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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Haddington, abbey of: taken from Lethington, and the abbess restored, 10; a scout placed near (25th Feb. 15867), 490.

Haddockes hole: offenders against rules of Berwick to get "three days" in, p. 448; a prying Scots shipmaster committed to by Carey (1st May 1593), p. 455; for thieves and murderers, the only prison in B. "very bad," 916.

Haddon [Haldane?], Mr: a retainer of Mar, slain at Stirling (2nd Nov.), 387.

Hadstoun: horsemen in, p. 21; three mares stolen from, p. 365.
-, Robert, of Eglingham: raid on, p. 360.

"Hagbutes": some sent by town of Edinburgh to Lithco as a guard for the King, but secretly for Bothwell (31st Oct.), p. 510.

Haggarstoun: muster of, pp. 153, 158.
-, Henry, of H.: his lands and leaseholds, &c., p. 16; oppresses his tenants of H. and Cheswick, pp. 19, 21; Queen's lessee, pp. 33, 34.
-, John: horseman, H., p. 158.
-, Captain: his remark on serving against his country (5th Nov. 1586), p. 239; comes to Bothwell from the chancellor (6th April), 642; a "depender" of Bothwell's, the King's speech to (13th Sept. 1593), p. 498.

Haggerd, Christofer: absent, p. 45.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 52.

Haghouse, John [Elliot] of: raid by, 176.

Haire, James: his arms, p. 55.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Laurence: his arms, p. 55.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.

Haistand: one horseman in, p. 21.

Haiton (Hayton): musters of, pp. 38, 43.
-, George: his arms, p. 37.
-, John: bowman, p. 62.
-, Tho., younger: bowman, p. 62; elder, billman, p. 62.
-, Wil., younger: nag, &c., p. 62.

Hakethrooppe: muster of, p. 65.

Hakney: Hunsdon's property, p. 73.

Hall, Sandie, of Yorduppe: raid on, 229.
-, Sandie: raid on, 595.
-, Alexander, of Wodhall: raid on, p. 351.
-, Dande, of Awtenburn: raids by, p. 359, 363.
-, Andrew, of Newbiggin: raid by, p. 364.
-, "Jennettes" Andrew, of the Sickes: sheep stealer, p. 362.
-, Anthony: his arms, p. 37.
-, Charles, gent.: his equipment, p. 163.
-, Clement: taken prisoner, p. 347.
-, Edmond: his arms, p. 37.
-, Edward: his arms, p. 39.
-, Edward: pensioner, Berwick, pp. 274, 455.
-, Edward: Radclif of Carlington's man, robbed and taken, p. 364.
-, Gabriel, of Colwell hill: slain, p. 110.
-, George (2): their arms, p. 37.
-, George: unfurnished, p. 44.

Hall, George: a homicide in Durham, fled to Jedburgh, 446.
-, George, of Newbiggin: sheep stealer, p. 362; oxen, p. 364.
-, Gibbie, of Swinnsyde: sheep stealer, p. 362.
-, Gregory: his arms, p. 39.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 37.
-, Henry: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Hobb: Hevisid's son, raid by, p. 360.
-, Jamy, of Capupp: raid by, p. 360.
-, James, elder and younger, of Hevyside: raids by, pp. 357, 358, 360, 362, 363, 364.
-, "Jocks" Jamye, of Hownam: sheep stealer, p. 362.
-, Jamye, of Newbiggin: raid by, p. 361.
-, "little" Jocke, of Caldrouse: theft, p. 363.
-, John, of Colwell hill: slain (Aug. 1583), p. 110.
-, John, of Devishell: robbed and taken (1587), p. 263; raids on, pp. 358, 364.
-, John, of Gressounfeild: raid on, p. 358.
-, John, of Haveracres: raid on, p. 110.
-, Jocke, of Newbiggin: raid by, p. 364.
-, John, of Otterborne: raid on (Aug. 1583), 174; present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; begs the lives of his Teviotdale prisoners from Hunsdon, for fear of his own and friends' lives in reprisal (6th Oct.), 551; are under great "bands" which they cannot pay, 551; raid on, pp. 349, 362.
-, Jocke, of the Sickes: raids by, pp. 360, 361, 362, 364; bond for his entry, p. 364.
-, John: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, John: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John, elder and younger, &c. (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jocke, "short Thome": sheep stealer, p. 363.
-, Lawr.: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, Michael: his arms, p. 38.
-, Nicolas: his arms, p. 38.
-, Nich.: horseman, Lanton, p. 160.
-, Percival, of Haveracres: raid on, p. 110.
-, Peter, of Capupp: horse stealer, p. 362; "Alexanders Peter": reset, p. 364.
-, Peter, of Heviside: raid by, p. 360.
-, Raphe, of Gersomfield: taken prisoner, p. 347.
-, Raph: horseman, Bradford, p. 161.
-, Raiphe, of the Sickes: sheep stealer, p. 362.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 37.
-, Robert: his arms "a pick staffe," p. 38.

Hall, Robert, of Hevisyde: raids by, pp. 360, 363.
-, Thome, of Foulshiels: raids by, pp. 360, 364.
-, Thomas, of Gersomfield: raids on, pp. 346, 348.
-, Thomas, of Haveracres: slain, p. 110.
-, Thomas, of Whitlees: slain, p. 110.
-, Thome, of Middlesknowes: raids by, pp. 360, 362.
-, Thomas, of Otterborne: taken prisoner, p. 347.
-, Thomas, of Stitchell heugh: raids on, pp. 360, 363.
-, Thomas: horseman, p. 161.
-, Thomas (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 39.
-, William, of Gersomfield: raid on, p. 350.
-, William, of Groundsnewk: raid by, p. 364.
-, Willie, of Hevisid: raid by, p. 360.
-, William, of Hownam kirk: "ostler," sheep stealer, p. 363.
-, William, of Middlesknowes: raids by, pp. 360, 362.
-, William, of the Sickes: sheep stealer, p. 362.
-, William, of Wodsydend: raid by, p. 363.
-, William: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, William (2): their arms, p. 37.
-, one: sent by Forster to Huntingdon to go to Flanders (27th Dec.), 398.

Halls, the, of Gristounsteill: steal Cesford's sheep and say they will not want, p. 113; (Hawles), the: a surname of Redesdale and Liddesdale, 166; the English Halls at feud, 168; two, of Girsonfield: examined by Forster at Alnwick (30th Aug.), 446; their confession, 446.

Halleck, Wil.: billman, p. 63.

Hallen, Hugh: billman, p. 63.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 51.

"Hallentyd": 811.

Halliden: Cesford's house, p. 296.

Hallydon: Buccleuch and Cesford retire to, before Bothwell at Kelso (1st April 1594), p. 525.

Hallywell: horsemen in, p. 21.

Halton: one horseman in, p. 22.
-, Geo.: billman, p. 45.
-, John: his arms, p. 44.

Hamburne, Brittany: 8000 Spaniards at (30th April), p. 533.

Hamestronge (?), laird of: the King wishes him made provost of Edinburgh (3rd Oct.), p. 411.

Hamlast, John: horseman, Rooke, p. 159.

Hamman, Robert: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274.

Hamond, Tho.: testifies muster, p. 61.

Hamylton (Hambleton, Hamilton): James 6th at (Sept. 1581), 107, 109; the banished lords at, with their forces (29th Oct. 1585), 382.
-, John, Lord: packet to Walsingham, 201; packet from, to Walsingham (27th March 15834), 205; Walsingham to, 214; writes to Mr Colvile by Forster (23rd April), 214; Bothwell ordered by the King "to refuse" him (?) (17th May), 228; at Alnwick, with Forster, gives him Flemish news touching the King (25th June), 239; with Forster at Alnwick (26th March 1585), 297; his wife in childbed, his "hard case" and claims on him, 297; writes to John Colvell (April 1585), 300; sends letters and message by Forster to Walsingham (13th July), 328; a messenger from Maxwell to, nearly captured on English side of border (19th Sept.), 349; to Forster (13th Oct.), 368; borrowed 200l. from Forster before entering Scotland (25th Oct.), 379; leaves the Countess of Cassillis his wife, and eldest son in pledge, 379; entered Scotland (24th), and well received by borderers, 380; and "the lords" in the Merse (28th Oct.), 381; at Hamilton (29th), 382; have entered Stirling (2nd Nov.), 385, 387; besiege the castle, 385, 387; come to Linlithgow (9th), 388; is made captain of Dunbarton (11th), 388; Montrose in his custody, 388; 389, 390, 391; Crawfurd in his keeping (19th), 393; reconciled by the King with Angus (6th Feb. 15856), 414; examines Sir W. Steward on a plot, 417; assists Bothwell for Coldingham (10th Sept.), 448; letter to Walsingham (2nd Oct.), 456; Lennox to marry his daughter, 456; shows the King a letter charging him of treason against Elizabeth (Nov.), 465; pacifies Angus and Maxwell, p. 239; lieutenant of border, comes to Dumfries (c. 9th Jan. 15867), 474; leaves matters worse than he found them (30th), 478; takes Johnston as prisoner with him, 478; excuses his sudden departure to Scrope (31st), 479; pressed Maxwell to take the wardenry, and expected to return (6th Feb.), 481; to retain Arbroath (July 1587), 528; accounted "of the religion," suspected of perversion, through his brother Claud, to Huntly's, &c. conspiracy against Maitland, &c. (28th Dec. 1587), pp. 2989; meets Huntly and others at Lithco to get the King in their hands (27th Jan. 15878), 587; the King's messengers to them, p. 309; other objects of the meeting, p. 312; his sound meaning urged by Colvile on Bowes (1st March), 598; Bowes' doubts thereon, p. 318; his cipher, p. 318; joined by the chancellor for fear of his life, p. 321; seeks a change of officers at Court (10th April), 603; lord lieutenant of the marches, moved by Bowes for redress (11th Feb. 158990), 657; to go to Peebles, 657; council letter to, 657; Maxwell to have offenders ready for him, p. 843; writes to Bowes, from Hamilton, that he must take the council's opinion and advice, p. 343; his journey staid by the great storm (26th), 659, 660; suddenly leaves for the West March and writes to Forster from Jedburgh (16th April 1590), 671; his signet, 671; with Angus, Maxwell and 1000 horse at Lochwood, urges Johnston to make his peace through them (7th July 1592), p. 400; joins the King at Dumfries, p. 400; his scheme with Angus, Bothwell, Gray, and others to turn out the chancellor, and others, propounded by Gray to Burghley for Elizabeth's concurrence, &c. (14th July), 763; the chancellor supposed to be seeking his friendship (10th Sept.), p. 406; asked by the King at Lithco to consent to Bothwell's banishment, refuses, as he was remitted, and "cleansed" by inquestand rides off (3rd Oct.), 775; with the King at Dumfriesshire against Bothwell's adherents (11th Oct.), 780, 787; to Lowther, commending his bastard son (30th Oct.), p. 419; Lord Maxwell likely to "run" his course (10th March 15923), 804; a Scottish thief written for by himsent by Lowther to "pleasure" him (10th March 15923), p. 433; Maxwell promises to take his course, p. 433; drinks with Argyll in Edinburgh churchyard, and reconciled (26th June), 850, 852; at Court (13th July), 860; opposed to the Duke, Bothwell, &c. (1st Aug.), p. 481; his differences might be settled by the Queen's influence, p. 483; Bothwell thinks him fair in promise, foul in performance, p. 483; sent for to Courtwill come if he gets his place and title of second person, p. 494; the chancellor "moving" him on the King's behalf, p. 499; at Jedburgh with the King (16th Oct. 1593), p. 507; sent to a fray there, p. 507; leaves Court "not content" with severities against Fernehurst (17th), 908; the King "pretends" to make him lieutenant and warden (19th July), p. 542.

