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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Sackville, Robert, Lord Buckhurst, M.P. for Sussex, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Sackville, Thomas, Lord Buckhurst, later 1st Earl of Dorset, Lord Treasurer, 87, 123, 127, 128(2), 168, 175, 180, 184, 189, 207, 217, 221.
-, letter to, 92.
-, his notes on petitions, 109, 110(3).
-, petition to, 189.

Sackville, Mr, reference to his death in Normandy, 31.

Sackville, Mr, 93.

St. Albans (Verulam), co. Herts, letter dated from, 87.
-, 100.

St. Aldgone. See St. Aldegonde.

St. Aldegonde (St. Aldgone), Philippe Marnix, Seigneur de, Flemish diplomatist, broaches matter of marriage between Maurice, Prince of Orange, and sister of Henry IV, 45.

St. Antonia. See Cap St. Antonia.

St. Buryan, co. Cornwall, 109.

St. Denis [Seine, France], English embassy dines at, 28.

St. Domingo [West Indies], 99.

St. George, Henry IV and English envoys in Nantes celebrate feast of, 72.

St. Giles, London, 2.

St. John, Sir Oliver, of Bletso, co. Beds, M.P. for Bedford, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.
-, (?) 174.

St. John Baptist and St. Eleanor, Giles seizes Spanish ship called, 163.

St John de Porterico. See San Juan.

St. John's Street, Clerkenwell, London, reference to "le castle" in, 2.

St. John Zacharies, Aldersgate, London, petition to Cecil from parishioners of, 184.

St. Just, co. Cornwall, 109.

St. Lawrence, Christopher, Colonel of foot at Cork, later 9th Lord Howth, petition to Cecil, 200.

St. Levan, co. Cornwall, 109.

St. Malo (St. Mallowes) [Ille-etVilaine, France], 67.

St. Mallowes. See St. Malo.

St. Michael's, St. Albans, co. Herts, 100, 195.

St. Neots, co. Hunts, manor of, 121, 218.
-, Bailiff of. See Payne, Edward.
-, Deputy-Bailiff of. See Fletcher, John.

St. Omer [Nord, France], 187.
-, Bishop of. See Blaize, James.

St. Paul's, London, 184.
-, Dean of. See Overall, John.

St. Paul's Walden, co. Herts, 100.

St. Peter's, Nantes [France], feast of St. George celebrated in church of, 72.

St. Peters, co. Herts, 100.

St. Quentin (St. Quentines) [Aisne, France], 31(4).
-, conditions in, 31.
-, Governor of. See d'Ouchy.

St. Stephens, co. Herts, 100.

Salisbury, Sir John, of Llewenni, co. Denbigh, complaints against, 177.

Salter, George, Clerk of the Rolls, petition to Cecil, 167.

Saltmarsh, Philip, of Thorganby, co. Yorks, his wardship, 187.

Saluzzo, Marquisate of [Piedmont, Italy], to be retained by Duke of Savoy in exchange for Bresse, 23.

Samshore. See Sanshore.

Sancreed, co. Cornwall, 109.

San Cristobal, Tenerife, letter dated from, 6.

Sancy (Sencye, Lencye), Nicolas de Harley, Seigneur de, French military commander, diplomatist and Surintendent de Finances, 19, 53, 72.
-, attends conference with English envoys, 48.

Sandes, Emanuel, son of William Sandes, wardship of, 206.

Sandes, William, of Southpetherton, co. Somerset, deceased, mentioned, 206.

Sandiland, Sir James, Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber, his suit, 123.

Sandown (Landham) Castle, Isle of Wight, Cecil arrives at, 74.

Sandridge, co. Herts, 100.

Sandwich, co. Kent, 105.

Sandys, Lord. See Sandys, William.

Sandys, Sir Edwin, of Northbourne, co. Kent, M.P. for Stockbridge, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.
-, his speeches in the House of Commons, 136, 138.
-, his report to House of Commons, 139.

Sandys, William, 3rd Lord Sandys (of the Vyne), 76.

San Juan [Porto Rico, West Indies], 99.

Sanshore (Samshore), Rotherhithe, co. Surrey, place called, 8.

Santa Cruz, fort of, Tenerife, 6.
-, Governor of. See Vergara.

Saona (Sona) [Dominican Republic], 99.

Saracen's Head, The, Canterbury, co. Kent, Cecil dines at, 21.

Sarratt, co. Herts, 100.

Saumur (Lawmore, Saresmore) [Maine-et-Loire, France], English embassy entertained at, 35.
-, Governor of. See PlessisMornay.

Saunders, Sir Nicholas, of Ewell, co. Surrey, M.P. for Gatton, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Savage, Sir John, of Rock Savage, Cheshire, 158.

