Border Papers volume 1: January 1591

Page 373

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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700. Act for the Borders. [Jan. 6. 1590–91.]

"At Haliruidhous the sext day of Januar the yeir of God 1590 yeir." As certain offenders "fyled" in six bills before the commissioners at Berwick in February 1587, and likewise others "fyled" in presence of John lord Hamilton the King's lieutenant and justice at Jedburgh in April last for an attempt at Myndrom, while his Majesty was in Denmark, have not been delivered to answer to justice, and their sureties, masters and others, delay to enter them unless compelled, letters are ordered charging Francis earl Bothwell, keeper of Leddisdale and James earl of Murrey his cantioner, John lord Maxwell and John Maxwell of Nether Pollok his cautioner, Alexander lord Hume and George Hume of Wedderburne his cautioner, William Ker of Cesfurd warden of the Middle March, Sir John Carmichael of that Ilk warden of the West March, Andrew Ker of Farnihyrst and James Shaw of Sauquhy his cautioner, Will Ellot of Fallinesh, and Hew Carmichael younger of that Ilk, his cautioner, Walter Cheisholme of that Ilk, and Robert Scott of Haning and Walter Carncors of Lugat his cautioners, all to compear before his Majesty and the lords of Secret Council on the 22nd of January instant under pain of rebellion and putting to the horn, and there to enter and present the offenders filed in the English bills, viz., Sym Armstrong of Mangertoun [and about 50 other Armstrongs, Ellots, Crossers, Nicsons, Baties and Scotts, within their respective districts] to be delivered to the English wardens in relief of the King and his wardens, or allege reasonable cause to the contrary.

2 pp. Broad sheet. Indorsed: "An Act for the Borders."