Border Papers volume 1: February 1581

Pages 35-66

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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85. Ordnance at Berwick. [Feb. 1.]

Allowances to Mr Sutton master of the ordnance at Berwick, at 5s., his clerk at 12d., 2 servants, 2 labourers, at 6d. "le pece per diem," 146l. yearly; 21 artificers, viz. 1 bowyer, 1 fletcher, 5 smiths, 3 carpenters, 2 whealers, 2 armorours, 1 "dagge" maker, 1 coller maker, 1 cowper, 1 baskett maker, and 3 ordinary labourers at Berwick and Newcastle, in all, 15s. 10d. per diem, amounting for 366 days ("being leape yere") to 289l. 15s. "Empcions"—among these, tarred rope, 32l.; a fother of lead, 9l.; 42 chalders coals, 12l. 6s.; 1½ ton English iron, 18l.; paper and buckeles for armour, 16s., &c., bringing the total for the 18th year to. 959l. 12s.

Similar for the first half of the 20th year . . 678l. 17s. 5d.

The particulars of Extraordinary Charges for last half year, and Sutton's account for the 22nd year not brought in.

The accounts of the 19th and 21st years remain with Mr William Dodington. Signed: Jo. Conyers.

4 pp. Indorsed by Burghley.

86. Thomas Sutton to the Privy Council. [Feb. 1580–81.]

Replying to the supplication presented to their lordships by one Joan Chatterton late wife to Gregory Conyers, suggesting that he owed her 20l. for the debt of one John Flemmynge master gunner at Berwick serving under him—denying her claim, and sending Flemmynge to show not only Gregory Conyers' receipt for the money, but that he was due Flemmyng 18l., which the latter forgave him for pity.

1 p. Contemporary copy. Indorsed.

87. Bowes to Burghley and Walsingham. [Feb. 3. 1580–81.]

As instructed in your last of 25th January, I have conferred with Mr Vernon on the victualling of the 2000 foot and 500 horse. I have also received 2000l. here from the Lord Governor, besides 3000l. left by him with the Earl of Huntingdon at Newcastle, to be issued under the warrants of either, and disbursed 300l. by warrant to Mr Vernon, though he alleges 5000l. will be needed for two months' victualling these numbers. "Bicause Mr Randolphe haith wrytten to the Lord Governour to be instructed of some good matter to be objected against thErle of Lenox, for better proofe of his practises and abuse against the religion, the kynge, and that state,—therfore by the direction of the lord governour, I have gathered some notes upon good intelligence geven, which by his lordship are thought mete to be commended to Mr Randolphe in satisfaction of his sayd request, and to be wisely disposed by hym, as to the quality and effectes of the same, and for her Majesties sayd service, shalbe seyne most expedient. The dooble of which notes I send inclosed to yowe." Berwick. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed by Burghley: "Matters to charge Lenox."

88. [Walsingham] to Bowes. [Feb. . 1580–81.]

About 3 days past my lords wrote to the Lord President to provide 500 grs. of wheat in Yorkshire. You had better find out what is done therein. It is thought Sir John Forster can provide some part. As you advised, order is given to intercept Montbernie at sea. I would like your opinion whether Lord Claud and his brother might not be employed to good purpose. Her Majesty is pleased that Archibald Douglas should repair hither, if you find it meet.

½ p. Copy. Indorsed: "The postscript of Mr Bowes lettres." i. e., letters to him.

89. Cannon, ammunition, armour, &c., at Newcastle. [Feb. 9. 1580–81.]

In the Storehouse there 9 Feb. 1580.

Five demi-culveringes, 4 of brass, 1 of iron, mounted on new stocks, with 3 wheels apiece, shod with iron. Sacars, 10, whereof 9 brass, and I iron mounted ut supra. Fawlcons of brass, 4. One robbynet upon a new stock, with wheels unshod. Harquebushes of crock, 5, 2 of brass, 3 of iron.

In the Sandhill.—Bases of iron without chamber, 6. Quarter base, 1. Chambers of iron, 2. Fowlers without chambers, at Key syde, 2. Cannons shott, 152. Demi-cannons shott, 194. Demi-culveringe shott, 1151. Hole culveringe shott, 708. Sacre shott of iron in the storehouse, 430. Faulkon shott of iron there, 320. Sacre shott in the Sandhill, 2601. Stone shott, 80.

Corsletts.—Allman corslets complete, 224. Allman corslets, 15, with 8 collers, all wanting tasses and head pieces. Flaunders corslets compleat, 40. Flaunders corslets compleat, 100, wanting 84 pair of polders, 6 collers, and 47 burganetts. Flaunders corsletts, black, 14 brestes, 6 backs, 14 collers, and 14 "peir" of polderens, and 14 burganetes. Armours for demi-launces furnished, 40, saving there wants 20 rests. White armours complete without rests, 20 for horsemen. White head pieces for horsemen, 80. Black poldrens for horsemen, 36 pair. Black burganets, 26, 1 black morrion. Pikes, 868. Light horsemen staves, 1292; whereof 140 without heads. Lance staves, 710. Partisens, 35. Halberts, 106. Chests for bows, 18; every chest contains 50 bows, 900. Bows loose out of chests, 209. Sheafes of arrows, 4940. Lead malls for archers, 279. Heads of pikes, new, 500. Heads for light horsemens' staves, new, 973. Cressetts for lights, 27. Curriers, 121. Harquebushes, 371; whereof 24 without stocks. Daggs, 1268, to be repaired. Bills, 222. Flasks, 397, all new. Toutche boxes, 359, all new. Strings for flasks and toutch boxes, 65 duz., good. Hawser rope, 4 coile, cut in weight, 1033 in weight, good. Cart wheels shod with iron, 42 pair, most of them good. Horse collars with chains and "traises," 449. Horse collars without chains and "traises" 42. "Horse haines," 14 pair. Horse halters, 34 dozen and 9 halters. Horse "headestalls without reanes," 3 dozen and 2. "Thill sadles," 63. Shovells and spades, old, 4 dozen and 10. Two moulds of brass, one for culveringe the other for fawlcons. Sleeves of mail, 40 pair. "Sithes," new, 5 dozen and 8. Demi-barrells of serpentyne powder, 12, every barrell containing 100 weight. Grand barrells of serpentyne powder, decayed, 17.

Delivered these parcels following out of the Storehouse at Newcastle to the captains on my lord lieutenant's warrant. Bows, 156. Sheafes of arrows, 156. Pikes, 223. "Callyvers" 80. Harquebushes, 7. Flasks, 77. Toutch boxes, 77. Strings for flasks and "toutch boxes," 77 pair. Corslets complete, 96. "Murrions," 74. Halberts, 39. Partisens, 2. Bills, 32. Faulkon shott, 200. Sacre shott, 50. One coil of hawser rope, containing 167 in weight.

4 pp. In two official hands.

90. Musters of Eskdale ward, Cumberland. [Feb. 9.]

"Eshdall warde.—Musters their taken by George Salkelde, Thomas Carleton and Richard Warwicke esquiers, of these townshippes under written, the viijth and ixth days of Fabrurarie anno regni Elizabeth regine xxiijmo wherein is sett downe everie man is furnyshede at his daye.

Mikle Corbye, with the Bridgend, and Little Crokby. John Salkelde jacke, speare, steale cape; Rowland Salkelde cum consimilibus, William Elwoulde, suchelike." (fn. 1) Christofer Wanope, Thomas Mulcastre, Richard Neveson, Edmound Haull, George Haull, Rowlande Browne, John Ranoldson, William Haull, William Cockson, John Thomson, ja., sp., steel caps; Thomas Elwoulde, steel cap, sp.; Thomas Younge, bow and cap; John Fisher, cap and sp.; Robert Fyssher, bow, cap; Richard Neveson, la.; Mathewe Bell, sp.; John Watson, William Perthe, Thomas Fisher, caps and sp.; John Miller, sp.; John Mulcaster, Richard Sharperowe, Edward Thomson, Gawane Browne, Henry Howe, William Mundall, caps and sp.; George Haton, bow; John Blaicklocke, cap and sp.; Richard Wrighte, John Mason, la.; Martin Fissher, bow, cap; Richard Atkinson, Ralffe Grame, caps, sp.; Richard Fyssher, la., Hew Howe, Richard Mason, Sander Perethe, caps, and sp.: Rowlande Raylton, William Watson, William Ivinson, Edward Storeye, George Sharperowe, bows; Richard Haull, William Heade, Thomas Scollocke, Anthoneye Halle, Hewghe Willekinge, caps and sp.; John Haulle, Peter Wanope, la.; Sande Thomson, cap and la. (Total)—jacks, 13, steel caps, 38, spears or lances, 45, bows, 8.

"Cumwhitton Parishinge."—James Skaiffe, ja., sp., cap; Humfraye Burde, ja., bow, cap; George Hawlle, Anthoneye Skarrowe, John Hewatson, Heughte Nicolson, Adam Burde, ja., caps, sp.; John Hewatson, Christofer Eerle, Thomas Langrige, sp.; John Earle, cap, bow; William Haule, Henrye Hall, caps and sp.; William Atkinson, John Atkinson, Robert Earle, Michaell Nixson, caps and bows; Adam Hewatson, bow; John Earle, cap, sp.; Cuthbert Graye, Nicolas Earle, Gregorie Watson, William Robson, Thomas Ivinson, Steven Simson, caps and bows; John Nicolson, bow; John Hewatson, sp., cap; Thomas Burton, sp.; Anthoneye Carye, cap, la.; Nicolas Haulle, cap, bow; Thomas Halle, la.; Bartille Milbourne, bow; Henrye Wilson, la.; Clement Thompson, cap, la.; Thomas Burton, John Earle, Richarde Cragille, Robert Mathewe, Umfraye Langridge, Anthoney Skarowe, la.; John Watson, Robert Hewatson, bows; John Atkinson, John Raylton, Lancelote Warwicke, Robert Ivenson, John Hethreton, John Cowtarde, John Miller, William Thompson, la.; John Woode, sp.; John Atkinson, John Burton, Anthoney Grame, Richarde Lamleye, la.; Sander Dowson, bow; Thomas Harison, Robert Grame, la.; Richard Atkinson, "piche forke," John Atkinson, Thomas Skarowe, Rowlande Hethreington, la.; Robert Haulle, "picke staffe;" Cuthbert Nicolson, la.; Edward Skarowe, cap, la.; John Burton, Thomas Atkinson, John Atkinson, la.; John Skarowe, cap, la.; Sander Letshe, la.; Thomas Letshe, cap and la. (Total)—jacks, 7, steel caps, 28, spears or lances, 32, bows, 19.

"Cumrewe Parishinge."—John Dixon balife, ja., cap, sp.; William Armestronge, John Dode, sp.; Percivale Dode, bow; Peter Thomson, la.; John Mulcaster, sp., Thomas Harison, John Thomson, Adam Burde, la.; John Browe, John Thomson, Leonerd Vertie, William Graye, Adam Ivenson, John Gille, Adam Dixon, ja., caps, sp.; Adam Thomson, John Moses, Adam Ivenson, Thomas Thomson, la.; Adam Dode, sp.; John Jonson, la.; William Burde, sp.; Christofer Thomson, la.; Nicholas Hevesyde, cap, sp.; John Beachein, sp.; Henrie Gille, bow; William Browne, Thomas Thomas, John Pattinson, John Robinson, Adam Thomson, George Graton, Robert Thomson, Adam Robinson, la.; John Thomson, sp.; Peter Waughe, la.; George Ivenson, John Grayson, sp.; Peter Moses, Jefferye Bell, la.; John Newton, Stephen Hodgshon, Thomas Beachein, sp.; John Blethorne, Raffe Hevesyde, la. (Total)—jacks, 8, steel caps, 9, spears or lances, 44, bows, 2.

"Castlecarrocke Parishinge."—Leonard Hodgshon, Stephen Hodgshon, ja., caps, sp.; Thomas Dixon, Adam Dixson, John Dixson, la.; William Walker, William Dixon, sp.; John Dixon, cap, sp.; George Milbourne, la.; Thomas Thomson, cap, sp.; William Hodgshon, John Bell, John Dixon, Anthoney Nixon, sp.; Thomas Nixon, Clement Dixon, la.; Anthoney Hodgshon, bow; John Elwoulde, Jeffereye Elwold, la.; John Whitte, William Bell, bows; William Atkinson, Robert Hudson, sp.; Allen Hudson, la.; Rowlande Whitte, sp.; William Thomson, la.; John Hudson, Leonarde Ivenson, caps, sp.; Robert Thomson, Leonard Hodgshon, younger, sp.; John Hudson, la.; Robert Hodgshon, Richarde Nanson, sp.; William Nicolson, John Moses, John Stevenson, la.; William Nixson, bow; Thomas Elwoulde, la.; Richarde Atkinson, sp.; Mathewe Hudgson, Gawene Hudgson, la.; Micheall Halle, sp. (Total)—jacks, 2, steel caps, 8, spears or lances, 39, bows, 4.

"Haton Parishinge."—Thomas Knight, balif, Richard Jackson, William Jackson, Robert Dixson, Thomas Jackson, John Raylton, Robert Moises, John Dixson, James Tinlinge, John Newton, John Browne, ja., caps and sp.; Lancelote Moises, Henrie Railton, Henrie Railton, elder, Thomas Noble, Robert Moises, Thomas Grame, Richard Elwould, Thomas Moises, "steel coats," caps and sp.; Robert Browne, John Westgarthe, John Gille, Henrie Hudles, Richard Simson, Christofer Moises, John Raylton, John Railton, elder, Thomas Gille, Thomas Grame, younger, Jefferye Elwoulde, Thomas Halle, Barnarde Moises, caps and sp.; Christofer Dixson, William Dixson, sp.; John Robinson, James Elwould, caps and bows; John Watson, Thomas Myses, sp.; Richard Stableton, cap and sp.; Michaell Moyses, William Wilson, la.; Christofer Moyses, sp.; Philip Moyses, Richard Moises, George Moyses, John Ellison, Thomas Raylton, William Gill, Robert Moises, Christofer Knighte, la.; John Knight, cap and la.; James Milbourne, sp.; Thomas Milbourne, Richard Maughan, John Hall, elder, John Hall, younger, Michaell Knight, Robert Maxwell, John Milbourne, John Moises, George Moises, Robert Moises, Sander Dowson, Thomas Noble, la.; Richard Grame, sp. and cap; John Robleye, younger, John Harknes, Anthoney Grame, John Robley, Thomas Dowson, Edward Hall, John Hall, la. (Total)—jacks, 19, steel caps, 38, spears or lances, 70, bows, 2.

'Brampton Parishinge."—Leonarde Musgrave, Albynie Carrocke, Roger Elwould, Hughte Miles, Thomas Bulman, John Richardson, John Crawe, John Hondles, ja., caps and sp.; Christofer Elwode, "steel coat," bow, cap; Anthoney Cragill, Edward Atkinson, sp. and caps; Anthoney Burtholme, John Rechardson, elder, John Hetherton, John Richardson, younger, caps and bows; Christofer Walker, William Atkinson, caps and sp.; Christofer Lowther, cap and bow; Leonarde Elwould, Gregoreye Hall, John Steiminge, Edward Thomson, Rowland Bell, Symond Bell, John Milborne, Richard Bell, Robert Hondles, caps and sp.; William Jackson, sp.; John Burtholme, la.; Robert Bell, cap and la.; Thomas Watson, John Harper, Randell Burtholme, la.; Edmunde Bell, cap and sp.; William Bendall, bow; John White, cap and sp.; John Hevesyde, la.; Richard Walker, Richard Hudson, caps and la., John Elwold, cap and bow; Pauton Henderson, cap and sp.; John Hetherton, la.; Thomas Bendall, Rowland Heterton, caps and sp.; John Bendall, John Elwolde, sp.; Thomas Neweton, cap and sp.; David Heterton, bow; John Bell, Edward Grame, Humfray Bell, George Hederson, Robert Hutton, Thomas Hetherton, Nicolas Heterton, la.; Robert Heterton, bow. (Total)—jacks, 9, steel caps, 37, spears or lances, 46, bows, 9.

"Tawtinge."—Anthoney Knight, Philip Milburne, Robert Milbourne, ja., caps and sp.; Henrie Milbourne, cap and sp.; Cuthbert Milbourne, Barte Milborne, la.; Thomas Milborne, cap and sp.; William Hevesyde, bow; Humfray Milborne, la.; John Hevesyde, William Heterton, caps and sp.; Robert Teneswoode, John Cowterte, John Skollocke, Rowland Hodgshon, John Milborne, la.; Thomas Pearson, cap and sp.; Litle Milborne, la.; Ricchie Milborne, bow. (Total)—jacks, 3, steel caps, 8, spears or lances, 17, bows, 2.

