harpyn, of Thornlawe, property in Mordon, 44.

Harris, George Wm. M.A. epitaph, 199.

Harrison, Brian, benefaction to poor of Sedgefield, 59.

-, Freeholders in Sadberge, 268.

Hart, Parish of, 90–98.

Etymology, &c. of Hartness, 90, 144.

Account of family of Bruce, owners of Hart and Hartness, 90–93.

Pedigree of Bruce, 94.

Account of property after the elevation of Bruce to the Crown, 95.

Survey of the manor 1770, 98.

The Church, 95, 96.

Tithe sequestered, 98 note.

Vicars, 96.

Epitaph, 401.

Extracts from Register, 97.

Witches, ib.

Hartburne, East, ancient rents and services, 189, 190.

-, West, account of, 220, 226.

Pedigree of Paule, 220.

Hartlepool, 99–120.

Monastery before the Danish invasion, historical and local events connected with the Port and Borough, 99–105.

The Corporation, 105.

Charter of K. John, 99, 386;

Bp. Poor, 105, 386;

and Queen Elizabeth, 105.

Mayors and Bailiffs under the old charter, 106.

Mayors under charter of Elizabeth, 107.

Recorders, 108.

Extracts from Town-books, ib.

Revenue, Courts, and Regulations, 108, 109.

Oath of a Burgess, 109.

Town-seals, 109.

Description of the Borough, cliffs, cavern, &c. ib.

The walls, 110.

Charters authorizing duties on merchandize, &c. for support of the walls and paving, by Bishops Bury and Fordham, 387, 388.

The old, and the present harbour and pier, 112, 113.

Commerce of the port, 114.

Population, manners and habits, ibid. The fishery, 115.

Tithe of fishery sequestered, 98.

Birds observed, 115.

Chalybeate, ib.

Grants of Robert de Brus and William his son of land, &c. and two batelli to the Monks of Durham, 116.

The Church, 116.

Chantries, 117.

Monumental Inscriptions, 118.

Extracts from Parochial Register, ib.

Chapel of St. Helen, 119.

The Friary, ib.

Charitable Benefactions, 120.

Free School, ib.

Charters exhibiting local names or ancient magistrates, 401.

Hastings, competitor for the Crown of Scotland, 91, 92.

Haswell, family of, 15.

Haughton-le-Skerne, Parish of, 265–276, 336–349.

Ancient tenures and services, 336, 337.

Account of property, 337.

Pedigree of Gyll, 338.

Manor of Little Haughton, 337, 339.

Bp. Hugh's grant of Little Haughton to Wm. son of Wm. son of King Stephen, 339.

Church, 340.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.

Rectors, 341.

Glebe and tithes, 342.

Copyhold Manor possessed by Rector, ib.

Charitable Benefactions, 348.

School, 348, 349.

Haukeswell, Robert son of Nicholas de, 286.

Haukyn, Hugh, proprietor of New-houses, 413.

Hayton family, property in Seton, 131.

Heath, John, property in Amerston, 86.

-, Topp, of Eden, death, 8.

Hebborne family, lands in Mainsforth forfeited by Anthony, attainted, 18;

Hardwick, 34;

Shotton, 48;

Heworth, 328.

Pedigree, 35.

Hedworth family, property in Over Middleton, 225;

Woodham, 332.

Elizabeth, letter of, 18.

Heghfeld family, property in Aislaby 202.

Heighington, Parish of, 303–324.

Tenures and services under Boldon Book and Hatfield's Survey, 303, 304.

Freeman's Bracks, 304, 412.

Freeholders, 304, 305.

Church, 305.

Monuments, ibid. Anciently a Rectory, 306.

Endowment of Vicarage, ib.

Vicars, ib.

Tithes, 307.

Heighington School, its articles and ordinances, 317;

Mrs. Jennison's benefaction, 324;

freehold belonging to it, ib. note.

Charitable Benefactions, 324.

Rates, &c. paid by Ricknall Grange to the parish, 334.

Heighyngtonshire, 303.

Heighington family, property in Fish-burn, 51, 52.

Richard of Graystones, &c. a sort of land-jobber, 274.

Curious acquittance of Henry his eldest son, of all farther claim on his father's property, 275.

Pedigree, ib.

Lands in Redworth, 307, 308.

John, messuages in School Aycliffe, 315.

Heighley family, property in Mainsforth, 18.

Hell-kettles, near Darlington, account of, 367.

Conjectures respecting their origin, ib. 368.

Plants growing near, ib.

Henlee, John de, clerk, 26, 31, 32.

Henry Prince of Scotland and Earl of Northumberland, charter to Monks of St. Cuthbert to hold freely their vills of Barmton and Skirmingham, 344, 395.

Herdwyk, family of, property in Mainsforth, 17, 18;

Hardwick, 33.

Heriz, branch of family of, afterwards Claxton, 142.

Heron family, ancient proprietors of Great Chilton, 287.

Confirmations by Jordan and Ralph, of their father Jordan's grant to Monachus Cocus, 287.

Seals, ib.

Descent of coheirs of John Heron, 288.

Hertburne, John, property in Carleton, 73.

Hertelpoll, Peter and William Fitz-John, 88.

Heruteu, Insula Cervi, Hartlepool, 99.

Hett, account of property, 286, 287.

Family bearing the name, ib.

Hewetson, lands held by in Sadberge, 268.

Heworth, descent of property, 328.

Family of Brus, ib.

Heworth, Cecily daughter of Gilbert de, grant of service of T. de Wodom for support of Chaplain at Tees-bridge, 229;

and to the Monks of Durham, ad fabricam Ecclesiæ, 332.

Hilda, St. patroness of Hartlepool, 99, 109.

Hilton, Baron, at Hartlepool with his regiment, 1642, 103.

Henry, bequest to Hartlepool, 120.

Robert, property in Hurworth, 253.

Epitaphs at Stockton, 185;

Heighington, 305;

Haughton, 341;

Darlington, 364.

Hindmers, property in Aislaby, 202.

Hixon family, of Mordon, 45.

William punished for interrupting divine service, 1630, ib.

Hoar, George, property in Dinsdale, &c. 233.

Hobson, Thomas, grant of arms to, and epitaph, 282.

Hodgson family of Field-house, notices of, 375.

Hodshon, of Witton le Wear, property in Mordon, 45.

Lancelot and Francis, property in Over Middleton, 225.

Hogg, John, of Norton, property in Elton, 210, 211.

Holme, Thomas, property in Nesham, 261.

Holmes, Mrs. Anne, epitaph, 363, Francis, &c. 364.

Homez, Philip de, lord of Elton, 209, 211.

Hopper, Ralph, Esq. epitaph, 6.

Hopper family, property in Middleham, 9;

Walworth, 317.

Hopton, Sir Ralph, Lord Hopton, 11.

Horseman, James, vicar of Greatham, epitaph, 140.

Hospitals founded by Bp. Wood, 197.

Hoton, William, 1414, epitaph, 27.

Chantry endowed by William, 1435, 31.

William, entail of property in Hardwick, &c. 33.

Property in Butterwick, 50.

Wm. property in Preston, &c. 189;

in Heworth, 328.

Property in Woodham, 332, 414.

Howard, Lord Wm. property in Brearton, 133.

Howards of Thorp Bulmer, burials, 97.

Howard family, proprietors of Conscliffe, 378.

-, Col. Thomas, death of, 1642, 380.

Howe, John, of Ferryhill, epitaph, 281.

His grandson Howe Harle, ib.

Property in Ferryhill, 286.

Howe-hills. See Grindon.

Hurtheworth, John de, conveyance of Newhouses to John de Nesbyt, 413.

Hurworth, Parish of, 252–264.

Account of property, 252, 253.

Pedigree of Tailbois, 254, 407, 408.

The Church, 255.

Monumental Inscriptions, 255, 408.

Rectors, 256.

Sequestrators' Books, 260.

Benefactions, 260.

Croft-bridge, &c. 408, 409.

Hutchinson family of Cornforth, &c. 15 (see 397) 24.

Hutchinsons of Whitton and Bishopton, epitaphs, 69, 250, 400.

Hutchinsons of Whitton, 84, 401.

