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Pages 266-268

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Queen Dowager, The. See Louise.

Queen's County (Leix), Ireland, 88, 186.
-, Governor of. See Power, Sir Henry.

Quesada, Dr Juan de, Spanish courtier, 6.

Quillebeuf (Kilboufe, Kilbevy) [Eure, France], preparations for campaign in Brittany at, 24, 26.

Quittance, The, of Queen Elizabeth's navy, conveys members of English embassy to Dieppe, 22.


Radcliff, Dr. See Radcliffe, Jeremiah.

Radcliffe, Jeremiah, Vice-Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 216.

Raglan (Ragland), co. Monmouth, letter dated from, 78.

Ragland. See Raglan.

Raine, Francis, Under-Steward of Havering, co. Essex, petition to Cecil, 126.

Rainsford, Mr. See Rainsford, Miles.

Rainsford, Mrs. See Rainsford, Elizabeth.

Rainsford, Anne, mother of Miles Rainsford, 125.

Rainsford, Elizabeth, widow of Miles Rainsford, 125.

Rainsford, Henry, 125.

Rainsford, Miles, deceased, formerly in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, his estate, 125.

Ralegh, Sir Walter, military and naval commander and poet, accompanies Cecil to Dover, 21.
-, returns to Court, 22.
-, 168.

Rance. See Rance, Edward.

Rance, Edward, stepfather to Henry Burle, 109 and n.

Rankyns,, in the service of the Earl of Derby, parsonage of Hawarden given to, 205.

Rastall, Mr. See Rastall, John.

Rastall, John, Steward of Bisley, co. Gloucester, 177.
-, his death, 218.

Ratcliffe, Sir Alexander, of Ordshall, co. Lancs, accompanies Cecil to France, 22, 26.

Ratcliffe, John, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Rathwyre, West Meath, Ireland, 88.

Rawson, Thomas [? of Fryston, co. Yorks], petition to Cecil, 126.

Raynton, Thomas, in the service of Lady Susan Vere, petitions to Cecil, 94, 165.

Read (Reede), Captain (later Sir) William, formerly of the garrison at Berwick, 214.

Recusants and Recusancy, 108, 110, 112, 123, 190, 191, 215, 220.

Redbourne, co. Herts, 100.

Reddish or Rediche, John, of Stockport, Cheshire, petition to Cecil, 214.

Redrith. See Rotherhithe.

Reede, Captain. See Read, William.

Reignolds, Captain. See Reynolds, Captain.

Rennes (Rhemes) [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], 56.
-, English embassy stays in, 73.
-, Governor of. See Montbaret.

Requests, Court of, 113, 118.

Resels, Monsieur. See Roussell.

Retts, Marshal de. See Retz.

Retz, Albert de Gondy, Duc de, Marshal of France, 37.

Reynolds, James, of Chesterton, co. Cambridge, 7.

Reynolds (Reignolds), Captain, 48.

Rhemes. See Rennes.

Rice, Robert, of Preston, co. Suffolk, 165.

Richard II, King of England (d. 1400), mentioned, 193.

Richardot, Jean, President of the Archdukes' Council, charges of duplicity against, 14.
-, recognizes harm done by English land and sea offensive against Spain, 33.
-, 49, 50, 70.

Richardott, President. See Richardot, Jean.

Richmond, co. Surrey, 117.

Rickmansworth, co. Herts, 100.

Ricquart, Mailliart, Flemish merchant and correspondent in Lisbon, letter to Archdukes, 153.

Riddett, Philip, of Sturminster Newton Castle, co. Dorset, petition to Cecil, 168.

Ridge, co. Herts, 100.

Ridgeway, Sir Thomas, of Tor Mohun, co. Devon, M.P. for Devon, later Treasurer at Wars in Ireland, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.
-, his motions in House of Commons, 139, 140.
-, reports on form of Apology to be submitted by House of Commons to King, 140.
-, 215.

Rie. See Rye, Edward.

Rigby, Henry, complaint against, 105.

Riley, Edmund, petition to Cecil, 119.

Riley, John, of Upton Lovell, co. Wilts (d. 1603), 119, 120n,

Riley, Warbara, widow of John Riley, 119.

Riveley, Ralph, formerly in the service of Sir Robert Bowes, petition to King, 124.

Roan. See Rouen.

Roan, Madame de. See Rohan.

Robertstown, co. Limerick, Ireland, 214, 215.

Rochefort (en-Terre) [Morbihan, France], recognizes authority of Henry IV, 29.

Rochpott, Monsieur. See La Rochepot.

Rockingham, co. Northants, Forest of, 107.

Rohan (Roan), Catherine de Parthenay, Vicomtesse de Rohan, widow of Ren, Vicomte de, 40.

Rolfe, James, of St. Albans, co. Herts, Commissary to the Bishops of Lincoln and London, complaints against, 192.

Rolls, The, Master of. See Bruce, Edward.
-, Clerks of. See Salter, George; Wagstaffe, Thomas.

Rolte, Edward, of Pertenhall, co. Beds, signs Todd's petition, 176.

Romane, , the Post, brings letters from London to Angers, 57.

Rookes, , petition to Cecil, 173.

Roppres, , of Middelburg, Zeeland, Maycrott's instructions to, 180.

Roquelaure, Antoine de, Master of the Wardrobe to Henry IV, visits Cecil at Angers, 35.

Rory, Mr. See McRory.

Rosewell,, his wardship, 90.

Ross, Bridget, wife of Peter Ross, petition to Cecil, 162.

Ross, Peter, of Laxton, co. Notts, 162.

Rotherham, , in the service of Sir George Carey, 208.

Rotherhithe (Redrith), co. Surrey, plans of lands near Thames at, 8, 94.

Rotterdam [Holland], English ship attacked and spoiled by sailors from, 183.

Roudes, William, a servant in Queen Anne's cellar, petition to Cecil, 168.

Rouen (Roan) [Seine-Infrieure, France], 11, 25, 26, 36, 69.
-, English embassy in, 27(2).
-, despatch dated from, 27.
-, English embassy proceeds to Paris from, 28.
-, Sir Thomas Wilkes dies at, 33.
-, English kerseys seized at, 208.

Rouen, Archbishop of. See Bourbon, Charles de.

Rouse (Rowse), Sir Anthony, of Halton, co. Cornwall, M.P. for Cornwall, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.

Roussell (Russells, Resels), , French diplomatist, meets Cecil at Dover, 22.
-, 34.

Rowe, Thomas, obtains grant from Cecil, 120.

Rowland, Richard, of Penhesgyn, co. Anglesea, Escheator of Anglesea, 128.

Rowse. Sir Anthony. See Rouse, Sir Anthony.

Rowswell, William, late Bailiff of South Stoke and Corston, co. Somerset, 166.

Rue de Cock, Paris, Cecil lodges in, 28.

Ruggle, George, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, signs document containing opinions of Cambridge dons, 84.

Russell, Sir William, of Northall, co. Bucks, his petition, 110.

Russells. See Roussell.

Rye (Rie), Edward, in the service of Lord Darcy, his dispute with Lord Darcy, 103, 104.

Ryma Sechei, Andrew de, Hungarian gentleman, petition to Privy Council, 77.
-, seeks help in England to ransom himself from Turkish captivity, 77.