Border Papers volume 1: November 1585

Pages 210-214

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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385. Scrope to Walsingham. [Nov. 3.]

"I am presentelie geven to understand by one of credyte. . . that uppon Tuesedaye morninge laste the second hereof, ij° howers before daye, the lordes entred the towne of Strivelinge with the losse of xxtie persones on either syde. The Lordes Grey and Seaton beinge taken by the lordes, who still possesse the said towne and have beseiged the castell where the King is said to be in person. I have a Scottesman with the lordes, whose returne I looke will be to-morrowe. . . . Barwic this third of November in the nighte 1585." Signed: H. Scrope.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

386. Christofer Dacre to Walsinghan. [Nov. 4.]

"This Weddinsday at night about midnight the 3 of this instant November, Sir David Hewme preacher came to this towne out of Scotland, who for a truith declarith as in this mynute enclosed, which I was bold to signyfie to your honour as by his owne speche he hathe declared unto me. . . Barwic the 4 of Novembre 1585, at 2 of the clock in the morninge." Signed: Chr. Dacre.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a shield, the charges within a bordure, indistinct.

387. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Nov. 4.]

"The second of this instant at twoe of the clock in the morning, the lordes entred Sterling, who were in nombre vijen thousand, and the Kinges forces in the castle and towne iiijor thousand. Some conflict ther was, which lasted about twoe howres, and in the end the lordes prevailed and have the upper hand, with the losse of xxtie men on both sides—one gentleman slayne, called Haddon belonging to thErle of Marre. The Lorde Graye, the Lorde Seton and some other gentlemen taken. The Lordes possesse the towne and have beseidged the castle, wherin is the King, the Master of Gray, the Justice Clerck, and the Secretarye, and not certen whether Arren be there in the castle with the Kinge, or conveighed awaye. The which is very credible and certen, for that I have yt by such an one as is both of credyte and estimacion." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

388. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Nov. 11. 1585.]

"Suche intelligence as I have receaved furth of Scotland the xth of this instant, I thought good to returne unto your honour, being very credible, viz.,—That God hath blessed the lordes with happy successe, they finding the King to be very conformable in all there requestes. The ixth of this instant the Kinge and the lordes came to Lythcoe, where they doe determyne to make there aboade the most of this winter. The lordes have made alteracion altogither of the Kinges household and officers. The Master of Glames is made capten of the Guarde, and hath the cheife chardge of the Kinges person. The Lorde of Arbrothe is made capten of Dunbretton, and hath warrant signed by the King to demand the same. ThErle of Marre capten of Sterling, and in possession of the castle, Sir James Hume of Coldingknoues capten of Edenbroughe castle, who hath likewise the Kinges warrant for the demand thereof. Wherat thErle Bothwell is offended, for that he had not the chardge of the castle. And to please him, he is made Lorde Chancelour. Likewise Sir Lewes Balladon capten of the Blacke nesse, having the Kinges warrant to demande the same. The castle of Edenbroughe was somoned by a pursivant from the King the vth of this instant—where the Lady Arren being within it, gave answere, she wolde not delyver yt. And that night conveighed herself awaye to Dunbretton where the Erle of Arren her husband is. Which is certenly knowen by the taking of one of her servantes, who had the lettre which thErle sent unto her for her commynge to him thither. So that it is knowen to the lordes that both he and she at this present ar in Dunbretton. Wherupon the lordes have set out proclamacion that whosoever shall conveighe him by ship, shalbe guyltye of highe treason. Also the lordes doe determyne to kepe an assise very shortelye upon thErle of Montrosse and Collonell Steward, for the execution of theim (as they tearme yt) to justyfye theim. Collonell Steward is in the custody of the Lorde Maxwell, Montrosse and the capten of Dunbretton in the keaping of the Lorde of Arbrothe. It is thought the Erle Crawfurth and the Master Glames will come to agreement. For Farnihearst, as yet not certen where he is becomde, but greate enquearye made for him." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

389. Sir Cuthbert Collingwood to Walsingham. [Nov. 13.]

"The Kyng and the lordes cam to Lethkoe one Thursday last, whar they intend to remayne for a tyme. They have furneshed the hallyse thar with the stuff of Kennell. They mynd to hold a parlament shortly. Arbroith is promysed the kepinge of Dunbarten castell, Mar is keper of Starling castell. Kodonknoues is apoynted to kepe Edinburgh castell. Maxwell is returned to his countre, and Coronell Steuert with him. Bodwell and Hwme is comed to the Marse, and intendes to prosecut Farnherst. All thinges with the sartanty of thar intentes and prosedinges, I refar to the lordes reportes, which they intend to send unto your honor very shortly. The Lard of Feentre with Holt the Jesuyt, is ether gone, or intendes to go very spedyly to France with the newes." Signed: Cuthb't Collingwood.

"The Mr Glames is mayd captan of the Kinges gard."

1 p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed: "13 November 1585. From Sir Cutbert Collingwoode."

390. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Nov. 14.]

"The lordes having intelligence that Arren was at the newe towne of Ayer, sent the xijth of this instant a hundreth horsemen to apprehend him, whome (if before there commynge he have not embarked him self and taken the seas) it is thought thei have apprehended. The constables of Dunbretton, Edenbroughe castle and the Blacke nesse, came to courte the xth of this moneth, and had speciall commandment by the King to delyver the said castles to the Lorde of Arbrothe, Sir James Hume, and the Justice Clercke, the which it is thought they will accomplishe accordinglye.