Hutchinson, William, account of the Walls of Hartlepool, 110.

His hypothesis as to Shackleton-hill being a Danish fort, 307.

Hutton family, property in Mainsforth, 18.

Wills of Ralph, 1638, 1680, ib.

Letter of Ralph, 1701, ib.

Pedigree, 19 (see 398). Epitaphs at Bishop Middleham, 5, 8.

-, family, property in Woodham, 332.

Pedigree, 333.

-, Sir Richard, of Goldsbrough, 312.

-, Dr. Robert, rector of Haughton, will, 342.

Property of his and descendants in Skirmingham, 345.

Hyndmer, Robert, Rector of Sedgefield, will, 418.

Jackson, Henry, of Coatham, son of William, Sheriff of Newcastle, 271.

-, Nicholas and John, property in Bishopton, 68.

-, Thomas and John, property in Ferryhill, 286.

James I. visit to Walworth on his first progress into England, 317.

At Durham, and Races at Woodhammoor, April 1617, 333.

Jarrum measure, 72.

Jenison family, property in Redmarshall, 71;

Wynyard, 78;

Seaton, 132;

Hurworth, 253, 256;

Nesham, 261.

Pedigree, 263.

Jenison, family, proprietors of Walworth, 316.

Thomas a Jesuit, died in Newgate;

Robert, a witness against Lord Stafford, ib.

School founded by Mrs. Jenison, 317, 324.

Pedigree of Jenison of Low Walworth, 320.

Will of Elizabeth Jenison, 1604, 412.

Pedigree of Jenison, of Elswick, 322, 412.

Property in Woodham, 332;

Carlbury, 384.

Jenkins, Major John, 192.

Jephson family, epitaphs, 306.

Jerusalem, land granted in return for money given at, 80.

Jewels, &c. of Church of Darlington stolen, 366.

Ile, of Darlington, pedigree, 355.

Will of Bulmer Isle, 1638, ib.

Ilex, or Evergreen Oak, remarkable specimens of, 33.

Ingetnethorp, Thos. Rector of Stainton, 64.

Ingleby's Manor in Hurworth, 253.

Property in Haughton, 337;

Sad-berge, 341;

Great Burdon, 343.

Insula, Bp. Robert de, gave rectory of Middleham to Finchale Abbey, 5.

Qu. whether Rob. de Coquina? ib.—(See L'Isle).

Johnson, of Greatham, property in Seaton, 132;

Claxton, 142.

-, Rowland and Cuthbert, property in Middleton, 222.

-, William, property in Elstob, 65.

-, George, Vicar of Norton, family, 158.

-, Dr. John, Rector of Hurworth, 255, 256.

Iron Bridge over the Tees at Yarm, 198.

Isle (The), manor of;

account of property, 43, 55, 398;

see also 39.

The Mansion-house, &c. 48.

Kay, lands held by in Sadberge, 268.

Keelage, 100.

Kellaw, Chantry of St. Helen at, 44.

Kellaw family, property in Cornforth, 14;

Mordon, 44.

Richard de Kellawe seised of Old Park, 298.

Charters relating to property in Hartlepool, 401.

Kendall, of Thorpthewles, 80, 81.

Pedigree, 81.

Kendrew, John, useful inventions by, 360.

Kepyer Hospital, lands of, 86.

Kerr, Robert, Chantry-priest at Sedgefield, epitaph, 27, 31.

Ketton, account of property, 330.

Newton-Ketton, ib.

Boundaries between Stainton and Ketton, 417.

Ketton, John de, grant of land to, 274.

Grant of the same to the Priory of Durham, ib.

Kilkenny family, property in Stotfold, 88, 89.

William de Kilkenni, Bp. 306.

Killerby, ancient tenures and services, 323.

Killinghall family, property in Egglescliffe, 198;

Long Newton, 213;

Middleton St. George, 221, 222.

Pedigree of Killinghall of Middleton, 222, 223, 404, 405.

Property in Hartburn, 226;

Sadberge, 268;

Graystones, 274;

Haughton, 339;

Darlington, 354.

Kirkby, Edward, A. M. Heighington School revenues augmented by, 317.

Kirkham, Bp. Walter de, assault on by John de Balyol, 212.

Kirkpatrick, of Closeburn, shared in the murder of Comyn, 93.

Murder of Kirkpatrick in Caerlaverock Castle, ib.

Knaggs, Thomas, A. M. 283.

Knife appended to a grant, 385.

Lakenbie, James, Vicar of Stranton, will, 1572, 125.

Lambert family, property in Owton, 132, 133.

-, Thomas, of Stockton, arms, &c. 174.

Lambton family, pedigree of branch connected with Frevile, 36, 398.

-, property in Stainton, 61, 399.

Pedigree of Lambton, of Great Stainton, Belsis, and Haughton-field, 62.

Property in Bellasis, 148;

Haughton, 239.

Epitaph on Percival and Elizabeth of Bellasis, 146.

Lessees of Ricknall Grange, 334 note.

Property in Woodham, 414.

-, of Lambton, property in Dinsdale, &c. 233;

Barmton, 344.

-, of Tribley, property in Nesham, 262.

-, heirs of Kellaws, charters relating to property in Hartlepool, 401.

Langstaff family, property in Stranton, 122.

Langton family, lords of Wynyard and Redmarshall, 70, 77.

Monument of Thomas and Sibill, 71, 77.

Alan, burial-place, 75.

Pedigree, 79.

Property in Seaton, 131.

Laton family, proprietors of Layton, 37.

-, Sir Robert, grant of half the rents of Stainton to, 400.

Lawe, Alison, a witch, 97.

Lawson family, of Thorp Bulmer, burials, 97.

-, of Nesham, property in Hurworth, 252;

Nesham Abbey, 260, 261.

Pedigree, 264, 409.

Will of Jane, abdicated Prioress of Nesham, 264.

Property in Little Burdon, 343.

Letter of James Lawson to Mr. Hegge, desiring a license for Mr. Braithwaite's marriage, 409.

Layton, account of property, 37.

Pedigree of Conyers, ib. 398.

Sequestrations, 1644, 55.

Lazers, or Lazer-head, land so called, 141.

Lee family, property in Fishburn, 52.

Pedigree, ib.

Legard, Robert and Elizabeth, property in Woodham, 414.

Leighton, Sir William, 196 note.

Le Wra, lands held by in Sadberge, 268.

Leyburn, John and Roger, cl. 32.

Liddell, Henry, of Farnacres, property in Wynyard, 78.

Lightfoote, George, of Durham, property in Graystones, 274.

Lindesay, James, said to have joined with Kirkpatrick in the murder of Comyn, 93.

Kirkpatrick of Caerlaverock Castle murdered by James Lindesay, ib.

Lindley, Richard, benefaction of, 377.

Linen and Woollen Manufactory at Darlington, 376.

L'Isle, family of, supposed to have possessed Bradbury, 39.

Proprietors of The Isle, ib. 43.

Lisle, Sir Henry, lord of Wynyard, 70, 77.

Sir John, property in Wynyard, 77.

Loftus, founder of that noble family, 32.

Longevity, instances of, 118, 125, 201.

Long-Newton, Parish of, 212–220.

Convention between Bp. Poor and John de Baliol;

affray arising from its infraction;

and the King's Order to John de Balyol to make restitution to the Bishop, 212.

Descent of property, 213.

Pedigree of Vane, 214.

The Church, 216.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.

Rectors, 217.

Terrier, 1806, ib.

Charitable Benefactions, 220.

Long-Newton not subject to Sadberge, 266, 267.

Lowther, John, of Durham, benefaction to female children of Sedgefield, 60.

Loyzelure, Capt. of Coatsay-moor, 312, 315.

His family, ib.

Lumley, noble family of, property in Bradbury and The Isle, 39;

property in Hart, &c. purchased by John Lord Lumley, 95, 98 note;

procured charter for Hartlepool, 102;

his disputes with the Bishop as to his rights in Hartlepool, ib.: grant of the Burgesses to him, 105.

Property in Stranton, 121;

Seaton Carrow, 131;

Darlington, 354.

Lumley, property in Mordon, 44, 45.

Lumleys of Ravensworth, manor of Stranton vested in, 122.

