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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Mableson, John: bowman, p. 50.

Mabray, Rob.: billman, p. 63.

Mabson, John: absent, p. 47.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 64.

Macarstoun: Lennox and Hume in (Sept.), p. 406.

M'Culloch (M'Kowloche), Thomas: tutor of Ardwell, reports Spanish ships in Lochryan, 645.

Macdonald (Mackdolland): tells the King no Spanish ships are in the West Isles, p. 333; a boat sent to see, p. 333.

Machell, George: gent. juror, Carlisle, 252.

Mackay (Makkye): reports to the King no Spanish ships in Orkney, p. 333.

Mackenell, Effam: a witch burned in Edinburgh, p. 487.

Mackenzie (Mackennye): 2000 West Islemen spoiling his country (29th June 1593), 851.

Mackintosh: sundry combats and much blood spilt between him and Huntly (20th Aug. 1593), pp. 4934; (Malcomtoshe): Huntly commissioned to destroy his country (26th Dec.), 924.

Macklean: to be released from Edinburgh castle, and pardoned, for a fine of 10,000 marks Scots, and 10,000 marks Scots yearly (13th Feb. 15901), p. 376; will hardly find pledges, p. 376.

Mackon, Rob.: horseman, Berington, p. 159.

Mackonell: to be released from Edinburgh castle and pardoned, paying a fine of 10,000 marks Scots, and 10,000 marks Scots a year, and exchanging lands in Islay with the King (13th Feb. 15901), p. 376.

Mackrell, Alexander: absent, p. 44.
-, Richard: spoiled, p. 440.

Mackrowlin, Edw.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Macquhorne, Alexander: a Scots Jesuit harboured at New Abbey, 411, 412.

Macrethe, John: bowman, p. 63.

Madder, one: in Jedburgh, receives a fugitive, 446.

Maddison, Francis: pensioner, p. 455.

Maddour, Jenkyn: horseman, Wooler, p. 157.

Madrid (Madrill): a plot at, for sending troops vi French ports to Scotland (26th Jan. 15934), 928; Scotsmen well treated at, 928; treasure sent from, to Rouen, 929.

Magdalen (Mawdeleyne) fields: common to Berwick, 810; (Berwick): the victualler to have, 1002.

Magyll, Mr David: King's advocate at Bothwell's trial (10th Aug. 1593), p. 486; delivers depositions in Court, p. 486; also of five witches lately burned in Edinburgh, p. 487.

Maineringe, Wil.: horseman, Tilmouth, p. 159.

Maison, Anth.: his arms, p. 45.
-, Anth.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Chr.: bowman, p. 63.
-, Clem.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Hew: billman, p. 47.
-, Jherom: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 37.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 45.
-, Jo. (3): billmen, p. 45.
-, Jo. (3): their arms, p. 60.
-, Lancelot: his arms, p. 58.
-, Mich. (2): billmen, p. 45.
-, Mich. (1): his arms, p. 45.
-, Rich.: his arms, p. 37.
-, Ric.: billman, p. 47.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 45.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 46.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 50.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho. (3): their arms, p. 60.
-, Tho.: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274.

Maitland (Matland), John: "in some darknes," and not at Court, yet advises the council (Sept. 1581), p. 76; (Mawteland, Mr): examines Andrew Melville before the King and council, to the King's rage for his wise answers, 202; Sir John: secretary to the King (24th June), 238; in Stirling Castle with the King (2nd Nov.), 387; at council (24th Dec.), p. 215; sends his clerk to Leith to the French ambassador (14th Jan. 15856), 405; is one of the two who see him (31st), 410; in great favour with the King (24th Feb.), 417; (Secretary of Scotland, the): hostile to A. Douglas (17th July), 439; suspected and not consulted by the King (5th Nov.), p. 239; is asked for a license by Robert Carey (19th Feb.), 490; the reply (22nd), 490; a meeting at Fowlden asked (6th March), and granted, 497; plot by Gray, &c. to kill him between Lauder and Edinburgh, 513; denied by accused (10th May), 513; packet from Walsingham sent to (23rd), 516; King's rejection of Arran's suit handed to, 516; to Forster, as to redress (31st), 517; signet, 517; to be chancellor (16th July), 523; said to be created Earl of March (18th), 524; to Forster, on redress, 525; delivers the King's letter to the Lords of the Articles in parliament, 526; joins Hamilton and Huntly for fear of his life (31st March 1588), p. 321; the King lodged in his house at Edinburgh (13th Aug.), 624; said to be in danger, and arms himself (10th Sept.), p. 333; plots with Angus, Mar, and others to slay Huntly, while hunting with the King (13th March 15889), p. 336; at Court (18th), p. 336; Huntly and Bothwell's plot against him (7th April), 642; the King "turned" from him, and he leaves Holyrood for his own house in the "high town," 642; said to have offered Bothwell 10,000 crowns for his friendship, and to resign his office, 642. See Chancellor (Scotland), the.

Makawe, John: horseman, Downam, p. 157.

Makepeace, Thomas: raid on, p. 350.

Makrobin, John (Bewcastle): p. 124.

Mallison, Hugh: absent, p. 52.
-, Hew: bowman, p. 53.
-, James: bowman, p. 51.
-, Jo. (2): bowmen, p. 52.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 52.

Mallory, Sir William: to lead 100 horse in Yorkshire (6th June), 608.

"Mamsyre": late ambassador to England, 410.

Man, Isle of: Sir John Seton driven into (9th April), 211, 212.

Manderston, old: (Hume), has Coldingham for four years, 292.

Mangerton, a: "trode" followed to, p. 80.
-, Laird of (Armstrong): a chief offender, 167; a raid by (6th Oct. 1583), 176; his uncles, and uncles' sons, pp. 121122; his daughter first wife of Will Grame (Netherby), p. 125; his capture complained of, 241; justified by Scrope as necessary, p. 149; secret conference with Carlton, and gets a horse from Humfry Musgrave (Easter 1585), 309; takes Captain Bellasis prisoner at Eslington (30th Nov. 1587), p. 290; raid by (Oct. 1587), 595; ordered by Bothwell to get venison for the King's marriage, and cease molesting Lord Dacre's tenants (22nd Sept. 1589), 652; raid by (9th Nov.), p. 348; "Bungell" his servant, p. 350; receives message about Bothwell by a "muffled" man (16th Oct.), 784; returns from the King at Jedburgh satisfied (18th Oct. 1592), 784; in a Tynedale foray on 6th, with 1000 horse (19th Oct. 1593), 908; bill of Tynedale against him, the King certifies he was not there (17th Nov.), p. 512. See Armstrong, Sim.

Mangye, William, Carlisle: 232

Manners, Geo.: horseman, Shorswood, p. 159.
-, Nicholas: his lands, &c., p. 18; Nicholas, of the Newtownn: his sheep stolen, p. 364.
-, Thomas: his lands, &c., pp. 14, 18.
-, Thomas: horseman, Jeswick, p. 159.
-, Sir Thomas: gift to, p. 30.

Mannylawes: tenants of, p. 14; muster of, 253; no English tenant in (June), 435; raid on (Mich. 1588), 676.

Mantell, Wil.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.

Mapatricopp, Will's Archie [Elliot] of: raid by, 176.

Mapston, Edw.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.

