Border Papers volume 1: July 1583-October 1583

Page 111

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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176. Raids on the West Marches by Liddesdale, &c. [July 19–Oct. 6.]

"LIDDESDALE.—xix Julij 1583. Ingram Rowtledg of the Batey Englishman, complayneth uppon Yonge Dand of the Braydleye, John of Haghouse and Wills Archie of Mapatricopp, Scottishmen, with their complices [for] 16 kyne and oxen and all his insight.

xviij Augusti. Gerard Tailer and his brother [uppon] Will Eliott the dale and Geordie Simpson with their complices [for] xl kyne and oxen and their insight.

xxj Augusti. Davy Bell of Overdenton [uppon] Larde of Mangerton and Bessies Andrewe [for] vj kyne and oxen.

West Marches.—ij Septembris. Christopher Bellman of Hedderswoode [uppon] Jocke Armestronge, Kinmonth Jocke, and Ecky of Stubbholme [for] xx kyne and oxen, and three horses and their insight.

Riddsdale.—xviij of August. James Rowtelege of Cumrick [uppon] Jamy Elwood, Jamy of the Cyll, Dandie Elliot, called Dande of Bradley [for] xxx kyne and oxen and his insight.

West Merches [ib.].—John Rowtlege of the Stonknowe [uppon] Kinmontes Jock and Ecky of the Gingles, with their complices [for] xij kyne and oxen. xxvj of August. Richard Sowrebie and Jeffrey his brother [uppon] Kinmontes Jock, yong Christofer Armestronge sonne to Johnnes Christie [for] xvj kyne and oxen, and three horses and mares, and their insight.

Riddsdale.—xiiij Augusti. Gawin Armstronge sonne to Ecky, Clementes Edie, and Hobb of Kellelie [uppon] Hobb of Rampsgill and his complices [for] cxx goates.

vj Augusti. Christofer Tweddale [uppou] longe John Elliot and Simondes Rynian [for] ij oxen. Hobb Tweddale of Orcharde house [uppon] Sym Armstrong sonne to Hugh Harden [for] ij horses.

Bewcastledale.—vj Octobris. George Rowtlege of the Greinhilesh in Bewcastle [uppon] Lard of Maingerton, Lard of Whithaugh, and Eamont Armstronge of Wisgills, with their complices to the nomber of 40 persons of Lidsdall [for] x goates, xx yowes, all his insight, himself and his sonne hurt in perill of death. The same night, Anthonie Rowtlege of Nutticlughe in Bewcastle, uppon the personnes above named [for] xvj kyne and oxen and all his insight. At this heirshipp, Allan Rowtlege was slayne, William Rowtlege, Thome Rowtlege, John Rowtledge and Thome of Toddholls, all maymed and hurt in perill of death, wherof one hath his legge (fn. 1) cutt of. 5th Octobris Rowy Rowtlege of Bewcastle and Dand Rowtlege, uppon the personnes above named [for] xxx kyne and oxen, all the insight of ij steadings. At this spoile sondry personnes were hurt in perill of death.

Kirkleventon [ib.].—Dick Rowtledge of Kirkleventon [uppon] Jock Armstronge called Kynmonth [Jock], Jock Armstronge of the Calfhills, Jamy of Cannonbie, with their complices [to the] nomber of xx persons [for] xxtie kye and oxen, two naiges, all his insight. At this heirshipp Dick Rowtledge and his sonne were maymed and wounded in perill of death."

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  • 1. "Legs" in the other copy.