Border Papers volume 1: April 1589

Page 337

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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642. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [April 7. 1589.]

Although I discontinued writing to your honour during your absence from court from sickness, I furnished my lord Treasurer with such news as I had from time to time. And now hearing of your good recovery and return to court, I have to impart the following news from Scotland. Bothwell's late design for some exploit on our Middle and East Marches has failed, for the chief gentleman of East and West Teviotdale, as also Lord Hume who was with him last Saturday, refused to join.

"ThErle Bodwell remaynes at Kelsey untill he heare from Huntley, for dayly ther passes lettres betwene theme. And Bodwell lookes to heare from Huntley of his commyng to Dunfermling upon Tewsday next (who bringes with him fyve or vj thowsand at the least); and then he is to repayre towardes Edenbroughe. And about Peobles there metes him, Harrys, Johnston, Buckcloughe, and Robert Maxwell, to accompany him. There purpose is to welter the court, and dispatche the Chancelour. And this plat and all thes proceadinges are not without the pryvity of the King, as Bodwell him self hath let my infourmer to understand.

The King is at this present on hunting at Damahoye, a gentlemaus place vj myles from Edenbroughe, and very fewe with him but courtiers, and is turnd from the chancelour.

The guarde is dischardged and the Master Glames and the Erle of Marre gone home.

ThErle Huntley and thErle Marshall are agreed, and have shaked handes and dronk togither, and he commes with Huntley to Edenbroughe.

The Chaucelour is gone from the Abbey to his owne lodginge in the highe towne.

Upon Sonday last at vj thafternoone, ther came to the Lorde Bodwell one Davyd Colasse one of his speciall men, and capten Haggerston, who brought these offers from the Chancelor, that is:—That he was very willing to surrender upp his office of chancellorship to the King, and to leave the court and goe home to his owne howse; and hath offered to gyve Bodwell tenne thousand crownes for his frendship. Which offers whether Bodwell did accept of theme or not, was not knowne when my infourmer came from him.

Bodwell showes him self to favour the Master of Grey greatlye, and that Huntley shall surrender all the lyving he hathe of his, unto him agayne." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

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