"Farlam Parishinge."—William Brisse, John Bell, Richard Bell, ja., caps and sp.; George Bell, Thomas Bell, Daved Peres, John Peres, caps and sp.; John Cartinge, Martin Livocke, la.; Humfrey Bell, bow; William Bell, la., Thomas Bell, John Carrocke, Andrewe Hornsbye, bows; Christofer Hornsbye, William Hutton, William Bell, la.; Humfray Bell, Robert Bell, Thomas Gill, caps and sp.; William Waughe, Anthoney Railton, Robert Bell, la. (Total)—jacks, 3, steel caps, 10, spears or lances, 19, bows, 4.

"Nedder Denton Parishinge."—Humfray Bell, Richard Robinson, Edmonde Bell, Richard Bell, George Bell, Thomas Bell, John Crawe, ja., caps and sp.; William Bell, cap and sp.; Christofer Livocke, George Livocke, caps and bows; Andrewe Crake, cap and la.; Edmonde Waughe, cap and bow; William Stevenson, cap and sp.; Gregorie Bell, sp.; John Heterton, Richard Hetherton, caps and sp.; Robert Livocke, sp.; John Livock, la.; John Bell, cap and sp.; George Richardson, David Bell, Gregorie Bell, John Bell, younger, John Bell, elder, sp.; Thomas Halle, cap and sp.; David Carrocke, David Bell, la. (Total)—jacks, 7, steel caps, 17, spears or lances, 25, bows, 3.

"Over Denton Parishinge."—John Tweddall, Randell Tweddall, John Newton, younger, John Thrilway, George Thirlway, Edward Thirlway, Richard Carrocke, Peter Bell, William Newton, ja., caps and sp.; John Bell, cap. and sp.; Harbarte Bell, la.; Sander Tweddall, cap and la.; John Jackson, elder, la.; David Bell, cap and sp.; John Jackson, younger, John Carrocke, caps and la.; William Carrocke, sp.; Nicolas Hunter, John Newton, elder, John Bell, elder, caps and sp.; John Bell, younger, la.; Richard Tweddall, John Bell, caps and sp. (Total)—jacks, 9, steel caps, 20, spears or lances, 24.

"Treddermaine Lordshippe."—Robert Heterton, Thomas Crawe, Robert Tweddall, Hobbye Tweddall, William Tweddall, Jefferay Tweddall, Christofer Tweddall, ja., caps and sp.; Hodge Tweddall, Humfraye Tweddall, William Tweddall, caps and sp.; Rowland Carrocke, ja.; cap and sp.; Richard Robson, John Twedie, John Hatherton, elder, John Hatherton, younger, Thomas Barnefather, Anthoney Hatherton, Nicolas Robson, Emmute Crawe, John Crawe, Thomas Newton, John Hatherton, George Hetherton, Thomas Hatherton, Thomas Robson, Harbart Tweddall, caps and sp.; Sander Robson, cap and la.; Leonarde Robson, William Bell, sp.; Michaell Fydler, John Cragill, la. (Total)—jacks 7, steel caps, 13, spears or lances, 32.

"Watton wood Lordshippe."—David Bell, John Fydler, John Mulcaster, Michaell Cragill, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Cragill, sp.; William Bieres, Edward Hatherton, caps and sp.; Rowland Cragill, sp.; William Bell, bow. (Total)—jacks 4, steel caps, 7, spears, 8, bow, 1.

"Askerton Lordshippe."—Richard Grame, William Blaickborne, William Tailler, Mathewe Tailler, John Atkinson, John Nicolson, Quintinge Foster, Andrew Foster, Anthoney Foster, Sander Foster, William Armestronge, George Armstronge, Gawinge Armestronge, Edward Armestronge, Richard Armestronge, Jenkinge Armestronge, Edward Armestronge, George Armestronge, George Armestronge, ja., caps and sp.; John Storye, George Noble, Davide Hemerson, Thomas Armestronge, Thomas Armestronge, Thomas Armestronge, John Barnefather, Gilbert Barnefather, Thomas Milborne, John Nixson, John Michelson, George Wilson, caps. and sp.; George Crawe, ja., cap and sp.; James Tailler, cap and la.; Jenkinge Foster, sp.; Jenkinge Tailler, cap and sp.; John Wiggam, Mathewe Blaickborne, sp.; John Croser, cap and "gonne;" Gilber Tailler, Edward Tailler, sp.; Cuthbert Blaickborne, Mathewe Rowtledge, Rowland Elwold, la.; John Rowtledge, cap and sp.; William Routledge, la.; William Armestronge, sp.; Davide Armestronge, bow; Rowland Routledge, la.; Edward Foster, nichill. (Total)—jacks, 21, steel caps, 37, spears, lances, 48, bow, 1, gun, 1.

"Lannercoste."—Edmonde Bell, Robert Bell, George Tollentier, Jefferaye Bell, John Smithe, Richard Fydler, ja., caps and sp.; Christofer Burtholme, ja., cap and bow; Thomas Bortholme, William Fydler, ja., caps and sp.; John Stevenson, Randell Reutledge, George Bell, John Bell, caps and sp.; Richard Wilson, la.; William Jackson, cap and sp.; Thomas Bell, cap and la.; John Reddey, Christofer Bell, Christofer Snowdon, Humfraye Fydler, caps and sp.; John Pott, cap and bow; John Dridon, Nicolas Dridon, la.; John Stevenson, cap and bow; Richard Holme, sp.; John Jackson, John Crake, Edwarde Watche, Christofer Burtholme, Christofer Bendall, caps and la.; Thomas Stevenson, la.; Robert Crowe, Robert Carrocke, caps and la. (Total)—jacks, 10, steel caps, 29, spears or lances, 30, bows, 4.

"Watton Parishinge."—John Haterton, Robert Hatherton, Symon Hatherton, Waitte Nixon, ja., caps and sp.; John Hatherton, younger, John Hatherton, elder, Christofer Hatherton, caps and sp.; John Crowe, Pawton Crowe, sp.; Patton Crowe, elder, . . .; Jeffrey Hatherton, John Crowe, elder, Harbert Crowe, Thomas Hatherton, Arche Hatherton, John Thomson, Harbert Nixon, John Hatherton, John Hatherton, younger, Thomas Reutledge, Andrewe Reutledge, caps and sp.; William Reutledge, Harbert Hatherton, la.; Davide Wilking, cap and la.; Randell Barnefather, Jenkinge Barnefather, Peter Barnefather, Harbert Hatherton, Simon Michelson, Thomas Hatherton, la.; Nicolas Hatherton, cap and la. (Total)—jacks, 4, steel caps, 21, spears or lances. 31.

"Irthinton Parishinge."—Christofer Blanerhasset, John Hardon, eldest, ja., caps and sp.; John Hardon, younger, John Hardon, Martine Elwold, ja., caps and bows; Edward Hardon, Christofer Bolman, John Thomson, Leonarde Elwold, Clement Hatherton, Peter Hatherton, ja., caps and sp.; George Hatherton, William Hatherton, elder, sp.; William Hatherton, younger, bow; Christofer Bulman, cap and sp.; William Gibson, Emmte Hatherton, la.; George Hardon, cap and sp.; Richard Elwolde, sp.; John Elwold, la.; Randell Mulcaster, Edward Mulcaster, Richard Bulman, Edward Bulman, ja., caps and sp.; Richard Mulcaster, cap and sp.; William Grame, Richard Mulcaster, Edwarde Mulcaster, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Bulman, John Grame, caps and sp.; John Hatherton, William Hatherton, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Hatherton, William Nicholson, Emmte Hatherton, caps and sp.; George Grame, Richard Grame, John Dalton, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Dalton, Jenkinge Swane, John Warwicke, Cuthbert Sampson, Lanceolote Wilson, John Atkinson, Thomas Wannope, sp.; Richard Hatherton, John Bulman, Peter Elwold, la.; Robert Harden, sp.; John Gibson, cap and la.; John Lowson, la.; Richard Townes, sp.; William Elwold, la.; Thomas Harden, sp.; Thomas Bulman, Roger Bell, la.; William Townes, cap and sp.; William Stagge, cap and la.; Gawen Nichelson, sp.; Randell Dalton, Thomas Bulman, George Sampson, Roger Mulcaster, elder, Richard Milbourne, la.; Roger Mulcaster, younger, Christofer S. William Thomson, bows; Leonard Warwicke, sp.; Bartle Pearson, bow; William Gibson, la.; Cuthbert Miller, bow; George Allison, John Bulman, Thomas Eyles, John Dixon, John Railton, John Bulman, Richard Jarden (?), la. (Total)—jacks, 23, steel caps, 40, spears or lances, 72, bows, 6.

"Skailbye."—Richard Blaicklocke, William Blaicklocke, William Blaicklocke, ja. caps and sp.; James Jenkinge, Peter James, caps and sp.; Rowland Dalton, John Grame, Thomas Grame, Roger Bolman, ja., caps and sp.; John James, Steven James, George Goodfellow, John Goodfellowe, Symon Linton, Rinion Lamley, Peter Grame, caps and sp.; John Bulman, ja., cap and sp.; George Grame, Steven Bulman, Thomas Tempe, Rinion Grame, James Scaitt, caps and sp.; Rowland Person, elder, la.; Rowland Person, younger, sp.; Christofer Dalton, la.; Humfray Bell, sp.; John Bell, la.; Christofer Graison, John Dixon, Heughe Dixon, sp.; Jenkinge Linton, Edwarde James, cap and sp.; John James, Marke Coyke, sp.; Thomas Goodfellowe, cap and sp.; Kennute Humfraye, Archie Carruddens, Christofer Walker, Lanceolote Reutledge, sp.; Gilbert Cuke, Robert Rechardson, Andrewe Bell, Rinnion Grame, Richarde Atkinson, Nicolas Goodfellowe, William Linton, Richard Person, la. (Total)—jacks, 7, steel caps, 23, spears or lances, 46.

"Croslye Barrone."—Ambrose Carleton, James Nicolson, Edwarde Blaicklock, Rowland Thomson, John Blaicklocke, Edwarde Clarke, William Grame, John Linton, Randell Dalton, William Nicholson, Rowland Hennerson, John Recharson, William Watson, Steven Nicholson, William Udderte, younger, Sander Dalton, John Blaicklocke, George Dalton, Rowane Dalton, John Dalton, Michaell Dalton, Jerrande Dalton, Thomas Allison, Henrie Nicolson, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Grame, John Recharson, John Recharson, James Dalton, Roger Hennerson, Richarde Linton, John Atkinson, John Nicolson, elder, John Nicholson, younger, John Dalton, Rowane Atkinson, James Hennerson, Michaell Dalton, William Udderte, Thomas Dalton, Rowland Blaicklocke, caps and sp.; Robe Livocke, la.; Robert Recharson, John Thompson, Rowland Pearson, Richard Udderte, Thomas Hennerson, William Jackson, sp.; Robert Allison, Robe Blaicklock, Christofer Blaicklocke, Thomas James, John James, caps and sp.; Robert Nicolson, cap and bowe; James Allison, sp.; John Blaicklocke, bow; John Nicolson, Thomas Blaicklocke, Robert James, Edwarde Litle, sp.; Richarde Blaicklocke, cap and sp. (Total)—jacks, 26, steel caps, 46, spears or lances, 62, bows, 2.

"Terribye."—Patten Bell, Christofer Barnefather, John Iveson, Christofer Anderson, Thomas Parker, elder, caps and sp.; Henrie Bell, Cuthbert Barnefather, Thomas Anderson, Robert Ridge, Henrie Anderson, Thomas Parker, younger, Michaell Anderson, Henrie Bell, younger, la. (Total)—steel caps, 5, spears or lances, 13.

"Hougiiton."—Christofer Parker, John Parker, ja., caps and sp.; Thomas Parker, Robert James, caps and bows; Robert Dalton, ja., cap and bow; Robert Blaicklock, cap and sp.; William Kinge, cap and bow; Thomas Robinson, cap and sp.; William Haught, ja., cap and sp.; William Heslope, cap and la.; Christofer Milnes, Clemente James, James James, caps and sp.; Edwarde Lecke, sp.; Randell Holme, Thomas Kinge, Thomas Robinson, la.; Christofer James, John Milner, bows; John Blaicklocke, sp. (Total)—jacks, 4, steel caps, 13, spears or lances, 13, bows, 6.

"Defaulte.—Memorand. That inhabitantes within Eske, Leven, Bewcastell, and Kirklinton, altho they had warninge to come before us, yet they came not, so that we toike no muster of anye of them.

Eyssdaill Warde.—The number of armour and municions of warre within the same warde, whereof we toke musterie are as hereafter followethe:—

In jackes and steale cotes . . . ixcxxij (?).
In steale capes . . . . . cccclij.
In speares or lances . . . . dccxv.
In bowes . . . . . lxxiij.
In gunes . . . . . . one."

No signatures.

15 pp. very long paper. Contemporary writing. Indorsed.

91. Musters of Allerdale, Cumberland. [Feb. 11.]

"Comberland.—The Musters for Allerdall ward beneath the watter of Darwen, taken at Muthow the xth daie of Februarie in the xxiijth yeare of the reagne of our Soverayne Lady Elizabethe by the grace of God Quene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, &c. before Lancelott Salked, Fraunces Lamplughe, Henrie Tolson, esquiers, Alexander Highmor and John Senhowse gentelmen."

Eastilrig, Keesweck, Naddaile, Whitborne, Egborthwat, and Tallantire.—In this township 90 able men; 20 furnished with steel coats or jacks and caps, bows and arrows or bills—40 with only a bill or lance staff, the rest with nothing.

Bassenthwait and Brandholme.—50 men; 12 furnished as above, 20 with bills or lances only, the rest with nothing.

Bowaldeth.—8 men; 3 furnished, the rest hows or bills only.

Uldaile, Rowthwait, Birkmire, and Alkatre.—40 men; 3 furnished "as afore," 17 with bow, bill or lance only, the rest with nothing.

Caldbeck.—100 men; 20 furnished, 40 with bows, bills, spears or lances, the rest with nothing.

Irebies and Smyttlegarth.—36 men; 6 furnished, 15 with bows, bills or lances only, the rest nothing.

Bolton and Bolton wood.—80 men; 16 furnished, 30 with bows, bills or lances, the rest with nothing.

Torpenhow, Whitrig and Kirkland.—36 men; 12 furnished, 12 with bow, bill or lance, the rest "lacking furniture."

Bold and Threpland.—44 men; 10 furnished, 16 with bows, bills or lances, the rest nothing.

Blenerassed and Upmanbie.—34 men; 12 furnished, 14 with bow, bill or lance, the rest lacking.

Brunfeild, Langrig, Mealerig, Scales and Cowdall.—80 men; 12 furnished, 30 with bow, bill or spear, the rest with nothing.

Newton, Allenbie and Urengill.—46 men; 8 furnished, 16 with bow, bill or lance, the rest without.

Aspatrie, Utersid, Alwardby, Haiton, Mealeae, and Braton.—90 men; 10 furnished, 40 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Plimpland, Arkelby, Personbie.—40 "persons;" 12 furnished, 20 with bill, bow or lance, the rest unarmed.

Gillcrux and Grainge.—26; 5 furnished, 15 with bow, bill or lance, rest unarmed.

Deareham and Crosbie.—40 men; 10 furnished, 20 with bow, bill or lance, rest unarmed.

Seaton.—30 men; 6 furnished, 14 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Rybton and Littell Broughton.—26; 6 furnished, 10 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Great Broughton.—28; 8 furnished, 12 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Papcastre and Dovenbie.—28; 12 furnished, 12 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Issell, Blencrak, Readmaine, Old Park, Sunderland and Wordtholl.—60 men; 20 furnished, 20 with bow, bill or lance, the rest unarmed.

Birtby.—4 men; 2 furnished, the other "bows, bills."

Alnebourgh.—6 men; 3 furnished, 3 with bow, bill or lance.

Cannabie.—8; 4 furnished, the others with bow or bill.

Emmarton (?).—6 with bows or bills only.

Flimbie.—12; 6 furnished, and 6 with bow or bill.

Unrigge.—4 with bows or bills only.

Bridkirk.—5; 3 furnished, 2 with bows and bills.

"The whole number of able men is a thousand and fortie, whereof tow hundred fortie and fouer furnished, as within written." Fraunces Lamplughe, Lancelot Skelton, Henrie Tollson, Alexander Highmore, John Senehowse.

3 pp. large broad sheets. Contemporary. The names in same handwriting. Indorsed: "Allerdale Ward—footmen."

92. Musters of Leith Ward, Cumberland. [Feb. 14.]

"Leith Warde.—The Muster booke of Lieth warde, conteyninge all the townshippes and hambletes within the said warde, taken by Thomas Laiton esquier, Richard Kirkbryde and John Atkinson gentlemen, by virtue of lettres directed from the right honorable the Lorde Scroppe Lord Warden of the West Marches of England towards Scotland, &c."