Hamylton, Lady: goes to Berwick (24th Nov. 1585), 394; receives letter from Lord H., 394; leaves for Scotland (26th), and writes to Queen Elizabeth, 395.

Hamylton, Lord Claud: to see Elizabeth, p. 26; with Forster, commends himself to Walsingham (16th Jan. 15823), 146; he and his brother dealt with by Lennox for France, but will never agree with the house of L., 146; is assured of a welcome in Scotland, 146; his nephew Huntly's promise to join him, 146; banished to France (9th April 1585), 304; wishes he had followed his brother's advice (13th July), 328; Forster's opinion what he should do, 328; his letter taken on a priest at Tynemouth (15th Sept.), 348; in Edinburgh (Feb. 15856), 412; "freended" by the King with Angus, 414; inclined to France, 415; against his niece's marrying Duke of Lennox (Oct. 1586), 456; brings 200 horse to the King at Edinburgh (21st April 1587), 510; accused of complicity with the Master of Graydenies it (10th May), 513; receives Paisley in parliament (29th July), 528; suspected to win his brother Lord H. to the conspiracy against Maitland, &c., p. 299; and brother: convene at Lithco with Huntly and other lords (27th Jan. 15878), 587; suspected of Spanish tendencies (20th Aug.), p. 331; to be tried, but thought in no danger (18th March 15889), p. 336.
-, John, &c.: refuse to prosecute English pirates and go to Orkney (Aug. 1591), p. 386.
-, Mr Thomas: sits on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug. 1593), p. 486.
-, Captain: chief director in Bothwell's "rerewarde" (3rd April 1594), p. 526.
-, "the personage of": recommended by Lady Scrope to Cecill, p. 552.

Hamyltons (Hambeltons), the: thought by Hunsdon of little value to Elizabeth (14 Nov. 1587) p. 287.

Hane, John: horseman, Elford, p. 158.

Haner, Roger: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.

Hanging stone, the (Cheviot): pp. 30, 32.

Hanham, Tho.: "in ward ship," p. 64.

Hannam, Robert: petitions for balance of the two years' pay, 816; pensioner, p. 455.

Harbottel Castle: horsemen of its "ten towns," p. 23; p. 32; a garrison at, would keep down Scottish thieves, p. 103; 90 horse and foot to lie in (Sept. 1583), 175; forest: raid in, 229; garrison paid off (25th Jan. 15845), p. 172; garrison of 100 advised by Forster (23rd Aug.), p. 194; not yet surveyedin great disrepairouter ward down (27th Dec. 1585), 398; owned by "Earl of Kyme," temp. Henry 8th, 454; extra force at advised (26th Feb. 15867), 491, 499; not required for long (25th March), p. 253; Forster places 50 "shott" at (3rd April), 503; 50 men needed at (13th May), 514; raided (29th), p. 262; (3rd June), 517; authorised (15th), 519; should lie some months longer (14th Aug.), 529; Teviotdale raid near, 535; Sir C. Collingwood keeper of (31st), p. 269; Hunsdon to see to it (14th Sept.), p. 272; Hunsdon hopes its keeping "well employed" on Collingwood (18th Oct.), p. 282; in keeper's absence, inner ward broken by Scots thieves (19th (Aug.), 627; 60 kye taken from outer court (14th Aug. 1588), p. 359.

Harbottel, John: horseman, Preston, p. 158.
-, Maghell: horseman, Bednell, p. 158.
-, Mich.: horseman, Tugall hall, p. 160.
-, Ralph: p. 17.
-, Raph.: horseman, Tougell, p. 158.
-, Raph.: horseman, Preston, p. 158.
-, Wedgatt: horseman, Lucker, p. 158.

Harcesoppe: muster of, p. 63.

Harden, Edward: his arms, p. 41.
-, George: his arms, p. 41.
-, John, eldest, younger, &c. (3): their arms, p. 41.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 41.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 41.
-, Wil.: horseman, Newham, p. 158.

Hardens: a small surname of Bewcastle (1592), p. 394.

Harding, John: customer, Berwick, enquiry into his books and seal ordered, and result reported to Burghley (14th April), 821, p. 447; to Burghley, that corn goes daily uncustomed at Berwick (18th July), 966; Carey denies and explains his statement about corn (29th Aug.), 978; to Burghley, of the increase of custom, and ill will against him for not concealing it (15th Dec.), 993; note of same, 993; his dispute with the corporation, and annoyance, &c. to them (27th Dec.), 994; their complaint to Burghley of his hostility, &c., 995.
-, Philip: oppresses his tenants of Beill, p. 19.

Hardknes, Tho.: his arms, p. 61.

Hardres, Wil.: absent, p. 49.

Hareclewghe tower: p. 32.

Harington, "one Mr": resets David Ingleby in Yorkshire, p. 250.

Harknes, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, a Scotsman, passes by Carlisle with 500 marks in gold (8th Sept. 1583), 198.

Harlawe: the Scots thieves of, p. 102; on Lyddal: p. 120; violently held by Grames for 25 years past (Oct. 1592), p. 422; yearly value (with Cannonby), 5000 merks Scots, 422.
-, Pawtie, [Armstrong] of the: borrows a horse, p. 423: raids by, pp. 5589.
-, of the Hill: horsemen in, p. 20.

Harle, Archibald: horseman, Newton, p. 160.

Harm, John: bowman, p. 44.

Harper, (Herper) James: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Tho.: horseman, Denneck, p. 158.

Harret, Laird of: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.

Harrison (Herrison), Adam: (1) nag, &c., p. 63; (1) billman, p. 63.
-, Ambrose: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Anthony: bowman, p. 44.
-, Anth.: absent, p. 50.
-, Anth. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Anth.: billman, p. 63.
-, Chris.: his arms, p. 44.
-, Chris.: absent, p. 45.
-, Chris.: spearman, p. 46.
-, Chris. (2): nags, &c., p. 63.
-, Cuthbert: spearman, p. 50.
-, Edw.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Edw.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Geoff.: billman, p. 63.
-, Geo.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Geo.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Hen.: horseman, Bousden, p. 158.
-, Hugh: his arms, p. 56.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 44.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 46.
-, Jo. absent, p. 48.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jo. (2): bowmen, p. 50.
-, Jo.: billman, p. 50.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Jo. (2): their arms, p. 56.
-, Jo. his arms, p. 59.
-, Jo., junior, &c. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Jo.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Jo.: (2): billmen, p. 63.
-, Jo.: raid on, p. 352.
-, Lancelot: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Mich.: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Mich.: spearman, p. 50.
-, Mich.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Mich.: billman, p. 63.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Ric.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Mr Ric.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 44.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 45.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 47.

Harrison, Rob.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 60.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 64.
-, Row.: unarmed, p. 56.
-, Steph.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Steph.: billman, p. 63.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 47.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Tho.: (1) spearman, p. 50; (1) unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 63.
-, Tho.: spoiled, p. 431.
-, "Wil. absent, p. 46.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: absent, "sicke," p. 55.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Wil., senior, &c. (2): their arms, p. 56.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Wil.: horseman, Chillingham, p. 157.
-, Will.: raid on, p. 352.

Harryman, John: bowman, p. 63.
-, Leonard: spoiled, p. 431.

Harson, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.

Hart, Mr William: a wise man learned in law, deputy justice for Earl of Argylepresides at Bothwell's trial (10th Aug. 1593), p. 486; pronounces the Earl not guilty, p. 488.

Harteley: horsemen in, p. 21.

Hartford, Yorkshire: late Richard Norton's, p. 8.

Hartnes, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Harubie: muster of, p. 57.

Hasillrigg: tenants in, p. 16; (Heslerigge): muster of, pp. 153, 158; a "slewe dogg," &c. stolen from, p. 363.

Haskewe, Thomas: bowman, p. 44.
-, William: bowman, p. 44.

Haskrighe, Ed.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 51.

Haslon, Tho.: horseman, Hobborn, p. 159.

Hasty, Barnard: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Ed.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 53.
-, Ric.: absent, p. 50.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 49.

Hathway, Jo.: bowman, p. 49.

Hatton, Sir Christopher: 24, 42; at council, 203; at council, Otelandes (12th Aug. 1584), 251.

Haught, William: his arms, p. 42.

Haughton: horsemen in, p. 22; on Tyne water, Thomas Erington's: forayed (1587), 535.

Hauxdall: muster of, p. 53.

Haveracres: raid and murders at (Aug. 1583), p. 110.

Havery, Anth.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, Edw.: horseman, Shorswood, p. 159.
-, Ric.: horseman, Scremerton, p. 159.
-, Rob.: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.
-, Tho.: horseman, Ancroft, p. 159.

Haw, E.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Hawden, Laird of: his wife, p. 32.
-, ewes and wethers stolen from, p. 364.
-, rigg (East March): debated, p. 32; Bothwell enters Scotland at (1st April 1594), p. 525.