There beginneth a parliament the first of the next moneth, and all that have bene banished are relaxed from the horne, as well they that are in other countryes, as they that are nowe come home. The Kinge showes him self to be very well satisfyed with the lordes, and dayly uses his accustomed exercise of huntinge." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

391. Scrope to Walsingham. [Nov. 16.]

Though since my return, the extremity of weather has prevented my getting news, yet I now learn that at the late surprise of Stirling, the lords took prisoners all their "contrariers" except Arren—and have since released all so taken, except Montrosse and Craiford, with Collonell Stewarde. They do everything with the King's advice, and rule affairs as they please. Bothwell is Chancellor, Arbroth keeper of Dunbritton, Coldingknowes of Edenburgh castles, and the Justice Clerk of Blackness. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet and garter motto.

392. Scrope to Walsingham. [Nov. 18.]

Since my last of yesterday sent by Henry Leigh's man, I have a confirmation of the matters then advertised, except the chancellorship, which is still in suspense. I hear also that at the surprise of Stirling, "thescape of the Kinge was at a neare hazarde—who before the surrender of the castell, assayed for that purpose to have corrupted William Maxwell of Newarke, which at that preseute had the chardge of a secrett posterne of the castell, to whome the Kinge sent and offered lardge somes of money to have lett him oute at the sayd posterne—but by good forsight this devyse was prevented and defeate. It is not yet certenlie knowne what is become of Arren, but suspected that both him self and all his brethren have taken shippinge for other countreys. His especiall favorers in courte ar all either removed of the courte or warded. The Collonell Steward comitted to the care of Morton, and presentlie with him at Drumfreis."

The King is still at Lithquo, and has appointed the last session of parliament to be held there the 1st of December. Where it is looked for that the nobility and estates shall attend and give their free votes—that restitution shall be made of the lands and livings of the lords and others lately forfeited, with oblivion of all things past, and other matters for the weal of the realm. Morton is made warden of these West Borders, and has published his proclamation for redress of disorder, &c. of which I send you a copy herein. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

393. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Nov. 19.]

Mr William Knowles arrived at my house in this town on the 16th, of which I had no notice—though he said my lord governor had written to me, and also he himself on his way. Neither my lord's nor his letters have reached me yet, so there is great default in the posts. He requiring a gentleman to go to the King for his licence, I appointed Robert Carvell, whom he dispatched that night with his letters and is expected back this night.

"Ther had lyke to have falleu out betwixt the Lorde Bothwell and the Lord of Coldingham great contraversies for the possession of Coldingham, wherunto the Lord of Coldingham had entred without any knowledge of the Kinge. And upon Tewsday last, yonge Carmighell camme with the Kinges lettre to the Lord of Coldingham, to delyver the possession therof to the said Carmighell. Which he obeyd and delyvered accordingly. Who having receaved the same, delyvered the possession therof to thErle Bothwell." The King has ordered them to appear personally before him on a certain day when he will adjudge between them. Stirling castle is in the hands of Marre, and Dunbretton in those of Arbroth. Sir James Hume is in possession of Edinburgh castle, with Lady Arren captive whom he found in it. The captain of Dunbretton was set at liberty, and all the noblemen that were captives, except Crawfurth and Mountrosse, who remain in Arbroth's custody, and Collonell Steward in Lord Maxwell's. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

394. Forster to Walsingham. [Nov. 24.]

"This xxiiijth my Ladie Hammylton goethe to Barvick, and upon the xxijth precedinge, Mr Knowlls went into Scotlande, havinge with him in companye younge William Selbie and sum others accustomed to deill with Arrane. I fynde by lettres that she and Mr Johne Colvile hathe resaved from the noble men, that thaye marvell muche of the choise of the messinger, and I feir they shall myslyke more his companye nor hym selfe. Therfore I praye your honour sence the said nobill men are fullye mynded to followe yow and your advise, to taik good heid that the evill openyon which maye be consaved of suspetious instruments, be not occasion to cawse theme to thinke that they are evill used; and since they have done so vorthelye and are the onlye men in that lande that meanes uprightlie to hir Majestie, whose power maye stande hir in best steid, and without whome hir heighnes maye be assured never to have sounde deillinge of the Kinge, God forbid that anye persones showlde be imployet to deill thair, that ether hes openlie professed evill will or that maye be thoght followers of thair evill willers. That estait is alreadie be all appearance, at a goode poynte, yf the favorars of Arrane cowlde be quite thruste awaye frome abowte the Kinge; and the lords are cheiflie cairfull upon that poynte, and hes alreadie shot out syndrie of thair owen for the same cawse, which maiks me thinke that they will mislyke verie muche yf anye of ours favorenge the said Arrane, shalbe credited to deill in thair affairs. Besyde this, suche heir as be haters of the lords and thair cawse, which are no small number, are muche comforted with this message, and syndrie goode men, bothe heir and in Scotlande, greaved therat. Thairfore I thoght meit plainlie to laye theis things oppin before your honour." Chillinghame. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

395. Forster to Walsingham. [Nov. 26.]

"My ladie Hammylton the xxvjth of this instante November did taik jorney out of Barvicke into Scotlande, and sent a lettre unto me to be delyvered unto the Quenes majestie, the which I have sent heirenclosed to be delyvered by your honour. My Lorde Hewme was purposed to have mett and ressaved hir the same daye at the Bounde rode of Barvicke, to have convayed hir into Scotlande—but that he and his companye went to searche for Farnyhirst to apprehende hym." I hear that the Laird of Cesford is returned from the lords, chosen warden and provost of Jedworthe and keeper of Jedworthe forest, and entered to divers commodities that Farnyhirst had. Also that Mr Knowlles is dispatched, and expected at Berwick the 28th or 29th instant. At my howse nighe Alnewicke. Signed: John Forster.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.