"The Towne of Penrith.—Speres with furniture"—John Atkinson, deputy, Cuthbert Musgrave bailiff, Anthony Hutton, Thomas Carlton, Lancelot Bost, John Whelpdaill, Thomas Busby, Thomas Morland, Anthony Robinson, Anthony Willinson, Thomas Stephenson, Anthony Atkinson. "Bowmen furnished."—Anthony Mitton, Robert Berwick, Thomas Braithat, Richard Nelson, William Jackson, Jo. Hodgson, William Busbe, Anthony Dobinson, William Stephenson, Robert Dawson, Richard Paig, Jo. Paig, Thomas Rumley, William Fell, Jo. Stephenson, William Robinson, Stephen Robinson, Robert Nelson, Jo. Castlelawe, John Birkbeck, Richard Stephenson, William Shewman, Thomas Gibson, Robert Richieson, Henrie Salkeld, Thomas Canan, Henrie Seag, Gilbert Watt, Cuthbert Birde, Gilbert Whelpdaill, Robert Browne, Richard Holme, Edward Holme, George Fletcher, John More, Cuthbert Lane, William Haskewe, Robert Kytchin, John Harve, Robert Elwood, Edward Ellott, Thomas Birkbeck, Lancelot Thompson, Anthony Harrison, Hughe Johnson, John Dobson, John Wilson, John Watson, Richard Idle, Thomas Haskewe. "No furniture."—Hewgh Scott, Mathewe Watson, John Wiseman, John Simson, Henrie Hodgson, John Stephenson, William Atkinson, Richard Nelson, Rowland Wilkinson, Cuthbert Castlehowre, John Wilson. "Billmen not furnished."—Henrie Cok, Christofer Jackson, Jeffraie Denison, Richard Kitching, Thomas Kitching, John Walker, Thomas Lawson, Richard Robinson, Richard Blesse, Ro. Radeland, Nichell Atkinson, Edward Caroll, John Sharpe, Jo. Anson, Henrie Gibson, Anthony Walker. "Harquebuzes."—James Phobbs, Jo. Robinson, Jo. Tarne, Rowland Barne, Edward Brone, Robert Staigg, William Poleson. "Ab[sent]."—Robert Holme, Robert Brothe, William Brothal, Richard Wilkinson, Lonard Nelson, Richard Stephenson, Anthony Dawson, Thomas Weade, Cuthbert Esmyer, Jo. Stephenson, Heughe Browne, Edward Tailor, William Dobson, Jo. Nelson, John Elwood, Alexander Mackrell, Cuthbert Mylner, Christofer Watche, John Harrison, Robert Dodding, Thomas Hodgson, Alexander Watson, Thomas Watson, Edmond Bell, Richard Salkeld, Jo. Winder, Thomas Carlton, Michaell Winder, Robert Harrison, Hughe Dixson, Hugh Andrewe, Christofer Kempe, Richard Ireland, Jo. Calvert, Jo. Bell, Rowland Varey, Anthony Wedderell, Jo. Birkbeck, Anthony Bradley, James Torner "his man," John Railton, Symond Rinney, William Cock, Rowland Stephenson, Thomas Patison, Jo. Gibson, Robert Darmont, Thomas Robson, Richard Sowreby, Jo. Atkinson, John Gamlerig, Richard Bell, Edward Penrith. "No furniture."—Thomas Herd, William Emontson, Robert Emontson, Robert Busher, Richard Gibson, Richard Nelson, Jo. Drurie, Richard Lamley, Robert Sower, Anthony Flemyng, Mathewe Watson, Jo. Wiseman, Jo Simpson, Stephen Nelson, Robert Nelson, William Sittitre, John Wynder, Richard Willinson, Anthony Wilson, Thomas Bonting, Stephen Nelson, Thomas Fenton, Jo. Railton, Richard Percevell, Cuthbert Stephenson, Thomas Braban, Jo. Wallas, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Wynder, Richard Parker, John Rakstray, Edward Bawcon, John Browne, John Lambert, Anthony Browne, Thomas Browne, William Savidg, Thomas; Anson, Robert Goodborne, Jo. Turner, Georg Lengcaster, Randell Varey, Percevell Morehouse, Thomas Walker, Henry Cook, Richard Tode, Jo. Walker, Edward Hedgart, Edmond Dodding, Anthony Bonsor, Robert Wilkinson, Thomas Hever, Richard Skelbeck, Georg Wood, Robert Bownas, Georg Hall, William Watson, Thomas Briskoo, Edward Alanson, Rowland Thomson, Gilbert Home, Henry Denny, William Dobson, Richard Sealby, John Hodgson, Robert Cook, John Grave, Thomas Horneby, Michaell Gray, John Bell, Henry Drurie, Richard Noble, Jo. Winter, William Winter, Stephen Hodgson, Jo. Gibson, James Nelson, Edward Mitchell, Jo. Carrudders, Edward Langcastre, Jeffray Watson, Thomas Idell, Hughe Hynde, Percevell Sle, Jo. Relf, Jo. Biglandes, Anthony Railton, Thomas Skelbeck, John Walterson, William Tarne, William Robinson, Edward Sheperd, Robert Jackson, Edward Banck, Henrie Browne.

"Castle Sowreby.—Speres with furniture."—Mr Thomas Blanerhassett Rowland Simpson, Georg Kirkbryd, John Halton, William Berker, Jo. Housbrig, Jo. Simpson, John Topping, Robert Walles, John Ewer, Thomas Scott, Christofer Harrison, William Allanby, Richard Topping, Jo. Clark, Richard Ricardby, Jo. Berker, Michaell Maison, Anthony Maison, Jo. Maison, Jo. Clerk, William Simson. "Bowes furnished."—Jo. Ritson, Christofer Hewer, Anthony Clerk, Gregorie Whitlock, Rowland Relf, William Relf, Richard Busheby, Richard Relf, Georg Abbott, John Topping, Gregorie Clark, John Lowdean, Robert Martyndaill, Jo. Simpson, Christofer Clark, Thomas Mounses, Jo. Simpson, Robert Simpson, Robert Simpson, Jo. Simpson, Jo. Simpson, Robert Moses, Rowland Head, Jeffray Busheby, Christofer Mukhowse, Thomas Lowdean, Jo. Mounkhowse, Peter Hewer, Jo. Hewer, Christofer Clark, Christofer Simpson, Peter Coip, Charles Clerk, Christofer Clark, Cuthbert Ewer, Richard Stokdaill, Robert Watson, William Woodd, Percevell Asbrydg, John Richeson, Christofer Dovenby, Jo. Pattinson, Christofer Clark, William Richeson, Anthony Mounkhowse, Richard Ritcheson, Jo. Ellott, Percevell Dixson, William Topping, Jo. Gristenthat, Jo. Kemp, Gregorie Sympson, Jo. Relf, William Relf, Adam Topping, William Kemp, John Stowker, John Dobinson, Martyn Richeson, Anthony Stawker, Jo. Mounkhowse, George Skowllowghe, John Clark, Anthony Maison, John Berker, Thomas Robinson, John Simson, Anthony Simson, Christofer Whitlock, Hughe Head, Peter Burbanck, William Bowbank, Jo. Mounkhouse, Peter Runey, Charles Bewley, William Robinson, Jo. Allinson, Robert Bewley, Richard Busbie, Anthony Berker, John Berker, John Robinson, Christofer Relf, Robert Albert, Laurence Smydders, Jenkyn Berker, Thomas Simpson, William Abbott, Edward Harrison. "Billmen not furnished."—Christofer Toppeng, Jo. Topping, Jo. Relf, Nicholas Michelson, Christofer Ritcheson, Christofer Relf, Thomas Lamb, Percevell Berker, William Anderson, William Clerk, Hughe Thomson, John Maison, Michell Maison, Percevell Head, Thomas Tallentyre, Robert Head, Richard Head, Georg Halton, Edward Mounkhouse, Mathewe Stagg, Percevell Berker, Michaell Robinson, Robert Maison, Michaell Maison, Richard Sampson, Anthony Stedell, Jo. Topping, Christofer Hewer, William Simson, Jo. Dawson, Richard Topping, Jo. Stokdaill, Jo. Pattinson, Robert Burnell, John Samson, Richard Askbridg, Jo. Berker, Richard Busby, Georg Abbott, Jo. Topping, John Simson, Hughe Byrd, Lancelot Relf, Thomas Whitlock, John Bewley, Mathewe Topping, William Nelson, Jo. Tompson, Jo. Maison, John Maison, Thomas Berker, Thomas Stawker, Charles Barker. "Absent."—John Berker, Robert Clerk, Christofer Harrison, Jo. Simson, Abraham Smith, Robert Harrison, Jo. Barker, William Barker, William Simson, Cuthbert Simson, Jo. Relf, Leonard Clerk, Percevell Busby, Leonard Barker.

Langwathby.—"No furniture."—Jo. Sowreby, Robert Sowreby, Jo. Wharton, Jo. Winskell, Georg Martyn, Anthony Jamson, William Winskell. "Absent."—Robert Wilson, William Bell, Christofer Haggerd, Rowland Burton, Jo. Vertie.

Gamblesby.—"Bowmen."—Jo. Thomson, Anthony Sander, Anthony Cowper, Georg Harrison, Lyones Jackson, Nicholas Houchester. "Not furnished."—Thomas Cowper, Richard Sander, William Atkinson, Jo. Falder, Georg Cockburne, Robert Raper, John Westgarth, William Jackson, Jo. Wilkinson, Jo. Hartnes, Jo. Jackson, Christofer Benson, Christofer Hill, William Watson, William Morton, Jeffray Watson, Thomas Carlton, Michell Westgarth, Anthony Falder, Nicholas Watson.

Scotbye.—"Speres with furnyture."—Thomas Atkinson, Thomas Gibson, Anthony Robinson, Robert Robinson, Jo. Morton, William Atkinson, Robert Dobbinson, John Howe, Richard Robinson, William Dobbinson, Christofer Railton, Leonard Young, William Murton.

Head Forest of Inglewood.

Petrelbanck.—"Spearmen."—Thomas Myers, Jo. Olyvant, Nicholas Olyvant, Nicholas Mounkhouse, Christofer Moras, Thomas Barrowe, Thomas Lasenby, Jo. Olyvant, Christofer Olyvant, Leonerd Atkinson, James Olyvant, Georg Olyvant, Jo. Atkinson, Richard Olyvant, Symond Beamont, Symont Lamley, Richard Hewetson, Jo. Slack, Richard Farlane, James Hewetson, Thomas Hewetson, Thomas Slack, Jo. Hodgson, Jo. Barrowe. "Bowmen."—Thomas Atkinson, Thomas Mounk, Edward Ranoldson, William Porter, Edward Mounkhowse, Richard Wilson, Jo. Slack, Clement Morhouse. "Without furniture."—Thomas Olyvant, Hewgh Tynlyn, Nicholas Blacklock, Jo. Sawer, Thomas Dowthat, Christofer Thomson.

Nunclose.—"Speares."—Cuthbert Hewetson, Jeffray Clerk, Mathewe Vertie, Thomas Wilkinson, Clement Morhouse, William Sewell, Michaell Lamley. "Without furniture."—Richard Baynes, Richard Garth, Jo. Tallentyre, Christofer Scott, Roland Baynes, Robert Chirden, Jo. Wawlby, Christofer Lamley, John Sewell. "Absent."—Rowland Vertie, William Baynes, Adam Baynes, William Pattinson, Richard Chirden, Robert Chirden, John Chirden, Jo. Alcorne, Thomas Morehouse.

Blacknowhait.—"Spearmen."—Richard Kirkbrid, Clement Stephenson, Symond Skelton, Jo. Skelton, William Ladyman, Jo. Strang. "Without furniture."—Christofer Hodgson, Jo. Woodd, Anthony Skelton, Thomas Stephenson. "Absent."—Barnard Slack, Hugh Strang, Robert Grave, Thomas Hodgson.

Pettrelcrokes.—"Bowes."—Lawrens Richardby, Barnard Scott, Robert Hodgson, Olyver Kirkbrid, Thomas Railton, Robert Sewell. "Speares."—Clement Bulman, Jo. Berker, Jo. Dawson, Richard Porter, Jo. Bell, Michaell Pattinson. "Without furniture."—Robert Berker, Thomas Sewell, Thomas Sewell, Christofer Howe, Christofer Railton. "Absent."—Abraham Moncester, Randell Sewell, Robert Sewell, Randell Sewell, Georg Sewell, William Skelton, William Hodgson, Jo. Raspell, Thomas Scott, Mathewe Tailor, William Porter, Robert Lamley, William Sewell.

Upper Heskett.—"Bowes."—William Robinson, Thomas Railton, Jo. Robson, Richard Heslehead. "Speares."—William Railton, Richard Browne, William Bowman (?), Edward Tailor, Thomas Dowson, Christofer Watt, Edward Pattinson, Jo. Lamley. "A gonne."—Richard Robinson. "Absent."—Jo. Boggett, Jo. Raven, Jo. Robin son, Jo. Mounkhowse, Robert Robinson, Georg Robinson, Georg Bromell, Robert Robinson, Christofer Fenton, Robert Olyvant, John Mounkhowse, Thomas Raven, Stephen Gravell, William Sander, Clement Tallentyre.

Nether Heskett.—"Speares."—Robert Owsby, Leonerd Fenton, Jo. Owsby, Christofer Owsby, Jo. Hughwait. "Without furniture."—Thomas Fenton, Clement Maison, Richard Fenton, Cuthbert Dalton, Edward Woidhowse, Georg Skelton, Anthony Scamble (?), Edward Layu. "Absent."—Georg Skelton, Edward Fenton, Edward Railton, Clement Railton, Mathewe Leyne, Thomas Maison, Jo. Robinson, Jo. Sharp.

Itonfeild.—"Speares."—Thomas Clibborne, James Wisman, Christofer Herrison. "No furniture."—William Barro, Christofer Kirkbrid, Bernaby Topping. "Absent."—Richard Browne, Robert Head, Randell Loshing, William Tallentyre, James Bawcon, Robert Lamley, Jo. Dixson, Thomas Olyvant, Jo. Harrison, John Mounkhouse. John Browne, Cuthbert Sanderson, Lancelot Rumley, William Harrison, Thomas Maison, William Bait, John Fenton, Richard Hutton, Michaell See, Jo. Dobson, Phillipp Olyvant, Anthony Flemying, Georg Raper, Richard Olyvant, Robert Thomson, Jo. Slack.

Calthatt.—"Speares."—Richard Lasonby, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Jo. Lambert, Richard Lambert, Richard Hinson, Davy Bost, Thomas Vaux, Thomas Clementson, Robert Stephenson, John Sanderson, Henry Robinson, Richard Hinson, Richard Ewer, William Hutton, Michaell Barro, Adam Ewer, Richard Ewer, Georg Nelson. "Bowmen."—Henrie Robinson, Michaell Calber (?), Nicholas Olyvant, Robert Lasenby, William Lambert, Robert Bost. "No furniture."—Thomas Vaux, William Wisman, Michaell Bowrbank, Georg Nelson, William Maxwell, William Nelson, Anthony Nelson, William Blenkow. "Absent."—James Harington (?), William Bowrbanck, Percevell Browne, Richard Wisman, John Thomson, James Hutton, Jo Stephenson, John Ewer, Georg Barrowe, John Mukhowse, Thomas Vardy, James Nelson, Christofer Wisman, John Wilson, Jo. Tissyr, William Lasonby, Thomas Hinson, William Monkhouse.

Braithat.—"Speares."—Rowland Martyn, Jo. Rinney, James Rinney, Richard Robinson, E. Robinson, Georg Stubb, Robert Kirkbryd, Michaell Kirkbryd, Davie Kirkbrid. "Billmen."—Robert Mounkhouse, Jo. Bewley, William Horneby, Michaell Bromell, Hew Maison, William Hornsby. "Not furnished."—Lancelot Kirkbryd, Jo. Rinney, Georg Head, Hugh Mukhouse, Robert Robinson, Edward Stubb, Jo. Mounkhouse. "Absent."—Nicholas Clerk, Phillip Clerk, Willam Sealby, William Brisko, Anthony Robinson, William Clerk, Michaell Clerk, William Stephenson, Jo. Barker, Robert Harrison, Michaell Slee.

Lasanby.—"Without furniture."—Christofer Gill, Robert Threlkeld, Jo. Potter, William Potter, William Sawer, Richard Axedaill, Robert Dobson, Hewghe Browne, Robert Myles, Thomas Scott, Jo. Lyvert, Robert Story. "Bowmen not well furnished."—Thomas Sawer, Robert Wilkinson, Lancelot Cathat, Jo. Potter, Robert Hodgson, Jo, Emerson, Bingymyn Viccars, Richard Potter, Jo. Mylles, Robert Bone. Thomas Sidro (?), William Wilkinson, Jo. Sewell, Henry Johnston, Jo. Storie, William Hodgson, Jo. Wedderell, Lancelot Wilkinson, Jo. Hodgson, Richard Wilkinson, Jo. Viccars. "Without furniture."—Richard Potter, Richard Mabson, Jo. Threlkeld, Christofer Watson, William Sawer, Thomas Story, William Apdaill, Jo. Bargott, Richard Thompson, William Cowert, Christofer Thomson, William Sawder, Richard Wedderell, Jo. Hodgson, Christofer Dodd, Thomas Bone, Jo. Ewbanck, Thomas Olyvant, Thomas Apedaile, Thomas Viccars, Thomas Wedderell, Jo. Hodgson, Jo. Pott, William Mylles.