Hawick: English raid near on [ ] water (15th Oct.), p. 507.

Hawkill: muster of, p. 154.

Hawkin, Peter: his arms, p. 61.

Hawkley village: tenants, &c., p. 18.

Hawks: Scottish, offered by Davison to Lord Scrope (12th July 1584), 245.

Hawxley: horsemen in, p. 22; their rents, pp. 22, 23.

Hay: price per "truss" at Berwick (in 1584), pp. 1467.

Hay, Alexander: clerk register, his doubtful letter to Lady Lochleven (Dec. 1583), 194; of Easter Kennat: clerk of register, a commissioner for borders (15th June 1590), 674, 675; clerk of council (?), p. 513.
-, John, and tenants of Awwhenbrigges: complaint by (1592), p. 517.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 61.
-, the Jesuit: reports to Rome the charges against the Queen of Scots, p. 239; a Jesuit 515.

Haydon (Hawden), bridge on Tyne: foray at, headed by Will of Kinmont (Oct.), p. 282; the King privy to it, though intended elsewhere, p. 284; attacked in retreat by the keeper of Tynedale, p. 284; though the fire visible, the neighbours did not rise to the rescue (14th Nov.), p. 286; nor the keeper, till threatened by his brother-in-law, p. 287; (Haddingbriggs): Queen's tenants of, complain, 595.

Hayhame parish: muster of, p. 64.

Hayhill, Willy: (a Johnston), slain, 413.

Haynes, Richard: captain, Berwick, 543; pay due, 567; pay due to, p. 340; petitions for the two years' arrears at Berwick (30th Oct. 1590), 692; complains to Burghley of Read, and his men will mutiny (12th Aug.), 726; to Burghley, for speedy relief, lest his men mutiny (10th Sept.), 730; due Vernon, 1003.

Haythwayt, the: on Lyddal, p. 120.

Haywarde, Sir Rowland: creditor of Hunsdon's, p. 322.

Head, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Hugh: bowman, p. 45.
-, Jo. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Percevell: billman, p. 45.
-, Rich.: billman, p. 45.
-, Rich.: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 45.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 46.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 45.
-, William: his arms, p. 37.

Headlie and H. wood: horsemen in, p. 21.
-, (Heedlie), Anthony, of the Stobs: raid on, p. 357.
-, Arche, of Garret sheils: raid on, p. 362.
-, James, of Garret sheils: raid on, p. 351.
-, John, of the Stobs: raid on, p. 357.
-, Thome, of Garret shiels: raid on, p. 362.
-, Thome, of Neatherhouses: raid on, p. 351.
-, Thomas: taken prisoner, p. 347.
-, William, of Monkrig: raid on, p. 360.

Headleys, the: a surname of Redesdale, 166.

Heatherie burn: raids on, p. 350.

Hebborne village: tenants in, p. 15.
-, Cornellis: horseman, Goswick, p. 160.
-, Michael: his tenants, &c., p. 15; Michael H., of H.: raids on, p. 363.

Hebescott: horsemen in, p. 21.

Heddell, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.

Heddey, Dav.: his arms, p. 56.

Heddoir [Eden ?] water of: many thieves on, not the Queen's tenants, to be dealt with, p. 433.

Heder, Ric.: absent, p. 53.

Hedgart, Edward: unfurnished, p. 44.

Hedglie: raid at, p. 363.

Hedwen: one horseman in, p. 21.

Hedworthe, John, esq.: his land and equipment, p. 162.

Heethe, John, senior: his land and equipment, p. 162.
-, John, junior: gent., his equipment, p. 162.

Hefferlawe: raid on (Dec. 1588), p. 358.

Hellew, Roger: nag, &c., p. 63.

Helterbourne: Cesford to meet Forster at, p. 114.

Hemerson, David: his arms, p. 40.

Hemsaughe: horsemen in, p. 22.

Henderson, (Hennerson), George: his arms, p. 39.

Henderson, James: his arms, p. 41.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, John, of Hethersheils: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.
-, Jock, of Prenderleth: raid by, p. 348.
-, John: spoiled, 801.
-, Pauton: his arms, p. 39.
-, Quyntin: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Roger: his arms, p. 41.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 41.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 42.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 48.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 57.
-, William, of Fallofeeld: raid on, p. 348.

Henerby, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Henry VIII.: allowed his daughters Mary and Elizabeth 3000l. each, 988.
-, III. (of France): sends an embassy for his brother Anjou's marriage with Elizabeth (1581), p. 67; is very desirous to conclude it, p. 67; their reception and entertainment by Elizabeth and her councillors, p. 67; they dine, hunt, &c. with Leicester, Burghley, and others, p. 67; offends James 6th in calling himself "protector" of Scotland (Jan. 15856), 410; writes to James 6th (April 1587), p. 256; ill pleased at James 6th assisting King of Navarre (July), p. 271; his difference with Guise good for England (15th May 1588), 606.
-, IV. (of Navarre): Henry 3rd displeased at James 6th assisting him (July 1587), p. 271; his success said to please James (Dec. 1587), p. 298; Hunsdon sorry at his reverses (28th Dec.), p. 299; proclaimed second person (Jan. 15878), 584; his shameful change of religion condemned by Bothwell (2nd Aug. 1593), p. 483; said to be joined with the Guises (13th Sept. 1593), 888; though his ambassador in England disclaims it, 888; the Leaguers mean to "wrack" him and procure a Spanish invasion of England (26th Jan. 15934), 928; the Pope sends them an ambassador against him, 929; sends no ambassador to "the baptism," for a slight offered (15th Aug. 1594), 975.

Hensall, Jo.: unarmed, p. 59.

Hepburn (Heborne), Mr Robert: Bothwell's master of household sent to Hunsdon (1st Dec.), 571; chief adviser of Bothwell, again sent by the King and him to arrange private meeting with Hunsdon (3rd Dec.), p. 293; their discourse, p. 293; again sent by the King to meet Hunsdon within seven or eight days at Foulden (7th), 574; to be the sole messenger between them, p. 295; again sent by the King to Hunsdon, their conferencethe King's hint for moneyhis declarations on honour, &c. (13th Dec.), pp. 2978.

Heppell barony: horsemen in, p. 21.

Herbert, Mr D.: Walsingham to, 639.

Herd, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.

Hermaston, the Laird: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 488.

Hermitage (Armitage), castle of: 2; Cesford holding courts at (Aug. 1581), 105; assurances at (18th Dec. 1584), 278; goods from Bewcastle taken to, p. 285; the chief strength in Liddesdale, the keeper's residence (1592), p. 394; Bothwell returns to (20th Aug. 1592), 766; taken from Bothwell and 20 "shot" placed in (25th Oct.), p. 418; Bothwell at, stirring up Liddesdale (28th June), 958.

Heron, Agnes: "late wife of" Cuthbert H., raids on, p. 349.
-, Giles: his widow to give up his house in Berwick (Feb. 15801), 95.
-, Sir George: slain at the Redswyre (1575), p. 201; (of Chipchase): Forster's brotherin-law, 493.
-, John: Forster's brother-in-law slain, 493.
-, Mr (John): in a rode to Liddesdale (Sept.), 258; present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; of Chipchase: keeper of Tynedale (31st Aug. 1587), p. 269; 557; attacks the Haydon bridge foray in retreat, p. 284; failed in duty, Hunsdon thinks (14th Nov.), p. 286; warned of them by his son, but avoided a direct attack and went up the Tyne, p. 287; nearly related to Forster and Ridley, and friendly with Liddesdale, p. 287; not fit to keep Tynedale, neglects duty, brings in Scots thieves, and to be tried on these charges by Hunsdon, who advises Elizabeth to dismiss him (8th Dec. 1587), p. 295; his son, bailiff, and son-in-law, accomplices, p. 295; eight raids on, p. 349.
-, John (2): present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.
-, Renold: charged with march treason, submits to the Queen's mercy at Alnwick (15th March 15878), 601.
-, Tho.: horseman, Kemerston, p. 157.
-, Tho.: Stealie: raid on, p. 350.
-, Sir William: warden, delivered for breach of truce, and died in Fastcastle, temp. James 4th, pp. 195, 201; 370.
-, Lady: her tenants, &c. p. 18.

Herons, the: feuds of, 41; (Hernes), the: gentlemen of the Middle March, 166; at feud, 168.

Herrant, Wil.: horseman, Gryndon, p. 159.

Herries (Harrys), Lord (John Maxwell): his wife, daughter and co-heir of Lord Herries (1581), p. 72; his wife's sister married to Lochenvar, p. 72; Garlies, Lady Herries's nephew, p. 72; Lamington married to Lord Herries's sister, p. 72; Skirling and Herries married to sisters, p. 72; Herries's daughter wife of Empsfield, p. 72; to Scrope, of Argyll's visit to border (Oct. 1580), 66; at Terreglis, 66; at Edinburgh meeting (Dec.), 69; undertakes order on marches, 69; once keeper of Liddesdale, 72; meets Scrope (4th Sept.), 106; ill-affected to England (July 1583), p. 106; (William) "the young," a chief countenancer of "loose borderers," p. 111; summoned to Moffat by the King (on 23rd April 1584), 213; stayed by Lord Scrope's muster opposite (27th), 219; proclaims a pursuit against Angus and other rebels (29th), 220; at Annan, to compound the Grames' feud, 220; Scrope's hindrance of this scheme (1st May), 221; Herries's meeting put off, and he is gone to parliament (16th), 226; meets Maxwell at Lincluden (26th May 1585), 317; his mediator with the King (29th July), 333; his next brother to lead Maxwell's horsemen, 334; moves Maxwell to agree with Arran, 334; at Court on his peace, warned of the King's designs against himself (12th Aug.), 338; named commissioner on Russell's murder, refuses, being sick (12th Sept.), 347; to Scrope, hoping the meeting would succeed (25th), 353; meets the English commissioners and charges them with delay, which he would report to the King (20th Oct.), 375; reported with the King (23rd Oct.), 376, 377, 381; attends mass at Lincluden, &c. (13th Jan. 15856), 404; threats against him (26th), 409; his raid on Bonshaw and Johnston (5th May), 425; Scrope's intended spy in favour with (Nov.), 463; Jesuits with him, 464, 465; his deadly feud with the Irvings for killing his brother, and assault on himself, p. 299; with Johnston and 800 horse comes to join Huntly, &c. near Edinburgh (27th Jan. 15878), p. 309; dismisses his men and goes to Lithco, p. 309; the King orders him to ward, but he refuses, p. 309; gives bond to bring in Lord Maxwell's brother, Sir Robert, and his own brother Robert, for offences (25th Feb.), pp. 315, 319; to meet Bothwell at Peebles against the chancellor (7th April), 642; letter to, that Spanish ships in Lochryan, intercepted by Scrope (20th June), 645; the Bishop of Derry plotting with him for rising in Ireland (11th April), 666; starts to join the King (3rd Aug. 1591), 718; Burghley's notes on his connexions (7th), 720; joint head of 1000 of his name, p. 394; joins (?) Bothwell (24th June), 749; dealing for peace between Maxwell and the barons (28th Nov.), 792; his dispute for land with Maxwell settled (10th March 15923), 804; when in London, complains of John Irwin a thief, but Lowther sends him rather to Hamilton, (10th March 15923), p. 433; is urgent with Scrope for reply (20th April), 947; to meet Scrope on 20th (5th July), 960; puts off the meeting, having no instructions (19th July), 967.

