Border Papers volume 1: November 1588

Pages 334-335

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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637. Bowes to Walsingham. [Nov. 1.]

For the spedy delivery of the enclosed packet to Mr Archibald Douglas the King's ambassador in England, from his nephew Richard Douglas, I send it to you in this manner. I pray you to procure my leave to come to London, for the business I formerly expressed. It is so necessary for the benefit of my poor estate, that the delay shall hazard my utter overthrow. All occurrents I leave to report of others, better placed for hearing than myself, being at my house in this country, awaiting my leave to come to London. Aske. Signed: Robert Bowes.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

638. Outrages by Buccleuch. [Nov. 27.]

Breviate of certain bills wherof the Laird of Buccleuch was both special procurer and present at the committing of the outrages.

Oct. 1587.—The captain of Bewcastle and the surnames of the Rowtledges, Nixsons, Nobles and others of Graistangflatt within the office of Bewcastle, complain upon Walter Scott laird of Buckclughe, and his accomplices to the number of 200 horsemen, who ran a day foray and reft from them 200 kye and oxen, 300 sheep and "gait," and crave redress.

27 November 1588.—Captain Steven Ellies and the surnames of the Rowtledges in Bewcastle, complain upon the said laird of Bucklughe, the laird of Chesame, the young laird of Whithawghe, and their accomplices to the number of 120 horsemen, "arrayed with jackes, stcilcapps, speares, gunis, lancestalfes, and dagges, swordes and daggers," purposely mustered by Bucklughe, who broke the house of Wille Rowtledge, took 40 kye and oxen, 20 horse and meares, and also laid an ambush to slay the soldiers and others who should follow the fray; whereby they cruelly slew and murdered Mr Rowden, Nichell Tweddell, Jeffraye Nartbie and Edward Stainton, soldiers, maimed sundry others, and drove 12 horse and meares, whereof they crave redress.

1 p. Written by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed.

639. Replication by Francis Dacre. [1588.]

To the answer of Philip earl of Arundel and the Lord William his brother, to his own petition to Sir Francis Walsingham. Relates to the disputed succession of the late William lord Dacre, and double distress suffered by the tenants. He has indicted Richard Grame of the Longe towne, who weareth Lord William's livery, as a murderer, thief and outlaw, and Richard Grame alias "Meadop," father-in-law of Thomas Carlton, as another, with 80 others, stirred up by Lancelote and Thomas Carlton to bring in Scotsmen outlaws. Asks a commission to be appointed to deal with the dispute on the spot, and save him the heavy charge of taking men to London. Not signed.

2 pp. Broad sheet. Indorsed: "The replicacion of Frauncis Dacre esquier to the answeare of Phillip earle of Arundall and Lo. Wm Haward, his brother,.. 88."