March, Earl of (Robert Stewart): at meeting of nobles, Edinburgh (Dec. 1580), 69; prior of St Andrews, gives King James two horses (27th June 1583), 163; Gicht, who slew his kinsman, demanded for trial (Jan. 15878), and refused by Huntly, p. 309.
-, Earl of: Secretary Maitland to be (18th July), 524.
-, day: mode of holding, 343.
-, laws, &c.: treaties of, found at Carlisle (8th Oct. 1592) (1), A.D. 1449; (2), A.D. 1464; (3), A.D. 1534; (4), A.D. 1549; (5), A.D. 1553; (6), A.D. 1563; (7), A.D. 1586; (8), A.D. 1587; (9), and Lord Wharton's order for watches, 778.
-, treasons: Act for, 81.
-, East: bounds of, p. 30; debatable ground, castles, &c., p. 32; muster of, (1580), 47; abstract of muster, 48; 2174 foot in (1583), 160; the gentlemen and surnames of, 166; muster of horse and foot in (1st3rd Sept. 1584), 253; number of foot, 255; of horse (158084), p. 155; of horse (30th Sept.), 259.
-, Middle: muster of horse in (March 1580), p. 20; sent to council, p. 20; bounds of, p. 30; castles, &c., p. 32; 5277 "able men" in (1583), 160; places of strength in, p. 103; gentlemen and surnames in, 166; forces to be placed on, 175; 5277 able men in (1584), 255; 819 horsemen furnished, 1507 unfurnished, p. 155; spoils in (AprilAug. 1587), pp. 2623, 267; note of spoils by the Scots since 1584, goods, men slain, tenancies decayed, &c., 998; nine years' spoils in, 12,394l., 998.

March, West: muster of horse (May 1580), 54; bounds and limits of, 76, p. 31; Mr Dacres' "plott" of, p. 32; muster by Scrope of the light horse (April 1583), 159; number of foot, 6682, 160; strong places there, 162; gentlemen and surnames of, 166; the chief Scottish offenders on, 167; raids on, by Liddesdale, &c., 176, 177; bills of, p. 558; spoils in, 809; bills of both sides, and balance against England (19th Sept. 1593), 892.

Marches, the English: total foot armed, 7174, unarmed, 7959 (April 1583), 160; places of strength on, and order for, pp. 101103; gentlemen and surnames on the three, 166; council's decision for defence of, 175.
-, the Scottish: surnames of, 166; "loosemen" in the Middle March, 4300 horse and foot, p. 106; not many in the East, p. 106; Scottish Middle and West: can muster 3000 or 4000 horse (1587), 557.

Mare, John: horseman, Wark, 259.

Mareskarffe, house of: burned by Diks Davie (22nd May), p. 464.

Mark, David: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 51.

Markenfeild, one: lately entertained, to the displeasure of the Protestants "there" [Scotland] (29th Nov. 1581), 113.

Markestone. See Merchiston.

Marley, "old": his lease renewed, 942.

Marmaduke, one: takes 2000l. to Sir J. Forster, 216.

Marre (Mar), Earl of (John): out of favour (Sept. 1580), p. 26; at the Edinburgh meeting (Dec.), 69; shakes hands with Lennox, 69; his door broken, 69; discharged from Court (27th June 1583), 163; Bothwell ordered to leave his company (11th Nov. 1583), 186; Cesford has done so (Dec.), 190; takes refuge at Wark (27th April), 218; directed to stay at Newcastle (7th May), 224; one Rosse, his gentleman, executed, 224; his cousin Murray of Tullibardine reaches Cumberland (16th May), received by Scrope, 226; privy to Peartree's matter (22nd Dec.), 270; to Forster, on behalf of Jedburgh (28th Oct.), 382; Haddon, a gentleman of his, killed at Stirling (2nd Nov.), 387; made captain of Stirling castle (11th), 388, 389, 393; to Forster, regarding Cesford's wardenry (24th Dec.), p. 215; at Court (16th Jan. 15856), 406; the King refuses his attendance to Falkland (27th April), 422; offers the King loyal service (6th March 15867), p. 250; came to convention, p. 282; trusted in too much by Elizabeth, for all he can do (14th Nov.), p. 287; made justice in Eyre over six counties (July 1587), 528; plots with Angus and others to kill Huntly (13th March 15889), p. 336; at Court, p. 336; has left Court (7th April), 642; denies meaning harm to the King, only the chancellor (31st Dec. 1592), 741; put out of council to prison, but rides off, p. 391; "travelling" for peace at Court (17th Aug.), p. 405; expected to be chancellor (10th Sept.), p. 406; with the King and his forces at Lochwood (11th Oct.), 780; present at Bothwell's meeting the King (24th July), p. 482; plot against him by Maitland, discovered by Laird of Dunipace (26th June 1593), 852; in Edinburgh for parliament (13th July), 860; with the King at Bothwell's sudden appearance (24th July), 865, 866, 867; joins Bothwell's new scheme on the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510.

Marsen, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.

Marshall, the Earl: at Aberdeen meeting (30th May), 318; the only steadfast man in religion about the King (6th Feb.), p. 312; plots with Angus and others to kill Huntly (13th March 15889), p. 336; is at Court, p. 336; has "shaked handes and dronk" with Huntly, and joins him (7th April), 642; in ward in Edinburgh (11th Aug. 1591), 723; a great courtier with the King and chancellor, 723; is "travelling" for peace at Court (Aug.), p. 405.
-, Master of: gentleman of King's chamber (Dec. 1580), 69; contracted to Lord Hume's daughter, 70.
-, (of France), the: in London, his "letting blood," p. 67.
-, Geo.: horseman, Chillingham, p. 157.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Thome, of Mowe: raids by, pp. 362, 364.

Marshalsea, the: Hunsdon sends a soldier there, deputed from Berwick with complaints (14th March 15923), p. 435.

"Marte," a letter of: threatened against the Scots (July 1581), 98.

Marthwait, Pet.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Martin, Chr.: billman, p. 63.
-, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Leonard: bowman, p. 63.
-, Leonard: spoiled, p. 440.
-, Rowland: spearman, p. 47.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 59.

Martindale: muster of, p. 63.

Martindale, John, of the Holme: raid on, p. 558.
-, Robert: bowman, p. 45.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 63.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 63.

Mary, Queen of Scots: at Inverness (Oct. 1562), 2; often visits Darnley (April 1565), p. 2; inclined to war, p. 2; her friends at Court, p. 3; with child (April 1566), 10; letter to her son stopped at Berwick (4th May 1582), 121; delivered to the deputy warden of the Merse, to be forwarded (15th May), 122, p. 84; the King's reply sent to Berwick, and forwarded (30th June), 128; Arran and his wife seek reconciliation with her (Nov. 1584), p. 165; at Sheffield, and a messenger suspected by Hunsdon on his way there (21st Nov.), 269; de Crose, her servant, in Edinburgh (31st Jan. 15856), 410; plot for her delivery discovered (Aug. 1586), 444; commissioners appointed to try her (3rd Oct.), 457; search on border for accomplices (Oct.), 458, 461; proceedings against her, 463; the charges reported to Rome (Nov.), p. 239; Scrope inquires as to her fate (16th Jan. 15867), 474; Scottish "brages of warr" on report (18th), 475; false report of her escape (1st Feb.), 480; Scottish threats of revenge after her execution (14th), 484; inquiry on the King of Scots' demeanour on her death (16th), 485; border threats of fire and sword (20th), 487; demand by the King through Mr G. Young, if she is alive or dead, and R. Carey's answer (22nd), 490; revenge threatened by the King and nobles (25th), 490, p. 249; Burghley and three others accused of her death, pp. 2501; her ambassador in France re-appointed by the King (18th March), 499; the lord chancellor and lords in parliament vow on their knees to the King to revenge her death (29th July 1587), 528; her son's reference to her death (13th Dec. 1587), 578; Hunsdon asserts Elizabeth's innocence, to her satisfaction (28th Dec.), 579; her son will revenge her death when he is able, 584; Mrs Kennedy, her waiting woman, comes from France, and relates to the King, Bothwell, and others, how she was "martyred and mangled" by the executioner (12th17th Jan. 15878), pp. 3078; the King asks Bothwell if he has forgotten his dear mother's death? his answer (24th July 1593), p. 482; Maitland accused by Bothwell as a "special mean" of it (10th Aug.), p. 488.
-, gate, Berwick: 17.