Herries, George, of Karrauthrie: raid on, p. 423.
-, Will.: (Penrith), spoiled, p. 440.

Herson, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Heselhead, Geo.: his arms, p. 54.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 54.
-, Ran.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 46.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 54.

Heskett, Alex.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Jo.: billman, p. 51.
-, Nether: muster of, p. 46; Upper: muster of, p. 46.

Heslopp, Dand, of Swinsyde: thief, p. 360.
-, Daude, of Swindenn: raid by, p. 362.
-, George ("Jordan"), Swinden: servant to Elishewgh, raids by, pp. 358, 363; reset, p. 364.
-, George, of Swinsyde: thief, p. 360.
-, Hobb, of Colerons: raid by, p. 364.
-, Hobb: "the crealman," raids by, pp. 358, 359.
-, John: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Jocke, of Mowe: theft by, p. 361.
-, Jock, of Swindenn: horse stealer, p. 364.
-, Roger: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.
-, Thomas: horseman, Gryndon, p. 159.
-, Thome, of Swinden: Hob H.'s brother, p. 358.
-, William: his arms, p. 42.

Hethergill: occupied by Hetheringtons, Lady Knevete's and William Musgrave's land, p. 124; a Liddesdale foray at, 234; Hetheringtons, a surname in (1592), p. 394.

Hetherton (Hatherton, Hetherington), Anthony: his arms, p. 40.
-, Anthony (Tarnesett): raid on, p. 356.
-, Arche: his arms, p. 40.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 40.
-, Clement: his arms, p. 41.
-, David: his arms, p. 39.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 40.
-, Edw.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Edw.: "heffer" stolen, p. 431.

Hetherton, Emmte (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, George: his arms, p. 40.
-, George: his arms, p. 41.
-, Geordie: taken in Gilsland, p. 558.
-, Harbert (2): their arms, pp. 40, 41.
-, Jeffrey: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, John, elder (2), younger (2), &c. (3): their arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 41.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Nicholas: his arms, p. 39.
-, Nicolas: his arms, p. 41.
-, Peter: his arms, p. 41.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 39.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 60.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 39.
-, Robert (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 38.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 39.
-, Symon: his arms, p. 40.
-, Symon: spoiled, 801.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, Thomas (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, William: his arms, p. 39.
-, William, elder, younger, &c. (3): their arms, p. 41.
-, William: his arms, p. 61.
-, poor widow, raid on, and John H. her husband slain, p. 356.

Hethringtons, the: occupy Hethersgill, p. 124; (Etheringtons): dwell on Leven and Hethersgill, pp. 3934; the headsmen of, to give bond to Lord Scrope for good behaviour, p. 459; the principals to be bound for all under them (Sept. 1593), p. 500.

Hettoun: tenants, &c., p. 16; village: tenants, &c., p. 18; castle: p. 32; muster of, pp. 153, 159; raid on, p. 360.

Hevesyde, John (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, Nicolas: his arms, p. 38.
-, Ralph: his arms, p. 38.
-, William: his arms, p. 39.

Hewer, Christofer: billman, p. 45.
-, Christofer: bowman, p. 45.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Peter: bowman, p. 45.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.

Hewit, Edw.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Jam.: his arms, p. 59.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 59.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 58.
-, Mic.: his arms, p. 59.

Hewit, Tho.: his arms, p. 55.

Hewitson, Adam: his arms, p. 38.
-, Cuthbert: spearman, p. 46.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 58.
-, James: his arms, p. 46.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 37.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, John: his arms, p. 55.
-, John: his arms, p. 61.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 38.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 61.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Wil., younger: bowman, p. 62.

Hewrde, Christopher, of Whithall: wounded, maimed, and taken prisoner (24th Jan. 1588), p. 351.
-, George, of the Langley, elder and younger: raid on, p. 351.
-, William, of the Langley, elder: raid on, p. 351.

Hewson, Rob: horseman, Bednell, p. 158.

Hewton, Edward: his arms, p. 57.

Hexham, regality and shire of: horsemen in, p. 22; the Dean of Durham evades Bothwell at (25th April), 950.

Hexpethgate head: p. 31.

Heyhope (E. Teviotdale): p. 103.

"Heynninty": treasure from Madrid directed to, 929.

Heytherslaw: tenants in, p. 15.

Highet: muster of, p. 50.

Highfeeld, the, Tynedale: raid at, 174.

Highmor, Alexander: musters Allerdale ward, 91.

Hill, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 45.

Hill howse, the, Tynedale: raid at, 174.

Hills, : his ship to be "wafted" in case of the "Dunkirker's" attack (30th May), p. 463.

Hincmirgo, Cle.: his arms, p. 56.

Hinson, Ric. (2): spearmen, p. 47.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 47.

Hird, Rowland: his arms, p. 55.

Hobberslawe: theft from, p. 363.

Hobbe's sons, "Arches": raid by, p. 356.

Hobson, John: billman, p. 62.

Hoddam: between and Dumfries, 1000 Maxwells (1592), p. 394.
-, Duke: servant to Lord Herries, p. 237.

Hodgkyn, William: false report of, 204.

Hodgson (Hogeson, Hudson), Alex.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Allan: his arms, p. 38.
-, Anthony: his arms, p. 38.
-, Anthony: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Anthony: spoiled, 801.
-, Bennett; bowman, p. 63.
-, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Chris. (2): unfurnished, pp. 47, 48.
-, Chris.: bowman, p. 51; unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Chris.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Cuthbert: bowman, p. 52.
-, (Hogson), Dobbie, of Westend: "Falkland" &c. bills on (1592), p. 516.
-, Gawen: his arms, p. 38.
-, Geo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Henry: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Henry: absent, p. 50.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 57.
-, Henry: billman, p. 62.
-, Henry: billman, p. 63.
-, Henry: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Jeffray: bowman, p. 53.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Jo. (2): unfurnished, p. 47.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, John: bowman, p. 50.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, John: (3), billmen, p. 63.
-, Jo.: bowman, 92.
-, John: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.
-, John: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, John, younger: sent to Lowther, p. 429.
-, Lancelot: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 38; younger, p. 38.
-, Leonard: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Mathew: his arms, p. 38.
-, Mathew: his arms, p. 59.
-, Mich.: nag, &c., p. 62
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 3
-, Ric.: absent, p. 50.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 63.
-, Ric.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, Rob. (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 46.

Hodgson, Rob.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 51; billman, p. 51.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 53.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 62.
-, Rob.: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 39.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 51.
-, Stephen (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Stephen: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 44.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 46.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 51; billman, p. 51.
-, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 65.
-, Tho.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 38.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 46.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Wil.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, Wil., of Pettrelwaye: spoiled, p. 431.

Hodgsons: a small surname of Burgh (1592), p. 394.

Hoggarde, Ambrose: billman, p. 63.
-, Henry: billman, p. 64.
-, Hugh: billman, p. 65.
-, Hugh: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Lancelot: billman, p. 63.
-, Ric.: billman, p. 63.
-, Wil., elder: billman, p. 62.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 62.

Hogge, Richard, &c., Salkeld Magna: spoiled, 809.
-, Tho.: alderman, Berwick, 818, p. 453; 837, 995.

"Hoggis": 10 score stolen from Ilderton, p. 113.

"Hole", the: a prison in Edinburgh, p. 480; Bothwell says he will go into before trial, p. 480.

Holehouse, the: horsemen in, p. 22.

"Holirood (Hollerowe) daye: (14th Sept.), 464, 465.
-, house: Bothwell's secret entry into, and meeting with the King at his chamber door (23rd-24th July 1593), 865.
-, bishop of: (Adam Bothwell) at council (Nov. 1581), 114; prior of: ambassador to Denmark (2nd Sept.), 538.

Hollen, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 48.

"Hollithursevenn": p. 364.

Holme, Anth.: spearsman, p. 49.
-, Chr.: "halbert,"p. 57.
-, Chr.: absent, p. 60.
-, Chr.: (2) nag, &c., and footman, p. 62.
-, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 60.
-, Edm.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Edward (2): bowmen, p. 44.
-, Edward: "halbert," p. 57.
-, George: billman, p. 62.
-, George: master smith, Berwick, p. 536.
-, Henry: bowman, p. 52.
-, John: billman, p. 50.
-, John: "gonne," p. 58.
-, John: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: billman, p. 62.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 53.
-, Myles: billman, p. 62.
-, Randell: his arms, p. 42.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 40.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 44.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Ric.: (2) nag, &c., and footman, p. 62.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 44.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 62.
-, Tho., younger: bowman, p. 62.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 62.
-, Coltram: horsemen in, 54; the Queen's horsemen too few (April 1583), p. 99; horsemen in, p. 155; the lordship of, next Brough, under a steward, his duties, pp. 392, 395; spoils in, 801.

Holmends, Laird of (Carruthers): his wife an Irving (1581), p. 72; Newbie his son-inlaw, p. 72; his daughter married to Robbe Grame of the Fald, p. 126; to command Maxwell's horsemen (30th July 1585), 334.