Carlton.—"Bowmen."—Thomas Noble, Jo. Daison, Jo. Atkinson, William Nelson, Richard Busby, Thomas Lambert, Jo. Duckett. "Absent."—Georg Whelpdall, William Sanderson, Thomas Gibson, Martyn Carlton, John Mabson, Christofer Threlkeld, Thomas Harrison, John Scott, Richard Lister, Oswold Rumpnay, Arthur Gibson. "Bilmen."—Charles Carlton, Symond Ellergill, Richard Maison, Michaell Scodle (?).

Edenhall.—"Bowmen."—Robert Threlkeld, Jo. Shearburne, Jo. Pattinson, Christofer Gibson, Rowland Davie, William Sutton, Thomas Hodgson, Thomas Garth, Symond Jackson, Rowland Morland, Jo. Thompson. "Speres."—William Cudbert, James Dent. "Bills."—William Pattinson, Degremont Robinson, Thomas Sharp, Robert Crawe. "Absent."—Alexander Home, Richard Jackson, Richard Walker, Edward Benson, Robert Walker, Robert Thompson, Christofer Pattinson, Robert Elwoodd, Thomas Bewly, Jo. Lowghe.

Glassonby.—"No furniture."—Jo. Stable, Robert Cook, Christofer Thompson, Robert Sandre, Thomas Cooke, Richard Kydde, Richard Marshall, Rowland Jackson, Robert Sander, Nicholas Newton, Richard Kydd, Peter Thompson, Richard Harrison, Christofer Hodgson, Jo. Percevell, Robert Ritchieson, William Dawson, William Atkinson, Christofer Hodgson, Thomas Jackson, Richard Johnston, Richard Kydd, Rauffe Kydd, William Robinson, William Harrison, Richard Teesdell.

Plompton Park.—"Well furnished with bowes, arrowes, and speares."—Thomas Musgrave, Jo. Musgrave, Ingrome Musgrave, Michell Musgrave, Richard Musgrave, Robert Musgrave, Thomas Bost. "Furnished with bowes and arrowes."—Richard Clerk, Robert Nelson, Ed. Nelson, Christofer Nelson, William Stainton, Jo. Browne, Thomas Henderson, Jo. Sanderson, Christofer Sanderson, Ector Storie. "Bowes and arrowes."—Jo. Ireland, senior, Jo. Ireland, junior Sandy Myres, Jo. Robinson, Richard Hyndson, Nicholas James, Percevell Watt, Richard Lother, Jenkyn Sanderson, Hewgh Hutton, Ingerome Lother. "No furniture."—Robert Gibson, Thomas Stokell, William Stokell, Jo. Thomson, William Robinson, Robert Sowrdle, William Wilson, Jo. Robinson, Geffray Topping, Michell Wisman, Cuthbert Dockra, Jo. Hewetson, Nicholas Byncks, Thomas Smythson, Robert Peares, John Enetson, William Sanderson, Stephen Harrison, Thomas Sanderson, William Sanderson, William Robinson, Christofer Busheby, John Fenton, Jo. Sanderson, Quyntyn Henderson, Jo. Sanderson, Lancelot Robinson, Jo. Bounting, Rowland Armstrong, Jo. Storie, Jo. Hollon, Robert Suthack, Richard Siddick, Richard Wilson, Jo. Wilson, Jo. Wilson, William Nelson, Jo. Henderson, Jo. Wilson, Christofer Mylle, William Wilson, Davie Hutton, Christofer Robinson, Richard Hewetson, Thomas Slack, John Gudbarne, William Sanderson, Jo. Sanderson, John Fenton, Jo. Jackson, Davy Sutton, Richard Hyndson, Michell Barrowe, Christofer Tailour, Richard Abbott, Edward Mackrowlin, Mathewe Bownes, Robert Gibson, Archie Rowtledg, Ingerome Storie.

Plompton.—"No furniture."—Thomas Howson, Jo. Bewley, Cuthbert Musgrave, Ed. Clementson, Robert Olyvant, William Peares, Richard Parker, Robert Mabson, Archie Ellot, Jo. Nixson, William Blenkowe, Robert Nicholson, William Clerk, William Gibson, Richard Robson, Jeffray Scott, Thomas Goodfellowe, Jo. Atkinson, Thomas James, Jo. James, Ed. James, William Watt, William Banckes, John Banckes, Jo. Sanderson, Jo. Robinson, Jo Wodd, Hughe Fenton, Edwarde Story, Mathewe Bowbancke, Georg Robinson, Barnard Hasty, James Bunting, William Dixson, Edward Varey, Mathewe Lampson, Ed. Armstrong, Jo. Robinson, Georg Relf, William Robinson, Jo. Robinson, Jo. Relf, Ed. Hasty, Robert Stephenson, William Howson, William Robinson, John Wright, William Bowbanck, Peter Marthwhait, Jo. Tailour, Anthony Musgrave.

Pluntonhead.—"Without furniture."—Robert Woodd, Richard Crostwhat, Christofer Walles, John Willinson, Thomas Dixson, Hughe James, John Kytchin, Richard Noble, Michell Simpson, Hughe Young, Jo. Percevell, William Walles, Anthony Parker, Mathewe Kytchin, Thomas Crostwat, Richard Wood, Martyn More, Mathewe Walles, Edward Willinson, Thomas Nelson, Richard Nelson.

The Town of Skirwith.—"No furniture."—Robert Wilson, Jo. Sowreby, Richard Marshall, Thomas Johnson, Robert Spittin, Gilbert Dobbison, Thomas Mirton, Richard Wilson. "Absent."—Thomas Spittin, Thomas Spittin, Christofer Sowrby, Thomas Renwick, Nicholas Perkyn, Thomas Blamyers, Ambrose Johnson, John Harrison, Ambrose Unthanck, Ja. Unthanck, Ambrose Spittin, Thomas Myddelton, William Robinson, Ambrose Gowling, Thomas Dobison, John Speding, Christofer Percevell, Henry Addison, Ambrose Carlton, Thomas Willing.

Kirkland.—"Bowmen."—Thomas Atkinson, Jo. Ritson, Lawrence Somer, Thomas Thornat (?). "Absent."—Anthony Wilton, Thomas Lauson, William Wilton.

"Kirkoswald and Staffell.—Bowmen."—Jo. Nicholson, Jo. Bird, Jo. Hathway, Jo. Sanderson, Rowland Hilton, David Thomson, Rowland Bowman, Thomas Morreson, Jo. Nicholson, Richard Crayke, Robert Wilson, Jo. Mayman, Richard Sharp, Thomas Harrison, Anthony Mayman, Robert Salkeld, Rowland Browne, Jo. Smith. "No furniture."—William Herson, William Wilson, Thomas Thompson, William Teesdell, Christofer Fysher, John Nycholson, Richard Bowman, Jo. Harrison, Ed. Hetherton, Jo. Jamson, Adam Thomson, Thomas Callard (?), Roland Rickerby, Thomas Bowman, Christofer Nicholson, Edmont Share, Jo. Smyth, John Westgarth, Edward Nicholson, Hugh Browne, Rowland Byrd, John Hartnes, Robert Browne, John Lowther, Clement Whitwhar, Fergus Grame, Heughe Nicholson, Jo. Gibson, Richard Lothean, Peter Ellott, Hugh Byrd, Thomas Smyth, Adam Elwodd, Thomas Blacklock, Jo. Byrd, Jo. Thomson, Mathewe Salkeld, Henry Salkeld, Oswel Salkeld.

"Blenkarne.—Without furniture."—Christofer Cragg, Nichell Garthe, Leonerd Ritchieson, John Hawll, Gilbert Howson, Jo. Percevell, William Robinson, Georg Thornherd, Georg Buckle, Georg Thompson, Hughe Gowland, Richard Lightborne, John Thomson, Alexander Hodgson, Nycholas Bounting, William Gait, Jo. Mertyn, Nicholas Perkyn, Thomas Wilson.

"Culgath.—Bowmen furnished."—Christofer Myller, Robert Calfeild, Georg Sewell, Alexander Birkbeck, Thomas Moses, Ambrose Brunskell, Thomas Pearson, John Gowling, Hugh Stephenson, Thomas Robinson, Robert Dalton, Jo. Mylner, Jo. Smyth, Henrie Chado (?), Christofer Winter, William Watson. Richard Jackson, John Allinson.

"Lytle Salkeld.—Bowmen."—Jo. Salkeld, Robert Baxster, Jo. Stable, John Kydd, Thomas Thomson, Ja. Thomson, Phillipp Beacham, Jo. Beacham, Richard Jackson, Thomas Percevell. "Without furniture."—Michaell Bradley, William Skilbeck, John Kydd, Jo. Nycholson, Roger Thompson, Gilbert Carlton, Richard Hewer, Jo. Marshall, Richard Thompson, Christofer Sanderson, Nicholas Thompson, Lancelot Archer, Cuthbert Howson, E. Haw, John Hodgson, Robert Howson, Jo. Joni, Hewghe Thomson, Lancelot Hodgson, Jo. Thompson, William Cowper, Nicholas Morthat, Richard Salkeld, Thomas Jackson, Jo. Henerby, Jo. Lamley, William Gray, Peter Jackson, Jo. Beachame, Thomas Falder, Jo. Huddert, William Percevell, Hugh Percevell, Jo. Vertie, William Nelson, Thomas Wynskell, Michell Wynskell, Jo. Thompson, James Dodd. "Absent."—Eamont Thomson, Jo. Thomson, Ed. Ritcheson, William Vertie, Lancelot Vertye, Richard Jackson.

"The Towne of Caterlen.—Bowes and arrowes."—Mr Rowland Vaux, Robert Dawson, William Hastie, William Awcok, Richard Nicholson, Jo. Robinson, William Nicholson, Rowland Nicholson, Jo. Atkinson, Jo. Wynder, Jo. Raper, Jo. Todd, John Nicholson, Nicholas Stelie, Georg Wilson, Richard Sutton, Ed. Sutton, Heugh Wilkinson, Robert Wilkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Edmond Steley, Rowland Stephenson, William Stephenson. "Bilmen."—Robert Robinson, Anthony Denyson, Jo. Stevenson, Robert Steley, Richard Hyndson, Thomas Perker, Randell Nicholson. "Absent."—Rowland Thomson, William Hardres, Georg Turner.

"Hutton Forest.—Bowmen furnished."—Jo. Jackson, David Hutron, James Smith, William Smith, Anthony Sanderson, Anthony Robinson, David Sutton, Richard Howson, James Wisman, Davie Relf, Thomas Dockra, Hugh Ireland, William Godbarn, Jo. Goulding, Robert Sanderson, Jo. Stable, William Olyvant, Jo. Watt, William Jackson, Robert Burthome. "With speares."—Ed. Hutton, Jo. Robinson, William Wilson, William Hyndson, Anthony Holme, Jo. Sanderson, William Fenton, Ed. Robinson, John Wilson, Thomas Hutton, Hewghe Ireland, John Berker, William Maleson, John Murthat. "Billmen furnished."—William Robinson, Mathew Watson, Thomas Slack, Jo. Goodbarne, Thomas Busby, Edmond Sanderson, Richard Smyth, John Holme, Davie Slack, Thomas Wilson, William Wilson, Jo. Blenkowe, William Mallison, Bernard Stephenson, Uxor Robinson.

"Motherby.—Bowmen furnished."—Jo. Simson, Jo. Harrison, Jo. Sle, Georg Walker, William Turner, Thomas Coke, Jo. Sutton, Jo. Pearson, Thomas Anson, Jo. Kemp, Georg Harrison.

"Skelton.—Speres."—Cuthbert Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Robert Scott, Phillupp Hutton, Michaell Harrison. "Absent."—William Dixson, Thomas Stile, John Moras, Hughe Moras, Thomas Dixson, John Scott, Robert Rancot, John Falder, Christofer Hutton, Anthony Harrison, Cuthbert Clarke, Robert Tailior, William Sanderson, William Dixson, William Sittitre, John Sittitre, William Lamson, Robert Whitlock, John Hutton, William Hutton, William Mylner, Anthony Fence, John Dixson, Riche Dixson. "Bowmen."—Anthony Hutton, William Gill, John Sittitre. "Billmen."—William Hutton, John Harrison, Richard Whitlock, Jo. Lasanby, Leonard Cocking, Georg Tailour, John Lambert. "No furniture."—Cuthbert Cocking, William Wilson, William Still, John Still, Christofer Still, John Cocking, Thomas Harrison, John Lambert, Heughe Hutton, Michaell Harrison. "Absent."—John Moras, Thomas Whitlok, Christofer Whitlok, Thomas Maison. "Bilmen."—Thomas Lowder, John Tailour, William Whitlok. "Absent."—John Sittitre, Georg Parker, Robert Whitloke, Adam Thomson, John Key(?), Richard Lamson, Richard Hudson, Henrie Hudson.

"Allanby.—Billmen."—Richard Dixson, William Dixson, John Robinson, Robert Scott. "Absent."—Richard Calvert, William Burbanck. "Billmen."—John Whitloke, William Whitloke, Christofer Sittitre. "No furniture."—John Moras, William Wilson, Jo. Mylner.

"Parishe of Skelton.—Billmen."—Robert Tailour, John Wilson, John Wilson, William Wiseman, Robert Simson, Jo. Scott, Robert Emont, Georg Bewley, Richard Wilson, Richard Wilson. "No furniture."—William Sewell, Heugh Wilson, Christofer Sittitre, Richard Porter, William Dixson, Jo. Tailour, John Hudson, Christofer Whitlocke, Richard Laton, Jeffray Topping, Thomas Lambert. "Absent."—Jo. Whitlock, Richard Wilson, Robert Sewell, Martyn Relf, William Relf, Jo. Whitlock, Uxor Charoli Topping, Jo. Robinson, Richard Hast.

"Highet.—Speres furnished."—Jo. Richmond, Anthony Beamont, William Bait, John Horneby, Edward Busheby, Richard Olyvant, Robert Cowper, Georg Robinson, James Leighe, Jo. Langhorne, Jo. Robinson, Percevell Horneby, William Busheby. "Bowemen."—Oswold Horneby, Michaell Horneby, Jo. Boggatt, Jo. Bait, John Robinson, John Hodgson, William Birde, Thomas Horneby. "No furniture."—Jo. Bait, John Horneby, Georg Busheby, William Stelie, William Thompson, Robert Horneby, Georg Bait. "Absent."—Thomas Berker, Jo. Richieson, Thomas Wilson, William Ellerton.

"Barony of Graistock.—Bowmen."—William Lambert, Cuthbert Threlkeld, Jo. Rimpnay, John Dawson, Jo. Crak, James Clementson, Jo. Sutton, Robert Eamontson, Richard Scott, Robert Clementson, Leonerd Thompson, Jo. Atkinson, Jo. Nobell, Thomas Bowrebancke, Mathewe Bowrebant, Robert Eamontson, Thomas Langcaster, Robert Robley, John Atkinson, Georg Scott, Thomas Browne, William Browne, John Topping, John Jamson, Jo. Wilson, James Calman, Richard Colman, Thomas Todhunter, Jo. Scott, Michaell Scott, Thomas Berker, Jo. Herper, William Harrison, Jo. Banck, William Banck, Thomas Banck, Jo. Harrison, John Browne, Jo. Greynhowe, Richard Wilkinson, Richard Parker, Jo. Relf, Jo. Brisko, William Briskco, John Ma[b]leson (?), James Sutton, Jo. Banck, Thomas Thaker, Jo. Thacker, Lancelot Brisko, Edward Wodcok, John Yewdell, Michaell Ribley.

"Blenkowe and Lathes.—Bowemen."—Jo. Burbanck, James Mallison, Christofer Farlame, Jo. Stely, Jo. Watson, Jo. Knott, Thomas Thomson, Thomas Farlame, John Whitloke, Richard Yowdell, Jo. Ferlame, Richard Farlame, Anthony Sle, Anthony Walker, Robert Dixson, Christofer Sutton, Jo. Gibson, Jo. Dawson, Mathewe Sanderson, Jo. Wedderall, John Dawson, Mathewe Sanderson, Jo. Wedderell, Jo. Dawson, Anthony Todd, James Wray, Richard Todde, William Thomson, Thomas Nicholson.

