Border Papers volume 1: July 1586

Pages 228-229

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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438. Lord Eure to Walsingham. [July 4.]

I beseech you, if her Majesty and your honors expect my return to court, after the dispatch of the service we have in hand, to dispense with it,—"for that I fynde it would be very troublesome to my ould crampye bodye so longe a jorney. I have also a cause for a good portion of inherytance, this next assyses at Durham, to be tryed betwixt the Byshoppe therof and me." I trust her Majesty will be satisfied with the report of our doings by the Earl of Rutland, at his repair to court, and by my lord ambassador who have both carefully dealt therein. I thank you for vouchsafing to give me some notice of this late journey to Berwick. Berwick. Signed: W. Eure.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

439. Forster to Walsingham. [July 17.]

"I send youe here inclosed a pacquet of lettres which were sent to me frome Mr John Colvile, requiringe me to gett them sent unto your honour with all speide—and sayeth he durst not come to the Corte untill nowe, and scantlie nowe, and sayeth that frome tyme to tyme he will sent advertisements unto me to be conveyed unto your honour. He writes unto me that there is greate contraversie betwene the Secretarie and Archebald Dowegles.

The gentlemen of Scotlande which were looked to have beine delyvered unto the Queynes Majestie for my Lorde Russelles deathe, are nowe gone to the helles, and are in disobedience unto the Kinge of Scotlande, so that nowe the traitery openeth against Arraine and Pharnihyrst and the rest; and the Lorde Bothewell is come to the Borders for the same matter—but I feare he winke at yt rather then otherwise—so that the Borders doe presently stande verie ticklie . . . In hast." Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

440. Proclamation against the Carres, &c. [July.]

Whereas the King of Scotland hath "put to the horne" as rebels, William Carre of Ancram, James Carre of Lintloe, Robert Carre brother to the said William Carre, Andrewe Carre laird of Grenheade, John Rudderford of Hunthill, Davide Muscrope deputie provest of Jedworth, Kyrton warden-serjeant, and James Carre, for refusing to enter their bodies into England, as commanded by his Majesty, for trial whether they were guilty of Lord Russell's murder, these are to prohibit in her Majesty's name on pain of high treason, all Englishe subjects against resetting, aiding or conferring with any of them within English ground, whither it is feared they may fly as other rebels have done. Barwick.

1 p. Official copy. Indorsed by Walsingham's clerk: "Proclamation made uppon the Borders against the Carres—July 1586."