Lumley, Sir Ralph, his ship seized, 1393, 106 note.

Lynn family, property in Mainsforth, 20.

-, John, property in Bradbury, 40.

Maceon, Richard le, Hartlepool leased to by Bp. Kellaw, 100, 106.

Machell family, of Pittfield, pedigree, 38.

Madox, Richard, property in Middleton, 222;

Sadberge, 268;

Skirmingham, 345.

Entry of his family in St. George's Visitation, ib.

Horse run by Rowland Madokes, 333.

Mainsforth, account of property, 17–20.

Pedigree of Hutton, 19 (see 398). Features of the country, 20.

Nab-hill, ib.

North Skerne, 21 (see 398). Effects of drainage, ib.

Nature of the soil, ib.

State of plantations on peaty land, ib. 22.

Fish found in the Skerne, 22.

Native plants, &c. 23, 24, 398.

Pedigree of Farrer, 43.

Maire family, property in East Morton, 57;

Stranton, 123;

Seaton, 132 note.

Mali Catuli, of Cracanthorpe, 38.

Mallory family, of Studley, proprietors of Trefford-hill, 208.

Malmen, class of tenants so called, 26.

Manning, Edward, Bradbury and Hilton granted to, 40.

Manorial rights, why so often conjoined with small portions of an estate, 45.

Manumission, early instance of its exact form, 410.

March family, of Redworth, pedigree, 308 Epitaph of John, merchant-adventurer, 305;

benefactions, 324.

Mareshall, lands held by in Sadberge, 267, 268.

Margaret, Princess, entertained at Darlington in her progress towards Scotland on her marriage, 352.

Markets on Sundays, 25, 154.

Marle, permissions to dig, 297.

Marley family, property in Hurworth, 253 note.

Marmaduke Fitz Galfrid, quitclaim of right in Blakiston to Prior, 165.

Marriages, periods for solemnizing, 159.

Martin family, of Durham, property in Mordon, 44.

Mascal, Wm. Vicar of Conscliffe, 380.

Mason's lands in Shotton, 48.

Robert, property in Fishburn, 52.

Christopher, property in Great Chilton, 289.

Mathew, Bp. founder of Sedgefield School, 419.

Maynesford family, of Mainsforth, 17.

Menell, John, son of Alan, reversion of manor of Stainton granted to, 400.

Menvill, Cuthbert, &c. property in School-Aycliffe, 314.

Merrington, Parish of, 279–290.

Cumyn's attempt to convert the church into a castle, 279.

Prospect from its elevated site, ib.

The Church, 280.

Monumental Inscriptions, ib.

Vicars, 281.

Register, ib.

Benefactions, 290.

Ordination of the Vicarage, 396.

Merrington, Matilda, wife of Alan de, grant of, with her seal, 285.

Merton College, property in Stillington, 73.

Metrich, explained, 286.

Mieklethwaite, Vise, property in Cothom-Conyers, 218;

Chilton, 290;

Grindon, 331.

Middleham Castle, site, vestiges, and historical notices of, 2, 3.

-, See Bishop Middleham.

Middleham, Ralph, son of Ribald, Elwick acquired by in marriage, 97.

Middleton St. George, Parish of, 221–229.

Account of property, 221, 222.

Pedigree of Killinghall, 222, 223.

The Church, 224.

Rectors, &c. ib. 225.

Benefactions, 226.

-, See Over Middleton.

Middleton, Sir William, property in Stainton, 61.

-, Rich, property in Elstob, 64.

-, family, of Blackwell, 369.

William, benefaction of, 376.

Midridge-Grange, account of in Hatfield's Survey, 312.

Later proprietors, ib.

The House, ib.

Pedigree of Byerley, 313.

Milbanke, property in Great Chilton, 289.

Mildmay, Sir Walter, founder of Emanuel College, 9.

Mills, Andrew, murder committed by, 280, 281;

his execution, 281.

Mineral-waters at Hartlepool, 115.

Dinsdale, 242.

Hell-kettles near Darlington, 367.

Croft, 409.

Monasteries, Northern, about the time of the Dissolution disposed of the next presentation to benefices, 96.

Monk-Cook of Durham, grant of land to, 287.

Seal, ib.

Monkton, Nuns of, vill of Nun Stainton given to, and privileges in the Chapel there, 334.

Contests with Vicars of Aycliffe, ib.

Grant of Thomas de Whitworth to, 335.

Montfort, two distinct lines bearing that name, 134.

Moorcroft, Ferdinando and James, property in School-Aycliffe, 314, 315.

Pedigree, 415.

Mordon, account of property, 44, 45.

Family of the name owners of lands there, 45.

Sequestrations, 1644, 55.

Mordon family, property in Grindon, 331.

Moresby, property in Layton, 37.

Morland family, property in Graystones, 274.

Pedigree, 276, 410.

Morpeth family, of Stillington, 73, 74.

Pedigree, 74.

Morton, East, property in, 57.

-, Great, and Morton-Palmes, descent of property, 269.

-, West, account of property, 55.

Pedigree of Robson, 57.

Morton, Dr. John, 32.

Epitaph, 30.

-, Bp. letter to Lord Fairfax, respecting wardship of Conyers' daughters, 245.

-, John de, tenure in the vill of Morton, 269;

Cockerton, 374.

Escheats connected with persons of that name, 270 note.

Murder, extraordinary, at Ferryhill, 280, 281.

Nab-hill, at Mainsforth—Cade's Hypothesis concerning, 20, 21.

No grounds for supposing it to have been a Danish camp, ib.

Naylor, Dr. Joseph, 32.

Epitaph, 30.

Neif—Nativus, servile condition of, 308.

Nelston, charter relating to, 98;

sequestration, ib note.

Grant of Gaufrid. fil. Nigelli de Neliston for a light at Finchale, 98.

Nelthorpe, —, attainder reversed, 343.

Property in Little Burdon, ib.

Nesbet. See Graystones.

Nesbyt, John de, grant of Newhouses to Hugh Haukyn, 413.

Nesham, 257–264.

Account of property, 257.—

The Abbey, 258.

Hen. II.'s confirmation of the foundation, charters of donations, &c. 258, 259.

Estate of Little Burdon the property of the Nuns, 343.—

Prioresses, 259.

Revenues on surrender, ib. 260.

Some scattered memorials, 260.—

Account of property since the Dissolution, 260.

Sequestrators' Books, 262.

Pedigrees of Coundon, 262;

Wyvill, Jenison, 263, Lawson, 264, 409.

Nesham, John, property in West-Morton, 256.

Nevil, Sir John, of Raby, property in Mainsforth, 17;

Swainston, 54;

Newton Hansard, 88;

Dalton Percy, 98.

Nevil family, property in Bradbury and The Isle, 39;

West Morton, 56;

Stotfold, 88;

Close in Elwick, 89;

manors of Middleham, Carleton, Elwick and Forest of Coverdale, 97;

Whitworth, 291;

Spennymore, 297;

Scole Acley and Newbiggin, 309, 314;

Preston-on-Skerne, 330, 331;

Grindon, 331;

Great Burdon, 343;

Darlington, 353;

Oxenhall, 367;

Blackwell, 369;

Cockerton, 374;

Nether Conscliffe, 378;

Carlbury, 384;

Ulnaby, ib.

Neville, badge of in stained glass, 250.

Newbiggin, account of property, 309 (see 68). The old house, ib.

Pedigree of Bynchestre, Burnynghill, Crosier, and Surtees, 310, 311, 411.

Newcastle, Mayor and Bailiffs explain “articles and customs of their town” to the Mayor, &c. of Stockton, 173.

Loyalty of, in 1537, 353.

Newhouses juxta Acliffe, deeds relating to, 413.

Newsham, property in, 208.

Ancient Chapel, ib.

Newton-Bewley, 150.

Sequestrations, ib.

Composition between Prior and William Brumptoft of Wolviston for services due by the latter at Bewley, 151.

Newton-Hansard, account of, 88.

Nicholson, James, A. M. epitaph, 256.

-, Thomas, Rector of Stainton, 63, 64, 66.

Nobles, land so called, and the proprietors Noblemen, 141.