"Renwick.—Bowmen."—Thomas Gesling, Thomas Watson, Christofer Westmerland, Thomas Cowper, John Verty. "No furniture."—Martyn Verty, Henry Thomson, Georg Salkeld, William Whitsmyth, Jeffray Thomson, Jo. Westmerland, Cuthbert Thomson, Thomas Thomson, Jo. Westmerland, Myles Westmerland. "Absent."—Georg Thomson, Cuthbert Verty, Thomas Sawer, John Salkeld, Robert Lawrens. "Bowmen De Graistock [continued,]—The Towne of Newbiggyne.—Bowmen furnished."—Michaell Wilson, Jo. Askrighe, William Armett, Christofer Armett, Thomas Wilson, Jo. Armett, Thomas Wraie, Rowland Hodgson, Rowland Guddell, Robert Wedderell, William Mounsey, William Wraie, Jo. Goodbarne, Jo. Goddall, Robert Cannon, Ja. Howson, Richard Hodgson, Thomas Hodgson, Christofer Hodgson, Robert Todd, Thomas Farlame. "Billmen furnished."—Jo. Thomson, Stephen Wray, Thomas Hodgson, Jo. Todd, William Wray, William Simpson, Jo. Wilson, Jo. Langcaster, Lancelot Browne. "Without furniture."—Thomas Herper, Peter Stork, Richard Goddall, Jo. Todd, Richard Goodbarne, Thomas Haskrighe, Ed. Haskrighe, Thomas Armat, Hewgh Awkyn, Richard Lambert, Thomas Pearson, Jo. Farlame, Jo. Cock, John (sic). "No furniture."—Symond Stirk, Jeffray Bawmer, Richard Salkeld, Jo. Wray, Rowland Nicholson, Pawle Mounsey, Robert Wraie, Jo. Wray, Jo. Godbarne, Richard Burbanck, Eamont Bacon, Jo. Cock, Robert Hodgson, Christofer Hodgson, Christofer Todd, Jo. Todd, Jo. Browne, Adam Browne. "Absent."—Jo. Bawmer, Jo. Salkeld.

"The Towne of Stainton.—Bowmen furnished."—Thomas Wilson, Jo. Hodgson, Jo. Cowling, Jo. Thomson, Jo. Thomson, Lancelot Todd, Lancelot Thomson, Edward Thomson, Ed. Dawson, William Whitlock, Thomas Todd, Anthony Sowlby, Thomas Watson, Ed. Langcaster, Ro. Dawson, Alexander Heskett, Jo. Garnet, William Perith, Gerard Sowlby, John Knott.

"Barony de Grastock [continued],—Stainton.—Bilmen."—Stephen Knot, Ja. Langcaster, Thomas Mylner, William Briskoo, Jo. Todd, Anthony Abbey, Jo. Heskett, Jo. Allanson, Robert Mathewe, Jo. Busheby. "Without furniture."—Thomas Gresse, Hewgh Barton, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Parker, Jo. Sowlby, Hewgh Hodgson, Cuthbert Knot, Thomas Dawson, Jo. Dawson, Thomas Thomson, Jo. Mylner, Jo. Sympson, John Watson, Thomas Dawson, Jo. Turner, Anthony Hodgson, Percevell Busheby, Lancelot Garnett, William Lowther, Robert Allenson, Stephen Mathewson, Henry Langcaster, Jo. Briscowe, William Thomson, William Knot.

"Dacre.—Bowmen."—Jo. Wray, Henry Smalman, Thomas Davie, Jo. Lowdyn, Jo. Todd, Jo. Todd, senior. "Bilmen."—Robert Threlkeld, Henry Matheson, Cuthbert Allison, Robert Hodgson.

"Sowlby.—Bowmen."—Robert Langcaster, Robert Allen, Thomas Dawson, Christofer Ranaldson, John Raper, Thomas Cannon, Thomas Mark, Thomas Hallen, Nicholas Dawson, Jo. Berton. "Absent."—Christofer Atkinson, William Barton.

"Moisdaill.—Bowmen."—William Pacok, Symond Stork. "Bilmen."—Martyn Alman, John Pacok, Barnard Udhall, Robert Eamont. "Absent."—Jo. Sowreby, Jo. Pacok, senior, Richard Paicock.

"Baronie de Grastock, Wether Melock.—Bowmen."—Jo. Dawson, Thomas Clerk, Ed. Dawson, Jo. Denkyn, Richard Wilkinson, Jo. Wilkinson, Ed. Grenell, Ed. Thomson, Thomas Sle, William Clerk, Robert Benson, Rowland Castlehowe, Richard Skilbeck, Jo. Nicholson, Richard Dobbison, Jo. Skilbeck, Ed. Castlehowe, Oswald Dobson, Henry Holme, Anthony Wilson, William Wilson, Ed. Walker, Richard Rinney.

"Hutton Soill.—Bowmen."—John Laughorne, Hew Sle, Thomas Sle, Thomas Wilkinson, Jo. Parker, Hew Bonson, Hew Sle, Cuthbert Burton, Jo. Harrison, Jo. Wilson, Cuthbert Sandwishe, Ja. Eamontson, Jo. Eamontson, Christofer Chambers, Cuthbert Sle, Robert Hodgson, Peter Sle, William Benson, Jo. Wilkinson, Cuthbert Hodgson, William Richeson, William Eamontson, Thomas Anson, Thomas Wilson, Georg Wilkinson, Jo. Mallison, Hewgh Turner, Gawen Howe. "Bilmen furnished."—William Burton, Jo. Sle, Thomas Atkinson, Thomas Sle, John Fisher, Christofer Anson, William Thomson, Robert Sle, John Thomson, Jo. Sle, Jo. Emondson, Cuthbert Emondson, Thomas Benson, Christofer Watson. "Absent."—Thomas Laughorne, William Benson, IIewgh Wray, Jo. Haggerd, William Fysher, William Morawe, Robert Atkinson, Ja. Ritcheson, Jo. Eamontson, Thomas Wilson, William Mallison, Jo. Turner, Jo. Eamontson, Hew Mallison.

"Grastock Barony.—Bowmen."—Lawrens Busher, William Noble, Jo. Sutton, Robert Blackburne, Thomas Watson, Thomas Thomson, Robert Browne, Thomas Blith, William Johnson, Ja. Dawson, Jo. Knott, Jo. Mallison, Anthony Dawson, Jo. Bounting, John Chamerlayn, William Harrison.

"Baronie de Graistock [continued],—Grisdaill.—Bowmen."—Christofer Allison, "Wedowe" Robinson, Christofer Robinson, Jo. Briscowe, Jo. Robinson, Robert Jackson, Thomas Gaitskarth, William Todhunter, Charles Cannon, Jo. Wilkinson, Jo. Sle, Peter Cannon, Christofer Robinson, William Nicholson, William Robinson, Richard Strickhead, Robert Gaitskarth, Jo. Buckbarrowe.

"Wethermelock.—Bowmen."—Jo. Hodgson, Jo. Redhead, Jo. Wilson, William Hudson, Jo. Burton, Ed. Wilkinson, Jo. Dawson, John Burton, John Willen, Jo. Lamerick, Ed. Wilkinson, Jo. Wilson, Ed. Strickett, William Castlehowe, Ed. Wilkinson, Cuthbert Boddy, Richard Mertyn, William Dawson, William Nicholson, William Burton, William Browne, Cuthbert Rakestray, Jo. Parker, Ed. Rakestray, Thomas Sle, Jo. Nicholson, Jo. Willen, Jo. Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Ed. Dawson, Jeffray Allison, Jo. Dawson, Ja. Clerk, Jo. Clerk, Jo. Dawson, Robert Burton, Jo. Dawson, Jo. Wilkinson, Jo. Watson, Robert Clark, William Dawson, Jo. Nicholson, Peter Pattinson, Cuthbert Denkyn, Christofer Wilson, "Wedowe" Troutbeck, William Trowtbeck, Jo. Thomson, Jo. Rukyn, Richard Dockrey, Ed. Clerk, Ed. Wilkinson, Ed. Castlehowe, Ed. Nycholson, William Bowsher, John Dobson, Rowland Nycholson, Thomas Robinson, Jo. Castlehowe, Cuthbert Dockra, Ed. Skilbeck, Jo. Benson, Cuthbert Wilson, James Walker, Oswold Rinney, Georg Hodgson, Thomas Wilkinson, Thomas Rukyn, Anthony Carter, Ed. Readhead, Jo. Wilson, Ro. Wilson, Jo. Dawson, Robert Barton, Ed. Willen, Jo. Wilson, John Mertyn, Ed. Mertyn, Jo. Dawson, William Rastray, Cuthbert Parker, Robert Sle, Ed. Nicholson, Ed. Nicholson, Edward Dawson, Rowland Willen, William Allison.

"The Towne of Matterdaill.—Bowmen."—William Hutton, Oswold Rinney, Jo. Brownrig, Richard Grisdaill, Robert Grisdaill, Ed. Grisdaill, Christofer Atkinson, Jo. Atkinson, Christofer Steall, Richard Greynhowe, Jo. Grenowe, Jo. Greynowe, Christofer Greynhowe, Jo. Grenowe, Christofer Langcaster, Christofer Rukyn, Jo. Rukyn, Jo. Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Jo. Dockrey, Thomas Daison, Jo. Wilson, Thomas Grisdaill, Christofer Dason, Thomas Grisdaill, Rowland Nicholson, Cuthbert Atkinson, Jo. Robinson, Jo. Atkinson, Jo. Sutton, Jo. Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Ed. Brownrig, Jo. Grenhowe, Jo. Birkhead, Jo. Brownrig, Thomas Robinson, Jo. Gilbanck, Christofer Langcaster, Robert Gilbank, Jo. Grenowe, Ed. Benson, Jo. Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Thomas Grisdaill, William Rukyn, Jo. Rukyn, Thomas Rukin, William Dackra, Robert Dockra, John Grisdaill, Christofer Grisdaill, Jo. Daison, Thomas Wilson, William Grisdaill, Jo. Nicholson, Thomas Atkinson, John Brownrig, Ed. Brownrig, Thomas Greynhowe, Thomas Robinson, John Gilbanck, Charles Gilbanck, Robert Dockray, Jo. Langcaster, William Gilbanck, Jo. Greynhowe, Thomas Greynhowe.

"Motherby.—Bowmen."—Jo. Turner, Ja. Cock, Hew Mallison, Jo. Harrison, Charles Kemp.

"Grisdaill.— Bowmen."— Peter Brisco, Lawrence Jackson, Cuthbert Richeson, William Greynhowe, Christofer Wilkinson, Thomas Sle, Jo. Nicholson, William Robinson, Charles W[i]lton, Jo. Langcaster, Anthony Stricked, "Wedowe" Grenowe, Richard Langcaster, Ed. Buckbarrowe, Jo. Robinson, Jo. Grenowe, Christofer Buckbarrowe, William Robinson, Myles Sle, William Todhunter.

"Twaites.—Bowes."—Jo. Awcok, Richard Gardris, Jo. Burbanck, Thomas Pacok, Ja. Pearson, Jo. Simpson, Robert Whit, Charles Cannon, Jo. Smythson, Jo. Daison, Jo. Whitlock, Charles Topping, William Relf, Henry Scott, Jo. Whitt. "Billes."—Jo. Cardres, Christofer Mukhowe, Thomas Whit, Anthony Eamontson, John Gardris, Mongo Ritcheson, Jo. Ritcheson. "Absent."—Charles Ritcheson, Martyn Relf, Richard Heder.

"Threlkeld.—Bowmen."—Jo. Scott, Richard Scott, Jo. Wilkinson, William Grave, Jo. Scott, Jo. Gilbanck, Thomas Scott, William Scott, Roger Wodd, Richard Cockborn, Robert Woodd, Jo. Dolson, Anthony Todhunter, Robert Pickering, Christofer Hidson, William Atkinson, John Thomson, William Thomson, Thomas Scott, William Scott, Christofer Wren, Jo. Langcaster, Jo. Hodgson. "Billmen."—Christofer Todhunter, Jo. Todd, Thomas Dobson, William Todhunter. "Absent."—Jo. Clement, Jo. Brownrig, Robert Gibson, Richard Smith.

"Newton.—Bowmen."—Jo. Todd, Jeffray Hodgson, William Jon, Thomas Todd, Christofer Dawson, Jo. Anson, Robert Ritcheson, Robert Anson. "Bilmen."—Robert Hodgson, Rowland Ritcheson, John Clark, Jo. Clark, Robert Jon, Thomas Watson. "Absent."—Hugh Wilson, Jo. Nicholson, Richard Raper. "Without furniture."—Mathewe Mylner, Jo. Jon, Robert Waterson, Richard Raper, Richard Scott, William Bonat, Robert Penock, Georg Hasty, Jo. Mylner, Jo. Raper, Thomas Bonat. "Summa totall, mmciiijxxvj, wherof:—

Speremen after the custom of the countrie, clxxj; bowemen fornished, viijclxxiij; bilmen fornished, cxl; harquebuzers, ix; men without furniture, dclxiiij; absent men having warninge, cccxxix.

Tho. La[mplugh], Ric. Kyrkbryd, Jo. Atkinson. In one handwriting.

27 pp. Broad sheets. In the handwriting of Scrope's clerk. Indorsed: "Lieth Ward 14 of Febrie 1580."

93. Musters of Cumberland Ward, Dalston Barony, etc. [Feb. 14.]

"Combreland Warde, Barronie of Dalston, Hauxdall."—Christofer Rumnay, John Kendall, (fn. 2) ja., sp., caps; Thomas Blamire, ja., bow, ar. and cap; Leonard Holme, John Browne, ja., sp., caps; Thomas absent (ab.).

Rumney, nihil; William Holme, Robert Moore, bows and ar.; Barnard Smyth, sp.; Christofer Rickerbie, bow and ar.; Thomas Knot, la.; John Saunderson, sp.; William Robinson, John Brathwate, bows and ar.; Lanscelot Stevenson, nichil; Phillip Lamonbie, bow and ar.; John Gamlen, sp.; Launcelot Coultrod, Henrie Richeson, nihil; Edward Messinger, bow and ar.; William Michelson, Thomas Holme, la.; James Sowerbie, sp.; Richard Sowerbie, ab.; John Bowsbie, nihil; Anthony Becke, bow, ar., cap; John Tengat, nihil; John Robson, la.; William Booke, sp.

"Cumdovoke."—Henrie Younge, Edward Younge, ja., sp., cap; John Becke, nihil; William Knot, sp., cap; William Rumnay, ab.; Edward Smyth, bow, ar., cap; John Rowlande, sp., cap.; Richard Scot, ab.; John Nixon, nihil; William Nixon, ab.; William Puignaye, bow and ar.; William Peale, George Nixson, Edward Porter, la.; William Robinson, bow and ar.; William Osmorderley, Richard Nixon, Thomas Smyth, la.; Thomas Nixon, Robert Nixon, Nicholas Puignay, bows and ar.; Henrie Rason, Anthony Pingnay, sp.

"Cardue."—John Raison, Hugh Porter, sp. and cap; Thomas Browne, sp.; John Sawer, sp. and cap; William Raison, sp.; William Stodhame, la.; Nycholas Ladiman, sp.; Thomas Watson, ab.; John Croswhate, la.; John Biglaunce, Thomas Biglaunce, John Jackson, bows and ar.; Thomas Jackson, sp. and cap; John Richeson, nihil; John Blamire, bow, ar. and cap; Thomas Robinson, nihil; William Gait, Hughe Brigg, Cuthbert Wilson, Nichol Porter, sp.; John Busbie, bow and ar.

"Great Dalston."—Edward Richerbie, ja., sp. and cap; John Porter, Edward Blamire, sp. and caps; Christofer Love, ja., sp., cap; John Railton, ja., bow, ar., cap; Henrie Becke, John Nixon, bows and ar.; John Stout, sp., cap; Robert Blamire, Thomas Shepherd, nihil; George Farie, bow, ar.; Randel Nixon, sp.; John Farie, Robert Head, bows and ar.; Edward Bowlie, la.; William Raison, sp.; Thomas Blamire, ja., sp., cap; John Huddert, John Nixon, John Simson, Simon Willson, Robert Wod, sp. and caps; Thomas Gate, sp.; William Mylner, la.

"Littell Dalston."—Giles Sadler, George Peat, Robert Becke, Richard Carelill, sp. and caps.

"Buckabankes."—James Rowland, ja., bow and cap; John Cutberdson, Thomas Robinson, George Raison, sp. and caps; George Peat, ja., bow, ar., cap; William Railton, la., cap; John Bowlie, Anthony Carelill, Lancelot Porter, la.; John Lademan, sp.; Christofer Browne, sp., cap; Mathew Raison, la.; Thomas Mason, bow and ar.; James Browne, la.; Thomas Browne, sp.; John Peate, la.; Thomas Smyth, sp.; Thomas Blamire, Edward Blamire, Thomas Browne, la.; Robert Raison, sp.

"Caldiegate."—John Wilson, George Sowerbie, Richard Hesellhead, Hugh Robinson, Richard Howe, William Durreme, ja., sp., caps; Robert Johnson, sp., cap; George Heselhead, John Hesselhead, bows, ar.; John Heselhead, la.; John Messinger, sp., cap; Edward Simson, la., cap; John Bulman, sp.; Edward Dounle, la.; Thomas Stoddart, bow, ar., cap; George Moore, bow and ar.; Mathew Carelill, la.; John Rea, sp.; Thomas Rainold, Thomas Stronge, la.; George Grame, Edward Moodie, sp.; Richard Bacon, la., cap; Richard Johnson, ab.; Clemet Bowman, la.; Christofer Jefferson, Simon Strong, Richard Red, sp.; John Durrame, sp., cap; Ch. Dalton, sp.; Robert Wilson, sp., cap; John Willson, Thomas Willson, nihil; Peter Nixon, sp., cap; William Willson, sp.; Richard Tengat, John Dalton, Steven Carelill, Hughe Carelill, bows, ar. and caps; Ran. Hesselhead, la., cap; Gre. Carelill, bow and ar.; Mathew Carelil, sp., cap; Ran. Carelil, Thomas Carelil, bows and ar.; Roger Kirdman, Thomas Jefferson, la.; Mathew Browne, sp.; Thomas Browne, sp. and cap; Launcelot Bacon, la.; Cle. Vickerman, sp.; Lawrence Atkinson, William Bell, la.; Thomas Saunderson, la. and cap; Thomas Sheperde, sp.; James Hare, Laurence Haire, la.

