Close Rolls, Edward III: January 1365

Pages 160-162

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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January 1365

Jan. 29.
Robert Jasper of Asshe to Adam de Akum parson of Asshe in the diocese of Rochester. Recognisance for 40l., to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Kent.
Jan. 29.
William de la Sauserye of Kyngeston upon Thames to Hugh del Redhogh and Thomas de Hexham. Recognisance for 10l., to be levied etc. in Surrey.
Cancelled on payment, acknowledged by the said Thomas.
Writing of Robert de Bayouse knight, giving to John de Neuport, his heirs and assigns, for a sum of money in hand paid, a yearly rent of 40 marks to be taken of his manor of Arkesden co. Essex at Easter and Michaelmas by even portions, with power to distrain for arrears, binding his heirs and executors for payment, and he has delivered 2s. in part payment for the first term in name of seisin; also granting and selling to the said John all his goods and chattels alive and dead, as well cattle and corn growing upon his lands as his other goods in Essex and Huntingdonshire which he had at this date. Dated 24 January 38 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 1 February this year.
Jan. 31.
To the collectors of customs in the port of Kyngeston upon Hull. Order, for particular causes, not to suffer any wool, woolfells or hides to be laded in that port or taken over thence from this date until further order. By K. & C.
The like to the collectors in the port of London, and in eight other ports.
Writing of Gilbert de Shotesbroke, giving to John atte Wode and Lucy his wife for their lives 25 marks of yearly rent to be taken of all the lands sometime of John de Sancto Philberto in Esthanneye at the Annunciation and Michaelmas by even portions, with power to distrain for arrears. Witnesses: Roger de Cotesford, Roger de Elinrugge, John de Trillowe knights, Robert Trisilian, Thomas Catewey. Dated Westminster, 7 February 39 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 8 February.
Writing of John Hulle the elder of Kislyngbury co. Norhampton, cousin and heir of Richard de Kislyngbury, being a confirmation of the estate of William de Bury citizen and draper of London, his heirs and assigns, in all the lands late of the said Richard and Alice his wife (now wife of the said William) and of the heirs of the said Richard in Pentelowe and elsewhere in Essex, which the said William and Alice now hold for her life with reversion to the said John, and a quitclaim thereof with warranty to the said William, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses: Adam de Bury, John de Bures, James Andreu, William Essex, Thomas Atherby, John Sely. Dated London, Thursday the feast of St. James the Apostle 38 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 28 February this year.
Membrane 36d.
Charter of William son of Thomas Bisshop of Mukelton co. Gloucester, of full age etc., giving with warranty to Richard Bartelot of Welneford, Sir John Ryfeld chaplain, John Todyngton chaplain, William Robardes of Cantilupe, Nicholas Saucer, Nicholas Lacy of Stretford upon Avon and Matthew de Caus, their heirs and assigns, all his lands in Mukelton which fell to him by hereditary right after the decease of John Bisshop. Witnesses: Walter Tibeteu of Mukelton, John atte Chambre of Merschton, Robert Jurdan of Longemerschton, Walter Wreohull of Stretforde upon Avon, John Chaucombe. Dated Stretforde, Thursday after Palm Sunday 38 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 26 January this year.
Jan. 27.
Thomas de Edynton to Richard Hidon. Recognisance for 100l., to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Somerset.
Jan. 27.
Thomas de Aldoun knight to William de Bokebrugge clerk. Recognisance for 100 marks payable by instalments, to be levied etc. in Kent.
Cancelled on payment.
Jan. 28.
William de Walton to John de la Pole. Recognisance for 20 marks, to be levied etc. in Lancashire.
Charter of John de Clyneton of Maxstoke knight, cousin and heir of William de Clynton earl of Huntingdon, inspecting and confirming with warranty his former charter to Sir Robert prior of Maxstoke and the convent [text follows]. Witnesses: John Pecche, John de Bracebrugge, John de Sutton knights, William Waldeyeve, Thomas de Ruyton, Richard de Burbach, William de Filongleye. Dated Maxstoke castle, Monday after the Conversion of St. Paul 38 Edward III.
By the charter recited the said John, styled John son and heir of Sir John de Clynton knight (miles) of full age, granted with warranty to the said prior and convent and to their successors the site of the manor of Maxstoke within the moat and without, all the park thereof as enclosed with all the islands adjoining between the park and the river Blythe, all the fishery of the said river at all times of the year from Pakynton to the upper bays of the water mill of Maxstoke by a piece of ground called le Quegge, all the fields with the hedges and ditches in the said manor called Chicchefeld, Peseforlong, Dedeshalefeld and Spelleslonde, all the piece of land called Anketeleswell with the watercourse therefrom to the site of the manor, the piece of land called Shepecoteyerd as enclosed with hedges and ditches, the pieces of wood called Birchenemor and le Oldefeld by le Birchenemor with the hedges and ditches enclosing them, all his lordship as in ways, wastes, paths and in all other places in the said manor which the said prior and convent previously had of his gift and feoffment, the messuages and all the lands held by Robert Powke, Henry le Prowde and Thomas Powke sometime his neifs, with the bodies of the said neifs and all that goes with them, the moiety of one virgate of land sometime held for life by Master Richard the cook, the messuage sometime held at will by John le Cowherd in the said manor, and the homages and services of Simon Moryn, Robert Hare, Henry le Walker, Nicholas Bertram, John le Walker, Alice le Walker, Richard le Walker, Amice who was wife of John Falk, Henry Herdenehed, Thomas Anketell, Gregory atte Hayteleye, Philip Isabell, John Walrand, John Griffyn and Alice his wife, Maud who was wife of John de Boreyate, Walter de Collesleye, Robert Hood, Emma who was wife of Nicholas de Lindryche, Alice who was wife of John the smith (fabri) and Richard atte Slade for the lands of him held in the said manor, which messuages, lands, rents and services the said prior and convent previously had of his gift and feoffment in exchange for the manor of Shustoke, as fully as they had that of the gift and feoffment of William de Clynton earl of Huntyngdon, except one piece of land called Becchescroft, another called Berneyerd, one acre of land called Lydeyateforlong below the high road, one acre in le Middelhallefeld called Wascheforlong, one acre called Marledeforlong, one acre called Banebuttes, 12d. of rent therein issuing of divers pieces of land sometime held by Gundreda de Brewode, and the advowson of a chantry in Bentleye chapel in the said manor [of Shustoke], to hold in almoin according to the form of a charter between the parties made. Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Bello Campo earl of Warrewyk, William de Clynton earl of Huntyngdon, Sir Baldwin de Fryvyle, Sir Ralph de Bracebrugge knights, John de Peyto the younger, John du Lee, John de Collesleye. Dated Maxstoke, Wednesday after the Annunciation 21 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 27 January this year.
Jan. 30.
John Sapy knight to Lambert de Weston knight. Recognisance for 80l., to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Worcestershire.