Normans, personal surnames of, 244.

Northern Earls, Hartlepool garrisoned during the rising of, 1569, 102.

Norton, Parish of, 152–167.

Description of tenures and services, in Boldon Book and Hatfield's Survey, 152, 153.

Market, 154.

Collegiate Church, 154.

Church, ib.

Monumental Inscriptions, 155–157.

Vicars, 158.

Parish Register, ib. 159.

Norton, John de, and others of that family, 154.

Norton of Stranton, descent, 125.

-, Thomas, attainted, property in Skirmingham, 345.

Purchased for his son, ib.

Nun-Stainton, account of property, 334, 335.

O'Carroll, Sir Daniel and John, 312, 313.

Ogle, Thomas, property in Stainton, 61.

Oglethorpe family, estate in Newsham, 208 note.

Oldacres, account of property in, 48.

Pedigree of Butler, 49 (see 399).

Old Park, descent of the property of, 298.

Description of, in 1472, ib.

Licence for an Oratory, ib.

Pedigree of Claxton, 299;

of Wharton, 300.

Ord, Ralph, Esq. 38.

Pedigree of Ord and Wright of Bradbury, 41, 42.

Property in Bradbury, 40.

Epitaph Ralph and Mary, 31.

Ord family, epitaphs at Aycliffe, 326.

Orde property in Fishburn, 51, 52.

Pedigree, 53.

Osbern, Richard, son of William, property in Stockton, and family, 403.

Osbert, nephew of Bp. Flambard, charter granting Church of Middleham to Prior, &c. of Durham, 1, 4, 385.

Oswald, Francis and John, of Darlington, 354.

Over-Middleton, or Middleton-on-Row, account of property, 225.

Pedigree of Ayscough, 227.

Owton, account of property, 132, 133.

Pedigree of Lambert, 133.

Oxenhall, of Oxneyfield, ancient tenure and service, 366.

Descent of property, 367.

Pedigree of Bower, ib.

Hell-kettles, ib.

Page, property in School Aycliffe, 315.

Epitaphs, 306.

Palmes, Bryan, of Morton, 270.

Parishes, severed portions accounted for, 243.

Park, Richard de, lands in West Morton, 56.

Property in Blakiston, 159, 160.

Chapel founded in Blakiston by Richard de Park, 160.

Grants to Roger and Hugh de Blaykeston of land, &c. in Blakiston, 161.

Land in Bires, 291;

meadow in Old Park, 298.

Parker, Dr. Robert, Rector of Elwick, epitaph, 85, 86.

Parkhurst, Dormer, Hospital founded by, 139.

Abstract of foundation charter, 391.

Parkin family, proprietors of Old Park, 298.

Parkinson, Dorothy, wife of Robert, of Whessey, epitaph, 340.

Parliamentary representation refused to Hartlepool, 1614, 103.

Paull family, property in West Hartburn, 220.

Pedigree, ib.

Payne, Stephen, Almoner of King Hen. V. seal of, 138.

Peacocks, tithe of, included in the endowment of the vicarage of Merrington, 283, 396.

Pearson, George, of Durham, property in Seaton, 132.

-, Thomas, Rector of Stainton, 64.

Family, ib.


Pease, Mrs. Mary, almshouses of, 377.

Peine forte et dure, instance of its infliction, 1598, 271.

Pell, William, Rector of Stainton, 64.

Pemberton family, property in Aislaby, 202, 205.

Will of Michael, 1638, 202.

Pedigree, 205, 206.

Epitaph on William, 1801, 224.

Property in Middleton, 221, 224;

in Sadberge, 268.

Epitaphs at Sadberge, 410.

Pennant, Mr. publications printed at Mr. Allan's press, 372.

Percy, Henry Lord, Dalton Percy sold by, 98.

-, Earls of Northumberland, property in Barmton, 344.

Percy, Bp. authenticity of his “Reliques,” 193.

Perkynson, Edward, of Beamond-hill, property in Sadberge, 268;

Graystones, 274;

Barmton, 344;

Beaumond-hill, 346;

Blackwell, 369;

Cockerton, 374.

Pedigree, 347.

Pewterer, Francis and Nathaniel, property in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

Philpotts, Henry, Rector of Stanhope, 7, 64.

Pickering, Dr. Theophilus, Rector of Sedgefield, 27, 32.

Epitaph, 30.

Pitt, Baldwin, epitaph, 29.

Place family, property in Redmarshall, &c. 70;

Dinsdale, 232.

Arms of Surtees assumed by, and ultimately allowed, 233.

Pedigree, 236, 237, 406.

Account of Francis Place, and his etchings and paintings, 238, 371.

Property in Sadberge, 268.

Plague at Middleham, 1645, 8;

Hart, 1587, 97.

Egglescliffe, 1644, 201.

Hurworth, 1645, 257.

Durham, Ferryhill, Merrington, 1599, 283.

Plants found at Mainsforth, 23, 24, 398;

near the Tees, 403.

Platts, James, Rector of Stainton, 63, 64.

Plompe—plompe of spears, 352.

Pocock, Sir George, K. B. property in Hart, &c. 95.

Popeley family, lessees of Ricknall Grange, 334.

Porrett, family of, at Hartlepool, 117, 119, 120.

Pounteys Bridge, account of, 228, 229.

Chapel of St. John, Hermitage, and Chantry of St. Mary, ib.

Presentation to the Hermitage of Pounteys, 228.

Grant of Walter de Cadomo for repair, &c. of the Bridge. 229.

Of Cecily de Heworth for support of a Chaplain at Tees Bridge, ib.

Grant towards repair of Bridge by Alexander Surtees, 242.

Prebend Row, tithes of, 375.

Prescott family, of Darlington, 370.

Preston, account of property, 188, 189.

Preston-on-Skerne, descent of property, 330.

Preston, of Stockton, property in Seaton, 132 and note.

-, family, property in Preston, 188.

-, Richard, son of Adam de, grants to William Grenne of land in Stockton, 403.

Prior and Convent of Durham. Charters of and relating to—agreement respecting boundaries of Thrislington, 16.

Grant of lands to their Almoner in Bradbury, 40.

Roger de Conyers grant of the three sons of Eylof of Bishopton, 68, 244, 418.

Confirmation of Bp. Poor's grant to Hartlepool, 105, 387.

Grants by Robert de Brus and William his son of land, &c. and two batelli in Hartlepool, 116.

Charter of foundation of Chapel at Claxton, 143.

Sentence on complaint of William de Billyngham respecting common of pasture, 1343, 144.

Exchange of Henknoll with John de Bellasis for lands in Wolveston, 148.

Bp. Galfrid's grant of land for a light in the Chapterhouse, 149.

Exchange of lands with Richard the Snarer, ib.

Composition with William Brumptoft of Wolveston for services due at Bewley, 151.

Henry I.'s charter confirming their possession of Blakiston, 159, 161.—

Licence foundation of Chapel at Blakiston, 160, 161.

Galfrid Fitz Galfrid's bond to perform suit at Court of the Prior, 165.

Marmaduke Fitz Galfrid's quitclaim of right in Blakiston, ib.

Presentation to the Hermitage of Pounteys, 228.

Grant of land near Pounteys by Richard Surtees for a house of hospitality, &c. 228, 229.

Grant by Cecily de Heworth of the service of Thomas de Wodom for support of a Chaplain at Tees Bridge, 228, 229.

Grant by John de Ketton of land in Greystones, 274.

Various transactions with tenants in Ferryhill, 285.

Services annexed to a grant to Robert de Fery, 285.

School established at School Aycliffe in connexion with Durham-house, Oxford, 314.

Grant by Robert Fitz Roger of Foletiby, 316.

Charter of Henry Earl of Northumberland to hold freely Barmton and Skirmingham, 344, 395.

Of Nigel de Albeini restoring Barmton and Skirmingham, &c. ib.

Osbert's (nephew of Bishop Flambard) grant of Middleham Church, and confirmations, 385.

Confirmation of Bp. Stichill's endowment of Greatham Hospital, 389.

King William's grant of Billingham, and Bp. Philip's grant of the Church, 392.