"Baronie of Wigdon, Wigdon."—Lancelot Grainger, sp., ja., cap; William Scot, ab.; Bartho. Lamplughe, la., cap; John Jeher, la.; Richard Studdome, sp., cap.; Thomas Thomson, nihil; Mathewe Ritcherson, ja., sp., cap; John Nicholson, sp.; John Ritson, ja., sp., cap; John Dacre, ab.; Mungo Tyffin, ja., sp., cap; Mungo Nicholson, sp., cap; John Grainger, Nichol Grainger, la.; Robert Junson, la., cap; John Semeron, sp., cap; Jo. Stockdell, bow, ar. and cap; Nichol Jackson, sp., cap; William Grainger, Thomas Timpron, la.; Nichol Taylor, . . . ; Nichol Robinson, sp.; Mich. Robinson, la.; Anthony Watson, la., cap; John Vaux, la.; Thomas Tympron, sp., cap; John Goldsmith, la.; Nichol Goldsmith, sp.; Robert Messinger, ab.; Simon Watson, sp., cap; John Jackson, bow, ar., cap; Anthony Robinson, la.; Anthony Scot, nihil; John Thomson, John Thomson, . . . ; Robert Messinger, bow and ar.; John Thomson, fil Tho. de Spittel, . . . ; Thomas Goldsmith, nihil; John Easton, la., cap; Nic. Godfrey, nihil; John Ismey, ab. "sicke;" John Nixon, Edward Grainger, sp. and caps; John Tyffin, nihil; William Tyffin, . . .; John Jackson, la.; John Pearson, la. and cap; Leonard Jackson, sp.; Richard Wilson, bill; Anthony Tyffin, la. and cap; John Watson, "sicke"; William Watson, sp.; John Tiffin, "of the Long More," Robert Tyffin, his brother, . . . ; Robert Saunderson, sp.; Cuthbert Brisko, Rowland Hird, la.

"Ressewen."—John Robinson, sp., ja. and cap; John Ismey, la.; William Herrison, ab. "sicke;" Richard Herrison, ja., sp., cap; Robert Jefferey, la.; John Jefferay, bow, ar. and cap; Thomas Hewat, sp.; Mungo Tyffin, nihil; John Herrison, bow, ar., ja., cap; John Watson, ja., sp., cap; Robert Watson, bow and ar.; Richard Watson, sp. and cap; Thomas Kitefoot, ja., sp., cap; Robert Gouldsmyth, William Lightfoot, la.

"Akheade."—Johann Watson, Cuthbert Ritson, Richard Dearne, sp. and caps; John Darne, nihil; John Messinger, Anthony Richerdson, John Chlerke, Nicho. Clerk, la.; John Messinger, nihil; John Watson, bow, ar.; John Dan, nihil; Thomas Dodson, bow, ar., cap; John Dodson, bow, ar.; John Dan, Robert Dan, Gilbert Dan, la.

"Kirklande."—William Atkinson, bow, ar.; John Atkinson, la.; John Ismey, sp.; John Lightfoot, John Lightfot, Thomas Herrison, William Herrison, bow and ar.; Robert Herrison, sp., cap.; Michael Herrison, bow, ar.; John Clerke, sp., cap; Anthony Lightfoot, bow, ar.; William Lamwarie, la.; John Godfery, bow, ar., cap; Edward Lightfoot, la.; John Atkinson, nihil; Robert Timpron, ab.; John Peole, nihil; John Langrig, sp., cap; Anthony Lightfoot, bill; Thomas Watson, ja., bow and cap.

"Waverton Magna."—John Messinger, Simon Messinger, sp. and caps; Thomas Peale, nihil; Riche Messinger, ab.; Cuthbert Tiffyn, bow, ar., cap; Thomas Lightfoot, la.; John Tyffin, bill, cap; John Whithead, sp., cap; Anthony Wood, bow, ar.; John (sic), sp. and cap; Nichol Ritson, la., cap; John Richardson, la.; Thomas Cauriave (?), bill; John Huytson, Thomas Huytson, la., caps; John Cammanvie, cap; Robert Plumer, nihil; Thomas Barne, ja., sp., cap; John Hooke, bow, ar.; John Hooke, ja., sp., cap; Edward Hooke, la.; John Hooke, ja., sp., la.; John Tiffin, ja., sp., cap; John Tiffin, William Younghusband, John Acyton, la.; Robert Robinson, sp., cap; John Nicholson, la.; William Barne, nihil; John Messenger, ja., sp., cap; Christofer Cannonvie, sp.; Nichol Hooke, la.; Mungo Barnes, sp., cap; John Mylner, la., cap; Robert Mylner, nihil; Richard Pearson, sp.; William Plummer, John Wood, bills; Christofer Wood, ab.; John Ayle, nihil; Christofer Atkinson, la.; John Browne, ab.; John Reade, ja., sp., cap; John Reade, sp.

"Waverton parva."—Cuthbert Willinson, nihil; Anthony Jackson, ja., sp., cap; Thomas Jackson, nihil; James Messinger, ja., sp., cap; Thomas Messinger, la.; John Pateson, ja., sp., cap; Henry Laram, Edward Rooke, la.; John Patinson, sp.; Nichol Wood, la.; Robert Plasket, sp.; John Atkinson, sp., cap; Thomas Teddone, la.; John Barne, sp., cap; George Hooke, ja., la., cap; John Hooke, ja., bow, cap; Thomas Dan, la.; Robert Wood, sp., cap; Nichol Dan, la., cap; Thomas Dan, sp., cap; Nicho. Dan, John Smyth, nihil; John Barne, la.; Row. Harrison, Thomas Jongbushe, nihil; Leonard Dowson, sp., cap; Thomas Clerke, ja., sp., cap; Christofer Clerk, la.; John Clerke, bow, ar., cap.

"Dumdraw."—John Plasket, John Plasket, bows, ar., cap; Thomas Harrison, sp., cap; John Barne, la.; John Plasket "larde,"nihil; John Jackson, Pet Bowch, ja., sp., caps; Thomas Hewitson, Edward Keye, sp., cap; Robert Hope, Thomas Scot, nihil; John Bowch, John Studdome, Thomas Bowch, sp., caps; Anthony Richarde, ja., sp., cap; William Watson, Thomas Watson, sp., cap; Robert Hooke, la.; John Jackson, Robert Plasket, ja., sp., caps; Richard Levin, la., cap; Cle. Hincmirgo, sp., cap; Edward Watson, ja., sp., cap; Nichol Jeffray, bill; John Bouche, nihil; John Jeffray, la.; Cuthbert Richardson, Thomas Richardson, sp., caps; Robert Rooke, nihil; William Richardson, la., cap; William Bouch, bill, cap; Thomas Bowne, Richard Atkinson, nihil; John Bouch, John Messinger, sp., caps; John Skamper, John Chimhor, John Ladiman, la.; Thomas Skuddame, sp., cap; Thomas Watson, sp.; William Watson, sp., cap; Robert Watson, bill; John Watson, nihil; William Wood, Robert Plasket, John Plasket, sp., caps; William Bouch, sp.

"Wodsyde."—John Grainger, John Grainger, ja., sp., caps; Thomas Addison, la., cap; Edward Barnes, ab.; Richard Barwise, sp., cap; William Thomson, la., cap; Edward Stoodam, bill, cap; Richard Addamson, Robert Addamson, William Addamson, la.; Nichol Biglance, la., cap; John Biglance, bow, ar., cap; Robert Stub, sp., cap; Thomas Nixon, ab.; George Messinger, sp., cap; Anthony Read, ab.; John Tympron, la., cap; John Addamson, sp., cap; John Messinger, la., cap; Nichol Messinger, sp., cap.

"West Warde."—John Lowthat, ja., sp., cap; Heugh Lowthat, bow, ar.; Simon Lowthat, nihil; John Robinson, sp., cap; John Whit, bow, ar.; Anthony Wite, sp.; John Barwis, ja., sp., cap; Thomas Whit, sp., cap; George Stauker, nihil; William Asbrig, bow, ar.; Michell Ashbrig, ja., sp., cap; John Brig, bow, ar.; Hugh Herrison, sp.; William Asbrig, bow, ar.; John Asbrig, sp.; Richard Asbrig; bow, ar.; George Asbrig, sp., cap; John Herrison, John Herrison, ja., sp., caps; William Herrison, senior, sp.; William Herrison, la.; Robert Langrig, Mungo Nicholson, sp., caps; Edward Herrison, Davyd Heddey, ja., sp., caps; Thomas Dowson, Richard Armorer, la.; Thomas Barn; (fn. 3) Barnard Relfe, la.; Nichol Fisher, nihil; Richard Smyth, sp., cap; John Smyth, bow, ar.; John Browne, Christofer Myrus, sp., caps; Thomas Myrus, bow, ar.; John Bramley, la.; Gie. Thornethwat, sp.; John Tiffin, John Jefferay, la.; Thomas Tiffin, ja., sp., cap; Cuthbert Tyffin, sp.; John Key, bow, ar.; John Scot, la.; John Nicholson, sp., cap; Sime Scott, bow, ar.; John Person, la.; Anthony Jackson, sp., cap; Mungo Jackson, bow, ar.; Robert Jackson, sp.; John Nicholson, Robert Jackson, ja., sp., caps; Thomas Wood, bow, ar.; John Nicholson, ja., sp., cap; John Sterwhate, sp.; William Watson, la., cap; Anthony Stocdell, sp.; Anthony Brisko, ja., sp., cap; Mungo Nicholson, la.; Clement Browne, sp.; John W'son, sp., cap; John Wilson, ja., sp., cap; Robert W'son, bow, ar., cap; John W'son, John Wood, ja., sp., caps; Robert Tompson, la.; John Wood, bow, ar.; John Wood, ja., sp., cap; Robert Wood, John Wood, sp.; John Robinson, Adam Thomson, ja., sp., caps; John Thomson, bow, ar.; John Jefferay, ja., sp., cap; Robert Easton, la.; John Jack, sp., cap; Thomas Smyth, la.; Edward Hewton, sp., cap; Robert Peale, (fn. 4) Thomas Tiffin, John Thomson, sp.; Thomas Wilson, sp., cap; Row Richeson, ja., sp., cap; George Robinson, la., cap; William Robinson, la.; John Wodcoke, senior, sp., cap; John Wodcoke, junior, bow, ar.; William Loshe, la.; Edm. Todd, John Panter [ ]; Nichol Scot, William Wodcoke, Thomas Huntington, la.; Henry Peat, bow, ar., cap; Simon Plummer, la.; John Huntington, bow, ar.; John Atkinson, ja., sp., cap; Christofer Atkinson, la.; William Bone, ja., sp., cap; Adam Relfe, John Grainger, la.; John Jefferay, nihil; Thomas Henderson, sp., cap; James Vearty [ ]; John Clarke, Anthony Auston, sp.; William Godferey, la.; Robert Watson, ja., sp., cap; Hugh Williamson, sp., cap; William Grainger, William Patton, sp.; Richard Pearson, la.; William Musgrave, ja., sp., cap; John Musgrave, sp., cap; John Patteson, Robert Chalener, John Biglandes, sp.; Thomas Ritson, John Ritson, la.; John Wilson, sp.; Robert Hodgshon, John Peatson, la.; Mungo Scot, nihil; John Robinson, bow, ar., cap; George Wodcocke, la.; John Easmy, sp.; Edwart Gait, la.

"Deane Lordship, Harubie."—Christofer Clemetson, ja., sp., cap; John Peares, sp.; Adam Bacon, ja., sp., cap; Flore Taylor, nihil; Nichol Blaklok, sp.; Anthony Clementson, bow, ar.; Thomas Peares, la.; Johnn Lameley, Robert Roshell, sp., caps; Pettrell Wrey, nihil; John Sewell, la., cap; Thomas Railton, Thomas Parker, ja., sp., caps; John Patton, bow, ar., cap; Robert Slake, Thomas Slake, sp., caps; Robert Scott, bow, ar., cap; William Portor, bill; Robert Slake, Richard Willson, William Slak, Edward Briskoo, William Parker, la.; Christofer Bushebey, la., cap; Thomas Compston, bow, ar.; Christofer Compston, John Thompson, sp.; Raph Robinson, sp., cap.

"Swynsley."—John Pattinson, John Munckhous, la.

"Botchardgaite."—Leonard Lamely, bow, ar., cap; Johnn Pattinson, Johnn Atkinson, bow, ar.; Robert Raven, bow, ar., cap; Mungo Browne, bow, ar.; Edward Robinson, John Raven, bow, ar., cap; William Atkinson, John Atkinson, bow, ar.; Charles Morlan, bow, ar., cap; John Rainoldson, Thomas Paine, John Sheperd, Thomas Ive, Cuthbert Patinson, Henrie Patricke, bows, ar.; Henrie Hudson, bow, ar., cap; Jenkin Sewell, John How, sp., caps; Richard Bacon, James Ive, Robert Gait, bills, caps; Christofer Holme, halbert; John Bell, bill, cap; Edward Holme, halbert; Robert Sewell, halbert, cap; John Willson, bill, cap; Edward Wilson, John Browne, bills; John Bacon, sp.; Lancelot Emetson, sp., cap; William Ritcheson, halbert; Thomas Pattinson, bow, ar.; Thomas Scalbie, bill; Richard How, halbert; Edward Paine, sp. and [ ], Sime Howe, sp.; Rowland Paine, Patrick How, sp., caps.

"Briskoo."—Edward Robinson, Thomas Sewell, Thomas Pattinsou, ja., sp., caps; Leonard Dowson, sp.; John Bacon, ja., sp., cap; Thomas Nicholson, sp., cap; John Roshel, nihil; John Willson, ja., sp., cap; Christofer Tallantire, sp.; Johnn Pattinson, sp., cap; Richard Litster, la.; John Scot, ja., sp., cap; John Atkinson, bill, cap; John Wilson, sp., cap; John Sewell, ja., sp., cap; Leonard Cruckbaine, la.; Anthony Horsmer, bow, ar.; Richard Holme, sp.; Leonard Lowther, la.; John Back, John Browne, George Nicholson, John Earle, John Barne, Thomas Younge, nihil; James Kirkbrid, bow, ar.; John Railton, Thomas Simson, Bar. Kirkbrid, nihil; Thomas Bacon, bow, ar.; Richard Robinson, la.; Ran. Sewell, sp.; John Short, bow, ar.; Thomas Thomson, la.; Thomas Willson, bill; Leonard Farlam, sp.; John Bacon, bow, ar.; William Knight, la.; Thomas Timber, sp.; Jenkin Dandye, sp., cap; William Pattinson, la.

"Karlton."—John Holme, "gonne"; William Tangatt, ja., sp., cap; John Tye, bow, ar., cap; Richard Tye, sp., cap; Roger Railton, bow, ar.; Richard Bacon, ja., sp., cap; John Ranold, bow, ar.; Christofer Sealbie, la.; Sime Sewell, la., cap; Thomas Young, la.; Robert Daulton, ja., sp., cap; Richard Ranold, la.; Robert Railton, ja., sp., cap; Robert Rashell, Bar. Sewell, sp., caps; Thomas Neveson, William Hodgshon, la.; Rowland Gray, sp.; Allexander Thomson, bow, ar.; John Robinson, la.; Thomas Daulton, sp.; Stephen Kirkbrid, ja., sp., cap; Robert Scot, la., William Pescod, bow, ar., cap; William Stephenson, bow, ar.; Robert Holme, sp., cap.

"Wetherall."—Robert Sharprow, William Thomson, Leonard Moses, William Durrens, John Lowson, Robert Lowson, Thomas Aunderson, ja., sp., caps; Lancelot Mason, William Hornsbie, bows, ar., caps; John Robinson, la.; Thomas Atkinson, bow, ar., cap; Richard Railton, sp.; John Stub, la., cap; John Elwod, bow, ar.; John Manshell, la.; Robert Peper, George Salter, bows, ar., caps; Thomas Peper, bill; Nico. Plugh, la.; Thomas Richerson, sp.; Oliver Robinson, ja., sp., cap; William Thomson, sp., cap; Thomas Mason, ja., bow, ar., cap; Nicho. Lowweeke, William Barue, ja., sp., caps; Christofer Thomson, la.; Roberte Peper, ja., sp., cap; Thomas Wanopp, sp., cap; John Pereth, la.; Richard Atkinson, bow, ar.; Steven Lowsou, la.; Cuthbert Morton, sp., cap; William Slet, Thomas Pereth, la.; Rel. Grason, bow, ar.; William Wallas, sp., cap; Simon Richardbie, John Graison, Robert Graison, Robert Simson, la.

