Border Papers volume 1: February 1583

Pages 94-96

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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151. Minute to the Wardens of the Marches. [Feb. 3.]

"At Richmound.—A lettre to the Lord Warden of the Est Marches signifying that Mr John Colvile servuant to the King of Scottes," when lately with her Majesty, was charged to move her for a meeting this winter season, of the wardens on both sides for redress of late offences, leaving those of bypast years to be settled by a special commission hereafter—and her Highness having consented thereto, her pleasure is that the warden shall forthwith take order with the opposite warden for such meeting at a convenient time. The other wardens are advertised in like sort.

¾ p. Draft. Indorsed.

152. Minute to Lord Scrope. [Feb. 18.]

"At Richemond."—Their lordships, in reply to his three letters, the first to themselves, and the other two to Mr Secretary, requesting 50 horse and 50 foot for Bewcastle, signify "that forasmuche as the leving of those horsmen, especiallie at this time, maye geve occasion of jelousie on the other side, it is rather thought meet that the same be forborne as a thinge also of no great necessitie, consideringe the offer of the Lord Johnston as in the former lettres—howbeit for his better strenthe to concurre with him in the repressinge of the saide disorders, there is order geven for 50 footmen to be sent forthe without the bandes of Barwicke: And toching the devise by his lordship sent here for the defence and enclossinge of the townes upone the Borders, because the same is to be performed onlie with thexecution of penall statutes, a matter that wilbe verie odious unto the inhabitauntes, it is thought more expedient that some mylde and more temporat course be takne, which maye woorke a good effecte and be gratefull to the peopple of the said Borders—which maye be by puttinge in execucion the statute established in the laste session of parliament for these purposes"—a commission for which is to be directed to the noblemen and gentlemen of these parts, to examine and consider how defects may be amended.

1 p. Draft in same hand. Indorsed.

153. Scrope to Walsingham. [Feb. 24.]

On receipt of the Council's letter with her Majesty's pleasure as to a meeting, "I dyd dispatche a man of myne owne to the Larde of Cesfoorde, requyring him to appoynte a daye of meting to procead in justice," a copy of which letter and of his answer, I enclose, "to thend you may the better judge of his intencion in justice, meaning nothing else but delaye and tracte of tyme, for from the daye of the date of his lettre, being the xiiijth of this instante, hitherto I have heard no further answere from him, althoughe I have dalye expected the same. And where he seameth by his lettre somewhat to chardge me for not meting for redresse of goodes, you your selff can best witnesse how I maye be thereof dischardged by speciall direccion. But what countenaunce soever he shall make for redresse of goodes (leaving the murdres) he is not hable to delyver or make redresse for thattemptates for goodes onelie, synce Michaelmes last, which thing will to well appeare whensoever we shall mete.

Sir, according to my lettres of the xijth of this instante, the Larde Johnston is come downe to Annande, and there myndeth to lye for the better ordre of the Borders, and hath sent me worde by a speciall servante of his, that the Lorde Maxwell alias Morton, hathe prohibited all his adherentes, tenantes and dependers, to make him answere or service as wardein, insomuche as the King, upon the humble suyte of the said larde Johnston, hath graunted unto him a supplie of fiftie shotte, footmen, for two monethes." He also desires my concurrence in justice, wherein I already asked you for her Majesty's pleasure, and now do, as also for fifty more of the bands of Berwick for 2 months only, which I think more necessary since the King has granted him the like. I likewise beg for speedy direction on the full contents of my letter of the 12th. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

P.S.—I pray you order this other to be delivered to "my verie freind Mr Warcoppe."

p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the foregoing:—

(1) (Scrope to Cesford.)

Requesting that he would appoint a day of meeting at "Kirsopefoite," and to send back 14 days' warning in writing by bearer, and offering to make and take redress for goods generally, since the time of his entry on the office of Liddesdale. Carlisle 12th February 1582. H. Scroppe.

1 p. Copy by Scrope's clerk.

(2) (Cesford to Scrope.)

"I receyved your lordschipis lettre this Thursdaie at afternoune… I ame gled of this cowrse set downe, but ame sorie that heirtofore the same by your lordschip was not folloed out, for gife suche had ben, so manye attemptates had not generallie ben comytted on either. My sundry wrytinges directed to your lordschip will beare recorde of my good intencion, wherin I contynewe noles in respect of my bounden dewtie; and resoling of certeyne doubtes afoire any appointment of meting, man maik my soverayne and his highnes honorable counsell foirsene in this behalf, and after his highnes and their direction, shall advertishe your lordschip in dewe tyme and doe accordinglie. … From Halliden the xiiijthe of Februarie 1582." Cesfurde.

1 p. Copy by Scrope's clerk.