Border Papers volume 1: December 1586

Page 240

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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468. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Dec. 1. 1586.]

I received your letter to Roger Aston on the 27th November, and as you directed, sent it by my own servant to deliver it to his own hands in secret—for I could employ none of this garrison without suspicion. It was duly delivered, and Aston has required that the same party be employed as our messenger, and directed him how to send for him into the town. I received the enclosed this day to be sent to you. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

469. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Dec. 5.]

Your letter of 25th November I received on 29th, "with a pacquet therinclosed directed to Mr George Yonge"—which as you ordered, I sent to him by a servant of my own "not usually employed," to be secretly delivered to his hands. Who returning this day, brought me the inclosed for your honour. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

470. Cesfurde to Forster. [Dec. 10.]

"For my urgent and speciall adois, I may not keip the meting, quhilk suld have haldin at Kirknewtoune on Thurisday nixt, bot mon contenew the same to that day xv dayis, quhair God willing I sall not faill to meit yow and do yow full justice, as I will assuredlie luik for the lyk at your lordschipis handis. Sua . . . committis your lordschip to the leaving God. Frome Roxburgh the xth of December 1585." Signed: Cesfurde.

"Postscript.—It will pleis your lordschip ressave a noit of the billis yit undischairgit, your officiar lyis for, quhilk ye will caus be deliverit to your sone Mr Nycolas. I am hardlie put on for thame, quhilk movit me to caus abstract thame according to your sones desyir."

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed by Forster's clerk: "Frome the wardene of Scotlande the xth of December 1586." Wafer signet: chevron; a unicorn's head in base—faint.

471. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Dec. 19.]

The Master of Gray ambassador from the King to her Majesty, came here this afternoon, accompanied with Sir Robert Melvin and 16 more, in his train, who "next daye" passed on to the Court. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

472. Cesfurde to Forster. [Dec. 23.]

"Quhairas I had ane appoinctitt meting with your lordschip at Kirknewtoun on Thurisday nixt the xxix of this moneth, quhilk I may na way keip for certaine my necessare adois, speciallie for provisioun of the Leiftennenentis cuming agane to Jedburcht, quhilk is the samin day—quhair I man be and the haill cuntry with me to awaitt upoun his lordschip. Bot sall nocht faill God willing, to meitt your lordschip at Kirknewtoun that day xv dayis quhilk is the xij of Januer nixt, quhair I luik to have redres for the Scottis complainttis and on Fryday nixt thairefter sall lykewys meitt your lordship at Kirknewtoun, quhair I sall God willing do yow full justice for your complainttis; swa that befoir we sinder we sall pas throucht oure rollis." Frome Halydene. Signed: Cesfurde.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Better impression of his signet—3 stars on a chevron; a unicorn's head in base; "W. K." at sides (outside shield).