Mass, the: performed at Lincluden, Dumfries, &c., and spreading there (13th Jan. 15856), 404, 405, 406; Maxwell committed for (24th), 407, 408, 409; proclamation against it (13th Feb.), 414; revived by Lord Maxwell (13th Oct. 1586), 458; tolerated in North of Scotland (23rd Jan. 15878), p. 307.

Matfen, West: horsemen in, p. 22.

Mathew, Ric.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Ric.: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 38.
-, Robert: billman, p. 51.
-, Dr Thobie, dean of Durham: equipment at muster, p. 162. See Durham, dean of.

Matterdaill, town of: musters, p. 52.

Matteson (Matheson), Edw.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Henry: billman, p. 51.
-, Leonard: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Stephen: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 63.

Maughan, Richard: his arms, p. 39.
-, William: complaint by, 595.

Maxone, Sym.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.

Maxwell (Robert), Lord:commissioner (1563), 778; (John), Lord:at Edinburgh meeting (Dec. 1580), 69; to pacify the borders, 69; styles himself Earl of Morton, warden of the West March (12th Aug. 1581), 103; married to Angus's sister, p. 72; meets Scrope (4th Sept.), 106; his house of Langholm burned, &c., demands those guilty from Scrope (30th Sept.), 110; threatens reprisals (3rd Oct.), 111; forbids his people to assist Johnston the warden (Feb. 158283), 153; ill affected to England (July 1583), p. 106; a chief countenancer of "loose borderers" (Sept.), p. 111; owns Ewes and Esk dales, p. 121; sent for by the King to oppose the Perth assembly, 212; receives Sir John Seton at Dumfries (9th-10th April), 212; summoned to join the King at Moffat on 23rd, 213; stayed by Scrope's muster opposite (27th), 219; proclaims a pursuit against the rebel nobles, and negotiates with the Graymes (29th), 220; Scrope hinders the latter (1st May), 221; the King's displeasure at Maxwell, 221; the Grames' promise not to treat with him (16th), 226; goes to parliament, 226; offers the King to blockade Carlisle, if the banished lords come there (13th July), 246; Johnston's opinion of it, 246; resists Johnston's attempt to enter Dumfries (14th), 247; provostship hitherto in his choice, with assent of the town, 247; ordered by the King to surrender his keys (March 15845), 291; frees Kinmont's son from Dumfries prison, 291; feud with Johnston increasing, 293; letter to Lord Hamilton, 297; the Armstrongs side with him against Johnston, 299; his brother Robert forays Lochwood (7th April), 303; the King's displeasure, 304; his preparations against the royal forces (20th), 305; support from other noblemen, 308; his house of Duncow burned, and his reprisals in Dryfesdale, &c. (1st May), 311; besieges Kirkconnel, stone houses in Lockerby, and hangs several Johnstons (8th), 312; Scrope's secret support to him, as ordered by Walsingham (12th May), 313, 314, 315; his strength over Johnston's, 316; assembles 1700 men at Lincludenraids Johnston's country round Moffat and encamps at Lochmaben (26th-27th May), 317; his forces nearly take the castle and young Johnston (13th June), 320; garrisons Langholm and besieges Bonshaw (17th), 321; his and Johnston's mutual raids (4th July), 327; dissatisfied at his brother dealing with Arran, 327; his letter to Lord Hamilton approved by Forster, 328; Bothwell expected to confer with him, 329; his offers to the King sent to Scrope, and by him to Walsingham (29th July), 333; foray by his men on Crawford Moorincreases his forcesand garrisons his castlesJohnston his prisoner (30th), 334; the King's intended treason to his envoys, &c. (12th Aug.), 338; erects a gallows at Dumfries, and threatens Johnston and his men with death, and sends him to Carlaverock (21st Aug.), 340; Lochmaben Castle delivered to, and he holds a court there (28th), 342; David Maxwell breaks prison and joins him (12th Sept.), 347; Johnston still his prisoner, 347; discovers a plot of the King, his brother Robert M., &c., to release Johnston from Carlaverock (20th), 349; imprisons his brother, &c., 349; his messenger nearly taken, and the Johnstons submit, 349; Scrope asks instruction for helping him, if required (7th Oct.), 361; report of the King setting out against him (13th), 368; Col. Steward in his keeping (11th Nov.), 388; back to his country (13th), 389; at Dumfries with Col. Steward (18th), 392; warden of West March, 392, 393; has mass both at Lincluden and in his house at Dumfries (13th Jan. 15856), 404; his forces, and apparent peace with Johnston, 404; had masses continually since Christmas and New Yearnine on these days (16th), 406; the "ministers'" stir against him, and the King and council's decision thereon, 406; the King writes to, and his reply, 406; Sir J. Seton, his friend at Court, and number of his guard, 406; examined before the King and council, and committed to Edinburgh Castle (24th), 407, 408; conveyed by Glammis and the King's guard at night, 409; the King's threats, and Johnston's intended revenge, 409; names and number of his Jesuits at New Abbey (3rd Feb.), 411, 412; his men encounter the Johnstons, with loss (11th), 413; is still in Edinburgh Castle (24th), 417; his enemies urging an assise on him, 417; Johnston's designs on him (15th March), 418; and attack on his friend the laird of Applegarth (22nd), 419; on his tenants (27th), 420; his brother Robert, Herries, &c. raid Bonshaw, and Johnston, &c. (5th May), 425; still in ward (16th), 427; some English Grames favour him, 429; said to refuse the wardenry (10th Aug.), 441; is now warden, and writes to Scrope of claims (21st), 443; day foray on his lands by Bothwell and Buccleuch (8th Sept.), 447; he meets Scrope, 447; Bothwell's proclamation against him (27th), 450; Scrope ordered by Walsingham to spy upon him (3rd Oct.), 457; has mass again, his suspicious behaviour, &c. reported to Walsingham (13th), 458; Jesuits received by, his message to the French ambassador, p. 236; Elizabeth's orders to Scrope for espial on him (29th), 461; trying to agree with Johnston, sends a Jesuit to France, &c., p. 237; Scrope's intended spy in credit with him (2nd Nov.), 463; Jesuits with, at Dumfries (6th), 464, 465; Collingwood's offer to spy on him for reward, 464, 465; notes of his sayings, advices, &c., 465, p. 239; is at Arbroath, p. 239; advises Lord Hamilton, lieutenant (10th Jan. 15867), 474; refuses to sign articles of reformed religion (15th), his correspondence with English Papists, &c., 474; his friends all dismissed by Hamilton unpunished (31st), 478; pressed by Hamilton to become warden, on conditions (6th Feb.), 481; sent for by the King (14th), 484; awaits his pardon, and patent of wardenship, and is to meet the country at Annan (7th March), 492; escapes from Dumfries before the King's arrival to apprehend him (1st April), 503, 505; suspected to have had secret notice from the King, 503, 505; is at Ayr with late Earl of Arran, 505; is proclaimed warden, and musters West March (April 1587), 512; at the Court of Spain for aid to the King (25th June), p. 271; has returned from abroad (9th March 15878), p. 320; is gone quietly to the North (28th May 1588), 607, 610; the King purposes taking him for trial to Edinburgh (26th June), 613; suits by D. of Lennox's sister, &c. for him, 613; committed to Blackness (19th Aug.), 627; to be tried, but thought in no danger (18th March 15889), p. 336; Robert M., his bastard brother, asks to meet Richard Lowther secretly (17th June), 643; arrives at Dumfries (29th Sept.), 651; as "Earl of Morton" tells Scrope of the King's instructions to keep peace in his absence, and sends the King's letter by his cousin (27th Sept.), p. 341; ordered by the council to keep order and seize offenders (11th Feb. 158990), 657, p. 343; his deputy warden meets Scrope's (20th March), 664; his proceedings with the bishop of Derry, and musters in aid of rebellion in Ireland (11th April), 666; with his cautioner to appear before the King and council on 22nd instant (6th Jan. 15901), 700; warned by Bothwell to attend his meeting with Forster (7th Feb.), 702; his promise to the King (13th Jan.), p. 374; leaves border on summons to join the King (3rd Aug.), 718; Burghley's note of his connexions (7th Aug.), 720; joint head of 1000 of his name (1592), p. 394; lord warden of West Marches, p. 395; sent for by the King, but refuses, and joins Bothwell (20th June), 748, 749; with 1000 horse attends Augus to see Johnston at Lochwood, and urge his surrender to the King (7th July), then goes to Dumfries (8th), 757; in no good favour (11th July), 760; made warden on Carmichael's resignation (12th), 761; Carmichael thinks him worthy of it, 761; in a bond with Hamilton, Angus, Bothwell, Gray, &c. to remove the chancellor, Carmichael, and obnoxious councillors from the King, for his benefit, with Elizabeth's approval, &c. (14th), 763; is warden for life, with Lochmaben castle, and other privilegesmeets Lowther for business (11th Aug.), 765; writes as "Earl of Morton" to Lowther, p. 404; orders a muster at Dumfries on 25th, to pursue the rebelsthe chancellor thought to be seeking his friendship (Sept.), p. 406; 771; informs the King of Bothwell's underhand "reset" in Carlisle and the English march (18th), p. 410; agrees to a march day with Lowther on 14th Nov., 777; his principal neighbours unite strongly against him, the council favouring them, and the King, Maxwell "underhand," p. 412; with the King and his forces at Lochwood (11th Oct.), 780; was together with Johnston in the Brekensyde, 780; stays from Court while present council there (13th Oct.), 781; Lowther sends his letter to Burghley (15th Oct.), 783; to Lowther, demanding punishment of Dikes David, Wat of Netherby, &c., for resetting Bothwell, &c. (14th Oct.), p. 415; returns to Langholme from the King at Jedburgh (18th Oct.), 784; his preparations inquired of by Burghley, thought to be against his unfriendly neighbour barons (24th Oct.), 785; their names, p. 417; resets the Kirkpatricks, who killed two Johnstons, doubted if he goes to the convention at Edinburgh (Oct.), p. 417; is thought to have let loose "ill men" on Cumberland (5th Nov.), 787; puts off meeting Lowther, and "stayed" from meddling with his neighbour barons till 5th Jan., and his commission looked into (14th Nov.), 788; has told Drumlanrig to "reform" this, or his bond for Cowhill's murder will be given up, 788; to Lowther, as to their meeting, &c. (11th Nov.), p. 419; his quartered signet as "Earl of Morton," p. 419; 790; again puts off meeting, Herries tries to reconcile the barons, Johnston and Maxwell's "trists," &c. (28th), 792; his additional forces, 792; his bill against the Grames and others for 30 years' violent occupation of Kirkanders, Springkell, &c., and other crimes (Nov. 1592), 793, pp. 4223; Lowther to, preventing a duel on the English border (18th Jan. 15923), 795; the same to, for English prisoners (19th Feb.), 799; doubted if he is still warden, 799; to Lowther, of an outrage in Annandale the day before (17th), p. 429; will not be long warden (20th), 800; meets Lowther, and promises redress, his commission being still in force if he dealt gently with the barons (28th Feb.), 802; to Lowther, for the meeting (22nd Feb.), 802; has kept order, settled a dispute with Herries, likely to agree with the barons, and follow Hamilton's course (10th March), 804; warden meeting with Scrope, and promised release of 48 Englishmen (12th May 1593), p. 458; to Scrope, of new outrages since they met (4th June), 843; his doings suspicious, 200 men fortifying Carlaverock, and unaccustomed kindness to Johnston, unfit him for office in Scrope's opinion (10th June 1593), 845; making great fortifications, and is the King of Spain's treasurer for Scotland (29th), p. 470; his objects doubtful to Scrope, a raid on Burgh by his men, &c. (1st July), 853; feud of the Urwins, &c. against his house for justice by a Maxwell, the warden in Lord Dacre's time (20th), pp. 4767; Scrope writes to, for names of Bothwell's abettors, sought by the King (26th), 868; "Maitland's friend," opposes Bothwell's party (1st Aug.), p. 481; his news of Court to Scrope (29th Aug.), 885; letters between them (27th-28th Aug.), p. 496; bills of Falkland sent by (9th Dec. 1592), p. 517; defeated and slain at Lockerby, by the Johnstons (6th Dec. 1593), 918; p. 517.

