Cecil Papers: March 1572

Pages 14-15

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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March 1572

38. “Occurrents from France and Flanders.”
1571/2, March 10, &c. News of an assembly of Flemish noblemen to consult about the tax of a tenth imposed by the Duke of Alva. The Duke sends two Spanish gentlemen to express his hope that the nobles will agree to pay the said tax, and by their example move the people to consent unto it more willingly. Refusal of the nobles to pay: they judge that the Duke is the sole author of the tax. Alva's anger at their reply. “News are brought from Genova that the King of Spain doth purpose to follow his enterprise of Algiers.” By letters of the 10th from Paris they write that the Duke of “Ascott” has refused to receive certain garrisons which the Duke of Alva sent him. Also that there is certain artillery carried from the arsenal into Picardy. On the 14th (March) the king entered into a diet, wherein he was to continue 20 days, rather to prevent sickness than because of any present disease. News came to the Court on the 20th (March) that the Duke of Alva had levied 10,000 Walloons, whether for defence or offence was not certain. At Orleans on the 23rd (March) “a great disorder was committed by the Papists upon those of the religion, whereof sixteen were drowned. They write from Geneva that Iseburgis sunk, and (sic) a league about the town.” News received of the death of the Queen of Poland, the Emperor's sister. “They say that the King of Spain is very much troubled with Strozzi's preparations, for that he knoweth not what end they should tend unto, and because men dise course thereof so diversely.” Account of a banquet given by the Duke of “Ascot” to welcome his brother, Mons. de Haneray, who came out of Germany. Games held by the gentlemen invited thereto. The Duke of Alva sends a Spanish gentleman with a letter to know the cause of that assembly. Action of the Duke of “Ascot.” Alva's envoy is made drunk.
Endorsed :—“xo Martii, 1571.”
12/3 pp. [Murdin, p. 211. But not in extenso.]
39. The Navy.
1571/2, March 12. Various estimates (dated 12 March 1571), for preparing and putting certain of her Majesty's ships and galleys to the seas in warlike manner.
40. Henry Skipwith to Lord Burghley.
1572, March 28. The Duke [of Norfolk] thinks himself most bound unto his Lordship, and that his Majesty's great mercy extended towards him proceeds by Burghley's friendly procurement. The Lieutenant [of the Tower] reports that the Duke owes him £400 for his diet; whereupon the writer sent to know what Mr. Hassat had paid him since the Duke's coming hither, who said he had paid him £300 already, being more by £50 or thereabouts than is due to him according to the rate he answered to Sir Francis Jobson. The Duke says Mr. Lieutenant has so well armed him with patience that he hath, must, and will bear more than this at his hands.—Friday.
Endorsed by Burghley :—27 Martii 1572. [Probably a mistake for 28 March, as the 27th was Thursday.]
1 p.