Grant by Ralph Surtees of Churches of Rungeton and Dinsdale, 393;

and by Rich. Surtees of Church of Rungeton, 394. (See Bishops of Durham.) Ordination of the Vicarage of Merrington, 396.

Ordination of a Chaplain in the Churches of Darlington and Dytensale, ib.

Grant to Roger de Coigners of lands given him by Bp. Ranulph, 407.

Manumission of William son of Eudo de Chilton, 410.—

Kept regular entries of pedigrees and residence of their Bondmen, 410.—

Licence of Richard son of John de Chilton to cut a trench in his marsh of Chilton, 411

Licence granted to Richard de Chilton to erect an cratory at Chilton, ib.

Quitclaim of Roger de Coigners, 417.

Grant to Thomas de Whitworth of manor of Woodham, 418.

Prisage of fish, 100.

Pudsay family, property in Haughton, 339;

in Darlington, 353.

Pudsay, Bp. his crusading galley, 99.

-, William, lands in Killerby, 323.

Punshon family, property in Aislaby, 202.

Races, County, at Woodham-moor, 332.

Recognizance entered into by Thomas Robson to produce the prize cup, ib.

Radcliff, of Cockerton, 374.

Property in Aislaby, 203.

Radclyffe, of Tunstall and Newton Hansard, pedigree, 128, 129.

Property in Norton, 153 note.

Raikes family, property in Tunstall, 130;

Aislaby, 202.

Railway near Darlington, 360.

Ralph Fitz Ralph, Bishop of Durham, charter concurring with Osbert's gift of Church of Middleham to Prior and Convent, 385.

Seal, ib.

Ramsay, Sir John, Bradbury granted to, 39.

-, John, Esq. property in Nesham, 261.

Rand, Samuel, M. D. 137, 143.

Rand family, pedigree, 417.

Will of James, &c. lb.

Randal, Thomas, A.B. Curate of Whitworth, 293.

Randolph, John, property in Preston, 188.

Read, Sir William, property in Stranton, &c. 121.

Descendants, ib.

Rectory-house at Redmarshall embattled, 72.

Redmarshall, Parish of, 70–74.

descent of property, 70.

The Church, Rectors, 71.

Rectory embattled, 72.

Benefactions, 74.

Redworth, 307, 308.

Redworth-house, and Shackleton-hill, 307.

Ancient tenures and services, ib.

Pedigree of March, 308.

Redworth family, lands in Redworth, 307.

Charter of Robert, son of Anabell de Redworth, &c. 308.

Reed family, property in Mordon, 44;

Fishburn, 52;

Stranton, 122, 123.

-, Joseph, memoir of, 196*.

Religious Houses, some of the smaller ones under excellent regulations, 260.

Restitution made by offering a gold ring on the altar, 159.

Reyd, George, Rector of Dinsdale, will, 1559, 241.

Richard the Snarer (Ingeniator), exchange of land with the Convent of Durham, 149.

Richardson, Dr. Richard, Rector of Elwick, 86, 401.

Richmond family, epitaphs, 306.

Property in Redworth, 308.

Rickaby family, property in Stainton, 61.

Rickabie's Case, proceedings in, 400 (see 65).

Rickerby, epitaph at Stainton, 63.

Ricknall Grange; tenures and services, 334.

Lessees, ib. note.

Rates, &c. to parish of Heighington, ib.

Ridell, Sir Thomas, property in Tunstall, 130.

Rikenhall, Ralph de, lands in Coatham, &c. 271.

Rippon, property in Aislaby, 203.

Ritson, Joseph, biograpical sketch and character, with a list of his publications, 193–195.

Rivington School, lands formerly belonging to, 324.

Robert Fitz Meldred, tenure and service in Whessoe, 346.

Robert Fitz Roger, grant of Foletiby to Prior and Convent, 316.

Robinson family, property in Darlington, 354.

-, Arthur and Humphrey, proprietors of Fulthorpe, 77.

-, Humphrey, of Amerston, 86.

-, Ralph, A. M. and Peter, of Conscliffe, epitaph, 379, 380 note.

Margaret Robinson, 380.

Robson family, of West Morton, pedigree, 57.

Will of Dr. Simon Robson, 1617, ib.

Dean Robson, 64.

-, John, Vicar of Hart, 96.

-, Thomas, of Bishop Auckland, bond to produce the prize-cup at races on Woodham-moor, 332.

Romans, traces of at Old Durham, 20.

Via Vicinalis from Old Durham to ford at Sockburn, 61.

Intrenchments at Whitton, 84.

Road from Pounteys to Sadberge, and thence to Stainton, 228, 229.

Antiquities near Seaton Carrow, Stockton, and Seaton in Seaham, 402.

Ros-hill, co. Northumberland, 35.

Rounton, or Rungeton, Church of St. Oswald at, grant by Ralph Fitz William de Surtees of a messuage to, 393.

Various charters granting the Church of Rungeton with lands and right of patronage to St. Cuthbert, &c. ib. 394.

Routh, Cuthbert, property in Dinsdale, &c. 233.

His daughters, ib. 255.

Epitaph, 240;

his widow's, 256.

Royal Charters.

William I. grant of Billingham to St. Cuthbert and his Monks, 392.

Henry I. charter confirming the Convent's possession of Blakiston, 159, 161.

Henry II. grant of weekly market at Norton, 154.

Confirmation of foundation of Nesham Abbey, 258.

Confirmation to Roger Conyers of lands granted to his father by Bp. Ranulph, 407.

Henry III. order to John de Balyol to release Bp. Kirkham's attendants, and to make satisfaction to the Bishop for his assault, 212.

Edward I. Power to R. de Havering to receive the fealty of Alice de Cotum for her share of Cothom-Conyers, 404.

John, charter to Hartlepool, 99, 386.

Writ to Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Bardolfe to marry Ivo de Tailbois, 407.

Elizabeth, charter to Hartlepool, 105.

Rudd, Thomas, counsellor, 78.

-, Thomas, Rector of Long Newton, 187, 191.

Epitaph, 216.

-, Edward, Rector of Haughton, 342.

Epitaph on Letitia his wife, 341.

Rundle, Dr. Thomas, Bp. of Derry, 32.

Russell, Galfrid, Seneschal of Durham, Chantry-priest provided by, at Coatham, 270.

-, William, of Brancepath Castle, property in Middleham, 9;

Hardwick, 34;

Layton, 37;

Mordon, 44;

Foxton, 47;

Fulthorpe, 77;

Blakistone, 160.

Sac and Soc, 243, 265.

Sadberge, its elevated site, derivation of the name, 265.

Early existence as a separate district, ib.

King Richard's grant of the manor with the wapontake to Bishop Hugh, ib.

Governed by a distinct Sheriff, Escheator, and Coroner, and county courts held, ib. 266.

Instances of its separate jurisdiction, 266, 409.

Cause tried before Sir Tho. Fulthorp, 1457, ib.

Vills and manors which owed service to the court, 266.

Custody of the gaol, ancient services and tenures, 267.

Descent of property, 267, 268.

Pedigree of Buck, 269.

Bailiffs of Sadberge, 268 note.

Chapel: Parochial Register, 268.

Epitaphs, 409, 410.

Charitable Annuities charged on estates in, 348.

School, 349.

An insulated portion of the vill of Sadberge in the parish of Long Newton, ib.

Cross in Sadbergefield, &c. 100.

Sadberge family, property in Sadberge, 268.

William de, property in Butterwick, 50.

Sadler, Sir Ralph, his account of the behaviour of the people on his arrival at Darlington, 1537, 352.

Saint-Alban's, impropriate Rectory of Conscliffe given to, 380.

Salkeld family, property in Sadberge, 268;

Barmton and Skirmingham, 345.

Francis, epitaph, 379.

Proceedings against Thomas, a Catholic, 1625, 381.

Notice of family of, ib.

Saltholme, farm of, 150;

sequestered, ib.

Salt-pits at Seaton Carrow, 131, 402.

Salt-works at Greatham, 141;

Cow-pen, 150.

Salvin, of Croxdale, property in Shotton, 48;

Butterwick, 50;

Bruntoft, 89;

The Close in Elwick, ib.;

Owton, 132.

-, Thomas, property in Heworth, 328;

Thornton, 382.

