Border Papers volume 1: December 1593

Pages 514-519

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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918. Scroope to Burghley. [Dec. 7.]

"Such newes as are credibly advertished unto me furth of Scotland, towching the combers and truble areasen betwixt the Lord Maxwell and the Larde Johnston, I have thought good to signify unto yow. Yesterday in thafternone, the Lorde Maxwell with a great force of his frendes, did assemble them selves together, and assaye the dimolishing and casting downe of one Mongo Johnston his howse at Lockerbye: where the Larde Johnston having called together his frendes, did incounter with the said lorde Maxwell, and haith not only kilde the sayd Lorde Maxwell himself, but verie many of his company. And that as I heare without any great harme to the larde Johnston or his frendes." Carlisle. Signed: T. Scroope.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "7 Dec. 1593. L. Scroope to my L., advertisinge Maxwels death, slaine by the Larde of Johnston."

919. Carey to Burghley. [Dec. 8.]

"This daye beinge Satterdaye and the viijth of this monthe, it plesed God to call Master Erringetun her Majesties controweler of her workes, and clarke of the checke of the musters, out of this world, whoe hathe lefte all his offeses beheynd him for youer lordshipe to despose uppon sum fitt mane as shall best like youer lordshipe." At the earnest request and "entersession" of John Crane I have written the recommendation which he brings to your lordship. Yet holding the place I do, I must advise or impart to your lordship it is an office of great credit and trust, for if there should be any works or fortifications, he might deceive the Queen more than any other officer here. He must also be a man of good worth and credit, "ye and countenans," for it is the third place in the town; and he might either deceive her Majesty or else "hold all the captyens under his hand"; therefore he must be a man of discretion. I have "boweldley" given my opinion, only desiring one thing on behalf of the town "bothe pore and riche," that you will not give it to a man who is said to have written already, either to your lordship or to some of his friends to be a mean to you. It is Captain William Selby, and if he should get it, all the town would be weary of their places. I pray your lordship to "consell this to youerselfe, if it please you; I have hearin but dun my deutey."

Now I must intreat your lordship's direction touching the seminary priest of whom I wrote, for he is very "chargabell," besides the trouble of mind for fear of his escape. "He is a verey nottabell man if he wear whear he myghte be well excemind, and a dangerus mane for the estat. Her Majesties embassetur dothe often wryghte ernestley to have great care of him, and thinkes a great happeynes he is taken. I thinke it will prove he is a nInglishe mane. I have feyve names of his. I have byn greatley soughte to out of Scotland to yeuese him well—as by the Earle of Angwishe and the Earle of Arrell, beseydes divers other, wiche sheawes him to be a mane of sum worthe. For sum in Scotland have not stiket to saye openley, that thaye wold not care if all the frendes thaye have wear in prissen, so he wear lose, or that thay had lost all thaye have in the world for his libertey. If he prove but a prissoner, I thinke thear wold be near a thowsand crowens geven for him. I beleve his righte name will prove to be Robert Mefeld or Manfeld. It maye be Master Toplefe hathe hard of such a name. But I beseche youer lordshipe what ever he be, let me have youer derectsion what I shall doe withe him. . . . Berwike this viijth daye at paste x owers in the nighte." Signed: Jhon Carey.

2 pp. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

920. Bowes to Burghley. [Dec. 8.]

"Beinge lately advertised that Capten Nicholas Erington (comptroller and muster master in Barwic), is presently so visitted with sicknes, as threatneth to him shorter lyffe, then for his worthines and good service is to be wished,"—and considering that John Crayne has served 24 years in that office, and is a fit and worthy man for the place,—I have taken boldness to put your lordship in memory of his good deserts, and need not add further commendation. Edinburgh. Signed: Robert Bowes.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

