Border Papers volume 2: April 1598

Pages 527-530

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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929. Sir W. Bowes to Burghley. [April 2.]

According to your direction I have set down hereinclosed the state of her Majesty's border services, so far as concerns the late commission: and have written it in this form that your lordship might add such remembrances or directions on the "margentes," as the several heads require. It would have been sent sooner, but I have been sick this 8 or 10 days, and could not peruse my papers. The copy of the treaty which I received from you, I understand from Mr Wynnibank, to be by the Queen's command restored to your lordship by his hand. If her Majesty approve of this treaty, it will be requisite to take some course with the King himself or his ambassador, to ratify it reciprocally, as specified in the tenor of the late commissions on both sides. In the examining whereof, I could wish for our discharge who were commissioners, that the warden's "being now heer present," might notify any exception which in their judgment might justly be taken against any point in the treaty. "From my lodging in Greenes lane neer Charing Crosse." Signed: Will'm Bowes.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the same:—

(Remembrances for Border service.)

[Under many heads unnumbered—giving a summary of the proceedings of the late commission as to pledges, &c.]


Since Buccleuch's return to Liddesdale, after entering his son, he has delivered to Mr Leigh deputy of the West March, 5 out of 7 pledges, viz., one of the old and four new.

Cesford is entered for Teviotdale and remains in her Majesty's hand, in default of pledges for the two Teviotdales—but it is uncertain how long he shall lye before their entry is performed.

Lord Ochiltree has neither delivered the pledges for the West March nor his deputy for them—but as Sir William Bowes has been called hither and is not certainly informed therein, Lord Scrope should report how the matter stands on his March, that the Scottish ambassador may be charged to remedy, if the King has broken his indent.

2 pp. Marginal note by Burghley's secretary. Indorsed.

(2) Another copy in different writing.

2 pp. Broad sheets, and double margins for notes.

930. Orders in the Queen's Border Affairs. [April 12.]

[In furtherance of the previous remembrances from Sir W. Bowes, No. 929.]

2 pp. Broad sheets. Indorsed: "12 April 1598—Orders to be taken for the Border causes."

931. Sir W. Bowes to Burghley. [April 14.]

Her Majesty by her establishment for her town of Berwick, and instructions to her treasurer there, allotted 15,000l. yearly for the pay of the garrison and other charges—viz., 8000l. from Yorkshire, 3000l. from Lincoln, and 4000l. from Northumberland. The treasurer being charged to make the pay before Midsummer and Christmas half yearly, it is necessary in discharge of this duty, that he receive the above sums by equal parts at the times limited.

Now as the receiver of Yorkshire does not pay the first half year to the full by 1000l., and the receiver of Lincolnshire is short of the same payment by 500l., alleging for this custom their reasons in writing to your lordship and the auditor's certificate: may it please you, at this my first entry, purposing to pay the said garrison and works in due time, to give direction for my receiving the said 1500l. on the first half year, which is now only paid at the second.

And having conferred hereon with the receiver of Lincolnshire, I see no better mean, with no charge to her Majesty, or hindrance to her receipts, than that he may have privy seals to receive the said sums out of "the tenths of the clergye" in York and Lincolnshires, paying them back into Exchequer in the latter half year, which is as soon as her Majesty doth usually now receive it from the said clergy. Signed: Will'm Bowes.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

932. A Map of the Northeast sea coast. [April. 1598.]

[A pen and ink outline, from Redcar at the mouth of Tees, to Berwick, showing several of the seaports, inland towns, &c. "Castle Barnard" is marked as on the Wear instead of Tees.]

1 p.

933. Instructions to Sir W. Bowes. [April 20. 1598.]

Instructions given the 20th day of April in the 40th year of our reign to our trusty, &c., Sir William Bowes knight, whom we appoint by these presents treasurer of our town of Berwick upon Tweed, the garrison there, all our forts, &c., on our Marches towards Scotland, and all works and fortifications, &c., in our Said town and elsewhere on our frontiers there.

Our pleasure is that our said servant shall receive yearly at two terms viz., at the feasts of the Nativity of St John Baptist and St Andrew the apostle or within 14 days after, the following sums, viz., 8000l. from the receiver for the time of our revenues in the county of York, 4000l. from the receiver of Northumberland, Durham, &c., and 3000l. from the receiver of Lincolnshire, under three privy seals to these several officers.

You shall apply these sums according to the Book of Establishment and Rates signed with our hand in June 1576, and the orders contained therein, and also to certain further special instructions under our hand of 20th June in our 18th year, given to Robert Bowes deceased late treasurer there, recorded in the said Book of Establishment, to which we hereby refer you for direction; the payment being also made with the knowledge of the Governor and Council there, and not otherwise.

For the diets, &c., of yourself and your clerks and servants in the said office, we are pleased that you shall have such fees, &c., as contained in said Book of Establishment, beginning 25th March last past, during office, besides such fees, &c., as paymaster of our works, as we allowed to the said Robert Bowes under our instructions aforesaid, and in like manner. We are also pleased to allow you as we did to him, 26l. 13s. 4d. for the rent of a house for your habitation in the said town.

You shall yearly account to our Treasurer of England before 25th March, for the year ended at the feast of St Martin or of the Nativity of our Lord, that we may have a perfect view of your charge.

pp. Draft corrected by Burghley. Indorsed: "20 Aprill 1598. Minute of certain short instructions for Sir William Bowes, being appoynted treasurer of Barwick. Don at Whithall. Entered."

934. Provision at Berwick. [April 26.]

[Note of wheat, rye, malt, and beans in store at Berwick on 25th instant, and what remains to be shipped.] Signed: Ro. Vernon.

1 p. Indorsed: "A breefe declaration," &c.

935. Estimate of provisions at Berwick. [April 26. 1598.]

A brief estimate of the account of Eobert Vernon esq. surveyor general of the victuals for the town of Berwick, containing as well his remain of store at Michaelmas last, as his provision since made, and issues of part, to the garrison, being 980 men with 80 horses—and other necessary provision employed there, and the remain unexpended at Lady Day last 1598.

Note—[showing that the provision made exceeds his receipts and money in hand, by the sum of 2300l. 3s. 10½d. And further, the freights, &c., will amount to 500l.] Signed: Ro. Vernon.

Note of his "reare accompte" for the half year ended at the Annunciation, 40 Eliz.

[Exhibits the several amounts issued to the garrison during the half year, and an estimate how long the stock of each will serve.] Signed: Ro. Vernon.

3 pp. Double broad sheets. Indorsed: "An estimate of the victuell of her Majesties garryson at Barwicke by Mr Vernon from Michaelmas 1597, untill our Ladie daie 1598. Certefied by Mr Goston one of her Majesties auditors of the prestes, xxvjto die Aprilis 1598."