Border Papers volume 1: November 1594

Pages 550-551

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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988. Payments to the King of Scots. [Nov. 5.]

Between 1586—1594.

"Anno Domini 1586—by Roger Ashton iiijm li.
Anno 1587 Nill.
Anno 1588, sent by Captein Carvell ijm li. vm li.
In the same yeare, sent by the Earle of Huntingdon to Mr Robert Bowes iijm li.
Anno 1589, by the Lard of Wemes iijm li.
Anno 90, by Sir John Carmighell besides vc delivered to Collonell Stewarte iijm li. vjm 500 li.
The same yeare to Mr John Covile iijm li.
Anno 1591, by Jeames Hudson iijm li.
Anno 1592, to the same Jeames Hudson ijm li.
Anno 1593, by Sir Robert Melvin iiijm li.
Total in eight yeares xxvijm li.

Which is for every yeare iijmccclxxv li.

Note.—If the Queene had graunted iiijm li., which her Majestie saith she did not, but iijm onlye, according both as Quene Mary hir sister and she, had allowaunce by King H. the 8, which was iijm li., then there had bene yett payable but vm li.

Paimentes since made.—
Anno 1594, 22 Junij to David Fowles 4000 li.
The same yeare, 5 Nov. to Sir Robert Cockburne 2000 li.
So that at 3000 per annum, he is overpayd
If at 4000 li., theare wanteth for thes 9 yeares 2500 li.

1 p. In two hands, with notes by Burghley. Headed: "Money payd out of the receipte of the Exchecquer to the Kinge of Scottes use." Indorsed by Burghley: "Scottish paymentes."

989. Scroope to Sir Robert Cecill. [Nov. 13.]

I send you hereinclosed a letter from the "Lorde of Bouclouth," that you may make the Queen or the Lord Treasurer privy thereto, and give me direction therein. For the Liddisdales have made great outrages both in Gilsland, Bewcastle and else where, since I took office, and it seems to me that Buccleuch will only answer since he took office on 10th October last, whereby her Majesty's subjects "shalbe greatlye damnified." Carlisle. Signed: Th. Scroope.

½ p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the same:—

(Buccleuch to Scroope.)

Signifying that the King has appointed him over Liddisdale to cause redress by them "sen my intromissiown, quhilk wes the tent of October last," and to ask redress for them of others—and expressing his readiness to meet for justice. Asking his reply by the bearer. "Hawick the ix of Nowember 1594." Signed: Ba[ ] (fn. 1)

½ p. Addressed: "To the rycht honourabill my lord Skrwp, wardane," &c. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a shield with bend dexter charged with a star (?) between 2 crescents—faint.

990. Carey to Cecill. [Nov. 18.]

I received the enclosed "even now" from Scotland, showing that the King is returned to Edinburgh on Friday night the 15th instant from his journey to the North, wherein he hath showed himself no longer "parciall" to the Papist earls, for, "contrary to all his counselles willes, resolutely upon his owne determyned wyll," he has cast down these houses—"Begavy Mr Walter Lindseys howse, the howse of one Abergeldi, also a howse of Cloinye, both Gordons houses. The castle and pallace of Strawboggye cleane cast downe and brent, the house of Newton perteynyng to the Laird of Newton a Gordon. The castle of Slaynes was undermyned and cast downe also to the grownd. And in his returne homeward he hath cast downe the Craige perteyning to one Mr Jo. Oglebye sonne to the Lord Oglebye." Thus he has deceived the expectations of all, who never thought he would have done so much. He has left the Duke to keep order till the Earl of Argyle goes back as his lieutenant to keep the earls out of their own country. Argyle is at present "convenyng" with his friends at Stirling. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

991. Cecill to Scroope. [Nov. 23.]

Acknowledging his letter enclosing Buccleuch's, which had been shown to the Queen, and also to Mr Bowes who was there when it arrived, and is best acquainted with the matter. Before leaving Edinburgh the King and council had promised Bowes redress in full, whatever Buccleuch says, and he has written to his servant Nicolson to solicit the king and council therein and report to Scroope.

As for the "personnage" recommended by Lady Scroope to his remembrance, he will not forget to deal in it as she desires, "uppon the remove of the Deane of Wyndsor." From the court at Whithall.

1 p. Corrected draft. Indorsed: "To the Lord Scroope."


  • 1. Remainder of the signature torn away.