Maxwell, Davie: nearly surprises Lochmaben castle and young Johnston (June 1585), 320; Lord Maxwell's near kinsman: breaks the King's prison and joins Maxwell (12th Sept.), 347.
-, Edward, of Drumcoltram: letter to Lord Herries (intercepted by Scrope) of supposed Spanish ships in Lochryan (20th June 1589), 645.
-, Herbert, of Cavence: captain of Langholm (Aug. 1581), 103; taken prisoner by the Armstrongs (Sept.), 110, 111.
-, John, of Nether Pollok: cautioner for Lord Maxwell (Jan. 15901), 700.
-, Sir Robert: brother of Lord Maxwell, to be brought to the King (Feb. 15878), pp. 315, 319.
-, Robert: bastard brother of Lord Maxwell, burns Lochwood (6th April), 303; makes further raids on the Johnstons (27th), 308; burns Dryfesdale, Lockerbie, &c. (1st May), 311; his dealings with Arran, to his brother's displeasure (4th July), 327; in raid on Johnston, Bonshawe, &c. (5th May), 425; deputy warden of West March (1592), p. 395; captain of Langam, p. 395; expected to meet Bothwell at Peebles against the chancellor (7th April), 642; wishes to meet Richard Lowther privately (17th June), 643, 644; meets him (20th March 158990), 664; is reconciled with his brother Lord Maxwell (24th Oct. 1592), 785.
-, Robert, of Cowhill: deputy warden of West March (Aug. 1581), 103.
-, Robert: his barns, &c. burned by the English Grames (Nov.), 264; brother to Lord Herries, to be brought to the King (Feb. 15878), pp. 315, 319; of Castlemilk: attempt to murder at Rockell moat, by three Grames of Moite (23rd Oct. 1592), p. 422.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 39.
-, William, of Newark: keeper of postern at Stirling castle, the King's attempt to bribe him (2nd Nov. 1585), 392.
-, William, of Kilbray: raid on, p. 423.
-, William: unfurnished, p. 47.

Maxwells, the: at feud with the Grames, p. 126; a surname of the West Marches, 166; a great surname betwixt Annan and Nith, under Maxwell and Herries, 1000 menat feud many years with the Johnstons, weakness to Scotland and strength to England (1592), p. 394.

Mayerton (?), Laird of: unlawful prisoner (9th Dec. 1587), 575.

