Close Rolls, Edward III: January 1366

Pages 158-159

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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January 1366

Jan. 15.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Dertmuth. Order to cause all wines of Osye, Algarbe or of Spain by them inconsiderately arrested to be dearrested, suffering certain burgesses of the said town trafficking with wines therein who brought them thither freely to make their advantage thereof, and all merchants and others to bring into the realm wines of Spain, Gascony and all other that are not sweet wines, and make their advantage of them as heretofore used to be done, so that they pay the customs due; as lately for particular causes the king ordered the mayor and bailiffs to cause all cellars or houses wherein sweet wines and no others are stored for sale to be closed and kept closed, and if sweet wines were stored with other wines in any house to cause them to be put asunder, the sweet wines or else the others being taken out therefrom, and the cellars or houses in which the former are stored closed, so that the sweet wines should in no wise be sold nor taken thence until further order; and now on behalf of the said burgesses it is shewn the king that the mayor and bailiffs, scheming to grieve them, have by colour of that command arrested the wines aforesaid which they brought thither for the use of the town, and are keeping them under arrest as if they were sweet wines though they are not; and it is not the king's intent that such wines should be called or reputed sweet wines. By C.
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Jan. 20.
To Leo de Perton escheator in Worcestershire. Order to assign to Constance who was wife of Walter de Ribbesford, tenant by knight service of the heir of Roger de Mortuo Mari earl of March tenant in chief a minor in the king's wardship, her dower of the lands of her said husband which are in the king's hand by his death and by reason of the nonage of his heir, sending the assignment under his seal to be enrolled in chancery.
To the same. Order to keep the manor of Ribbesford in the king's hand until further order, and not to meddle further with one messuage, seven cottages, one dovecot, one carucate and one virgate of land, 3 acres of meadow, 3 acres of pasture, a small wood and 56s. of rent at la Rook taken into the king's hand by the death of Walter de Ribbesford knight, delivering up any issues of these last taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that the said Walter at his death held no lands in that county in chief, but held the said manor in his demesne as of fee by knight service of the heir of Roger de Mortuo Mari earl of March tenant in chief, a minor in the king's wardship, and the premises at la Rook of Thomas Loweches by socage, namely by the service of rendering 1d. or one pair of gloves a year at Michaelmas for all service, and that Walter son of the said Walter is his next heir, and of the age of two years and a half.
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Jan. 20.
To Reynold de Sholdham the king's searcher in the port of London. Order to dearrest one tun of merchandise and a ship of Fabian Eym a native seaman, causing the said tun to be restored to Eustace de Bergh merchant of Bruges in Flanders, and the ship to the said master to make his advantage thereof; as the king lately ordered the searcher to certify in chancery the cause wherefore he arrested one pipe of the said merchant with divers merchandise, and he signified that on 24 October last among divers merchandise customed and landed in the said port he found the said tun unladed from the said ship and not customed, and arrested the same and the ship as forfeit to the king; and by examination made before the council in the searcher's presence it is found that the said tun was in ignorance drawn forth and put ashore by seamen of the said ship without the knowledge, command and will of the merchant to whom it belongs and of the shipmaster.
Jan. 12.
To the constable of Rokyngham castle or to his lieutenant. Order, under pain of forfeiture of 1,000l., to receive by indenture of Richard de Imworth and Robert de Appelby the king's serjeants at arms or one of them Adam Robelyn clerk, whom they or one of them shall deliver to the said constable at the king's command, and to keep him in safe custody in the prison of the said castle until further order, so that no man without the king's special command shall hold converse with him except the said constable or lieutenant and their sworn ministers. By K. on the information of John de la Lee steward of the king's household.
The like to the constable of Tykhull castle, to receive Hugh Carles clerk. By K., as above.
The like to the constable of Knaresburgh castle, to receive Robert de Grymeston clerk. By K., as above.
To Richard de la Vache keeper of the Tower of London, or to his lieutenant. Order to deliver by indenture to Richard de Imworth and Robert de Appelby the king's serjeants at arms, to whom command has been given to receive them and take them whither the king has ordered, Adam Robelyn, Robert de Grymeston and Hugh Carles clerks, imprisoned in the said Tower at the king's command.
By K., as above.


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