921. Scottish Complaints against Musgrave, &c. [Dec. 9.]

28 June 1592.—Sir John Carmichael captain of the King's guard, William Hewme "maister stable," William Carmichael of Reidmyne, and the rest of the gentlemen in "his Majesties horse gairde," complain on Mr Orphire of Crofton, Thomas Musgrave captain of Bewcastle, for taking and "leninge" of said Mr Orphire's horse to Geordie Yrwen of Boneshawe to the away taking out of Faukland in Fyffe, one "browne stanit" horse, price 100l. sterling, a gray gelding called "Vallentyne" 100l. sterling, another gray gelding 33l. sterling, a brown gelding 33l. sterling, a gray gelding 16l. sterling, 2 black geldings, price "ylke peace" 20l. sterling, a "graie stanit" horse 40l. sterling, a black gelding and a brown, 20l. sterling "the peace," a gray horse 16l. sterling, another, 20l. sterling, a black "rackin nage" 6l. sterling, a black "stanite" horse and a brown "hackney," 20l. sterling "a peace," silver, gold, and "claithes" 100l. sterling; "to the takinge, the said Thomas Musgrave hes as yet in his owne possession one of the said horse named 'Gray Vallentyne,' and for the reset and suppleinge of therle Boithwell, Master John Colven, the Lardes of Spoote, Burley, and Logie his Majesties declared tratoris and fugitives."

Same date.—"John Averieman provest of Fawkland, Robert Arnett and Johne Ballfeire balifes theire and remanent inhabitantes" of the said town, complain on said Thomas Musgrave, Walter Grame of Netherby, Richie Grame of the Breckinhill, "the provest, baliffes and towne of Careleill," for reset of "fower scoore horses and meares, golde silver insight abillimentes and ornamentes of theire bodies estamaite to fyve thousande pounde sterling and for the resett suppleinge of the foresaid earle Boithwell and remnant fugitives aforesaid."

Same date.—"Davie Murreye of Bawarde captaine of Fawklande," upon said Thomas Musgrave, William Grame of Myllies, Dobbie Hogson of Westende for reset, and said Dobbie Hogson for "lenninge of his horse to the waye takinge furthe of the wood of Fawkland, to [...] Yrwen sonne to Edwarde Boneshawe, for x studde meares, viij stages, iijc l. sterlinge;" and reset of said earl Bothwell and others.

Same date.—"Andro Mountreise of Stavenglene and remanent inhabitantes within the towne of Straveglene," upon the said Richie and Walter Grame, Robe Grame of Falde, Dickes Davie Grame, for taking and reset of 24 horses and meares, gold, &c. [as above] 200l. sterling, and reset of Bothwell and others.

Same date.—"James Duglas balif of Kynroshe, Robert Reade and remnant inhabitantes of the towne of Kyngroshe," upon said Walter and Richie Grame, Hutchins Andro Grame, William Grame of Rosetrees, for reset of 36 horse and meares, insight, &c. [as above] 800l. sterling, and reset of Bothwell, &c.

Same date.—"Sir James Balfor of Bomlene and remnant inhabitantes of the towne of Bomlye and Mylles," upon said Ritchie and Walter Grame, and Will of the Myllhill for taking and reset of 18 horse and meares, insight, &c. [as above] 100l. sterling, and reset of Bothwell and others.

Same date.—"William Shawe of Scurffye," upon said Richie and Walter Grame for taking and reset of 10 horse and meares, insight, &c. [as above] 100l. sterling.

Same date.—"Marke Steinston (?) provest of Innerkethinge" and other inhabitants there, upon said Will Grame, Wat Storie of Howe ende, Syme Talor of Harper hill, for reset of 38 horse and meares, insight, &c., 1000l. sterling, and reset of Bothwell and fugitives.

Same date.—"Alixander Stewarde of Queinfarrye" and inhabitants of said town, upon "the baliffe of Broughe, Dobbie Hodgson of the West ende" for reset of 16 horse and meares, insight, &c., 1400l. sterling, and supply of Bothwell and others.

29 June 1592.—"The provest and baliffes of Kreakembut" and other inhabitants, upon Mr Dalston esquire, Dickes Davie Grame, "for reset of 24 horse and meares, insight, &c., 2000l. sterling, and of Bothwell and fugitives.