Mayman, Anth.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 49.

Maynes, Laird of (Douglas): executed for treason (Feb. 15845), 286; betrayed by Duntreath, 286; executed by Arran's means, 536.

Mayor of Berwick. See under Berwick; also Morton, William, and Parkinson, Thomas.

Meale, Wil.: horseman, Akeld, p. 157.

Mealeae: muster of, p. 43.

Mealerig: muster of, p. 43.

Meanes, Edw.: horseman, Newtown, p. 157.

Meaney, Jo.: his arms, p. 58.

Meares, Laurence: commissioner on marches, p. 35; "Mr Laurence," of York: recorder of Berwick (1584), p. 145.

Meason, Henry: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Rob.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Steph.: billman, p. 64.
-, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 62.

Medford, of Riall: resets Jesuits (Oct.), 458.
-, Robert, of Sighell: raid on, p. 364.

Medfords, the: gentlemen of the Middle Marches, 166.

Medupp: raid on, p. 348.

"Meere Dike," the: (West March), p. 32.

"Mefeld, or Manfeld, Robert:" the right name of Ogilvy, the seminary priest, p. 515.

Meldoun: horsemen in, p. 22.

Mellerstane (Melliston), Laird of: his goods taken (9th Dec. 1587), 575.

Mellerthorpe: muster of, p. 65.

Melvine (Melville), Mr Andrew: charged with preaching treason, answers the King and council and declines James Steward's questions (20th Feb. 15834), 202; Maitland examines him, and his answers enrage the King, so is remanded, 202.
-, Robert: 8; thought an "unfit" ambassador by Randolph, 96; Captain Robert: with the Archbishop of St Andrews, 188; Sir Robert: 410; with Master of Gray's embassy to Elizabeth (19th Dec. 1586), 471; late ambassador, sent to borders (March), p. 249; sent by King to meet Robert Carey at Foulden (14th), 497; called against Master of Gray (10th May), 513; of Murdocairnie: treasurer depute, commissioner on border causes (15th June 1590), 674; treasurer, 767; with the chancellor, in danger of attack by the Duke, Hume, &c. near Dalkeith, rides to Elphingston and thence to his house of "Brunt Ilande" (Aug.), p. 405; back to Court (15th), his "decourting" looked for, p. 405; coming to London as ambassador (18th April 1593), p. 450; been stayed for want of money, and chiefly coming to get money to set up a papist guard (9th May), p. 457; is despatched (24th May), p. 462; "long looked for," has started, is at Eyemouth, and expected at Berwick "very early" (12th June 1593), 847; arrives, entertained at dinner by Carey, and proceeds (12th June), 847; his instructions (29th June), 851; knows the Queen's pleasure to discountenance Bothwell (25th July), 867; met on his way to Scotland by Bothwell between Durham and Newcastle (2nd Aug. 1593), p. 483; to take Bothwell's letters to the King, p. 483; to meet and bring Bothwell to the King (10th Sept. 1593), 888; at council (17th Nov.), p. 513; takes 4000l. from Elizabeth to the King (1593), 988.

Menteith, Robert: servant to Cesford, 217.

Merchants at Berwick: their wealth (1584), p. 145.

Merchiston, Laird of: his specimens of gold, from Crawford Moor, p. 5; (Markeston), the Laird: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 488.

Merk, Mic.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 58.

Mertyn, Ed.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 52.

Mery, Edward: deputy mayor of Berwick, petitions Burghley against Vernon's abuses, threats, &c. (13th March 15923), 805; to same, of the lord chamberlain's "most bitter letter" for the mayor's complaints of abuses, and praying for his favour (2nd April), 818; pp. 451, 453; 837, 841, p. 485; 995.

Meskyrshin, Laird of (Grame): his daughter married to Dave G. (Netherby), p. 125.

Messinger, Edw.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 56.
-, James: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, John (3): their arms, p. 55; (1) unarmed, p. 55.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Nic.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Ric.: absent, p. 55.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 55.
-, Simon: his arms, p. 55.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.

Metham, Mr: prisoner, York, 310.

Methven (Maffyn), lordship: given to Lennox (24th Jan. 15856), 408.

Mewers, Hugh: taken prisoner, p. 347.

Mey, John: spoiled, p. 431.

Michelson, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Nich.: billman, p. 45.
-, Simon: his arms, p. 41.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Wil.: pilot to Berwick, 897.

Middlemast (Mydelmast), Edw.: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, John, of the Grange: horse stealer, p. 364.

Middleton (Mydelton), John: commissioner on West March, p. 35; muster of Westmorland by, p. 62; for Thomas Sandfurthe, Queen's ward, his mounted retinue, p. 64; well affected, his estate (?) (1583), 168; Sheriff of Cumberland: suspected persons entertained by (Easter 1585), 309; John "esq.": raid on, p. 356.
-, John: bowman, p. 63.
-, Robert: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.
-, Thomas: absent, p. 48.
-, no horsemen in, p. 22; (Mydletone): muster of, p. 158; Mydletone hall: muster of, p. 153; tenants, &c., p. 15; tenants of, raid on, p. 349; "weathers" stolen from (Jan. 15889), p. 358; tenants of Sir J. Forster, raid on, p. 359.
-, North: tenants of, p. 15; horsemen in, p. 21.
-, South: tenants of, p. 15.
-, by the sea: tenants in, p. 16; muster of, p. 153.
-, in Teesdale: parsonage of, sought by Dr Colemor, 364.

Midlame, George: his tenants, &c., p. 19.
-, George: horseman, Howick, p. 161.

Mid rigg, the, near Carham: p. 32.

Milbornes, the: a surname of Redesdale and Tindale, 166; at feud, 168; four taken by the Armstrongs (30th Aug. 1583), p. 110; a small surname of Gilsland (1592), p. 394.

Milbourne, Bartille: his arms, p. 38.
-, Barte: his arms, p. 39.
-, Bartrame, of the Keyme: raids on, p. 109; 595.
-, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 39.
-, George: his arms, p. 38.
-, George: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Gilbert: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 39.
-, Humfray: his arms, p. 39.
-, James: his arms, p. 39.
-, John (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, John: spoiled, 801.

Milbourne, Lante, of Tersett in Tyndale: raid on, 595.
-, Litle: his arms, p. 39.
-, Mychael: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Michael, of Tersett: raid on, 595.
-, Philip: his arms, p. 39.
-, Richie: his arms, p. 39.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 39.
-, Robert: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Thomas (2): their arms, 39.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 40.
-, (Brampton): spoiled, 801.

Mildmay, Sir W.: at council, 42; Sir Wa.: at council, 203; warrant by, 223.

Milk, water of: Johnston's lands on, burned (5th May), 425.

Mille (Mell, Mylne), John: horseman, West Lilborne, p. 157.
-, Raph: horseman, Kemerston, p. 157.
-, Ralph, senior and junior: horsemen, West Lilborne, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Branxton, p. 158.
-, Roger: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, Rowland: horseman, Milfield, p. 158.
-, Rowland: horseman, Mylfeld, p. 161.
-, Thomas, of Bewick: raid on, p. 362.
-, Wil.: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.

Miller, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 41.
-, James, of Hawtonborne: raid by, p. 357.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 52.
-, William, of Chattoun: raid on, p. 362.

Milles, Thomas: sent by Wotton (being ill), for the King's reply touching Fernihirst (12th Oct.), 366; sent to Walsingham (14th Oct.), 369, 375.

Millett, Thomas, gentleman: his equipment, p. 163.

Milnfield (Melfeld): muster of, pp. 153, 158, 161.

