Cecil Papers: 1663

Pages 446-447

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Mary Burchmore to the King.
[1662–63, January 9.] Her husband Thomas, late rector of Beachampton, co. Bucks, immediately after the fight at Edgehill, for his fidelity to the King, was forced to fly to the King's garrison at Oxford, and all he had was seized for the use of the late usurping Parliament. Prays for grant of all arrears of tithes due to her husband.—Undated.
Note by G. Holles: That the King refers the petition to the Bishop of London, Court at Whitehall, January 9, 1662.
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Lord Howard of Charleton and Andover to the Earl of Salisbury.
1663, July 18. He assures him that he is determined to implement his promise of repaying the £200 which he owes to Salisbury. He would have done so already, "but for those unexpected accidents that have lately happened within the circumference of all publicke affayres wherein every perticular of this nature cannot avoyde being included to some degree or other, as you may easily imagine. For really all private buisinesse in the meane tyme stands att gaze, nor indeede wille any of those dealers parte with one pennye owte of theyre hands untill they be absolutely determined one waie or other, the finall period whereof cannot be farre remote because probably speaking the Parlament rises on Thursday nexte, and then, my Lord, pray be confidently assured that I wille not delaye your juste expectation one minute longer then needes I muste. There is above 600l due to me on goode accounte from the Customme howse, yet the greate officers being not yet att leysure to signe the order 'tis not receivable otherwise. Therefore as soone as ever the Parlament is upp, your Lordship shall have another letter from me with a certayne tyme therein prefixed for the receiving of this money withowt fayle, whereof I wille be well ascertained before I do write any farther touching the same, since beleeve me I can take noe manner of reste untill yt be don."—The 18th July, 1663.
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Court of Chancery.
1663, July 28. Order taken in legal proceedings for debts between Diana, Viscountess Cranborne, plaintiff, and Lady Anne Bowyer, defendant, that Sir Mondiford Bramston should meet both parties to discuss such debts as should be sued for by the plaintiff. Mr Dalmahoy to be at liberty to sue for those which she decides not to recover. Mr Churchill appears for Viscountess Cranborne, and Serjeant Ffountayne for Mr Dalmahoy. Martis 28 die Julii anno regni Caroli Regis secundi XV°.
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John Churchill to Viscountess Cranborne.
[1663]. Regrets his inability to attend upon her in person, but has been detained by legal affairs. However part of his attendance has been in her service, and he is able to inform her that an order has been made that may persuade Mr Delmahoy to be more accommodating. Sends a copy of the order. Wensday morning betweene ffoure and ffive.—Undated.
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