Same date.—"Sir James Sandylandes of Kalder, and the said inhabitantes" upon said Thomas Musgrave, Walter and Richie Grame, and Jocke Grame of Peirtree, for taking and reset of 150 horse and meares, insight, &c., 2000l. sterling, and supply of Bothwell and others.

Same date.—"Donken Wione (?) of Bannickburne and the remnant inhabitantes of St Trenyons kirke," upon Sandy Grame sonne to Thomes Geordie, for taking and reset of 30 horse and meares, insight, &c., 500l. sterling, and reset of Bothwell and others.

Same date.—"James Sirnteley (?) in Pentlande, Thomas Graye of Karling leepes, and thinhabitantes of Pentlande, Sayline mylle, Eddleston kirke, John Haye and the teanantes of Awwhenbrigges, upon Brades Robie the Grame, Jocke his brother," for taking and reset of 80 horse and meares, insight, &c., 500l., and reset of Bothwell and others.

[Here a complaint by John earl of Morton lord Maxwell warden of the West Marches and steward of Annandale against Richies Will Grame, Wattie Grame of Netherbye and 7 or 8 Grames and Stories is cancelled.]

5 pp. Copy by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed: "Scottes complayntes receyved from the Erle of Morton by his clarke James Rig, the ixth of Decembre 1593." Also by Burghley: "For wronges doon 1592 by Musgrave and the Greames in asistance of the Erle Bothwell."

922. Declaration by Thomas Musgrave. [Dec. 19.]

"My lord Bothwell, because his man (fn. 1) toke away my presoner, (fn. 2) hath set doune under his hand to enter the presoner agane and his man for his offenc, wich I dare promes shalbe done within xx days I com home; and I humbly pray your lordship to wryt to my lord Scrop for his favor, and I shalbe carfull to do all dutefull serves to my pouer." Signed: Tho. Musgrave.

Holograph. The date added by Burghley. Indorsed.

923. Carey to Burghley. [Dec. 19.]

Mr Clopton "being him self diseased and not able to travell," sent his son and chief clerk here with the treasure, who arrived on the 8th and made a full pay to the satisfaction of all, "wherby your lordship hath some interest and gayne, the maynifold blessinges and prayers of a number here, bothe ryche and poore, wherof no doubt but some of there intercessions wilbe I hope avaylable for the bettering of your lordshipes health." I should greatly wrong Mr Clopton if I did not give him due commendation for his honest and substantial dealing in this pay.

Now I have been here so long without entertainment from her Majesty, or any supply of money (having spent all and more than I brought with me) that I was "forced even for very want," to ask the marshal's fee for last half year, which they willingly would have paid—but Sheperson the treasurer's man would not consent to this without your lordship's warrant; and I had to give him my bill either to procure the same for this and time to come, or to repay the money. My want is such that I had to do it, or leave the place which is so chargeable. The sum is 128l., out of which I had to pay the provost marshal 8l. for his half year's fee. I pray your lordship to grant your warrant for this and future "enterteignement," or else that I be discharged and another appointed. "For I protest unto your honor, a yeares service (which wilbe nowe at Our Lady day) is more then I can well with my ease gyve her Majestie without enterteignment. A sufficient tyme I hope your lordship wyll consider, for one of my rancke and abylitie to have served thus longe for nothinge! Which in very dede I could not have contynued hitherto, had I not had some small helpes from my lord my father. Wherof I doubt not but your lordship will have dewe regarde, which I leave to your honours best consideracion."

Mr Clopton's son and officers have showed me an abstract of charges of the works here which they have paid and taken order for, being 700 "and odde poundes" as by the copy herewith enclosed will appear. With these works (except for mending the pier and bridge and some of the town walls, for which they have your warrant for 300l. or thereabouts) I am altogether unacquainted. They have no warrant for the rest, nor do I see where it should be bestowed. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

I beseech your lordshipes resolution for the priest of whom I wrote, still in my custody, who is both a great charge and trouble of mind to me, being still watched by two men day and night. "If yt be not thought upon, yt will happelye be a meanes to have her Majesties service slackned in such like causes hereafter."