"Ministry, the": preach daily against Lennox (Oct. 1581), 112; their outcry against his appointing Montgomery bishop of Glasgow (11th April 1582), 116; attend the convention against it, 116; sent for to Stirling by James to rebuke them (23rd April), p. 80; oppose the King and Lennox appointing a bishop of Glasgow (April), 119; their arrogance to the King, deny his supremacy, &c., 120; hold a convention at St Andrews, and make Montgomery resign the bishopric, but doubt his promise (May), 121; delay excommunicating him, 121; send Dury to the King to warn him against Guise, or being led astray by Lennox and Arran, 122; their suspected plot against the life of Lennox (June), 128; to inquire into a supposed plot (29th June 1593), 851; do all they can to have parliament sit, p. 470; examine Robert Ourd from Spain as to letters brought (3rd July), 857; get small thanks for their trouble (13th), 860; some of the: procure agreement between the King and Bothwell (14th Aug.), p. 493.

Mirton, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Mitchell, Edward: unfurnished, p. 44.

Mitton, Anthony: bowman, 92.

Moffet: the King summons the Dumfries barons there, to put down Angus, Mar, &c. (23rd April 1584), 213; Lord Maxwell raids the country round (27th May 1585), 317.
-, Raph.: horseman, Branxton, p. 158.
-, Rob.: horseman, Kilham, p. 157.

Moisdaill: muster of, pp. 51, 52.

Moises (Moses), Barnard: his arms, p. 38.
-, Christopher (2): their arms, pp. 38, 39.
-, George (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Lancelot: his arms, p. 38.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 58.
-, Michael: his arms, p. 38.
-, Peter: his arms, p. 38.
-, Philip: his arms, p. 39.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 39.
-, Robert (2): their arms, pp. 38, 39.
-, Robert: bowman, p. 45.
-, Thomas (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, Thomas: bowman, p. 49.

Mollyns (Moullins), Mr: captain of the Scots guard in France, in Scotland (24th Jan. 15856), 407; letter to his wife forwarded (13th Feb.), 414.

Money: gold "ryalls" taken from a supposed Jesuit, p. 85.

Monkbehirst: the bill of, 293, 298.

Monk Seaton: horsemen in, p. 22.

Montacute, Lord: embassy to Spain, 196.

Montgomery, one [Robert]: minister of Stirling, created by Lennox bishop of Glasgow (April 1582), 116; violently opposed by the other ministers, 116; preaches at Stirling in an empty church, 116. See Glasgow, bishop of.

Moodie, Edw.: his arms, p. 54.
-, William: pilot to Newcastle, 897.

Moore, Edame: horseman, Horton, p. 157.
-, George: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: horseman, Ewerd, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Horton, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Carram, p. 160.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 54.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 59.
-, Robert: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Moras, Chris.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Hugh: absent, p. 50.
-, John (1): spearman, p. 50; (1), absent, p. 50; (1), unfurnished, p. 50.

Morawe, Wil.: absent, p. 52.

More, John: bowman, p. 44.
-, Martyn: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 60.
-, Richard: receiver, Lincoln, 687.
-, Richard: spoiled, p. 440.
-, Thomas: alderman, Berwick, 805, 818, pp. 451, 453; 837, 841, p. 485; 995.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.

Morehowse: muster of, p. 59.
-, Clem. (1): bowman, p. 46; (1), spearman, p. 46.
-, Percevell: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 46.

Morland parish: muster of, p. 65.
-, Charles: his arms, p. 57.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 47.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 43.

Morpeth lordship: horsemen in, p. 21; town: p. 21; raids on (1587), p. 262.
-, Anthony: merchant, Newcastle, 155.

Morreson, Tho.: bowman, p. 49.

Morricke: horsemen in, p. 20.

Morrisbie, John, gentleman: steward of the "prior" lordship of Inglewood for Lord Scrope (1592), p. 395.

Morsfen: horsemen in, p. 22.

Morson, Wil.: billman, p. 61.

Morthat (Murthat), John: spearman, p. 50.
-, Nic.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Morton, Earls of, (James Douglas):regent, 15; suspects Bowes (Sept. 1577), p. 8; hinders justice, p. 13; his adherents in West Teviotdale, p. 26; at meeting of nobles in Edinburgh (Dec. 1580), 69; agreed with Angus, and goes home, 69; late regent, his captain of Edinburgh, 134; his old "causes" with Fernehirst, 145; (regent): delivered hostages for the Redswyre (1575), p. 201; (late regent): his house of Draffen, p. 258; Sander Jourden, his late servant, now with Bothwell (17th May), 228; banished "of auld," 932; earldom of: sued for by Angus (Jan. 15856), 409; (Sir William, 8th Earl):plots with Angus, Mar, and others to kill Huntly (13th March 15889), p. 336; Glammis' father-in-law, storms at Lugton's decreet against him by the chancellor's "shouldering" the case (6th Feb. 15901), 703, p. 376; joins Bothwell's party against chancellor (30th July), 715; with the King and forces at Lochwood, &c. (11th Oct.), 780; denies meaning harm to the King, only the chancellor (31st Dec. 1592), 741; put out of council house to prison, but rides off, p. 391; p. 487; in Edinburgh for parliament (13th July), 860; confers with Hume, &c. at Lochleven (14th Sept.), 889; at council (24th Oct.), 986.

Morton, earldom of: given to the "young Duke" (9th April 1585), 304.
-, ("Murton"), Lady: her daughter beloved by the King (2nd Aug.), pp. 484, 491.
-, Earl of. See Maxwell, Lord.
-, Chr.: horseman, Elford, p. 158.
-, Crastofer: pp. 451, 453; 837, 841.
-, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 58.
-, George: alderman, Berwick, 805, 818, pp. 451, 453; 837, 841, p. 485; 995.
-, Henry: horseman, Bradford, p. 161.
-, John: his arms, p. 45.
-, John: horseman, Ewerd, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Bradford, p. 161.
-, John: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.
-, Leonard: petitions for balance of two years' pay (March 15923), 816; petition to Carey (20th April), p. 452.
-, Richard: horseman, Doddington, p. 157.
-, Robert: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, Roger: horseman, Swennoe, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Belford, p. 161.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 45.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Wil.: mayor of Berwick, pay, 656; burgess in parliament (13th March 15923), 805; accused by Vernon of "spitting venom" against him, for complaining to Burghley, 805; in London, presents "book" against Hunsdon and his officers to the Queen, for redress of abuses (14th), 806; has been five times mayor, 806; book of complaints and abuses, pp. 434438; mayor's office intruded on, p. 435; the watchword withheld from, and not allowed to arrest Norhamshire men, p. 436; "mere malice," says Vernon (17th), 807; got money due Vernon, and keeps it, 807; petitions the Queen against Hunsdon for allowing abuses by his officers and men, degrading the mayor's status, &c., 810; on the council, makes regulations for the town (14th April), 822; to take order for the wells, &c., and a "cawsey" in the castlegate, p. 448; at council, for reforming abuses (11th April 1593), 824; keeps silence, 824; to Burghley, of wheat shipped to Scotland, for instructions, Carey's demeanour is "touched with the spleen," reminds him of their suit for victualling, &c. (18th April), 825, p. 451; to same, his fears of Carey come true, still keeps the watchword from him, and does others discredit, speaks of, but makes no reforms (28th April), 827, p. 453; has banished all married to Scotswomen (1st May), 830; his claim for meadows, &c. been often before privy council, p. 457; takes Burghley's letter to Lady Woddryngton, clearing her of reports (18th May), 836; to Burghley, of Carey's persistent opposition, &c. (22nd May), 837; petitions the Queen thereon, p. 461; to Burghley, that Carey intercepts his letters, reminding him of their suit for victualling the town (1st June), 841; the watchword withheld, by Hunsdon's orders (12th June), 847; pursuing his suit against Vernon for the grounds (7th July), 856; Carey's account of his walking the walls with a Scottish servant, against the law, thus forfeiting his life, but befriended by Hunsdon, though refusing him the watchword, p. 479; will get it again if Burghley orders it, p. 479; complains to Burghley of Carey's unseemly conduct and language towards them in public (3rd Aug.), 876; alderman, 995, 996. See. Berwick, mayor of.