Savage, Dame Mary, wife of Sir John Savage, 158.

Savage, Robert, merchant, petition to Privy Council, 163.

Savage, Sir Thomas, son of Sir John Savage, complaint against, 158.

Saverdyn. See Lavardin.

Saverye, Monsieur de. See Souvr.

Savile, Sir John, of Howley, co. Yorks, M.P. for Yorkshire, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Savile, Thomas, of co. Yorks, petition to Cecil, 222.

Savoy, Duke of. See Charles Emmanuel.

Saxony, Duke of. See Christian II.

Say, William, of London, scrivener, petition to Cecil, 198.

Sayre, Richard, Surveyor of the Duchy of Cornwall, his death, 189.

Schomberg (Shamberghe, Scomberge, Scomberghe), Gaspar de, French military commander, attends conference with English envoys, 48.
-, 53, 72.
-, referred to as "a very wise man", 72.

Scomberge. See Schomberg.

Scomberghe. See Schomberg.

Scotland, debatable territory between England and, 10.
-, 64, 93, 124, 139, 212, 213, 214.

Scott, Sir John, of Nettlestead, co. Kent, M.P. for Kent, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.

Scrope, Thomas, 10th Lord Scrope of Bolton, Lord Warden of the West Marches, 80.

Scrutton, William, Bailiff of Walton and Felixstowe, co. Suffolk, petition to Cecil, 120.

Scudamore, Amy, wife of John Scudamore, supports Watson's conspiracy, 114.

Scudamore, John, son of Thomas Scudamore, accused of being accessory to Watson's conspiracy, 113.

Scudamore, Thomas, of Kentchurch, co. Hereford, petition to Cecil, 113.

Seigniorie, The. See Signoria.

Selby, Captain, of the garrison at Berwick, 85.

Sellaby, co. Durham, 186.

Selsye [? Shelley], co. Suffolk, manor of, 164.

Selwyn, Jasper, of Matson, co. Gloucester, J.P. and counsellor-at-law, 218.

Sencye. See Sancy.

Sennen, co. Cornwall, 109.

Sergant, Christopher, of Newbury, co. Berks, petition to Cecil, 168.

Sexey, Mr. See Sexey, Hugh.

Sexey, Hugh, Auditor of the Exchequer, his note on petition, 218.

Seymour, Edward, Earl of Hertford, 206.

Seymour, Edward, of Berry Pomeroy, co. Devon, 217.

Shaftesbury, co. Dorset, 79.

Shamberghe. See Schomberg.

Sharp, William, purser of the Phoenix, petition to Privy Council, 179.

Sharpe, D., 115.

Sharpe, Thomas, of Dover, shipmaster, letter to Privy Council, 183.

Shephall, co. Herts, 100.

Sheppard (Shepeard), , in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, conveys letters from Cecil to Burghley, 21.
-, brings letters to Cecil, 23.

Sherard, Mr, Deputy-Feodary of Lincolnshire, 208.

Sherland, Edward, of Gray's Inn, London, 213.

Shipping, losses sustained by English ports during war with Spain, 100.

-, Vanguard, 22.
-, Answer, 22, 48.
-, Quittance, 22.
-, Tremontane, 22.
-, Moon, 22, 74.
-, Adventure, 48, 74.
-, Lyonesse, 91, 174.
-, White Greyhound, 91, 174.
-, Lion's Whelp, 74.
-, St. John Baptist and St. Eleanor, 163.
-, Prodigal Son, 163.
-, Phoenix, 179.

Shirley, Sir Thomas, of Wiston, co. Sussex, M.P. for Steyning, matter of his release from prison by order of House of Commons, 145, 147, 148.

Shoemaker, John, prisoner in the Counter in the Poultry, London, petition to Cecil, 98.

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, petition to Cecil from inhabitants of, 194.
-, plague at, 194.

Shrewsbury, Earl of. See Talbot, Gilbert.

Shropshire, Earl of Derby's land in, 90.

Shute, Richard, Feodary of Lincolnshire, petition to Cecil, 208.

Sibdon Carwood, Salop, 3.

Sicily, genealogy of Kings of, 101.

Sidney, Sir Henry, late Lord Deputy of Ireland (d. 1586), mentioned, 88.

Sidney, Robert, Lord Sidney, of Penshurst Place, co. Kent, petition to, 216.

Sigismund III, King of Poland, contributes towards Sechei's ransom, 77.

Signet, The, 216.
-, Clerk of. See Windebank, Sir Thomas.

Signoria (Seigniorie), of Venice, reported to be well affected towards Queen, 32.

Silecroft, co. Cumberland, 90.

Sittingbourne, co. Kent, Cecil lodges at, 21.

Skenfrith, co. Monmouth, plan of lands at, 102.

Skinner, Captain. See Skinner, John.