"Burghe Barronie, Burghe towne."—William Love, Robert Harson, William Rogerson, David Sadler, Robert Lowson, Thomas Dixon, sp., caps; John Bell, David Mark, Jo. Mugthon, Jacbot Frange, Mech. Merk, sp.; Richard Merk, Christofer Schiford, William Sihrford, John Stordan, Christofer Cruckdaike, Robert Sturden, John Myllekin, John Sharrop, sp., caps; Thomas Sturdie, nihil; William Huitson, John Todd, Robert Dix, William Heddell, sp.

"Bampton."—John Briven, Peter Davoke, George Browne, Jo. Browne, Edward Huitson, sp., caps; Robert Cruckdake, sp.; Thomas Blen, William Skelton, Robert Hutton, Sthe. Drumald, sp., caps; John Barwise, nihil: John Nixon, sp., cap; Jo. Baren, sp.; William Robinson, sp., cap; Robert Barne, sp.; William Haire, John Haire, Jo. Barne, sp., caps; John Rowk, bow, ar.; Cle. Robinson, Nichol Robinson, sp., caps.

"Boms."—Thomas Marsen, sp., cap; Jo. Robinson, Robert Richson, sp.

"Glasson and Drombie."—Jo. Schref, Nich. Person, sp.; Hector Lowson, [ ]; John Nicholson, sp.; Rand. Peruson, nihil; Adam Jackson, sp.

"Fingland and Whitrigg."—George Knobaye, Will Fafes, George Lowson, John Dowson, John Barne, Jo. Meaney, sp., caps; Steven Wenderson, Thomas Boykhowse, Mich. Aunderson, sp.; Jo. Hinde, sp., cap; Thomas Aunderson, Jo. Hetherington, sp.; John Farlam, sp., cap; Robert Homyder, Gilles Twentiman, John Andrew, sp.; John Bockhowse, John Willeson, sp., caps; Anthony Jackson, bow, ar.; Christofer Aunderson, sp.

"Anthorne."—Robert Whitthornne, nihil; William Dovold, senior, sp.; William Per, sp., cap; John Dixon, sp.; Anthony Dripe, William Donald, sp., caps; Robert Bluspild, Anthony Phill, nihil.

"Thouresbie."—Leonard Hewet, sp.; Robert Ritson, Adam Robinson, Richard Mathew, Thomas Reay, Thomas Richerbie, sp., caps; William Ricerbie, ja., sp., cap; Robert Peele, sp.; Nich. Smydis, nihil; John Will Nigersou, John Ritson, sp., caps; William Ritson, sp.

"Rockelife."—Hugh Nixou, sp.; William Grame, sp., cap; Rowl. Jackson, Jam Hewet, Mic. Hewit, Cuthbert Jackson, Ing. Willson, Rowland Goodfellow, sp.; Sime Hunter, sp., cap; Adam Pot, la.; Edward Hewit, John Hewit, George Hewit, William Dixon, sp.

"Partan."—Robert Furnes, sp.; John Jefferay, sp., cap; John Easmye, sp.; Robert Jefferay, bow, ar.; Richard Bacon, sp., cap; William Barwise, sp.; Christofer Jackson, John Jefferay, nihil.

"Beamonde."—John Hodgshon, William More, Richard Bull, John Browne, Roger Johnston, sp., caps; Sime Pattinson, la.; Thomas Dickeson [ab.].

"Aicton."—John Bairne, sp.; Thomas Aglionby, nihil; John Barne, sp.; William Furnes, sp., cap; Thomas Cragall, ab. eger; John Atkinson, sp., cap.

"Wiganbie."—John Barne [ab.]; William Craggie, Henrie Barwise, sp.; George Atkinson, sp., cap; John Bledforde, sp.

"Thornbie."—John Addison, sp.; Richard Henderson, sp., cap; William Barne, Robert Atkinson, William Cragill, Thomas Stodart, Jo. Barne, sp.; John Jefferay, Jo. Pearson, la.; Jo. Hensall, nihil.

"Biglandes."—Leonard Smyth, sp.; Thomas Bowen, William Bowen, sp., caps; Robert Barne, sp.; John Furnes, la.; Richard Lowson, sp.; Edward Barne, ab.; Christofer Wilson, ab. eger; John Willson, sp., cap; Robert Furnes, la.; Robert Furnes, sp.; William Douker, sp., cap; John Furnesse, sp.; John Briskoo, la.

"Owlton."—Thomas Plummer, sp.; John Weson, bow, ar.; Robert Wilson, Anthony Atkinson, Robert Bigland, junior, sp.; Thomas Watson, bow, ar.; Thomas Ismay, nihil; William Scott, la.; Robert Patteson, sp.; Robert Livede (?), la., cap; John Lightfoot, Robert Lightfoot, bows, ar.; John Dogon, la.; John Patteson, Robert Clark, sp.; Bartho Stoddert, Nichol Stoddart, John Smyth, la.; Jo. Bigland, bow, ar.; Thomas Dogeon, John Thomson, sp.; Thomas Lightfoot, la., cap; Richard Bycke, la.

"Orton."— John Barne, nihil; Robert More, John Haire, sp., caps; Robert Wilson, la.; Edward Pattinson, sp.; Thomas Pattinson, John Pattinson, nihil; William Hynde, John Brig, sp.; Robert Hinde, John Hinde, Jo. Coultrie, Jam Blaxon, sp., caps; Thomas Twentiman, junior, la.; Thomas Pattinson, sp.; Hughe Pattinson, bow, ar.; Rowland Boucke, la.; Thomas Twentiman, sp.; William Willson, John Bocke, sp., caps; Matho Hodgshon, sp.; William Lyddall, Robert Hinde, John Twentiman, John Blaine, nihil.

"Creston."—Robert Hodge, Robert Wodcok, sp., caps; Georg How, la.; John Rawlin, sp.; William James, ab. eger; Thomas Bawne, la.; William Watson, Robert Pearson, John Jefferay, sp.; Jo. Wilson, sp. cap; Robert Barine, bow, ar.; William Thomson, John Anson, sp.; John Atkinson, nihil.

"Kyrkride."—John Hewet, sp.; Thomas Willson, la.; Thomas Kirkbrid, nihil; Thomas Martyn, Nichol Dowson, Georg Kirkbrid, John Donald, John Barne, Thomas Dowson, Math. Kirkbrid, sp.; John Smalwod, sp., cap; Thomas Smalwod, William Stoddart, Jo. Donald, Jo. Martyn, sp.; John Backhowse, la.

"Lassonhall."—John Wilson, sp.; Jo. Timperon, la.; Robert Atkinson, sp.; Thomas David, bow, ar.; Robert Dayd, senior, William David, Jo. Herrison, sp.; Georg Bell, bow, ar.; William David, Thomas Bouch, sp.; William Bouch, bow, ar., cap; Thomas Herrison, bow, ar.

"Mourhowse."—Thomas David, la.; Robert David, William Fullupson, sp.; Robert Barne, ja., sp.; Richard Lightfoot, sp., cap; Edmo. Barne, Jo. Wilson, sp.; Richard Thomson, nihil; Jo. Messinger, sp., cap; Thomas Scot, sp.; Robert Ritson, Hew Urwaind, la.; Anthony Easmy, sp.; Jo. Browne, la.; William More, sp., cap; Robert Browne, Adam Tengat, William Barne, la.; Thomas Barne, sp.; Robert Drap, bow, ar.; Robert Clarke, John Maison, Jo. Biglands, sp., caps; James Howie, sp.; John Maison, la.; William Tyffin, bow, ar.; John Scot, la.; Jo. Tiffin, Thomas Pearson, sp., caps; Richard Easmy, John Goodfrey, sp.; Richard Harrison, bow, ar.; Thomas Jackson, Robert Maison, John Osmoderlaw, Robert Peale, Robert Willson, la.

"Sebourham."—Christofer Simson, John Simson, la.; Thomas Rawtin, John Maison, bows, ar.; Thomas Maison, Thomas Samson, bills; Jo. Younger, bow, ar., cap; John Stockdall, sp., cap; Peter Simson, John Chlerke, bows, ar.; Anthony Stockdall, sp., cap; Roger Stockdall, Thomas Stocdall, bows, ar., caps; Edward Stockdall, bill, cap; Thomas Clarke, bow, ar.; Jo. Stockdall, la., cap; Robert Marshall, bow, ar., cap; John Robinson, bill; John Poole, bow, ar., cap; William Whitlok, ab.; Nichol Pattinson, bow, ar., cap; Robert Barton, sp.; William Gait, bill, cap; John Gait, la., cap; John Relfe, bill, cap, bow, ar.; Thomas Brummered, bow, ar.; Michael Simson, bow, ar., cap; Thomas Marshall, la.; Robert Clarke, bow, ar., cap; Thomas Pole, bow, ar; An. Stocdall, la.; Robert Stocdall, Anthony Bed, bows, ar., caps; Jo. Whitlok, bill; George Clark, Nicho. Whitloke, bows, ar., caps; Jo. Wood, bow, ar., la., cap; Christofer Simson, bow, ar.; Anthony Clark, William Simson, la.; Cuthbert Grennop, sp., cap; Jo. Bell, bow, ar.; Thomas Simson, la.; Jo. Elwood, William Ritson, John Relfe, Thomas Relfe, bows, ar., caps; William Ritson, sp.; William Lowson, nihil; Thomas Mason, Richard Hetherenton, la.; Jo. Munkas, bill; Robert Stawker, bow, ar., cap; Jo. Pattinson, bow, ar.

"The Church of Carliles Tennauntes there."—William Relfe, bill; Jo. Rowland, la.; Jo. Patteson, Jo. Simson, sp.; Edward Stocdall, la.; Thomas Mason, bow, ar.

"Mr Thomas Dentons Tenantes there."—Thomas Patteson, sp., cap; Nicho. Patteson, la., cap; George Patteson, nichil; Edward Baxter, sp.; Adam Stockdall, Nichol Smalthorne, bows, ar.

"Botcherbie."—Cuthbert Holme, sp.; Christofer Holme, ab.; Richard Holme, John Holme, sp.; John Browne, Robert Staker, Cuthbert Robinson, la.; William Musgraive, sp., cap; Jo. Nixon, Thomas Richerdson, la.; Mathew James, nihil; William Patrick, sp.; Randel Snell, la.; Thomas Ralton, nihil; Christofer Sewel, sp., cap.

"Blackell."—John Ednel, la.; Richard Auston, William Brisko, la.; Anthony Lundall, Jo. Selbie, sp.; Ran. Dankell, John Bone, la.; Edward Wilson, la., cap; John Railton, John Borne, sp., caps; Richard More, William Bacon, la.

"Gaittesgalle and Rawton."—John Bowlie, nihil; William Bowlie, bow, ar.; John Bowlie, senior, la., cap; John Rumnay, la.; Jo. Bewlie, bill, cap; Anthony Herrison, la.; George Stoub, Ed. Rumnay, Jo. Pattinson, sp., caps; Adam Stockdall, la.; William Willson, la., cap; John Rumnay, sp., cap; Edward Stocdal, Jo. Bowlie, Richard Stub, Thomas Rumnay, la.; Edward Herrison, bow, ar., cap; Jo. Stephenson, Jo. Bowlie, Jo. Head, la.; George Bewlie, la., cap; Jo. Herrison, junior, sp., cap; William Herrison, la.; Robert Herrison, ab.; Mich. Rumnay, la.; Anthony Herrison, la., cap; John Herrison, sp., cap; John Thomlinson, Richard Nixon, Jo. Simson, bows, ar.; Mich. Bewlie, nihil; William Bewlie, la., cap; George Bewlie, sp., cap; Anthony Bewlie, nihil; William Bewlie, la., cap; Thomas Bewlie, bow, ar.; Mich. Bewlie, sp., cap; Edward Bewlie, nihil; Edward Mateson, bow, ar.; Richard Stauker, nihil; John Bewlie, George Rumnay, Thomas Rumnay, Robert Rumnay, Jeffery Bewlie, John Head, bows and ar.; John Bewlie, la.; Thomas Bewlie, la., cap.

"Wanwicke."—Christofer How, Christofer Atkinson, la.; Thomas Blaklok, sp., cap; Jo. Tinlin, la.; Peter Hawkin, Thomas Watson, sp., caps; Georg Gill, la.; Georg Blaklok, bow, ar.; Henrie Lowson, Thomas Huyson, la.; John Blaklok, bow, ar.; William Slater, William Robinson, junior, sp.; Jo. Warwicke, Jo. Huytson, la.; Jo. Warwick, nihil; Thomas Huytson, Jo. Walker, Hugh Blaklok, Robert Scott, sp.; John Smythes, nihil; Jo. Stevenson, bow, ar.; William Huytson, la.; Bart. Howson, sp., cap; Richard Warwick, Richard Lowson, la.; Richard Warwick, la., cap; Robert Huytson, sp., cap; Robert Slator, William Blake, ja., sp., caps.

"Aglionbie."—Robert Dod, William Hetherington, William Howson, Alexander Thurlwaie, sp.; Thomas Bendell, la.; Will Hind, bow, ar., cap; Thomas Pott, Thomas Browne, sp.; Jo. Brown, sp., bow, ar.; Row Ritcheson, sp.; Martin Bousted, Robert Grame, sp., caps; Jo. Bousted, junior, ja., sp., cap; Jo. Bousted, nihil; Robert Atkinson, la.; Thomas Browne, sp.; William Dod, sp., cap.

"East Kirtwhat and West Kirthwate."—Edward Smithes, sp., cap; Robert Loske, sp.; Robert Jackson, la.; William Huntington, sp.; William Tye, bow, ar.; Jo. Huntington, sp.; William Gait, William Cot, sp., caps; Edward Huntington, bow, ar.; John Parke, sp., cap.

"Aarmathwate."—William Stannix, bow, ar.; John Skelton, sp., cap; William Lank, Robert Earle, la.; Antho. Younger, sp., cap; James Stanix, William Nixon, Hughe Stanix, bows, ar., caps; Thomas Daves, sp., cap; William Robinson, la.; John Jackson, sp., cap; Jo. Turrey, sp.; George Nixon, bow, ar., cap; Richard Garth, sp., cap; Thomas Cock, ja., sp., cap; Lancelot Nixon, Richard Hodgshon, la., caps; Christofer Stanix, la.; William Morson, bill; John Skelton, bow, ar.; John Unthancke, Cuthbert Turrey, la.; Christofer Turrey, sp.; Robert Cuthbert, la., cap; Thomas Lowther, Willson Jack, sp., caps; Clem. Lowson, la., cap.

"Cumwhinton and Coothill, under Mr Skelton."—Thomas Cook, ja., sp., cap; John Cawert, Robert Smythson, la., caps; William Patteson, sp., cap; Peter Tayler, William Peper, ja., sp., caps; Robert Haie, la., cap; John Sawer, bill, cap; Thomas Weder, bow, ar., cap; Christofer Watson, Authony Dawlton, la., caps; John Raye, sp.; Thomas Kirkbrid, Raf Cafford, ja., sp., caps. "Under Mr Aglionby."—Nichol Peper, Robert Thomson, ja., sp., caps; Antho. Peskot, Richard Bed, la., caps; Robert Atkinson, Robert Sewel, la.; Lancelot Thomson, sp., cap; Thomas Peper, sp.; Hugh Graison, Thomas Watson, bows, ar., caps; Christofer Robley, John Robinson, la.; Thomas Bacon, sp., cap; John Gait, la.; William Peper, sp., cap; William Plasket, John Look, junior, la., caps; John Thomson, ja., sp., cap; Jo. Look, bow, ar.; Rauff Thomson, sp., cap; Thomas Hardknes, la.; Jo. Marton, bow, ar., cap; John Stevenson, ja., la., cap; William Hutton, la.; John Robley, la., cap; Jo. Rashod, la.; Robert Aglionby, sp., cap; Robert Thomson, junior, la., cap; James Thomson, sp., cap; William Robinson, ja., sp., cap; Oliver Peper, sp.; Nic. Peper, la., cap; John Peskot, sp., cap; Cuthbert Thomson, bow, ar.; William Peper, sp.; John Thomson, la.; Robert Patteson, bow, ar.; John Willer, la.; Robert Tye, sp.; Nicholas Sawer, bow, ar.; John Peper, Thomas Calner, Thomas Holme, Robert Lowson, Thomas Bell, Anthony Sewell, la.

"Number 1309, absentes 40. Mustred by commission from the right honorable the Lord Scrop lord warden of the West Marches over against Scotland Februarie 1588 by us." Signed(?): Tho. Hamond, Henrie Denton, Ric. Barwis. (fn. 5)

"Summa totalis—Men, 1309. Spears or lawnces, 881. Bowmen, 226. Bilmen, 36. Gonners, 1. Unfurnished, 92. Absent, 40. Jackes, 138. Stele cappes, 494."

