Border Papers volume 1: August 1584

Pages 151-152

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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250. Forster To Walsingham. [Aug. 11.]

I am informed by Lord Russell that he is stopped by letters from some of the privy council, of such commodities as have always belonged to the captainship of Tynemouth, and that he should have some amendment of allowance, at 8d. by the day, for some which had but 6d., and 10l. a year for some which had but 20 nobles—and some provision from the Earl of Northumberland's men, to keep up his house,—for they will not supply any below the market price, which will hinder her Majesty's service. I must therefore be a suitor to your honour to consider his estate, and be a means to amend these complaints.

I hear there is to be a meeting next Thursday between my lord of Hunsdon and the Earl of Arran, to which I was not made privy, and there have been two days of trewes held for the East Marches, the opposite warden not answering for Liddesdale. As directed by the council, I have kept none with him for that reason. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

251. The Privy Council To Sir Simon Musgrave. [Aug. 12.]

Ordering him to deliver munition according to a schedule enclosed, to Lord Scrope's messenger, out of the store lately sent to him at Newcastle. Otelandes. W. Burghley, R. Leicester, C. Howarde, James Croft, Chr. Hatton, Fra. Walsingham.

1 p. Official copy. Indorsed: "The copie of the counsells lettre to Sir Symon Musgrave for the sending of a proportion of municion to Carlisle."

252. Verdict At Carlisle Assises. [Aug. 17.]

Sitting at Assises held at the city of Carlisle on Monday 17th August 26 Eliz., before John Clenche one of the justices appointed to hold pleas coram Regina, and Francis Rodes serjeant at law, the Queen's justices at assises.

The jurors sworn, viz., Richard Lowther, Richard Barwys, Christofer Dalston, Thomas Denton, Thomas Hutton, Henry Denton, and William Orpher, esquires, William Hutton, Lancelot Skelton, John Synburne, John Richmonde, William Allanbye, John Senhowse, Anthony Pattrickson, and George Machell, gentlemen, find that Simon Grame [and the other persons named in No. 232] on the 22d May before, assaulted George Grame alias Parcivells Geordye, at Levenbriggs, where Symon mortally wounded him with two sword strokes on the legs, of which he died in Carlisle on 4 June after—that Richard Grame of Brakenhill gentleman, struck the deceased in the back with a spear, giving him a mortal wound of which he would also have died, and was guilty of murder, the others aiding and abetting.

1 p. Latin. Broad sheet of parchment. Indorsed: "An inquisition before the judges of Assise at Carlisle against some of the Graymes for killing George Grayme alls Percivells Geordy."