Will, 1609, ib.

Samos, Abp. of, gifts to, 366.

Sands, estate of, 38.

Saxons, personal names of, 244.

Saxon Crosses at Aycliffe, 326.

Saxon MSS. presented to D. and C. Library by Dr. Wharton, 301.

Sayer family, property in Foxton, 45.

Covenant of John de Elstobb (33 H. VIII.) not to alien his lands, &c. without the counsel of John Sayer of Worsall, 46.

Property in Shotton, 48;

Seaton Carrow, 131;

Preston, 188, 189, and notes.

Pedigree of Seton and Sayer of Worsall and Preston, 190.

Property in Egglescliffe, 197, 198.—

Sayer, William, of Houghton, 44 note.

Scholarships founded by Dr. Claymond, 192;

Bp. Cosin, 289.

School established by Prior and Convent at School Aycliffe, 314.

School-Aycliffe, account of property, 314.

Scolacle, early proprietors of School-Aycliffe, 314.

Scotland, claim to the Crown of, on death of Alexander III. 91, 92.

Scott, Sir Walter, recollections of Ritson, 194.

Scrope, Lords, lands in Heighington held by, 304, 412;

Redworth, 308;

Little Haughton, 337, 339.

Scurfield family, epitaphs, 63, 401.

Property in Elstob, 64, 65.

Pedigree, 65.

Seamer, property in Aislaby, 203.

Searle, Edward, property in Brafferton, 329.

Will, ib.

Seaton-Carrow, account of property, 130–132.

Descent of Carrow, 131.

Composition for having seized a royal fish cast on shore, 1342, 131.

Saltworks, 131, 402.

Bathing-place, 132.

Chapel, ib.

Benefaction, 133.

Roman antiquities found on the Sands to the North of Seaton, 402.

Sedgefield, Parish of, 25–60.

Ancient tenures and services, 25.

Market, ib. note.

Division of common lands, 26.

Church, ib.

Monumental Inscriptions, 27.

Chantries, 31, 50.

Rectors, 32, 418.

Rectory-house, 33.

Tithe, ib. note.

Proceedings of Sequestrators, 1644, 54.

Benefactions, 57–60.

Alms-houses, 59, 60.

Free-school, 59;

School-house, books, endowment, &c. 419.

Female School, 60.

Sedgwick, property in Thorpthewles, 81.

Pedigree, 82.

Segh Deer, antlers of, found bedded in clay, 21.

Selby family, property in Stotfold, 88.

Sepulchral remains of early date discovered at Thrislington, 397.

Serjeantson, Thomas and Christopher, property in Elton, 209.

Service—instances of villans being bound to build a house annually, 25, 153.

Faulchion of Sockburn presented to the Bishop on his first entering the Bishoprick, 243.

Seton, property in Foxton, 45;

Shotton, 48;

Preston, 188.

Grant by Thomas of his lands in Shotton, &c. for uses of his will, 188, 189 note.

Pedigree of Seton and Sayer of Worsall and Preston, 190.

Property in Egglescliffe, 197 note.

Alice, dau. of Thomas, forcibly carried away from the wardship of the Bishop, 403.

Shackleton-hill, conjectured by Hutchinson to be a Danish fort, 307.

Shafto family, property in Elton, 209, 211;

Whitworth, 291.

Pedigree of Shafto of Whitworth, 294;

of Benwell, 296.

Farther notices of the family, 302.

Epitaph on Robert, 1705, ib.—

Portrait of Robert Shafto, Esq. 291.

Monuments of Mark and Margaret, 292, 296.

Shaw family, property in Cornforth, 15: Thrislington, 16.

Shawe, John and Ralph, property in Ferryhill, 286.

-, William, of Pittington, property in Newbiggin, 309, 311.

Sheep, extraordinary one fed at Sockburn, 246.

Shepherd family, property in Whessoe, 346;

Cockerton, 374.

Sherburn House, the vill of Garmonds-way part of their endowment, 12.

Composition with the Rector of Middleham respecting tithe-corn, ib.

Churches of Bishopton and Sock-burn given to, 69;

tithes of Grindon, 76;

Whitton, 83.

Shotton, account of property, 48.

Shotton, Wm. son of Thomas de, 44.

Shrewsbury, Anne Maria Countess of, 245.

Shrimper, providential escape of, 141.

Shutwell, family of, 44.

Siketum explained, 228.

Sixtine, John, Rector of Egglescliffe, 200.

Skeletons, representations of in monuments and on brasses, 28.

Skerne, North, rise and course of, 21 (see 398);

fish taken in, 22.

Skirfield, John, property in Aislaby, 203.

Skirmingham, descent of property, 345.

See Barmton.

Skirmingham, Isabel lady of, property in Barmton and Skirmingham, 344, 345.

Sleigh family, 210 and note.

Property in Mordon, 45;

West Hartburn, 220;

Stockton, 340.

Smales, Francis, property in Fishburn, 52.

Smith, of Foxdene, &c. property in Bradbury, 40.

-, Henry, Alderman of London, charities, 120.

Smithetun, Gikel de, seal of, 288.

Smythe of Eshe, property in Embleton, 54;

Walworth, 317;

Barmton, 344;

Woodham, 414.

-, Wm. of Durham, and Henry, property in Graystones, 274.

Smythson, William, and George, of Newsom, property in School-Aycliffe, 314.

Sockburn, Parish of, 243–251.

Derivation of name, 243, 265.

Legend of the Worm of Sockburn, and service of presenting the faulchion with which the Worm was slain, 243 (67 note).

Ceremony on Bp. Cosin's entry, 406.

The faulchion described, 244.

Conjecture respecting origin of the legend, ib.—

Descent of property, ib. 245.

Manor-house, &c. 245.

Armorial decorations, 246.

Pedigree of Conyers, 247, 248, 407.

The Church, 249.

Monumental Inscriptions, &c. 249, 250.

Vicars, 251. (Extraordinary Sheep fed at Sockburn, 246 note).

Sparke, Thomas, Master of Greatham, will, 137.

Spearman family, property in Middleham, 9.

Epitaphs at Sedgefield, Mary-Anne, Robert, Mary, 29, 30.

Property in Oldacres, 48.

Literary Works of Robert Spearman, Esq. 398.

Gilbert, property in Elstob, 65;

Redmarshall, 74.

John, property in Stillington, 74.

Spence, John and Robert del, of Mordon, 45.

Spenceley, Wm. property in Elstob, 64.

Spenny-Moor, ancient grants and leases relating to, 297.

Spiritual Court, sentence for abuse of a Minister, 1632, 76.

Stainton, Parish of, 61–66.

Roman way, 61.

Account of property, ib.

Descent of the manor from an earlier period, 399.

Charters of Agnes Bertram, and her daughter Agnes, and of the family of De la Haye, &c. 399, 400.

Pedigree of Lambton, 62.

Church, Monumental Inscriptions, 63.

Rectors, &c. 64.

School, &c. 66.

Boundaries between Ketton and Stainton, 417.

Stainton, Little, property in, 68.

Stanelai, Andrew de, Master of Greatham, tombstone of, 28.

Stapleton, Miles, letter to Sancroft, describing Bishop Cosin's entry, 406.

Stevenson family, property in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

Stewart, Lady Vane, proprietor of the Isle, 43;

Swainston, 54;

Stainton, 61;

Elstob, 65;

Bishopton, 68;

Redmarshall, 70;

Wynyard, 78.

Charles Lord Stewart, ibid.

Stillington, account of property, 73.

Pedigree of Morpeth, 74.

Stob-cross, village tale connected with, 14.

Early sepulchral remains at, 397.

Stockton Ward, 1, et seqq.

Stockton, Parish of, 168–192.

Description of the Manor and Borough, from Boldon Book and Hatfield's Survey, 168–170.

Extracts from early charters relative to property, 403.

The Castle or Manor-place, 170–173.

Bailiffs of Stockton and Keepers of the Castle, 171.

Parliamentary Survey, 1647, 171, 172.

Description of the Castle, 173, 210 note.

Sequestrations, 173.

The Borough, 173.

Mayors, 174, 175.

Regulations, Revenue, Courts, 175.

