Border Papers volume 1: March 1591

Pages 377-379

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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706. Woddryngton to Hunsdon. [March 19.]

"Sence my last advertisment unto your honour, as touching the repayre of the piere, the walle behind the pallace, annempst Mr Vernons garden, and the bridge, the stormes and highe spring tydes have so owtraged here, as that they have greatlye increased the breaches of the same, and specially of the wall behinde the pallace, which I had caused to be stopt upp for the present with great huge stones, all which the tides have cleane washed owt, and made the hole and breache a grete deale bigger then yt was (wherby I am forced to kepe nightly an extraordinarye watche there)." The pier also torn up again—and if not at once taken in hand, the charge will be excessive. I beg your lordships warrant for the same, and means of buying lime and other necessaries. For Mr Vernon will only give victuals for the works, "nothing els, neyther mony nor ticket"—and your honour knows, victuals only will not get lime or necessaries! I would also have your direction, how much of the 1500l. yearly allowed, shall be bestowed on needful works. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

707. Bowes to Burghley. [March 24.]

"By your lordships especyall letter of the vjth heirof, I perceave that hir Majestie ys both highly offended that the garryson att Barwicke ys nott yett paid by me (wherin the garryson and townsmen have ther solycytors presently att London to seke this payment), and also ys so much greved agaynst me, in that I offer no provision for redy payment, as hir Majesty wold have your lordship to wrytt to the King for my revocation. And to augmentt the heape of myne inwarde sorowes, I understande by thadvertyshment of my servantt Christofre Sheperson att London, that the weaknes of myn estate, and imployment in this maner of service, are founde to wouude thonour of her Majestie. To remedy these, and to redeme and enjoie her Majesties favour, and gud opynyone towardes me (withoutt which I desiere no lyff), I have byn, and still shalbe, redy and willing, nott only to sett (illegible) to thaccomplyshment of this payment, all the landes gudes and chattles whatsoever I have in myn owne possession, or any otherwyse, butt also to intreatt my sonne Raphe Bowes to supply my wantt, with so lardge a porcion of his enherytance, as hardly shall he with the residew, maynteyne hym self, wyfe, and children, in any gud sorte during his dayes. For I chose rather that my self shall perysh, and that my poore house shalbe shaken, and beare long tyme a heavy burthene for me, then that I shall ether bring any blemysh in hir Majesties honour, or lyve in hir displeasur, or defeytt the garryson of ther dewtye.

Whatsoever ys my power, to be done for satisfaction in these behalfes, ys well knowen to my servantt Sheperson, to whome I have given power and order to offer all that possybly I can do, which afterwardes my self and sonne shall do and perfytt as shalbe dyrected. And for the same I have prepared my sonne (presently in greatt heavynes for the decease of his children and kynsman in his house) to repayre to London for thexecution of all thinges to be done by hym.

Moreover, with most willing harte, and all humyllitye, I shall lay downe my lyffe, to sufer for my faulte, and to yeld all the contentement I cane, or to render upp my liberty, with all that I possesse, to satysfye so farre, as I may. And yf my lyff and liberty can gyve no recompence to please, then my service in any sorte, for hir Majesties pleasure, with my wholle possessions, and all other meanes in my self, my sonne and frendes, shalbe prest att hir Majesties gracyous disposition. Now therfor I do most humbly besech your gud lordship (and as I and myn may do service and honour to your lordship and honorable house) to vouchsave to be meane, that the wholle thinges in my power (which surely shalbe offred by my servantt mencioned) may be favourably recepted, in such maner, and on any such condytion, as shall both (?) contentt hir Majesty, and remove hir displeasure frome me; or otherwise that the spedy ende of my lyff, may quyckly eude my myseryes, or that myn imprisonment, with the disposition of all that I have, may mytygate hir Majesties offences agaynst me.

It appeareth by your lordships letter, that hir Majesty will in no sorte heare to diffray any mony for payment of the garrysone, untill I and my sonne may mak provision by sale or morgage of our landes to repay the same. And the presentt estates and condytions of my self, my sonne and landes are such, as very lardg porcions of our enherytances, will yeld but small sommes of redy money. The remedy therfor (alas) to please hir Majestie, and satysfye the garrysone, can nott be found outt and compassed by me. For my faulte perverttes so farre hir Majesties eyes, and my service and power reach so shorte to gyve redresh, as I darr nott (in this state) presume to (illegible) the meanes, that shold nott presh hir Majesties cofers with any payment, and neverthelesse suffyce to gyve spedy and full satysfaccione to the garryson, to enable my self to serve her Majestie, and to bynd me my sonne and all of us, to pray hertly for hir Majesty, that so gracyously and farre beyond all our desertes, hayth had compassion on us. Thys and all other thinges touching this cause, and to be offered and done by my self and sonne, I do wholly leave to the credytt and solicytacion of my servantt Sheperson, to whom yt may please your gud lordship to gyve greatte eare and accesse, and to lett me fynd your lordshipes honorable and accustomed goodnes which oftentymes I have tasted, to myn especyall releyff and comforth. Thus reposing my self wholly on hir Majesties grace, and on your lordshypes furtherance to the same, and with myn humble dewty… Att Edenbro the xxiiijth of Marche 1590." Signed: Robert Bowes.

pp. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed: "20 Martij 1590. Mr Bowes to my L. His offer of all the meanes he hath for the satisfieinge of his debt."

708. Declaration by Robert Vernon. [March 25. 1591.]

"A declaraton how Robert Vernon victueller of Barwic standethe to be chardged with the recept from the receavours for payment of the garison at Barwic for the half year ended at the Annuntiation 1591, as also for the recept of m1 m1 m1 li. receved out of hir Majesties exchequir, towardes the payment of the garrison at Barwic for their remeane, beinge dew to them for the tow yeares, 1588–1589, viz.:—"

Received from the receivers of Lincoln, York, and Northumberland, 4901l.

Paid to the garrison and works for the half year now ended, 5213l. 15¾d.

Imprests by him (1) to the clerks of the watch, 37l. 12s.

(2) To Sir Henry Woddrington and Mr Raffe Grey towards the repairs of Warke, 90l.

Thus due to Vernon beyond his receipts, 439l. 13s. 3¾d.

Towards the 2 years 1588–1589.—

Received by him from Exchequer, including 846l. 15s. detained in Sir William Read's hands, 3000l. 0s. 0d.
Whereof is paid by him to the garrison, with the above 846l. 15s., and 30l. for portage, 2882l. 0s. ¼d.
So remains in his hands of the 3000l., 117l. 19s. 11¾d.

pp. Indorsed.