Border Papers volume 1: October 1589

Pages 340-341

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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652. Scrope to Walsingham. [Oct. 6.]

"I send yow hereinclosed a copie of a lettre sent by the Lorde Bothwell to the Lard of Mangerton, wherby yow maye understand the accompte that is mayd of Francis Dacres. This bearer did se the letter it selfe, which was retorned to the partye to whome it was sent, because it stood him greatly upon to keepe the same." Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in same:—

(Bothwell's letter.)

"Trustye frend, ye sal not fail to pas with Quithaugh and Mertine Ellet, and hunt thre dayes, in this onllye and in the next, for some venyson to the Kingis marrage, quhilk is to be on Sondaye cum aught dayes, because we are desyerd to that effect. And siclicke intreat Robert Kar brother to the gudman of Neleshall employe yow to assist that ye be all ready to ryde with him quhair he sal convaye yow, quhilk we will allow as done to our selfe. Farder we understand the Carletons in England to have the assistance of yow and Quithaughe aganst the tenantes of my lorde Dakres—therfore seinge he is heare with us and under our kingis protection, we comaund yow to leave of all asistinge of the saydes Carletons for invasion of any parte of my lord Dakers ground, men or goodes beinge thairupon, as ye will aunswer to us upon your obedience. For we cannot of our honouris se them wranged havinge thair maister with us in this cuntrey… Frome Edinbrucht this xxijth of September. Your lovinge maister, Bothwell."

½ p. Copy by Scrope's clerk.

653. Scrope to Walsingham. [Oct. 29.]

"This daye I have received one lettre from the Kinge of Scottes, and another from h'Erle of Morton (as he tearmeth him selfe), the true copies of both which I have thoughte good herewith to send inclosed unto yow. By the viewe whereof maye appeare what order the Kinge hath leaft behinde him for the quiett of the Borders. Notwithstanding the same, I am amynded and thinke meete to followe the advise of the Kinge, given me in the later parte of this his lettre, for standinge uppon our owne garde for the better defendinge of our goodes and selves… And because yt maye fall oute, that Morton will shortly seeke to have me meete and conferre with him, the which I would be loth to do withoute her Majesties privitie first… and the rather in respect of the conceipte heretofore had of his ill affeccion to this state and realme,—therefore I hartely praye yow… let me understand from you how her Majesty will allowe my meetinge and conference with him, if he requier the same, … with the speede convenient. And thus with my very hartie thankes for youre laste advertismentes of the fortunate exployte gayned by our men in the Lowe Countreys, prayeinge God to contynue to us lyke success againste all th'enemyes of this realme and his trueth." Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed by Walsingham.

Inclosed in the above:—

(Morton to Scrope.)

"The Kinges Majestie my master willinge that the present amitye and peace standinge betwixt the tow realmes should be keptt, haith commandid me to endevoure my self by all good offecies to take care and deligence that none within this martch breake or truble the same, now induringe the absence of the ordinarie wardou of this martch; wherupon beinge throughlie myndid to imploye my travells in this behalf, I have derected my cosinge the Larde of Tynmonde (fn. 1) to singnyfie the same unto your lordschip, and to confer with your honour therupon if you fynde yt goode. Who also haith a lettre from his Majestie to your lordschip, which I trust shall informe your lordschyp more specyally of his Majesties willinge mynd to quietnes. Upon the resaite of the which, yt may please your lordschip to returne your answer with the same bearer my frend. …From Dumfrese this xxvijtie of October 1589." Mortoun.

½ p. Copy by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed.


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