Free-quays, and limits of the Port, 175.

Custom-house and Collectors, 176.

Officers of Customs, 1672, 419.

Bishop's rights on the Tees, 176.

Fishery, course and navigation of the river, ib.

Cut at Portrack, Tees Navigation Company, 177.

Trade of the Port, Imports and Exports, 178–180.

Population, 180.

General features of the town, 181, 182.

The Bridge, 181.

Floods, 182.

Discovery of Coins, Roman and English, 182, 402, 403.

Tradesmen's tokens, 182.

The ancient Chapel, 183, 184.

Ordination by the Vicar and Parishioners, 183, 392.

Bp. Farnham's grant of land, 183.

The new Church, and Act for making the Chapelry a distinct Parish, 184.

Monumental Inscriptions, 185, 186.

Chaplains, Curates, and Vicars, 187.

Waste given by the Bishop for the support of the Minister, leased for 1000 years;

failure of attempt to invalidate leases, 187, 403, 404.

Register, &c. ib.

Almshouses, Schools, and Benefactions, 191, 192.

Scholarships at Oxford, 192.

Dissenters, ib.

Plants near, 403.

Stodhoo, manor of, 239.

Storie family, property in Aislaby, 203;

Great Morton, 269.

Stote family, property in West Morton, 56.

Stotfold, account of property, 88.

Strafford, Earl of, order issued at Darlington after the defeat at Stellahaugh, 352.

Strangeways family at Ketton, 330.

Stranton, Parish of, 121–133.

Account of property, 121–123.

Pedigree of Dodsworth, 123.

Trenches with human bones, 123.

Abbeylands, ib.

The Church, Monumental Inscriptions, 124.

Vicars, 125.

Register, ib.

Descent of Norton of Stranton, ib.

Suffolk, Earls and Dukes of, 39.

Marriage of William Duke of, ib. See De la Pole.

Sulphur Well, at Dinsdale, 242.

Sunderland, Officers of Customs, 1672, 419.

Surnames, curious instance of change of in a single family, 226.

Various origin of, 411.

Surtees family, of Dinsdale, history of, 230–232.

Pedigree, 234, 235, 405.

Charters, of Ralph Fitz William de Surtees, granting messuage, &c. to Church of Rungeton, 393,

and Churches of Rungeton and Dinsdale to Monks of Durham (seal), ib.

Of Ralph, Beatrix, and Richard, granting Church of Rungeton to the Bp. (seal), ib.

Of Richard, granting Church of Rungeton to the Monks (seal), 394.

Of Ralph, Beatrix, and Richard, giving up to the Bishop the right of patronage in Rungeton, ib.

Two charters of Ralph, addressed to Bp. of Durham, and Abp. of York, renouncing right of patronage in Dinsdale, ib. (see page 239).

Grant of Richard to Prior and Convent, of land near Pounteys for a house of hospitality, 229.

Ancient Monumental Stones, 240.

Alexander's grant of pensions to Chaplains of St. Mary's Chantry at Dinsdale, 242.

Charter of William de Elmeden, granting Gocelin Surtays fee and livery, 1347, 404.

Will of Thomas Surtays, 1435, 405.

Proceedings in Chancery on death of last Thomas Surtees, 1512, 232, 405.

Notices of various members of the family, 405.

Wills of Ralph of Middleton, 1549;

Thomas of Newcastle, 1629, ib.

Arms and Epitaphs of Surtees in St. Nicholas, Newcastle, 405, 406.—

Property in Long Newton, 213;

Cothom-Conyers, 218;

Over-Middleton, 221, 225;

Hartburn, 226;

Countyflatt, 229;

Stodhoo, 239;

Sadberge, 267;

Great Morton, 269;

Coatham-Amundeville, 271;

Great Burdon, 343;

Barmton, 344;

Darlington, 353.

Surtees, of Redworth, descent of, 311.

Robert, epitaph, 305.

Property in Embleton, 54;

Redworth, 307, 308;

Newbiggin, 309.

-, of Mainsforth, 18, 20.

Property in Middleham, 4;

Stranton, 122;

Graystones, 274;

Ferryhill, 286 note;

Great Chilton, 289;

Newbiggin, 309.

Epitaph of Reed Surtees, 124.

Sutton, George, of Stockton, Benefactions, 192.

Property in Elton, 210.

Sutton epitaphs, 185, 186, 210.

Swainston, account of property, 54.

Sequestrations, 1644, 55.

Swannery at Middleham, 1313, 3.

Swan-house, &c. at Ferryhill, 16, 17, 284.

Swinburne, John, of Chopwell, property in Oldacres, 48;

Thorpthewles, 80;

Heighington, 324.

Swyfte, Robert, gave the Schoolhouse at Sedgefield, 419.

Sydney Sussex College, foundation, 10.

Synod of Dort, 10.

Tailbois family, property in Hurworth, 252.

Pedigree, 254.

-, of Thornton-hall, 382.

Pedigree, ib.

Property in Carlbury, 384;

Ulnaby, ib.

Purchased estate of Skirmingham for Norton family on attainder of Thomas Norton, 345.

King John's writ to Elizabeth widow of William Bardolfe to marry Ivo de Tailbois, 407.

Will of Robert, 1494,

and Dame Elizabeth Graystoke, 1509, 408.

Talbot family, estate of Sockburn vested in, 245.

Tatham family of Bishopton, 68, 69.

Taylor, Admiral Policarpus, epitaph, 157.

Tees Navigation Company, 177.

Teeswater Breed of Cattle, &c. 414.

Tempest, family, proprietors of The Isle, 43, 55.

Property in Swainston, 55;

Stainton, 61;

Elstob, 65;

Bishopton, 68;

Redmarshall, 70;

Wynyard, 78.

-, of Trefford-hill, 208.

Tewart, lands in Newbiggin, 309, 311.

Epitaph, 306.

Thenc, service of, in Brafferton, 328.

Thickley, Old, or West, ancient tenures and services, 309.

Thirkeld, John, property in Stainton, 399.

Thornton-Hall, descent of property 382.

Pedigree of Tailbois, ib.;

of Bowes, 383.

Thornton, Roger, merchant of New-castle, 27.

Property in Bradbury and The Isle, 39;

Chilton, 290;

Preston-on-Skerne, 330.

Thorp family, early proprietors of Thorpthewles, 80.

Grants of land by John Fitz Galfrid, and John, to Finchale Abbey, ib.

By William Fitz John to Alan de Thorp, cler. in return for thirty shillings given at Jerusalem, ib.

Thornthewles, account of property, 80, 81.

Survey 1623, 77.

Pedigrees, of Kendal, 81;

Sedgwick and Tweddell, 82 (see 401);

branch of Conyers, 81 (see 401).

Threlkeld, or Thirkell, notices of family of, 381, 382.

Will of Richard, 1546, ib.

Thrislington, or Thurstanton, account of property, 16.

Early sepulchral remains discovered at, 397.

Throston, property of, 95.

Thurshy, Thomas, property in School Aycliffe, 315.

John, property in Brafferton, 329.

Thurstanton. See Thrislington.

Todd, Thomas, property in West Morton, 56.

-, Lancelot and Christopher, of Bishopton, loyalty of, 1644, 68, 69.

Tolls of Darlington on lease temp. Hugh Pudsey, 351.

Tonge family, proprietors of Old Thickley, 309.

Tradesmen's Tokens, Hartlepool, 107;

Newcastle, 127;

Billingham, 145;

Stockton, Yarm, and other places, 182;

Darlington, 377.

Trees, uniform bulk of several sorts planted in 1748, 21.

Trefford-Hill, account of property, 208.

Trekingham, Roger de, lands in West Morton, 56.

Trollop of Thornlawe, property in Mordon, 44.

John Trollop 1476, burial, 119;

John, 1562, property in Seaton Carrow, 131.

Marriage of Thomas son of John, 1564, 331.

Will of Francis, Vicar of Sockburn, 251.

Trotter, Mary, wife of Edward of Aslaby, epitaph, 199.

Tunstall, account of property, 130.

Pedigree of Fulthorpe, 126, 127;

Radclyffe, 128, 129.

Tunstall family, pedigree, 272.

