Cecil Papers: 1664

Pages 448-449

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Lord Howard of Charleton and Andover to the Earl of Salisbury.
1664, April 19. The business which he has been prosecuting for a week is now completed. "Yf there be fayth in men and the whole fyve thousand pounds wille be payde downe on the nayle within these very few dayes, considering the greatenesse of the sum all att one payment, the same however, yf I live, I wille not fayle to carrye twoe hundred of yt to Salisburye howse and leave yt there with Mr Percivall or some other of your officers. For your Lordships I neede no remembrancer touching this perticular, since I scorne soe much to disappoynte your Lordship longer then needes I muste of necessitye, that you may be confident I can neyther eate nor sleepe in peace untill yt be dispatched, since I doe acknowledge more obligation to your Lordship then to all the reste of the kindred I have in the worlde."—April 19, 1664.
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Lord Howard of Ch[arleton] and Andover to the Earl of Salisbury.
1664, May 29. 'Tis fit that I should give you notice how that upon Wednesday next I go down with my whole family into the west, there to continue till the next meeting of Parliament, whether it be in August or November. In the mean time there is some little stop in my business which I reserve then to be told by word of mouth as being not so fit to be communicated in a letter, though perhaps 'twill be no hard matter to guess the reason; but I shall no doubt overcome the difficulty with a little patience, otherwise I had performed with your Lordship ere now; and before that's removed 'tis altogether impossible I should do what I desire therein. You may rest satisfied I am most concerned never to desist until this business be perfected, that your Lordship may have your own again.—29 May, 1664.
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Lord Howard of Charleton and Andover to the Earl of Salisbury.
1664, September 16. He informs him that he has just received letters from Lord Berkeley and Mr Coventry, the Duke of York's secretary, on behalf of his Royal Highness, to the effect that he (Lord Howard) is to receive £5000 next term upon the surrender of his pension of £1000 for life out of the Customs. Of this sum £4000 will go towards his daughter's portion and the remaining £1000 towards the payment of his debts. Of these he will immediately repay the £200 which he owes Salisbury. He will show him these assurances when they meet at London in November, "that you your selfe may see there is no kinde of supercherye in this matter."—Brockenbrough, 16 7tember, 1664.
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1664, December to 1665, September 12. A bill for books supplied by George Turner. Most of these are newsbooks, but the list also includes the following:
January 21 For a booke of Actes of Parlement. 0 2 0
March 5 For Sir Edward Turners speech. 0 0 4
May 7 For the Dukes leater to the Kinge 0 0 2
June 13 For a booke of the fite. 0 0 2
Endorsed: "13 September '65. Geo. Turners byll for news bookes etc." 1 p. (Bills 472/13.)