12 pp. Broadsheets. Possibly in the writing of Barwis. At the end of each district, the numbers, arms, &c. are noted by Burghley on the margin. Indorsed: "Baronny of Dalston, Comberland ward, footmen."

94. Musters of Westmorland. [Feb. 14.]

"The Certificate of Muster taken within the Weste and Mydle Wardes of the Countye of Westmorlande, before us John Mydleton, Lancelote Pickeringe, Recharde Dudley and John Rigg esquiers, by vertue of commission to us derected from the right honorable the Lord Scroope Lord Warden of the West Marchies of England forenempste Scotlande the tenthe day of Februarye in the xxiijth yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Ladye Elizabethe by the Grace of God Quene of Englande, Fraunce, and Ireland, Defender of the Faithe, &c.—

The Parishe of Banton Grainge."—Heugh Gibson, Edward Wilkinson, Richard Jackson, elder. "Houbye."—Robert Hogeson. "Walinegate."—John Wilkinson, Richard Harison, Anthony Bowman, elder, Richard Jackson, younger, Thomas Lowishe, Henrye Meason, Henrye Denyson, Richard, Holme, Christofer Holme, William Hayton, younger, John Stewarson, John Jackson, Robert Measande, Micheicl Hogeson, Henrye Dennyson, William Gate, Henrye Langhorne, William Smithe, Thomas Langhorne, Rowland Noble, William Harison, John Harison, Richard Braidley, John Hayton—"29 furnysshed wythe nagges and bowes." "Walnegate."—Anthony Chappelhowe, William Hudson, Anthony Dennyson, Edmonde Gibson, James Braydley, Thomas Walker, Edmonde Holme, William Hoteblacke—"8 furnysshed wythe nagges and bylles." "Walmegate."—Richarde Bennett, younger, William Walker—"2, furnysshed withe nagges and sperres." "Grainge."—William Gibson yonger, "Boubye," Anthony Langhorne, "Walingate."—Robert Bowman, Richard Chappellhow, Edmonde Craisten, William Hoggorde, Robert Wrighte, Edmonde Salkelde, Francisse Salkelde, Anthoney Wrighte, Thomas Bowman, William Robinson, William Holme, Thomas Holme, yonger, John Robinson, Christofer Holme, Thomas Hayton, younger, John Hayton, William Jackson, yonger, William Measande, Alixander Gibson, William Richardson, John Lowishe, yonger, Rowland Stewardson, Robert Chappellhow, Roberte Bowman, Richard Holme, Thomas Denneson, Thomas Jackson, Thomas Langhorne, Edmonde Jackson, Nicholas Gibson, Edmonde Braydley, yonger, Thomas Bowman, Thomas Braydleye, Thomas Baxter, John Baxter, yonger, Thomas Bowman, John Mylne, William Wilkinson, yonger, William Noble, Thomas Jackson, Lancelote Baxter, John Noble, John Yate, Robert Hudson, Peter Langhorne, Thomas Sutton, William Hueson, yonger, Peter Dennyson—"51 footemen with bowes." "Grainge."—John Gibson, Anthoney Gibson, "Boubye," Anthoney Baxter, William Jackson, Robert Baxter, Robert Bowman. "Walmegate."—Anthoney Bowman, yonger, William Bowman, yonger, Anthoney Langhorne, William Hoggearde, elder, Robert Naddale, Henrye Wrighte, Roger Jackson, Henry Hogeson, George Araye, William Denneson, Stephen Thwaties, Edmonde Denneson, Thomas Hayton, John Holme, Myles Holme, Christofer Denneson, William Robinson, yonger, Thomas Holme, George Holme, Thomas Lowishe, William Stewardson, William Jackson, Thomas Stewarson, Henrye Foster, Leonarde Dennyson, William Horne, John Noble, Edwarde Noble, Rowland Bowman, Roberte Gibson, John Hobson, Thomas Chappellhowe, Edmonde Walker, Roberte Baxter, Henrye Baxter, yonger, Lancelote Hoggerde, William Wilkinson, William Matteson, John Wilkinson, Thomas Walker, William Walker, John Wilkinson, yonger, Anthony Harryson—"50 footemen with bylles."

"The Parishe of Barton."—William Syssen, William Mounsey, Michaell Syssen, William Richardson, elder, Edwarde Harryson, Stephen Mounsye, James Wyseman, William Hogeson, Christofer Robinson, Thomas Smithe, "Wedow Langbane a man," Lancelote Winder, John Dary, Lancelote Smythe, Cuthberte Syssen, John Wedderette, Cuthberte Mounsey, William Mounsey, Roger Hellew, William Wilkinson, Henrye Clarke—"21 furnysshed wythe nagges and bowes." John Harrison, Robert Clarke, Michaell Syssen, John Harrison, Christofer Martin, William Richeson, William Clarke, Thomas Smythe, John Hogeson, Henrye Hogeson, William Smythe—"11 footemen wythe bylles." Richarde Dawson, Thomas Mounsey, Thomas Mure, Symon Smythe, Leonarde Martin—"5 footemen wythe bowes."

"Martindale."—Mr Richard Harrison, Michaell Walker, Richard Browne, William Grene, Laurence Bewshe, John Walker, Lancelote Cokeson, Stephen Bewsher, Ambrose Harrison, Adam Harrison, Thomas Walker, John Goodburne, John Bewsher, William Lancaster, John Walker, William Grene "by his man,—16 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes. The wife of Christopher Browne by his servant," John Dawes, Robert Lowther, Bennett Hudson, Richarde Hogeson, Thomas Bewsher—"7 footemen withe bowes." John Dawes, Robert Vicars, Robert Dawes, Thomas Martindale, Ambrose Denneson, Edwarde Walker, Stephen Harryson, Robert Browne, senior, Laurence Beusher, Thomas Noble, John Dawes, Robert Vicars—"12 footemen with billes."

"Patterdale."—William Harrison, Ambrose Rukin, Henrye Denneson, Lancelote Harrison, Richard Wilkinson, Thomas Hogeshon, John Hullocke, Richard Thomson, Christofer Wilson, Richard Kelsike, Edwarde Wilson, William Martindale, Richarde Thomson, John Threlkelde, Ambrose Dawes, John Thomson, Richarde Thomson, John Lancaster, William Thomson,—[19] "furnysshed with nagges and bowes." William Lancaster, Richarde Dobson, Christofer Harrison, Christofer Rukin, John Thomson, William Dobson—"6 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." Richarde Wilkinson, John Haryman, William Grene, Lanceolote Threlkelde, Gerarde Wilkinson, John Mydleton—"6 footemen wythe bowes." John Hogeson, Giffrey Harrison, Rowland Dobson, Richard Hoggarde, Ambrose Hoggarde—"5 footemen withe bills."

"Glenradden in Patterdale."—Mr William Benson, John Threlkelde, Roberte Ruken—"3 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Thomas Grenchowe, John Nicholson, Thomas Harrison, William Hallecke, Lanceolote Allison, Richarde Nicolson, Michaell Harrison, Richarde Dawes, John Hogeson, Adam Harrison—"11 footemen withe bylles."

"Harcesoppe."—John Lancaster, Allane Newton, Richarde Lancaster, John Richardson, Giffrey Dawson, Christofer Harrison, Gerarade Rause, Gerarade Thomson—"8 furnysshed with nagges and bowes." Giffrey Newton, Giffrey Thomson—"2 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." William Thomson, William Wilkinson, Edwarde Rause, John Macrethe, Christofer Mayson—"5 footemen with bowes." Christofer Rukin, Thomas Rukin, Richard Bell, Roberte Macray—"4 footemen withe bylles."

"Lawwinde."—John Davyes, George Walker, William Smythe—"3 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." William Aray, John Aray—"2 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." Heughe Hallen—"footeman with a byll."

"Sackbredde.—Mr Edward Lancaster and his houshold servantes, furnyshed with horse, bowes or speares." John Lancaster, Lancelote Bewsher, John Langehorne, Leonarde Hogeshon, Michaell Aray—"5 furnysshed with nagges and bowes." John Lancaster, Robert Lancaster, Anthoney Gibson, William Ydle, Thomas Wilkinson, John White, Henrye Nicolson, John Winder, John Aray—" 9 furnysshed withe nagges and bylles." Christofer Aray, William Wilkinson, Lanceolote Lancaster, Arthoure Lancaster, Ewen Coperthwaite, Michaell Winder—"6 footemen with bowes." William Gibson, Lanceolote Soulby, John Gibson, William Jackson, Henry Hoggarde, Thomas Raynaldson, Lanceolote Barton—"7 footemen with bylles."

"Yanewathe and Emondbrigg."—Mr Richard Dudley esquier, and two of his houshold servantes furnyshed with horse, bowes or speares." John Armerer, Richard Walker, John Todde, John Gibson, Thomas Jackson, Peter Browham, Richard Peak, William Cartmell—"8 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Richard Walker, John Walker, John Law, John Cowper, William Varay, Christofer Gibson, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Bank, Henrye Haulle, William Harrison, Michaell Syssen, William Lister—"12 furnysshed withe nagges and bylles." Michaell Jyen, Michaell Browne—"2 furnysshed withe nagges and gownes called callevers."

"The Parishe of Hayhame, Foreste of Whynfell."—Symonde Lamberte, Symonde Denton, Henry Loughe, Anthoney Gibson, Thomas Winter, James Harper, Edwarde Kirkbeck, John Remine, Leonard Mathesone—"9 furnysshed with nagges and bowes."

Browhame.—Thomas Hanham(?), in warde shipe.—Thomas Ansome, "gentlemane," John Smythe, Nicolas Knotte, Jeffrey Huher, William Ausome, William Moure—"6 furnysshed with nagges and bowes." Ranaulte Gibsoune, Henrie Ansoune, Stephen Measoune, Gilberte Browhame, Thomas Dodde, Roberte Harrisoune, Thomas Lowdin, Eglamore Rumney, Thomas Birde, John Doubsoune, Richarde Wiber, Roberte Dawes, John Smithe—"16 footemen withe bylles."

"Parishe of Clyfton.—Thomas Wiber gentilman and his iije men furnysshed wythe horse, speares and bowes." William Knight, Christopher Robinson, Thomas Wilsoune, Thomas Smithe, William Wiber, Thomas Wilkinson, Thomas Meason, Thomas Clifton, Thomas Browne—"9 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Thomas Mabson, Thomas Wilkinson, Gefferaye Lancaster—"3 footemen withe bowes." Richard Newton, Adam Walker, Thomas Sutton, Bernarde Howsomer, Thomas Wiber, William Milne, Thomas Jon, Roger Walker, John Jobsoune, Robert Dauson, Christofore Knotte, Thomas Ledall, Anthony Wiber, Edmonde Gibsoune, John Blaunde, Thomas Borradill, Thomas Savaige.—"17 footemen withe bylles."

"The Parishe of Askeham.—Mr Thomas Sandfurthe the Quenes wardat under age, and in his place John Myddelton with ij° howseholde servandes, furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Thomas Stafferte, William Bowman, Robert Monceye, Thomas Jameson, John Collinsoun, Edmond Tynkler, Michaell Steleye, John Abbaye, Leonarde Smithe, William Dennesoun, William Bousher, Thomas Couper—"12 furnysshed with nagges and bowes." John Collinsoun, Martin Sanderson, Thomas Kendalle—"3 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." William Langhorne, William Jamesone, Thomas Kendaill, Henrye Tynckler—"4 footemen withe bowes." Henrie Langhorne, Anthoney Clarke, Henrye Clarke, Thomas Dixson, Thomas Collinson, John Collinson, eldest—"6 footemen with billes."

" The Parishe of Lowther.—

Lowther.—Mr Richard Lowther and his houshold servantes furnished with horse, bowes and speares"—John Jackson, "nagge and bowe"—Robert Wilkinson, William Wilkinson, senior, John Chappellhowe, John Clerke, John Threlkelde—"5 furnysshed withe nagges and bylles"—William Powley, Robert Breadlaye, William Cheppellhowe, Lanceolote Lowther—"4 footemen withe bowes."John Jackson, Richard Bushbeye, Lanceolote Wilkinson, John Attkinson, Thomas Pruddeye, John Richardson, Peter Wilkinson, Richard Batteye, Heughe Newton, James Dente—"11 (sic) footemen with billes."

Hakethrooppe.—William Willane, Rowland Willane, William Barrabye, Richarde Sleinnge—"4 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Christofer Bancke, William Dobson—"2 furnysshed with nagges and bylles."William Chappellhowe, senior, Robert Mylne, Henrye Stevensoun, William Chappellhowe, junior—"4 footemen withe bowes." Heughe Dowson, Anthoney Wilkinson, William Watter, Thomas Hudson, Rowland Sandes—"5 footemen withe billes."

"Melruthrope."—Stephen Robinson, Heughe Couper, John Licocke, Edwarde Atkinson, Christofer Warkman, John Bolton, Adam Warkman—"7 furnysshed withe nagges and bowes." Edward Browne, Heughe Warkman—"2 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." Christofer Dufroun, Richard Hucke, Richard Pearson, John Couper—"4 footemen withe billes.

"The Parishe of Flekhame."—Edmonde Sandforthe, John Lowis, Thomas Smithe, William Salkelde, Edmonde Noble, Thomas Noble, John Holme, Richard Collinson, Henrie Collinson, John Collinson—"10 furnysshed with nagges and bowes."Heughe Hoggerte, William Wilkinson, Thomas Wilkinson—"3 furnysshed with nagges and bylles." Thomas Jameson, elder, Thomas Jameson, junior, Michiell Langhorne, William Johnson, John Smithe, junior—"5 footemen withe bowes." John Smithe, senior, Thomas Langhorne, William Collinson, Thomas Monseye, Henrye Dixson, Heughe Hoggarte—"6 footemen with billes." Thomas Wilkinson, "footeman with a hande gonne."

A note collected of all the severall numbers of the musters taken of the parochinges of Crosby Ravinsworth, Shapp, Morland and Cleburne, with Cowbie also therunto adjoyned.—

"Shappe parochinge"—horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 18; same, unfurnished, 11; with nags and bills furnished, 5; footmen with bows, unfurnished, 25; with bills, unfurnished, 53; without all furniture, 4.

"Crosby Ravinsworth parochinge"—horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 17; same, unfurnished, 3; with nags and bills, furnished, 6; footmen with bows, unfurnished, 14; with bills, furnished, 8; with bills, unfurnished, 77; without all furniture, 26.

"Morlande parochinge"—horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 30; with nags and bills, furnished, 12; footmen with bows, unfurnished, 26; with bills, furnished 14; with bills, unfurnished, 67; without all furniture, 44.

Cleburne parochinge"—horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 5; with nags and bills, furnished, 3; footmen with bows, unfurnished, 3; with bills, furnished, 2; with bills unfurnished, 11.

"Cowbie"—horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 1; with same, unfurnished, 1; footmen with bills, furnished, 1; with same, unfurnished, 3; without all furniture, 12.

"A more breif collection of the whole numbers."—

Horsemen with nags and bows, furnished, 70; the same, unfurnished, 15; footmen with bows, furnished, 2; the same, unfurnished, 62; horsemen with nags and bills, furnished, 29; footmen with bills, furnished, 25; the same, unfurnished, 216; footmen without all furniture, 82.

"Summa totall of the certificat of the whole musters taken by the commissioners within this westwardnrie (except Comberland ward, which the Lord Scroppe estemithe to be five hundreth hablemen, furnished sufficientlie with nages, jackes or steilcoites, steilcapes, bowes and arrowes or speares) amonteth unto viijmlxxxxxvjt hable men—wherof furnished, with naiges and bowes, vcx; naiges and billes, jclxix; footmen with stelcottes or jackes, steilcappes, bowes and arrowes, or billes, jmviijcxix; footmen with billes, speares or lance stafes, ixcxxix; jackes and steilcottes, ixxxxj; stelcapes, iiijcxj; naiges furnished according to the custome of the Border, clxxj; harquebuyers, x. Somme iiijmvijclxj." Not signed.

10 pp. Partly broad sheets. In several hands. Indorsed: "The Muster book of horsmen in the West Marches 14 Feb. 1580."

95. The Queen to Lord Eure. [Feb.]

Writ of privy seal commanding him to place Sir Richard Lee and John Brende, while engaged on the fortifications and musters in the North parts, in the town house of the late Giles Heron, letting his widow or others interested know that they must give it up while required for the Queen's service.

1 p. Draft.

Warrant to the Treasurer of Berwick for the pay, &c., of Sir Richard Lee, his 4 clerks, and 60 soldiers, from the 6th of this present month inclusive.

2 pp. Draft. Both in same hand and on one sheet. Indorsed.


  • 1. Abbreviations from this point—jack (ja.), steel cap (cap), spears (sp.), lances (la.), arrows (ar.).
  • 2. Abbreviations—jacks (ja.), steel caps (caps), spears (sp.), lances (la.), arrows(ar.),
  • 3. Thus marked +.
  • 4. Thus marked +.
  • 5. What follows in Lord Burghley's writing.