Close Rolls, Edward III: June 1366

Pages 291-292

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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June 1366

June 10.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order to admit Richard de Preston mayor of the town of Calais in the quinzaine of Trinity next to his answer touching the matters hereinafter mentioned, suffering him to be in the same state as before the quinzaine of Easter last if he had then appeared before them in person in that process, and to cause justice to be done to the parties, the judgment then given notwithstanding; as lately upon information given by William Freman searcher of the king's forfeitures in the port and town of Calais that against the will of the said searcher and his deputies the said mayor dearrested 1,509 woolfells by them arrested as forfeit and in their keeping, and that he imprisoned John Bisshopeston, a deputy of the said searcher who had in his keeping divers memoranda touching his account, without whose presence and information the searcher might not account, so that he was not able to render his account of forfeitures at the exchequer, the king by writ under the exchequer seal commanded the said mayor to have the said John's body before the treasurer and barons in the quinzaine of St. Hilary last, and to be there to shew cause wherefore he ought not to be charged with the said fells in discharge of the said searcher; at which day the said mayor, appearing with the said John, said that the fells were by the said John unlawfully arrested as was proved before the said mayor, and that they were delivered up to the owners for that reason and by virtue of a writ of the great seal addressed to the said mayor and others, and for that he had not that writ nor aught of record witnessing the delivery of the fells, a day was given him at the exchequer in the quinzaine of Easter then next to produce the said writ and record, on which day, because the said mayor came not, the treasurer and barons adjudged that the said mayor should be charged towards the king with the fells aforesaid in discharge of the said searcher; and now the said mayor has petitioned the king to save him harmless, as by the king's command he was occupied upon divers the king's business in the parts of Caleys so that he might not come to the exchequer on the day appointed to answer concerning the said fells, and is distrained without fault of his own; and the king is assured of a certainty that the said mayor was upon his service as aforesaid, and by assent of the council it is agreed that he shall not be a loser by reason of his absence at that time. By C.
Writing of William Heroun knight of Northumberland and Roger Heroun knight his son, being a general release of all plaints, trespasses and actions against Joan who was wife of John de Coupeland of the same county, Sir Thomas de Greye, Sir Alan de Heton, Henry del Strother, Alan del Strother, William de la Vale, William de Nessefeld and all others who with the said Joan sued against the evildoers who slew the said John or those who harboured them, against those appointed by the king's commission to make inquisition touching his death and who slew him, and against others who indicted the said evildoers or aided the said Joan's suit to punish them, saving to the said William and Roger, their heirs and executors, all actions of plea of land, debt and account. Dated Dounham in the isle of Ely, 15 September 40 Edward III. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in the chancery at the said town of Dounham the same day.