Cecil Papers: April 1578

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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. "Cecil Papers: April 1578", in Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582, (London, 1888) 175-177. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp175-177.

. "Cecil Papers: April 1578", Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582, (London, 1888). 175-177. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp175-177.

April 1578

516. Export of Gunpowder.
1578, April 3. Warrant under the Privy Signet to the Marquis of Haurech for the transportation of gunpowder and bullets of iron.—Greenwich, 3 April 1578.
1 p.
517. Charles Humberstone to Lord Burghley.
1578, Apr. 7. A complimentary letter concluding with the following verses :—
Quot flores estate nova quot gramina campo,
Tot tua dona mihi vir venerande manant,
Pro quibus ut donis referantur præmia magna
Munera pro meritis dii tibi digna ferant.
In quibus ut superas senioris Nestoris annos
Utque pater patriæ sis venerande precor,
Et postquam Lachesis desindet stamina fati
Te locet in patrio Christus ut ipse sinu.
Latin. 1½ pp.
518. The North-west Voyages.
1578, Apr. 10. Bill of charges, as follows :—
“The 10 April 1578”.
The Lord High Admiral of England doth owe in the account of North-west voyages, &c. :— £
For the building of furnaces at Dartford 20
For his stock and venture in the third voyage :—
For furniture of the ships outwards 65
For the men's habitation there 70
Sum to pay presently £155
And for freight at return home of the ships next, 65l.
His Honour's stock was in the first and second voyages, 100l. Which His Honour hath paid.
And for wages at return home of the ships, 20l.
Endorsed :—A bill of your Lordship's charges in the discovery of the North-west parts, anno 1578.
1 p.
519. [—] to the Earl of Shrewsbury.
1578, Apr. 12. Has received his lordship's letters of the 9th inst., with others to Mr. Topcliffe, which, because he is not here about the Court, according to his lordship's request, he opened. Knows nothing of Matthew Throwpe, of whom he writes to Topcliffe, and the latter being absent, thinks it were not amiss to detain Throwpe in safe custody, being a suspected person, until he be sufficiently examined and discovered. Touching Cumberford, will think how the access to him, where he now is in custody, may be cut off.—Greenwich, 12 April 1578.
Draft. Unsigned. 1 p.
520. Export of Gunpowder and Saltpetre.
1578, Apr. 12. Warrant under the Privy Signet for the transport of gunpowder and saltpetre to the Town of Ghent.—Greenwich, 12 April 1578.
1 p.
521. Sir Nicholas White to Lord Burghley.
1578, Apr. 30. The “heaftedom” of the Lord Deputy's displeasure towards me is such, as, upon this information, without consideration or trial of my answer, he hath not only seemed to remit me from the Council board, but also hath commanded me to forbear the execution of my office, appointed another to sit in the Chancery for hearing of causes, and caused the door of my office to be sealed up, for that I refused to deliver her Majesty's rolls or records out of my custody till my case were made known to her Highness.
This disturbance of me will prove but bad husbandry for her Highness; where the Deputy hath already allowed 100l. to the Archbishop of Dublin for keeping the Seal since the Chancellor departed. In this question of my office Justice Dowdall gave his opinion that there was no cause of forfeiture. Furnishes particulars of the other matter, the exchange : that he had in fee-farm of her Majesty three parcels, whereof one was a tithe, the other a parcel of Abbey ground called St. Katherine's, and the third Lexlipp. It was then declared against me that I had written maliciously and slanderously against my Lord into England, which I denied. But, my Lord, the Deputy hath borne me no goodwill since I took Stukeley's office, and dealt in the matters of his concordatums in England by her Majesty's appointment; and his displeasure is newly increased through imagination of my goodwill to my Lord of Ormond. And thus I have troubled you with a great deal of unpleasant matters, wherein I commit myself to your accustomed wisdom and goodness.—Dublin, 30 April 1578.
Endorsed :—“His answer to the Information exhibited against him.”
3 pp.
522. John Provand.
1578, Apr. 30. Warrant under the Privy Signet to John Provand Scottishman, in consideration of the losses he has sustained by pirates, to transport into Scotland threescore tuns of beer.—Greenwich, 30 April 1578.
1 p.
523. Recusants in Cornwall.
1578, April. A list of persons in Cornwall who were indicted as Recusants, or for matters of religion, at the Lent Sessions last past.
1 p.