Skinner, John, Captain, DeputyGovernor of Berwick, 169.

Skinner, John, Deputy-Bailiff of Hitchin, co. Herts, petition to Cecil, 165.

Sledd or Slade, Mary, of London, petition to Cecil, 199.

Slingsby, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Sluderpach, Guillermo, Nonhaufer's letter to, 156.

Smallman, William, petition to Cecil, 201.

Smart, Rowland, of London, petition to Cecil, 217.

Smith. See Smith, George.

Smith, Abigail, wife of Robert Smith, petition to King, 200.

Smith, Edward, soldier, petition to Privy Council, 153.

Smith, George, a seminary priest, banished from England, 219.

Smith, Lawrence, of London, merchant, petition to Queen, 1.

Smith, Robert, minister of St. Nicholas Acons, London, imprisoned and deprived of his benefice, 200 and n.

Smith, Robert, of Ely, co. Cambridge, petition to Cecil, 10.

Smith, Walter, of co. Hereford, deceased, wardship of his heir, 98.

Smithson, Oliver, servant in the King's Privy Kitchen, petition to Cecil, 214.

Smyth. See Smyth, Thomas.

Smyth, George, of Exeter, M.P. for Exeter, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.

Smyth, Timothy [? of Bretforton, co. Worcester], petition to Cecil, 206.
-, 207.

Smyth, Thomas, Sheriff of London, 87.

Smyth, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Smythe, Edmund, of co. Herts, yeoman, 3.

Snave, co. Kent, bailiwick of, 197.

Socage, land held by, 221.

Solicitor-General. See Fleming, Sir Thomas; Doddridge, Sir John.

Somerset, Edward, 4th Earl of Worcester, letter to [Lord Mountjoy?], 78.

Somerset, Sir Thomas, of Raglan, co. Monmouth, M.P. for Monmouthshire, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.

Somerset House, Strand, London, plan of upper floor of, 102.

Somersetshire, map of, 102.
-, Justices of the Peace in, 176.
-, petition from merchants, 220.

Sommer, John, of co. Wilts, yeoman, 170.

Sona. See Saona.

Sound, The [Denmark], complaints about Danish Customs dues enforced in, 75.

Sourdeac, Ren de Rieux, Seigneur de, Lieutenant of Brittany and Governor of Brest, petition from, 188.
-, his claim for indemnification of losses caused by English pirates, 188, 189.
-, his agent. See La Motte.

Southampton, Earl of. See Wriothesley, Henry.

Southcott, Sir George, of Buckland Tout Saints, co. Devon, 96, 199.
-, petition to Cecil, 115.

Southpetherton, co. Somerset, manor of, 206.

South Stoke, co. Somerset, manor of, 166(2).
-, Bailiff of. See Rowswell, William.

Southwark, co. Surrey, Earl of Derby's property in, 90.

Souvr (Saverye), Gilles de Souvr, Seigneur de, Governor of Tours, entertains English embassy, 35.

Spain, Spanish fleet conveys troops to Calais from, 23.
-, effects of English sea and land offensive against, 33, 40, 50.
-, general desire in Council of France for peace with, 54.
-, danger to security of England from new kind of war waged by, 55.
-, 93, 98, 191, 192.
-, English shipping losses during war with, 100.
-, peace talks between England and, 163, 164.
-, the Phoenix of London attacked off coast of, 179.
-, English intelligence agent in, 184.

Spain, Council of, 154.

Spain, Infanta of. See Isabella.

Spain, King of. See Philip II; Philip III.

Spalding, co. Lincoln, petition to Cecil from Bailiffs of manor of, 127.
-, Bailiffs of. See Perry, Nicholas; Oldfield, John; Brymston, Nicholas; Greaves, Thomas; Ederich, William; Elwood, Isaac; Bennett, Thomas.

Spencer, James, an auditor, prisoner in the Marshalsea, petition to Privy Council, 208.

Spier, Ralph, of co. Herts, yeoman, 3.

Stacey, Ralph, of Hanslop, co. Bucks, 176.

Stafford, Sir Edward, of Grafton, co. Stafford, M.P. for Queenborough, member of House of Commons Committees, 132, 135.

Staffordshire, estreats and issues of Greenwax in, 186.

Staindrop, co. Durham, rectory and college of, 108.

Staines, co. Middlesex, Cecil taken by coach to Whitehall from, 74.

Stainhoppe. See Stanhope, Sir John.

Stalling, William, Commissioner for anchorage and quayage, 110.

Stanhope (Stainhoppe), Sir John, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, Treasurer of the Chamber, M.P. for Newtown, Isle of Wight, writes to Cecil, 22, 23, 24.
-, 27, 121, 128, 174, 182, 197, 212.
-, his activities in Parliament, 131.

