Border Papers volume 1: September 1580

Pages 25-26

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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62. Sir John Selby to Walsingham. [Sept. 14.]

I received this "present" night and have forwarded your honour's letters to Mr Treasurer in Scotland. They only came to me at 3 o'clock this morning, showing great slackness in the post. At 10 this forenoon I received letters from Mr Treasurer to your honour. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "From Mr Selbye."

63. Forster to Walsingham. [Sept. 16.]

I have received your letter of the 10th instant signifying that her Majesty mislikes the affection of the Borders to the Earl of Lennox, (fn. 1) and with good cause. As I can get no meeting with the opposite warden, I have been forced to take bonds with the Earl of Angus under hand and seal, and the chief gentlemen and surnames of West Tevydale and Liddesdale, to answer for themselves and those under them, without consent either of prince or warden.

"The occacion of the greatnes of the Erle of Lenoxe is, that the kinge is so affected towards him that he hath lefte the howse of Marr and is at his devocion, and yt is brewted that he hath altered hes howsehold and displaced Tullybarne, and placed the Larde of Troghare (fn. 2) to be his controller, and the Lord Lynsea shalbe made collectour, and William Stewarde brother to the Larde of Troghare, shalbe made master of the kings wardropp in James Murrees place. And that all the fowre masters of howsehold shalbe changed, except Mungo Grahame. The Larde of Kilsighe shalbe made master of the howsehold. Theis alteracions, together with the delyverye of the castle of Dunbartone, is a greate cawse that so manie favoreth him.

And where your honour is desirous to be advertised of the estate of the Borders, and howe the Karrs and Hewmes are affected towardes the said Erle of Lenoxe,—the Karrs hollie, and the most parte of the Hewmes, are at his devocion, and so have shewed themselves openlye,—and for Lyddesdale, the greater parte is at the said Erle of Lenox devocion—but West Tyvidale, as the Scots, the Rotherfordes, and Trumbles and other surnames there, they depende upon the Erle of Mortone and Anguse. But notwithstandinge that the said Karrs and Hewmes are nowe favorers of the said Erle of Lenoxe, which I thinke they are forced to doo rather for particuler cawses betwene the Erle of Mortone and them—the Karrs for the abacye of Kelseye, and the Hewmes for the abacye of Cowledinghame, rather then for any zeale or affeccion towards the said Erle of Lenoxe,—I thinke theye maye be so practised withall, that they maye be browght to her Majesties devocion, so that theye maye be in securitie that the Erle of Mortone growinge into authoritie, her highnes would take such order that their lyves and lyvings be in no daunger, but that their cawses maye be descided and ordered by her Majestie; and maye the sooner be browght to pas, consideringe that the said Erle of Lenoxe is Frenche, and also greatlye againe the glorie of God and his worde, and manie of their lyvings are spirituall lyvings. I thinke yt wilbe ane easie matter to have them to enclyne to putt him owte of Scotlande, then to bringe anye Frenche in; which in myne opinione would be a meanes to staye the Borders, which beinge once broken, yt wilbe harde to stainche withowte greate charges to her Majestie and greate losse and bludshed to her subjects; and in tymes bypast for the forseinge and preventinge therof consideringe the weaknes of the Borders, there hath beine xxvc men layed upon the borders of the Est and Myddle Marches besyde the force of Barwick.

I have dealt with the Lorde Clawde Hambletone touchinge the contents of your said lettre, who was minded to have made his present repaire unto her Majestie upon the staye of my lorde Screwpe for goinge into Scotlande, and heringe nothinge from Mr Bowes at his goinge thither, and hardlie stayed for this present upon myne ernest perswasione; with whome I have dealt as of myself to understande what powre he is able to assure himself of to assist the Queynes majestie withall, if neide require—who sayeth he canne geve no direct aunswer therin untill suche tyme as he sende into Scotlande to understande his frends there. And as I understande more of his minde, I will advertise your honour therof." At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.


  • 1. Esme Stuart lord of Aubigny, cr. Earl of Lennox 5th March previous.
  • 2. Traquair.