Morton, Wil.: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, horsemen in, p. 22; (East March): muster of, p. 153.
-, rig on Esk: Will of Kinmont's house, p. 121.

Moryn, Richard: surgeon, Berwick, fee, 687, 735.

Mosseden: horsemen in, p. 22.

Mosse Tower, the: Bothwell, with 60 horse, arrives at (1st April), p. 525; joined by 500 horse, p. 526; Lady Bothwell thought to be absent from (3rd Oct.), 982.

Mote, the (of Liddel): a house of defence, occupied by the best of the surname of Grayme, to keep the frontier (1583), 162; Arthur [Grame] of the: 100 men to lie in his house (Sept. 1583), 175;skore, the: Fergus Grame's house, Esk and Lyddal meet at, p. 121.

Motherby: musters of, pp. 50, 53.

Motte, Monsieur la: meets D. of Lennox at Toplif (29th Dec. 1582), 141.

Mounk, Tho.: bowman, p. 46.

Mounkhowse (Munkas, Muckhous), Anthony: bowman, p. 45.
-, Christofer: bowman, p. 45.
-, Christofer: billman, p. 53.
-, Edward: billman, p. 45.
-, Edward: bowman, p. 46.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, John (3): bowmen, p. 45.
-, John (2): absent, p. 46; (1), spearman, p. 46.
-, John: absent, p. 47.

Mounkhowse, John: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, John: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Nich.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Patrick: horseman, Downam, p. 157.
-, Robert: billman, p. 47.
-, Robert: spoiled, p. 431.
-, William: absent, p. 47.

Mounsey, Cuthbert: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Pawle: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Rob.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Steph.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 63.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Wil. (2): nags, &c., p. 63.

Mount St John, Yorkshire: Mr Harington's, p. 250.

Mountreise [Moncrieff ?], Andro, of Straveglene [Strathmiglo ?]: bills for raid of Falkland (1592), p. 516.

Mountros (Montrosse), Earl of (John 3rd): 64; at Edinburgh meeting (Dec. 1580), 69; at Court (21st Nov. 1583), 188; the King gone to his house of Kencarne (13th Oct. 1585), 368; an assise determined on, to "justifye" him (11th Nov.), 388; in Dunbarton Castle, 388, 391, 393; (28th Dec.), 400; lately met Huntly and others (29th Oct.), 461; confers with Crawfurd and Fintry (Nov.), p. 238; expected by the King (29th April), p. 256; not at parliament (July), 523; asks the King to receive Huntly at Burleigh, p. 307; at Huntly's convention at Lithco (27th Jan. 15878), 587; comes to Court after, sharply rebuked by the King, and sent away (2nd Feb.), p. 309; shut out of Edinburgh by the townsmen till he had the King's "token," p. 309; at Court seeking change of officers, &c. (10th April), 603; warned to join Bothwell at meeting with Forster (Feb. 15901), 702; joins Bothwell's party against the chancellor (30th July), 715; nearly attacked by the Duke, Hume, &c., when going to Dalkeith with the chancellor (Aug.), p. 405; chancellor of assise on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug. 1593), pp. 488, 492; opposes the forfeiture in parliament of Huntly, Angus, &c. "upon blanckes," yields, on the King asserting theirsignatures on his own knowledge (8th June), 955.
-, the King reported gone to (13th Oct. 1585), 368.

Mowe, Adam, of Roddam: raid on, p. 361.
-, Alexander: raid by, p. 357.
-, John: the young laird of, raids by, pp. 362, 364.

Mowe, "Launce's" John: raid by, p. 362.
-, Raiphe: the Laird's brother, raid by, p. 362.
-, William, of Mowemayns: raid by, p. 361.

Mowswenn: tenants in, p. 16; muster of, p. 153.

Moyzer, John: pensioner, Berwick, 545.

"Muffled" man, a: p. 416.

Mugthon, Jo.: his arms, p. 58.

Mukelawe, the: musters of horse at (March 1580), p. 20.

Mulcaster (Moncester), Abraham: absent, p. 46.
-, Edward (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, Randell: his arms, p. 41.
-, Richard (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, Roger, elder and younger: their arms, p. 41.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 37.

Mundall, William: his arms, p. 37.

Munitions: needed at Berwick and Newcastle (21st March 15923), 813.

Mure, Tho.: bowman, p. 63.

Murray (Moray), Earls of (James):5, 8; looked for at Court (1566), 10; banished "of auld," 935; "the young" (Sir James):in entail of Crown (Aug. 1581), 105, 621; cautioner for Bothwell, to appear before the King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 700; "Lord Morra," warned by Bothwell to attend his meeting with Forster (7th Feb.), 702; Huntly's attack on his house of Terneway to be "approved" (under conditions), by Act of council (13th Feb.), p. 376; is preparing to gather his friends at Forres, against Huntly at Spynie, and blood will follow, p. 376; has joined Bothwell's party (30th July), 715; his servants and tenants fly before Huntly (12th Aug.), p. 489; his country burned 24 miles long, p. 489; revenge taken by Argyle on Huntly for his death (7th Sept.), 887; the King "takes his slaughter on himself," confesses it before the Church and council, "craving pardon for it," and moves Huntly to make amends to his friends (16th Sept.), 891.
-, bishop of: (Dec. 1580), 69.
-, Alexander: son of "Tyllybarnes," reaches Workington (16th May), 226.
-, Davie: gentleman, bailiff of Annan (1592), p. 395.
-, Davie, of Bawarde: captain of Falkland, bills on Thomas Musgrave, &c. (1592), p. 516.
-, David: Scotsman, late of Langetown, labourer, indicted, 232.
-, James: 39.

Murray, James: late wardropper, p. 26.
-, John: p. 558.
-, Patrick: sent by the King to the lords at Lithco, to dismiss, &c., under pain of treason, p. 309.
-, Mr Thomas: page to the Archbishop of St Andrews, 188.
-, frith: Spanish fleet reported in (Aug.), 621, 623.

Murton, John: his arms, p. 61.

Muscamp (Mushane): muster of, p. 158.
-, George: his tenants, &c., p. 16.
-, Henry: horseman, North Charlton, p. 159.
-, John: horseman, Bradford, p. 161.
-, Oswald: his tenants, &c., p. 15.
-, Raph: horseman, Milfield, p. 158.
-, Rob.: horseman, Barmor, p. 158.
-, Roger: horseman, Bousden, p. 158.
-, William: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.

Muscamps (Mustians), the: gentlemen of East March, 166.

Muscrope, David: provost-depute of Jedburgh, denounced rebel (July 1585), 336; outlawed (July), 440.