Stanhope, Sir John, of Shelford, co. Notts, 157.

Stanhope, Sir Michael, of Sudbourne, co. Suffolk, 120.

Stanhope, Philip, son of Sir John Stanhope, of Shelford, co. Notts, petition to Cecil, 157.

Stanley, Alice, Dowager Countess of Derby, widow of Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby, petitions to Cecil, 174, 205.

Stanley, Elizabeth, Countess of Derby, wife of William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby, 126, 160.
-, petition to, 161.

Stanley, John, an auditor, petition to Cecil, 108.

Stanley, William, 6th Earl of Derby, 34, 126 and n.
-, sale of his lands, 90.
-, 162, 205.

Stanley, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Stapleton, Sir Robert, of Wighill, co. Yorks, 219.

Star Chamber, Court of, 80, 118, 128, 170, 186, 209, 219.

States General (Estates), The, sends deputies to confer with Henry IV and English envoys, 11.
-, Queen's attitude towards policy of, 12, 13, 16, 17.
-, reference to actions at Brussels of, 17.
-, political and religious acts at Antwerp of, 18.
-, delays dispatch of embassy, 21.
-, news of embassy appointed by, 25, 31, 34, 43, 47.
-, English action at Cadiz beneficial to, 40.
-, Cecil and Henry IV discuss attitude of, 45, 46.
-, its offer to Henry IV, 46, 64.
-, policy of English envoys towards embassy from, 47.
-, arrival in Angers of embassy from, 48.
-, audiences granted by Henry IV to envoys from, 48, 52.
-, meetings between English envoys and embassy from, 48, 53, 57, 62, 67, 73.
-, 52, 69, 183.
-, Herbert confers with envoys from, 53.
-, Cecil and Villeroy call on envoys sent by, 57.
-, idea of peace treaty with Spain rejected by, 62.
-, advice given to Cecil and Herbert by embassy from, 62.
-, Henry IV's reply to offer from, 64.
-, Englishmen in the service of, 183.

Staunton, co. Hereford, manor of, 96.

Steelyard, The, London. 7.

Stewarde, Henry, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 84.

Stile, Robert, of Honyton, co. Devon, petition to Cecil, 217.

Stileman (Styleman), John, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, 86.

Stileman, Robert, Deputy-Bailiff of Clare, petition to Cecil, 168.

Stillingfleet, Cuthbert, a messenger of the Chamber to the Queen, allowance to, 81.

Stockport, co. Cheshire, 214.

Stokes, Robert, of Newport Pagnell, co. Bucks (d. 1584), mentioned, 129.

Stonley (Stonly), Richard, official of the Exchequer, 4.

Stonly, Mr. See Stonley, Richard.

Storie, Jarret, soldier and courier, petition to Cecil, 212.

Stourton, co. Wilts, 79.

Stourton, Edward, 10th Lord Stourton, 79.
-, Steward to. See Budden, John.

Stourton, John, 9th Lord Stourton (d. 1588), mentioned, 79.

Straights, The. See Gibralter.

Strand, The, London, 74, 82.

Stratford-le-Bow (at Bowe), London, 7.

Strode (Strowd), Sir William, of Newnham, co. Devon, M.P. for Plympton, his petition, 96.
-, petition to Cecil, 116.
-, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.
-, his motion in House of Commons, 152,
-, 199.

Strowd, Sir William. See Strode, Sir William.

Stuart, Lady Arabella or Arbella, 10.

Stuart, Ludovick, 2nd Duke of Lennox, his embassy to France, 93 and n.
-, letter to Cecil, 152.
-, 218.

Studdall, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Sturminster Marshall, co. Dorset, 90.

Sturminster Newton Castle, co. Dorset, 168.
-, bailiwick of, 169.

Sturtyvam, Susan, of London, her petition, 192.

Styleman, John. See Stileman, John.

Suffolk, 82, 158.
-, Escheator of. See Wakering, Sir Gilbert.

Sugar, Cecil's share of prize money from capture of cargo of, 91.

Svinmister (alias Valyne), Margaret, of Brussels, petition to King, 113.

Swale, Sir Richard, Master of the Court of Chancery, delivers message from House of Lords to House of Commons, 132, 136.

Swan, William, of co. Kent, wardship of son of, 79.

Sweden, Cecil accompanied on his embassy to France by gentleman from, 22.

Swinnerton (Swynnerton), (Sir) John, of London, merchant, 2.
-, complaint against, 207.

Swynnerton, Mr. See Swinnerton, John.

Sydway Lane, co. Stafford, 204.

Symonds, John, a courier, brings letters to Cecil, 22.
-, arrives at Angers from England, 36.
-, conveys copy of despatch to England, 67.

Sysonby, co. Leicester, 171(2).