Holt, the Jesuit: gone or going to France with Fintry (13th Nov. 1585), 389; William: a Jesuit harboured at New Abbey (Feb. 15856), 411, 412; a Scottish borderer offers to capture him for reward from Scrope (27th March), 420; sent, and returns from France with money (Oct.), p. 237; his servant returns (5th Nov.), 465; himself still in Paris from Rome, 465; haunts Northumberland (23rd June), 519.

Holy Island: 20, 30; the fort at, 38; estimate of repairs at, lead, &c., p. 97; houses, fort, &c., damaged by storms, 686; patent of, to Sir W. Read and his son, p. 387; ordnance on the fort, &c., p. 537; fort windows glazed, 938: damages to upper keep and court, great (13th April), 943.

Homiltoun: tenants in, p. 15; (Thomblton): muster of, pp. 153, 158.

Homyder, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.

Hondles, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 39.

"Honours," the: brought down from Edinburgh castle for parliament (16th July 1593), p. 475.

Hood, Edw.: horseman, North Charlton, p. 159.

Hoodspeth, Edem: horseman, Twisell, p. 159.
-, Geo.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, James: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Jarrett: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Oswold: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.

Hooke, Edw.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 56.
-, John (3): their arms, p. 55.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, Nic.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 56.

Hoopper, John: horseman, South Charlton, p. 158.

Hope, Rob.: unarmed, p. 56.
-, (Houppes), Tho., in Donecowe, and others: robbed of eight pack horses near Dunlangrig (3rd June), 843.
-, (Houpe), Tho.: horseman, Scremerton, p. 159.
-, William: Mr Bowes' man, delivered A. Douglas's packet to his master (Dec. 1593), 953.

Hopewood, William: enquired about by Burghley, and watched by Hunsdon's orders on road to London (21st Nov. 1584), 269; father lives near Weatherby, p. 167; H.'s dealings with Laird of Restalrig, p. 167.

Hoppon: muster of, p. 153.

Hoppringill, John, of the Morhous: conspires against the King, p. 172.

Horkley: p. 33; muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Horne, Wil.: billman, p. 62.

Hornsbye, Andrew: his arms, p. 39.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: (2) spearman, and unfurnished p. 50.
-, Mich.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Oswald: bowman, p. 50.
-, Percevell: spearman, p. 50.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Wil. (2): billmen, p. 47.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.

Horse head near Keildar, the: p. 126.

Horserigg (East March): p. 31.

Horses: forbidden to be sold to Scots (July 1583), 168; selling to Scots, treason, and gentlemen condemned at Alnwick for (15th March 15878), 601.

Horsleye: horsemen in, p. 21; raided (June 1587), p. 263; (July), p. 267.
-, John: his lands, &c., p. 17; his tenants in Long H., p. 21; present at Lord Russell's death, p. 190; his house of Strangwood forayed (1587), 535; his oxen, &c. stolen from Horsley, p. 365.
-, John: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, Uswand: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, Wede: horseman, Lucker, p. 158.

Horsmer, Anth.: his arms, p. 57.

Horttoun; tenants, &c., p. 16;grange: horsemen in, p. 22; overburdened by landlady, p. 22; muster of, pp. 153, 157.

Hoteblacke, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 62.

Houbye: muster of, p. 62.

Houchester, Nic.: bowman, p. 45.

Houell, Raph: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.

Houghton: muster of, p. 42.

Houlborne (Hobborn): muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Housbrig, Jo.: his arms, p. 44.

Housdone, Symon: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.

Howarde (Hawarde), "C.": at council, Otelandes (12th Aug. 1584), 251.
-, Lord E.: 203.
-, Lord William: his horsemen in Gilsland too few (April 1583), p. 99; (of Naworth): dispute on the Dacre succession with Francis Dacre (1588), 639; his livery worn by a murderer and outlaw, 639.

Howborne, Thomas, of Howborne: his tenants, p. 16.
-, Tho.: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.

Howe, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Chris.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Gawen: bowman, p. 52.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 37.
-, Hew: his arms, p. 37.
-, James: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: his arms, p. 45.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, Patrick: his arms, p. 57.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: "halbert," p. 57.
-, Sime: his arms, p. 57.

Howick village: tenants, &c., p. 17; muster of, pp. 154, 161.

Howitt, Henry: horseman, West Lilborne, p. 157.

Howitt, John: horseman, West Lilborne, p. 157.

Howkell, Geo.: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.

Howloose, one: a Liddesdale thief, slain in a foray, 235.

Howrigh, James: absent, p. 47.

Howsomer, Bernard: billman, p. 64.

Howson, Bart.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Cuthbert: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Gilb.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Ja.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.

Howttell: tenants in, p. 15; tower: p. 32; muster of, p. 153.

"Huchon's children:" [Grames?] on the Debatable ground, p. 99.

Hucke, Ric.: billman, p. 65.

Huckenbodome, Roger: informs on a Jesuit, p. 92.

Huddert, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.

Hudles, Henry: his arms, p. 38.

Hudson, James: ambassador to Scotland, leaves Barnes with letter to the King (1st Dec. 1591), 737; has hints for guidance from Bowes, 737; takes 3000l. from Elizabeth to the King (1591), 988; 2000l. (1592), 988.
-, Rob.: horseman, Denneck, p. 158.
-, Thomas: his lands, &c., p. 18.
-, Thomas: horseman, Jeswick, p. 159.

"Hue and cry:" penalty for failing to rise and follow, in the West Marches, pp. 4589.

Hughes, Edward: 1.

Hughwait, Jo.: spearman, p. 46.

Huher, Jeff.: nag., &c., p. 64.

Huke, Tho.: horseman, Kilham, p. 157.
-, Wil.: horseman, Kilham, p. 157.

Hull: brick shipped at, for Berwick, 301; the Carres at, favour Jesuits (Nov. 1586), p. 239; mayor of, objects to keeping ships' crews at the town charge (23rd June 1588), 612.

Hullock, John: nag, &c., p. 63.

Humble, Jenkin, of Warton: raid on, p. 360.
-, John: horseman, Ellingham, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, Swennoe, p. 160.

Humbleton: the Queen's, p. 33.

Hume, (Hewme) Lord: at Edinburgh (Dec. 1580), 69; to pacify Liddesdale, &c., 69; his wife sister of Cesford, their daughter contracted to Master of Marischal (Dec.), 70; his quarrel with Manderston and Coldingknows (Oct. 1581), 111; deprived latter of lordship of Lawder, 111; warden of the Merse, 121; refuses a malefactor to Cesford the warden (Sept. 1583), 175; in ward at Tantallon (30th Sept.), 258; joins Angus's party at Kelso (23rd Oct.), 376; asks Forster to hold hand when they leave the border (25th), 379; writes to Forster in behalf of Jedburgh (28th Oct.), 282; in the Merse seeking Fernihurst (13th Nov.), 389; to have escorted Lady Hamilton to Scotland, but went instead after Fernihurst (26th), 395; assists prior of Coldingham against Bothwell (10th Sept.), 448; contends with Fleming for precedence, and reconciled with Bothwell (July), 523; musters the Merse on Fogo moor, for watching border (31st Aug.), 536; now a papist, and holds his land of Huntly, refused entrance to Edinburgh without the King's "token" (Jan. 15878), p. 309; refuses to join Bothwell in a foray (5th April), 642; fails to attend Lord Hamilton, as promised, and rides to Bothwell at Crichton (April 1590), 671; Hamilton's displeasure, 671; has made no redress for his wardenry (22nd June), 676; with his cautioner to appear before the King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 702; warned by Bothwell to attend his meeting with Forster (7th Feb.), 702; his promise to the King (13th Jan.), p. 374; joins Bothwell's party (19th30th July), 713, 715; Burghley's notes of his connexions (7th Aug.), 720; "accordit" with the King, to be warded four or five days in Blackness and then leave Scotland (11th Aug.), 723; to pass through Berwick (25th Aug.), 729; 767; keeps company with Lennox and Glamisan onset by them on the chancellor and friends, near Dalkeith, prevented by Northberwick's discretion (Aug.), p. 405; his three days' visit to Kelso, Jedburgh, &c. on the King's affairs, and return to Dunglas (Sept.), p. 406; with the King at Lithco (3rd Oct.), 775; and in Dumfriesshire with him and his forces (11th Oct.), 780; leaves for home, p. 414; his pledge for old Whithaugh's coming to the Reidswyre, p. 416; keeps the chancellor back from Court (18th April 1593), p. 450; an arrant papist and trafficker with Spain, to command the King's horse guard (9th May), p. 457; letter from Spain, taken, but destroyed, p. 457; arrives in Edinburgh with his party, 852; leaves for his uncle Lord Gray's house "the Fownes," on 26th June, p. 470; to see the papist earls, p. 470; has returned to his own house, and his course doubted (8th July), 857; when there held conference with Angus Huntly and other papists, 860; is in Edinburgh for parliament with 200 friends (13th July), 860; was at a "convencion" with Huntly, Crawfcrd, &c. at Dumbirsle on 4th July, p. 475; opposed to the Duke, Bothwell, &c. (1st Aug.), p. 481; the King sendsfor, after Bothwell's acquittal, to come and "cut his throat," pp. 4901; joins in agreement, at the King's instance, against Bothwell (20th Aug.), 881; to remain from Court, p. 493; to be excommunicated, and restore Coldingham to Bothwell and Spott, p. 494; commanded to his own house (28th Aug.), 885; the King's admission as to (13th Sept.), p. 498; his agreement with Maitland, assures with Cesford till Easter, confers with Glames, Morton, &c. at Loughleven, and raises 100 horse for the King (14th Sept.), 889; the King orders Bothwell to agree with him (16th Sept.), 891; at Falkland with the King, p. 499; attends him at Lawder (12th Oct.), 905; persuades him to receive Huntly, Angus, and Errollis at Jedburgh with him (16th Oct.), p. 507; leaves Court, displeased at his severity with Fernihurst (17th Oct.), 908; with 500 horse, occupies Kelso; distrusting Cesford and Buccleuch, leaves it for Eckles on Bothwell's approach (1st April 1594), pp. 5256; follows after him to Leith, joined by 1400 foot of the King's, pp. 5256; fights with him between Leith and Niddry and driven back with loss of 50 men, pp. 5256; goes suddenly to Edinburgh, his forces to follow, on report of the King's capture at Stirling (1st July), p. 539; said to be sent secretly by the King to borrow 2000l. or 3000l. from Huntly (18th July), 965; comes to Ford and Etell for hounds (21st Oct.), hunts on the English border, Bamborough, &c. (25th29th, and 31stOct.), 987; Carey's mind to havestopped him, 987; importunes Carey to "tryst" with him, for Elizabeth's servicealtogether leads the King (31st Dec.), p. 555.

