Border Papers volume 1: May 1586

Pages 224-226

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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423. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 2.]

Having written earnestly to Sir Symon Musgrave, to appoint a fit deputy at Beucastell, he assigned that office for a time to his son Richard Musgrave, of whose good discretion and sufficiency I am satisfied, and since he entered that place about Easter last, the district is in very good order, and the country round, since Captain Case went there, "aboute Mighellmas was a twelvemonth," is in as great quietness as ever it was these 20 years.

Notwithstanding the detaining of Maxwell and Johnston by the King, there are continual outrages and revenges by their friends one against the other, and I fear if the King do not soon put order to the matter, that these borders will not long be kept from breaking. My man shall be sent as you request, "to the partie knowne to you," as soon as conveniently may be. I thank you heartily for the news of the Low Countries in your letter. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

424. Memoranda by [Robert Vernon]. [May 3.]

"Reasons whie the victueller and tresorer of Barwicke are to be joyned together both for the benyfitte of her Majestie and also for the better service of the said garison."

Under five heads.—He shows that the money in the treasurer's hands is often forestalled by other warrants, and he has been driven to make provision in winter to his great loss, during the last 10 years viz., one ship with butter and cheese from Suffolk, wrecked at Scarborough, another with wheat and malt from Hull, at the "Wholy Ilande," and the third with "clapbord deales" &c. from Norway,—which he is obliged to bear by his covenants with her Majesty.

1 p. Indorsed by Burghley: "3 Maij 1586. M Vernon of Barwyk for joyning the office of tresoror and victellor together."

425. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 6.]

"Yesterdaye the Lord Harrys, the Lardes of Dunlangricke, Empsfeild and Aplegarthe, with Robert Maxwell brother to the Lord Maxwell, and other barrons of the frendes of Maxwell, beinge assembled together and cominge aboute eighte of the clocke in the morninge neare unto the howse of Bonshawe, raysed a greate fyer, and burned the Bonshawsyde and Todholes, with another towne there called Dunberton, from whence turninge to the water of Milke, they also burned upon that water as much as appartayned to the Larde of Johnston. And passinge all alonge the water of Dryfe, comitted the lyke outeragies to all the frendes and tenantes of Johnston there. And in lyke manner uppon the water of Annon untill they camme to the water of Podane, carryinge awaye with them a greate bootie, with the slaughter of two of the tenantes of Johnston onelie, withoute stoppe or hurte of any of their owne."

Touching the party, with whom by your letter of the 16th April—you required my secretary to deal, and deliver your letter to himself, my servant whom I sent to find where "that person remayned," has returned to me to-day, with appointment "of the same partie" to meet my said secretary, on the 14th instant for a conference, and his "promise" shall be advertised on my servant's return. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

Postscript.—My Lord of Carlisle required the inclosed to be sent to you with speed.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

426. Munitions of Berwick. [May 7.]

"Emptions and provicions remayning in the storehouse of the fortifications theire."


"Spanishe iron redie wrought, for the gates, ij tonne; unwrought, cth iij stone, ij lb.;" "Englishe iron, di' tonne ij stone, iij Ib.; Amyence iron, veth; sledges, iiijor; wedges, viijt; iron crowes, viijt;" "fetheredge bordes of oake, cccxx foote.; . . . leade, cccth lij pownde.

Decaied places in the olde walles . . . The wall of the Masondue; . . . a peece of the wall above the bridge. . . Workes in the newe fortificacions not finished. . . . The est trenche and part of the northe trenche lyethe drye, soe that the enimye maye come to the wall in certeine places one plane grownde."

2 pp. Indorsed.

427. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 16.]

"Accordinge to your request I sente my servante with your lettre unto Robert Collingwood uppon Fryday laste, who is this daye returned unto me." I refer you to the letters I have caused my servant to write to you and Mr Treasurer, and the latter's report, more particularly. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

The troubles betwixt Maxwell and Johnston hold on still, notwithstanding both their wardings.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

428. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 24. 1586.]

I send the enclosed which I have just received from Mr Randolph, being copy of his letter, that certain Scotsmen suspected of Lord Russell's death, shall receive charge to enter themselves prisoners here with me. As I have received no direction from her Majesty on the matter, I pray you to obtain the same with haste, and also to signify whether my last of the 16th and my man's letters to you and Mr Bowes, have had safe delivery. I have had a cold for 20 days, but am something recovered and well amended. Signed: H. Scrope.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

429. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 26.]

Understanding the favour which was thought meet to be shown to those Grames which were late favourers of Morton, as may appear by your letter written to me last summer, I employed Thomas Carleton to confer with some of them, on such matters as were then very necessary. I find he is now indicted for this conference before the "Justices of Assyze," on the information of some "his unfrend." As he conferred with them under my warrant as it were, on the authority of your letter, I heartily pray you by letter or otherwise to be a mean to the said justices that his indictment may be stayed and taken off the record, and that he "be not endomaged hereby, fyned or further molested in this behalfe." Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

430. Council Minute as to Berwick. [May 26.]

"Order taken by the lordes of her Majesties previe counsaile for the better answering and payinge of such victuelles and provisions as shalbe half yerelie delivered to her highnes garrison and workes of Barwicke by her Majesties victueller there."

Instructing the treasurer as to payment of Vernon both for the year ended at Michaelmas 1585, and the half year at 24th March last, and also in respect of future payments.

pp. Indorsed: "Thorders devised by Mr Vernon for the surty of his payment for victuelles, and agrede unto by Mr Bowes the tresorer of Berwic. Maij 26, 1586 xxviijmo Regine Eliz."

2. Another copy of same document, with some variations.

pp. Indorsed.

431. Minute to the Wardens of the Marches. [May.]

Commanding them personally or by deputy, to be at Berwick on the 16th of next month, to attend her Majestys special commissioners the Earl of Rutland, Lord Evers, and Mr Thomas Randolph now ambassador in Scotland, before their meeting next day with the Scottish commissioners, for the settlement of all unredressed Border causes,—in order to inform Mr Randolph thoroughly of the matters to be then discussed.

1 p. Official copy. Indorsed: "May 1586. A minnit to the 3 wardens of the Marches, to prepare matters of spoil,—to attend or to send their deputies for that purpos to the Comissioners at Barwick."