Cecil Papers: June 1575

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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'Cecil Papers: June 1575', in Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582( London, 1888), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp99-100 [accessed 18 July 2024].

'Cecil Papers: June 1575', in Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582( London, 1888), British History Online, accessed July 18, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp99-100.

"Cecil Papers: June 1575". Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. (London, 1888), , British History Online. Web. 18 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp99-100.

June 1575

252. The Earl of Essex to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 3. The bearer will show how Essex obeys to her Majesty's liking. Has been long suffered to tread an endless maze. Thinks in honour and equity he is to be considered of his expenses without any tedious suit. Burghley may see matter enough in the Auditor's estimate to discharge his land bound to the Queen, inasmuch as he has accounted for the money received of Sir Thomas Gresham, and for all other sums with a large surplusage.—Drogheda, 23 June 1575.
Endorsed :—“Discharge of his lands.”
¾ p.
253. Lady Mary Grey to the Queen.
1575, June 4. Petition with respect to the lands inherited by her and her sister Lady Katherine from their mother Lady Frances, Duchess of Suffolk. Desires to know the Queen's pleasure, and offers satisfaction for certain profits for which she is answerable.—Undated.
[Note by Thomas Wilson that the Queen will hear the Lord Treasurer on the matter.—4 June 1575.]
1 p.
254. The Merchants of the Stillyard.
1575, June 10. Warrant by Lord Burghley to the Officers of Customs of the port of London to permit the exportation of cloth by the merchants of the Stillyard.
1 p.
255. The Privy Council to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 13. Directing him as Custos Rotulorum of the County of Northampton to furnish them with a certificate of the number and names of all the Hundreds within that County and of the ordinary limits and divisions used by the Justices of the Peace, together with the names of the Justices within each of such divisions, and also of the Coroners and Clerks of the Peace or their deputies.—Hatfield, 13 June 1575.
1 p.
256. The Earl of Bedford to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 22. Thanks him for his courtesy at his last being with his lordship. Since his coming from London, he has received the letter, which he sends enclosed to Burghley, from Sir Gavin Carew and Sir John Moore, importing their diligence for Stuckley's stay, whom they suppose to be departed, or else to lie lurking about Bristol or Wales. If Burghley, at the next Star Chamber day, thought good, the Earl considers it were not amiss to write unto them a letter of thanks, and also to the Bishop of Exeter and Sir John Gilbert for their care and diligence in the staying of corn; sends their letter also. Has caused a certificate to be made according to Burghley's desire, and according to the letter received by the Earl from him and the rest of all the Justices of the Peace in that shire; this he has thought meet to send herewith. Is very desirous to understand what Burghley hears of the French King's recovery and in what state he is with his ague. Has heard reports that Dr. Ampville [? D'Amville] is dead, or in great peril, the certainty whereof he desires to know.—Chenies, 22 June 1575.
1 p.
257. Egremond Radcliff to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 25. Begs that he may be allowed to return home, and asks for Burghley's influence with the Queen and his brother. Nothing moves him to seek home but a dutiful zeal to serve Her Majesty and his country.—From Calais, 25 June 1575.
Seal, 2 pp.
258. Nicholas Loddyngton to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 27. Concerning the transportation of pelts by Lodovick Blumer and other subjects of the King of Spain.—London, 27 June 1,575.
1 p.
259. The Garrison of Berwick.
1575, June 27. Warrant under the Privy Signet directed to the Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer authorising them to make provision for the payment to the Garrison of Berwick of half a year's wages due to them as arrears.—Grafton, 27 June 1575.
1 p.
260. The Bp. of London, Sir Walter Mildmay, Wm. Corbett, and Tho. Bromley, to Lord Burghley.
1575, June 28. Forward letters found upon one Dixon apprehended in Norton Folly, Middlesex, which he was carrying to Lord Dunsany, who was reported to be four miles beyond Ware.—Star Chamber, 28 June 1575.
Noted in margin by Burghley; “the lettres ar of no moment.”
1 p.