Close Rolls, Edward III: 1366

Pages 310-311

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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1366 Memorandum of a grant made by Isabel who was wife of Sir Walter Faucomberge, appearing at Westminster in the Star council chamber near the receipt of the exchequer on Wednesday after All Saints 40 Edward III before the chancellor, treasurer and others of the council, that if Thomas son and heir of the said Walter by any true entail has action concerning the tenements by her held jointly with her said husband, she will take no benefit nor advantage of any release made her by the said Thomas; that she will swear to surrender at the quinzaine of Easter next all deeds and muniments in her keeping which affect the heritage of the said Thomas, save only those by which she claims a joint estate for her life in the manors of Rise, Wythornewyk and Brune; that if the said Thomas has action for waste against her she will take no benefit nor advantage of any release made her by him; that if she be unreasonably dowered her dower shall be apportioned by the king's court without taking benefit or advantage of any release by him made, and if dowered of tenements not subject to dower by reason of a previous entail she will take no advantage of any such release; that if the said Thomas be condemned in the court of Christianity at her suit or at the suit of any other in her name there shall be defeasance of all such condemnations, and she will surrender all the lands which she has in Skelton and Mersk for a term of years by lease of the said Thomas saving her right and reasonable costs of husbandry; that whereas by deed enrolled in chancery the said Thomas has granted to her and her heirs one villein of his, she will surrender the said deed, and the said villein shall remain appurtenant to the manor of Rise of the said Thomas as he was before; and that all the deeds made by the said Thomas from the proof of his age to this day to any persons whatsoever shall be annulled, saving to the said Isabel that which she paid for the deeds aforesaid. French.