Musgrave, Anth.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Christofer: took four Armstrong thieves to Carlisle gaol, 147, 149; captain of Bewcastle: interferes in a border scuffle without orders, and breaks the march (20th July 1585), 329.
-, Cuthbert: levies heavy fines, p. 22.
-, Cuthbert: bailiff of Penrith, his arms, p. 43; "Cuddie": his son named for an office at Penrith of five marks per annum (7th May), 225.
-, Cuthbert: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Humfray: deputy warden, repulses a raid (Sept. 1582), 133; took the Laird of Mangerton in his own house (10th Jan. 15834), 198; Leonerd M., his brother, 199; repels a foray, 234; his horse "Bay Sandforth" wins the "three bells," and given to Laird of Mangerton (Easter 1585), 309; Scrope's deputy, 357; to Walsingham, of Lord Hamilton's, &c. entering Scotland (26th Oct. 1585), 380; Scrope's deputy, 381; sends commissioners' proceedings to Walsingham (31st Oct.), 384; "Phumfrie": a commissioner on border causes (Jan. 1587 8), 586.
-, Ingrome: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, John: deputy of Sir Simon M., musters light horse of Bewcastle (April 1583), p. 99.
-, John: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, Leonerd: Sir Simon's deputy, rescues prisoners from the Elliots (22nd Jan. 1583 4), 199.

Musgrave, Leonard: his arms, p. 39.
-, Mich.: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, Sir Richard: the last sole captain of Carlisle Castle, temp. Edw. 6th, p. 417.
-, Richard: replies to Carey for his father (11th March 15934), 936; mistaken for John his brother, p. 524; now master, receives ordnance at Berwick, &c. from Sir S. Musgrave, late master (24th June), 957; delivers Burghley's letter to Carey (30th June), 959; is but young, and free under his patent to "put in and out" as he likes, requires some control (18th July), pp. 5401; Elizabeth commands Hunsdon to direct William Selby, jointly with Musgrave, to keep "legier" books of all the workmen, &c. in the ordnance office (19th Aug.), 976.
-, Richard: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, Rob.: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, Sir Simon: commissioner of West March, p. 35; captain of Bewcastle: raid on, p. 70; his mill burned by the Armstrongs (April 1582), p. 80; to Walsingham, asking 50 horse to defend Bewcastle (25th Jan. 15823), 147; that he and his son Thomas are in danger from the Grames and Carletons, for doing their duty, and asking protection (26th), 148; Scrope writes for him (28th), 149; petitioned against for the death of a Grayme, &c. (April 1583), 157; is in London, 157; only 36 effective horsemen in his district, p. 99; at deadly feud with the Grames, p. 102; his report on the causes of border offences, and remedy, 165; "well affected" (in religion?), 168; his estate, 168; rescued from the Liddesdale men in his own bounds, 187; his son Thomas's letter to Lord Burghley, 197; now in London, to be directed to send a man "of good countenance" to Bewcastle (7th May), 225; ordered to send munition to Carlisle (12th Aug. 1584), 251; delivers munitions to Carlisle (26th June 1585), 325; appoints his son Richard deputy of Bewcastle (May 1586), 423; to the council, on behalf of his son Thomas, as deputy of Bewcastle (16th June), 434; his own heavy charges there for 30 years, 434; surveys Berwick (23rd Jan. 15867), 477; timber felled by, for, p. 243; sent powder from Berwick to Newcastle, p. 276; to account to Hunsdon for his supply from the Tower (18th Oct.), p. 283; master of ordnance under Huntingdon (3rd Dec.), 569, 586; reports no powder at Newcastle (6th June 1588), 608; is coming to Berwick (1st Aug.), 617; 649; pay due to, 656; captain of Bewcastle: (1592), p. 395; delivers munitions of war to Berwick (3rd April), 744; receives complaints from parishes round (12th Feb. 15923), p. 440; entertains Bothwell at Edenhall (10th March 15923), p. 433; lies at ease in the country, instead of minding his duty at Berwick (27th April 1593), 826; still absent (30th), 828; his books also (1st May), 830; his "unreasonable" demand of powder, &c., p. 456; compared by Carey to "an old parliament man" who asks too much (9th May), pp. 456, 457; his order for watches, p. 458; his "unequal" dealings, and peculations attempted with the Queen's stores at Newcastle (10th July 1593), 858; stopped by the master gunner, 858; left Berwick on getting his pay, and "would little esteem Carey's speaking" (24th Aug.), p. 495; Burghley or Hunsdon must order him back, p. 495; his absentees (4th Oct.), p. 504; old and unfit for the ordnance duty, has only been once in 12 months at Berwick, for his pay at midsummer, and then left, sent his son to get his books signed at Christmas, and sold some gunners' places (15th Feb. 15934), 930; disputes Carey's statements, but little has been done (11th March), 936; his son who came was Richard, not John, but sold places, one by his father's butler, &c., p. 524; ordnance delivered by, to his son Richard, now master of ordnance (24th June 1594), 957.
-, Thomas: kills Arthur Grayme in selfdefence, and his life sought therefor, 148; accused of slaying Arthur Grayme (Dec. 1582), 157; to be called before the council, 157; rescued from the Grames by Selby's men, 187; writes to Lord Burghley, with account of the West Marches and border clans, &c., pp. 120127; appointment as deputy of Bewcastle to be stayed (5th June), 432; appointed by his father (12th), 433; who writes to the council on his behalf, and guarantees him (16th), 434; captain of Bewcastle with his father (1592), p. 395; "now at Court," complained of for Falkland (20th Feb. 15923), 800; captain of Bewcastle, "lets go" one "Bungell," taken by Scrope's constable, and is detained in Carlisle till the Queen's pleasure taken (31st Oct.), p. 511; in Carlisle under Scrope's "commandment," Bothwell deals for his enlargement (26th Nov.), 917; bill against, for King's horse "Gray Valentine," &c., taken at Falkland, 921, p. 516; his declaration to Burghley and promise of dutiful service to Scrope (19th Dec.), 922; has submitted, and Scrope asks the council to forget his late conduct, and restore him (8th March 15934), p. 523; deputy captain, wishes leave to revenge a raid in B. (24th July), 968, 970.

Musgrave, Thomas: bow and spearman, p. 48.
-, Wil.: commissioner on West March, p. 35; decay of light horse on his lands of Sowport (April 1583), p. 99; of Heiton: well affected, his estate (?) (1583), 168; his land in Hethersgill and Sowport, p. 124; of Haton: lord of Kirklinton, pp. 393, 395.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.

Musgraves, the: gentlemen of the West Marches, 166; at feud with the Armstrongs and Urwens, p. 126; feud with the Graymes, 274; one of the two greatest surnames of gentlemen in West March (1592), p. 394.

Muthow (Allerdale): muster at, p. 42.

Mycalle, William: horses stolen from, p. 423.

Mylle (Milne, Myles), Chris.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 42.
-, Hugh: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 42.
-, John: bowman, p. 47.
-, John: bowman, p. 62.
-, Richard: spoiled, 801.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 65.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 64.
-, Will, of the: taken by a Grame to Lord Scrope, 156.

Myllekin, John: his arms, p. 58.

Mylner (Myller), Chris.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Cuthbert: absent, p. 44.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 53.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Mat. unfurnished, p. 53.
-, Rob.: unarmed, p. 55.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 51.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 50.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 54.

Mylnfield: tenants in, p. 15.

Myndrome: tenants of, p. 14; muster of, 253, p. 157; in Glendale: a West March foray in to be redressed (11th Feb. 158990), p. 342; by men of Ewesdale and Eskdale, p. 343; 659, 660; burned, &c. (Feb. 15889), 676; the King orders redress for, 700, 703; redress for, with "celerity" (Nov. 1591), 736; raid at (19th June), 956.

Mynon , the, of Hull: 665.

Myrus, Sandy: bowman, p. 48.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 46.

Myrus, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.

Mytford: horsemen in, p. 22.