Property in Coatham, 271;

Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

Marmaduke, collection of British Birds, 371.

Turner family, property in Nesham, 258;

Morton Palmes, 270.

Tweddell family, property in Thorpthewles, 81.

Pedigree, 82, 401.

John Tweddell, his classical acquirements and premature death, 82, 83.

Tychicus, a foundling so named, 380.

Tylliol family, property in Layton, 37.

Tynemouth Priory, 133.

Valoygnes, or Valaynes, charter respecting lands in West Morton, 55, 56.

Vane family, epitaphs of Mrs. Catherine and Mrs. Alice, 29.

Property in Wynyard, 78;

Long Newton, 213.

Character of Sir H. Vane, ib.

Pedigree, 214.

Epitaph on Sir G. Vane, &c. 216.

Vaware, 367.—

Utware, 347.

Vesey, John, and daughters, epitaph, 379.

Pedigree of Vasey, 381.

Inventory of John, 1642, ib.

Ufford, co. Suffolk, Hospital, 197 note.

Villiers, Col. Edward, letter to Bishop Cosin, 1667, 104.

Vineyard at Mainsforth, 1708, 18.

Ulnaby, account of property, 384.

Vox Piscis, a book so intituled, 10.

Usher family, property in Cornforth, 15.

Abp. letter of, 10.

His regard for Dr. Samuel Ward, ib. note.

Wade, Thomas, of Fatfield, property in Elton, 209.

Waistell family, epitaphs at Haughton, 341.

Wakerfield, lands in Haughton, 337;

Barmton, 344.

Wallace, James, A. M. woman punished for abuse of, 1632, 76.

Wallis, Rev. John, Hist. of Northumb. 146.

Walter Persona de Halcton, Richard son of, 341.

Walworth, account of property, 316–322.

The house, 316.

Visited by King James, 317.

Two remarkable chesnut-trees, ib.

Pedigrees of Hansard and Ayscough, 318, 319, 411;

of Jenison, 320, 321;

of Jenison of Elswick, 322, 419.

Walworth family, property in Preston-on-Skerne, 330;

Great Burdon, 343;

Darlington, 353, 354.

Wandisford, George, proprietor of Fulthorpe, 76.

Warcop, John, M. A. epitaph, 306.

Ward family, property in Middleham, 9.

Pedigree, 13.

Their residence, 397.

-, Dr. Samuel, Master of Sydney Sussex College, Memoirs of, 9–12.

His pupil Bp. Seth Ward, 11.

-, Property in Hurworth, 252, 253.

High Dinsdale, 251.

-, John, of Billingham, property in Mordon, 45.

-, William, of Cockerton, tithe property of, 375.

Warde, John, property in Stodhoo, 239.

Wardell family, property in Fishburn, 52;

West Morton, 56.

Wardship, right of, 231.

Instance of evasion of unnoticed, 328.

Waryn, land, &c. held in Sadberge by, 267.

Watson, John, of Sheraton, property in Elstob, 65.

-, family, property in Whitton, 83, 84.

Anthony Bishop of Chichester, will, &c. ib.

Watson, Robert and James, of Elwick, 98.

-, and Baxter of Whitworth, Pedigree, 292.

Webster, Rowland, property in Aislaby, 202.

Webster epitaphs, 199.

Wehita, or Wettha frumenti, 98.

Welfoote family, of Bishopton, 68.

Wemyss, James Earl of, death, 1756, 159.

Wentworth family, proprietors of Trefford-hill, 208.

Westmorland, Earls of. See Nevil.

Westwyk, Hugh de, Chaplain, 337.

Wharton of Old Park, 298.

Property in Stranton, 122.

Dr. Thomas Wharton's taste and that of his friend Gray to be traced in the house and grounds, 298.

Pedigree, 300.

Account of Thomas Wharton, M. D. and epitaph, 301.

Wheatley, John and William, of Mordon, 44.

Whessoe and Beaumond-Hill, antient tenures and services, 346.

Account of property, ib.

Pedigree of Perkynson, 347.

White, Miles, Bp. Watson's bequests to, 83, 84.

Whitehead, William and Thomas, of Monk Wearmouth, 315.

Whitton, account of property, 83, 84, 401.

Whitworth, Chapelry of, 291–298.

The house and grounds, and old portraits, 291.

Pedigree of Watson and Baxter, 292.

Chapel, ib.

Monuments, recumbent Knight, &c. Curates, 293, 411.

Glebe; 293.

Register, ib.

Pedigree of Shafto of Whitworth, and of Benwell, 294, 296.

Boundaries of the Parish, temp. Antony Episc. 302.

Whitworth family, proprietors of Whitworth, 291;

and of Woodham, 332, 413.

John son of Thomas, right in Spenny-moor, 297.

Grant of Thos. de Whitworth to Nunnery of Munckton, 335.

Grant of manor of Woodham by Prior and Convent to Thomas de Whitworth, 418.

Widdifield, John, information against for treasonable language, 284.

Widdowes, Giles, Vicar of Bishopton, 68, 69.

Widdrington, Sir Henry, property in Fishburn, 51.

Wilbore, Gilbert, property in School Aycliffe, 315.

Wilde family, of Hunton, property in Great Chilton, 289;

Ketton, 330.

Chief messuage on their Chilton estate, 410.

Wilkinson, George, property in West Morton, 56.

-, Laurence and John, property in Ferryhill, 286.

-, Thomas, of Hurworth, descent of, 315.

William son of William son of King Stephen, Little Haughton granted to, 339.

Willis, John, of Stillington, property in Embleton, 54.

Wilson, Anthony and Thomas, property in Brafferton, 329.

-, Roger and Marmaduke, property in Over-Middleton, 226.

Witch, at Hart, punishment of, 97.

Wodom, Thomas de, charter and seal of, 332 note.

Wolveston, account of property, 149, 150.

Bp. Galfrid's grant of land to Convent of Durham, ib.

Exchange of lands between Richard the Snarer and the Convent, ib.;

between John de Bellasis and the Convent, 148.

Chapel and Curates, ib.

Sequestrations, 150.

Prior's composition with William Bruntoft for services due at Bewley, 151.

Women liable to serve in Constablery of Prebend-row, Darlington, 357.

Wood, Anthony of Copmanthorp, property in Butterwick, 50.

-, George, proctor, and his family, epitaph, &c. 281.

-, John, of Layton, property in Mordon, 44 note.

-, Thomas, Bp. of Lichfield, property in Egglescliffe, 197.

His will, ib.

-, of Hett, 287.

Woodifield, Clement, of Mainsforth, property in Fishburn, 51.

John Woodifield, ib. note.

Woodham, descent of property, 332, 413,

Grant of manor, by Prior and Convent, to Thomas de Whitworth, 418.

County races held on Woodham-moor, bond for the prize of silver cup, 332.

Pedigree of Hutton, 333.

Worm of Sockburn, legend of, 243.

Wormeley, William, property in Hurworth, 253.

Wrecks, Bp. Poor's contest respecting at Hartlepool, 100.

Wrenn family, property in Egglescliffe, 198;

Over-Middleton, 225;

Hartburn, 226;

Brafferton, 329.

Wright, Richard, of Sands, 38;

property in Bradbury, 40.

Pedigree of Ord and Wright of Bradbury, 41, 42.

-, Richard, of Sedgefield, property in Bradbury, 40.

Benefaction to poor of Sedgefield, 59.

-, Timothy, of Redmarshall, family, 71.

Wrightson, William, surgeon, benefaction of, 59.

Wyclyffe family, property in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

-, Francis, share in Surtees' property at Dinsdale, &c. 232, 239.

Wyclyf, Rob. Master of Kepyer, burial, 119.

Wydmarpole, Edward, of Alne, property in School Aycliffe, 314.

Wynyard, account of property, 77, 78.

House, 78.

Pedigree, 79.

Wytham family, property in Preston, 189 and note.

Proprietors of Trefford-hill, 208;

in Preston-on-Skerne, 331.

Wyvill family, property in Preston, 189.

-, of Nesham, pedigree, 263.

-, Marmaduke, property in Graystones, 274.

Yole-wayting — waites at Christmas, 303.

Yong family, of Acklington, property in Butterwick, 50.