Hume, Mr Alex., of Hutonhall: deputy warden of East March, declines to receive Queen of Scots' letter to her son (3rd May 1582), 121; receives and acknowledges it (14th May), 122, p. 84; sends to Berwick a reply by the King and a letter to Elizabeth (30th June), 128; meets Scrope and other commissioners (23rd Oct.), 376, 377; has joined the party against Arran, 376; with the lords (28th Oct.), 381; deputy of the Merse, meetings with Hunsdon, p. 292; sent by Angus to Hunsdon (9th Dec.), 577; commissioner on border causes (18th Jan. 15878), 585; to meet the English at Foulden (25th), 586; proceedings, 593; proclamation, 594; pledges delivered at his house (25th Feb.), p. 315; 683.

Hume, Alexander of Manderston: to see Walsingham at Court (Oct. 1580), 65; his return expected (Dec.), 68; his brother John brings R. Aston over Tweed (Aug. 1581), 104; quarrel with Lord Hume (Oct.), 111.
-, Alexander of Northberwick: 381; "gudman" of Northberwick: prevents a fray between the Duke's and chancellor's parties near Dalkeith (Aug.), p. 405; the King wishes him made provost of Edinburgh, the town refuses (3rd Oct.), pp. 41011.
-, Alex.: absent, p. 47.
-, Sir David: preacher, brings news to Berwick that Stirling taken (3rd Nov.), 386.
-, Sir George: reported taken by Bothwell, 754; Gray's and others' plot to remove him from Court (14th July), 763; his designs on the chancellor, and Bothwell's against him (9th May), p. 457; "one of the greatest hypocrites living," a papist, and destroys intercepted Spanish letters to Lord H., &c., p. 457; plot by chancellor against, 852; p. 487; a secret foe to Bothwell for killing his brother, though outwardly reconciled (10th Aug.), p. 488; at the King's instigation makes agreement against Bothwell, 881; to remain from Court (20th), p. 493; persuades the King to receive Huntly, &c. (13th Oct. 1593), p. 507.
-, George, of Wedderburne: cautioner for Lord Hume (Jan. 15901), 700; makes Lord H.'s peace with the King (11th Aug.), 723.
-, George: slain in a foray at Windgates (St Luke's day, 1589), p. 350.
-, Gilbert: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Sir James, of Coldingknows: quarrels with Lord H. for depriving him of Lawder (Oct. 1581), 111; imprisoned by the King in Edinburgh castle (26th April), 215; captain of Edinburgh castle, a commissioner on border causes (15th June 1590), 674, 675.
-, James: receives Queen Mary's letter to her son (14th May 1582), 122.
-, John: brother of Manderston, 104; "a ryght honest man," p. 73; brings R. Aston over Tweed to Scotland, and mounts him (Aug. 1581), p. 73.
-, "Wedowe," of Wingates: raided and her husband murdered, p. 350.
-, William: "maister stable," complaint by, 921.

Humes, the: adhere to Lennox, and are hostile to Morton, p. 26; Coldingham the reason, p. 26; gentlemen of the East Marches, 166; "last fled" are at Twisell (16th Feb. 15845), 285.

Humfraye, Kennute: his arms, p. 41.

Humley moss (East March): p. 31.

Hundeley (laird of): joins Bothwell's new scheme against the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510.

Hunsdon, Lord (Henry Carey): 14; governor of Berwick, 22, 24, 40, 42; warden of East March, 47; commissioner of Marches, pp. 34, 35; Randolph to, of the French embassy, Scottish news, &c. (1581), 96; extracts from his letters (May-June), 97; to Walsingham (5th July), 98; to Burghley, of his resolve to leave Berwick, the proposed French marriage, Archibald Douglas, &c. (11th Aug.), 102; loss of his son referred to, 102; to Leicester, of Aston his messenger, his sufferings from the stone, his hawks, &c. (14th Aug.), 104; Andrew Ker of Faudonsyde known to, p. 104; will guarantee Thomas Musgrave, p. 127; at council (8th March 15834), 203; King's messenger at Berwick, with letters, on way to meet him leaving London (20th June), 237; mayor of Berwick's petition against him, &c. (June), 240; his answers, p. 144; the mayor of Berwick's reply to his answer, p. 145; says there will be no new church if the mayor, &c. get the money, p. 146; to meet Arran (13th Aug.), 250; musters the horse and foot on the East March (1st3rd Sept.), 253; the horse only (30th), 259; James 6th to, that Fernihurst now warden vice Cesford (6th Nov. 1584), 265; Arran to, thereon, 266; Walsingham to, on the banished Scots about Berwick, Arran's unsoundness, &c., 267; to Burghley, of a suspected emissary to the Queen of Scots (21st), 269; at Court (Jan. 15845), 278; to name Scrope's deputy for the Garter, 299; Selby to, of Scots nobles at Aberdeen (30th May), 318; sent to inquire on Forster's conduct (21st Aug.), 534; friendship between Bothwell and him promoted (30th), 536; his appointments (156887), p. 269; to Burghley, from Royston, on his way down to Berwick (14th Sept.), 541; his notes on the officers and garrison (26th), 543; notes on the pensioners of Berwick (27th Sept.), 545; his articles of charge against Forster, 546; to Burghley, complaining of another privy councillor's (Huntingdon?) informing the Queen against him for neglect of Berwickitsefficient state of defenceand advice not to appoint T. Matthew bishop of Durham, 548; to same, sending the French ambassador's papers, stolen by a servant with his connivance (6th Oct.), 549; to Walsingham, of same business, 550; spares Teviotdale prisoners at suit of John Hall, &c., 551; to Burghley, on the stolen letters, that the charges against Forster are malicious, and quotes a Latin proverb (7th), 552; Cesford to, on redress (11th), 553; to Burghley, of little chance of redress rage of the ambassador at loss of his papers, &c. (12th), 555; to same, of Berwick matters, want of pay therethe frivolous charges against Forsterthe King's dissimulationborder outrages, &c. (18th), pp. 2802; to same, of Scottish council's evasionswant of men on the bordersnecessity of 1000 men, &c., pp. 2834; to the council, as vice-admiral (27th), 558; Cesford to, on reset of fugitives (4th Nov.), 559; reply to, with surprise at the King's actionBothwell's and Buccleuch's raid, &c. (6th), 560; to Burghley, of no justice yet, apathy of gentlemen following frays, suspicions of treachery in some, and "will make them hop headless" if convictedthe Queen's bad management of the King of Scots, &c. (14th), pp. 2868; pay of 500 men under him (17th Nov.), 564; Angus to, complaining of incursions on Cesford, &c. (29th), 566; Bothwell to, on same (30th), 568; to be lieutenant under Huntingdon (3rd Dec.), 569; to Burghley, of Buccleuch and young Cesford's foray on Sir C. Collingwood, losses, &c. (6th Dec.), 571; his advice thereon, p. 291; to same, refusing to serve under Huntingdon and will rather go to prison (6th Dec.), 572; considers it a dishonour after his long service by sea and land, p. 292; advises Elizabeth to win the King at any cost or charges, p. 292; of Bothwell's proposed meeting with him, &c., p. 293; to same, of the King and Bothwell's further proposals to meetthe foray at Eslingtonhis dealings with the Herons and Ridleys (8th Dec.), 574, p. 295; Angus to, from Tantallon, on exchange of prisoners (9th Dec.), 575; to Angus, in reply (11th), 577; to Burghley, of further messages from the King, his replies, &c. (14th), pp. 2978; to same, of the factions at the Scottish Courtthe King's declarations on religion, &c., Randolph's extortions the cause of the posts' delays (28th Dec.), pp. 2989; to same, with letters from the King (privately), and the councilCarmichael's message and letters (14th Jan. 15878), pp. 3023; Carmichael to (12th), p. 303; replies to Carmichael (14th), p. 304; 583; to Burghleydelay of commissioners' meetingarrival of Ladylanddoubt of the Kingrumoured defeat of Guise, &c. (17th Jan.), 584; with news of commissionerscause of their delayday fixed for meeting (23rd), 586; talk with Carmichael about the King and his solemn assurances of amity, &c.dealings with papists, Huntly, &c., p. 307; arrival of one of the late Queen's gentlewomen, and her moving stories of the Queen's death, &c., pp. 3078; the King's disowning Archibald Douglas, pp. 3078; to Walsingham, of business done in the commissionlarge border bills, &c. (2nd Feb.), 587; assembly of nobles at Linlithgow, to take the King (on 27th June), 587; his dealings with them, Huntly, Montrose, and Hume, and his perplexity, p. 309; A. Douglas discredited, p. 309; news of Col. Sempill, Duke of Parma, &c., p. 310; to Burghley, disapproves of Elizabeth's letter, as too harsh to the Kingrebukes her parsimony as short sightedand will cost more in the endArchibald Douglas useless (3rd Feb.), 588, p. 311; to same, is glad Elizabeth is considering her estate in timeconference with Carmichael on the King's stateneed of money if he is to do anything, &c. (6th Feb.), 589, p. 312; to same, that commission closed to good effectForster's good officesand advises his restoration to the wardenship (25th Feb.), 596, p. 316; of Carmichael's urgency for his writing to the Kingtheir conversation thereon, &c., 597; to same, as to Archibald Douglas's position and how he learned itdismissal of soldiers, &c. (6th March), 599; of robbery of the post near Morpethstoppage of all A. Douglas's letters, &c. (9th), 600; to same, of his warden courtsubmission of William Ridley and Renold Heron to the Queen's mercy for march treason, flight of others, &c., to surprise of countryletter from the King, &c. (15th), 601; to Burghley, regretting the small result of his labour for the King's amityis sorry to find his labour so little valued by the Queen, and that she is so slow in answering the King's letterprays God she repent it not, p. 321; will explain her dislike to his letter when he knows what it isdesires her decision as to Sir John Forsterand his own return to Court, for private affairs of great urgency (31st March), pp. 3212; on his way to London, &c. (10th April), 603; Woddryngton to, of the Spanish fleet in the Moray Firth, &c. (13th Aug. 1588), 624; tells Bowes the Queen will help him to pay the garrison arrears (June 1590), 672; John Crane to, of needful repairs at Norhamdefects in musters, &c. (25th July), 679; Sir J. Selby to, of fall of the round tower of Berwick (11th Aug.), 680; Crane and Acrigge to, on cost of repairs at Norham (24th), 682; Woddryngton to, as to non-payment of the horse (6th Sept.), 684; Acrigge to, on repairs at Berwick, &c. (20th Oct.), 689; petition to, by officers, &c. of Berwick for arrears (30th Oct.), 692; Acrigge and Crane to, on reasons for heavy cost of works there (19th Dec.), 695; Woddryngton to, on works doneconfused reckoning between Bowes and Vernon, and the watch nearly starved for want of pay (23rd Dec.), 696; Bowes to, from Edinburgh, dissensions at the Courtfeud between Huntly and Morayimprisonment of Island chiefsplans to raise the King's revenue, &c. (13th Feb. 15901), 703, p. 376; Woddryngton to, of damage by the stormsneed of repairand money for the unpaid Norham workmen (19th Feb.), 704; of still greater damages at Berwickurgent need of money, &c. (19th March), 706; to Sir W. Read on the pay dispute (12th Aug. 1591), 732; salary as governor (29th Sept.), 735; the Master of Gray to (14th July), 763; commissioner for a treaty (1587), p. 413; "cannot abide" complaints from Berwick, the mayor asks his letter to Burghley kept private (6th Feb. 15923), p. 425; his absence relaxes discipline at Berwick, p. 428; his absence occasions abuses at Berwick (14th March 15923), p. 434; allowed 40, but keeps no household servants thereall at Court with him and his familyin payshortens the garrison by 100 menpensions his own men, who sell them, p. 434; before his time sale of pay unknownsent a soldier to the Marshalsea for coming up to complainis libelled weeklyhis oath to the establishment broken dailyillegally extends his Sunday salmon fishings and shortens close time three months or more, pp. 4356; appropriates common fields, though ordered by the Privy Council to desistwithholds the watchword from the mayor, and allows his sons to rail against the corporation, &c., p. 436; is an absentee, not spending a penny of his fees, &c. of 1500l. in Berwick, keeps 200 of the garrison gathering his tithesand sends men to prison for many months on mere information, p. 437; none dare accuse him, as in Sir William Drury's time, p. 437; the burgesses' losses by his toleration, p. 440; his "bitter letter" and wrath at the mayor's complaints of him to the Queen (21st March), 818; and hostile intentions, 818; evils caused by, forbids his son John to give the watchword to the mayor of Berwick, 827; his farther "wrathful menacing letters," p. 453; pensioner placed by, p. 455; appoints John deputy captain of Norham, on his brother's death (May), p. 457; petition against him to the Queen (22nd May), p. 461; to his son, the Queen dislikes his being marshal, 838; ordered his son to refuse the watchword (12th June), 847; to discharge Captain Walker (18th June), 849; appoints Mr Bowyer to his company (8th July), p. 473; balance of his pay "stayed," 859; his reasons for withholding the watchword from the mayor, whose life he spared, p. 479; his son John C. to, p. 479; godfather to Ralph Gray's son, John Carey representing him (10th Aug.), 877; "vehemently" blames latter for receiving Bothwell, p. 495; asked to make Sir S. Musgrave return to Berwick, p. 495; pay (29th Sept. 1593), 894; 27 of his men absent at muster (4th Oct.), p. 504; Scrope to (8th Oct.), 900; Locke to, vi Carlisle (25th Oct.), 910; Captain Walker's complaint to Burghley, of his discharging him unjustly (17th Nov.), 914; helps his son John (19th Dec.), 923; not to be shown his letters to Burghley about the controller (10th Jan. 15934), p. 520; his salary postponed at the pay, 937; gave his son John a ward for a daughter's marriage, which he had to sell for half the value, 949; often written to by Scrope as to Herries, 960; balance of his pay deferred till Mich. (27th July), 969; the Queen commands him to appoint Captain Selby clerk of ordnance (19th Aug.), 976; "crossed" the Berwick corporation in Vernon's favour, p. 554; his bill to Sir Valentyne Browne not paid, 1003.