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet damaged.

Inclosed in the same:—

(Abstract of works.)

"An abstracte of the charges of the worckes for the yeare 1593, and by whome every worckes is warraunted under their handes, vizt."


Gravelling the "longe bridge," 16l. 5s. 3½d.; the same bridge, 93l. 17s. 3d.; the pier, 148l. 14s. 4½d.; the old "pallyce," windmills, "pallyce at thollye Ilande" 125l. 18s. 3½d.; "gravelinge the church waye" 31s. 6d.; "Farne Ilande" 11l. 4s. 4d.; officer's fees 152l. 15s. Sum total 738l. 15s. 8¾d.

1 p. The several officers' names written on margin. Indorsed.

924. Carey to Burghley. [Dec. 26.]

The desire to hear of your lordship's health, rather than any great matter, causes me to write. Yet one thing, confirmed by two separate advertisements from Scotland since my brother's coming from thence, I cannot conceal, viz.—News is come to Edinburgh of 48 Spanish ships at "Bayon in Portugall" well furnished with men and "implementes of warre." Wherof three are of 800 tons a piece—thought to be bound for Scotland, and to make "there randevous" in France. The companies of Dunkirk are ordered to be ready "at an instant."

The King here is much doubted, for he continues to favour "the papistes faction, as by granting a newe commission of late to Huntleye for the leavying of his countrey to the destruction of Malcomtoshe and his countrey."

At my brother's coming away, it was thought the King and Queen would remove to Sterling; which I think is altered at the earnest suit of the people of Edinburgh, "who have offred verie largelye to gyve xven thousand poundes Scottes (which is about xiiijencli. sterling), (fn. 3) towardes the charges of her lying in, besides all the spices and wyne that shalbe spent during that tyme." It is thought this will cause the Queen to stay at Edinburgh.

"If yt wyll please your honour to favoure me so muche as that I may have some direction for my preist here, yt shalbe a warnyng to me otherwise, hereafter ever to be too busye in the like service agayne—for that I fynde bothe the care, the troble and the chardge to be too great. (fn. 4)

If your lordship has not yet determined on a comptroller here, there is one here who desires your lordship would but try him in the "vacasion tyme for on yeare, and then see his doinges and caste upe his accountes—and if he prove not a better husband for the Quenes Majestie then hathe hetherto byn fowend, then put him oute withe disgrase." It is captain Bowyear whom I once sent to your lordship with "the mapes and plotes of Barwike and the peare." He is a very honest and discreet man, and I dare say will do a great deal more for her Majesty's service, at much less charge than heretofore. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

925. John Clopton to Burghley. [Dec. 31. 1593.]

According to your honour's letter of 29 October last, I repaired towards Berwick to make the pay for the half year ended at Michaelmas, but on the way finding myself "not helthfull in bodye to hold forth that jorney," returned home, sending my son and servants to Berwick with the treasure, accompanied by my kinsman Mr Asheton, receiver of the Duchy lands in Lancashire, to assist them. They have, with help of Christofer Sheperson Mr Bowes' clerk in the reckonings, paid the garrison and all works done for the half year, &c., as will appear by the enclosed brief note.

As the charges for the works seem great to me, I enclose an abstract by the surveyor, showing what they are, and by whose warrant begun.

Since receipt of the Queen's warrant and your honour's letter for monthly pay to the soldiers sent from Berwick to Carlisle by Mr John Carey deputy governor, I have paid them, viz., 2 captains and fifty men each, monthly, and will continue the same. Which payments I must deduct from the Queen's revenue in my hands, and pray your honour to be allowed the same in my account at Candlemas next, when I shall attend on your honour to know your pleasure. Sledwich. Signed: John Clopton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.


  • 1. Written above in Burghley's hand—"yong lard of Whyttaw."
  • 2. "Another Armstrong"—written above.
  • 3. Thus a pound Scots was then equal to 1s. 102/5d.
  • 4. The remainder holograph.