Hunsdon, Lady: wishes Lady Woddryngton to accompany "my Lady Scrope, her daughter" to Court (19th April), 605.
-, "Mount," Berwick: p. 536.

Hunthill, Laird of: raid by his men (1587), p. 263; letter by the warden to Forster thereon (13th Aug.), p. 266; his brother robs the post near Morpeth (March 15878), 600; said to reset English fugitives, but denies it (16th April 1590), 671; raids by his men, pp. 357, 359; his bond to Crawster for 30l., p, 364; house of, sought for Bothwell and others (10th Sept.), p. 406; laird of, promises to appear before the King and council, p. 406; the King to pull his house down for succouring Bothwell (16th Oct.), p. 507; reported to have fled (19th), 908; joins Bothwell's new scheme against the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510.

Huntly, Earls of (George 4th):rebels (Oct. 1562), 2; his first and second sons, 2; (George 6th):returns from France a Papist (Aug. 1581), p. 71; "sister's son to the Hamiltons," promises to join his uncle Lord Claud H. and his brother, 146; at Court (21st Nov. 1583), 188; at Aberdeen meeting (30th May), 318; lately met Crawford and others (29th Oct.), 461, p. 238; brings 300 horse to the King at Edinburgh (21st April 1587), 510; accused of complicity with the Master of Gray, denies it (10th May), 513; Dunfermline Abbey given to, 513; to be "accorded" with Atholl (29th May), 516; a Papist, 524; his brother comes with Gray's man from France to Pittenweem (26th July), 526; not going to Denmark (30th Aug.), and sends to France for the Duke of Lennox's sister to be his wife, 536; his man Captain Carr, and reported design on Berwick (11th Sept.), 540; Bishop of Dunblane lately came to (Dec. 1587), p. 298; the King tells his party the other's secrets and vice vers, p. 299; a great Papist, sees the King at Burleigh near Lochleven, who is offended with him, p. 307; doubted by Hunsdon, p. 307; convenes with others at Lythco to get possession of the King (27th Jan. 15878), 587; messages to, from the King, to bring Gight a murderer to Edinburgh, and refuses, p. 309; feudal superior of Lord Hume, p. 309; objects of his convention, p. 312; comes in to the King and ordered to stay in Edinburgh (25th Feb.), 596; licensed to go home, 596; eipher for his name, p. 318; is joined by the chancellor for fear of his life (31st March 1588), p. 321; at Court, seeking change of officers, &c. (10th April), 603; takes Col. Sempill from Carmichael (8th Aug.), 620; sent for by the King, 620; leaves for his own house (12th), 624; his Spanish intentions (20th), p. 331; reputed to have Spanish gold (9th Sept.), 632; goes hunting with the Kinggathering of Angus, Mar, and others to slay himwarned by his servantreturns to Edinburgh and the King dines with him (18th March 15889), 641, p. 336; the King's privity with him, going to raise forces in his country, &c., 641, p. 336; plots with Bothwell against the chancellor and is to join him at Dunfermline with 5000 men (8th April), 642; has "shaked handes and dronk "with Marishal, who joins him, and the King privy to the scheme, 642; to give the Master of Gray's lands back, 642; the King attempts to compound his feud with Moray, &c., and passes an act "approving" his raid on Tarneway as good service (13th Feb. 15901), p. 376; is coming to lie at Spynie, and his men at Elgin against Moray, p. 376; ordered to hold a justice court (11th Aug.), 723; said to influence the King against the chancellor (16th Dec. 1591), 739; is sent to Blackness and his trunk robbed of gold and silver (18th March 15912), 742; lies close, hoping for favour (18th April 1593), p. 450; Atholl kills 50 of his men (24th May), p. 462; still in Scotland (29th June 1593), 851; confers with Hume, &c., and decides on action against the King, religion, &c. (13th July), 860; the "convencion" held on 4th July at Dwmbirsle, p. 475; sups with the King in private in an "arrant" Papist's house, p. 475; attacked, makes reprisals in Moray's country 24 miles long (12th Aug. 1593), p. 489; many combats, and much blood spilt between him and Mackintosh (20th Aug.), pp. 4934; expected at Court (29th), p. 496; Argyll said to have slain 300 of his men and taken 12000 cattle in revenge of Moray's death (7th Sept. 1593), 887; the King orders Bothwell to agree with himthought will make him lieutenant general of the North (13th Sept.), 888, p. 498; King inclined to him, 888, p. 498; ordered to make amends to Moray's friends (16th Sept.), 891; meets the King going to Jedburghkneels and asks pardon, and ordered to stand his trial first (13th Oct.), 905, p. 507; to satisfy the Church of Scotland and obtain Elizabeth's favour (19th Oct.), 908; his trial to be at Lithco on 2nd Nov. (31st Oct.), p. 510; unpleasing to the "Kirk," p. 510; commissioned to raise his country, and destroy "Malcomtoshes" (26th Dec.), 924; Spanish forces designed for, 928; his principal man revolted to Atholl (26th Jan. 15934), p. 521; Bothwell, Atholl, &c. preparing to attack him (17th April), 946; forfeited in parliament for the "blanckes," chiefly by the King's means, and his lands annexed to the Crown (8th June), 955; Hume said to be sent by the King to borrow 2000l. or 3000l. of him (18th July), 965; urges Bothwell to join him (29th July), 971; with 300 horse rescues Stanley, Gordon, &c., from the Aberdeen townsmen, also four barrels of "bay salt" (money) (10th Aug.), 973; he and Argyll expected to have met on 30th Sept. (3rd Oct.), 982; his house of "Strauboggy" to be cast down (31st Oct.), 987; the King has done so and "brent" it (18th Nov.), 990.

Huntly, Edm.: horseman, Wooler, p. 157.

Huntter, Jarrie: raid on, 595.
-, Gynkyne, of Waterhead (Tyndale): raid on (1583), p. 174; prisoner, p. 175; raid on (1584), 595.
-, John: horseman, Denneck, p. 158.
-, Mark: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Nicolas: his arms, p. 40.
-, Sime: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: horseman, S. Charlton, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, S. Charlton, p. 158.
-, poor widow: raided, and John H. her husband slain, p. 356.

Huntyngdon, Earl of (Henry): on Border decay, 74; commissioner on marches, p. 35; at Newcastle (Feb. 1581), 87; his "great goodness" to Bowes, 193; writes to Walsingham of their joint loan, and the good security, &c. (21st Dec.), 195; his signet, 195; to Walsingham, that physic prevents his starting for Berwick (22nd Sept. 1585), 351; at Sheriff Hutton Castle, 351; Forster to, of Scottish events, and thanks for his kindness to young Lord Bedford (27th Dec.), 398; president of the North, directed to inquire into charges against Sir J. Forster (Sept. 1586), 451; 481; threatened for the Queen of Scots' death (6th March 15867), p. 250; examines charges and acquits Forster, advising him to resign wardenry, from his age, &c. (25th), 501; to Walsingham, from York, on state of border, &c. (12th April), 506; news to, from Scrope, 512; ordered to place 50 men in Harbottel (15th June), 519; going to London (27th), 521; to lay 200 men on the marches (9th Sept.), 539; Hunsdon's anger at his malicious information against him to the Queen about Berwick, his ignorance of both garrison, artillery, &c. (27th Sept.), 548; wishes Dean Matthew to be Bishop of Durham, p. 276; his dealings in the charges against Sir John Forster (in 1586), and support of Sir C. Collingwood therein (7th Oct.), 552; Forster's appearance before him, demand of open reply, and his decision not to allow it, p. 281; will hear no man but Collingwood, p. 281; to be made to write sharply to the justices of peace for weapons, &c. (18th Oct.), p. 282; to Hunsdon, sending him 300 men on 22nd (14th Nov.), p. 286; sent as lieutenantgeneral to the border (27th Nov.), 565; instructions to (3rd Dec. 1587), 569; Hunsdon refuses to serve under him (6th Dec.), 572; from York, to the council, of musters, &c. (13th April 1588), 604; to Walsingham, from Doncaster, of progress of defences, musters, &c. (15th May), 606; signet, 606; to same, from York, for powder, names of captains of horse, &c. (6th June), 608; to the council, that his lack of men, armour, &c., prevents his going to Newcastle as ordered (23rd), 611; to Walsingham, of Hull ships, want of powder, &c., 612; to Elizabeth, from Durham, of want of artillery and powder, for her pleasure (3rd Aug.), 619; to Walsingham, of Spanish ship at Leith, landing and capture of Col. Sempill and Spaniards, the King's orders, &c., ships seen off Eymouth (11th Aug.), 620; to the council, from Hartlepool, alarms there, will spare the Queen charges, yet be ready for the enemy, &c. (17th Aug.), 625; to Elizabeth, from Newcastle, of news by the pinnace Advice, to keep hold of the King of Scots, that the enemy will again attack her, &c. (19th Aug.), 626; Leicester's letter to, on Forster's behalf, 627; his instructions as to forces in the North, ships, &c. (20th Aug.), 629; instructions to Sir H. Lee, 630, 631; to Walsingham, from York, of the Spanish fleet in Shetland (9th Sept.), 632; pays 3000l. in gold to Bowes for the King of Scots, 633; proposed to the Queen as trustee for Robert Bowes (1590), 697; inquiry as to armour, weapons, powder, delivered to him in 1588 when lieutenant, 699; 6000l. brought to (1588?), 732; to Lord Scrope, with advice as to his wardenry (26th Sept. 1593), 893, pp. 5001; W. Fenwick of Wallington to, of great foray in Tindale (14th Oct.), 903; Robert Delavale, &c. to, thereof, from Alnwick (16th Oct.), 904; to Burghley, from York (18th), 907; to same, with Forster's letters (21st), 909; 928; ordered to admit four new members on the council of the North (14th Aug.), 974; sends 3000l. from Elizabeth to Bowes for the King (1588), 988.
-, (Huntington), Edw.: his arms, p. 61.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.
-, a small surname of Burgh (1592), p. 394.

Hurleston (Hutton) [Huddleston?], Ralph: commissioner on marches, p. 35; of Hutton,John: his estate (July 1583), 168.
-, Mr., of Millham: well affected, his estate (?) (1583), 168.

Huswood, Wil.: horseman, Shesten, p. 158.

Huton (Hewton) hall: Carmichael awaiting Hunsdon at (15th March), 601.

Hutonhall, Hume, of: procures Lord Hume's accord with King (Aug. 1591), 723; "gudman" of: deputy warden of East March, called before the council (24th Oct.), 986. See Hume, Alexander.

Hutson, Raph: horseman, Howick, p. 161.

Hutton, Anth.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Anthony: his arms, 92.
-, Antonie, esq.: his equipment, p. 162.
-, Chris.: absent, p. 50.
-, Davie: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, David: bowman, p. 49.
-, Ed.: spearman, p. 49.
-, Hugh: bowman, p. 48.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, James: absent, p. 47.
-, John: absent, p. 50.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Phil.: spearman, p. 50.
-, Ric.: absent, p. 46.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 39.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho.: spearman, p. 49.
-, Tho., esq.: juror, Carlisle, 252.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 39.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 47.
-, Wil.: (2) absent, and billman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Wil.: p. 92.
-, Wil.: gent., juror, Carlisle, 252; steward of Grastock (1592), p. 395.
-, Wil.: spoiled, 809, p. 440.
-, Forest: muster of, p. 49.
-, Soill: musters of, p. 52.

Hydman, Anth.: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, John: horseman, Howick, p. 161.

Hyley grange: horsemen in, p. 21.

Hylton (Hilton), Andrew: a companion of Jesuits, p. 92; a recusant sent by Scrope to York (12th May 1585), 313.
-, Raphe: due Vernon, 1003.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 49.
-, Sir William: commissioner on marches, p. 35; his land and equipment, p. 162; long sheriff of Durham, to be re-appointed (27th Sept.), p. 276; the Queen specially thanks (23rd Aug.), 630.

Hynde, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob.: (1) his arms, p. 59; (1) unarmed, p. 59.
-, Thomas: complaint by, 595.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.

Hyndmerwell: a "tryst" at, 476.

Hyndson, Ric.: bowman, p. 48.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Hyndson, Ric.: billman, p. 49.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 49.

Idell (Idle), Richard: bowman, p. 44.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.

Ilderton tower: fit for 50 men, p. 32; 10 score "hoggis" raided from, p. 113; (Eldirton): raid on (1587), p. 262.
-, Mr: his horsemen in Ilderton, p. 22.
-, John, in Ilderton: raid on, p. 358.

Incheffray, abbot of: (Dec. 1580), 69; a fugitive (Feb. 15845), 286.

Indies, Isles of the: Spanish army apparently for, secretly intended against England (7th Oct. 1593), 899.

Inglebie, David: Jesuit, conveyed from Whithaugh to Dumfries by Herries's servant (29th Oct. 1586), p. 237; 463, 464, 465; warned and leaves it (3rd Nov.), p. 239; (Engleby): at young Drumlanrig's near Dumfries (c. 7th March), p. 248; at Mount St John, Yorkshire, lately, now in Wales, p. 250; haunts Northumberland (23rd June), 519.

Inglewood head Forest: musters of, p. 46; the Queen's light horse decayed (April 1583), p. 99; horsemen in, p. 155; (Englewood): between Eaden and Caudaye rivers, divisions and stewards of, pp. 392, 395; the "prior lordship": the dean and chapter of Carlisle's, p. 392; the "heart" south to Penrith the Queen's, p. 392; and escheat in, asked from Burghley, p. 466; Scrope asks if yet granted (1st July), 853.

Ingoe: horsemen of, p. 21.

Ingram: one horseman, p. 21; spoiled (1587), p. 263;church robbed of lead, p. 267; raid on (1587), 595; raid at, p. 359.

Innermarche, Lord: at Edinburgh meeting (Dec. 1580), 69.

Innermeath, Lord: on Bothwell's assise (10th Aug.), p. 492.

Inns, taverns, &c. on the marches: 21.

Insight: list of, stolen at Heathpool (3rd Nov. 1588), p. 348; list of, stolen, p. 363.

Inverleith (Enderleath): James 6th leaves Linlithgow for (28th Dec. 1585), 400.
-, (Laird of): on Bothwell's assise (10th Aug.), p. 492.

Inverness: the Queen of Scots at, 2.

Irebies: muster of, 91.

Ireby: spoiled, p. 431.

Ireland, Hugh: bowman, p. 49.
-, Hugh: spearman, p. 50.
-, Jo., senior and junior: bowmen, p. 48.
-, Richard: absent, p. 44.
-, Richard: harbours one Bardolf in Penrith, 309.

Ireston, in Durham: bill for (23rd Oct.), to be redressed (Nov. 1591), 736.

Irish, a regiment of: deserts with Sir W. Stanley to the Spaniards, 480; men: 20 with their "glibes" seen in Edinburgh, one a son of Kildare's, the other of O'Neill (12th Oct.), 555; nobleman: one arrives in Edinburgh, fled with one or two (27th June 1593), p. 470; his name unknown, keeps close taking "phisick" (13th July), 860.

Irthington parish: muster of, p. 41.

Irwins: allied to Holmendes, p. 72; their feud with the English Grames, &c., 127; a surname of the Scottish West March, 166; of Greatney: to bind with Scrope, 167. See Urwen.

Isla: Maconel and the King to exchange lands in, if M. freed from prison, p. 376.

Island shire: muster of, p. 18.

Islesmen, West: 2000 reported spoiling Mackennye's country (29th June 1593), 851.

Ismey, John: absent "sicke," p. 55; (2), their arms, p. 55.
-, Tho.: unarmed, p. 59.

Issell: muster of, p. 43.

Itonfield: muster of, p. 46.

Ittaill (Accell), Old: muster of, pp. 153, 158.
-, New, pp. 153, 158. See Etal.

Ive, James: his arms, p. 57.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 57.

Ivenson, Adam (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, George: his arms, p. 38.
-, John: his arms, p. 42.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 38.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 38.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 38.
-, William: his arms, p. 37.